Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 2

Chapter 2. Baby's First Accident

Since I had been put to bed so early, I awoke rather early the following morning. I quietly lay there listening to the silent household gradually stir to life. Even though it was Saturday, a day I usually enjoyed sleeping late, I needed to do a wee-wee in a really bad way! I knew that the toilet was off-limits to me now, and was debating with myself whether or not I could sneak into the Nursery bathroom down the hall, pull down my nappy and use the loo unnoticed. While I was still mentally arguing, Mum quietly walked into my bedroom wearing a huge smile.

She pulled down my top sheet and sang, "Good morning, Babycakes! How are we today? Are we still dry?" Without waiting for an answer, she slipped two fingers beneath my onesie and reached under the tight leg band of the frilly plastic panties, and expertly probed my nappy around the crotch. "Still dry, I see!" she exclaimed in astonishment. "Well, you can't hold out forever. Let Mummy dress you first, baby, and then you can help me dress Angie."

I pouted up at her in misery and whined; "Oh Mum! Do I really have to wear nappies? I learned my lesson yesterday. I promise I won't ever tease Angie about her potty-training again. I'll be good, really!"
"Oh I know you'll be good - really! And yes, you do have to wear your nappies! Don't think of this as a punishment, but rather your small contribution towards helping us successfully potty-train your little sister. Besides, I think this might be fun! Oh and by the way; as part of your new status, I've decided it would be more appropriate if you called us Mummy and Daddy from now on. Hop out of bed now baby, and Mummy will dress you for the day."

I slowly climbed out of bed and Mum - I mean Mummy - took me firmly by the hand and led me waddling into Angie's spacious bedroom. She unsnapped and removed my snug white onesie, and then reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a new lemon-yellow folded garment. She shook it out, and I could see it was some kind of stretchy terry cotton, sleeveless girl's snap-crotch romper suit. It had a bib front and slender straps going over the shoulders, both adorned with white lace frills. "Okay, let's put this on you, honey,” she suggested. “It will be good for playing in." The snug elasticised waist and leg bands and the full-cut bubble bottom seemed to emphasise my bulky nappies underneath even more when I tried it on. Mummy turned me around to zip the garment closed up the back, and then she ran her fingers through my lustrous long blonde hair. "I think it's time to fix your hair in a more suitable style," she murmured. "Sit down on the stool here in front of the dressing table while I comb you out, baby."

Mummy made a part down the middle of my head, drawing my long locks to either side. She then combed my hair down in the front over my forehead. With a pair of sharp scissors she created a neat, even set of bangs, a fraction of an inch above my eyebrows. Despite my half-hearted protestations the hair on each side of my head was brushed straight, and then braided into neat six-inch blonde pigtails bound with hair elastics. A little yellow satin ribbon was tied into a pretty bow at the end of each pigtail, matching my romper perfectly. When I saw myself in the mirror I was truly shocked, and let out a small yelp. My grinning Mummy tried to reassure me, telling me that I looked like a really cute little toddler girl!

"Stop worrying! No one will recognise you! Nobody would know you're really a boy - unless they know you really well." Her assurances didn't make me feel any better, of course. We then walked over to Angie's bed and woke my sleeping sister. While rousing from her sound sleep, she groggily asked Mum, "Who is that girl standing next to you, Mummy?" She then recognised that the girl was her new 'baby sister,' Jeremy. She was so thrilled to see me dressed in my rompers and pigtails, her cute little face lit up in delight and she giggled sleepily.

Mummy crooned, "Time for you to hop out of bed and be dressed just like Jeremy, sweetie-pie. But let's check your diaper first." Just as she did for me, Mummy checked Angie's nappy and gaily announced that she needed to be changed at once. Turning to me, Mummy declared, "Now you can be Mummy's little helper, honey." Angie's cloth night nappy was saturated, and I helped Mummy change her on the padded change table. I had to dump the soggy nappy and damp pink baby panties in the white nappy bucket under the table, while Mummy spread a papery pink disposable under my sister's bottom. Mummy thoroughly cleaned her pink bottom and thighs, then used a fresh baby wipe to carefully swipe along her puffy little slit in front several times, until Angie began giggling uncontrollably and writhing on the table. I poured on the talc and my smiling Mummy rubbed it in, and then brought the front flap over my chortling sister's powdery tummy. During the day Mummy usually only tapes a disposable diaper around my baby sister's hips, and it was no surprise that Angie also ended up wearing a yellow terry romper over her crackling disposable, so we were dressed like twins again.

