Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 14

Synopsis; Bonnie takes Tammy and Baby Jennie to the park. Baby Jennie is forced to play with the pre-schoolers in the playground while Bonnie slips a hand inside Tammy's nappy. Baby Jennie meets a kindred spirit and endures a humiliating public nappy change.

Chapter 14. Big Babies at the Park

A few minutes later I found myself stumbling into the bright sunshine in front of Aunty Cath's house. Tammy clutched the handles of my pink leather baby reins, and the horrible matching toddler harness was tightly buckled around my trembling torso. My dum-dums dangled by the short pink plastic chain clipped to the chest strap, the humiliating baby soother bouncing lightly against my tummy between the reins. There were four fresh, bright-red handprints on the backs of my legs; two on each tender upper thigh.

After smacking me into submission in her bedroom, Bonnie growled crossly at me; "Oh stop all that snivelling, Baby Jennie - or I'll give you something to really cry about!" She tidied up my make-up while Tammy secured my harness and reins in place, and then they dragged me outside.

While Bonnie locked the front door behind us, Tammy pulled me down the front path towards the sidewalk and used the pink reins to haul me closer. She leaned down and hissed into my startled face, "You idiot! Don't you realise that by sooking and sulking and carrying-on like a big sissy baby, you're only attracting more attention to yourself - and me? Pull in that bottom lip Baby Jennie, before you trip over it! Why don't you get smart and try to act like a normal little girl? Then people won't pay you any real attention - you'll see."

Bonnie joined us on the footpath, carrying her brown leather handbag over her shoulder and my pink gingham change bag in one hand. She suggested to her sneering blonde friend, "You keep hold of your baby sister's reins for Mama, little Tammy, and show Baby Jennie the way to the park like a good little girl. Okay?"

The tall young woman towered over both of us, but Tammy only beamed sunnily up at her and obediently replied, "Yes Mama." She danced along the sidewalk towards the park in her gleaming black Maryjanes, dragging me along by the reins attached to the D-rings on the chest strap of my harness. With no choice I shuffled along after her, my swirling chiffon petties rustling noisily as I pondered Tammy's advice.

Without a doubt, I certainly couldn't be mistaken for a thirteen-year-old boy! I suppose it did make sense to act more appropriately for the age and sex I was dressed as, but I was reluctant to let these sadistic sirens think I wanted to be paraded about town like an overgrown baby girl. I resentfully sucked in my protruding bottom lip, and tried to appear as though I wasn't a sulky toddler being dragged down the footpath by her beautiful big sister. I could hear Bonnie's high-heeled boots crisply click-clacking on the pavement close behind me, and I unconsciously waddled faster in my slippery pink ballet flats, instinctively drawing closer to my new 'big sister' for protection.

I noticed that despite her previous taunts, Tammy had adopted that unmistakable wide-legged gait of a toddler wearing thick cloth nappies, although she wasn't as heavily diapered as me. I wondered how badly I must be waddling, too, when Tammy drew to a halt at the first corner. "Good girl, Tammy," Bonnie crooned approvingly, reaching down to give Tammy's plastic-sheathed bottom several affectionate loud swats. The sound of her broad palm crisply smacking the plastic panties concealed under Tammy's flared skirt was both familiar and arousing at the same time. "You must always stop at the corner and wait for a grown-up to help you cross the road. Mustn't you, girls?"
"Yes Mama," Tammy agreed with a heart-melting smile for my bossy cousin. She twirled her slender body like an excited pre-schooler, making her pleated tartan skirt fly daringly high.

"Yeth Mama," I obediently mumbled, feeling my sensitive clittie stiffen inside the warm wet folds of my nappy, watching and waiting hopefully for a glimpse of Tammy's baby panties.
"Hold both the baby's reins in one hand, Tammy, and hold Mama's hand with the other while we cross the road together, sweetie."

In this humiliating fashion we traversed the leafy avenue, and I felt certain that when several cars drove by, each one slowed down to check out the odd tableau our small group made. Two little old ladies came doddering down the sidewalk towards us along the next block, and I grew more and more apprehensive when their hesitant footsteps faltered at our approach. They smiled uncertainly at my infantile appearance, but seemed captivated by the attractive blonde gripping the handles of my pink leather baby reins.

As they drew closer I heard one of the little old ladies muttering to the other, "Yes, beautiful! Both of them." One grey-haired matron sweetly inquired of Tammy; "Look at you, you gorgeous thing! Are you taking your pretty baby sister for a walk to the park, darling?" My smirking babysitter paused in place and nodded enthusiastically, smiling brightly up at the two wrinkled faces without replying. When my leather-clad cousin stepped possessively close, both old ladies had to tilt their heads back and glance up to see the tall young woman's face.

The second old lady commented to Bonnie in a quavering voice; "They certainly are beautiful little girls! Are they both yours?" I smiled shyly at the friendly compliment, unconsciously twirling my body from side to side in childish imitation of Tammy beside me. My floaty baby-pink skirt and frothy petties swirled around me like a can-can dancer's, swishing noisily against the PVC panties underneath with every twist of my padded hips.

"Yes, they're both mine," Bonnie smoothly lied, her heavily made-up face beaming with false pride.
"But you're so young!" The other elderly matron protested in shock, her wrinkled mouth pursing in disapproval. "Surely they can't be yours?"
"Madam, I think I know my own children!" Bonnie stiffly replied, frowning severely with feigned annoyance. "Come along, girls," she sharply ordered us as she stepped away, and I meekly followed the tug of the baby reins.

As I awkwardly shuffled past them, the old women remained frozen in place, blatantly staring at my bulging panty crotch as our little procession passed them by. "That little girl is far too old to be in nappies," one commented snidely, and my tremulous shy smile evaporated.
"Oh I don't know," replied her frail companion. "They grow so big, so fast, these days. She might only be five or six…"
"Still way too old to be wearing diapers and a toddler harness," the irritable old woman haughtily pronounced. She snorted and gave a disparaging shake of her head at the way some mothers mollycoddled their children. She demanded, "Are they going to send her to school in nappies?"

I kept my blushing face downcast and my burning eyes on the bitumen footpath in front of my pink patent ballet slippers. That was one of the problems my parents had faced when I started school at age six. They had threatened to send me to school in nappies if I couldn't learn to control myself. As I remembered the humiliating confrontation in chilling detail, my hand automatically sought out the dummy dangling between the reins. Without thinking I slipped the comforting amber teat between my pursed lips and began to earnestly suck.

"Come on, Baby Jennie. Let's skip the rest of the way," Tammy childishly suggested in her high clear voice, trying to lighten my despondent mood. I thought she was crazy, but mindful of her earlier advice, I tried to smile like I was enjoying myself. I clumsily skipped along behind the beautiful blonde creature who held me captive, trying to keep some slack in the reins so I wouldn't accidentally fall on my face. I noticed the rear of Tammy's red plaid skirt flapping noisily against her bulging plastic-sheathed bottom, and it flipped up higher with every second or third skip. I wondered if she was unintentionally going to give me a free panty show and stiffened in excitement. I slurped on my dum-dums and tried to ignore my own humid wet nappy flopping gently against my sensitive crotch, and the noisy rustling of my bouncing petties and crinkling baby panties.

