The Amazons : I became a Amazon Cheerleader ( part 7)

I saw my friend Lyle arguing with a cheerleader the Year is 2228.the Earth now ruled by Amazon Women I am 14yr old boy living in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia that argument was going to change my life for ever.

7. The New Cheerleaders and Decision for the Future

We waited in the area Callie said “ where is Leah and Cassidy?”. I said “ they have gone back school and Lindsay was looking at the scientists how they are using the new cure between 6yrs and 13yrs boys”.

Callie said “ you cant the nerd out of her “ I said “ Callie she is a cheerleader as well and maybe she want work for the Amazon Military Science department”. Callie said “ have you decided what you want to do?'.

I said “ they want me to be the new commander for Australia or maybe a governor of the future we women are rulers forever” she said “ I like to follow you into a Military career”. I said “ what about your girlfriend Cassidy”.

Callie said “ she has not made her decision yet”. I said “ Callie we have national service and you and her have make that decision”. Callie said” I know only bad thing about being a girl is national service”.

I said “ what about having our menstrual system every month remember we are fully functional females we will have periods and get pregnant” she said” yeah I know but having sex with a male yuck”.

I said “ we get inseminated with a male sperm that was drain from them” she said I wonder if would come from us” I said “ they would know what sperm it was when we drained” I shivered to think of my male past .

Callie said “ I forgot about that as far I am concern I was born a girl not that former person of mine Jason”. The nurse walked up to us and said “ Sabrina one of your new girls is finished”.

I said “ which one of the girls has finished” she said “ the girl in room 5”. I thought who was in room 5 then I remembered it was Cody he was now a girl and a cheerleader.

Callie and I headed to transformation room 5 we saw the new girl looking over her body she was checking her new breasts and she saw her vagina . We walked in and she said “ hello cheer captain” I said “ how do you feel?”. She said “ very good”.

I said “ you have a name young lady”. She said my name Alexis like in our princess Alexis but I can be call Lexxie”. I said “ we call you Lexxie” she said I like that” I gave her a gown and said “ I need to take you for your PTA”.

Lexxie said “ ok” she put on her gown and Callie showed her to the PTA area Callie said “ Lexxie what do you think of your friendship with Kane he is your best mate”

she gave Callie a look and said “ I’m not fucking friends with a male like him I hate him boys are useless I am a girl now not a pathetic boy any more” Callie said “how is he coping now he is not a jock” Lexxie said “ he think he will get it back with help from the old me”.

Callie said “ we might have a little fun with this now your a girl”. Lexxie said “ I have been freed from my masculinity any thing to give boys a hard time I'm in for it” Callie Giggled and said “ we need to get it pass Sabrina first”.

Lexxie giggled as well and said “ sure”. They arrived at the PTA area the lady said “ your Lexxie” she said “ yes “ the lady said “ hi I am your PTA examiner this will take around 20-40 mins”. Lexxie said “ ok then”

Callie return back to me she told me what her and Lexxie were talking about I giggled and said “ ok you have my permission” she said “ thank you Sabrina”. We sat back down and waited to next girl to finished.

The PTA examiner Came back and said “ Lexxie is finished now if you want give her new Amazon Cheerleader uniform”. I said “ what her score?”. The Lady said “ she got around 85% same as Callie but not as high as you”

Callie said “ how high was yours Sabrina” I said “93.5%” she said “ you were suppose be a girl” I said “ you were too anything below 65% and you become a Shock trooper for her Majesty the empress”.

I was about to leave and go and see Lexxie when the nurse said “ the girl in room 8 is ready”. I thought fuck I am the one has to give Lexxie her uniform I said” Callie we will go and see the new girl and then take her for her PTA then get Lexxie”.

Callie and I went and saw who the new girl was. We found out it was Vince he was now like Lexxie a girl she was checking her new body out I walked in with Callie she said “ hello Captain and senior cheerleader”.

I said” hello how are you feeling?”. she said “Liberated from my masculinity love being a girl” I said “ you have name now?”. She said “ yes I am called “Naomi now” I said “ that is a nice name”. Naomi said “ thank you Captain”.