Mummy then shepherded Angie and me into the kitchen for breakfast. Dad was reading his newspaper at the kitchen table when we entered. He looked up at us and grinned broadly, exclaiming, "My goodness! Don't my 'girls' look pretty today!" I blushed, but couldn't think of a clever comeback. That's when I noticed that in addition to Angie's usual booster seat, her old pink highchair was standing beside the breakfast table. Dad explained to Mum, "I'm afraid since we don't have another booster seat, Jeremy will have to sit in Angie's old highchair for his meals. I'm sure glad we didn't give it away."
"Why can't I just sit in a regular chair, Daddy? I am NOT sitting in a stupid highchair!" That was a mistake! Before I could react, Daddy leapt out of his chair and snatched me up. He smacked my thickly padded rear hard enough to hurt. SMACK!

He dumped me heavily on the wooden highchair's pink padded vinyl seat, tightly strapped me in with the attached worn white leather crotch and waist belts, and then angrily snapped the tray table in place. "This is where you will be sitting for all your meals, little one - and no arguments! Do you hear me?" I was smart enough not to say anything to further enrage him, and I meekly sat there. I silently nodded, my lower lip trembling uncontrollably. The smack hadn't hurt that much, but it was so humiliating when he treated me like a naughty two-year-old.

Tears of shame welled in my eyes, but I willed myself to stop crying like a sissy baby and managed to hold them back. Mummy ignored my protruding bottom lip and trembling chin as she clipped a pink terry bib around my neck, before smoothing it out over my chest. A plastic bowl of milky cereal and a spoon were placed on the wide pink wooden tray in front of me, and everyone seemed to ignore me for the moment. While eating my breakfast in sulky silence, I could no longer retain my aching bladder. I gave in with a barely repressed shudder, flooding my nappies with hot urine. I experienced the strangest feeling of combined relief and embarrassment - in addition to a weirdly pleasant sensation of creeping heat around my loins. I had been holding it for so long that the comforting warm stream seemed to last forever, trickling slowly out my twitching peenie and eventually seeping into the absorbent fluffy terrycloth. I tried not to let it show that I was saturating my nappies while I quietly finished eating my breakfast. I have no idea when my bladder finally finished emptying.

When everyone else had finished eating, I asked Mummy the most difficult question I ever had to ask in recent memory. While still trapped in the humiliating pink highchair, in a low voice I muttered; "Can you change my nappy, Mum?"
"What did you say, Baby Jeremy?" she snapped in obvious annoyance, as she handed me a pink sippy-cup full of watered-down orange juice.
"Mummy, would you please change my nappy?" I asked in a slightly louder voice, ducking my head in shame as I corrected my mistake.
"Certainly, baby!” Mummy replied with a victorious smile. “After you finish your juice, I would be happy to oblige. Angelica, then you can be Mummy's little helper and help me change your baby sister's nappy." To my dismay, Angie seemed thrilled at the prospect of helping Mummy change my diaper.

When my sippy-cup was empty, Mummy took it from me and unlocked and removed the tray, and then released me from the highchair restraints. After she lifted me down, we all walked - I waddled heavily - up the stairs and into Angie's bedroom. I was instructed to climb up on the padded vinyl-covered changing table and lie down on my back. Mummy unsnapped the crotch piece of my stretchy yellow rompers and let the stretchy front flap flip up over my chest. My stiff pink plastic panties were pulled down and off, and the heavy wet nappies unpinned and removed. They were thoroughly soaked in the crotch and smelled strongly of fresh urine. Mummy wrinkled her nose in distaste as she dumped the stinky cloth nappies in the big white diaper pail that was already partially filled with Angie's soiled cloth nappies.

"I think we should buy you your own diaper pail, Jeremy," Mummy suggested brightly. "Wouldn't that be lovely? We could even print your name on it!" It was hard to appear excited about owning my own nappy bucket. "Angie darling, can you hand me two of Jeremy's cloth nappies, please?" While Angie slowly counted out the fluffy white cloth nappies for me from the stack underneath the changing table, Mummy was busy cleaning, oiling and powdering my bare bottom and groin.
"Here are Jeremy's nappies," Angie offered helpfully.

