Skirting the issue 9 Instinct


Why am I in front of the keyboard?

What??? I thought I got rid of you for good? is that my fault?

Brandy had her dad's old car. A 2006-9 charger. It was a clone of a "hemi" car. It really had a v6 under the hood. Yeah there was the little computer inside that you could program for better running by choosing some default limits. But really it was a V6 car! There really was only so much you could do with it!

Not that Melissa cared a wink as she sat in the back seat alternatively pouting and panicking. Prancing around here and there with Pete as a girl was one thing.

Going to a store for a dress with some real girls was a totally different issue.

"Look I don't really need a dress. Let's just go back and uh..." and what? Dive under a desk? Lock oneself in the tiny stinking bathroom? Actually that might not be a bad idea.

"Girl your dad gave you MONEY. To go SHOPPING!" Yes Brandy actually stressed those words. This was obviously supposed to be some code meaning spend the money. Even an idiot like Melissa could get that one. Just as obviously by her tone this meant that no matter what she was going 'Shoppin" as her mom and sister liked to say.

Hmm pity these back doors prevent opening at moving speed.

"Bran I think Elsie's is the best place." Melony decided all of a sudden. Who was Elsie's? Better question. What was Elsie's? Was it possible that it was a store that sold mens wear?

The though made a hint of a smile appear on Melissa's face. Of course while she was thinking that she had also missed Brandy's question and the look behind her. Probably explained what it was.

"See she thinks it's a good idea! To Elsie's then!" Wait what? Did I somehow just agree to go to some place I never heard of somehow? Is there a friggin manual for girl speak I should have read? Petra you are so dead when i get back!

The faux hemi charger with the taletail hood decal and scoop continued down the street oblivious to the looks of the man in the blue nissian 240z. Looking at the metallic blue 240 in the shade you wouldn't see much. Black rims with tiny tires tucked into what looked to be stock wheel wells.

As Brad pulled his pride and joy out of the shade of the old town mill however you could see that the car had ghost flames behind each wheel. Not much really but enough. Those in the know would know that this self appointed"drift king" had been trying to get that particular car. The wheels, stock 18'' steel wheels painted a metallic red to match the body color were technically "police" rims. In the early years of Chrysler's production of the charger for police vehicles they had stamped some heavy duty rims per police specification. When car owners started to ask for the rims they just stamped out more and sold them at a ridiculous price.

The police had, however 'asked' that Chrysler not do this. Thus while they looked the same the rims available now were made of thinner material. Thus a car that had the thicker police rims were much sought after. This particular car happened to also be a "hemi" car despite the ridiculous sxt on the back. Or so Brad thought.

Brad Wilson was of questionable intelligence. He raced for pink slips. The cars he won he would strip of the parts he wanted and then sell the depleted car. Sometimes back to the owner. His 240 was one of the best and fastest around. Despite what some of the idiots claimed happened at Smitty's yesterday. Or worse the rumor FD. That car and driver could NOT exist.

Brad smiled as he pulled behind the charger along with his two "friends" in there trucks. This was gonna be a good day.

Brandy parked the charger pulling in behind a Toyota of questionable shape since the license plate was held on with a bent coat hanger through the rust holes in the trunk. Since this was a common occurrence and any import older than 4 years nobody paid the least bit attention to it. Nor to the unknown shape in the car that watched Melissa with squinted eyes.

Melissa followed Brandy, Melony who carried the baby off one hip. The little girl was still out like a light having sorta woken up before the car ride and fallen asleep again once the car started. It's always amazing how the rumble of a car just poof and even the most colic babies go to sleep. Makes one wonder what parents will do with the quiet electric cars.

Elsie's was actually half consignment shop half retail store of custom dresses from some little known outfit down south. What that meant was Melissa was confronted with a plethora of dresses. From prom dresses, mostly 80's and 90's, square dance and other heritage dresses, she wasn't sure but one looked like a dutch one with some triangle white thing folded and pinned to it, to what can only be described as a country girl gingham dress. There was also some fancier dresses.

Melissa turned right around and tried to leave only to have her arm almost pulled out of it's socket as Brandy pulled her over to the fancy ones. Melony was already using one hand to sort through dresses that would look perfect on a flower girl, if she was 14 years old.

Somehow Melissa ended up in a changeroom in the back. In just her bra and panties waiting for the next dress to be passed over. The store owner, Elsie, was busy bouncing the baby girl whose name she learned was Jess. It might be short for Jessica but she wasn't sure as she was in a kind of daze having tried on four dresses that, apparently, didn't fit right.

She was passed another white lace dress with purple sash in satin. It had a back zip that Brandy helped her with. This one felt a little snug and she thought it was another to go back.


