New World Epidemic - Chapter Four

It was around one before Katie passed out; the rest of us couldn’t sleep.

Mom, Dad and I sat around the living room in silence. I was sat between them, lest they jump each other’s bones. Gross, I know.

There was moaning coming from the neighbor’s house, which was impressive given their age. They were the sort of couple who always bickered and fought. Who knows? Maybe sexual armageddon was the kick their marriage needed.

My Dad huffed and threw himself back into the chair. “There’s got to be something we can do.”

“I guess we just wait until they’re done with their ‘training exercise’ or whatever it was,” Mom said.

He laughed. “Training exercise? Come on. They were wearing masks. This is a quarantine.”

“Quarantine?” she asked. “You think this is a virus, or a chemical attack, or…”

“Or something in the water, or aliens. It could be anything!”

I laughed. “Aliens turned me into a girl, and made everybody bang. Weirdest invasion ever, right?”

Mom ran a hand through my hair. “Are you alright, honey?”

“I’m fine. Mostly worried about Katie. She can’t be around this.”

The weird part was I wasn’t lying. Shouldn’t I have been upset? It seemed like ‘losing your manhood’ was something to cry about, but my body was fine; better than fine. The more I thought about it, the more I was aroused.

Dad kept looking in the other direction, never on me. He clenched his fists and tightened his jaw, as though he would snap at any moment.

“Say it’s a virus,” Mom said, “how is it transmitted?”

Dad shrugged. “Through the water, it could be airborne-”

“Sex,” I said.

They leered the same way they would if I slammed the Pope, with slack jaws and wild eyed disbelief.

“Sex,” my Mom echoed. “Jonah, are you telling us-”

Dad cut her off. “You had sex.”

I nodded.

“And that’s when you ran a fever, and…”

Notes for therapy: the time my parents learned I wasn’t a virgin anymore. They would have probably preferred I killed somebody.

Mom shook her head. “That doesn’t make sense. If the virus is transmitted sexually then why has everybody been clawing at the walls? I haven’t so much as touched anyone, and I’m feeling the effects.”

“Maybe it’s a pheromone,” I said. “You know, like a natural lure. It coaxes people by turning them on, and then it spreads.”

She contorted her brow and stared at the floor. “That does make a lot of sense.”

Meanwhile, Dad was white as a sheet. He sat with arms folded, and shook.

“Eric? What’s wrong?”

He shook his head. “Something happened at work today.”

Mom was resolute. She knew what to expect. “Tell me.”

“Kelly. She’s a barista at the coffee shop downstairs,” he said. “I don’t know what came over me. We were the only ones in the store, and the next thing I knew-”

There were tears in his eyes. It was the third time I’d seen my father choked up, along with the birth of my sister and the Red Sox winning the World Series.

Mom took his hand, though it seemed out of duty more than anything else.

“The world’s gone crazy, and you got caught up in it,” she said. “I… forgive you.”

His eyes leveled on me with all the weight of a sledgehammer.

“What if I change?” he asked.


He marched out of the room and up the stairs, then slammed the door of the master bedroom. I wanted to follow, but thought better of it.

Mom shifted, lost.

I held her.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” I said.

Sometimes you need to lie to stay sane.

* * * *

I opted to go to school that day, mostly to get away from the parents. It wasn’t just that they were fighting; I was infected. What if my being there was making things worse?

When I arrived the yard was like a wasteland. Only a handful of students had shown up, maybe a few dozen. Most of them were hanging out on the grass, passionately kissing, groping and borderline screwing. They didn’t care that everyone could see; hell, they probably got off on it.

They weren’t the only ones.

Angela was where she usually was, by the dumpsters. This time, however, she had better things to do than smoke, like dart her tongue down Sasha’s throat while stroking the inside of her thigh. The two were ravenous.

Sitting across from them, sprawled across was a brown haired girl with straight bangs, her legs spread apart so she could massage the swell in her leggings. She was a sight to behold; the urge to pounce her was growing.

I shook myself. “Nick?”

The girl laughed, but didn’t stop playing with herself. “Nicola,” she said.

