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The Implausible Cheerleader

by: Anastasia Lynn Walker

To think I was a normal boy two days ago... but let me start at the beginning.

My family was on vacation, well sort of vacation. We were looking for house near where my dad had his new job. While we were here, my parents though we might as well see some of the local attractions, like a waterpark. But first my twin sister and I had to register at the high school I'd be going to.

When my family arrived at the motel, however, and I was unpacking I realized I had taken someone else's suitcase. It was an identical model to mine and I hadn't checked the label.

Just then, my sister coming over to see what was wrong, bumped into him and made him spill my Coke all over my self.

“Fucking watch it bitch. This is my favorite shirt”

“Can't you just change?” she asked.

“no, I don't have any close now.”

Little did I know my foul langage made her think “he should be taught a lesson.”

“You weining nerd” my sister said. “Didn't you pack anything like parents said?”

“Yeah but, I got someone elses luggage”

“You can't wear it?” “No, its girl's clothes! And really girlie”

“Well, why don't you wear some of my clothes?”

“No way! That's girl clothes too”

“I have some pretty uni sex stuff you could wear. Besides you know whe're the same size.”

It was true. Unlike mostof the boys in my grade I had yet to go through pupberty and was still short and facial and body hairless. “ It probaly didn't help that I had long hair as a way of rebelling against my parents.”

Fine, I guess I dont have a choice at least until stores open tomorrow.” It was late noon when our flight finished and now it was night.”

I complained to my parents about this situation. They weren't vary sympathetic thought. My mom said “I think you could stand to learn more about th opposite sex.“ My Dad said “Actually,whe n I was younger I used to wear your mom's clothes. Her dad made me to it to prove I was worth her (read “A Test of courage for more).”

It was then I remembered I had to register for school tomorrow. Oh no! What was I going to do!

To be continued...


Synopsis: When Jerry's wife gets tired of his lazy ways, she decides to turn him into her sissy maid Geri.

Jerry's Feminizing Improvement Part I by Sissy maid Geri

Disclaimer: Do not read this if you're under 18, or if it's illegal to read where you live. Any resemblance to real life persons or situations is strictly coincidental. If you're offended by transgender themes, crossdressing, forced feminization or unwilling gay male sex, this is not the story for you.

Jerry's Feminizing Improvement Part I by Sissy maid Geri

I made a lot of money from my job as a software engineer. That's probably why my wife was so upset when I quit.

My wife is dyed blonde with a fantastic figure (38-18-40). To be honest, I married her entirely for her looks. I've always thought she's a bit of a gold digger but as long as she looks like that, who cares?

“What the hell is wrong with you? Don't you know that the husband is supposed to support his wife?” she raged at me.

“Not this husband. I'm sick of working so hard and we have plenty saved up.”

“Well,” she smirked with a gleam in her eye, “Maybe he shouldn't be a husband any more.”

To be honest, I thought she was hinting at divorce. I now know that was a foolish assumption. At the time, though, I didn't ask what she meant. It was best not to question her when she was angry.

The next night, I was confused when she tried to get me to wear her panties. “It's sexy,” she grinned. I didn't agree but thought it might placate her about my retirement. How I regret that decision.

The night after that, she brought out a whalebone corset. “You'd look sexy wearing that, but with your figure you hardly need it,” I smoothly complimented her.

“Oh, it's not for me,” she said with the biggest smirk I had ever seen on her face.

“I am NOT wearing that,” I exclaimed, waving my hands for emphasis.

“You don't have a choice,” she sneered, and brought out pictures of the night I wore her panties.

“Sh*t, you can't show that to anyone. It'll ruin my reputation.”

“Then you know what you have to do” she snickered as she held out the corset.

Half an hour later I was in the corset and panties, breastforms stuck in the corset's cups and thick rouge, mascara and blush oj my face. “I look like a pervert,” I bemoaned to my reflection.

“No, you look like a sissy,” my wife sneered. “So your outsides match your insides. Now everyone who sees you will know you're not much of a man, refusing to support your wife like that. They'll see you for the sissy you are.”

“No, enough is enough,” I declared. “I'm getting out of this clown gear.”

I started tugging at the corset but to my horror it wouldn't come off. The same was true of the panties, and the makeup wouldn't wipe off. My wife chuckled as I gaped at the mirror and tugged.

“It won't come off unless you have THIS,” she announced, holding up a small white and red bottle. “It's the solvent for the glue I put on everything you're wearing.”

“What about the makeup?” I asked, dreading the response.

“Oh, it's permanent. It won't come off for months or even years.”

Just then, the doorbell rang. “Oh, that's probably your friend Jack. I forgot I invited him over” my wife announced with a falsely casual air. “Now there's a REAL man.”

“If you don't want to be caught,” she added, “you better put this on.” She handed me a French maid uniform.

I scowled at the petticoats and frilly skirt, the low-cut blouse that would reveal my convincing fake cleavage. “No way.”

