Demon Witch Cheerleaders (part 8)

my friend and I were at the wrong place at the wrong time when the cheerleaders come back then we were caught by them something was going to change me forever.

8 The State of Iowa falls to Evil Jade

It was the next day at the palace Ruby and Emerald were dong task for Isabella and I we were still in bed when Nina walked in and said “ excuse me my mistress you might want see the news” so I turned on the new and saw the news reader says “we have news that the FBI have completed the investigation of the death of governor Jones head of FBI in Hades City Jennifer said “we have done our investigation on the murder have found now cause of Struggle my 2 Agents Maxwell and Colder have seen the body and believe out come by Commissioner Anderson and her police force”.

The news reader continue so electoral commission has decide that until the election is held in few months time that the candidate of the woman's superior Party will be the new Governor of Iowa .

I looked at Isabella I had now control of Iowa I was now the ruler of Iowa we continue hearing the newsreader the new governor said that Hades City police commissioner Anderson will now run the police force and Hades city is now the capital of the state not Des monies any more we going live to Police commissioner Anderson said “ we will be implementing same laws at are here in hades city to whole state of Iowa and there will be no need for the election now.”

The news reader said “that was quick we have new governor Jackson says “ we are now under woman superior party law here all males are forbidden hold a job higher than worker all media is now run by hades Media cooperation and all families will obey this laws” a reporter say” Governor there is a massive Palace in Palm dale district of Hades City”. The governor says “ that is the home of the owner of Hades Media cooperation and her staff why” the reporter says “ I was wondering that is all governor”.

The governor said “your from CNN is that correct”

the reporter said “ yes I am why “ the governor said “ you need to go and see the Palace at Palm dale you can be accompany by Elise Mathews head of Hades media”

I switched off the television Isabella said it look like we are getting a visitor today babe”. I said “ yes on a Saturday” then Nina came back in and said “Mistress we have your breakfast ready for you”. I said “good we will be down soon” she said “Yes my mistress” we got up and saw Isabella mom come in and start cleaning the room Isabella said “Minion we are not dressed yet” the Minion said “Sorry mistress I will be back soon” Isabella says “no you will be punished” she yell out to Nina.

Nina comes running in and says “yes mistress Isabella” she says “ this minion was in here cleaning before we were ready and dressed” Nina said “ I am sorry mistress Isabella she will be punished” so Nina took her minion worker out she was put in the cage and told you will be assign some where else in the mistress empire.

I finally came down for breakfast all my witches were there eating breakfast Emerald and Ruby are sleeping now they can come out at night or day but they have order to protect me I was eating my breakfast when Elise arrived with a reporter from CNN Anna Cohen she was showing her around the Palace Anna asked Elise “why the mayor lives here?”. she said “ most people here live with the mistress our ruler”

I walked outside with Madison and Isabella following me I saw Simone she was helping a minion with chores I walked up to them and Elise said “hello my mistress this is Anna Cohen from CNN”. I said “Hello Anna”. She said “ hello” I said “call me Jade but soon you will pledge your self and like Elise you will call me mistress”.

I was in her brain telling her I was her mistress and Elise will be her new boss at HNN she was trying to say some thing she said “mistress Jade who do you control “I said “I am the ruler of Iowa state now we will soon be a woman state Hades city is now the Capital and soon I will expand in to other cities and states” she said “What about the federal government in Washington ” I said “you will understand soon I can not be defeated”. She said “ yes mistress” I looked at her and she was coming around to my thinking .

She said “ I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. And like the others her clothes change into Leather skirt and boots and my family symbol Appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires ”.

Anna said “ I understand now my mistress” I said “ good you will work for HNN now as our new newsreader”. It will be honour to work for you my mistress”. I said “good you and Elise will find away so I can get control of all the media in America”.
as Elise and Anna left to go back to work I saw more males coming in and females leaving I was happy my witches were doing there job by turning more males into women they walked out as girls or women all the police force are my minions. A general name Nathan Morris was sent by Washington with a few troops they went and saw Mayor Hampton and commissioner Anderson about amount of females and less of males here in our city .

Mayor Hampton said “ why general Morris have we become important to you” he said “I was set here by sectary of state to see why there is more women here then men “ commissioner Anderson “ why be so concern about it General we are still part of United States influx of females it not a problem” he said “ maybe not.” Mayor Hampton said “ why don't you bring your sectary of state and defence here and let them check it them self you will be here to protect them” he said “ok I will arrange that “.

Mayor Hampton said “Good you can spend time at the Hades palace in Palm dale”. He said “that will be nice”. Commissioner Anderson said “ I will take you out there”. So they drove out from hades city to my Palace when they arrived commissioner Anderson said “ well this is it here” he said “ lot of women here too “ she said “ the owner Miss Hades prefer woman to men”.