Angela pulled away from her make out session. “I can’t believe that’s the name you’re going with,” she said.

Nicola scoffed. “Fuck you. I like my name. Nicola is cute.”

“You’re a girl,” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “So are you, I think. What’s with the get-up?”

I hid behind my arms and looked away. The baggy shirt and jacket weren’t offering the cover I was hoping for.

“Jonah’s still adjusting,” Angela said.

Sasha stroked her cheek, enticing her back to their make out session. They didn’t let up, not after first bell, or the second.

I left them behind in search of distraction.

The staff had called an ‘emergency’ assembly, to which only a few showed. Looking around the majority were girls, some whom I recognized, and others I didn’t. They were all smiles, leaning into each other, and laughing.

The handful of boys that remained sat spread in the back rows of the auditorium, all red in the face, most probably pounding it behind the seats.

I knew how they felt. My head was spinning and my dick was prodding to life.

Principal Schaffer walked to the podium; at least I think it was him. Once upon a time he was a stern man, short, round and balding, not like this woman in a pencil skirt who was voluptuous, well endowed, and able to sashay in a perfect figure eight. She still had graying hair, though it didn’t take away from her divinity.

“Good morning,” she said, though nobody was listening. “Students, I’d like you to meet a special guest this morning. May I introduce to you Mr. John Danvers from the Board of Health. You’re going to be seeing a lot of him over the next few days, so please make him feel welcome.”

Danvers, the agent from the… well, I guess not the EPA. Sure enough the same goofy man took the stage beside Principal Schaffer and waved to the disinterested crowd. He didn’t seem fazed by the wave of heavy petting before him, neither aroused or disgusted. Of everyone in the room he was the only one to hold his composure.

This was getting more suspicious by the day.

“Mr. Danvers will be calling on students as part of his work,” Principal Schaffer said. “Please be sure to answer his questions to the best of your ability. Thank you. You are dismissed.”

Some left, but most stayed as they were caught in a storm of sex. In the front row, Jane Fuller was bent over eating the snatch of one of her fellow cheerleaders while one of the new girls took her from behind. The girl in turn was having her breasts massaged and her neck ravaged by one of the few remaining boys, Andrew Wall, the baseball captain.

Meanwhile, Principal Schaffer was running her finger down Agent Danver’s tie while shooting him a saucy grin. Somehow he found it in himself to decline; a choice that even caused me pain. Were I in his shoes I would have jumped her on the spot.

What was his secret?

The second I stepped into the hall I found Angela and threw her against the wall. I ached and needed, and only the taste of her could fill the chasm yawning inside. Her hands, her body, her lips were everything, tasting of smoke and sweat and sex, and they were mine.

Sasha laughed. “Get a room, you two.” She said this in spite of the fact she was fondling her crotch, and Nicola’s in time.

Soon we stopped for breath and Angela took a step away.

“You should come with us to the mall,” she said.

“We’ve got school.”

“Nobody cares,” she said, “and we need to get you some new clothes. The tomboy look is getting old.”

Danvers stepped out of the auditorium and rounded into the hall, striding toward his destination with single-minded purpose.

I composed myself. The whispers turned in the back of my mind, but I clung to my resolve; there was something important I had to take care of.

“You go ahead,” I said. “I’ll catch up.”

The world churned and I stumbled against the whispers, that like a gale wind blew me over. Angela helped me upright, and brushed the hair from my eyes.

“You’re coming with us,” she said.

Nicola and Sasha grinned in unison. Were they doing this to me?

Either way, there wasn’t going to be resistance.

* * * *

We pressed into the building and through a sea of people, ignoring the moans and groans and giggles. They still tickled my arousal, and caused me to stop on my way to the food court to take care of business, right there in the pavilion. No-one batted an eye, and the few who noticed opted to join.

This was the new normal, and I could barely remember the world as it was before.

Angela, Sasha and Nicola held my arms, dragged me to the upper levels, and into one of the clothing outlets.

“What are you doing?”

“Trust us,” Angela said, “you’re going to love this.”