"Why thank you, sweetheart! Can you fetch me some clean baby panties from that open dresser drawer, please?" Mummy placed the nappies between my splayed thighs along with two disposable nappy liners, slid them under my raised bottom, and then pinned them on me just as tightly as the clerk did at the store, using two of the pink plastic-headed pins to secure each side. Angie returned with some bright yellow plastic panties that snapped up the sides at the front, and she waited patiently while my nappy was tightly pinned in place. Mummy again profusely thanked Angie for her help before she slid the opened fresh panties under my obligingly-raised rear. Positioning the front on top of my tightly pinned nappies, Mum snapped the sides together and then checked that any stray bits of cloth were completely sealed inside the wetproof plastic. Satisfied, Mummy then pulled down the ends of my stretchy yellow romper and snapped the front to the back under my bulging crotch.

"Okay, you're all done! Thank you Angelica, for helping Mummy change the baby. Do you want to go outside and play in the backyard, sweetie?"
"Yes please, Mummy!" Angie agreed with great enthusiasm. We slowly headed downstairs and shuffled down the hallway towards the back door. By now my sister understood that whenever she was playing outside in our yard, she had to wear her toddler harness and a leash, so she couldn't accidentally wander off. Our spacious backyard was not completely fenced, only lined with low oleander bushes for most of the perimeter. My sister waited impatiently while Mummy took down her old white leather toddler harness from the hook behind the door, before fastening the straps around her chest and waist. I idly wondered why Mummy was using her worn old harness, but not for long. She grabbed Angie's new, larger, pink leather toddler harness from the hook, and threaded the straps over my head and arms before I could back away. She swiftly spun me around and buckled the chest strap in the rear between my shoulder blades before I had a chance to react.

"I don't need a toddler harness!" I wailed in dismay, tugging ineffectually at the strong leather chest strap, while she tightly buckled the waist belt behind me as well. The pink toddler harness was a little larger than Angie's old white one, and could easily be made to fit me by altering the adjustable chest and shoulder straps - which Daddy had done already. In addition, the new pink harness even had a wide lockable crotch strap, which made it impossible for the wearer to remove. Mummy slapped my bare thighs wider apart and kneeling behind me, reached between my spread legs. She plucked the pink leather crotch strap dangling from the front and pulled it back between my thighs, threading the end through a buckle attached to rear waistband.

Mummy stood and tugged the crotch strap tighter at the back. I felt my soft fluffy nappy being squeezed even more snugly against my genitals as I was involuntarily lifted onto my tippy-toes. She released her grip and when I dropped back on my heels, my thick nappy remained tightly pressed between my bowed legs. To my ears, the small 'click' of the rear lock closing sounded like a prison door slamming. Mummy tugged on the big brass ring riveted near the rear buckle of the chest strap, and explained; "Honey, even though you don't really need a toddler harness, your Daddy and I feel that it's important that you and Angie are treated exactly alike while you're both wearing nappies."

With my bottom lip practically dragging on the ground, we were led outside into our sunny backyard. There I could see two fine chain leashes attached to the clothesline pole in the centre of the recently mown lawn. One long leash was securely clipped onto the ring riveted to the rear of the chest strap of Angie's harness, out of her reach behind her back, and the other slender length of chain was padlocked to my harness. My range was limited to about twenty feet from the pole. I couldn't leave the backyard even if I'd wanted. I felt like a naughty puppy being restrained on a leash!

I played listlessly with Angie in our sandpit at first, although she thoroughly enjoyed having someone - anyone - to play with. She now thought of me not only as her sister, but as her friend and equal, dressed and treated exactly like her. We made castles, tunnels and buildings in the sand for almost an hour before it suddenly hit me. I needed to go to the toilet. I hadn’t done a poo since yesterday morning, as usual. I tried to ignore the painful cramping feeling in my lower gut for a while, but before long, the initial urge became an overpowering need. The thought of messing my nappies was repugnant to me, but eventually I couldn't stand the sharp cramping pain in my bowels any longer.

