The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 54

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 54
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Law Enforcement At Work.

Naomi and Jim finished their lunch, and told Eve they would be back for their afternoon break. The problem with being a peace officer is, you never know when something big is going to happen. They no sooner got back in their patrol car when a call came over the radio.

“Squad 356,” the dispatcher said, with urgency in her voice.

“Squad 356, go dispatch.”

“Meet the ATF and FBI at Box 874 Pine Grove Road, cross street Birch drive.”

Both officers looked at each other. ATF? FBI? What was going on? Of course the dispatcher couldn’t say over the air, but the urgency in her voice told the officers that they had better get there, and fast.

Naomi turned on the lights and siren, and Jim O’Donnell took off like he was driving an airplane. They turned off the siren and lights about two miles from where they had to be. When they got there, an ATF agent waved them over.

“We have a man who allegedly has a cache of guns in his home. This isn’t just a gun enthusiast, because the call we got said he has enough guns to arm a small army. What we want from you two, is drive up to the house, no lights, no siren. When he opens the door, grab him and force him out. We have the warrant.”

The ATF agent showed Jim and Naomi the warrant, so Jim and Naomi were only too happy to help. They pulled up to the house, and got out of the car. Jim went and knocked on the door. When a man answered, he was handcuffed before he could say anything.

Seeing that the man was in custody, the ATF and FBI moved in to search the house. They had a huge panel truck standing by, in case they found anything. They did. Behind a wall panel, they found twenty seven assault rifles, eighteen semi-automatic Smith and Wessons, twenty four boxes of anti-personnel grenades, ammunition for all of the guns, and the rest of the list is too numerous to count. They removed all the weapons, and then went to the handcuffed man.

“Sir, I am special agent Roger Forrest, of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. You are being placed under arrest for having an arsenal of unregistered firearms and hand grenades. You have the right to remain silent, if you choose to give up that right, anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the judge. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?”

The man said nothing.

“Sir, I asked if you understood these rights. Just because you are silent, as is your right, doesn’t mean we can’t arrest you. What is your name?”

Again the man said nothing.

“Deputy, will you see if he has any identification, please.”

Naomi searched the man’s pockets and didn’t find anything with his name, date of birth, or even his address.

“He doesn’t have any identification, special agent.”

“Thank you, deputy. It looks as though we’re going have to run his fingerprints. Sir, if we run your fingerprints through AFIS, and we find you have outstanding warrants, your uncooperation will be used against you. You could at least show us a driver’s license or other picture ID.”

The man remained silent, to the chagrin of the special agents of both the ATF and FBI.

“Alright, deputy, trooper, will you please take him and place in your jail with a federal felony hold. We are going to have to run this man’s prints through AFIS. Fingerprint him and then let us have another fingerprint card so we can see if he has any outstanding warrants. We are going to be here for a while, yet.

“Only glad to help special agent. Come on, mister, let’s go.”

“Naomi and Jim put the suspect in the back seat of their patrol car, and Jim radioed in.

“356 to dispatch.”

“356, go ahead.”

“We are bringing in a federal prisoner to be held for the ATF. They want us to fingerprint him twice, so that the ATF can run his prints through AFIS, whatever that is.”

“Squad 356, AFIS stands for Automated Fingerprint Identification System. I will let county know you are bringing him there.”

“10-4 dispatch, 356 out.”

“Well, we have a suspect who won’t talk, a house full of guns to arm a small army, and federal agents all over the place. This sure has been one exciting day.”

“It sure has, Jim,” Naomi said, refraining from fiancee banter. She could wait until after they had the prisoner booked.

Jim pulled in to the parking lot of the Pine Meadows County jail, and took the suspect inside. They took him to the booking desk, where the man was fingerprinted twice. The second print card set aside for the ATF. With the man placed in a holding cell, Jim and Naomi resumed their patrol.

“I wonder who that man is, Naomi.”

“Well, Jim, he won’t talk, and even the property deed isn’t any help, because he could have used a phony name.”

“That is true. I think, though, that the federal agents will find out who he is. If he remains silent all through his court appearances, the jury will find him guilty and he will go to prison. You know, Naomi, he had that far away look in his eyes. Like someone who is lost and doesn’t know why.”

“Yes, Jim, come to think of it, he did. Didn’t he?”