"Awesome some white heels and tights it will be good."

"Don't forget the starched had and lace gloves girls. Ms Burelle is a stickler for the old look."

"Right right.."

"But.." Melissa tried to put her opinion forth. As in no way in hell...

"There that's decided. Lets see how this one looks?"

This one was one of the gingham dresses Melissa dropped a shoulder and gave them all the look.

"Trust me nothing will make you a bonified country girl than this. We have some!"

Brandy and Melony looked at each other and turned to her with the puppy dog eyes..."Please!"

Forty minutes later Melissa walked out with two bags, containing dresses, tights, shoes, gloves, hat, some more lingerie, her shorts and top, and the shoes. She was wearing a black mini skirt that her mom would have freaked over had Megan ever worn something that short. The fusia, whatever that meant, top that didn't show too much with it's puffed short sleeves and modest neckline. At first it was something easier to change in and out of.

The only reason she wore it or even bought it was to shut Brandy and Melony up. Yes she looked hot in it. Yes it was "Perfect" for her. If she was trying to pick up a guy. Dates? Not a hope in hell! What was it with girls and clothes! And more importantly why was she smiling about it?

Melissa frowned and thought to herself 'Ive got to get out of this stuff and back into my own clothes!'. What she didn't notice was that the clothes she was holding felt more real to her.

"Well well if it isn't the skank Brandy and her sub Melony!" Sneered Brad.

"Piss off Brad I've told you before the answer is no!"

"I wasn't asking for a date."

"I know!"

Brad shifted his head and before anyone could react one of his henchmen made a big mistake. He took baby Jess from Melony. Of course the fast jerk woke up said baby who immediatly began to wail!. Oh come on you would too if you were jerked about violently from a nice comfy sleep!


"You know where I'll be." with that Brad got into his car and roared off. His henchmen had already got to their running trucks and moved away. Including the wailing baby Jessica. Now anyone knows what an idiot guy and wail babies means in terms of headaches.

Melissa dropped her bags and was at a sobbing Brandy who was not even in the door of the car even though it was open. Gently she pulled the girl from the cold ground and got her more or less to sit on edge of the drivers seat.

"What does that ass want? Why would he take Jess?" she growled.

"He wants my dad's car in the worst way. I've no idea why."

" I don't follow."

Brandy continued to sob so Melony answered" The jerk thinks that he can take the car. He only races for pink slips. We have told him again and again it's not a hemi car. But he wont listen."

Melissa's face went blank. Anyone looking would know that this was a bad sign.

"Where does he race?"

"There is this old parkade for a building that never got built on the south side of town. There was supposed to be some government building so and so. It felt through for some reason. "

"A parkade?"

Yes it's like six levels or so, they race up and down. Since it's private property it doesn't fall under the speed limit laws. Without a reason the cops can't do much. It's been tried. Brad's place is in the basement part of it. It's where he strips the cars he wins. God knows where all the parts go!"

"Brandy move please" Melissa said in that tone that leaves no question it's not a request. Brandy moved into the back seat while Melony helped her along with Melissa's bags.

Melissa started the car and noticed that it was in bad need of a tuneup and sparkplugs. Or just a really good run of the engine. It idled roughly. Looking down she noticed the little screen and used her fingers to go through the options. Brandy was sobbing to much to notice but Melony was just staring.

This stranger girl who had never looked under the hood or driven the car was adjusting it manually. What was more surprising is that the engine sounded different just idling.

Satisfied Melissa put the car into drive noting that it was equipped with a manual shift transmission. It may not be the Tremec of her FD but it was still a Tremec if a smaller one. Yes it was automatic shift via the computer but it really was a manual transmission all said and done. It was standard in all the Chrysler hemi cars. Option on hemi trucks and regular cars. This one had one for some strange reason.

Anyone watching would have noticed that the car just seemed to come more alive than ever before. Certainly the shrouded figure in the rusty Toyota car did. After two other cars passed the Toyota moved out to follow the charger.

The drive to the parkade was not long. Melissa drove to the place without breaking the speed limit. Although the tires did smell a little. This was in part due to her having swerved a little from side to side while driving. Not much and unless you were looking for it you wouldn't have noticed. Brandy didn't, Melony didn't. The driver of the Toyota did.

The parkade didn't look like much from the outside. A big mass of concrete with holes in interesting patterns allowing ample airflow. To get to it you had to drive through the remnants of the construction fence. Said fence was kept locked except when cars were driving in such as tonight. It was not a nice place to be. On the positive there was an old ambulance parked outside with some medical supplies and the water system did work. However it was a muddy area with gravel leading to the entrance.

Melissa drove up to the gate and lowered the window.

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