My Fathers Secret Part 22

© July 2016

Chapter Thirty Seven: My Ex is a Bitch...!

    Joan, Jessica and Kirstin all took a swim on the Monday morning before Joan and Jessica needed to get ready for work. Kirstin was going to get dressed and head over to see her Aunty before she needed to head into work herself later in the day.

    Jessica was a little worried when she and Joan got to work and saw that Doug and Peter were manning reception instead of Dawn.

     “Is everything alright?” Joan asked when she stopped at the reception and asked the two of them.

     “Dawn is in with Debbie.” Peter said sounding worried. “She’s not in a good way.” He added.

    Jessica and Joan made their way back to Debbie’s office where they could hear Dawn’s sobbing coming from Debbie’s office.

     “What’s happened?” Jessica asked as she ran over and sat on the sofa next to Dawn and pulled her in for a hug.

     “That bitchy ex of mine never showed up with the kids, and I’ve not been able to get hold of her or them all weekend.” Dawn sobbed.

     “I’ve tried to contact their solicitors, but I’m just getting the run around.” Debbie frowned.

     “What are they saying?” Joan asked sounding all business.

     “Things like, she got the wrong weekend, and another person told me that they were arguing the terms of the agreement so they won’t be honouring it.

     “What bunch of idiots do they have working on this?” Joan sounded angry and amazed at the same time. “This was all sorted out and signed off on by a judge.” Joan added. “I think we should be able to get full custody now they’ve pulled this stunt.” Joan smiled as she turned and made her way into her room to make some calls.

     “What if we can’t find them?” Dawn sounded heartbroken. “I may never see my kids again.” She added just before she buried her head in Jessica’s shoulder.

    Joan contacted the judge and filled him in on what had happened before she contacted the police so they could try and track down Dawn’s ex and her children. The police arrived at the office and took down all the details that Dawn had, and Joan showed them the signed paperwork from the court.

    Jessica was told to stop with Dawn as she was too much of a wreck to man the front desk. Jessica wanted to be doing much more to help, but Dawn needed her, so she stopped by Dawn’s side to let her know she wasn’t alone in all this, and they would do all they could to help find her children and bring them home to their real mother, not the bitch that gave birth to them.


    Doug and Peter had just finished sorting out a couple of clients when they looked down and saw a couple of young girls looking up at them with their mouths hanging open.

     “Hello there.” Doug smiled as he bent over to get closer to the two girls. “Where are your parents?” He asked as he looked around to see if he could spot anyone missing their kids, but the reception area was empty.

     “Our mum works here.” The older of the two girls said as she looked around for her mother, while also looking at the entrance like she was worried someone might be looking for them.

     “I’m going to need a little more to work with sweetheart.” Doug smiled.

     “Are you Mindy?” Peter asked as he realised who the two girls might be. “And is this your sister Mandy?”

     “Are you saying these are Dawn’s kids?” Doug asked when he realised what Peter was thinking.

     “Dawn is our new mummy.” The younger of the two girls said as she hugged a little doll to her chest.

     “Yes, I’m Mindy. Is our mum here?” The older girl asked.

     “Yes, follow me and I’ll take you to her.” Peter said as he stepped from behind the counter and let the girls take hold of his hands so he could take them to Debbie’s office where he knew Dawn was.

    Debbie, Dawn and Jessica all looked at the office door when they heard a knock just before they saw Peter poke his head around.

     “I’m sorry to bother you, but I think I just found something you lost.” He said as he pushed the door open and the two girls were stood in the doorway looking nervously around the room until they saw Dawn jumping up off the sofa.

     “Mummy...!” both girls squealed as they ran into the room and threw themselves at Dawn, knocking her back onto the sofa with the two girls clinging onto her.

     “How did you get here?” Dawn asked as she hugged the two girls while they sobbed happy tears into her chest.

     “Joanne left a card out with this address on it, and I heard her say to Granddad that this is where you were working.” Mindy said as she pulled out one of Joan’s business cards and handed it to Dawn.

     “How did you manage to find the place?” Dawn rephrased the question.

     “We broke out of the room Joanne locked us in and stole her purse, so we could get a taxi here.” Mindy explained. “I know you told us stealing is bad, but she was planning to take us someplace where you would never find us, and she locked us in a room all alone while she went out.” Mindy added with tears in her eyes.