“Maybe, just maybe, mind you, if they do a presentence investigation, they may find him mentally disabled, and send him to the state hospital. I know we will be called to testify during his trial.”

“Jim, I have a wonderful idea. Let’s go by the home and see the girls.”

“Sounds good to me, dear. I could use a light diversion right about now.”

Jim headed toward the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls. They did this from time to time, to see how the girls were doing. The home was actually a part of their patrol area, which is why they could take their breaks at the truck stop.

As they parked the patrol car outside the main house, Naomi wailed the siren only once. The Girls came out to greet Naomi and Jim. Sharon was the first one to speak.

“Hey, sis, I thought you weren’t coming until Saturday.”

“Hi, sis, and we are just taking a much needed break right now. So, how is everything going, here?”

“Just fine, sis,” Joy said, with her fingers crossed behind her back.

“It is just about time for us to go off duty for the day. So, we just thought we would stop in to see how things are going.”

“Well, they’re just fine,” Connie Stevenson said, with a hint of humor.

“Alright, sisters, Trooper Jim and I are going to go and clock out, then we are going to pay sister Evie a visit for coffee. Then, I don’t know about Trooper Jim, but I am coming back.”

“Not without me, you’re not,” Jim O’Donnell said.

“Then, in that case, we will both be back,” Naomi said, with a wink towards her sisters. The girls all giggled.

Jim and Naomi went to clock out. Jim let Naomi clock out first, since the sheriff’s department was right om the way to the state trooper barracks. When Naomi came out in her civies, she got in to her SUV and followed Jim to the state police barracks.

Jim O’Donnell clocked out, changed in to his civies, and joined Naomi in her SUV. Naomi’s SUV was fitted with police emergency lights in the grill and the back window. She also had a siren. There was a sticker that said: “Deputy Sheriff, Pine Meradows County, Active”. They went from the barracks to the truck stop to have coffee.

“Jim, how would you like to have dinner at my house? It is only a half a mile from the home, going toward town.”

“I think I would like that, m’lady.”

“Then, sir gallant knight, dinner at my castle it shall be.”

Naomi and Jim got along really well, like two peas in a pod. They arrived at the truck stop, and they went in to see Eve Reinhardt. That was the real reason they wanted to go to the truck stop for coffee.

“Hi Jim, Naomi. I have a booth for the two of you.”

“We’re just having coffee, Eve,” Naomi said, giving Eve their order.

“Okay, I am off in five minutes. I’ll join you after I clock out.”

Eve’s relief was already there having coffee at the counter. Eve whispered something in her ear, and then disappeared in the back. When Eve came back, she was in her everyday clothes, with her uniform in a bag. When she got home, she would have to wash it.

Eve went to sit by Naomi and Jim, after pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“You both look tuckered out. Did anything exciting happen today?”

“Yes, Eve, this was a very busy day. We didn’t get any speeders, but we did do other law enforcement things.”

“Like what, sis, tell me, I want details.”

“I can’t discuss an ongoing investigation. When you are actually accepted for the academy for your training as a deputy, you will find out that you cannot discuss cases with anyone. Not even another officer, about what arrests you made, and how many speeders you tagged. See, Eve, real law enforcement isn’t like you see in the movies, and we certainly are not like they portray officers on Law and Order: Special Vicitims Unit.

“When a suspect’s attorney comes in the interrogation room, and says the interview is over, you better believe the interview is over. Any further questioning beyond that is improper conduct. Also, we do not beat a suspect just so he or she will tell us what we want to hear. But, you will find all of this out when you are accepted for the academy.

“Me and Jim are having dinner at my house, tonight. Want to join us, Eve?”

“Yes, sis, thank you.”

“We’re going from here to the home and visit the girls a little more. We stopped in earlier when we were taking a small break. You should come with us, the girls would love to see you.”

“Okay, let me get my car warmed up a little, and then we can go.”

Evie warmed up her, car, because if she didn’t, it would stall right on the highway. So, her car warmed up, Evie followed Naomi’s SUV to the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls. When they got there, Naomi blasted her siren, so that the girls knew she was there.

A group of girls came out to meet them. Sharon Hardesty saw Eve and yelled.

“It’s Evie, Evie!” Sharon ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“I hope you girls don’t mind, but I brought Nanook of the North with me.”

Jim O’Donnell made noises like a howling dog, and the girls all giggled.

