Tarja 12

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Tarja 12 --

In the chatroom of Marion’s, when Averill typed hat Tarja was like them, Carla16, Brooke15, Girl12, AlexiandChristine, Toni13, Quin, Darby and Alexi12 all typed: ‘Really? You mean she is like us? Cool!’

Averill typed, ‘Yes, she is just like us.’ She saw 3 more chatters coming into the room - Randall12, Max10 and JasonSunshine12, so she typed, ‘She is like MOST of us. Hi there, Rand, Max and Jason, you going to the pool party?’

Jason typed, ‘Yes, Averill. Mom got me a binder, so I guess I’ll have to wear a t-shirt. Why would any of you want to be a girl?’

Randall typed, ‘I know, I wish I was born a boy. You boys got it much better. Why would anyone want to be a girl?’

Toni13 typed, ‘We think girls are better, Randy. Think about the clothes and colors we can wear as girls. Of course, our bikinis will drive boys crazy, which your board shorts can’t do with us girls. Maybe if you were in a Speedo!’ Toni13 then typed ;-).

Averill typed, ‘There is no right answer as Marion - or should I say mom? - would say.’ She then typed, ‘Tarja is reading this. She is going to be a great cousin.’

Jason typed, ‘Marion is going to be your mom? Cool? Who is Tarja?’

Averill typed, ‘Tarja is my cousin, Jason. She was an unhappy boy, but her dad wanted to make him play sports. She wanted to be a girl, so her mom decided to make her happy. I bet she’ll e a great mom -- like we would be when she gets older.’ Averill saw another regular, Ryan_Z, so she typed, ‘Hi Ryan!’


Averill typed, ‘Do you know where he is? I hope he get caught by the police before he harms someone. Do you think he will kill people? I’m going to tell mom and dad about his threats, Ryan. BRB’

Averill looked at Tarja and said, “Tarja, we need to tell my mom and dad that we have problems. Mom is being threatened. We need to tell my mom and dad and your mom, too. Let’s go to them.”


While Averill and Tarja were upstairs on the computers, MaryEllen, Marion and Craig were in the living room talking about Averill and Tarja and about MaryEllen growing up with Mark. They were drinking coffee while Craig got to know MaryEllen.

MaryEllen, talking about growing up with Mark, said, “I knew Mark was a girl when she was caught with my swimsuit one day when we were on vacation. It was when we went to New Hampshire when we were 7 and 5. Mom was supportive, but knew dad would be upset.” 8008930903

Marion looked at MaryEllen and said, “You and mom saw me in your swimsuit? I’m glad dad didn’t see me. He would have killed me.” Marion sighed, then said, “Even mom wasn’t that supportive, but it wasn’t as accepted as it is today. Mom and I still are cool.”

MaryEllen looked at Marion and said, “I think mom is now accepting of you, Marion. You should call her and tell her about Craig. She might be happy with Craig and her new grandkids.”

Marion said, “I just hope the family will get together, MaryEllen. Of course, as one of my professionals in Massachusetts said. She said that family is about love and not about blood. She wrote an article about the town of Winnisimett and the people who reallys around transkids. I believe the Soggertick Valley will accept transkids, too.” Marion was talking about the area where Norboro, Kettuck and surround towns are located 45 miles southeast of Hartford, Connecticut.

Marion took a sip of her coffee, then continued to say, “I’m taking a partner on. Her office was set on fire, but Dr. Salwasser is great. We both have clients in the area and he are going to have two more partners. We both want to cut our hours, because she wants to travel more and I want to raise Neal and adopt 3 kids.”