I threw her a gown and said come on we need to take you for you PTA. Naomi said “ sure”. Callie and I took her to the PTA are the lady Examiner said “ hello I am PTA Examiner and you” She said “ I am Naomi” the lady said good come with me”.

Naomi left us for her PTA I went with Callie and we saw Lexxie in her gown she said “ did I go well Captain”. I said “ yes Lexxie and Call me Sabrina your a Junior cheerleader”. Lexxie said “ sorry and Yes Sabrina”.

I took Lexxie to cheerleader are in the building we walked in there I said “ your bra size Lexxie” she said “ I am a C Cup in my boobs” I left and came back with her new cheerleader uniform. Lexxie took it from me and Change into her new Uniform.

Lexxie came back dressed in her cheerleader uniform she said “ fuck I love being a girl and a cheerleader as well”. I said “ what about Kane and Doug”. Lexxie gave me a look of disgust that I would mention them. It was part of my job as Captain.

she said “ yew gross they are boys and they are the property of Amazon government and I am Amazon girl BTW Sabrina is Kane and Doug on probation ?” I said “ Doug is on Probation Kane is on his third warning for bulling”.

Lexxie said “ Kane has always been a problem when I was that disgusting boy he told me he loved bulling nerds and geeks and stuff I told him it would get him into serious trouble with the cheerleaders but now I am a cheerleader and a Amazon girl”.

Callie said “ it was decide by the cheerleader committee as part of Kane punishment was make his best friend into a girl” Lexxie said “I was going to be punish for his mistakes” I said “ yes it was decide by Amazon Education board but I decide you be better a cheerleader as well”

Lexxie said “ I am happy and now a Amazon girl and A cheerleader normally I would be upset about what you did but I am not we are the dominate gender I am beautiful , smart and strong and I am female supremacist I hate boys so much”.

We head back to the transformation area when the nurse said “ the last girl is finished”.. Lindsay came back , I said “ can you go and get the new girl and take her down to PTA area I will be down there with Lexxie and Callie”.

Lindsay said “ sure I will do that”. She looked excited about this new cure for boys I headed back with Callie and Lexxie to PTA area when we got there Leah and Cassidy were there. Leah said “ school is ok the principal know where we are at the Penrith Transformation area ”.

I said “ thank you babe and this our new cheerleader Lexxie”. Leah said “ I am Leah the vice captain and our other senior Cheerleader Cassidy” Lexxie said “ nice to meet you both I am looking for ward to helping out at school”.

Callie said “ are you upset about how you became a Girl Lexxie?'. Lexxie said “ I am not upset how I became a girl I am fucking pissed off with the male Kane all I want is give him a hard time now my hatred towards him is even more but happy I am now a girl ”.

Callie said “ you could extend his punishment on bin cleaning and stuff”. I said “ he need to learn that his fucking shit don't stink” Lexxie said “ make him the League team water boy that will make him feel even worse” . The three of us giggled over that.

Leah said “ I like Lexxie idea that will fucking humiliated him in front of the male population at school cause we amazon girls wont give a fuck he is a fucking boy”.I said “ ok Lexxie you can tell him about his new orders”. Lexxie said “ thank you Sabrina”.

I kissed Leah on the Lips Lexxie said “ I didn't know your dating Sabrina Leah” we were holding hands so was Cassidy and Callie. Leah said “ Sabrina is my lover/ girlfriend I love her so much you find will a girl soon” Lexxie said “ who”.

Naomi walked over to us in her gown she said “ hello captain I need my uniform” Lexxie looked at her and her jaw drop she said “ hi I am Lexxie” Naomi said “ hi I am Naomi I'm a Junior cheerleader”. Lexxie said “ so am I “

I left the girls talking I said before I left to get Naomi uniform “ Naomi what size is your Bra”. Naomi said “ I am a D cup captain” I went got her uniform when I return I saw Lindsay talking to Lexxie and Naomi.