They all went in the house and sat in the living room. Naomi was listening to each of the girls talk about their school day. They even showed Eve and Naomi their grades on an essay they each had to write. Each one had a different subject, of course, but the grades were from A- to B+.

“Sisters, these are really good grades. Let me read some of these.”

Naomi read some of the essays, and she was amazed at the writing skill of these girls. Where they used research, they put down the reference material used to write the essay. She read five of them at random.

“These are good, sisters. I like the penmanship and the sentence structures. Very good.”

“Naomi, are you and Jim, and Evie, staying for dinner?” Sharon Hardesty asked.

“Honey, I asked Jim if he would like dinner at my house tonight. I even invited Eve.”

“Well, sister Naomi, this is your house too. How does that Spanish saying go? Oh yes! Mi Casa, su casa. Get the picture, sister Naomi?”

“Well, I will have to call my house and tell I won’t be there for dinner. What do you say, Jim, Eve?”

“I say that we can stay for dinner here,” Jim O’Donnell answered Naomi.

“I second that,” added Eve Reinhardt.

“Alright, Sharon, we’re staying for dinner.”

Madelline came from upstairs, and saw Naomi, Jim and Eve.

“I thought I heard familiar voices. I was doing some straightening up, upstairs with Joy. So, you are all staying for dinner. That’s good. Connie?” Madelline called in to the kitchen.

“Yes, mom?”

“Connie, please set three more places. Naomi, Trooper Jim and Eve are staying for dinner.”

“Yes, mom, right away.”

Meals at the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls, was a time to relax and unwind. That is why the girls all engaged in light banter while they ate. It was a way of shedding off the stress of the day, and making sure they were in such a frame of mind, so they could watch a good movie. Tonight, they were going to watch A Mom For Christmas, with Olivia Newton-John and Doris Roberts.

Even though Christmas has come and gone, these girls carried Christmas in their hearts twenty four/seven, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. To the girls of Pine Meadows, Christmas movies never went out of style, just because the Christmas season was over. So, tonight, they were going to watch A Mom For Christmas.

The meal tonight was roast beef on rye, with swiss cheese, green beans, baked potato, and cherry pie for dessert. The girls had to drink at least one glass of milk, before they could have a soda. None of the girls drank coffee. Maybe a cup of chamomile tea now and then, but never any coffee.

As girls are want to do, they had to know all about Naomi and Trooper Jim’s day. Sandra Erickson was the first to ask.

“Naomi, how did your day go?”

“Well, sister Sandra, it went just fine. Kind of busy, but, it was a very productive day, as law enforcement goes.”

“Sister Naomi, we want details, details woman, details.”

“Sister Sandra, we cannot talk about an ongoing investigation. I can tell you this, without giving any details is, that we had to assist federal agencies today in making an arrest. That is all I can tell you.”

“Yeah, I suppose your right. But, just think of the gossip.”

“Sharon, I wish I could discuss the details, but, as you all know, I take my job seriously. I am a sworn law enforcement officer, and because of that, I cannot divulge any detailed information. See, if the person we arrested is found not guilty, gossip could ruin his or her reputation. If he or she is found guilty, it will be in the paper. Then, and only then, can I talk about what we had to go through to make that arrest.”

“I do have some news for my sisters,” Eve said, with a smile. “I have filled out an application for deputy sheriff here in Pine Meadows county. I am waiting for my acceptance letter.”

“A background check takes about a week. If they don’t find anything, like a felony on your record, then you will receive a letter telling you to report to the state police barracks, where your training will happen. When you complete your training, and you have graduated, you will be licensed to carry firearms, including concealed weapons.

“Concealed weapons come in handy when you are in civies. Of course, you don’t want to make it obvious that you are carrying a concealed weapon by wearing a little larger clothing than what you normally wear. Remember, when you take the oath of a law enforcement officer, that you are never off duty. If you see a crime being committed, use a telephone, and call for backup. Do you understand, Eve?”

“Yes, Naomi.”

“Alright, so, what has been happening around here, lately?”

“Not much, sister Naomi. Going to school, coming back home, doing homework, having dinner, going to bed. Then getting up in the morning and doing it all over again.”

“I can see that my not giving you details of an ongoing investigation, you’re not going to give me details, either. Okay, so, what movie did you watch last night?”

