The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 55

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 55
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - back on patrol.

“Sheriff squad 300, resuming patrol.”

“10-4, sheriff squad 300. Be advised, the car you have now, will be your permanent vehicle for the Pine Meadows County sheriff’s department. Remember the fleet number.”

“Squad 300, 10-4.”

Naomi patrolled in the area of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls and the Pine Meadows Truck Stop. As she was driving along, her radar picked up a car coming towards her at ninety miles per hour. She waited behind the hedges along the highway. When the car went past her, she turned on her lights and siren and took chase.

She saw that there was more than one person in the car. One of them kept looking back, as if to make sure she was still following them.

“Sheriff squad 300, need assistance, am in pursuit of a beige colored Suburu, license number David, John, William four seven eight, DJW - 478. Said vehicle has passengers that keep looking out of the back window, as if I am being baited to follow them.”

“10-4 sheriff squad 300. Help is on the way. Forbes county has the highway blocked at the county line. This license number has been involved in a homicide, approach with extreme caution as the suspects have been deemed armed and dangerous.”

“Sheriff squad 300, 10-4.”

“It was then she saw the flashing lights coming up behind her. There were two cars coming for her backup. One of them was Ted Baker, a five year veteran of the Pine County sheriff’s department. The other squad was, uh huh, you guessed it, trooper James O’Donnell. He had heard Naomi needed backup, and he came to her aid right away. He must really be in love.

They chased the vehicle right in to the hands of the Forbes County sheriff’s blockade. With nowhere to go, the suspects were advised to give themselves up. With the suspect vehicle stopped, officers of both counties and Jim O’Donnell, moved in on the suspects. With blinding flashlights, and the spotlights from the squads, the suspects couldn’t do a thing. Naomi tried to open the rear passenger door on the driver’s side. Unable to open it, she smashed the window, using her mag-lite flashlight.

“Step out of the vehicle. You four are under arrest for felony first degree intentional homicide. You each have the right to remain silent, anything you say now, will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning, and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the judge. Do you understand these rights that I have just read for each of you?”

“Yeah, we understand, cop. We aren’t saying a word, so get us an attorney.”

“What is your name, sir?” Inquired Naomi.

The man remained silent.

“Sir, we already have had one no answer suspct, a noneyabusiness suspect and a barricaded suspect. If you don’t tell me your name I will beat it out of you.”

“Yeah, you and what army, cop?”

“Naomi, don’t hurt him too badly.”

“I won’t even leave a mark.”

“You don’t look like much to me. Naomi, oh yeah, the one they call the Dragon Lady. Well, you don’t look like much of a dragon to me.”

“Well, sir, if you think you can kick this, not so much of a dragon’s ass, you are free to try.”

“Yeah, right, and get stuck with assaulting a cop? You’re outta your mind.”

“Oh, I am sure that we come to an arrangement. You take the first swing and see what you can do.”

“Not on your life. I’ve heard about you. Every con in the state has heard about you. Just get me to court so I can get us a lawyer.”

“Well, that is up to the judge whether he will appoint counsel for all of you as a group. Usually, each defendant is appointed their own attorney. This is so there can be separate trials. Anyway, since you don’t want to fight with me, then I suggest we go.”

“Jim, Ted, how do you want to do this? There are only three of them. I had thought there were four, but since there is only three, we can take one in each car.”

“That sounds good to me,” agreed deputy sheriff Ted Baker.

“Sounds good to me, too, Naomi,” Jim O’Donnell agreed.

The three suspects were placed, one in each car. The Forbes County sheriff’s deputies unblocked the road, and went back to their station.

“Sheriff’s squad 300.”

“Sheriff’s squad 300, go.”

“Dispatch, we are bringing the three fugitives wanted for first degree intentional homicide. Please send a tow truck for their vehicle, located at post 587 Birch Road. Squad 300 will stand by and wait for the tow truck.”

“10-4 squad 300.”