It wasn’t the kind of store I’d have gone to on my own; it was the home of tween would-be punks and goths into baby pins and pants with superfluous zippers. Red and black, purple and black, gray and black, and even black and black were orders of the day.

Angela pulled me into one of the change rooms.

“You like Hell Girls, right?”

She was already stripping me.

Hell Girls was one of those websites with ‘alternative’ models; you know, tattoos, piercings, heavy metal, and an ironic love for cartoons that probably wasn’t ironic. Every week they’d come out with a new series, and every week I had a new background for my phone.

Nicola threw a pile of clothes at us.

“Try these,” she said.

She didn’t pull the curtain closed, and nobody seemed to care.

Sasha fiddled with my hair and pulled my fringe back.

“Hold still,” she said.

I backed to the wall. “What are you guys doing?”

“Showing you how awesome it is to be a girl,” Angela said.

I opened my mouth to say something, but words melted on my tongue. The more I wrestled with the thought the more I was overcome with the mist, and the whispers, and the sudden hardness answering the fabric pressed against me.

Angela threw away a bra; black with hot pink polka dots. “We need a size up, Nicola,” she said.

They were like a tornado, stripping me down in full view of everyone. I burned, maybe out of shame, but maybe out of something else. It was hard to be certain.

“I… don’t…”

Angela hoisted my breasts into a new bra and cupped them with her hands. She was so warm, so secure. I hoped she never let go.

“It was scary for me at first,” she said, “but once you see yourself for who you really are…”

She continued her work, dressing me up and down while Sasha styled my hair and applied make-up. The sensation was almost too much; wet, and thick, but clean smelling, while soft materials glided across my body, begging me to touch them.

I don’t know how long they worked, though it seemed like forever. Angela, Sasha, and Nicola stepped back and gave me room to move. I leaned into them, to touch, to kiss, to fuck, anything, until they grabbed my shoulders and turned me to the mirror.

The second transformation was more jarring than the first.

There was no question a girl was staring back, even when you factored the bulge poking at my reflection. Messy hair hung over my eyes, highlighted in pink and pronounced by the eyeliner, every inch of my body popped to life. They’d chosen a black dress with a lace pattern that arched to my neck, and left my shoulders naked. The hemline didn’t reach far; given the choice I’d say it was more a top than a dress.

Angela popped her head over my shoulder and took a bite at my neck. “You… are good enough… to eat.”

I shuddered; her eating me was a dream.

She grinned like the devil and stepped away. “Hold that thought. Nicola, Sasha, keep her occupied.”

Sasha ran her hands down my shoulders and guided me to the wall before meeting me for a kiss. She was sweet and tender, giggling and taking her time before each taste of my lips. I was like jelly in her touch, and I buckled, falling to the stool in the corner.

I hardly noticed Nicola falling to her knees; not until she pulled the band of my panties and invited my cock to fall out. I was already half-hard, only growing harder with her steamy breath running down it.

The unreality was striking. Not even a week ago the former Nick would balk at the idea of two men holding hands. Then he was on the floor, as a girl, with styled hair and a short skirt, swallowing a penis like she needed it to live.

Her tongue swirled around the tip, moving under my foreskin and tickling the sensitive glans.

My moans were silenced by Sasha and her probing of my mouth with her tongue. She tasted like passionfruit soda, and I was hooked.

Soon my cock had disappeared down Nicola’s throat. She worked her way down the length, teasing the underside, making love to it with her mouth, burning wet the whole way. Then she rammed it deep, running it along her tongue until the swollen tip caught in her throat. Muscle expanded and contracted around my cock, massaging it in desperate gulps.

I thought that Nicola was going to choke, but she was determined to hold on. Fuck, I’d never felt anything so good!

The whispers returned, and reveled in the pool of endorphins swishing down my body. From head to toe was iced chills and flashes of heat in rapid succession, melting my thoughts into a lake of euphoria. I was blinded by sensation; anything outside the stall ceased to exist.

Sasha pulled back and laughed. “Oh no, we ruined your lipstick,” she said.

I took a handful of hair pulled her back. We weren’t nearly done.

