New World Epidemic - Chapter Two

That night I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I could smell her, like she was there setting fire to my veins.

I did everything I could to quench my desire, including… you know, that thing that guys do when they’ve got a girl on the brain.

Except that a couple of days ago Angela wasn’t a girl.

How did it happen? People don’t change overnight, at least not like that. Hours on the internet delivered information on intersex rights, transgender resources, and a lot of porn, but nothing like Angela’s transformation.

I flicked through the tabs and stopped when I saw breasts; soft, round, smooth. They were just like Angela’s…


The next day at school I practically had to keep my eyes pried open with a crowbar. Every step was like dragging concrete, and even then I was still ready to jump the moment Angela showed her face. I almost wished she’d take another sick day.

Nick blew a jet of smoke before handing his cigarette to Sasha.

“You look like shit,” he said, facing me.

I waved him off.

Sasha sat on the back step. “So is Adam okay or what?”

“It’s a long story.”

“He coming?” Nick asked.

That was when she appeared, right on cue. Decked out in a leather jacket, knee high boots and way too short a skirt, Angela strutted into our circle as though she were queen, which I guess she kind of was. Her smile was wide like some desert and painted in deep red.

Just looking at her made me tense, in more places than one.

She threw herself onto my arm and leaned close, laughing. Her hair brushed against my collar. It smelled of apple shampoo.

“First you run, then you don’t even call,” she said. “Rude bastard.”

Nick smirked. “Friend of yours?”

Angela turned to him and beamed. “You don’t recognize me either, huh.”

Then something weird happened; Nick and Sasha eased back on the stairs while their eyes glazed over. It was like some kind of drug had kicked in.

Nick blinked. “Adam?”

She nodded.

“You got hot,” Sasha laughed.

“Her name’s Angela now,” I said.

Angela leaned closer and ran her nails along the back of my neck. When did she grow her nails? They sent goose pimples running down by body.

“You two banging now?” Nick asked with a smile. “Fucking gay.”

He said that despite the tent growing in his pants. Sasha also clasped her legs together.

“You coming to mine after school?” Angela asked.

Nick hummed. “Do some drugs?”

“We could also do drugs,” she said. “We could inject a whole marr-ee-ja-wah-na.”

They laughed, same as always.

I blinked at them. How were they so casual about this?

The bell for first period rang and we shuffled inside. Angela was the subject of prying eyes as the social pools trickled into a stream. Nobody jumped to recognize her, though some went wide eyed with jaws hanging loose, almost vacant. Girls, boys, they were starting to fawn.

Sasha shook her head when I nudged her out of a daze.

“Something weird is happening.”

She looked around. “What do you mean?”

“For starters Adam is a girl,” I said, “and second, doesn’t everyone look kind of, I don’t know… stoned?”

A grin curled on her lips. “It’d be great if everyone was stoned.”

“That’s not my point.”

She punched me in the arm and pushed away. “You’re thinking too hard. Save it for class.”

Turns out nobody was thinking too hard.

Bio class was a snooze on the best of days; somehow it got even worse. Our teacher, Mr. Reynolds, was tripping over his words so bad he couldn’t finish a thought. Not that anyone seemed to notice given that they kept stealing glances at Angela. Some were even staring outright, the teacher included.

Like I could blame them. Sitting two seats away from her was like being on the other side of the ocean. All I wanted was to reach over, drag her into the bathroom, and not give a damn about suspension, expulsion or worse. Somehow I managed to resist.

A record number of students asked for bathroom breaks. Mr. Reynolds was the saint who said yes.

It was the same story, class after class after class. There was no work getting done, and nobody asked what the deal was with the new girl, even when she answered to ‘Adam’ during roll call.

By lunch hour I was ready to explode. First thing I did was burst into a bathroom stall and slam the door behind me. The lock was barely turned before I reached into my pants and worked the straining between my legs.

Every thought was of Angela; her foggy breath, those sultry eyes, her heavy breasts, and even her dick. It wasn’t something I’d ever fantasized about before, but on her it was perfect. I wanted it in ways I didn’t even know.

I grunted in orgasm, only dribbling, more relieved than satisfied. In the six times I’d jerked off since the day before I was still raw and chafing. That didn’t stop me from getting hard again.

It was only with a clear head that I heard sounds from the other stalls; labored breathing, squeaking, and movement. All shame had been abandoned.

Nick was waiting outside the bathroom where a line was starting to form.

“Where’s Angela?”

“History,” he said. “With Ms. Brie, I think.”

I moved down the hall and to the classrooms. Sure enough Angela was there, and the teacher too. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, but what I saw through the window took my breath away.

