The Patriot Act Part Two

James Winrox had a secret. Yes, he preached against men turning themselves into women, but secretly he wanted just that. You might have called him a hypocrite, but he felt it was part of his dual nature as a Christian. Now, he shivered in his slinky pink jumpsuit that really were just pink pajamas. He wasn't even angry at his government as he took in his surroundings. He was afraid that he was going to enjoy this, even now he was getting hard in the regulation pink panties they had put him in.

And so, James stood before the new warden of his prison. "Good morning, Jamie. The United States of America has invested a lot of money so that you might better understand and appreciate the struggles of the LGBT community. After we took a look at your file, you were selected for our Gender program. In the next couple of months, we will be working on your weight, your hair, your nails, and we will teach you how to care for your body. By the end of the program we will present you as a female. Do you have any questions, Jamie?" James Winrox was a very bold man in his pulpit, but he wasn't feeling so bold. "No," is all he could squeak. He was struggling with the inner turmoil of one who had secretly wanted this very thing all along.

James was instructed to change into a pink sports bra and tight latex leggings and offered pink running shoes. Jamie first sat down for a breakfast of an egg with bacon and toast. It was kept simple to start. Jamie drank a small glass of grape juice with the meal. While she ate, music about love and sex was piped into the room.

Then, Jamie - as he had been called - started his day with yoga, then he moved to abs, and then he moved to aerobics. Two hours later his jailor or trainer offered him a nutbar as a power snack. Jamie squeaked, "I don't like to eat that stuff." Her jailor said, "Are you allergic?" Jamie shook his head no, then the jailor said, "Well, this is what you get until lunch, and hopefully you will like that. This isn't a buffet - I am guessing James liked those." Jamie knew why his jailor was using the male for his name in the third person. Jamie was a little hungry and did swallow down the nutbar.

Then, Jamie was taken to a room with two pink high-heels. They fit on his feet perfectly. Two armed guards were close by in case he should think to use the heels as a weapon. But Jamie wanted to do this - secretly. Jamie stumbled back and forth around the room for nearly one-half an hour. Then, Jamie was sat at a table. Makeup was presented to him along with a mirror. Jamie covered his face with makeup and advice was given to him by his jailor.

Jamie did yoga for the last hour before lunch. Then lunch came. It was a Submarine six inch with Turkey, and it was loaded with onions, pickles and a strange sauce. Jamie was starving and ate the whole thing up in a hurry. Jamie then had a show about lesbians finding love to watch for the rest of her lunch hour. Then, Jamie went back to abs and aerobics. Jamie was again hungry when her ninety minutes of exercise were over. She ate another granola bar after this. Jamie also drank her regulated bottle of filtered water, then she was sent to a room, closely guarded. Then the jailor instructed Jamie to try on different outfits, put on make-up and march up and down in heels. Jamie was given instruction on style and what went well together.

Then, Jamie barely able to walk on two feet ate a piece of fruit and was back to the gym. It was another hour of yoga and abs. When Jamie was sore, hungry, and physically exhausted, she was marched into the room where she watched two men finding love while she ate food. She tried not to look at it. It was Chinese noodles with a pork stir fry. He drank a glass of milk. He tried hard, but was compelled to watch the television as the one more masculine man took charge sexually of the more feminine man. He was given some down time as he went from this movie to another one that had a woman who jumped from partner to partner, never satisfied.

Jamie had another hour of yoga and a snack and then he was marched back to his five by five pink cell, wearing his pink jumpsuit. He was physically and mentally exhausted. He had told himself early on he would meditate on his Bible and try to talk to God in prayer after all of this, but he was just too tired. His eyes closed and he was fast asleep. While Jamie slept quiet psychadelic music was softly piped into his room. Intermittently, there were suggestive thoughts pushed into his head while he slept.

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