MaryEllen said, “That’s nice. I wanted to adopt, but John was against it, because he would NEVER be his. Why did I think he was the best when I married him.” MaryEllen looked at Craig and said, “Adoption is so nice. You are very special, Craig. Your kids - especially Averill is so nice. If I didn’t know, I thought she was 100% girl.”
Craig laughed and said, “She is all girl, MaryEllen. I know what you mean and Marion is making me happy. Averill is out of her shell, she loves sports, but I can see Marion is helping her and Neal and Ben, also. Yes, I knew she wants to be a mom. As a lawyer, I helped incorporate 3 bio-technology companies which are researching uterus and testes from stem cells. Connecticut Polytech University, along with Yale and UConn are trying to get Connecticut into Bio-Tech Valley. You should adopt, MaryEllen. I can see you are a great mom. Tarja is very beautiful.”

Marion said, “I hope I can be a bio-mom soon. Narboro Memorial is trying to do a uterus transplant soon. I hope I’m going to get selected.”

MaryEllen said, “You’ll be a great mom, Marion.”


Downstairs, Dan and Ben were running trains to entertain Neal. They were running trains around the F shaped layout, which was a prototype of the Soggertick Valley. While running the trains, Dan and Ben talked about baseball (especially the Red Sox), sports, cars, trains, their schools and gender issues.

Dan stopped the train and said, “I hope Marion will visit my school’s GSA club. My friend is depressed because she can’t become a girl. I’m worried that she might kill herself, her parents think she is a boy.”

Ben slowed the train he was running, then said, “Marion will visit it if you ask. She visited my school’s GSA club a few times. She visit my school’s club 3 weeks ago, when one of the club members killed himself - jumping off Narboro Tower.” Ben started his train, then said, “Ask her. She’ll visit it.”

Dan said, “Narboro Tower? Isn’t that the tower on Coaxet Hill in Quayachick State Park? I heard about it, because a few of my friends wanted to go fishing there.”

Ben looked at him and said, “Yes. The park was closed for 3 days. I love fishing there. Ever swam there? We do. We and my friends and we skinnydip and camp there.”

Dan said, “We, my friends and I skinnydip at Bluestone Falls. It is more private. The park’s ponds are really nice. All of them are.”

Ben said, “Bluestone Falls is good, but ever swam at Whitestone Falls?

Dan said, “Yes, we swim there, too. I am going to ask her if she would. Ilove my aunt and I think you, Averill and Neal will be great cousins.”

Ben said, “Neal is a great little brother. I know Marion and dad would like to have a little brother or sister for Neal.”

Dan said, “Are you going to adopt? I heard that someone started a biotech company to make body parts out of stem cells. If my friend, Karla,becomes a girl, I wouldn’t mind marrying her. She would love to be a mom.”

Ben said, “Dad just told me that he, with the help of Madenford Capital Financial, organized a few stem cell research companies. Marion said that Narboro Memorial Hospital is going to do some uterus transplants. She would love to be selected to be one of them.”

Dan said, “I wouldn’t mind having another little brother or sister, if my mom gets a nice guy, instead of that jerk called my dad.”


At ‘JavaBit’, Dom’s group along with Uncle Steve, were talking while enjoying some drinks, but Brad and Dom decided to see if Garvan is still at ‘AllDay Fitness’, so Brad and Dom decided to leave, so soon, they all left ‘JavaBit’, with Uncle Steve saying, “It was nice to meet you, all.”

Dom said, “Thank you for fixing Kris’ glasses, Uncle Steve. Trey, I hope you and your mom would talk some more. Try to get your mom to go to that meeting.”

Trey said, “I just hope mom has calmed down now. I am going to tell her that she should try the PFLAG meeting at the Yelovich Community Center. Thank you, Mr. Romesberg. Brad, could I go with you to ‘AllDay Fitness’?”

Brad looked at Dom and said, “Do you mind if my boyfriend to be comes with us?” Dom didn’t mind, so Brad said, “Trey, you can go with us.” He looked at Kris and said, “Thanks Kris. I’ll take care of Trey.”