With my eyes riveted to Tammy's flapping skirt hem, I barely noticed the rest of our journey as we slowly skipped along. Suddenly we were standing across the road from the park, and I could hear bright voices of happy playing children echoing around the leafy surrounds. We patiently waited at the kerbside for Bonnie, who caught up with us a few seconds later and complained, "I can't hurry in these platform boots, girls, so no skipping away from Mama from now on." Despite Tammy's theatrically protruding bottom lip, I gave an inward sigh of relief. I knew I looked like a complete sissy baby, but behaving like a silly six-year-old girl in public was so demeaning! After Bonnie checked the road was clear and told us to cross, we set off in the same manner as before. On the other side, we strolled up the leaf-strewn path towards the kiddie playground.

The fenced-in toddler section was concealed behind a low grassy knoll amongst the tall eucalyptus trees, and we walked along the pathway towards the sounds of high-pitched squeals and excited laughter. There were about twenty kids playing inside the low steel meshwork fence, and there must have been a dozen parents and carers - mostly mummies and nannas - sitting on the benches or at the picnic tables scattered outside the perimeter. There was an assortment of swings, roundabouts and climbing equipment inside the spacious sun-dappled enclosure, plus a series of interconnecting slides and tunnels made from huge, brightly-coloured plastic tubes mounted in a sandpit in the middle.

I warily watched the playing children as Tammy followed Bonnie towards an unoccupied picnic table nearby, dragging me along behind her. I remembered I was still sucking my dum-dums, and hastily spat out the baby soother hopefully before anyone noticed, my cheeks blushing rosily with embarrassment. "Mama, I think I need to do a wee-wee," Tammy loudly announced, and Bonnie turned back to her older charge with a pleased smile.

I didn't notice the little red-haired boy inside the enclosure intently watching us. He was sitting alone on top of one of the yellow plastic pipes closest to us. He was oblivious to the group of smaller children crawling through the tunnels below and around him and yelling happily to each other, but his ears pricked up when he heard Tammy's bold statement. He stared at the beautiful blonde who clasped my baby reins in one tiny fist. His eyes went wide when he caught sight of the big baby girl waddling along behind her, trapped in the pink leather toddler harness. When Tammy paused in place to shift from one foot to the other, he slid down from the high plastic tube and shuffled towards our group. My eyes were fixed on the big puffy bottom belonging to the gorgeous blonde standing in front of me - especially when she crouched forward slightly, holding her tummy and dancing about in that obvious tell-tale manner. I watched in fascination as Tammy urgently pressed her free hand over the front of her red plaid skirt while she performed her potty-dance. She pleaded, “Mama! I need to go!”

"Good girl, Tammy! But Mama wants you to try and hold your water for a minute while she gets the baby settled in the playground. Okay, sweetie? You be a good little girl and hold it for Mama." When Tammy anxiously bit her plump pink bottom lip and nodded uncertainly, Bonnie dumped her bags on the vacant picnic table next to us and ordered, "Stay here and look after Mama's bags, sweetie. I'll be back in a minute. Come on, Baby Jennie. Come with Mama, baby girl."

Bonnie took the reins from Tammy's trembling fingers and curled them in one meaty fist. She led me waddling towards the entrance nearest the swings and unlocked the child-proof gate. She opened it wide for me, cooing loud words of encouragement. I toddled in ahead of her with foot-dragging reluctance. There was a group of half a dozen girls clustered around two pretty girls sitting motionless on the nearby swings, and they all stopped talking and turned to stare at me while Bonnie slowly unbuckled and removed my shameful toddler harness. None of the girls looked much past kindergarten age, yet when they gazed at me, contempt was clearly etched on their sweet young faces.

I surreptitiously observed the silently watching girls from the corner of my eye while Bonnie unclipped my dummy from the harness and reattached it to the lacy collar of my floaty pink frock. My towering leather-clad cousin spun me around, and then she crouched down to rearrange the lace-edged hem of my toddler frock over the mass of chiffon petties swirling underneath.

"How wet are you, baby girl?” Bonnie demanded. “Let Mama check, sweetie." Her booming voice was pitched loud enough for everyone in the enclosure to hear, and my cheeks blazed with fresh humiliation. If any of the children surrounding us weren't already certain I was a diapered big baby before, there was certainly no doubt now. I shuddered with embarrassment when I realised she intended checking my nappy right there and then, while everyone's eyes were glued on us. Bonnie wanted to make this outing to the park as mortifying as possible for me, I realised - and it was working!

She turned me to face her again and raised my pink dress and frothy white petties with one hand, and slipped her other hand underneath. I automatically assumed that childish tell-tale stance of a diapered toddler being checked, leaning my shoulders right back and helpfully poking my padded groin out towards her so she could more easily inspect my sagging nappy crotch. I could feel her long fingernails peeling aside one of the tight elastic leg bands of my crinkling PVC panties, and then her finger poked at the soggy warm cloth drooping between my thighs. "Ooo! What a wet baby girl you are already! Mama will have to change that wet nappy soon, Baby Jennie."

Despite the threat implied by her sweetly-spoken words, I anxiously glanced back over my shoulder. I saw a delegation of two girls approaching us from the group at the swings. The pretty girls looked about five or six years old, and they were dressed in similar Barbie t-shirts over their blue denim shorts, plain white socks and sneakers - making me feel horribly overdressed in my pastel-pink frock and billowing chiffon petticoat, frilly anklet socks and candy-pink ballet flats.

"There you are, Baby Jennie," Bonnie cooed in smug satisfaction, as she fluffed my petties and skirt hem back out over my droopy nappy, smiling wolfishly as she watched the two little girls skip closer. I found myself checking my outfit and nervously smoothing out the front of my dress over my bobbing petties, as if I could cover the humiliating Barbie-pink wetproof panties bulging out underneath.

When I heard the skipping girls pause right behind me, I slowly turned around to confront them. They were both staring at my sagging panty crotch when I timidly faced them. With obvious effort the taller dark-haired girl tore her gaze from my heavily padded groin to look me in the eyes. I knew my cheeks were turning pink under her frank inquisitive stare, and I shyly dropped my gaze to the satin bows on my pink patent shoes, peeping out so sweetly from under the flared hem of my flounced frock. Bonnie grinned in malicious anticipation and stepped back holding my pink leather toddler harness and baby reins, but my cruel captor remained within earshot so she could eavesdrop on my embarrassing interaction with the little girls.