“If you’re thinking about breaking out of those handcuffs, forget it. I had them special made. They are made of tungsten steel.”

“Sheriff squad 300.”

“Sheriff squad 300, go.”

“The tow truck will be there in fifteen minutes.”

“10-4 dispatch, thank you.”

“When that tow truck gets here, we will wait until he has your car hooked up and is ready to go. Don’t worry, your car will be sold at auction, since you won’t need it anymore.”

“Go to hell, cop.”

Naomi saw the tow truck coming, with its amber top lights on. The truck pulled in front of the vehicle, and started hitching it up. Then the driver came over by Naomi, and had her sign the authorization for the tow. After the car was hooked up, and the driver was pulling out on the highway, Naomi followed the truck with her red and blue top lights on.

She waved to the tow truck driver as she went by him on the way to the county jail. She pulled in to the sheriff’s garage, and got out of the car.

“What do we have here, Naomi?”

“Contestant number 3, George. This is the third suspect that was with the other two that Ted and Jim brought in.”

“Well, in that case, we have door number 3 for you.”

After the third suspect, who is as yet unidentified, was photographed and fingerprinted, George Sadler, a twenty nine year veteran of the Pine Meadows County Sheriff’s Department, placed the suspect in a holding cell. George Sadler was greying on the sides of his head, but still had the same physique he had when he joined the department. He had one more year to go.

“Thank you, Naomi. Did he say what his name was?”

“No, George, he didn’t. I waited fifteen minutes for the tow truck to come. He was sitting in the back seat, with his safety restraints on. He never said a word.”

“Well, his fingerprints will tell us who he is, if he is in the system.”

“That’s the key word, George. If. I will see you later, I’m going back on patrol.”

“Later, Naomi.”

“Sheriff squad 300, resuming patrol.”

“10-4 Squad 300.”

Naomi no sooner got back on the road, than a car went zooming past her. She turned on her top lights and siren, and took chase. She finally caught up to the man, not from Pine Meadows County. She got out of the car, unsnapped her holster, and kept her hand on her pistol. She approached the man’s car with extreme caution.

Looking cautiously in the back seat as she approached the driver’s side, she saw there was nobody hiding. She stepped up the driver’s side front window, standing just behind the driver, her hand still on her pistol.

“Excuse me, sir, but do you know how fast you were going?”

“Yes, I was doing the speed limit.”

“You were doing ninety five, sir. That is not only dangerous for everybody else on the road, but for yourself as well. May I please see your driver’s license and registration?”

The man showed her his driver’s license and his vehicle registration. She asked the man to step out of the vehicle, and step to the rear. Naomi then radioed in for wants and warrants, and when she was told there were no wants or warrants, local or extended, she gave him back his registration.

“Sir, is this your current address?”


“William Henry Worthington, date of birth, September 23, 1972.”

When she was finished writing the ticket, she handed Mr. Worthington the ticket book and told him to sign it, advising him that signing the ticket was not an admission of guilt, but rather, showed that he received it. She gave Mr. Worthington the ticket along with his driver’s license.

“Sir, the speed limit here is fifty five miles per hour, until you get to the interstate. Please drive carefully, and don’t make me stop you again.” Naomi got back in her squad, and resumed patrol.

“Sheriff squad 300, 10-71 at the truck stop.”

“10-4 squad 300.”

In Pine Meadows County, a 10-71 is lunch break. Naomi had twenty minutes for her lunch. She parked near the restaurant windows, and went in. Eve Reinhardt saw her, and immediately came over with a cup of coffee.

“Eve, I will have a roast beef sandwich, too.”

“Coming right up.”

It wasn’t long, because when troopers or deputies came in, it was marked on their order slip. Eve brought Naomi her sandwich, and refilled her coffee.

Naomi sat there eating her lunch and going over her ticket book. Since she has started, she has only pulled one speeder over, and that was Mr. Worthington. She finished her lunch and went to pay for it. Naomi was one of those officers that didn’t accept meals for free. She paid for what she ordered. So did Jim O’Donnell of the state police, and her fiancé. She made a mental note to stop at the home when her shift was over.