Kris said, “Thank you again, Mr. Romesberg, for fixing my glasses. Brad, you and Trey are going to be happy. Take care of each other, Trey and Brad.” He looked at Bill and said, “If you don’t have anything to do, Bill, want to go to my house?”
Bill smiled and thought to himself, ‘Kris is somebody special. I am going to protect him.’ He said, “Sure, I don’t have anything to do.”

Mr. Romesberg, said, “Dom, as I tell your mom, you are special. Trey and Brad and Kris and Bill, if you need to talk to someone, call ‘Gay Youth Minamuck’ or ‘Mettawee Regional Youth Helpers’. They’ll help all problems.”

Brad, Trey and Dom walked the 8 blocks to ‘AllDay Fitness’, which was a remodeled former ‘Thrifty Yankee Supermarkets’, now a health club with pool, which is open 24/7. The shopping center where it is also have a 24/7 health food restaurant and a fitness equipment store that was closed for the day, along with a few empty spaces.

Dom and Trey followed Brad into the club. Brad showed his membership card to the person at the desk. They were introduced to Eli, the person at the desk, then they went to the family area/ youth area of the club.

Dom and Trey followed Brad through the doors and down the hall to the locker room. Brad told them about the club. They saw the big pool where some families were swimming, along with a smaller pool that is closed, along with two locker rooms.

Dom said, “What is wrong with that pool? Why is that pool close?” He looked around, and said, “Nice club. How did you become a member?”

Brad said, “The club has a youth membership pricing. My mom knows that I like to swim, so she gave me youth membership to it. The pool is being remodeled. The club is expanding with a few new athletic courts, such as four new arenas, including for ice hockey. Here is the plans for the new parts.” He pointed to the plans that is displayed on a wall.

Dom and Trey saw the club, which opened 7 years ago, had plans for a 36,000 square foot addition, which includes tennis courts, 6 new locker rooms, 4 sport arenas, indoor playground, nursery, handball courts, an olympic sized pool, an endless pool, and cafe along with 5 baseball fields, 5 softball field, a football field, a soccer field, lacrosse field and team handball field outside.

Trey said, “Wow, this center is going to be nice. When will they do the groundbreaking on it? Why 6 locker rooms, thou?” Dom said the same thing.

Brad said, “Some of the locker room will be adults only, some will be youth only and some will be for families. This area will be remodeled after the expansion is finished. This area will be nice from what Eli said. It will be for transkids.”

Dom said, “Nice. They are inviting transkids to the gym? Who owns it? Don’t they think the members who are bigots will leave if transkids have a place?”

Brad looked at Dom and said, “It is owned by Nutmeg Yankee Family Healthcare. 6 are well known people. Do you know Travis Easley, Mike Shanebrook, Weston Shirling, Zack Shirkey, Lance Shirley and Todd Boyanton?”

Dom said, “Travis Easley? You aren’t talking about the Sox outfielder, are you? Shanebrook? You don’t mean the hockey player for the Panthers? Zack Shirkey? There’s a football player at UConn with that name. I don’t know the others.”

Trey said, “Todd Boyanton? The chef?” He looked at Brad and Dom, then said, “He co-owns it?”

Brad stopped and said, “Travis is the Sox fielder and Mike is the Panthers player. Zack Shirkey at UConn is not the one, but his dad is. They are the owner of NYFH, Inc. Weston is the football coach of Fairford High and another partner. Yes, my love, Todd is another owner and he does the snacks here. He is going to operate the cafe here along with helping kids learn to cook healthy. Some of the others owners are bodybuilders, MMA fighters, lacrosse player and non athletes, too.” Brad came to the door of the locker room and said, “Here’s the locker room.”

Brad, Trey and Dom went into the locker room and walk through into the gym area. They looked around and they saw on an exercise bike was Garvan, so they came up to him. Garvan looked at them and smiled, he then said, “Hi guys. I guess you were worried about me. Sorry. My mom and I had a fight, but it wasn’t about me. It was about my younger brother.” Gaven wiped his forehead, then said, “My mom was yelling at Paxton, because he forgot to wear protection at school. I remember I wanted to be normal when I was 9 instead of diapers.”