“Well, let’s see,” Sharon Hardesty said, putting her finger by the corner of her mouth. “We got up, took our showers, had breakfast, went to school, came home, did homework, had dinner, and went to bed. Then, this morning, we got up and did everything all over again.”

“Alright, ladies, I think it is time I shared a few things with you. If I gave you details about an ongoing investigation, and the person we arrested is found not guilty, they could say that I influenced the jury’s decision because I talked about an investigation that wasn’t completed, yet. It makes no difference, if all I did was tell you. They wouldn’t know if you had connections to the defendant’s attorney, relatives, friends, etc. So you see, I cannot give you details, even if I wanted to.”

Oh, I suppose that your right,” Joy Carver said. “But, it would be interesting.”

“Yes, sister Joy, it certainly will be. There is one more important reason why I cannot discuss an ongoing investigation. That is, it is for your own safety. If I gave you details, and you were talking with each other, say in town, you could be overheard by those that would want to know what you know, and they might hurt you. It might not even be anyone you know, but a complete stranger passing through.

“No, ladies, I will not give you any details about an ongoing investigation.”

“Naomi, I have a question. Do we get paid while we are at the academy?” Queried Eve Reinhardt.

“Yes, because you will be required to go through eight hour days. Because of that, you will get paid. Just remember, that when your training is done for the day, you can pretty much do as you want, but there is a curfew. If you are late coming in after curfew, it goes against you. You have to put in so many hours of training and so many hours of sleep.”

“That sounds good to me. You said you would be my trainer, if I was accepted.”

“Yes, I will be. These patrols with Jim are just about over. I suspect they were assigned to me, to get me used to the area.”

“But, if you are going to be my trainer, why is the training at the state police barracks?”

“Because, Eve, that is where the academy is. By the time you get accepted, I will be back training rookies, rookie.”

“So, sister Naomi, it starts already.”

“Yes, Eve, it does.”

“It is too bad you ladies all have school tomorrow, because tomorrow morning, a man we arrested this morning will have his arraignment before judge Granger.”

Debra Sanger asked Naomi a question.

“Sister Naomi, what exactly is an arraignment?”

“Debra, it is the initial court appearance of a felony suspect, where the defendant’s plea of guilty or not guilty is entered in to the record, bail is set and an attorney is appointed by the court, if the defendant can’t afford an attorney. Also, if a defendant cannot afford bail, then he or she remains in jail, until either they can afford bail, or until their trial. So, sisters, you can see that being a law enforcement officer requires more than just keeping the peace and making arrests. We also have to testify in court.”

Janice Peyton spoke next.

“Sister Naomi, do you think any one of us could be cops, say, a local cop, sheriff’s deputy or state trooper?”

“Yes, Janice, any one of you can be a law enforcement officer. Because see, your being here will not come up on a background check, because you are minors, and when you leave here, your court record is sealed. This record can only be used by a judge when he or she sentences a defendant after being found guilty.”

“That is very interesting. But, would this record show up on an employment application, say, like for a factory or some other kind of job?”

“No, Janice.”

“Thank you, Naomi.”

“You are quite welcome, sis.”

“Naomi,what time did you say this person was going to go before judge Granger?”

“At nine in the morning, Sharon.”

“I was wondering, couldn’t we go and get credit for civics class?”

“That is a good idea, Sharon. Ask your teachers if it is possible that you can attend. I think this would be good for you, when you have to testify against Dr. Pervert.”

“Naomi, tell me again. He can’t get to us. Can he?”

“No, Sharon, he can’t. If he tries he will be stopped immediately.”

“Thank you, Naomi.”

Chapter 2 - Dr. Arthur Reginald Poole returns.

With the dinner finished, the dish brigade came in and started clearing the tables. The girls and Trooper Jim sat in the living room. They all talked about this, that and the other. Nothing really important. Joy Carver spoke up.

“Naomi, Trooper Jim, what are you going to do, now?”

“Well, Joy,” Naomi started to answer her. “I thought I would take Trooper Jim back to his car so he can go home, and then I was going to go home and take a much needed bubble bath.”

“Why don’t you stay here and watch A Mom For Christmas with us?”

“Well, what do you think, Jim?”

“I don’t see any harm in it. I have seen this movie before. It is very interesting. Doris Roberts stars along with Olivia Newton-John. Yes, I think we can stay and watch it with the ladies.”