He was escorted to the Main room I was in there with Isabella, Jessica, Madison Clare, Emily and Toni I said “hello General “ he said “hello Miss Hades” I said “I see your here until sectaries of defence and state get here”. He said “yes Miss Hades” he said they will be here this afternoon” as we were talking Jasmine was turning his soldiers into my new type of woman soldier they now wear a tight leather uniform and thigh boots.

He said “My soldiers are being care for 'I said “Yes one of my friends are taking care of them and here she is now”. she walked up to me and said “it has been done Mistress”. I said “ good”. Then 3 woman soldiers walk in wearing tight black leather and Thigh high boots” he said “ who are they?.”

I said “ your soldiers General” he said “ they are women” of course they are all my minions and soldiers are women, men are pathetic scum who need become a better gender and serve me like you will” he said “ I serve the president of United States”. I said “ soon you will serve me” he said “ what no way.”

His body began to change as he began to gain breast and his body became more feminine I watched as her hips began to widen and her hair got long and she saw her penis disappeared now forming a clit and Vagina she looked at me .

She said “ I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. And like the others her clothes change into Leather skirt and boots and my family symbol Appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires ”.

I said “Natalie you will become my General in my conquest” she said “Yes my mistress”. I said “good you will always see miss Jasmine here and she will help turn more soldiers into my woman soldiers”. She said “ it will be honour we will start with National guard here and soon all the army , Air force and Navy will be yours my mistress”. I clicked my finger and reality changes again.

I watching the new when I saw Anna Cohen coming from the Airport she said “ we are here at Hades City international Airport as the sectaries of Defence and State arrive on the advice of Mayor Hampton and General Natalie Morris , the mayor is waiting as they disembark from the plane I see the sectary of state she is talking to the Mayor and Sectary of defence is talking to Commissioner Anderson”.
Anna Continues” they have boarded a car for Hades Palace in Palm Dale” they will be seeing Miss Hades and will see everything is ok here this is Anna Cohen for HNN”.

They were on their way to my palace my pet vampires have gone searching for the demon hunter I told them you will smell the pure blood in them they said “ we are to kill the demon Hunters mistress”. I said “ yes but I want the mentor “ they said Yes Mistress.” and they left to find the demon hunters.

The sectaries arrived here at the Palace they were greeted by general Natalie Morris she said “welcome to Hades Palace”. The state sectary said “I would like to see miss Hades” Natalie said “ yes Madam sectary she is waiting for you” Natalie called over Alicia and said “can you take Madam sectary to Miss Hades.” she said “ Yes miss Morris.”

Alicia took Madam sectary to me and Natalie took the defence sectary to see Jasmine and Madison . They will turn him into a woman and one of my minions I saw Madam sectary walk in and say “Hello Mistress.” I said “ hello Kailee” she said “ Mistress commissioner Anderson taught me the truth and I understand why you are doing here and hopefully will do the world peace no men and your rule”

I said “ I am glad you understand Kailee “ She said “ I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. And like the others her clothes change into Leather skirt and boots and my family symbol Appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires. ”

I said “good you will help in my conquest of the white house”. She said “ I will help you any way I can my mistress I will send the vice president here” I said “good I also want the speaker of the house once he is a woman she will announce that she is a member of the woman superior party” .

She said “ I will help in any way I can my mistress” we saw the new Female sectary of defence she walked up to me She said “ I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. And like the others her clothes change into Leather skirt and boots and my family symbol Appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires”.

I said “Hailee can fill you in” she said “yes my mistress”. They both headed back to the airport and back to Washington Jessica said “Mistress I can fee the master flowing through me since we are getting stronger”. I said “ you are learning well Jessica” she said” I can never be human again mistress I feel more demonic than human” .

I said “ you are a demon now Jessica the geek I freed a few month ago is gone”. She said “ as my queen I will serve you and the master always” I said “good you now understand my purpose here” she said “ I do my queen”. Her eyes went from brown to bright red and she saw a male he turned into a woman as fast as I could do it I said “ your demon powers are very good Jessica” she said “ thank you my queen”.
All the minions were sent a message through their heads that they are to call Jessica Mistress and All my witches are call me my queen now

Jasmine walked in and said “My queen I feel the master power flowing through me and I feel like I am no longer human” I said “it is final stages of your transformation you are now a demon like Jessica”.

She said “My queen I am glad I am a demon now “ I said “good I have a job for you she” said “anything my queen” I said “ strip Emily of her powers and make her a minion” she said “it will be done my queen and her apprentice Toni” I said “do you want her as yours ?”. Jasmine said “ my queen she is a good apprentice”. I said “ do you want her as your apprentice or what Jasmine?”.