     “I’m sorry sweetie, mummy is so sorry.” Dawn said as she hugged the two of them even tighter.

     “I’m sorry to butt in, but are you saying that Joanne locked you in a room in a house all alone?” Debbie asked as she stepped around her desk and joined Dawn and the kids on the sofa.

     “Yes, she locked us in on Friday night, and only let us out long enough to use the bathroom until I was able to get a window open so I could climb out and get back in through another window and unlock the door so Mandy could get out.” Mindy Explained. “Then I took Joanne’s purse and we came right here.”

    Jessica noticed that Mindy never once referred to Joanne as being her mother once while she spoke.

     “Please don’t make us go back mummy.” Mandy pleaded with Dawn as she clung onto her even tighter while she sobbed.

     “We better call the police and get them back here so they can get a statement from the girls saying what happened to them.” Debbie said as she picked up the phone and made a call to the police.

     “I’ll go and fill Joan in on what’s happened.” Jessica said as she got up and left the room.

    Jessica was soon entering the room again with Joan following close behind. “Are the girls both alright?” Joan asked looking relieved to see the two girls sat on the sofa hugging Dawn like they never wanted to let go.

     “I think they’re both fine, just scared.” Dawn said with a week smile.

     “I’m hungry mummy.” Mandy said as she tugged on Dawn’s sleeve.

     “Mummy better sort you out something to eat then.” Dawn said as she smiled down at her youngest.

     “You stop there Dawn, I’ll go and sort them out with something to eat.” Jessica said as she turned and left the room. Jessica was soon back with some cookies that she’d stolen out of Joan’s desk draw.

     “Thanks Jess.” Dawn smiled as the two girls took a cookie and started to eat it like they hadn’t eaten in days, which they hadn’t as they found out.

    Dawn wanted to swear when she found out that the two girls had been shut in a room and not fed all weekend, but she remained calm for the sake of her two little girls.

    Peter had returned to the front desk after taking the two girls back to Debbie’s office, so he was sat behind the reception desk when they saw a familiar black Jaguar pull up outside and Joanne and her father get out of it.

     “You better let Joan know we have trouble.” Peter said as he looked at Doug.

     “Are you sure you don’t want me to help you keep them out?” Doug asked.

     “I’ve got this.” Peter smiled as he made his way over to the door just as Joanne and her father were about to enter.

     “Get out of my way and let me get my grandchildren.” Joanne’s father boomed as he tried to push Peter out the way.

    Peter didn’t move as he looked down at the man’s hand on his arm. “If you do not remove your hand, I will be forced to defend myself sir.” Peter said in a calm clear voice.

     “I think he will have something to say about it?” Joanne’s father said as he indicated to the large man he’d brought with him the last time he’d been here.

     “He won’t be saying much at all once I’ve knocked him out.” Peter said as he looked at the man like he was nothing to worry about.

    Joanne’s father gave his gorilla a nod and he lunged at Peter, but Peter was ready for it and he ducked back while giving the man’s arm a push, which had the effect of spinning the man around and making his punch hit Joanne’s father in the face and knocking him on his backside. Then before the man could take another swing at Peter, Peter let him have a one two combo which put the man on the floor, or more to the point out cold lying on top of Joanne’s father.

     “Get him off me...!” Joanne’s father mumbled out his fast swelling lip which was split and bleeding quite well.

     “You got down there, so you can get back up again.” Peter said as he folded his arms over his chest and smiled down at Joanne’s father as he struggled to get his minder off him.

    Joan and Jessica came out just in time to see Joanne’s father’s thug take a swing at Peter, and Peter deflect the punch so it hit Joanne’s father in the face instead just before Peter hit the thug twice and knocking him out cold just to see him then crash to the ground on top of Joanne’s father.

     “I would have paid good money to see that.” Doug said as he joined Peter at the doors.

     “Joanne...! Call the police.” Joanne’s father mumbled as he finally managed to push the unconscious man off him and get to his feet. “I’ll see you all in prison for this.” He warned as he tried to straighten himself up.

     “I’ve already called the police, but I think you have it back to front if you think any of us are in trouble.” Joan said smoothly. “You’re in violation of the restraining order, not to mention the fact you broke the terms of the visitation rights we set up.” Joan pointed out.