I struggled upright onto my knees and when I thought Angie wasn't watching, I took a deep breath and held it. It felt strange to be kneeling outside in the bright morning sunshine, fully-dressed while trying to do a poo. But I slid my knees further apart, braced my hands on my thighs, and pushed down with my tummy muscles. Out surged a large solid log of poo-poo into my tightly pinned nappy. It hit the rear of my snug cloth diaper and stopped for a second, holding my sensitive anus wide open as I quietly grunted to force the rest out. The crotch strap of my toddler harness was buckled so tightly, there was no room for my emerging poo to escape. The firm turd began to bend and then spread slowly in all directions, so hot against my delicate anal ring and tender botty cheeks. Then there was another hotter gush from my bowels, and a softer stream of sloppy poop filled the rear of my nappy. My guts felt considerably better after relieving some of the pressure, but my bottom felt hot and mushy inside the messy diaper. Despite the uncomfortable icky squishy feeling I pushed some more, and slowly filled the seat of my snug nappy to what I suspected was the limit. For good measure, I let loose a flood of pee into my hot poopy nappy at the same time.

Talk about being a baby! I think this was as close as I could come: wearing a baby romper, toddler harness and a leash, while kneeling in the sandpit in my wet and messy nappies. I was just about to call out to Mummy to ask for a diaper change, when I heard our front doorbell ring. I froze in terror and listened intently, and distantly heard Mummy talking to someone at the front door. About thirty seconds later, our neighbour Michael came strolling around the corner of our house and into the backyard. At first my ten-year-old friend looked puzzled while he stared at us kneeling in the sandpit, obviously wondering where I was - until he finally recognised me, despite my beribboned pigtails, bulging hips, and effeminate toddler clothes.

Michael’s mouth dropped open and his big blue eyes went wide, and then all he could manage to gasp was; "Holy Cow! What happened to you, Jeremy?"

I wished I could have died! Because I was locked in the toddler harness and tethered to the clothesline pole, I couldn't even run away to hide my shameful state. And of all times, here I was - on my hands and knees with wet and messy nappies, just like a real baby! "H-h-hi Michael," I weakly greeted him, completely embarrassed by my irremovable toddler restraints and my effeminate infantile appearance. When he hesitantly asked about my obvious thick nappies, sissy hairstyle and girly baby clothes, I haltingly tried to explain that Mummy and Daddy had asked me to help potty-train Angie - as if this somehow justified my humiliating situation and feminine outfit.

Michael stepped closer to the sandpit where Angie and I were still kneeling, and instantly detected the tell-tale earthy odour of a freshly-filled nappy. He sniffed the air loudly, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and then frowned in confusion. “It smells like someone has pooped in their nappies. That's not you, Jeremy - is it?" What could I say?
Obviously it was me! I shrugged my shoulders in embarrassed resignation, and grimaced as if to say; 'What else could I do?'
Michael stepped closer to where I knelt, and then surprised me when he reached behind me to pat my bum. He squeezed and pressed my bulging diaper bottom through my tight yellow romper suit. I heard him gasp in shock at the size of the distinct poo-poo parcel in my pants. If there was any doubt before, there was none now! "Omigod! You did poop in your nappies! And you're wet, too! Are you a total baby?"

After he snatched his hand away in disgust, I tried to make Michael understand that I had been forced to wear nappies since yesterday evening. Finally, I’d had no choice. "I had to go!" I wailed in humiliated distress, tears of shame welling in my eyes. My sinking pride hit rock-bottom when I had to miserably ask my astonished young friend, "Can you please go and tell my Mummy that I need my nappy changed?"

Michael laughed scornfully at my humiliating request and my cheeks flamed anew with fresh embarrassment. "Your Mummy? Okay, baby! I'll go fetch your Mummy!" He slowly turned around, walked up to the porch and knocked on the back door, watching me the whole time with an expression of stunned disbelief marring his handsome boyish features. I couldn't meet his frank unblinking gaze. I ducked away from his confused cobalt-blue eyes. I don't know what he said to Mummy, but she strolled out a few minutes later wearing a bright smile. She carried some of my clean cloth nappies in one hand, and a big vinyl-covered, pink gingham bag full of diaper supplies over her shoulder.

