Catfish Part 5

catfish, noun: a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes

Jason is pissed off.

Fortunately there's only two people total in the hall. Thank god, they don't react. This isn't the most social floor. The guys above us are way louder. Not that I really go to the stupid floor events anyway. The only thing I'm really missing is free pizza. I really hope they weren't paying too much attention but I doubt it. No one pays much attention here. At least not to me. At least this time it's kind of a good thing.

It sucks, though. I had friends in high school that I had known pretty much all my life. Now I move here to college and suddenly I'm alone.

Well, whatever. People are stupid. They don't know a good thing when they see it.

Winning today's prize for stupidest idiot: Mark. What the FUCK was he thinking. Does he not realize the position he's put me in.

I mean, maybe he's thinking I went out in public before, for our “date.” But that was completely different. That was a prank. If someone laughed at me in public it would be fine, because it was supposed to be funny.

This time I didn't have that excuse.

I take the stairs because I do NOT want to be stuck in the elevator with someone for several minutes. The elevators here are excruciatingly slow. It's like waiting for a loading screen.

I'm trying to think where I could go that nobody knows me. Sadly, the answer is everywhere. No one really knows me in this town. I mean, there's a few people who I recognize from classes, but the classes are so huge anyway and I'm pretty sure that as an average attractiveness white guy I just blend in.

However, people from my floor would probably recognize me. I think I better leave the dorm building or there's the chance of someone who's actually paying attention recognizing me.

I don't want to have to interact with any overeager employees, so a restaurant is out. I guess I'll just go to the library like I always do. There's lots of space to hide among the shelves and study rooms, and it's not like there's ever very many people in there except during exam season.

As I walk down the sidewalk I mentally flinch every time I pass another person. After several people have gone by I start to relax slightly and the ball of tension in my stomach starts to unwind. Even if people can tell I'm a freakish crossdresser no one reacts. Good thing this is a liberal university town haha. I swear no one would care if someone ran by naked.

I FINALLY reach the library and feel a sense of safety as I pass through its large wooden doors. I steer clear of the help desk and finally reach the glorious main stacks, books piled high and far as the eye can see...

Where I promptly pull out my phone. Hey, I never said I came to the library to READ.


I fiddle around with my phone for a few hours until it's really low on power, and I don't have a charger on me. Fortunately, unlike a few weeks ago, no one tries to talk to me. Well, Mark and... her are probably done by now. Eugh. I guess I'll head back. I can change before I get dinner.

Wait, shit, I could have just brought clothes with me and then changed anywhere. Should've done—actually, I don't know where I would do that. Can't really use either bathroom. I think I've seen a unisex handicap one? but I can't remember which building it was in.

Well, whatever. It doesn't really matter now. Fortunately there's fewer people about now because it's that awkward period between classes ending and parties starting. The sun is setting but it's not actually dark. Just long shadows and a kind of orange light. A more positive person would probably call it golden.

I look back and see my shadow stretching behind me. This time of day everything always seems kind of frozen in time. In a few minutes it'll be dark though.

My stomach grumbles, bringing me back to the here and now. I continue walking back to the dorms. At least the weird lighting now should make it hard to see my face.

I'm almost back when I remember they make you scan your id. Keeps homeless people out. I freak for a moment before remembering that no one actually looks at your id. They just care if the green light goes on.

I'm finally back at the room. I hesitate before knocking on the door. Thank god there's no tie on the doorknob or anything. Do people actually do that? I feel like it's just a movie thing.

There's no responsible. I hope that means it's safe. I use my key and go on in.

The room is dark. I wince and flip on the light. Please don't be naked on his bed, please don't be naked on his bed. Though I guess being naked on my bed would be worse.

The room is empty. The blankets on his bed are in disarray. I carefully don't look for stains on them. Don't even want to think about that.

With the sun almost down and the shutters closed only the harsh fluorescent bulb lights the room. I think they use that kind because it's more energy efficient, but right now it just makes things feel even more lonely. I flop down on my bed without even taking my shoes off.

Early I was pissed off, but now I'm just tired. I feel like—I don't know, there's a massive weight pressing down on me, making hard to move. Like I can't get out of this bed.

I don't even want to get up to turn the light off. My eyes flash over to where—they were. Suddenly I'm pissed again.

I feel like the only friend I had in this place is gone.

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