The Amazons : I became a Amazon Cheerleader ( part 2)

I saw my friend Lyle arguing with a cheerleader the Year is 2228.the Earth now ruled by Amazon Women I am 14yr old boy living in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia that argument was going to change my life for ever.

2 My new Life as Amazon Cheerleader and a girl

I looked down and saw my breasts and I kept looking at my new body I was looking for what was left of my manhood but I saw was my new vagina.

A thought came to me why was looking for my manhood I am not a boy I am a girl I hate males I am beautiful Amazon girl who is going to be a cheerleader with my friends Leah.

The nurse came back and said “ Sabrina how are you feeling?”. I said “ I am quite feeling fine nurse”. She said “ I see you have made your self to the bed during your change”.

I said “ yes it seems that way” she said “ ok young lady you need to stand up remembering your balance has changed now it not your chest now ”. I said “ is it cause of my boobs now”. She said “ yes”.

I said” then what is is now?”. She said “ it is your hips now Sabrina remember you are now fully functioning girl now you will get a period as your body goes through it menstrual cycle every month now”.

I stood up I wobbled a bit and started walking I notice my hips swaying as I was walking it was weird at first but then it was ok the nurse came over and check my new female body

I was given a gown and I was taken to area I saw another woman there she said “ hello Sabrina'. I said “ hello” she said “ you were a boy a few hours ago”.

I said “ yew gross I was a boy yuck I hate boys”. She said “ if you were in the school grounds and you saw a boy come up to you and say hello buddy what would you say”

I said “ go away boy I am not your buddy” she said “ are boys your friends or Amazon Property”. I said “ they are our property boys are pathetic creatures and we girls are better I am happy I am a girl and have lost my masculinity?”.

She said “ good girl now we will check your strength and the get you fitted in your Amazon cheerleader uniform.

As I was speaking she told me your room at home is getting fitted with latest girl clothing and all the stuff a teenage girls need.

She check my strength my speed of my body after I had done all theses exercise and tests I was a very fit teen Amazon girl I had my bra size checked I was D cup in my boobs I was then take in to a room and I saw my Amazon cheerleader uniform.

I put my uniform on and I walked out of my PTA I saw Leah she was waiting for me she said “ how you feeling now” I said “ I feel different I am still getting use to walking with these hips” Leah said “ it will get use to a while” I said “how long it take you?” she said “a few days or so”.

Leah and I walked out of the area where I was transformed we were walking back towards school I said “ Leah your right being girl is better than boy” we walked back into school ground I went to Administration Building to tell them I was now a girl.

I was there for only few minutes before as a boy you could be in there for a few hours or so because at school as a boy you have selection Jason brother was there he about to have his selection and we will know he will be slave or not why do I care now I am a girl he is a pathetic boy.

Jason brother was sitting there he looked scared he saw me as I was talking to the school receptionist I said “ is he coming up for selection?”. She said “ yes Sabrina can you wait until he is done?”. I said “Sure thing” she said thank you a strong girl like you can help and your a Cheerleader too”.

I sat down and waited for him to go in I was looking at my nails thinking I might ask mum if I can have my nails done he was called in he went in there he was in there for around 10 mins he cam out.

He looked sad he said “ mistress I am to be a slave” I said “good more workers for construction and other things” he said “ I know your face” I said “ where slave?'.

He said “ your James my brother friend”. I hit him he fell to the ground he was like his little brother a Jock I said “ listen here male I am a girl not a boy name James you say any thing I will have your fucking balls”.

He said “ yes mistress I wont say anything”. I said “ it don't matter once I have your paper work you will going to slave camp”.

I got his paperwork and and took him down to slave truck he was boarded and taken to his new home and where he will find his mistress. I left him and headed back.

I was walking over the cheerleader area when I saw Leah and She said “ we have stop the bulling on Lyle”. I said “ why should I care a bout him he is a stupid male”.

She said “ Sabrina he was your friend and nerd”. I said “ so what he is fucking boy your my friend Leah my cheer leading friends are but not boys I hate them like this Lyle” Lyle was right he lost me now I am now a Amazon girl.

Leah and I headed back to cheerleader area it was heading up to lunch time at school I saw Hailee and Kylie. They said “ hey girl how are you?'. I said “ I am feeling great now I am a girl”.

Casey was still working on her project I walked up and said “ you need help there Casey?”. She said “ Nah Sabrina it is ok “ I said if you come and ask me?”. She said “ I will”

I walked into school yard we saw the boys playing their sports and I saw Lyle he was getting picked by a bully name Kane I saw the other boy it was Doug”.