I gazed up at Mummy in horror and fearfully asked what she intended? "Well, you asked to have your nappies changed, sweetie! I came as quickly as I could," she replied airily, as she unlocked the chain and then the crotch strap. She sniffed the fetid air surrounding me and commented, "My, my! It certainly smells like you've made a mess in that nappy, sweetheart! You need to be changed right away!" She unbuckled and removed the shameful pink leather toddler harness.

"You're not going to change me out here, Mummy, are you?" I pleaded in embarrassed confusion.
"Of course I am, honey! Why ever not?" Mummy blithely replied. She chuckled at my aghast expression. She unfolded a vinyl-backed pink cotton changing mat flat on the grass and instructed me to lie down on it. With Michael and Angie watching closely, she insisted on changing my poopy nappies right there in the middle of the back yard!

"But Mummy-" I groaned, my cheeks red and burning with shame. She swept me off my feet and simply forced me to lie on my back on the crackling pink change mat.
"Shhh, baby! Everything's okay. Shhh!" Mummy crooned reassuringly, exactly as though she was coaxing a shy little girl to behave. She unsnapped the yellow playsuit and the front crotch piece of the stretchy terry romper flew up over my tummy, almost striking my flushed red face. "Oops! Careful, sweetie." Mummy unsnapped the side clasps of my yellow plastic panties and ordered me to lift my bottom. "That's it. Just a little higher, baby." She tucked the back of my romper safely out of the way and carefully slid the yellow panties from under my raised rear, commenting freely on the thick brown smears around the leg bands.

"And down, baby. Oops! These pilchers will have to be soaked in Napisan! Oh yuck-spuck! You really did have to go poopies! Didn't you sweetheart? Aw! Look at those nasty brown stains on your new baby panties." She clucked her tongue in mild annoyance before continuing needlessly, "They won't wash out, you know. These brown poo-poo stains will fade to a kind of orange-yellow colour, unmistakable to any mother. Anyone who sees your stained pilchers will know my little Jeremy is not only a nappy-wetter, but a panty-pooper, too!" She delicately wiped the dirty panties down with baby wipes, and then carefully rolled the soiled yellow plastic pants into a ball. I cringed under the wide staring eyes of my horrified young friend and my fascinated little sister.

"Angie?” Mummy asked. “Will you go fetch me some clean baby panties from Jeremy's dresser drawer in the Nursery, please darling? These ones are too stained to use again. Thank you, sweetie." Angelica happily dashed off to do her bidding while Mummy unpinned my soiled wet nappy. My cheeks burned crimson with shame when she pulled the sodden nappy front down with a sticky wet 'squelch!' "Oh baby! What a big mess you made in your nappy! Oh well Big babies make big messes, I suppose. My, my, look at all that poo-poos! It's everywhere! Yuck-spuck! Lift your knees up to your chest, honey. That's right Good baby. Now spread those little legs wide for Mummy Wider, baby... That's it Gosh, those nappy-liners do a good job!"

Mummy carefully dropped the heavily soiled pieces of lint in a scented orange plastic nappy sack, then she used the relatively clean but wet front of my nappy to scrape away the worst of the mess. The filthy cloth nappies were carefully slid from under my elevated rear and rolled up, then dumped in a used plastic shopping bag lying open beside her knees. Mummy placed the offensive item aside with a grimace of distaste, and then turned her attention to my poop-stained bottom once more.

It took Mummy several humiliating minutes to wipe my heavily-soiled botty cheeks and mucky crease clean of sticky smelly excrement. Fresh tears of shame sprang from my eyes when she delicately took hold of the head of my shrivelled peenie. She used it as a handle to shift my genitals from side to side as she cleaned me with a handful of cool moist baby wipes from the slim white plastic tub, till she was sure my little sack and stalk were totally free of sticky faeces. The orange nappy sack was almost full of brown-stained baby wipes by the time she was satisfied I was clean, and then she massaged the baby oil and then some powder into my crotch and bottom. She placed two of the thick terry nappies together and quietly commanded: "Lift up, baby." She slid the fresh nappies underneath me, positioned them correctly, and slipped some new nappy liners in place, too. "And down - good baby." By the time Angie returned clutching a huge pair of transparent pink plastic panties, Mummy had tightly pinned me into the soft fluffy nappies.