"Hello," the taller girl greeted me, smiling in a friendly manner despite her calculating grey eyes. "You're new here, aren't you?" When I meekly nodded but remained silent, she commented, "You're really pretty. Are you wearing make-up?" I timidly bit my swollen pink-painted bottom lip and shyly glanced up at her from under my long black eyelashes, and silently nodded again. She said with a hint of envy, "You're lucky! My Mummy only lets me wear make-up for special occasions. I'm Janice, and this is my friend, Mary. She's only five-and-a-half, but I'm nearly six. What's your name?"

I stole at glance at my domineering cousin, who only smiled broadly at me. Bonnie nodded enthusiastically like a loving concerned parent. I realised I was going to have to respond to the girl's polite question, and I sighed inwardly as I supplied the answers I knew would meet with brutal Bonnie's approval.

"Hello Mawy, hello Janithe. My name ith Baby Jennie, and I'm thix yearth old," I replied, feeling my pink-painted cheeks suffuse with warmth. My lisping voice came out as a nervous high-pitched squeak, which I'm sure only made my childish claims sound more convincing. I wrapped my tiny fist around the pink dummy dangling from my breast, partly trying to conceal the embarrassing symbol of babyhood but mostly clutching it for emotional support.

"Hello Baby Jennie. You have a dummy," the smaller blonde girl named Mary loudly observed, her high clear voice ringing with disdain. "Only babies suck dummies," she cuttingly commented, making my blushing pink cheeks turn a rosier hue. I bit my puffy bottom lip in shame and nodded helplessly in agreement. She was right. Only babies suck dummies; but I wanted to suck my dum-dums right now!

"Are you wearing a nappy?" Janice inquired. She boldly reached over and lifted the front of my pink frock and petties with one hand, and she checked for herself before I could reply. She rudely poked my sagging wet nappy through the shiny Barbie-pink baby panties, discovering my shameful saturated state. "You are wearing a nappy! And you're wet through, too!" Her astonished expression and her friend's bemused giggles told me a diapered big baby girl was an uncommon sight in this playground. Janice turned around and yelled to her watching friends; "You're right, Susie! She is wearing a nappy, and she's wet, too!" When she turned back to me, she grinned callously at my crimson cheeks and demanded, "Why are you still wearing nappies, if you're six?"

I anxiously glanced over at Bonnie. Her victorious smile seemed plastered across her heavily painted face. She nodded encouragingly to me again. The blood was thrumming in my ears and my face was burning with shame. I was so embarrassed, I wanted the grass to open up and swallow me. When my silent prayers for an earthquake remained unanswered, I unthinkingly pressed my dum-dums between my puffy painted lips for reassurance. I haltingly responded in the way my cruel cousin required. "I- I- I'm a hewpweth, dirty, bad widdle baby girl, and I can't thtop wetting the bed or poo-pooing my pantieth," I snivelled around my pacifier. A film of shameful tears clouded my eyes making the world look soft and blurry for a few seconds.

There was relative silence for few brief moments. I noisily sucked my dummy teat for comfort while the girls digested my humiliating admission. When Mary began to giggle uncontrollably, the rush of blood to my head was so severe I felt I was in danger of fainting. The dark depths of unconsciousness would have been preferable to the next few mortifying moments. The smaller girl turned and ran back to her friends on the swings, shouting for the whole world to hear; "Her name is Baby Jennie and she's six years old! She's a bed-wetter and a panty-pooper! And she still sucks a dummy, too!"

The watching girls broke into fits of giggles. Even the boys playing on the roundabouts on the other side of the swings paused momentarily to laugh snidely and shout catcalls in my direction. Janice inspected my cowed stance and crimson cheeks, slowly running her cold grey eyes up from my candy-pink Princess slippers and frilly anklet socks, to the halo of blonde curls bouncing around my bowed head. Her eyes narrowed at the pink dummy bobbing in my mouth, and then drifted back down to the drooping crotch of my shiny pink baby panties. She turned her face away from me to disdainfully shake her head at her laughing jeering friends. "What a big wet baby girl you are," she scornfully announced, before she turned on her heel and strode away in disgust.

When Bonnie seemed content I had been suitably humiliated, she stepped closer to me and commanded, "Now you behave like a good widdle girl for Mama, Baby Jennie! Play nicely with the other toddlers in the playground, sweetie. Okay, baby girl?" She turned to glance lustfully at Tammy sitting on the bench seat on the far side of the nearby picnic table, a few metres on the other side of the low mesh fence. The gorgeous blonde was urgently bouncing up and down on her puffy padded rear, writhing desperately with the need to void her straining bladder. "Mama has to go check on your big sister," Bonnie murmured distractedly. She was already striding away from me in her skyscraper-high black boots, her snug black leather skirt clinging like a second skin to her curvaceous big bottom.

Despite the fact that she was the cruel designer of my shameful situation, I frantically raised my sweaty palms in supplication at her retreating back, a tiny squeak of fear escaping my constricted throat. Suddenly I felt terrified, isolated and alone in a playground full of much younger children. Too embarrassed to look around and see the scornful faces I knew must be watching me, I kept my humiliated gaze on the patchy grass around my gleaming pink slippers, sucking noisily on my dum-dums in a desperate search for comfort. I shuffled towards the mesh fence nearer the picnic table where Tammy was sitting facing me - as if staying close to 'my family' might protect me from the teasing of the other children.

Bonnie was grinning in delight when she tossed my toddler harness and reins on the table, and she plonked down on the bench seat beside Tammy. She picked up the huge pink gingham diaper bag and placed it on the wooden seat on the other side of the gorgeous blonde, as though to shield her shy little girl's slender body from everyone's gaze. I hurriedly sat on the grass on my squishy wet bottom so I was mostly out of Bonnie's sight. I pretended to be fascinated by an ant crawling along the ground, hoping to avoid any more humiliating confrontations with the other children. When I glanced up at the two teenagers to see if they were still checking on me, I realised I was looking under the top of the picnic table. I could see both seated girls from the waist down. I admired the sleek black knee-high boots of my voluptuous cousin, and the way her snug leather skirt kept her fleshy thighs pressed demurely together.

Bonnie leaned closer to whisper in Tammy's left ear, but I couldn't hear what my cousin said. She reached down between the smaller girl's lithe brown legs with her large right hand, and gently slapped Tammy's bare thighs apart. I sucked hungrily on my dummy teat as the beautiful blonde spread her knees daringly wide. Her flared red tartan skirt bunched and fell between her splayed thighs, unfortunately concealing her infantile underwear from my fascinated gaze. Tammy daintily brought her inverted feet together until the thin leather soles of her shiny black patent Maryjanes were touching, the elaborate white lace sock frills dancing attractively around her slender ankles. Bonnie slid forward and her tight leather skirt rode up higher on her splendid thighs. As she leaned her head closer to the shivering girl beside her, she spread her booted feet wide. Her fleshy thighs drifted open and closed, revealing tantalizing glimpses of the shiny crotch of her cream nylon panties.