At the Mileham’s, Averill and Tarja came to the living room. Averill said, “Mom, dad, there’s trouble brewing! Ryan said that his dad threatened him and us.”

Marion said, “MaryEllen, I’m sorry. This is an emergency. Ryan’s dad been threatening him and his mom for awhile. Did you talk to him to see where his dad is?”

Averill said, “Sorry, I didn’t. Ryan had it in all caps, so I decided to tell you. Ryan usually don’t do all caps, unless he is upset or worried, as you know.”

Marion said, “Ryan’s mom divorced his dad almost 2 years ago, when Ryan became a boy. His mom supported him, however his dad became unhinged. His mom got a restraining order against him, but he is still threatening Ryan and his family. See if Ryan knows where he is. I would say he is at one of those motels on the Narboro-Kettuck Turnpike or on Charter Oak Highway.” Marion looked at Craig and said, “Love, get ready to call the police. I think he needs to be arrested before he kills someone.”

MaryEllen looked at them and said, “Anything I can do? I bet John is going to do something. Are there organised group that Ryan’s dad is part of? If there is, I think John’ll join it.”

Craig said, “There are a group that is around. Two months ago, it was hit with arrests, but it is underground, so there are more people involved. These people are unhinged. I would - if you do believe you are in trouble - to move and change your name.”

MaryEllen said, “We are thinking of moving. I never thought of changing our name, thou. I’d have to change Tarja’s birth certificate to girl. I wonder if they would like to be Schvaneveldt for our mom’s maiden name, Marion.”

Craig said, “If you want legal advice, I’ll put you in contract with my friend, who is helping us with Averill’s new birth certificate. Mike Screeton is great and he helps parents with transkids. His branch office is in Kettuck, his main office is in Hartford.” Craig told MaryEllen Mike’s phone number and office address.

Marion said, “I think mom will be happy with the name, sis.”


At the ‘Triple Pines,’ the man looked at his AK47 and thought, ‘Time to kill the bitches who brainwashing young people. What Bullshit, you can’t be born a boy if you are a girl. These politicians in Hartford and DC are sick. Doctors who mutilates bodies of victims. Media personnels who promote this sickness, they all need to be killed’

He looked out the window and saw two guys holding hands, so he thought to himself, ‘What a sick act, two fags having sex.’ He cocked his AK47 and going to shoot them, but then the phone rang.

He answered the phone by saying, “I told you, Mother fucker, not to call me. Meet me at ‘D & T Bar.’ You can get the info then. Now, unless you want to be a dead mother fucker, never call me ever again.”

He hung up, then thought to himself, ‘That mother fucker will be dead at D & T. I think he is not trustworthy. That asshole is a dumb mother fucker. He should be killed for being a mother fucking dumbass.’

The person on the other end, an undercover cop, hung up and smiled. ‘Got you and your hateful group,’ he thought to himself. He called his boss to tell them they are ready to get them.


Unbeknownst to the guy, he and his group are known to the local towns’ police departments, along with the Connecticut State Police. At the Kettuck Police Station, Chief Ben Scrimshire sat in a chair at a table, along with the chiefs from Narboro; Chief James Borwick, Fairford; Jane Demaranville and Hanboro; Rick Traxinger, listening to the Connecticut State Police officer; Lieutenant Colonel Steve Hinkhouse.

Lt. Colonel Hinkhouse said, ‘We know that a few are residing at the ‘Triple Pines’, a few are at ‘Oakfield Motor Lodge’, and some are at ‘Playhouse Ranch’. Another group of them are watched in the Hartford area. We had some people undercover and they told us they are dangerous. We have to surprise them, before someone gets killed. We are waiting for the go ahead.”