     “That visitation thing was a pile of crap, and I can go where ever I damn well please if you have my grandchildren in there.” Joanne’s father barked, and then winced as he realised his lip was still split and bleeding.

     “You are such a sad little man who thinks he can shout and everyone will do as you say, well we have the letter of the law on our side, and you will also be arrested for child endangerment.” Joan said in her usual calm voice which Jessica knew as her very angry, but I’m not going to let it show voice.

     “What are you talking about?” Joanne’s father asked looking confused as he looked at Joanne.

     “I don’t know what they’re talking about daddy.” Joanne whined in a childish voice.

     “Your daughter locked those two little girls in a room before she went out partying Friday night.” Joan spat out as she pointed a finger in Joanne’s direction. “She never fed them all weekend, and only let them out the room long enough for them to use the bathroom when she was in the house.” Joan added as she got closer to Joanne, hoping that Joanne would try to take a swing at her, so she could defend herself, but sadly Joanne was too much of a coward to try anything.

     “Is this true?” Her father asked as he now turned to face his daughter.

     “No. They were both asleep when I went out; I just locked the door to stop anyone hurting them.” Joanne whined like she’d done nothing wrong by leaving an eight and a ten year old home alone.

     “Did you get all that Jessica?” Joan asked with a smile.

     “Yes Ma’am.” Jessica smiled back as she held up her phone to indicate that she’d just videoed everything Joanne and her father just said.

     “You can’t use that in court.” Joanne’s father tried to sound smug as he spoke. “You never warned us that you would be recording us.” He tried to smile, but ended up wincing again.

     “I was in fear for my life and that of my employees, so I asked her to film this for legal reasons.” Joan explained. “I can’t help it if your daughter just happened to confess to a crime while my assistant was filming.”

     “You tell that little queer freak to bring my grandchildren out here right now...!” Joanne’s father shouted as he went bright red with anger.

     “That’s not going to happen.” Joan smiled. “In fact by the time I’ve done with you two, Dawn will have full custody of her children.”

    Joanne’s father went even redder if that is even possible, as he lunged at Joan, but met with Peter and Doug instead as the pair of them blocked his path and pushed him back into his daughter.

    The police arrived just then and Joan showed the officers the restraining order and the video which proved Joanne had left her children home alone as well as ignoring a visitation order set up by a judge.

    Joanne’s father didn’t help himself when he started calling Dawn every homophobic name under the sun as he was handcuffed and then thrown in the back of a police van and taken away. Joanne looked even more shocked when she was handcuffed and taken away for the same charges in the back of another van.

     “What happens now?” Jessica asked as she looked over at Joan stood next to her.

     “The office I was just speaking to told me that child welfare has been contacted and someone will be coming out to talk with us about what’s happened.” Joan said as she led them all back inside.

    Dawn was still in Debbie’s office when Joan and Jessica walked in; Dawn looked worried until she saw that they were alone. “What’s happening?” Dawn asked as she pulled her children in a little close.

     “Do you think we might be able to talk in my office for a couple of minutes?” Joan asked with a look that asked her to do it without the children.

     “Can the two of you sit here with my very good friend Jessica, while I go and have a word with this nice lady?” Dawn asked her daughters.

    Mandy and Mindy looked at each other worriedly before they both nodded and let Dawn stand up so Jessica could take her place. Jessica was a little shocked when the girls each slid a little closer and cuddled up to her, just like they’d been doing with Dawn seconds earlier.

    Dawn was gone for some time, and she looked a little worried when she came back, which Jessica thought was due to her now waiting for child welfare to come. Jessica had never had dealings with child welfare, but knew that Dawn had, and none of it had gone well for her.

    Jessica sorted out an order for lunch so they could all go and sit in Joan’s office to eat it. Dawn told Jessica what the girls liked so she could order something for them. The food soon arrived and Jessica was soon sat chatting with the two girls as the three of them sat cross legged at the coffee table. Dawn sat on one of the sofas and smiled when she saw how amazing Jessica was with her two girls. Mindy was telling Jessica how she had climbed out a window and slid across a thin ledge before slipping in through another window so she and Mandy could escape.