In obedience to Bonnie’s whispered commands, Tammy timorously reached down with her left hand and gathered the hem of her tartan skirt in front. She slowly raised the pleated garment above her waist as though she was performing an erotic striptease, gradually revealing her silken upper thighs and her saggy baggy baby panties. She clutched the hem against her chest with both hands, each palm cupping her compressed breasts. The crotch of her translucent white plastic panties bulged pinkly with the bulk of the cloth nappy trapped between her sleek lower limbs. I watched entranced as Bonnie leaned even closer to her friend and stroked her trembling tummy. She covertly slipped the fingers of her right hand inside the snug waistband of Tammy's crinkling pilchers.

The smaller girl seemed to suck in her tummy and arch her back slightly, opening a narrow gap between her flat brown stomach and the tightly-pinned nappy for Bonnie to slip her whole hand inside. I leaned forward in fascination and found myself on all fours, my wide blue eyes zeroed in on the intriguing sight concealed from everyone else's view under the table. Without thinking, I began to crawl like a baby towards the low cyclone mesh fence separating me from Mama and Tammy, forgetting that everyone in the playground could easily see the seat of my bulging, shiny pink PVC panties poking out from under my frothy white petticoats.

I remained on my knees when I reached the perimeter fence, pressing my face against the wire mesh. I clutched the steel strands for support and rested my forehead on the backs of my hands. I was close enough to hear Bonnie lovingly murmur, "It's okay, sweetie. You can let go now, little Tammy. Mama’s got you, baby. Your nappy and plastic panties will keep everything safe inside, I promise. Go on, little girl. Show Mama how you wet that nappy…."

"Oh Mama," Tammy softly moaned, her gorgeous face scrunching with effort. "I'm trying! Only I'm not sure I can now, Mama, with your fingers-"
"Shh! Shhh! It's alright, baby girl." Bonnie soothed her like a loving mother. "Shhh baby. Mama's here, and everything is alright! Okay? You just concentrate on doing a wee-wee in your nappy for Mama." She coaxed her gorgeous little friend in syrupy baby tones, "Try and pretend you're like, sitting on the potty. You know? Go on baby. Do your wee-wees for Mama. It's alright, you can do it."

I could faintly see Bonnie's moving hand inside the thickly padded crotch of Tammy's pink nappy, her fingers dancing over Tammy’s steamy cleft. The smaller girl squirmed and quietly groaned. I risked raising my head to peek over the top of the wide wooden picnic table, and cautiously checked the preoccupied teenagers weren't looking in my direction. Bonnie slid along the bench closer to Tammy, and she had her heavily made-up face turned down to watch the struggling blonde teen's panty crotch.

Tammy's eyes were scrunched closed and she was biting her plump pink bottom lip, screwing up her gorgeous flushed face in concentration. I still thought she looked beautiful, even when she was making her potty-face. I suddenly realised I was wetting my nappy in sympathy with the naughty girl who was trying so hard to make wee-wees in her nappy for her Mama. "Oh Mama! I think - Mama, I think it's coming!" Tammy quietly gasped, her big brown eyes flying wide.

Even as the deliciously hot stream finished pouring out of me, my clittie was growing thicker and harder inside my wonderfully warm, soggy wet nappy. I ducked my head back down and anxiously pressed my face to the wire mesh once more to stare at the girls' crotches, unwittingly poking out my big diapered bum for all the world to see, my shiny Barbie-pink wetproof panties glistening attractively in the brilliant sunshine. I gasped in arousal around my dum-dums and let go of the fence with my right hand. After I steadied my trembling upper body, I reached down to cup the throbbing erection tenting out the front of my slick warm baby panties.

"Good girl," Bonnie purred encouragingly in Tammy's shell-like ear. "Go on, little Tammy. Show Mama how you do wee-wees in your nappy. Go on, baby. That's it… Ooh! Good girl!"
"Oh Mama!" Tammy softly squealed, and I could see her smooth sculpted thighs trembling. Then she went still for a moment, and her body seemed to sag as she relaxed completely. "Oh Mama! I- I'm doing it! I'm wetting my nappy!" She sounded astonished, delighted, and excited - all at the same time.
"Yes baby! Good girl! What a good little girl you are for Mama," Bonnie lovingly praised her. My cousin’s deep throaty voice telegraphed her sexual arousal.
"Oh Mama! It's so hot on my kitten!" Tammy panted in excitement, making my cousin chuckle richly.

"Yes baby. It is, isn't it? So lovely and warm on Mama's hand, too. Mmmm, good girl! What a good baby girl you are for Mama." I watched in awe as Tammy spread her beautiful brown thighs even wider, and I could clearly detect the darker pink tinge of a wet nappy around her groin. A tiny moist spot appeared on the inside of the plastic panties, then another, and soon there was a large wet patch puddling across the wide-stretched crotch of her translucent baby pants. I squeezed my pulsating clittie though my own drenched cloth nappies, revelling in the naughty feelings that threatened to overwhelm me.

"Ooo, what a lovely long wee-wee," Bonnie tenderly murmured. "Mmm, that's a good baby girl, little Tammy. Show Mama how you fill your nappy with hot pee-pee. That's it. Mmm, good girl."
"I really had to go, Mama," I heard Tammy sheepishly admit, before she gave a high girlish giggle. They remained silent for a minute and then Tammy sighed happily. "It keeps coming out, Mama! It feels like I'm going to keep weeing forever!" She giggled childishly again and Bonnie laughed throatily. I could distinctly see my cousin's hand moving beneath the saturated cloth nappy again. "Oh Mama, I think I'm finished…."
"Yes baby, but Mama wants to check inside that little kitten, too. Ooo Baby Tammy! Your little kitten is all wet inside, too!"
"Oh Mama! Yes Mama. Oh! Ooo Mama!" Tammy moaned, and her whole body shuddered momentarily.

I could clearly detect the combination of humiliation and arousal in Tammy's dulcet tones. As I watched she began rocking her diapered hips backwards and forwards, eagerly thrusting her greedy kitten onto the thick fingers Bonnie curled inside her steamy wet opening.

"That's it, baby,” Bonnie urged her. “Open up! Open that naughty kitten nice and wide for Mama," Bonnie firmly instructed, and then her voice turned syrupy again. "Ohh, good girl! Oh, that's better. Oh yes, baby! Open up nice and wide…” Bonnie seductively crooned in the petite blonde's ear. “Mmmm, what a wet little baby girl you are, Tammy, inside and out! Such a hot wet nappy you made for Mama! Mmm, that's right; what a good baby girl!"

I saw Tammy slide further forward on the wooden seat and lean back slightly, allowing my dominant cousin greater access to her dripping wet opening. Bonnie hunched forward in concentration, the hem of her tight black leather skirt sliding up higher towards her hips. She was unaware her plump womanly thighs were splayed indecently wide. My buxom cousin was somewhat preoccupied forcing two pissy-wet fingers deep inside her excited girlfriend's slippery little kitten.