Ms. Brie was always the cool teacher. Still in her twenties, she understood pop culture references, memes, video games, even comic books. There was a rumor that underneath her ruffled blouses was a mural of tattoos, though she’d never shared that side of herself.

Maybe that’s what Angela was trying to uncover.

I watched as she gripped the teacher’s legs, hiking her up and pinning her to the wall. Each thrust opened her thighs further, granting the student greater entrance, begging her to plunge deeper. All while Angela ravaged her neck with bites, some soft like kisses, others like the mark of an animal. Ms. Brie was screaming, not even trying to conceal the affair.

Reason slapped me across the face and I stormed inside.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Angela didn’t stop. Her bare ass trembled with every gyration until she was rutting with fury.

Tears were streaming down Ms. Brie’s cheeks.

“Do you want to join in?” she asked. “You can fuck her mouth.”

The teacher fumbled to speak. “Fuck my mouth… fuck my mouth… please…”

A million feelings jumped a million directions while I stood frozen. I’d crushed on Ms. Brie since freshman year, even fantasized about her a few times, but seeing her there, fucked by my childhood friend was too much.

“Angela,” I said. “This is wrong.”

Any conviction I held when entering was starting to wane. My dick was in agony.

Angela slowed some and giggled. “It’s okay. She wants this. Don’t you, Ms. Brie?”

The woman moaned, “more than anything!”

“She’s a teacher,” I said. “She’ll get fired for this!”

Not that Angela cared. “She’s the third teacher I’ve fucked today, and the principal, and the lunch lady!”

She flung a pair of panties over her shoulder; black with lace, and dripping with sexual fluids.

Teacher and student moaned like a siren song, and with every gasp I thought about ramming myself down Ms. Brie’s throat. It would have been so easy; she was crying out with a resounding ‘yes’ and yet…

I ran as fast as I could, down the hall and out the front door. I had to be anywhere else.

* * * *

There’s a landmark on the edge of town; a disused water tower turned canvas for taggers and graffiti artists. Rumor has it that back in the day a farmer used it to distill moonshine, others say it was a drug lab. Whatever it was is ancient history now.

The water tower also sat at the edge of the woods, away from the eyes of men in cars.
I jumped the chain link fence and started into the foliage. The bushes and branches were thick enough to be oppressive, but they provided the perfect cover. Even if someone heard me coming they’d never find me.

An hour later I’d rounded the estate. Staying clear of the dirt paths was difficult, along with the clearings between trees. Maybe I was being paranoid, but with government cars and trucks moving around I wasn’t taking chances.

With every step I was fixated on Angela; not just what had happened to her, but her smell, her warmth. God, I was aching. The desire didn’t want answers. It didn’t need to understand why the world was twisting around her.

I leaned on a tree and… gave into temptation. I needed a clear head if I was going to figure this out.

The ground started to arch upward, just like it did that night. In the day I could make out roots that made for better footing and scaled the hill in no time. Once up I was met by a line of caution tape leading from stake to stake into the wilderness.

Suddenly I heard footsteps, and ducked behind a shrub. Between the leaves I could make out human shapes. Were they from the government? I poked my head to see two figures in full bodysuits complete with gas masks and visors.

“What in the-”

A hand wrapped my shoulder and wrenched me from my feet. I rolled to face the agent; the same to warn me off the first time.

He grimaced and snatched my wrist. “Son, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

Next thing my hands were behind my back and held together by a zip tie. I didn’t fight as the agent guided, shoved, me back to where he’d parked. From there it was a journey down the back roads, maybe to the Sheriff’s office.

My Dad was going to kill me.

“What’s your name, son?”

I looked up, but said nothing.

The agent scoffed. “Don’t get cute, boy. This is the second time you’ve crossed us.”

“I plead the fifth.”

Apparently that was funny. The agent turned to his partner in the front seat. “You hear that? Kid knows his rights. Let me tell you something, son. You do have the constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination, but you know what that tells me? That you’ve got something terrible to hide.”

I shifted in the seat. My hands were turning numb.

“Now,” he said, “let’s start with your name, and see how we do from there.”

“Jonah,” I said.

He smiled with every tooth in his big, goofy mouth. “Okay, Jonah. You and me are going to have a talk.”

The car pulled into a clearing where the trucks and jeeps had gathered between a series of tents. Men in suits stood at the entrance of each, while figures in labcoats and hazmat suits moved back and forth between them.

“Don’t go snooping,” the agent said.

He wrested me from the backseat, toward a van and up the steps where a mobile office was waiting. There was nothing to it except a table, a few chairs and a video camera in the upper corner.