    Dawn and Joan had to slip out the room when Peter knocked and informed Joan that a woman from child welfare had arrived. They were both gone some time, and Jessica was worried when they both came back in looking angry.

     “Try not to worry Dawn.” Joan said as she headed for her desk and picked up her mobile phone to make a call. “We will find some way to fix this.” She added as she put the phone to her ear and waited for someone to pick up on the other end.

     “What’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

     “It turns out that the child welfare officer isn’t fond of girls like me.” Dawn tried to sound cryptic in front of her daughters. Jessica understood and worked harder to keep the two girls entertained.

    Joan started to speak when the person on the other end answered their phone. “Hello Carl, its Joan.” She started. “I know you said to call if I ever needed any help with Dawn’s case against her ex, and I’m not sure if you can do anything to help with this.” Joan started to explain to Carl what had happened and just how hateful of transgendered women the child welfare officer seemed to be. Joan explained that the officer wanted to take the two girls into care, even though Dawn was their parent.

    Jessica was shocked and angry when she picked up that little bit of information, but she hid it and kept talking to the two girls trying to stop them from picking up on the fact something was wrong.

    Joan ended the call with Carl after he said that he would make some calls and get it sorted out. “We just have to wait and see what kind of a miracle Carl can pull off.” Joan said as she fell into the seat behind the desk.

     “Where’s the child welfare officer now?” Jessica asked as she stepped over to Joan’s desk once Dawn was sat playing with her daughters.

     “She’s stood outside waiting for the police to arrive.” Joan growled under her breath.

     “Why is she waiting for the police?” Jessica asked.

     “Because I told her she couldn’t take the children as they were with their other legal guardian.” Joan whispered so as not to let Dawn’s daughters hear her. “The cow had the nerve to come straight out and say she didn’t think a person Like Dawn was very suited to be around two young girls.” Joan sounded angry as she whispered this part.

    Jessica was beginning to hate this woman more and more, but thought it wouldn’t help their case if she went out there screaming at this woman, so she took a couple of deep breaths and waited for Carl to call them back, just like Joan was doing.

    Joan and Jessica both jumped when her phone started ringing as it vibrated its way across her desk. Joan picked it up and nervously answered it when she saw it was Carl calling her back. “Hello Carl.”

     “Hi Joan.” Carl said with a sigh, which Joan took as a bad sign.

     “You can tell Dawn she can relax, the children will be stopping with her.” Carl started to explain. “She has also been given temporary custody, but that will soon be made a permanent state once all the paperwork has been sorted out.” Carl added with a smile in his voice.

     “How did you manage to sort all this out?” Joan asked in awe of the man on the other end of the phone.

     “Let’s just say I’ve built up a network of very good friends since the changing service opened up, and some of those friends were not happy to hear about Dawn being victimised because of what she is.” Carl said cryptically.

     “Well I don’t care how you did it, just that you did.” Joan smiled. “Thank you so much for this, and I know that Dawn will want to thank you at some point.” Joan added as she gave Dawn the thumbs up to let her know Carl had worked a miracle.

    Peter was soon knocking on the door and asking Joan and Dawn to come out so they could speak with the child welfare officer.

     “I think we should all go out and meet her.” Joan said as she got to her feet and the others did the same.

    Jessica was glad to hear Joan say this, because Jessica wanted to see the look on the woman’s face when she told them that Dawn could keep her daughters after all.

     “I don’t see the police with you, and I did warn you that there was no other way you were getting these children.” Joan warned as she met the child welfare officer in the middle of the lobby.

     “After speaking to my bosses.” The woman gulped like she had something stuck in her throat. “They have decided it would be best if the children remained with their parent.” She added with a little anger in her eyes as she looked at Dawn.

     “I’m so glad you came round to our way of thinking.” Joan smiled.

    The woman gave Joan a filthy look that said it had nothing to do with her changing her mind, but that she had just been ordered to play nice if she wanted to keep her job.

     “Please show this lady out Peter.” Joan said before she turned around and led the others back into her part of the building.

    Peter smiled as he tried to take hold of the woman’s arm, but she snatched it away and stormed off out the building muttering under her breath. Jessica had stopped walking and watched the angry woman leave the building before she herself ran to catch up with the others.