"Oh Mama! Oh Mama! Ohhhh!" Tammy squealed, trying to muffle her voice even as the throes of her orgasm swept her away. My gaze was torn between the tiny wet spot anointing the crotch of Bonnie's snug-fitting cream panties, and the huge wet nappy bulging between Tammy's silken upper thighs.

I rubbed my trembling fingers up and down over the front of my slippery baby panties, thrusting my excited clittie into the warm wet folds of the saturated nappy that cupped my rampant hardness like a moist loving hand. Tammy began bouncing up and down on the soggy seat of her drenched diaper and the rapid thrusting motion of her hips abruptly accelerated. Then she froze, and I could see every muscle in her legs contract violently. She tensed all over for a few long seconds, and then she slowly collapsed forward. Her sweaty forehead came to rest on the smooth wooden table top, her little blonde pigtails trembling with reaction.

I was startled to feel someone unexpectedly poking and patting my nappy bottom. I snapped my head around to find a grubby little red-haired boy standing close behind me, leaning down to run his palm over the seat of my shiny pink panties. I yanked my hand away from my pulsating clittie in alarm, my face burning at being caught on my knees, playing with myself so publicly.

The boy looked to be about five or six years old. He was wearing a badly-stained, sky-blue collared t-shirt, the tails hanging out untidily over his steel-grey shorts. His feet were bare and dirty, and his grime-encrusted toenails were desperately in need of a trim. When he continued to inquisitively slide his hand between my bowed legs, I gasped in astonishment, momentarily too stunned to move away from the stranger's palm erotically cupping my excited shaft. He lifted and pressed my thrilling wet nappy against my throbbing hard clittie and held it there for a few moments, as if assessing the warm wet weight of my soggy swaddling.

I defensively rolled away from him to sit with my back against the mesh fence, placing my pink slippers flat on the grass and frowning in confusion at his unwanted approach. "Hey!" I shrilly complained, as my petties swirled and swished femininely around my padded hips. "Thtop it!" I cried, unsuccessfully trying to press my bare thighs together like a shy little girl. Unfortunately, my prudish actions merely compressed the saturated nappies around my straining erection, until the excess urine was squeezed out of the drenched cloth.

The warm overflow trickled distractingly around my ball sack and between my tender botty cheeks, soaking into the rear of my thick thirsty nappies. Some wetness even escaped the tight elastic leg bands of my PVC panties, dampening the cotton lace frills. I couldn't force my knees together because of the bulk of dripping-wet cloth trapped between my thighs, no matter how hard I tried. The closest I could clench them was a hand-span apart, and as soon as I stopped struggling, my knees flopped helplessly wide again.

"You wet your nappieth," the cheeky boy piped up, squatting down to crudely stare between my wide-splayed thighs. His knees were dirty and there were small faded bruises all over his legs, barely visible beneath a thin layer of grime. "It'th all warm," he noted with a gap-toothed smile, and he leaned forward and patted my bulging crotch with his filthy palm. I brushed his inquisitive paw away and protectively cupped both hands over my soggy groin, pressing my hot stiff clittie harder against my tummy. When he smiled conspiratorially at me, I could see his was missing his four front teeth on top. He had short, untidy, carroty-red hair and a grubby face full of freckles. His big brown eyes looked sly and full of mischief.

"Do you like it?" His question caught me by surprise. I turned up my nose in revulsion when he began to explore his right nostril with his dirty right index finger. "I like to wet my panth," he quietly informed me in lisping nasal tones. He continued deeply probing his proboscis, till I feared his head might cave in. "It feelth nithe," he lisped toothlessly.

I lowered my eyes from his filthy grinning face in disgust. That's when I noticed the dark half-moon patch around the crotch of the crouching boy's grey shorts. There were tell-tale dark wet streaks down the insides of both pants' legs. He was a pants-wetter - like me! When I sniffed, I could detect a faint hint of stale urine wafting over from his direction. Even as I examined his damp groin more carefully, I saw a small yellow stream bubbling out through the grey cotton material stretched tautly between his little legs, darkening the damp patches with fresh wetness. Moisture spread across his seat, and then amber fluid began to slowly drip onto the grass between his spread feet.

He noticed the direction of my intense gaze and reached down with his unoccupied left hand. He cupped his dripping groin, collecting some of the warm golden liquid in his palm before letting it trickle through his fingers. "Mmm! Warm! Mmm," he mumbled in pleasure, rubbing and pressing his dripping hand between his legs and then up over his dribbling peenie. He nervously glanced around to ensure that his naughty activities had passed unobserved.

"I love wetting my panth," he shyly confessed. He rubbed his peenie harder through his pissy-wet shorts and smiled happily at me. My throbbing clittie pulsated with arousal under my clutching hands even as my top lip curled in a disdainful sneer, mostly hidden beneath the wide pink guard of my dum-dums.

And then I realised - who was I to sneer? I was no better than this little grub - except I looked and smelled like a pretty baby girl, while he looked and smelled like a filthy little boy. For a fleeting instant I was grateful to my pushy talented cousin for dressing me so prettily and making me up so beautifully. I felt confident no one in the park would recognise me in my frilly baby outfit, with my gorgeous curly hair and attractive, feminised features. "You - you should be wearing nappieth," I squeaked, and his cheeky smile grew broader.

"Like you, you mean?" He asked pointedly, nodding at the sagging wet crotch of my nappy. He removed the finger embedded in his nose and examined the tip for anything edible caught under the filthy blackened nail. No luck. I blushed rosily but nodded, sucking harder on my dum-dums in embarrassment. "My Mummy won't let me," he told me, and his smile turned suddenly sad. "I wish I could wear proper nappieth like you," he admitted wistfully, his naughty hand still caressing his sensitive wet groin. "Then I could pee in them whenever I liked. I could even poop in them," he added, and I thought I detected a note of longing in his low excited voice.

I found myself nodding in agreement with his infantile statements, even as I realised it was wrong and dirty to poop and pee in your panties… But I was a baby, wasn't I? I was wearing nappies and proper baby panties, so it was okay for me to lose control. Wasn't it? No one expected me to remain clean and dry. It's not my fault. I'm just a helpless widdle baby girl - aren't I? The boy inhaled deeply and I thought he was about to loudly sigh with regret, but he held his breath until his cheeks puffed out and turned red. He closed his eyes and a dreamy expression crept across his flushed features. His whole body tensed, then relaxed. He slowly exhaled, opened his brown eyes wide, and cast me a secretive smile. Then he glanced down pointedly between his legs, below where his hand still caressed his stiffening wet peenie.