The agent took a pair of clippers and released the zip tie binding me.

“Take a seat, Jonah.”

I did as I was told.
The agent sat across from me and removed his glasses. There was a look to him, like he’d heard it all and just wanted to get it over with. His partner stood by the door and waited.

“So who are you guys?” I asked.

He flashed a tired smile. “My name is John Danvers. This is Derrick Underwood. We’re with the Environmental Protection Agency.”

I almost laughed. “Since when does the EPA put people in zip ties?”

“Since always, Jonah,” Danvers said. “Now, mind telling us why you keep poking your head in these woods?”

“No reason. I come here to smoke.”

“There are other places to smoke,” the agent said.

What was I supposed to tell him? Anything but the truth; not about Adam, about school. Was that why they’d come? Were they even EPA?

Angela appeared to me in a flash, burning behind my eyes and down my chest.

I bit my lip. “My friend keeps his stash out here.”

Agent Danvers nodded. “I figured you for a stoner. Well, son, you’d best forget about that now.”

“Yes, sir.”

He wasn’t done by a long shot. For the next half hour he joked with his partner, circling the conversation back and asking the same questions, over and over. All I had to do was keep to my story and not talk about Adam… Angela.

It was like she was there in the room, breathing in my ear, and turning up the heat. Her fingers lingered but never touched.

“You’re free to go, Jonah.”

I shook my head. “Huh?”

“Lay off the wacky tobaccy,” Danvers said. “You’ve got a whole life ahead of you. Don’t piss it away on drugs.”

“Oh, yes. Of course. Thank you, sir.”

“We’re going to drive you back into town,” he said. “After that we don’t see you again, or we call your parents.”

“Yes, sir.”

They did just that; ushered me into the back of their car, gently this time, and drove back onto the main road. They didn’t say a word the entire time.

Staring at the back of Danvers’ head I wondered just how much he might have known about Adam’s transformation. It couldn’t be a coincidence they’d come at the same time. Were they the ones to chase me out of the woods that night? Just thinking about it boiled my blood.

We rolled by the park only three blocks from Angela’s house when I asked them to stop. The agents let me out.

“Consider yourself officially warned,” Danvers said.

I nodded.

He lingered a moment and surveyed the scene. “Jonah, do you know anything about Japanese giant hornets?”


“They’re ruthless,” he said. “They can tear through a colony of bees in minutes. Leaving them unchecked will do massive damage to the eco-system. That’s why we’re here. Understand?”

“Japanese giant hornets,” I echoed.

“That’s right. So stay out of those woods, Jonah. It’s for your safety as well.”

Danvers climbed back into the passenger seat and drove away with his partner, and there I was, wondering if it was real. The whole experience was like something out of a TV drama; government men didn’t appear out of nowhere, at least in real life.

I stood and clutched my chest. It still burned, like I was still in the classroom, mesmerized by her body.

Angela whispered in my ear, “don’t you want to join in?”

I knew the answer, and it frightened me.

* * * *

I arrived at Angela’s house to laughter from the bushes. It was Cathy and some guy I’d never seen before, straddling each other and rolling in the dirt like a couple of horny kids. At least she was with someone her own age.

She looked to see me gawk. “Jonah!”

“Hey, Cathy. Um, is Angela home?”

She stood, brushed off her skirt and laughed when she realized her underwear was still hanging around her ankles. Her ‘date’ let’s call him, didn’t even try to cover himself, and was determined to bring her back to his level.

“Just inside,” Cathy laughed. “Please don’t mind Jason. He was just leaving.”

She squealed as she tumbled back onto him, and threw herself back into their passionate ritual.

I sighed. “Take your time.”

Sweat and musk rushed out the door as I stepped inside, where Angela and her recruits were crawling over each other. Nick and Sasha were there, furiously necking as we knew they would one day, even if nobody could have predicted the circumstances, and others; Gabe, a theater nerd, and his friend, David, who was grinding beneath.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but there I was, staring. Worse, it took everything I had not to throw myself into them.

Angela pried the couples apart and sauntered toward me. “What took you?”

“We need to talk,” I said.

She was ready for something else, already stipped of everything but her skirt, socks and underwear. Angela maintained her gaze as she reached back and unfastened her bra, and let it slide down her arms and onto the floor. Next thing she had me pinned to the wall with her breasts pushed up for me to devour.

“You’ve got to tell me what happened in the woods,” I said. “Then maybe we can… fix this…”

Her body all but melted into mine; her curves wrapping around and generating static. Breathing her in was inhaling the fire of life, charging corners of my body I’d never known.

“There’s nothing to fix,” she said.