“Well, sisters, it looks as though we are going to watch the movie with you.” The girls all stood and clapped their hands. “Well, I have never had such a standing ovation in my entire career,” Naomi told the girls.

Madelline figured that when they started watching the movie, that she would make some popcorn for them to share. Madelline loved watching the movies with her adopted daughters. They never made a sound except to laugh at the funny parts. But, for right now, they sat and talked while their tummies rested.

“Naomi,” Carla Rodriguez started to ask. “Where is Rachel?”

“She is home with Renee* doing her homework. I promise the next time I have a day off, I will both Rachel and Renee over. Maybe we could all have a movie day. There is something else I was thinking about, too.

“When spring gets here and the snow is all gone, I want to landscape my whole yard. I want to plant flowers, and have a stone walkway leading to the house. Then I want an asphalt covered driveway, instead of the dirt one that is there now. So, I am asking for volunteers in advance. I was thinking about, maybe, having the whole house come and help. We will have barbecue ribs, roasted corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw, milk … yes, ladies, milk. You must have one glass of milk before you can have a soda.

“Naomi, you know we would all volunteer to help you. Look at the help you have given us. I do know a little bit about landscaping. I can plant flowers in front of, and along side the house. I can get Tommy Barker and Darla Cranston to help, too. Tommy could bring a few of his friends and they could do the drive way, and lift the heavy rocks to make the stone walkway. This would be a party, of sorts, to go to.”

”You have given me an idea, Debra. I will talk to Tommy and Darla and see what friends they can bring along. Remember, though, I need to know how many will be there, so I can order the food accordingly. But, anyway, that is for after the snow is melted and the ground is a little drier than what it is after the snow melts.”

Madelline came in the living room.

“Ladies, and gentleman, it is time to put the movie in. I will make some popcorn for us to share.”**

Joy Carver went to the dvd kiosk near the front window and took out A Mom For Christmas. The girls all enjoyed the antics of Olivia Newton-John, Doris Roberts, and Jim Piddock as Wilkins. Even if it is summer outside, you have to see this endearing movie. There were places in the movie when I cried and especially at the happy ending. So, I won’t go in to detail, even a little bit, or it will ruin the movie. For those that have seen it, don’t tell anybody who hasn’t seen it, what it is about.

They all sat there so engrossed in the movie, nobody saw Madelline put the popcorn on the coffee table.

“Girls, there is popcorn on the coffee table.”

Madelline was quickly shushed. So Madelline sat down to watch the movie with the girls, and forgot about the popcorn.

The movie was released 17 December, 1990 through the Disney Corporation. Juliet Sorci was superb as the little girl who wants a mom for Christmas. Sorry folks, but that is all you are getting told.

The girls were so interested in the movie, they didn’t even notice Naomi and Jim leave the house. Naomi wanted a bubble bath, Jim wanted to relax with a Coors.*** Tomorrow promised to be a boring day, because they would be in court most of the morning.

Naomi drove Jim back to his car, and they kissed for a long while before saying good night. Naomi drove home and went straight to her bedroom. She got out of her clothes and went to the bathroom with her mint julep bubble bath.

How did that commercial go? Oh yes; “Calgon, take me away”.**** Except Naomi’s bubble bath was mint julep. After brushing her teeth, the bath tub was filled with suds. She rinsed her mouth and went to get in the tub. She just sat there letting the bubbles wash away the day’s stress. Then she washed herself, and got out of the tub. She patted herslef dry and got in to her baby doll nightie. She stepped in to her slippers and went to crawl in bed.

Morning comes way too fast. Naomi’s Alarm went off, and Naomi wanted to throw it out the window. She swung her feet out from under the covers, grabbed her bath caddy, and went in the bathroom. She turned on the shower to get the water running so it could heat up. Then she brushed her teeth, rinsed her mouth and got in the shower.

One thing a law enforcement officer doesn’t want to do, is wear cologne or perfume of any kind. Naomi used Caress**** beauty soap, because it had body lotion in it. When she was done with her shower and she was dried off, she went in her bedroom to get dressed.

She put on her uniform, but before putting on the shirt, she put on her bullet proof vest. She then put her uniform shirt on, transferred her badge to the clean shirt, then she went to her gun cabinet and took out her pistol. She checked to see if it needed to be cleaned, and, well, not today, because she didn’t use it yesterday. Has she used it, even on the firing range, she would have had to clean it.