I instinctively followed the direction of his gaze, and my delicate plucked eyebrows crawled up my forehead when I realised what he was doing. This naughty little boy was doing a poo-poo in his pants, right in front of me! I could see the bulge sticking out the seat of his pants. Even as I watched, he slid his hand from his stiff peenie down between his legs, fingering the firm log growing in his bum crack. My thoughts were interrupted when the dirty boy abruptly looked up behind me and his smug expression faltered. I tilted my chin up to see my buxom cousin leaning over the fence behind me, her shark-like smile so reminiscent of her mother's.

"Have you made a new friend, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie playfully asked, before frowning severely and commenting in derision; "Hmm. I see your little friend can't control himself, either." I guiltily snatched my paws away from my throbbing clittie, but before I could respond, there was a loud screech of alarm from nearby.

"Steven! What are you doing? Steven, stop touching yourself down there!" I whipped my head around towards the boy to see the smile vanish from his freckled face. He tore his damp hand from between his legs with a guilty start. With crestfallen features he turned towards the shouting woman hurrying towards us inside the kiddie enclosure, whom I naturally assumed was his mother.

She was probably in her late twenties, and looked harried and annoyed as she rapidly approached us, her curly brown hair an untidy bird's nest around her bobbing head. The plump woman was dressed in a pair of loose black slacks and an old red t-shirt that looked a little worse for wear, and her once-grey sneakers were almost black with grime. "Steven!" she snapped in annoyance, tossing aside her cigarette butt without bothering to extinguish it. "Stand up and come here to Mummy!"

The dirty little boy reluctantly stood and turned to face his irate mother, although he kept one hand protectively cupped over the tenting front of his pissy pants. I could now see there was a big lump clearly bulging out the seat of his wet grey shorts. As I watched, he surreptitiously reached behind his back with his right hand, and he ran his palm over his dripping seat. He slid his fingers into the damp crack where the wet shorts hugged his bottom, sliding down until they met the hot poo-poo parcel wedged moistly between his cheeks.

He fondly caressed the solid moist log as he complained in a loud whine, "I wathn't doing nuffin', Mummy!" But his wicked little fingers continued to squeeze and press the hot lump of fresh excrement deeper into his bum crack, making sure there would be lots of squishy brown mess for his Mummy to clean up later.

She smacked away the hand he had covering his groin and frowned severely. "Oh Steven! You've wet your pants again!" The woman complained, shaking her head in dismay. I found myself thinking, 'He's done a lot more than that!' The small boy ducked his head and shuffled his bare feet in disgrace as his mother loudly chastised him. "You bad little boy! Come here!" She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and bent him over, forcibly tilting his head towards the ground. "Let Mummy check your bottom, you naughty boy…. Oh no! Steven! How could you? You've pooped in your pants as well! What are you? A complete baby? Why didn't you come and tell Mummy you needed to use the toilet?" She delivered a couple of stinging swats to his well-presented rear, careful to avoid the dirty hot lump in the middle of his dripping-wet seat. "You're supposed to be five years old, not two! You are a naughty, bad little boy!" The whining child cried out in pain as his cranky mother repeatedly spanked his damp bottom. He tried to dance out of range of her punishing hand, to little effect.

"Some boys just never seem to want to grow up," Bonnie cheerfully commented, smiling and nodding in approval at the way the woman publicly chastised her wayward wet child.
The harassed woman glanced over at us and grumbled sourly, "You got that right."
"If I were you," Bonnie suggested, "I would like, put him back in nappies and baby panties where he belongs."
"What good would that do?"
"Well for a start, it would certainly stop him from making a mess on your floors or furniture, you know? Plus; you could use nappies and sissy baby attire to humiliate him - to shame him into trying to stay dry."

The curly-haired woman gazed down in contempt at the wet nappy bulging between my wide-splayed thighs. I felt my pink cheeks begin to burn with fresh embarrassment. I fruitlessly tried to rearrange my dress and petties to at least partially conceal my shameful infantile underwear. "You mean, like your little girl?" the woman asked with a disdainful sneer, tightly grasping her whimpering son's wrist so he couldn't run away.

"Exactly!" Bonnie heartily agreed from directly behind me. She leaned over, reaching down over the low fence to brush my hands aside from my crotch. She slapped the drenched cloth bunched between my parted thighs, her broad right palm on my tautly-stretched PVC panties making that unmistakable, loud, 'thwack-thwack-thwack' sound, so familiar to all mothers with wet diapered toddlers. I knew my vengeful cousin could tell I was hard as a rock beneath my warm wet nappies. The cruel smile on her face only grew broader when she grabbed my swollen shaft right through my clinging diapers and baby panties. She gave my stiff clittie a few vicious squeezes, making me wince and whimper in pain around my dum-dums.

My cheeks turned scarlet while Bonnie nastily insisted, "Look at my naughty Baby Jennie here. See how ashamed and embarrassed she is?" She released my straining erection and grabbed the ring of my pink pacifier. Her glistening fingers covered my nose while she teasingly wiggled my dum-dums around in my mouth. I could smell Tammy's fresh urine on my cousin's thick fingers, plus a distinct fishy odour I knew had to come from inside her gorgeous girlfriend's recently-satisfied kitten. I inhaled deeply and sucked harder, and bit down on the amber rubber teat to prevent Bonnie stealing my soother. She continued humiliating me. "My wicked little girl is way too old to be wearing nappies, you know? But she knows if she can't stop wetting and pooping her panties, she will be diapered like a useless big baby and dressed in her precious baby-doll frocks, so that her shameful nappies and baby panties are always on display."

My cheeks were blazing by the time Bonnie mercilessly ripped out my dum-dums with her stinky fingers. Before I could squeal a protest, she thrust the dripping teat of my huge pink baby bottle between my lips. She tilted the end up high, so that the watered-down orange juice jetted down my gullet through the enlarged hole in the clear silicon nipple. I urgently gulped and swallowed though a throat thick and tight with shame as Bonnie continued explaining how she was publicly humiliating me for my own good. "Then we take Baby Jennie out wearing a toddler harness and baby reins, and parade her around the neighbourhood so everyone can see what a hopeless, disgusting big baby she really is. It's like, totally embarrassing for her! A few weeks of complete baby treatment, and I'm sure she'll be much more motivated to try and keep her panties - and her bed - dry in future. You know?"

The woman looked doubtful but nodded thoughtfully, as if she was actually considering Bonnie's heartless advice. "I'm not so sure," she muttered uncertainly. She turned to regard the snivelling little boy cowering beside her in his poopy wet pants. Steven was watching me compliantly suckle like a big baby from the bottle teat Bonnie held to my lips. He looked enthralled as his filthy right thumb crept into his mouth, and he began sucking it distractedly. His watching mother smirked at his juvenile behavior and shook her head in disdain.

"If they insist on acting like naughty two-year-olds - then treat them like naughty two-year-olds," Bonnie advised her. She raised the bottom of my baby bottle even higher, so I was forced to tilt my head painfully far back against the mesh fence.