Chief Traxinger said, “We need to get those morons off the streets. My nephew, middle son and my niece are transkids. I heard that they are going to kill Drs. Salwasser, Wilson, Hulburt, Jayson and Sossamon. Their crime, helping transkid be themselves.” He looked around and said, “What I also heard is they will bomb the MCC church and two other gay and trans friendly churches, too.”

Chief Demaranville said, “We can’t have people that these assholes - excuse my French - telling people what is right. We just can’t let them kill people because they are helping people. Mayor Charnley are trying to get ‘Playhouse Ranch’, ‘Turnpike Inn’, ‘Towngate’ and ‘ValueNight’ properties through eminent domain. Those are the biggest problems in Fairford. Drug sales, Rapes and prostitution are going on there -- along with the town’s last 7 homicides.”

Chief Scrimshire said, “Very true, Rick. A few months ago, we had a riot at Henwood when a boy who is becoming a girl enrolled. With SCR, Petowtuck, Connecticut Biomed Industries, Doctor Healthcare Research in the area, we should lead the way in trans-issues. We shouldn’t worry about whether people are girls who were born boys or boys who were born girls.”

Chief Demaranville said, “We had to arrest 3 students at Fairford High because of bullying yesterday.”

Lt. Colonel Hinkhouse said, “We know these people hates gays and transgender people. They have cells in Massachusetts, but with the help of Winnisimmet Police and the State Police, they should be broken up tomorrow, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and New York. They are associated with the Eastboro Baptist Church nutjobs. They also have a gun running operation in Texas, Florida and Arizona.”

He got a phone call from the undercover cop and smiled. “I should’ve known. D & T Bar. When? Okay, get there, and we’ll there soon.” He shut the phone off, then said, “Time for some fun. Let’s break up this nutty group. Some of the people will be in jail for decades if not life. Ready? Are your people ready?

Chief Demaranville said, “My units are ready. Besides the motels, we have 2 abandoned buildings that are used as hideouts we have 6 homes and we might uncover a cold case, too.” The others are ready, so they are raiding the places as soon as they call the task force.


At the Milehams, Marion, Craig and MaryEllen called the town’s police department. They sent an officer and got the story. The officer went to the car and put an APB out on the guy, but knew that the person might be part of the group they are going to bust. The officer, Thomas J. Wendland, thought to himself, ‘Just because a male wants to be a female, some sick people have to play GOD. My brother is gay, who cares? He loves his husband and their kids.’ He saw another officer and turned to the other officer and said, “Another online threat, but I believe it is that nutjob who hates gays, trans and his life, Marcus.”

Marcus Broomfield, one of 6 blacks on the Narboro police force, laughed and said, “Nutjob is right. Do you think it is the same guy who threaten -- and killed -- Henry Korth? I just heard the FBI just raided the Eastboro Baptist regional office. The noose is tightening.”

Thomas said, “I think he did that along the murders of Josh and Jeremy Wagner, Yancy Hills and Robert Warren -- and even we don’t have a body -- of Ian Duncan and Evan Wilson. This guy is a danger to gays, trans and their supporters. Who cares if they are gay or trans, that jerk shouldn’t kill anyone.”

They went to MaryEllen’s door and knocked, then they both told Marion, MaryEllen and Craig sorry about the interruption, then they got into their cars and drove off.


Three unmarked police cars pulled into the parking lot of the ‘Triple Pines’. The officers came out of the cars and went to the office. The manager was arrested, then they hit the rooms where they knew criminals were.

In his room, he stepped out of the shower and started putting on his boxers. He heard a knock on his door, so his looked at his AK-47. He was going to grab it, when 2 officers broke the door down and sent in a smoke bomb. Soon, he was arrested along with 14 other people at the ‘Triple Pines’

The task force arrested 28 people, besides the 15 at the ‘TriplePines’. In the Hartford area, they arrested 39 people and they found notes about the killing ‘immoral people who supporting queers and freaks’ and notes on 5 missing persons - 3 teens, a
Pediatric endocrinologist and a big brother volunteer. The notes supposes the theory that those 5 are dead.