Making sure that her utility belt held the necessary supplies, and that she had her handcuffs, she went to get her coat and boots on. Naomi made her apologies to Ruth, saying she would get something on the road. Naomi said cya later and went out to her SUV. As she was headed toward the county jail to pick up her squad, she radioed in.

“County sheriff squad 300, clocking in at seven forty five.”

“10-4 squad 300, you are clocked in. Be advised that your duty with Trooper James O’Donnell has ended. He feels that you know the area fairly well, enough to get around in.”

“County sheriff squad, 10-4.”

What I didn’t mention is, that in Pine Meadows County they have a central dispatch located at the state police headquarters. This way they saved money. This way, too, the property taxes were in an affordable rate that everybody who owned property could pay.

“County sheriff squad 300, be advised that Arthur Reginald Poole returned from his psychiatric eval late last night. He is currently in the county jail, awaiting a hearing this morning in front of judge Granger.”

“County sheriff squad 300, 10-4.”

Naomi was thinking that maybe this would be an opportune time for the girls to face Dr. Pervert. It would help rid them of their fear of testifying in court at his trial. She made herself a vow to go to the home and let the girls know, so they wouldn’t be surprised.

“County sheriff squad 300, back up state trooper squad 356 at 735 Woodland Drive, cross street, County trunk K.”

“County sheriff squad 300, 10-4.”
She turned her lights and siren on, and headed to back up Trooper James O’Donnell. If Jim needed help, then he was in a situation he didn’t want to handle alone.

Naomi cut her lights and siren off a few miles before where she needed to be. She drove up, and parked behind Jim O’Donnell’s squad. She got out, with her gun drawn.

“Naomi, we have a barricaded suspect in that house right there. What I need, is someone to get around back, in case he tries to leave through the back door. This is a robbery suspect from Alameda County. We were alerted to be on the lookout for him.”

“Alright, Jim, I will cover the back. Are we on silent radio?”

“Not really. He knows I’m here, but he doesn’t know about you.”

“Then, I will sneak around and cover the back. I will beep your radio twice when I am in position.”

“Alright, let me know.”

Two minutes later, Jim O’Donnell’s radio squawked twice. Jim knew that Naomi was in position. She waited until either the suspect came out of the back door, or Jim had him in custody. Trooper James O’Donnell gave it one more try.

“Sir, this is the state police, we have you surrounded. Please come out with your hands in the air.”

“You go to hell, cop. I am staying right here. If you try to come in here, I will shoot and ask questions later. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly sir, but I really do wish you would give yourself up. You can’t go anywhere.”

All the while Jim O’Donnell was talking to the suspect, Naomi had snuck in the back door. The suspect was too busy focusing his attention to Jim, that he didn’t hear Naomi sneak up on him. She had him disarmed and handcuffed before he even knew she was there.
“A lady cop!” The suspect exclaimed, loudly. “I get taken down by a fucking lady cop.”

“Jim, the suspect is in custody. It is all clear in here. We’re coming out.”

“Alright, good job, Naomi.”

“Na…Naom…Naomi? The Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows? O M G. This is a freaking nightmare.”

“If it is, you brought it on yourself.”

Naomi and the suspect exited the house, and Jim came up to them.

“Way to go, Naomi. Did you have any problems?”

“No, I got behind him because of his distraction in talking to you. The next thing he knew, the Dragon Lady of Pine Meadows had him cuffed. Now we are going to stuff him.” The man mumbled to himself.

“I get taken down by a fucking broad.”

“You shouldn’t have been robbing. I am sorry to say, but you brought this on yourself. The reason we got so quickly is because there is a state wide alert on you.

Naomi ushered him in to her SUV and harnessed him in. There are seat belts, but for criminal suspects there is a harness.

“Is this a cop car? I’ve never seen one like this.”

“Yes, you could say this is a cop car. I’m a cop and this is my SUV. Sir, before we get going, I’m going to need your name, date of birth and your last known address.”

“My first name is nun my middle name is ya and my last name is business, my date of birth is 00.00.0000 and my last known address is Somewhere, USA.”

“So, let me get this straight then. Your name is nunyabusiness, you were never born, and you live somewhere in the USA. Is that correct?”