The pink baby bottle had been only half-full of lukewarm juice, and Bonnie gave me a nasty satisfied smile when air noisily sucked back through the nipple as I quickly drained it. "Ooo, what a good baby girl! Such a thirsty baby for Mama, Baby Jennie!" Her words of faux-praise were delivered in a tone brimming with contempt, making me cringe abjectly. She snatched away my empty bottle and tossed it to Tammy, and then turned back to the woman grasping her poopy wet child by the hand.

"If they want to act like big babies - treat them like big babies! And that includes changing their wet or dirty nappies in public," Bonnie resumed lecturing the woman, speaking with total conviction. Her golden eyes glowed with apostolic fervour. "Can you imagine how embarrassing that must be for an older child? How humiliated they must feel? Oh, and speaking of which… Come here to Mama, Baby Jennie. It's time to change that wet, wet nappy, sweetheart!"

I turned to stare up at my overbearing cousin in horror, but her expression was deadly serious. She held out her silk-clad arms in invitation. "Stand up, baby girl, and come here to Mama." She curled her fingers invitingly at me as I shakily clambered to my feet. When I turned to face her to stridently object, she slipped her hands under my armpits and simply lifted me bodily over the low mesh fence. I squealed in alarm, unaware that my shrill cry drew every eye in the enclosure towards our little group. Even the parents and carers scattered outside the fence turned to stare at us. "Why don't you bring your little Steven over to watch while I change my Baby Jennie's nappy on the table here," Bonnie cunningly suggested. She forced my dum-dums back between my puffy pink lips to muffle my squeaking protests.

My hard clittie started to soften immediately in fright. I shuddered at the humiliation of being exposed as a disgusting, dirty little boy - like Steven. "It could be very educational for both of them," the towering beauty advised the hesitant woman with a sadistic smile. Bonnie roughly dumped me on my feet so I stumbled awkwardly like a clumsy toddler. She urged me on my way with a couple of loud crisp swats to my drooping panty bottom, towards where a grinning Tammy was sitting waiting at the nearby picnic table.

I shrieked like a frightened little girl and clumsily tried to leap away from Bonnie's hard hand. She took two giant steps in her black platform boots and easily caught up with me. She grabbed me again and swiftly lifted me onto the table, and I felt my soggy nappy squelch wetly under my bum. My pink change mat was already spread out on the hard wooden surface waiting for me. Tammy was grinning in anticipation as she held up the tubs of baby wipes and powder in readiness. My cousin raised my dress and petties high, sharply ordering me to hold the frothy tiers in place under my chin before forcing me to lie on my back.

When I turned my humiliated gaze towards Steven and his mother, they were standing beside the low fence a few metres away. They were both watching me with unconcealed interest. "Look, Steven," the boy's mummy crankily insisted. "Watch what happens to naughty little girls who can't stop wetting their pants." My cheeks were blazing with embarrassment when Tammy helpfully ripped down my dripping Barbie-pink panties to my ankles, revealing my sodden cloth nappies. "Is this what you want to happen to you, you naughty little boy?" his mother demanded.

"Oh my gosh, Baby Jennie!" Tammy cried in horror, before I could hear the boy's snivelled reply. "Your nappy is saturated! You are dripping wet! What a hopeless big baby you are!" I saw Steven raise himself up on tippy-toes so he could better examine my drenched diaper while my frowning cousin unpinned me. I cringed and sucked harder on my dum-dums as I realised my true sex was about to be shamefully revealed to the world. Bonnie was grinning like a madwoman when she lowered the yellow pee-stained front of my nappy with a flourish. I heard the collective gasp of astonishment from the watching pair when my semi-hard clittie flopped into view. If it was possible to die of embarrassment, I would have passed away at that moment.

"My God! That little girl is- Your little girl is a boy!" The dark-haired woman's tired brown eyes flew wide in shock. Her jaw dropped open to reveal her uneven, tar-stained teeth, before she could cover her gaping mouth with her free hand. "But- but she's so beautiful!" Bonnie's malevolent grin grew broader and my blushes intensified when my humiliation seemed complete, my clittie shrivelling in shame despite the back-handed compliment.

“Yes she is!” Bonnie crowed. My cousin raised my ankles and rolled me further onto my back so she could slide the drenched diapers from under my elevated bottom. As soon as she pushed the sodden pieces of cloth aside, Tammy helpfully slid a fresh pair of soft fluffy nappies underneath me. While Bonnie kept my toes high in the air, Tammy swiftly wiped my bottom and my rosebud with some cool moist baby wipes, and then she powdered me back there. After Bonnie lowered my feet, Tammy carefully wiped around my shrinking clittie and wrinkled ball sack, and then she heavily powdered my front, too.

In moments the clean fluffy nappies were being tightly pinned over my hips, thankfully covering my wayward little organ. My domineering cousin cooed, "Footsies in the air and ballerina toesies, Baby Jennie." When Bonnie slid the glistening damp PVC panties up my compliantly raised legs, I realised the white lace trim around the leg holes was moist with my urine. The cotton edging felt cold and clammy compared to my fresh clean nappies, and I grimaced at the yucky uncomfortable feeling around my sensitive upper thighs. Tammy was smirking at my shame-tinged cheeks as she rolled up my drenched nappies and tied them in a used plastic shopping bag.

"Why do you dress your little boy like a baby girl?" The woman demanded, sounding suddenly interested. Bonnie tossed me that familiar shark-like grin before she replied.
"My wicked little boy is not only a hopeless bedwetter and panty-pooper, but he also likes to try on his- his sister's and his girl cousins' dresses and underwear. He's even been caught trying on his Mama's pretty panties in secret," my cousin gleefully informed them, and I heard the mother's stunned gasp of horror. Tammy frowned and nodded seriously in agreement with Bonnie's harsh accusations, as if to confirm her every cruel word. "So this is how we decided to punish him - by putting my bad boy back in nappies full-time, and dressing him like the precious little girl he seems to secretly want to be. Isn't that right, Baby Jennie?"
"Yeth Mama," I mumbled contritely around my dum-dums. You could have fried an egg on my hot red cheeks.

My cousin took my hands and sat me up, turning my body so my short legs dangled over the side of the table facing the boy and his mother. "What are you, Baby Jennie?" Bonnie ruthlessly demanded.
"I'm - I'm a - I'm a dirty, hewpweth, bad widdle baby girl," I confessed, as tears of shame began to trickle down my burning face.
"And tell the nice lady why you're wearing nappies?"
"B-becauthe I c-c-can't thtop wetting the bed or p-p-pooping my pantieth," I snivelled abjectly in reply.

"See?" Bonnie insisted, smiling with malevolent delight as she flounced out my rustling petticoats. She tidied up the white lace-edged hem of my floaty pink frock like a loving mother, despite her caustic observations. "Look at my Baby Jennie's blushing red cheeks, and those tears! Look at how embarrassed and ashamed my naughty baby girl is," my bitchy auburn-haired cousin gleefully pointed out. Is it any wonder that I began to hiccup back the sobs, and a few moments later I began to loudly cry.