The head of the task force in the state, Corporal Jason Waddington, saw the list of people arrested -- 95 people, including 40 for either murder or attempted murder. He shook his head and thought to himself, ‘Morons, all of them. Just because people are different then others, you shouldn’t hate them.” He picked up his phone and dialed a name on the list.

Jason waited on the phone, but the phone went to voice mail so he said, “Honey, it is finally broken. I hope to see you, soon. Love you. Call me later, honey.”


At the Mileham’s, after the two officers left, Averill and Tarja went back to the computer. Tarja was a bit shaken up, so Averill said, “Don’t worry, cousin, there are some idiots who will hate us. Some think we are being abused or our mom are forcing us be girls instead of boys. I hope Ryan will be OK.”

Tarja said, “I didn’t want people to know, yet. I mean, when you first came out, how did your school react to it? What about friends, did they call you names?” They sat at the computer desk and Averill got back online.

Averill said, “Before I was shy and I didn’t have any friends. I never had any friends who are boys because I hated sports. No, not hated, but I was a klutz at baseball. Dad didn’t push me in baseball, but I thought dad would be proud of me. The more I practice, the worse I was getting. I got hit in the head, so dad took me to the hospital. I was upset, so a doctor asked me some questions.”

Tarja said, “Was it Marion?”

Averill said, “No, it wasn’t Marion. We didn’t live here at the time. Dad worked at a big attorney firm in Hartford, but when we got the results that I’m a girl, dad wanted to move and work for us - Ben, Neal and me. Also, we didn’t want to stay in the Hartford area. Our mom’s death had a impact on moving.”

Tarja wanted to know a bit about her mom, but didn’t say anything.

Downstairs, Craig, Marion and MaryEllen, talked about their kids, especially Averill and Tarja. They were talking about being bio-moms, when Craig’s phone beeped. Craig looked at it, smiled and said, “That was fast.”

Marion looked at Craig and said, “Dear, what is?”

Craig said, “I guess when the police were here, some others were raiding the Eastboro Baptist nutjobs.”

MaryEllen said, “Eastboro Baptist? Aren’t they those nutjobs who think that GOD hate gays, America and others? Those people are nuts.”

Craig said, “Yes. According the article the FBI and local police raided their office this afternoon arresting 5 people. Also the FBI are helping local police departments with Eastboro’s illegal activities. Good. Those people are nuts.”

MaryEllen and Marion laughed and they both said, “Nuts.” MaryEllen then said, “Morons and idiots more likely. They aren’t Christians in my opinion.”


In another house, 16 miles away, Rylie ‘Ryan’ Iversen was with her mom, sisters and brothers. They were sitting on the sofa and talked. Susan Iversen looked at her kids and said, “Kids, I decided to throw your dad out. Ryan, you know I am fully supportive of you. I decided to take the next step and tell the police about illegal activities of your dad. I’m going to divorce your dad. You all deserve better.”

Trey Iversen looked at mom then at Ryan and said, “Ryan, I might make fun of you, but like mom, I support you. We all do. Yes, mom, you should have thrown him out a year ago, because he is a jerk. I told you that he was doing something illegal.” He looked at his mom and said, “Sorry. When he hit Ryan 7 months ago, that is when I wanted to kill him.”

Madison Iversen looked at her brother and said, “Mom, you can do better than being with dad. I knew Ryan is unhappy as a girl and it wasn’t just a tomboy thing with Ryan. Ryan is a boy. You know that day Ryan ruin the Easter dress? That was when I knew she was a he.”

Susan thought about day and smiled. She was going to say something, however the phone rang. It was a police officer, Sargant Eric Brayton, who called and said, “Your husband was arrested in a raid. He is charged with gun violations, drug violations, child porn, attempted murder and accessory to 2 murders. They might be more charges pending. Ms. Iversen, you should be safe now, however we will still guard your house.”