“Yeah, lady pig, that is correct.”

“Well, you won’t be the first John Doe we convicted. Do you have a criminal record?”

“No, pig, I don’t.”

“Well, we will see. Your fingerprints will tell us if you do or not. Okay, then, let’s get to our hotel, where we have reserved a room just for you. Jim, do you want me to take him to our jail?”

“Yes, Naomi, I will meet you there. Sir, I have put up with all the banter from you that I am going to. You have the right to remain silent, if you choose to give up that right, anything you say now, can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney to be present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the judge. Do you understand these rights, as I have read them to you?”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand.”

“Alright, Naomi, I will meet you at the county jail.”

“Well, Mr.Business, you are going to be held for the Alameda county sheriff. Did you ever think that there are other alternatives, other than robbing and stealing?”

“Yeah, like what? Working? Bah! Working is very highly overrated.”

“I don’t think so. I work for a living, and I may not get rich by working, but it makes me feel like I have done some good and that I have accomplished something.”

“Save your preachin’ for the pulpit, I ain’t intrested.”

“Preachin’, ain’t, intrested? How far did you go in school?”

Nun ya damn business. If ya don’t like the way I talk, then don’t listen.”

“Okay, Mr. Business.”

Naomi drove him to the jail without saying another word. She took him to the booking room, had him fingerprinted, had his photo taken, and then Naomi put him the cell herself.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Business, they will put you on a tier shortly.”

Naomi then left to back on patrol.

“County sheriff squad 300, resuming patrol.”

“10-4 county sheriff 300.”

All of this took about an hour. Naomi still had three hours to go before she could actually take a real break at the truck stop. She decided to go and see if Jim O’Donnell was still at the scene. She drove over, and saw Jim climbing up to the roof of the cottage.

“Need any help, sweetheart?” Naomi inquired.

“Actually, no. I’m quite finished inside of the house, I just need to check to top part of chim…Well, I will be. Guess where he stashed the money? In the chicken coop. Or, at least what looks like one.”

“We’ve got’ ‘em, darling. We’ve got ‘em.”

James O’Donnell came down from the roof, without smudging any fingerprints that may have been on the box of money. When he got to the ground, they opened the box and counted the money.

“Jim, there’s $20,550.00 in this box.”

“Yes, get the evidence box out. We’ll put this in there and take it back to the district attorney.”

Naomi got out the evidence box, and Jim placed the box of money in the evidence box very carefully.
“Good,” James O’Donnell said aloud. “Let’s get this to the district attorney’s evidence room right away. We must preserve the chain of evidence.”

“Good idea, then once we do that, I have to be in court this morning. I think you do, too. Yes, we both do. I heard something this morning that really made me angry. Dr. Pervert is back his psychiatric eval. They brought him in late last night. So I am going to be court most of the day.”

“Don’t worry, Naomi, I will be in court most of the morning. The Whittaker case, an extradition case turning over the nameless defendant to the ATF, and this arrest we made today. Then you have to be here for Dr. Pervert’s hearing.”

“Well, Jim, it is going to be an interesting day.”

“That it is; that it is.”

“County sheriff squad 300.”

“Go ahead, county sheriff squad 300.”

“Taking evidence to the district attorney’s evidence room, then reporting for hearings before Judge Granger.”

“10-4 County Sheriff squad 300.”

Naomi and Jim headed for the Pine Meadows county courthouse, where they would check in the box of money found at the defendant’s house…or, at least the house he was found in. From there, Naomi had to appear before Judge Steven H. Granger, of the Pine Meadows county circuit court. The evidence being placed in the district attoeney’s evidence room and signed for by the deputy sheriff on duty, Naomi and Jim walked the hallway to Judge Granger’s.

“County sheriff squad 300.”

“Go ahead, county squad 300.”

“Will be in judge Granger’s court most of the day.”

“10-4 county sheriff squad 300.

As she entered the courtroom, she saw the girls form the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls. Court was not in session, yet.

“Hello, sisters. I have something to tell you.” Naomi sat down. Dr. Pervert is back from his psychiatric eval, and is making an appearance here today. Are you all foing to be all right with that?”

“Naomi, he can’t get to us. Can he?”

“No, Sharon, he can’t. He has to sit at the table with his attorney. When the hearing is over, he has to back to the jail with the deputy sheriff.”