I headed towards them and said “ what are you doing to this boy?' they said “ mistress we were just having fun with him”. I said “like what bullying him” Doug said “ no mistress we were having fun with the geek”

I said “ leave him alone and Doug this is the 4th time you have been told by us” he said “ yes mistress I have been told by you and other cheerleaders before” I said “you will report after school at the cheerleaders room” he said “ yes mistress”.

Both Kane and Doug left us Lyle was all alone he said “ thank you mistress” I said “ your welcome Lyle” he looked at me and said “ James'” I said “ not any more I am Mistress Sabrina”. He said “ I told you to be careful”

I said “ I was Lyle but now I am beautiful Amazon girl”. He said “ I knew they would change you mistress”. I said “ Lyle I love being a girl I am strong smart you were born the wrong gender I was corrected”.

As he left me and headed back to where he was going now to the Library he looked sad now I was now a girl. I think he might have new friend now . I didn't care any more about him he was a boy I hate them and I was a cheerleader and a girl.

I was walking back to the cheerleader room when I saw Jason with Nathan he said “ excuse me mistress I was told that Jules and James were turned into Amazon girls is this true”.

I said “ you will have to ask our captain ok she will answer your questions if she wants too as you are only boys and you are pathetic gender”.

He said “ yes mistress” and left me I headed towards the Amazon cheerleader area I saw Hailee she said “ we are having a vote for new cheerleader captain”.

I said Why do we need it?. Hailee replied with “we have you now and I was only temporary?”.

she said “ Sabrina we just need to vote you might become our captain”. I said “ I doubt it I am the newest girl here behind Leah”.

We had our cheerleader vote Natalie comes in and said “ we have a new cheerleader Captain “ we were stunned I thought for Hailee would get or Kylie or even Natalie or Casey we were growing in cheerleaders

Natalie said “ the new Captain is Sabrina and Leah is the new deputy cheerleader”. I was fucking shock since the day stated I was a pathetic boy and now I am Captain of the cheerleaders and a Amazon girl.

It was coming to the end of the day Hailee said “ it was planned you would become Captain Sabrina you more suited for the job and now your a girl it even better”.

I said “ thank you Hailee” we saw Doug walk up and say “ I am here for my punishment Mistress”. Hailee said “ you will clean the school every morning before you have your classes and your selection has been decided you will be come a slave”

he said “ yes mistress” I said “ your mother will be informed by the Amazon police” he said “ mum has not been upgrade she was more concern looking after my brother and my self”.

I said “ expect a call from them now” he said “yes mistress” then Hailee said “ you will report to mistress Sabrina now she is the new Captain of the cheerleaders here now male”.

He said “ yes mistress I now report to Mistress Sabrina”. She said “ yes” he left us and headed towards his home he looked and sad and he had to tell his mother about his punishment and the Amazon police coming to see them.

I said “ I didn't know we can control a male destiny?”. Hailee said “ yes we can do any thing remember they are our property now you been liberated as a girl now”.

I said “ wow I love being a girl now. As Leah Hailee and Myself were leaving our room Jason and Nathan turned up and said “please Mistress we would like to know what happen to James and Jules?”.

Hailee said “ they are standing next to me they are both girls now and cheerleaders”.

Jason said “ oh ok they left us” he looked at Nathan I think he was scared of me now.

I remember I was always scared him before I help them out in that exam the first thing mom and I need to do is get our slave retrained so he wont be a such a fucking pain.

Hailee , Leah and I left the cheerleaders room and headed towards home Hailee said “ remember you are now the captain” I said “ ok I will”.

Leah and I walked towards our house I said “ Leah you want come over one day” she said “ maybe tomorrow Babe” I heard her call me babe we left each other to go home.

I headed home I saw my father our slave he said “ good afternoon Mistress” I said “ hello slave” he said “ the mistress in her study” I said “ thank you slave”

I walked and I saw my mother I said “ hello mum” she said Hello my daughter how are you?” I said “I am fine now I am a girl and a Amazon like you” she said “ I am so glad you are now the right gender BTW how was school?”.

I said “I am a cheerleader and I was voted Captain “ she said “ well done Sabrina your new room is now finished “ I said “ cool “ I went up to my room and I saw all my new girls clothing and stuff Jewellery a few cheerleader uniforms and stuff.

I walked down after seeing my new room I saw mum she said “ Sabrina you want go out shopping you can get your nails done and get you ears pierced” I said “ ok my but I want black acrylic nails mum”.