She said “ I'll give her a try my queen but if she has not learnt a lot she will stripped and become a minion like her trainer” I said “ good work now and go what you have been told” she said “yes my queen and left”. So jasmine left and went to seek out Emily she is last of Tina head cheerleaders my father wants her as minion.

Tina was killed by my father cause she was very upset from when she told me she was a witch and she wanted me to become one but he decided that I was better to be his demon daughter then her she took it badly so my father gave her same powers as the other witches but she wanted be like me so my father eliminated her never go against the lord of the underworld Hades or the devil .

A few days have passed now Jasmine is training her new apprentice Toni. Jasmine has told me that Toni has learnt a lot as under she keep her Junior cheerleader captain job we are now at Palm Dale girls high I am a varsity cheerleader captain school student president and queen B the whole school population are my minions Palm Dale population is now 99% female now and all under my control the state of Iowa is 70% female now and Alicia and Nicole are helping change boys to girls a Hades Middle school.

Miss Pearson has told me that Vice president is arriving tomorrow I called Elsie she said yes my mistress he is coming”. I said “good I will have the governor and Mayor come and meet him” she said “ good Idea mistress “ I said “Thank you Minion” she said “ I will inform you when he arrives Mistress” I said “ good “ and she hung up.

Clare came over and said “My queen Alicia has informed me the she is having problems at her school”. I said “go and see what she is need and then help her with transformation of the faculty there”. She said “ yes My queen I will leave now” . She left for Hades Middle school I saw miss Pearson I said “Clare will be on a Mission”.
She said “yes my mistress “ I left her and headed to class I saw Isabella she was talking to a couple of girls. she walked up to me and said “ My queen I have been told that our vampires have found a demon hunter house they want to know what to do”. I said “Kill them they will enjoy their blood”. She said “ yes my queen I will tell them”.

We walked into class and saw miss Higgins doing calculus a girl said “Miss Higgins why do we need to do male formulated calculus”. she said “we have act as normal as possible until the mistress gets control of Washington”. Another girl said “men are pathetic we need help our mistress get rid of them” Miss Higgins said “ my queen where is Clare?” I said “Clare is helping another girl at Hades Middle school”.
Kim a minion said “ mistress my little cousin goes there at that school he is a pathetic boy ” I said “you have been good minion” she said “ thank you my mistress” I said “ I will upgrade you to head Minion in your area she said “Thank you my mistress” I said you are welcome minion” school was boring as usual but we need to keep our cover”.

I was walking to my car when I saw Isabella she said “Babe can I get lift home with you “.I said “sure babe “ a minion came running up mistress we have heard you are required in Hades City the speaker of the house has arrived he is talking to governor Amanda I said “we are on our way” We arrived in Hades city we arrived at the governor office I saw her.
She saw me and came out and said to me “my mistress I was going to call you”. I said “well I am here I want meet him”. she said “Yes my mistress” so we walked into her office he said “who is this ?” governor Amanda says “this is miss Hades one of our wealthiest woman here”. He said “nice to meet you miss Hades”.

I said “same Mr speaker “. he said “I was telling the governor we are concern about the Women superior party”. I said “why is that Mr speaker we are still ok here in Iowa” he said “we are concerned about there being more women than men ”. I said “ women superior Party now runs this state”. He said “we know and secretary of sate and Defences agreeing with this new party”.
I said to him” the women superior party is some thing women are happy to help her fellow women” he said “ this state has 78% woman compared any where else I looked into his mind and I was taking over his mind he was falling under my control, then his body began to change and he was becoming a woman he looked at himself and moaned he was now a she. She looked at her new body and said “I am now glad I am a woman”

She said “ I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. . And like the others her clothes change into Leather skirt and boots and my family symbol Appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade , my master our lord Lucifer mistress Isabella and you as my queen Jade ruler of the demons and vampires”.

I said “ which party were you with Madam Speaker” she said “I was a Republican now I am Women superior Party member mistress”. I said “ you will help congress and senate all become women”. she said “yes Mistress I will help you any way I can” she left the office I clicked my fingers and reality change I was on my way to controlling Washington and the world.

She arrived in Washington. she went up to Capital hill in Washington. and said “my congressmen and woman and senators I am announcing that I am now a member of the woman superior Party and I urge all congresswomen and women senators to join us into being a country like Iowa free of male rule and freedom”. All congresswomen left their parties in a full resign and become new member of The Women superior Party it took up 45% of the congress and in the senate all the women came across to the Women superior party.

What was left of 2 other Parties the men was in shock as they left the house for breaks they came back as women of the women superior party all pledging their loyalty to me I was on my the my conquest of United states of America . Clare was doing her job there she will be a full demon soon by the end of the day all of congress and the senate was now women. I had full control of American congress and senate. Newspapers report Women Superior Party now control congress and Senate. The President Announces talks with the party. All the new woman in the party have my family symbol on their right breasts and are my minions.

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