“Don’t get too caught up,” Angela said. “The fun’s just beginning.”
Sasha and Nicola pulled away, leaving me a panting mess sprawled in a dressing room with my dick hanging out.

Angela laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Well aren’t you a picture?” she said. “Now what do we call you? ‘Jonah’ just won’t do.”

I hummed, “Brooke.”

She leaned close and stole a kiss, laughing as she did.

“In that case, Brooke, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new friend. Say hello to Scott.”

Angela stepped to one side to reveal a very nervous looking boy, probably a few years older than we were, with spirals of blonde hair that bounced with every movement. He looked me up and down and bit his lip; his hands were buried in his pockets, probably in an attempt to hide something.

“What do you think?”

I was speechless. Even if I could string a thought together, words trickled on my tongue.

Angela took his arm and pulled him closer. “Scott wants to join our club,” she said.

His jaw hung open, his breathing was heavy; what he saw filled him with want. The whispers rushed through my head and filled me with the same.

Scott gulped. “Er, hi. I mean…”

“He wants you to fuck him,” Angela said. “Isn’t that right?”

The boy nodded. His gaze was fixed on my erection. How could I resist?

I flew into a kiss and pressed him to the wall. Scott groaned in disbelief. His heart beat against my breast as I closed the space between us, lifted one leg and grinded against him. Despite his large frame he wasn’t a ‘big’ boy, but that didn’t matter. I grabbed his ass and rolled the firm cheeks in my hands.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass?” I asked.

Scott gasped and nodded.

The floodgates of my arousal opened, and I was ravenous. I turned Scott against the wall and kissed his shoulder, up his neck and to his ear, all while gyrating against him. He squirmed like a wounded animal, but made no effort to escape.

“Go easy on him,” Angela said. “It’s his first time.”

I lapped at his skin as I dropped his pants and cupped my finger between his cheeks. He winced as I pressed a digit against his hole, which was dry save for his sweat, and tickled it with a circular motion.

Angela was there to offer me a bottle. “Lube. Lots of lube.”

I followed her instruction and drizzled my fingers in gel. Suddenly they were able to glide along the boy’s skin, and practically steamed when they met his entrance.

His gasps were as delicious as they were pathetic, and encouraged me to work further into him. Soon I had one finger inside, then two, and was fucking him with the same come hither motion that Angela had used on me.

“Soon he’ll be just like us,” she said.

I stopped for a moment, but the thought melted away. What did she mean?
Scott was hungry, so much that he was humping my fingers, trying to drive them deeper than I was probing. As I pulled free I could have sworn his hole gave a pout, though it wouldn’t be sullen for long.

The lube was cold on my dick, but did nothing to quell the intensity it burned with.

I lined my tip to his entrance and pressed into him. Scott gave way almost immediately, but shuddered upon feeling the fullness of my girth. He squeezed around my length for all it was worth, working my cock as I searched out a rhythm.

It was different to my last experience; Ellie’s vagina was more encompassing, but Scott’s ass was tight, almost determined. Of the two neither was better or worse, only unique in sensation. In the future I would still gladly do both.

His butt slurped as I moved in and out, pulling so hard that I was going to cum in no time. Already I was losing myself to the build-up in my abdomen, so large I felt I could explode out of him.

I whined as I unloaded, and flinched with each squirt that I gave. A trickle of semen ran down his balls as I pulled out, painting the perfect picture of a boy thoroughly used. I felt guilty, but not so much that it dashed my arousal.

The whispers churned in celebration, as did my friends.

“That was so fucking hot,” Sasha said.

I tucked myself back under my skirt and struggled to stand.
Angela snaked an arm around my torso and pulled me into a kiss; fiery, passionate, and filled with the eagerness I’d had moments before.

“Dibs on sloppy seconds,” Nicola said. She was already on her knees, cleaning Scott with her tongue.

I shook myself back to sanity. “Is Scott going to-”

Angela frowned. “What?”

“He’ll be just like us. That’s what you said.”

She tilted her head. “And?”

“Does that mean he’ll change?”

Angela smiled and teased my hair, holding me in her arms while humming to herself. “Well, yeah. That’s how this works,” she said. “It’s okay. He wants this, just like you and I did, even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

I fought the dizziness and stepped away.