I said “ here Naomi here is your cheer uniform” Naomi said “ thank you captain” she took her gown and went got changed into her Amazon cheerleader uniform. Lindsay said “ Madison has gone for her PTA Sabrina”. I said “ that is her name”.Lindsay says “ yes”.

My new cheerleaders were Sabrina captain, Leah vice captain Callie and Cassidy senior cheerleaders and Lindsay , Lexxie , Naomi and Madison junior cheerleaders.

Madison walked over and said “ hello captain” I said “ hello Madison what Bra size are you”. Madison Says “I am a C cup”. I went over and got her cheer uniform when I got back I saw Lexxie kissing Naomi , I gave Madison her uniform and she went got changed into her uniform.

My cheerleaders and I return back to school it was approaching lunch time Lexxie and Naomi were holding hands as was Leah and I and Cassidy and Callie we were heading towards the cheerleader area.

Callie said “ you know what were talking about in the transformation area”. I said “ yeah about our decisions and our career path”. She said “ yeah that I have ask Cassidy and she told me she wants what ever I want after what happen before with Kylie”.

I said “ I am happy for you Callie I have to talk with Leah about my Future Career”. Callie said “ you should look at high ranking officer or Governor of country or even a planet in Amazonia Terra area”.

I said “ I will be making my decision by Wednesday this week” Leah said “ Babe if you want go high like high ranking officer or governor I will follow you I love you so much you my lover”.

As the school bell went for lunch we headed toward the lunch area and we saw Kane and Doug they saw heading toward their area in the school Kane and Doug were walking over with their lunch.

Lexxie saw who it was and she started walking over with Callie we also saw Nathan ,Keith and Liam I said “ hello boys” Nathan said “ hello mistress” I said what are you boys up to?”.

Nathan said “ nothing mistress” I said “ good if you were going to bully Kane and Doug you will be in trouble”. Nathan said “ no mistress we know the rule” I knew what he was up to he was going to annoy Kane now he is a normal student”.

Lexxie arrived at Kane he was talking to Doug when she said “Kane”. He said “ yes mistress” she giggled and thought her once great friend now calls her mistress she said “ your still under punishment right”.

Kane said “ yes mistress I have been expelled from playing league by mistress Callie”. Lexxie said “ I am not lifting your punishment I am only junior Cheerleader but I can offer you a chance be near the team”.

Kane asked “ how mistress?”. Lexxie said “ you can be the team new water boy and help the coach but you cannot play”. He said “ I will be replacing the nerd George”. Lexxie said “ that is my offer Kane”.

Kane said “ you are offering me this why?”. Lexxie looked at him and said “ because of your bulling at school over the years Kane you have lost your friend Cody and you have been expelled from League”.

Kane said “ I have lost my friend Cody but how mistress he had done nothing wrong I told him to help me” Lexxie said “ well he is now a girl”.Kane said “ now he is a amazon girl she will hate me because I am a male mistress”. Lexxie said “ yes Kane she will hate you”.

Kane said “ if I do not accept the job mistress what will happen?”. Lexxie said “ nothing Kane you have lost a lot already” Kane said “ I will accept it Mistress the job if get near my league friends”.

Lexxie said “ good BTW Kane I was once your friend Cody and Mistress Callie was Jason your Football mate”. He looked at them and he said “ I am so sorry Cody for get you change”. Lexxie says “ why I love being a amazon girl and a cheerleader now it better than being a stupid boy”.

He was shocked by her response she said “ Kane you will report there after school to begin you help at league training” he said “ yes mistress” then Lexxie walked over to Nathan and said “ you have a new water boy now” he said “ thank you mistress”.

Lexxie walked back over to me she had a smile on her face she said “ that was so much fun like bossing him around I love being a girl I can feel my femininity growing with every minute I hate the thought I was a boy”

I said “ you have also got a girlfriend and you seem more happy as a girl too Lexxie” she smiled back at me and said “ I am happy now I am a girl”. I said “I am glad”. We left the boys and we headed back to cheerleader area.

Callie was walking back with Cassidy she said “ I Can't believe how much my life has change in last few days before last Friday I was jock and now I am cheerleader and a girl”.