    Dawn sat the two girls down on the sofa in Joan’s office and explained that they would now be living with her, which soon had the girls jumping off the sofa and knocking Dawn to the floor as they hugged her half to death. Dawn knew she had a lot of sorting out to do, but it would all be worth it because she would be able to keep her two little girls.

    Joanne’s father tried everything he could to get the decision reversed, but he met with brick walls at every turn due to what his daughter had done to the two girls. Joanne even tried to come and see Dawn at work a couple of times trying to play nice, but things always ended up with Joanne turning psycho and screaming at Dawn until the police were called and she was taken away.

    Dawn had got the girls settled in to her new apartment and into a good school close to work, so she could drop them off and pick them up again due to some threats from Joanne and her father. They had said that they would go and take them out of school, but Joan had found a school that had state of the art security so the girls would be safe and Dawn didn’t need to worry as there was only four people that were able to collect the girls from school and that was Dawn, Jessica, Joan and Debbie. Dawn had provided photos of each person, so the school wouldn’t be tricked into letting someone else pretending to be one of them, take the kids.

     “Thanks for doing this.” Dawn said one afternoon as they pulled up on the road outside Dawn home so they could drop off some clothes Dawn had bought while they were out getting lunch for everyone.

     “I don’t mind.” Jessica smiled. “It’s nice to get out the building for a bit.” Jessica added as she looked around to see what was going on after she’d pulled some shopping bags off the back seat. “And the last thing you need is someone breaking into your car so they can steal everything.”

     “That is so true.” Dawn agreed. “You have no idea how much it costs to re-clothe two girls.” Dawn frowned as she struggled to get her bags out the other side of the car. She soon had them all and started to make her way around to the back of the car.

     “I still can’t believe your ex refused to send you the girl’s clothes.” Jessica growled.

     “I can.” Dawn laughed sarcastically.

    Jessica looked up the road when she heard what sounded like a car hitting another car. Jessica saw where the noise was coming from and noticed that a car had been parked further up the road on the other side of the road, but it had pulled off and smacked another parked car as it pulled away. Jessica looked on in horror as she saw the car was heading straight for Dawn and picking up speed as it got closer and closer. Jessica dropped the bags she was carrying and ran towards Dawn pushing her out the way of the speeding car, but Jessica wasn’t going to get clear in time and the car slammed into Jessica throwing her up and over the car. Jessica felt pain rip through her body as it made contact with the already damaged front panel of the car, and she saw it was Joanne, Dawn’s ex who was driving the car. Jessica was soon spinning through the air until she couldn’t tell which way was up and which was down, and then she slammed into the ground, bouncing down the road like a ball until she smacked her head on the cold hard ground where everything went black.


Chapter Thirty eight: So Much Blood

    Jessica was floating in a sea of black where she couldn’t see or feel, but she did hear the odd voice, and feel pain every now and then. She did have dreams that felt semi real. Jessica found herself trying to work out where she was and how she’d gotten where ever here was, but it was all just a fog. She could hear people crying and more pain before she drifted off in to blackness again. She liked the blackness because the pain was gone in the blackness, but on this one occasion the pain was there, but the blackness didn’t follow. The pain got a little worse and then things started to get a little brighter until Jessica realised she was lying in a bed with all sorts of things sticking in her and her groin was saw and felt funny.

     “She’s waking up...!” A familiar voice said excitedly as Jessica felt someone take hold of her hand. Jessica opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times before she saw Kirstin come into view smiling through what looked like tears.

     “Kirstin...? You look a mess.” Jessica croaked out as she got a good look at her girlfriend.

     “You’re a fine one to talk.” Kirstin said in a giggly snuffle as she wiped her eyes on her sleeve.

     “What happened?” Jessica managed to say before she winced in pain.

     “You were hit by a car.” Kirstin said before she had to step back and let a doctor and a couple of nurses check her over.

    Jessica was glad when the doctor said they were happy to let Kirstin and her friends visit for a short time, but that Jessica needed rest if she was ever going to get better. Jessica was even happier when a nurse gave her some nice cold water through a straw. She smiled a little when Kirstin took over acting very protective of the woman she loved.

     “Hi Mum.” Jessica said with a weak smile when she saw Joan step into view next to Kirstin.