“None of this feels weird to you?”

She looked at me like I was crazy, but didn’t think about it too long. Her attention was soon snatched up by the sight of Nicola fucking Scott while Sasha offered him her pussy on the other end.

More than anything I wanted to join, like I was magnetised to them, but I pulled away.

This was more than weird; it was wrong.

* * * *

There were no busses heading home, or anywhere. Come to think of it there weren’t many cars. When I finally saw one it pulled to the side of the road and idled.

I walked, not approaching, but by the car. That’s when I saw the driver leaned back in his seat, hand in his slacks, flogging his tool like it owed him money. Instead of disgust I pitied him; he was caught up, same as any of us.

The whispers clicked in my head, and thrust me into his window. I pressed on the glass and leered over the purple head he was nursing. It pulled me in like a tractor beam.

He opened the door and gestured for me to climb inside.

“Sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what’s come over me.”

He continued to masturbate.

There was guilt there, more than I’d seen from anyone else fallen to this, as though by giving in he was letting someone down. God, maybe? He had the church boy look to him, with neat hair and buttoned shirt tucked into his trousers.

The whispers guided me to him.

I bent my head down and salivated. This guy’s cock was my own version of The Last Supper.

Less than a week before I was a virgin, among other things; weird that I was all of a sudden sitting in a car giving a stranger a blowjob, like it was nothing. That was crazy, wasn’t it? Not that it seemed to matter.

He came, and I lapped it up. The tidal wave fell back, though it would soon return.

The driver blushed and zipped up his fly. “So, er, can I take you anywhere?”

Why not? It was better than walking.

I came home to a front door hanging open. Nothing else was out of place, and the locks were intact, so I dismissed any ideas of a break-in.

From upstairs echoed moans and panting, one of the voices belonging to my Mom. She wasn’t even trying to hide it.

I called up, “hello?”

“They’ve been in there all day,” Katie said.

She was sitting in the living room, about ten feet from the doorway. There was a pile of DVDs strewn across the floor, and static on the TV.

I peered up the stairs, then back to my sister. “Any visitors while I was gone?”

“No,” she said. “You look pretty.”


“And scary.”

I smiled. “How about pretty scary?”

Katie looked down. She wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

I joined her on the sofa and poured through the DVDs. All her favourites were there, including the one about the ice princess with all the songs.

“The TV doesn’t work,” she said.

“Mom and Dad couldn’t help?”

Katie frowned. “They were busy, and loud.”

Poor kid. She’d been alone all that time, isolated because nobody could keep it in their pants anymore. I pulled her into a hug and kissed her crown; a gesture she blithely accepted.

Mom and Dad were still fucking, still making enough noise to wake the dead. How long had they been at it?

I smiled to Katie. “How about some food?”

“Pizza fingers?” she asked.

Mom would have a fit, but all things considered I wasn’t about to say no.

I stepped into the kitchen to find things in disarray; cupboards hanging open, bowls and utensils on the counter, and all the things you’d expect when leaving a child to their own devices.

Suddenly there was a bang from the next room. Before I could run to see I was facing down a man in a hazmat suit, the same kind I’d seen in the woods. What was he doing in my house?

He wasn’t alone.

Katie screamed and I jumped. Two other figures scooped her up and carried her out the door, while another two climbed the stairs. The first grabbed me by the arms and held me in place; no matter how hard I struggled he wouldn’t budge.

“Leave my sister alone!”

“Take it easy, kid,” he said.

Like hell!

“Mom! Dad!” I screamed, louder than I ever had before, but it didn’t stop my parents fucking. They were too far gone, even then.

The second pair returned from upstairs with a bag of Katie’s clothing and some of her toys. As soon as they left my captor wrestled me to the sofa and inched away.

“Stay,” he said.

I ran out the door to chase them, just in time for the panel van door slide shut. I beat my fists against it, and it drove away.

“You can’t do this!”

The van disappeared, like it was never there at all, same as my sister.

I lingered on the street, more lost than ever. What was I supposed to do?

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