"Thank you, sweetheart," Mummy beamed at Angie. "You're such a good little helper for Mummy!" She slipped the pink pull-up pilchers over my compliantly raised feet and drew them up to my knees, then helped me to stand so she could tug them up over my bulky diapered rear. When I was snugly dressed again in my tight yellow romper, Mummy cooed to me; "Okay Pumpkin, you're all set! Michael, if you want to stay and play with Baby Jerry and Angie until lunchtime, that would be fine." After locking my toddler harness in place and reattaching the restrictive chain, she checked Angie's disposable diaper. Finding her only a little damp, Mummy decided my sister's diaper change could wait until after lunch. She collected the remaining things in the pink vinyl bag, and carrying the full orange sack and the plastic bag containing my heavy stinky nappy slightly away from her body, she strolled back inside the house.

I haltingly tried to explain to Michael what had happened to me since yesterday evening, but he couldn't get over how much I looked like a pretty toddler girl with my new clothes, nappies and hairdo. His big blue eyes clearly reflected his disbelief, but he didn't seem so disgusted any more. I told him I couldn't believe my amazing transformation, either. I begged him not to tell anyone else about my being diapered and all, and he grudgingly assented. We played in the sandbox for the remainder of the morning, and I actually had a pretty good time - considering how I was dressed.

At lunchtime Mummy walked out and unleashed us, then she removed our harnesses and instructed us to toddle inside to eat. She casually asked Michael if he would like to have lunch with the babies, and to my dismay, my grinning friend readily agreed. After first ringing his Mum for permission in the kitchen, he was stunned into silence when I was lifted into the pink highchair. Mummy belted me into the padded seat with the attached crotch and waist straps, buckling me securely in place like I was a helpless infant in danger of toppling over. He continued to stare in open-mouthed wonder when she clipped a big yellow terry bib around my neck, but he still didn't utter a sound. After the pink highchair tray was solidly locked in place, I was given a typical toddler's lunch on a flat pink plastic Barbie plate. Mummy cut my sandwich into bite-size chunks, and my milk was served in a pink sippy-cup like Angie's. Michael had a regular whole sandwich cut in halves, and a proper glass of milk. There wasn't much conversation during the meal, but I was acutely aware of Michael's astonished blue eyes on me in the highchair the entire time.

After lunch, Mummy told Michael that it was time for Angie and me to take our afternoon naps. But she suggested if he wanted to come back and "play with the babies after their nap time," he was more than welcome. Michael chuckled at my downcast expression, as Mummy was briskly scrubbing my grubby face and hands with a warm soapy washcloth. He made his good-byes and departed with a wave, still chortling quietly to himself. After my restraints were removed and Mummy lifted me down from the highchair, I waddled upstairs and started heading for my bedroom. But she told me I should follow her into Angie's Nursery instead. I shuffled into my sister's room and found that in addition to Angie's youth bed, Daddy had erected her old pink wooden baby crib that morning!

"Daddy and I feel it would be best if you spent as much time as possible with Angie during this 'pre-potty-training' period. Unfortunately, Angie's Nursery isn't large enough to fit your regular bed in here with hers. So your father took Angie's crib out of storage and set that up for you, Jeremy. This is where you will be sleeping from now on. I know it's a fraction small for you, but you will just have to curl up a little while you sleep."
"But Mum, unh Mummy! I can't fit in there! I don't want to sleep in a pink baby crib! It's not fair! Why can't Angie use the stupid old crib?" I couldn't keep the childish whine of disappointment out of my voice.
"Because we're trying to help Angie learn to behave like a big girl, silly!" Mummy condescendingly replied.

It seemed that now I was even more of a baby than Angie! What with eating in a highchair and sleeping in the pink wooden baby crib. Mummy stepped on the metal release lever near the foot of the right hand leg of the crib, and deftly caught the heavy wooden side rail as it started to drop. She lowered the high railing with a loud clatter and ordered me to climb in. I obeyed with grumbling reluctance. She raised the barred crib railing, until the two inbuilt steel bolts automatically slid home into the metal slots set in the wooden side posts near the top, locking it securely in place. Somehow I felt like I was in prison, and I flopped onto my back in sulky silence.