     “Hello dear.” Joan said as she took hold of Jessica’s hand. “I won’t bother asking how you’re feeling.” Joan added as she looked at Jessica’s bruised and plastered up body.

    Jessica started to remember what happened, and the fact that it was Joanne driving the car and she had pushed Dawn out the way. “Is Dawn alright?” Jessica asked worriedly.

     “Dawn is fine; she’s just worried about you.” Joan smiled a worried smile.

     “Why do I get the feeling you’re not telling me something?” Jessica asked as she tried to wiggle her toes thinking she might be paralysed, bit she felt them move and one of her legs was in a cast, so she knew that wasn’t the problem. Next she tried moving her hands and they responded as much as the two casts would allow. Jessica was thinking more clearly with each passing second, so she was beginning to rule out brain damage.

    Joan went to speak, but Kirstin stopped her. “I think I should be the one to tell her.” Kirstin began. “When you were hit by the car, it did some damage to your groin area and the doctors weren’t sure what to do about it.” Kirstin was fighting back tears now. “I made the decision to have them do the surgery to make you look like a woman down there.” Kirstin now had fear in her voice.

     “I’ve had the sex reassignment surgery?” Jessica asked, not sure she’d heard Kirstin right.

     “Yes, it was the only way to save you because the car had removed a large part of your groin.” Kirstin gulped. “Dawn said there was so much blood.” Kirstin burst into tears now and just wrapped her arms around Jessica and hugged her while she buried her head in Jessica’s chest, a chest that felt swollen and saw.

     “What happened to my chest, and why can I feel you resting your head on it?” Jessica asked as she looked down and saw the raised blanket where her breasts were.

     “We thought it best if the top part matched the bottom, so we sorted out some breast implants.” Joan explained because Kirstin was still trying to get her sobbing under control.

     “I have real breast as well?”

     “Yes, but they are only modest ones, as the pills will add to them, and we don’t want you looking to top heavy.” Joan explained.

     “I’m sorry Jess...” Kirstin finally got out.

     “Sorry for what?” Jessica was confused.

     “I took your choices away and told them to do all this to you.” Kirstin said as she fought back the tears again.

     “Everything was leading to this anyway, so what do you have to be sorry for?” Jessica said with a weak smile just before she winced in pain.

     “I think she was just scared you were never going to wake up.” Joan said as she stroked the back of Kirstin’s head as she’d started sobbing again and had her head buried in Jessica’s chest.

     “How long was I out for?” Jessica asked.

     “Nearly two weeks.” Joan said.

     “Two weeks...!” Jessica tried to shout, but regretted it when her whole body felt like it was on fire from all the pain shooting through it.

     “Calm down and take hold of this.” Joan said as she placed some sort of device with a button on the end. “Push the button when you feel pain, and it will give you a shot of pain killer.”

    Jessica happily pushed the button, and the pain seemed to fade a little. “How could I have been asleep for two weeks?” Jessica asked more calmly this time.

     “You took a bad blow to the head and there was some swelling on the brain, so the doctors induced a coma until the swelling went down.” Kirstin explained as she lifted her head and looked Jessica in the eyes. “The trouble was, you didn’t want to wake up to start with, and we weren’t sure you were ever going to come out of it.” Kirstin added with a teary eyed smile.

     “So how do I look down there?” Jessica asked eager to see what her new pluming looked like.

     “We’ve not been able to see yet, as it’s all bandaged up still.” Kirstin snuffled as she took hold of Jessica’s hand. “They have you fitted with a catheter for the time being, and the nurses ask us to leave while they change your dressings.” Kirstin’s tone let Jessica know she didn’t like being asked to leave.

     “I’m sure they’re only doing what’s best babe.” Jessica managed a weak smile. “What else happened to me? I can feel a cast on my leg, as well as both my arms.” Jessica added as she tried to look down at her body, but she couldn’t move very well, and it hurt when she did.

     “You managed to break your arms, and your leg, as well as cracking a couple of ribs.” Kirstin checked them off on her fingers as she said it.

     “Don’t forget about the fractured skull.” Joan pointed out.

     “Sounds like I did a real number on myself.” Jessica laughed weekly.