“I will see you after my shift ends, Eve.”

“Alright, Naomi.”

“Sheriff squad 300, resuming patrol.”

“10-4, squad 300.”

Naomi got back on the road, and drove in the direction of the “home”. She was ever so watchful when she came in eye’s view of the home. She didn’t see anything unusual, so she drove toward town. Naomi gave a quick glance at her house as she drove by. When she got in town, she patrolled up Main Street, and down a few side streets.

Nothing really much going on today. One speeder, court, and dullness.

Sheriff squad 300, assist state police and fire department at box 546, Pine Ridge Road, cross street, Birch Drive, for traffic detail.”

“Sheriff squad 300, 10-4”

Naomi turned on her lights and siren and got there as fast as she could. There was a two story frame house engulfed in flames. Jim O’Donnell came up to her as she got to his squad.

“Naomi, we want you to divert traffic from this intersection, north. I will try to keep an eye out, but we’re very busy here right at the moment.”

“I see that, Jim. Is the fire marshal here?”


All the while this chatter was going on, Naomi and Jim were placing orange cones and road flares across the one lane, while Naomi’s squad blocked the other one. This was the second biggest fire she had to work, since starting at Pine Meadows County Sheriff’s Department.

What happens in law enforcement is, when your shift is almost over, you get a call that could last for a few hours, or all day and night. Naomi doesn’t think about this, though. She does what she is needed to do. She heard the sirens coming before she saw them. She moved her squad so the next fire department’s trucks could get through. Once those trucks were through, she backed up her squad to block the lane again.

Naomi was about three blocks from the fire, but she could feel the heat. She kept a vigil on the road she was told to divert traffic from. It seems that whenever there is a fire, it draws curiosity seekers. This is what she wanted to stop, especially here. The entire house was on fire, and shooting flames in just about every direction. She didn’t anyone to get hurt.

After a few hours, Jim brought her over a foam cup filled with coffee.

“Here you go, darling. This looks like it is going to last a while. Maybe I can stay here with you. Two pairs of eyes are better than one.”

“Well, so far it has been dead. I let the fire trucks through, and there has been a few cars that had to be diverted. But, nothing since. I think everybody is still at work.”

“That could be. Usually, this road has one car after another.”

“I was thinking, Jim, that this is second biggest fire I had to work, since I have been here.”

“Yes, Naomi, and there could be more. The last one you and I worked was caused by faulty electrical wiring. We will wait and see what the fire marshal says about this one.”

“Do you think if we called the truck they would deliver out here?”

“I don’t see why not. I never did it before, but we could always try.”

“I’m not hungry right now, but just in case this goes longer than dinner time.”

“I know what you mean. Maybe you should call your house and let them know that you will be working until this is over.”

“That is a good idea, Jim. I will do that now.”

Naomi called her house and Carl Richards answered.

“Hi, Carl, I am going to be working until further notice. Let Ruth know I won’t be home for dinner. I may have to order from the truck stop.” Naomi listened for a bit. “No, Carl, I am diverting traffic away from the scene. So, don’t come down here, because I would just have to motion you to move on. Tell everyone I’m thinking about them.” Naomi hung up and turned her full attention to diverting traffic.

Since there was no traffic coming, for now, Naomi took a glance at the fire. It was still going strong. A semi tractor/trailer was coming towards her. She used her Mag-Lite flashlight to signal the driver. Naomi signaled the driver to turn left on to Birch Drive. The driver actually stopped and wondered what was going on.

“Sir, you will have to turn left here on to Birch Drive. We have a dangerous fire up ahead.”

“What? That little bitty fire! All that is good for is toasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Now let me through.”

“Sir, you either have to turn left on to Birch Drive, or wait here until the fire marshal says it is safe.”

“Who do you think you are talking to? Do you know who I am? I am big Jim Morrison, no relation to the rock and roll singer. I eat women cops for a midnight snack, then dump their bodies in the village dump.”