Leah said “ I have been girl around 6 days now I was too a jock name Jonas now I am a vice captain of cheerleaders I am beautiful girl I have a lover who is Captain here and I would never go back being a boy again.

I said “ my life has change in last week I came over to see why my friend was arguing with a cheerleader and I became a cheerleader and then I became the captain and now I am with best girls ever as my friends”.

Lindsay said “ mine is the same as Sabrina I was help the cheerleaders as the tutor I didn't know it was a lure to get Sabrina over so she could be our captain and that but I am happy it did we have a great captain.

Cassidy says “ I was born a guy but in primary school my mother and slave father had massive argument over my education my mum was happy I was getting the Amazon education but the male wasn't.

Cassidy continues “mum decided to make me a girl one day after school I became a girl and a cheerleader I am great full to my mum I love being a amazon girl a cheerleader I was glad when Sabrina became captain”.

My cheerleaders and I enjoyed our lunch I thought we have classes this afternoon I was start to not feel great I had stomach aches Cassidy asked me “ are you ok Sabrina?”. I answered “ I got stomach cramps”.

Cassidy said “ your getting your first period now we know you are full female cause your body is having it first menstrual period”. I said “ I am getting period what do you use?”. Cassidy said “ I use pads some use tampons we have both here”.

I said “ I would rather use a pad then a tampon stuck in my vagina”. Cassidy said “ I’ll get Miss Peters to come help you Sabrina like she did for me you need to learn feminine hygiene all you girls will need it” Cassidy left to find Miss peters.

She came back with Miss Peters she said “ hello Sabrina I see you have your period coming you have started your first menstrual system” I said “ at the moment I could get pregnant” she said “ yes and no” your new body is getting use to you being a girl”.

I said “ I prefer being a girl any day to being a bot all boys at this school were born the wrong gender”. Miss peters said “ I know that Sabrina” I went with her and she show me how to put a pad on and look after my body when I have a period.

Miss peters took Leah in and showed her than Callie followed by the other cheerleaders I was feeling bit sick as I coping with having my period and that. I was relaxing finishing my lunch when the principal slave came.

He said “ excuse me mistress but you are required at the principal office there is a Amazon commander who wants to talk to you” I said “ ok slave I will be down there soon” he said “ yes mistress”.

I said “ baby I need to got to the principal office I need see a Amazon Commander “. Leah said “ you want me to come with you baby?”. I said “ if you want”. I said “ Callie your in charge no pick on the boys”. Callie said “ yes Sabrina”.

Leah and headed over to the Principal office we knocked on her door she said “ come in Sabrina and Leah” we walked into her office she said” this commander Lily of Australian Amazonia police and Military”. I said “Hello commander Lily”.

She said “ hello Sabrina and Leah I have ask you her to see if you have decided on your future yet as a woman”. I said “ when I am 16yrs old I will have military service then I am not sure why commander”.

Lily said “ we heard how you have been helping captain Carla out in apprehending boys and helping with raids at houses “ I said “ yes I have been helping Captain Carla but so has my girlfriend”.

Lily said “ we know your girlfriend Leah has been helping you so has your BFF Callie as well as her girlfriend and you have recruited more cheerleaders “ I said “ yes I girl and 3 boys became cheerleaders”.

Lily said “ I am offering you a job by the empress of Amazonia Empire she wants you to be trained at national service to commander of Amazonia Empire commander” I said “ I will be in charge of all Military women in the empire”.

Lilly said “ yes but not the governors” I said “ what about Leah she is my lover and Callie she is my BFF”. Lily said “ they will come you if they want” Leah said “ I will go where ever my girlfriend will go I love her so much”.

I said “ I love you “ I saw Cassidy and Callie I said “ why you are here” we were asked to come down as well” I said “ so you have heard” Callie says “ yeah I want be part of this new Amazon forces”.

Cassidy said “ I will follow you and my girl any where I love her so much she will be mine forever” I said “ ok commander tell our empress she has got herself a commander” Lily said “ good I will inform her it will consist of some work during the holidays and that”. I said “ it is ok commander Lily”.

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