     “I’m just glad that Dawn contacted Carl so he could get the best plastic surgeon on the planet to come and do your reassignment surgery.” Joan frowned.

     “Why did Dawn contact Carl down in London?” Jessica looked confused.

     “The doctors were telling us that they couldn’t do anything other than cut all the damaged flesh away then fit you with a catheter.” Joan started to explain. “Dawn thought they were just looking to do a quick fix that would leave you unable to have the sex reassignment surgery later, so Dawn called Carl and before we knew it the world’s best plastic surgeon was here working on you.”

     “Remind me to thank Dawn the next time I see her.” Jessica smiled as she fort to keep her eyes open.

    Kirstin panicked when she saw Jessica getting drowsy, so she pushed the call button and a nurse came in to see what the problem was.

     “She’s looking all drowsy all of a sudden.” Kirstin said in a panic.

     “She’s fine.” The nurse said in a calming voice. “Your friend has been through a lot and the body sleeps so it can work on getting better.” She explained.

     “Sorry I bothered you.” Kirstin said as she pulled up a seat and sat down next to Jessica’s bed.

     “Please don’t worry about it.” The nurse smiled. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, but she is doing very well and is much more alert than we thought she would be.”

     “She’s always been a fighter.” Kirstin said with pride.

    The nurse smiled again just before she left the room to go and take care of some other sick people. Kirstin kept hold of Jessica’s hand as she wrested her head on the bed.

     “I’m going to go and let the others know she’s finally awake.” Joan whispered just before she left the room.


    The next time Jessica woke up, she had a room full of people. Dawn and her two girls were stood talking to Joan, and Kirstin was stood talking to Debbie and Paul while the twins were asleep in a double buggy stroller, and Jane and Mark were stood over near the window looking out of it while Jane had her head resting on Mark’s large muscled chest.

     “I’ll have to get ran over more often if I get this much company.” Jessica smiled.

     “I’m going to have you put in a protective plastic bubble.” Kirstin warned as she stepped over to the bed and took hold of Jessica’s hand while she smiled down at her.

     “You worry too much.” Jessica said as she tried to wave off Kirstin’s concern, but couldn’t due to her arms being in casts.

     “I don’t think I worry enough.” Kirstin scowled as she looked Jessica up and down.

     “It’s just a scratch.” Jessica tried to joke. It must have worked because she heard Jane snigger and Kirstin was trying not to smirk.

    Dawn stepped over to Jessica’s bed and she just leaned over and gave Jessica a hug the best she could without causing Jessica too much pain. “Thank you Jess.” Dawn snuffled as she looked at Jessica through glassy eyes

     “Do the police know it was Joanne that hit me?” Jessica asked.

     “Yes, they arrested her at the scene.” Dawn scowled. “She’d been drinking and thought if she ran me over, she would get the kids back, but you pushed me out the way and took the force of the impact.”

     “My plan was to get out the way myself.” Jessica frowned. “Now you know why I was always picked last in sports.” She laughed just before she winced.

     “I always said you ran like a girl.” Kirstin smirked from Dawn’s side.

     “Stop making me laugh.” Jessica winced as she pushed the little button that gave her the pain relief.

     “Hey girlfriend.” Jane said as she stepped over to the bed on the other side with mark stood right behind her looking over her head.

     “Hi Jane, what brings you here?” Jessica grinned.

     “I was just passing and thought we’d call in and say hi.” Jane said in a matter of fact way.

     “Thank you for coming.” Jessica said all joking aside.

     “Mark offered to bring me so I took him up on his offer.” Jane smiled as she liked up at her man in pride.

     “It wasn’t as much an offer, as I thought it best to drive you up here rather than track you down when you got lost on the train,” Mark frowned. “And I was also worried about Jess.” He added in a matter of fact way, but his eyes said he was glad she was doing okay.

     “Thanks Mark. It’s really great to see you both.” Jessica said just before she needed to hit the little button again.

    Debbie and Paul were the last two in the room to come over and speak to Jessica. “You had us all worried Jess.” Debbie said with tears in her eyes.

     “It’s not as bad as it looks.” Jessica lied as she was beginning to feel a lot more pain now, and the little button didn’t seem to be working very well.