“Sir, let me introduce myself. I am Pine Meadows County deputy sheriff sergeant, Naomi Petersen. I eat truck drivers for Breakfast and dump their bodies in the county jail.”

“Yeah, right, you couldn't beat up a fly.”

Apparently, Big Jim Morrison was not from around Pine Meadows County. If he had been, he would have known that Naomi was called the Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows County. Big Jim made the mistake of swinging his fist toward Naomi. She moved like lightning, and had Big Jim Morrison in handcuffs.

“Sheriff squad 300 to state police squad 356.”

“I have a prisoner here for transport, and I need a semi tractor/trailer tow truck.”

Trooper Jim O’Donnell was there in seconds.

“What is his problem?”

“I told him he had to turn left on to Birch Drive, and he got really boisterous. He told me that he eats women cops for a midnight snack and dumps their bodies in the village dump. I haven’t searched him. I will leave that up to you, Jim.”

Trooper James O’Donnell searched the truck driver, and found his motorcycle wallet, fastened to his belt by a chain and clip. Jim O’Donnell looked inside the wallet and saw the name.

“Naomi, get your notebook out and write this down. You will need this information since he is your prisoner. His name is James Broderick Morrison, date of birth, October 23, 1975, brown and blue, height, 6’3” tall, weight, 275.”

“Thank you, Jim. Are you free to take him in? The charge is assaulting an officer. Mr. Morrison, you have the right to remain silent, if you choose to give up that right, anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning and, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the judge. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?”

“Yeah, I understand them, and I didn’t assault you.”

“Oh, right. Assaulting and officer in this state carries a fifteen year sentence, when you are convicted. I’m through with this piece of garbage. Would bring my cuffs back, Jim?”

“Sure, Naomi. Mister, you’re not from around here; are you?”

“No, and where did she learn to defend herself like that.”

“Around these parts, she is known as the Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows County.”

Oops, big oops; Big Jim Morrison just sealed his fate. It is amazing how criminal suspects become criminal defendants in a matter of seconds. Jim O’Donnell had the suspect booked for assaulting an officer, and put in jail. Tomorrow he goes in front of Judge Granger, who, in his capacity, does not like people who try to, or does assault an officer.

Naomi waited for the tow truck, and tow the tractor/trailer to the impound yard. However, Yellow Transfer beat the truck by ten minutes.

“Excuse me, deputy, but this truck belongs to Yellow Transfer and we were looking for it, because the driver is over an hour late with his delivery.”

“Does this tractor/trailer have GPS?”

“Yes. Ever since we had one of our trucks stolen, we put GPS trackers in our tractors, and in our trailers. That was how we found it so quickly. Uhm, Where is the driver?”

“He has been arrested and booked for assaulting an officer. I told him, that because of the fire, he had to turn on to Birch Drive and go around. He gave me an argument, and actually went to hit me. I stopped him, and a state trooper took him in. I called for a tow truck to get this off of the road, and put it where it will be safe. As you can see behind me, the fire is still going, and I have the road going down there blocked off. That is what your driver didn’t like.”

“Well, do you mind if we take possession of the truck?”

“No, not at all. You will have to sign a paper though, stating you are from Yellow Transfer and that you have taken possession of the vehicle.”

Naomi got out the paper, and she filled in the date, location, and license plate number of the trailer, and of the tractor. She filled in the name of the person taking possession by looking at his driver’s license, CDL, and company ID. Satisfied that the person has the authority to take possession of the tractor/trailer, she radioed Jim O’Donnell to bring the keys for the truck from the driver. Jim O’Donnell acknowledged the transmission, and said he was on the way.

After getting permission to take the keys for the tractor/trailer, Jim O’Donnell left the jail and headed back to the fire. Once back at the scene, Jim gave Naomi the keys for the tractor/trailer, and the representative from Yellow Transfer started it up, and drove it, taking the detour route without argument.