“As long as he can’t get to us, I have no problem in seeing his worthless butt given what he deserves,” Melanie stated vehemently.

“Yeah,” Darlene added. “He deserves to be buried under the prison.” The girls all snickered.

“All rise, branch 2 of the circuit court of Pine Meadows county is now in session, the honorable Steven H. Granger, presiding. Silence is commanded, gentlemen, please take off your hats.” The judge came in and sat down. “Please be seated.”

“Steve, I will have the first case, please.”

“State v. Arthur Reginald Poole, case number F-3241, set for preliminary hearing, your honor.”

“Thank you, Steve. Appearances for the record, please.”

“Mark Townsend, assistant state’s attorney general; James Whithers, assistant district attorney for Pine Meadows county; Mark Alastair for the defendant.”

“Has counsel for both parties been issued a copy of the state hospital report, regarding the defendant?”
“Yes, your honor,” all attorneys said in unison.

“Good, Mr. Arthur Reginald Poole, you have been declared sane by doctors of the state hospital for the criminally insane. Mr. Alastair, before the defendant could plea to the charges before the court, you moved the court to grant a motion sending the defendant for a psychiatric evaluation.”

“Yes, your honor.”

“So, how does the defendant plea to the charges before the court?”

“Not guilty, your honor.”

“Very well, this court can reconvene on say February 16, at nine o’clock, for the start of the trials on each of these charges. Because bail has not been set, bail is set at $500,000 cash.”

“Your honor, I object, that is highly unfair to the defendant. The bail amount is excessive in that the defendant can’t even pay one dollar in bail money.”

“Maybe not, but he could borrow a dollar from someone. No, Mr. Alastair, the bail stays as ordered; $500,000 cash. Until the defendant can raise this bail amount, defendant is hereby remanded to the Pine Meadows county sheriff. This court is adjourned until one thirty this afternoon.”

The judge went back in his chambers, not even giving the people a chance to stand up.

Naomi ushered the girls out of the courtroom, and took them back to their school bus. Each of the girls gave Naomi a hug and kiss on the cheek. Judge Granger’s chambers window looks out on the parking lot. He saw just how much these girls loved Naomi Petersen. No sir, nobody could ever say that sheriff sergeant Naomi Petersen was a hard nose.

As the girls left, they waved at Naomi until they were out of sight. Naomi went back in to the courthouse, and right to the courtroom.

“Sergeant, may I have a word with you in chambers, please?”

“Yes, your honor.” Naomi went in Judge Granger’s chambers.

“Sergeant, I saw each of those girls give a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I saw you return those hugs and kisses. When we last talked, you said these girls were all witnesses and victims in state v. Poole. Why were these girls in court, today?”

“Because, your honor, it was a school field trip for their civics class. They wanted to see how a real courtroom works, as opposed to the courtrooms on television.”

“That is very commendable. I do hope they learned something by being here today.”

“They tell me everything, and when I visit the home after work, we have discussions about what their school day was like.”

“You, you really are serious about helping those girls. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, your honor. That is why I transferred from Alameda County to here, so I could be close to the girls, just in case they needed me for a shoulder to cry on; an ear to listen; and reassurance that everything was going to be okay.”

“As I said before, never in my entire career have I ever seen anything so pleasing. Well, I guess that does it for my end. Do you have anything more, sergeant?”

“No, your honor.”

“Then have a good night, and would you please send Steve in?”

“You have a good night, too, your honor.”

Naomi left and on the way out, told Steve that the judge wanted to see him in chambers. Naomi left the courtroom and took the elevator to the fourth floor. Then she walked across the skyway to the parking structure.

Point of interest: The deputies of the Pine Meadows County sheriff’s department had reserved parking spaces in the parking structure, as did all the county employees. For this town, the parking structure wasn’t really that big. It had enough spaces for each of the one hundred deputies, the twenty one employees of the circuit court clerk’s office, nineteen spaces for the clerk of deeds office, eight spaces for the county board members, and four spaces for the county executive’s office.

The department of public works (dpw) had its own facility, about two miles from the city limits.

So, Naomi, knowing she still more work to do, went to ask her captain what should she do next. He directed her to a squad and told her to patrol. She went to get a car, and headed out in to the asphalt jungle that is Pine Meadows county.

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