    Joan noticed Jessica’s discomfort and she said it was time they all left and let her get some rest. Jessica thought she must have said something to the nurses on the way out because not long after they all left, a nurse came in and gave her a shot of something good because she was soon out like a light.

    Kirstin was the only one to stay behind, and Jessica could feel Kirstin holding her hand as she drifted off to sleep again pain free.


    It was a slow road back to health for Jessica, and she was beginning to worry she would never be able to get out of bed and see what she now looked like. Kirstin came to see Jessica every day she was in the hospital, which was nearly twelve weeks, but the day finally came when all the casts were removed and Jessica was finally well enough to go home.

    Jessica got to her feet on rubbery legs and managed to make her way over to the mirror in her hospital room with the help of Kirstin.

     “Help me take this robe off.” Jessica said as she let go of Kirstin and started to remove the hospital robe. She let it slip from her body and Jessica let out a gasp when she saw her new naked female body.

     “Are you alright babe?” Kirstin sounded worried.

     “I’m a girl.” Jessica said as she reached down to the thatch of hair between her legs and the girl in the mirror did the same. The hair was nothing more than stubble, but it covered the faint scarring left behind from the surgery she’d needed. Then she reached her other hand up to her chest where she had a nice set of modest breasts.

     “Do you feel alright?” Kirstin asked.

     “I’ve told you that I’m fine, in fact I’m better than fine.” Jessica grinned. “You did the right thing. I finally feel at home in my own body.” Jessica admitted as she looked at herself in the mirror again. The pills were working and she was beginning to fill out around the hips and butt. Jessica did wish her breasts were bigger, but they were a little bigger than when they first removed the bandages, and the doctors had told her that she would have a nice set of breast in a couple of months if she kept taking the pills.

     “You do look pretty hot.” Kirstin admitted as she bit her lip. “I can’t wait to take it out for a test drive.” Kirstin added just before she pulled Jessica into a hug and started kissing her.

     “I’m not strong enough for anything like that just yet.” Jessica warned.

     “You soon will be.” Kirstin purred as she helped Jessica to get dressed ready for her trip home.



    Jessica was soon back to full strength thanks to Kirstin and Joan making her swim every morning as well as getting lots of fresh air which Dawn and Debbie’s children helped with as Jessica and Kirstin got asked to babysit for them both. Jessica and Kirstin would take Dawn’s girls to the park and other places while Dawn and Peter went out on dates.

    Dawn’s ex was put away under the mental health act until she was deemed well enough to stand trial, which dawn thought would be never. Dawn got a surprise when Jessica handed her a check for the settlement from the accident. Dawn tried to refuse it by saying Jessica deserved the money, but Jessica said she didn’t need any more money and Dawn could use it more, now she had two girl’s to look after.

    Peter finally asked Dawn to marry him and she said yes, so Jessica got to be the maid of honour while Kirstin and Debbie were bridesmaids as well as Mandy and Mindy.

    Jane was a little jealous of Jessica getting the surgery before her, but was soon happy when she finally had hers and she could finally enjoy sex with Mark, which Jane was just far too happy to share with anyone who wanted to listen, or didn’t.

     Jessica got a shock when Kirstin went down on one knee and asked Jessica to marry her while they were having a meal at Tony’s one evening. Jessica said yes and they were married soon after. Not long after that they went to see Prue and just over nine months later they had a little baby girl they call Sarah Donna Phipps, after Jessica’s mothers.

     “Do you ever regret what I told them to do at the hospital?” Kirstin asked in a whisper as the two of them stood looking down at the beautiful baby girl asleep in front of them.

     “No, not for a second.” Jessica said just before she spun Kirstin around and kissed her.


The End


Story by SaraUK


Edited and Posted by SamanthaK

    EDITORS NOTE: Please Comment and/or leave Kudos and let Sara know you like her work please, Any comments on spelling, grammar or the layout of the story please PM me “Samanthak” not Sara. Thank you

    Authors Note: Cathy, Jane and all the others that Jessica and Joan meet while down in London, are all characters I wrote about in my; You Have it all Wrong series. Even though you don’t hear about Jane’s story until book four ‘You have it all Wrong Four, the Kids Story’ the time line for this story is set between book three and book four. So to find out more about Chrissy, Amy and Cathy, and how they all became the women they are in this story, you will need to go back and read them.



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