“One other thing, deputy. Tell Mr. Morrison he is fired.”

“You know, Jim. Everything would have been all right, if the driver would just taken the detour.”

“Well, Naomi, some people have got to learn the hard way.”

“Yes, well, I have the authorization paper in my case. I will have to file it as soon as this is over. Then maybe, we can get some breakfast. It looks like we are going to be here through the night.”

“Maybe you’re right, Naomi. I reported the fire. I was passing by on patrol and saw the flames. I guess the house was cleared. We have to wait for the fire marshal to complete his investigation, anyway. So, m’dame, your every wish is my command.”

“Well, sir knight, do you have any more coffee?”

“Nay, m’dame, but yonder inn does. I shall order some from the landlord right away.”

Naomi and Jim played this game quite often. It will be interesting to see how long they play it after they are married. Jim O’Donnell was back before Naomi could count to one thousand. Keeping an eye on the road, and watching the fire, seemed to take a lot of concentration.

“County sheriff squad 300, how is your traffic duty coming along?”

“The fire is still burning, we have made one arrest, and trooper O’Donnell is with me now.”

“10-4 county 300. Let us know when you are finished there. The girls at the Pine Meadows home are asking that you come and take a jerk off of their hands.”

“Jim, can you cover for me for a few?”

“Yes, Naomi,”

“County sheriff 300, trooper O’Donnell will cover for me here. I am on my way to the home.”

“10-4 county 300.”

Naomi gave Jim O'Donnell a kiss and said see you later. She got in her squad and turning g
her lights and siren on, she headed for the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls. She turned off her siren, but not her lights, when she drove in to the grounds of the home. She parked by the house, and went in.

“Naomi, thank God you came. There is this guy in the office and says he represents Dr. Pervert. He’s has been asking us to drop the charges against Dr. Pervert, because he says we don’t want to ruin his reputation. We haven’t given any answers, yet.”

“Alright, Sharon, I will take him off of your hands.” Naomi opened the office door and told the man to come out. He did. “Who are you, sir?”

“I’m attorney Fred Williamson, and I have been retained to represent Dr. Arthur Reginald Poole, MD.”

“Mr. Williamosn, why are you asking these girls to drop the charges against the doctor?”

“It will ruin him, both in his character and financially. They don’t really want to do that to Dr. Poole.”

“Sir, you are under arrest for criminal trespass, attempting to force minors in to dropping criminal charge against a man who usurped his power as a medical doctor to rape and fondle minor girls in their private areas. The district attorney is going to have a picnic on your grave when you are convicted. You are also charged with rape, party to a crime with knowledge of same after the fact.

“You have the right to remain silent, if you choose to give up that right, anything you say now can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney during questioning and if cannot so afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court. Do you understand these rights, as I have read them to you?”

“I understand them, but I didn’t do anything wrong. It is my duty to my client to represent him or her to the best of my legal ability.”

“Mr. Williamson, I advise you to remain silent. Yes, you did do something wrong. You are not to question these young ladies without the district attorney present. The bar association is going to suspend, if not revoke your license to practice law in this state. Outside is a car marked Pine Meadows County Sheriff. It has pretty red and blue lights on top, and an interceptor engine. Let’s go, Mr. Williamson.”

Naomi put the handcuffs on her suspect and took him out to her squad. Then she looked at the assembled girls.

“Sisters, if this ever happens again, don’t hesitate to call us right away. All you have to do is ask for me, and if they say it is my day off, you have my cell number. From now on, I will be stopping in here quite often. Even if he is an attorney, his conduct today was actually a crime. He knows he is not supposed to have any discussion with a victim/witness without the district attorney present.

“The reason he did this now, is because he thought he could terrorize you into withdrawing your complaints.”

“We’re not dropping anything, sis. We want to see this pervert put in prison for a very long time.”

“I understand, Sharon. I have to get back to my traffic duty at the fire. If anything happens, call immediately.”

“Yes, sis, we will.”

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