"My wicked little Baby Jennie is learning some very valuable lessons today. Aren't you, little girl?" Bonnie coldly demanded, as she lifted me down and set me on shaky legs.
"Yeth Mama," I sobbed around my mouth-filling dummy teat. The shameful tears trickled down my chin, dripping wetly onto the bodice of my filmy cotton frock. Bonnie clucked her tongue in annoyance and reached into my diaper bag. She swiftly clipped my white bibbie around my neck to prevent the fat salty tears staining the new frock Mummy recently made for me.

"I see," muttered the woman, but her confused expression clearly said otherwise. Bonnie reached into my pink gingham change bag once more. She withdrew one of my clean, pastel-pink disposable diapers and held it out to the woman as she approached the fence.
"Here," she offered. "Have one of my baby's disposables. It will fit your little boy, I'm sure. I'm taking my girls home now, so I won't be needing it. You can change your naughty boy's poopy pants right here and now, and dress him more appropriately to the way he's been acting." The frowning woman leaned over the low fence and accepted the puffy pink disposable with her free hand without comment. Bonnie continued temptingly; "I have everything you need right here - powder, wipes; even a spare plastic bag to dump his dirty pants and underwear in, too."

I saw Steven try to conceal his gleeful expression by turning the corners of his mouth down and ducking his chin. "I don't wanna wear a pink diaper," he shrilly complained, after he removed his startlingly-pink, drool-covered thumb. But when he darted a quick glance in my direction, I could tell from the look in his big brown eyes that he was secretly thrilled by the thought - despite the way his bottom lip sulkily protruded. His plaintive pleas seemed to galvanize his mother. "No Mummy! I don't wanna-" he whined again, before she cut him off.

"I don't care what you want, Steven! You're a dirty, bad little boy! If you won't stop wetting and soiling your pants… Maybe diapers are the best thing for you!" She tucked the folded pink disposable under her arm. After scooping her little boy under the armpits, she lifted her wriggling son over the fence. She easily clambered over the low mesh barrier too, and remorselessly pushed her protesting five-year-old towards the picnic table. "That's very kind of you," she politely thanked Bonnie, who only grinned and held out the slim white tub of baby wipes. "Do you want to remove your baby's change mat first? This could get a little… messy."
"No, that's alright," Bonnie replied with an indulgent smile, as she moved me to one side to watch. "That's what change mats are for, after all. It will certainly need a wash when we get home, anyway. My naughty Baby Jennie is such a heavy wetter."

The cranky woman made her embarrassed son stand on the picnic table in clear view of everyone in the park. She loudly chastised him while she unfastened the button and fly of his shorts, before roughly tugging down his wet pants. He almost stumbled when she made him lift each dirty bare foot in turn, and she ripped the dripping pants clear of his trembling feet. She took more care removing his saggy poopy underpants, and she clucked her tongue and shook her head in disgust as she dumped them in a used plastic shopping bag Tammy helpfully held open for her. Even though I knew Steven secretly wanted to wear nappies like me, I didn't think this was quite what he had in mind. His freckled face turned bright red and his squinting brown eyes nervously darted around, trying to see how many people were observing his humiliating baby treatment.

I glanced over my shoulder into the playground, and sucked harder on my dummy teat when I saw there were dozens of people watching us. All play had ceased in the kiddie enclosure, and even the mothers and carers had risen to their feet to better observe our little party. Even as I sympathised with Steven's awful plight. I felt pathetically grateful that for once, I wasn't the centre of everyone's scornful attention. I didn't realise they had been watching us for quite a while, and everyone had witnessed my humiliating public nappy change.

Steven's mother continued to loudly berate the poor embarrassed boy as she wiped up his messy bottom. He stood there sniffling and whinging like an irritable toddler. Then she made him kneel on the change mat on all fours like a puppy dog, so she could thoroughly clean between his legs and botty cheeks. Tammy kindly gripped Steven’s trembling bare buttocks and ripped them apart, brutally holding him open for a minute so his mother could easily scrub every filthy nook and cranny. When the cranky woman decided it was safe for him to roll onto his back, she simply grabbed his narrow hips and turned him over, handling her son as though he was a useless two-year-old.

"Maybe this will teach you," she growled at the crying child. She slid the open pink diaper under his freshly-scrubbed rear end. She heavily powdered his botty and crotch before handing the container back to Tammy. She efficiently taped the crackling disposable closed over her struggling son's wriggling hips. He tried to roll away from her grasp, but she viciously grabbed one of his biceps and waved a warning finger under his nose. She threatened; "Lie still, Steven! Do you want a smack? You naughty little baby! Do you want me to put you over my knee right now for a botty-spanking, as well?"

He froze in fear and rapidly shook his head, whimpering in terror when she muttered, "Maybe if Mummy makes you wear pretty pink diapers like a sissy baby girl every time you wet or poop your pants, you might learn to control yourself better." She lifted him down from the table and stood him on wobbly legs beside her. The humiliated child shivered with shame as he began to wail in distress. His mother firmly grasped his hand and shook his arm violently in rebuke, then she accepted the plastic bag containing her son's soiled clothing from Tammy with a grimace of distaste. "Thank you, young lady. Thank you both very much."

Steven's stained blue shirt was long enough to cover most of his diaper, but not enough to conceal the tell-tale, puffy pink crotch poking out from underneath. His mother continued to scowl at me while Bonnie ordered me to raise my hands. In moments the shameful pink toddler harness was lowered over my bowed head and buckled tightly around my trembling torso. I stared at the sniffling, humiliated, red-haired boy, desperately sucking his thumb for comfort. Likewise I sucked harder on my pink baby soother for the relief it usually brought me, but shameful tears continued to trickle down my flaming red cheeks. Bonnie was smiling triumphantly as she clipped the matching leather reins to the D-rings over my nipples, and she turned me to face the woman and her whimpering son once more.

"Baby Jennie, say goodbye to your new little friend like a polite baby girl," Tammy commanded me like a bossy big sister, as she gleefully accepted the reins from my heartless cousin.
"Bye-bye Thteven," I obediently sniffled around my mouth-filling baby soother, sucking harder on the fat rubber teat in a vain attempt to contain my tears.
"Say bye-byes, Baby Steven," his Mummy tartly ordered, giving his arm another warning shake.
"Bye-bye Baby Jennie," the boy sadly replied. He snatched his wet thumb from his sullen mouth and gave me a shy little wave before Tammy dragged me away. The walk back to Bonnie's place passed in a blur of tears. When I saw April's red Volvo parked in Aunty’s driveway, I actually felt relieved. Would my public humiliation soon be coming to an end?

To be continued in chapter 15.

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