But I didn't have a choice.

Besides, as my wife reminded me, “You deserve this.”


Afternoon Delight
Urethra Franklin

One Sunday afternoon I was bored. My wife was out of town on a business seminar and because we had moved to this city recently I didn't have a lot of friends.

Just to entertain myself, I tried on a blonde wig my wife had worn last Halloween. It was a cheap wig, but I was amazed at how much it changed my appearance. From the neck up, I looked like a beautiful woman!

Next I put on some of my wife's clothing, padding one of her bras and tucking my little penis back into her panties. After finishing with a cocktail dress, I was amazed at how sexy I looked—for a woman!

Just then, the doorbell rang. I peeked through the spyhole and saw it was a well-built, handsome delivery man. Wow, I'd like to—What am I saying?? I'm a straight man!

I let him in and to my pleasure he referred to me as “Miss” Franklin. I realized I didn't have any money on me—my wallet was still in my jeans pocket in the bedroom and I didn't want to go get it in case a man's wallet gave the game away. “I'm sorry, I don't seem to have any money on me. Perhaps I could pay you another way...”

“I can think of another way,” he leered, suddenly seeming so threatening. Was this how women felt all the time?

I carefully dislodged his engorged manhood from his bulging, tight-fitting knakis and then did something I never expected to do—put another man's penis in my mouth. It was hot in my mouth and smelled strong and fetid, yet somehow good. After a few seconds, he started shouting small yelps and then shot his hot man juice into my mouth. I was careful to swallow all of it—I didn't want to get my wife's dress dirty.

As soon as he had left and I heard his truck start up and drive away, I changed back to my normal clothes. Since that day, I've had plenty of fun afternoons but nothing quite like this.


I'm a boy!

I'm a normal highschooler, or I was. I guess I still am except I look like a girl but I'm a boy.

I have gynomastia, this thing where teenage boys grow breasts but it's supposed to be temporary. I also have long hair and I'm unusually short and slight for my age. One day my parents told me they had an announcement. It turns out I'm intersex, like part male and part female, and even though I have a penis I'm going to develop like a female, which explains why voice hasn't deepened and I haven't grown hair. So my parents decided to start raising me as a girl. Only one problem—I'm a boy! I don't care if I'm gonna grow breasts or not, I just can't think of myself as a girl. Oh well, I'm sure my parents know best.

Sincereley, Tyler Kylie Bourroughs

This is my 1st story so I hope people like it.

One day Jon was walking along when his pants suddenly tore. “Damn”, he swore. Then his shirt tore too. He dashed into the nearest clothing store but it turns out they only sold girls clothing. Coming out of the store, he was stung on both nipples by bees from a hive by the store entrance. His chest area swelled up and looked like boobs.

After the grocery store cashier called him “miss”, Jon decided to get his long (for a guy) hair cut short to look more masculine. Unfortunately the stylist also thought he was a girl and gave him a girl's haircut. She also put some makeup on “her” face for free, because she thought “she” could use some help. Jon wondered what she was putting on his face but she told him it was just to make him look better. He assumed it was moisturizers or something. A little girly, but if it helped him with the chicks he was all for it.

When he saw himself in the mirror Jon swore. 'How can I look so much like a girl? I'm a manly, manly man.”

When he went home his mother wouldn't believe it was him at first. He had to show her a birthmark on his butt. Then she was happy.

“I always wanted a daughter” she said. Too happy in jon's opinion. He went to go change but his mother told him to stay like that. “I want your dad to see his adorable new daughter when he gets back.”

Now Josh was really stuck. What misadventures would he get up to next? Comments positive or negative, appreciated

Part ii

Note: I know I accidentally called him josh but I think I like that name more

Josh's dad walked and said “Who is this lovely girl?” Then he started goldfishing (gasping like a goldfish). “Is that you Josh? It's me your dad.” “Yeah dad I know how you are.” “Yeah right sorry dau—son but I'm just so shocked.'

“Josh's dad started to examine Josh. He said “You actually look really beautiful. I wish you were my daughter”. Josh was annoyed. “Hey dad I'm still a boy even if I don't look like one.”

Just then Josh's friend Kyle walked in. “O sorry miss I was looking for Josh”. Josh couldn't believe he didn't recognize him. “Its me you dumbass.”

“Sorry are you josh's sister?” “No it's me, Josh” “WHAAT, Josh, that's you? I thought you were a really hot girl.”

“That's creepy man,” Josh complained.

“Hey I have a good idea.” He (Kyle) leaned over to whisper in Josh's ear. “NO WAY I'm not doing that, that's gay.”

“No seriosly dude. Don't you want to hang with the cool kids?”

“Yeah I guess”, Josh whined reluctantly. “Fine, I'll be your date to the big dance”

Josh is even deeper in. Will he ever free himself from all this girl-ness (if that's a word) Comments positive or negative, appreciated

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