Mummy asked, "Angie, would it be okay if we give a couple of your stuffed animals to your baby sister for her to share while she sleeps in her crib?" Angie was more than willing to loan me her stuffed Barney and a huge pink teddy bear, which Mummy brought over to my cot and placed next to me. "What do you say to your sister, Jeremy?" she demanded crisply.
"Thank you, Angie," I grumbled ungraciously in reply.

After tucking Angie into her bed, Mummy closed the drapes and wished us; "Sweet dreams, my pretty babies!" I gazed out through the wooden bars at the darkened room in despair, thinking that nothing could be more degrading than this. Now I was supposed to sleep in a crib in my sister's Nursery! When Angie's breathing indicated she had fallen asleep, I wriggled over to the side of the cot near the foot end, and squeezed my hand through the narrow gap between the pink wooden bars. I tried to stretch down as far as I could, to see if I could reach the release lever. The stiff bars were made from thick inflexible hardwood, with almost no give. My straining fingers could barely reach the dull steel lever near the floor, let alone have the strength to depress it sufficiently. I was trapped like an animal in a cage, and withdrew my throbbing arm with a sigh, absent-mindedly rubbing my sore bicep with the soft plush pink teddy.

I listened carefully to make sure I couldn't hear Mummy moving around anywhere upstairs, and then quietly stood up in the cot. The sides of the cot were quite high, and I could barely poke my chin over the top rail. There were two horizontal rails at the top, though only the bottom rail was connected to the vertical wooden bars. The very top rail was made up of a system of tubes over the wooden rail inside. There is an unattached metal tube that spins around freely, and over that, another larger loose plastic tube made of a soft, chewable material. A 'teething rail,' I think Mummy called it. Anyway, I stood up and hung onto the lower rail, and realised there was just enough room to slip my fingers between the two rails. When I tried to grab the top rail, the plastic tube simply rolled around in my hand, preventing me from gaining any purchase. I sighed with disappointment when I realised there was no way I could easily climb over the rails. Tired and dejected, I lay down and soon drifted off to sleep, which surprised me. I hadn't taken an afternoon nap in years.

I awoke to find Mummy's fingers probing inside my nappy, which of course was still dry. I thrust aside the soft pink teddy that inadvertently ended up in my arms while I slept, and sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes when Mummy unlocked and lowered the crib side. Angie's diaper was wet through, and I helped Mummy change her first. Then she was dressed in her yellow romper suit again, just like me. Mummy gave us a sippy-cup of sweet orange cordial to drink in the kitchen, and we each carried another full cup of cordial when we waddled outside.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just like normal for Angie - and now for me. We played mostly in the sandpit, harnessed and chained in the backyard all afternoon. We hadn't been outside for more than half an hour before I felt the first hot stream gush out of my peenie, drenching my thirsty nappy in front. I didn't bother to stop playing and just enjoyed the pleasant wet warmth that unexpectedly surrounded my sensitive little genitals. To my surprise, Michael came back later and played with us in the sandpit for a few hours. When it began to get dark, he left us with a cheery wave. "See you babies tomorrow, maybe," he said with a cheeky departing grin, ignoring my quick frown of annoyance.

Mummy checked our nappies when she came out to unleash us, and I had to help change Angelica first because her sagging pink diaper was wet and messy. While I was helping Mummy clean her poopy little bottom with baby wipes, I wet my nappies again without a second thought. I was drenched by the time Mummy changed me. We then ate dinner with me secured in my highchair again, and immediately afterwards, Angie and I shared a bubble bath. I was surprised to find my nappy was already wet when Mummy took it off at bath time. I was puzzled. I didn't remember wetting it.

Promptly at seven we were put down for the night, and Mummy even read us a Dr Seuss bedtime story. I found that if I stuffed the plush pink teddy between my knees when I lay on my side, my thighs didn't feel too uncomfortable because of the bulky nappy between them. I slept in Angie's - and now my bedroom, curled up on my side in the pink crib. It wasn't really too cramped, and I managed to sleep all right - if I didn't stretch out my legs all the way. Luckily for me I was short for a thirteen-year-old, and slept through the night relatively undisturbed by my odd surroundings.

to be continued in chapter 3. Please post a comment here if you want to read more.
Baby Jennie

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