She said “ ok maybe I let get you naval done” I said “ that would be cool as well I Also need some new shoes and other stuff once we get at the shopping centre” she said “ ok we both need more stuff”

I said “ mum I think we need to get our slave sent away and reprogram I think he might still be a problem” Mum said “ you think so Sabrina?”. I said “ look how hostile he was to you when you said you were becoming a better woman”.

Mum said “ you maybe right Sabrina” I said “ we need to make sure you know men they are warring creatures”. She said “ correct men are Pathetic creatures”

While we were talking the slave came and try to hit mum but I caught him and threw him to the ground in judo style throw he said “ when did you learn Martial Arts James” I pressed my boot on his neck and said “ your son is gone Slave I am Mistress Sabrina”

he said “ yes Mistress” I said “ good you will taken to be train or executed it will be your mistress decision”. He said “ we are a family” I said “ I am your mistress daughter slave I am 14yrold teenage Amazon Girl”.

He said “ yes Mistress”. I kept pressure on his throat I was on my phone to the Amazon police force to come and get the slave.

I said “mum you want to keep it or get a new slave” she said “ I don't know I would like another daughter like you though Sabrina”.

I said “ we could go and you get pregnant or we can find a boy whose mother is no longer around and convert him to a girl” I though of Doug's Little brother Emanuel.

The male looked at us and said “ please mistress Keep me I will be good”. Mum said “ I will have you re-programmed and you will come back but you will respect Sabrina and I”. he said “ yes mistress” he had fall from top of the resistance to now a slave of Amazon empire.

The police arrived she said “ is this the one you were talking to us on the phone Captain Sabrina”. I said “ yes this the one “ I said “ commander is there any new boys arrived to be converted” she said “ no”.

I said “ what about the Hemming family their son is constant bully at our school maybe if we take away his brother and make him a girl he might settle down a bit and we need to see if his mother is a Amazon”. She said “ I like your style Sabrina you will make a good warrior Later”

I said “ I am now the cheerleader captain at my school” she said “ good you will do well at school”. They left taking mum's slave with them to be reprogrammed”.

Mum said “ come on lets go shopping”. I said “ yeah but I want change if that ok” she said “ yes”, I went to my room and got out of my uniform I put on my jeans skirt and Tank top I had on strappy sandals with 3inch heel.

I was use to heels on my shoes now my boots have a 2 inch heel. I came down with bag which had my cards Id and money we left for the Shops.

We drove to the shops when we got there I saw the boys hanging around I saw Jason and Nathan and guy name Bradley I walked with my mum around the shops I got new skirt and tops and new shoes then I walked into a beauty Parlour with mum.

Mum and I saw the head lady beautician She said” can I help you?”. Mum said “ yes my daughter needs her ears pierced and her nails done and her hair tidy up” she said “ your a new girl” I said “ yes I was liberated today”.

She said ”ok miss your name please” I said “Sabrina” she said “ I need you go and get changed and we will start you body there is a gown there for you” I said “ ok any pathetic boys around” she said “ no my slave has gone home”.

I said “ good cause men are useless pigs”. She said “ I know that” I left and went got undressed she saw me and said “ everything Sabrina” I took off all my clothes and put on the gown

she said “ ok young lady we will get those ears and Naval done” she pierced my ears and my naval she then told me lay on the bed on my back she lazered around my vagina and my armpits she was giving me a Brazilian .

She arched my eye brows and she then started wash my hair she said “ you want stay a brunette or you want go blond or black I said “ how about red hair” she said “ ok”

when she was finished I know I had red hair now I looked at my complexion I saw Kylie and Casey the came over and Casey said “ you look good now Captain” I said “Thank you Casey I wanted be a redhead”. She said “ you great we are get our Naval Pierced”.

I said “ I got my done now” Casey said “ oh I can see through your gown the lady said “ Sabrina time for your nails” I said “ok then”. I went over too Nails Bar I saw Kylie Kissing Casey they must be an Item.

The girl did my nails I was about finished I went back got my clothes back on mum said “you look stunning now Sabrina” I said “ thank you mum”

We left and head towards the food court I saw Lyle he was sitting there by himself he saw me and went in to a huddle . I said “ Are you scared of me now Lyle?”. He said “ no mistress sad I have lost my friend”. I said “ I am better as a girl now”.

Lyle said “ yes Mistress”. Mom and I were walking try to find a seat when I saw Jason he looked Scared again I said “ why are you scared of Leah and I for Jason”.

He said “ I have seen what you girls can do one you become Amazon” I said to him “ like what Jason?”. He said “you can ….............”.

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