I shook my head. “Don’t you think this is weird?”

Angela lifted my chin and gazed into my eyes. I was losing myself in the mist.

“Of course it’s weird,” she said, “but ask yourself honestly, now that you have it, is this something you want to lose?”

She made a lot of sense, but that might have been on account of every other thought melting away. The more Angela spoke, the closer she roped me in, the more I was overcome with need. ‘Desire’ was too simple a word for it.

Our lips met and mashed while a flurry of hands grabbed at skin. Any pretense vanished along with my shirt as Angela dragged me back to the bedroom.

She bit her lip and smiled. “We’re going to finish what we started.”

Her room had changed again. New bedding, curtains, and fairy lights running along the ceiling. It was like most other girl’s rooms I’d seen. Any doubts to the depth of Angela’s transformation evaporated on the spot.

I collapsed onto the bed and Angela climbed on top. Her breasts fell over my face, rolling into the million and one bites I left over them. Their softness brushed the scratch of my cheeks, prompting a giggle from the girl attached to them. I smiled and savored them further.

My hands ran down her back, exploring every contour, dancing on fingertips rounding shoulders, hips and finally her ass. She bucked against me and challenge my grip, while at the same time pressing her erection against my own.

Oh, god.

Her hair fell against my face as she leaned close and whispered, “I want you to fuck me.”

My pants were off in a second, but my cock was flat and sore. The spirit was willing, but the constant arousal proved too much.

I dropped my head. “Sorry.”

Angela smiled and pulled me back into a kiss, then stood.

“What if I were to fuck you? Would you be open to that?”

My eyes fixed between her legs and to the uneven bulge rising from her skirt. It was something I’d thought about, but facing it was something else entirely. A lump caught in my throat, and though it was heavy I was able to swallow.

“Yes,” I said.

Her skirt fell away and Angela was naked save for her black, cotton panties. She thumbed the band and lowered them until her tip peeked over the top. It was soft and pink, but still powerful, somehow intimidating in a way that size could not accomplish alone.

She crawled onto the bed, raised my legs and hushed, reaching down to stroke my cheek. “I’m going to start very slow,” she said, “but I’m sure you’ll be a master in no time.”

Arousal stirred in my belly. I’d never dreamed of taking someone inside; that I was suddenly so eager caught me off guard.

Angela lubricated her fingers with KY jelly. At least she was prepared.

“Relax,” she sang.

Easier said than done.

A single digit pressed against my entrance, circling and dripping around the tensed muscle. It was cold and wet, sending a shock up my spine. I arched and whined and struggled.

“Relax,” she said again, and massaged in slow circles.

Soon she worked her way inside and inched deeper, massaging until I was loose. In time it was even warm, and I was hungry to close around her.

Angela laughed. “You’re such a slut.”

I rolled my head back with pride.

“More,” I said.

Every movement was like a tremor shooting through my veins. Angela snaked into sensitive corners never explored and shook them with the curling of her fingers. Her digits burned as they stretched my entrance, more than the lube could cool, but I was beyond caring.

Angela pulled out, leaving my behind empty and aching; though not for long. She lifted my feet and sat them on her shoulders, positioned me at the end of the bed and moved closer. I looked up to her, my friend, beaming and in control.

“Are you ready?”

Her glans paused, fought against the straining ring, and pushed inside. Angela was slow, just as she promised, but was soon gliding in and out. Every minute her confidence grew, pushing deeper until she found her mark. Her cock pumped, running into the secret button to my pleasure.

It grew and fell, leaving me constantly on edge, and always wanting more. God, if I’d only known how good this felt I would have started years ago.

Suddenly I felt my insides pulse; I was losing control.

“I… I’ve got to piss,” I whimpered.

Angela leaned over and clasped my wrists. She wore a devil’s grin. “Let it happen,” she said.

My cock jumped and exploded across my stomach, the fallout of the orgasm Angela thrust into my body. Every inch from head to toe was swimming in sweat now cooling in the otherwise still room.

Angela moaned, unloaded inside me, and collapsed by my side. I could feel her every movement, from the rise and fall of her chest, to her deflating cock retreating and falling out of my behind, to her twitching fingers searching for a place to rest.

I rolled into her arms, planted my face in her breasts and stole another chance to kiss them.

She smiled and stroked my hair. “Was it good for you?”

Like she had to ask.

“Haven’t you wanted to do that since forever?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “but I’m glad we did.”

Angela laughed and pressed her lips to my forehead. “You’re one of us now,” she sang.

That might have seemed strange if I weren’t so tired. Bliss rolled over my limbs and through my chest. I clung to her for warmth and rested; it was hard earned.

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