Susan smiled and said, “Thank you, Officer Brayton. I’m going to tell my kids that he won’t be bothering us anymore. I guess he’ll die in jail.”

Eric Brayton said, “I hope so, ma’am. Those people should rot in prison. My neice was my nephew, so I know that kids who are transgendered are bullied and they commit the most suicide, too. When I saw the hit list, I felt sick. Even the governor of Massachusetts is on it. Those people are nutjobs.”


At ‘AllDay Fitness,’ Garvan stayed on his exercise bike, so Brad, Trey and Dom decided to use the bikes. Garvan said, “If you guys want to, I was going to swim some laps. Want to join me?”

Dom said, “I’m not a member, but can I use it? Of course, I don’t have a suit with me.”

Trey said, “I would swim. I love swimming, but I don’t have mine either. I guess skinnydipping is not allowed here.”

Brad laughed and said, “No, but I wouldn’t mind you nude. I know where we could skinnydip. I have a suit for you, Trey.”

Dom said, “Do you have a suit for me? Either one of you.”

Garvan said, “I do have a suit for you, Dom. I hope you’ll like it. It is a swim diaper, which is brand new.” Garvan sighed and said, “You know I need diapers, so even when I swim.”

Dom said, “I know that, Garvan. I know some of the GSA members are teen babies, but I wonder what diapers feels like.”

Garvan said, “I like diapers, but as you know I get kidded at school because of it. Paxton needs them, too and he is depressed. I’m trying to tell Pax he needs them and don’t worry what friends will say. Want to try the swim diapers, Dom?”


In Narboro, David Ansquer, Juan deOllqui and Baurice Brown, after Dom gave them a whipping, went to their ‘clubhouse’, an abandoned building. The building, which was the old Narboro Rubber factory, was where they - along with others - smoke weed, take drugs, have sex and other illegal activities.

“I knew those fag lovers - Bill and Bradley - won’t be friends. They have to be good for their mommy and daddy. Next season, we should take them out for the season.”

Juan said, “I am going to get LaMarr Washington to break Dominick’s leg in practice. He thinks he is better than us. He is a fag and we should tell the coach no fags on the team.
I think he’ll agree.” He lit a joint and said, “Time for fags to be off the team, we need real guys. Maybe the coach will let us have hos.”

Baurice said, “We need to get all the FAGS and fag lovers off the team. What those fags need is some hos. We should have some hos later.”

David looked at them and said, “You know who’s easy? Bethany Washbrook. I wouldn’t mind having her.” He shook his head and thought to himself, ‘Why am I doing this? Just because my mom died, dad shouldn’t be worried about me. I should be helping my brothers and sisters, not with these guys. I might get into trouble if I hang with them. I mean stealing a fishing pole.’

Baurice took a drag on the join and handed it to Juan. Jaun took a hit and handed it to Baurice. Juan opened up a bottle of whiskey and took a swig, then handed it to Dave. Dave hated alcohol and drugs, so he toop a sip and handed the bottle to Juan, then spit out the whiskey. Dave decided to leave and said, “See you guys later. I’m going to find a girl for the night.” Dave thought, ‘Really, I’m going home and help my dad with my brothers and sisters. Why am I hanging with them - stealing a fishing pole and beating up on Kris? I got to be better.’

Baurice and Juan saw Dave leave, but they didn’t care. They finished the whiskey, then started on Boone’s Farm.


Dave, as he walked home, thought about the last 3 years, since her mom died. His mom died of breast cancer at 36, so he should help his dad with his brothers - who are 11, 7 and twins 4 and sisters 12, and 9. He kicked a rock and thought, ‘Dad, sorry. I need to grow up and be better in school and with my family.’

Dave got home, a modest 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath bi-level and went to his room and cried on his bed.

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