Oh, mommy is going to be so upset with me when i get home from school!!! Part 3

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Oh, mommy is going to be so upset when I get home from school
Part 3

(All I added a couple of the last paragraph’s from Part 2 so the reading goes a little smoother. Hope you enjoy! Hugs Princess)

I watch as Miley puts her hand over her mouth giggling as she stares at me smiling from ear-to-ear. “Okay sweetie you are done just like your big sister.” Oh that is good as I smile knowing I am done too at the same time as Miley.

“Oh that is great I am done at the same time as Miley thank you Patti.” I start smiling at her while she pulls my cape off of me and she starts sweeping the big pile of hair on the floor around the chair I am sitting in. “Okay you are both done, now lift your arms up Carrie.” I do as I am told.

Patti lifts me up and puts me down right next to Miley who is staring at herself in the long mirror. “Wow Miley do you like your new hairstyle? I mean your hair makes you look pretty but also make you look younger too. I mean that in a good little girl way.”

“Thank you Carrie and yes I love my new hairstyle, and yes it is very girly looking but I am a girly girl as mommy would say.” I listen to Miley as she looks at my hair and runs her fingers through mine feeling my earrings. “Do you like your pretty earrings Carrie they are just like mine hehehe?”

I think of how to respond to Miley saying do I like the super girly pink earrings I now have in both my ears. “Well yours look pretty but mine look so girly on me and I am going to hide mine with my hair until I can have them taken out.”

“Speaking of hairstyles do you like your pretty new hairstyle Carrie?” I continue to stare at Miley as she is smiling so much as she looks at me up and down.

Miley is acting weird for some reason. “I haven’t looked at my hair yet my back was to the mirror the whole time she was cutting my hair. I know my hair on the sides feels like it is the length like yours I guess because I felt my hair while she was cutting it and my hair was covering my ears so that is still long hair for me.”

“Speaking of hair Carrie, I didn’t mean for you to think I was done with your hair at the SAME TIME as your big sister I meant for you to hear that your hairstyle is the SAME as hers now you look like twins.” My hairstylist says to me. Miley turns me towards the wall mirror next to us.

The moment Miley turns my head towards the mirror I don’t get it. I see Miley standing next to a little toddler girl in a dress with the same hairstyle as Miley but the toddler girl's bangs are much shorter than Miley's. I guess that is what baby bangs look like thinking to myself. The girl is smiling and staring into the mirror; when it hits me. I realize the little toddler girl standing next to Miley with her pretty dress and super girly hairstyle is me her 12-year-old brother who now looks totally like a little girl of four years-old.

“Is that me?” I reach up touching my hair. I am in shock with my mouth wide open and not saying anything. I notice my hair is above my collar in the back and is cut the same length all the way around. Not knowing I now had a short bob girly hairstyle with baby bangs.

Miley leans into me and whispers in my ear. “No matter what you wear now Barry you will look like a little girl with that new hairstyle and those pretty pink earrings hehehe.” Miley says and giggling in my ear softly.

“Yes if you had your baseball uniform on everyone that seen you would be thinking when did they let little girl's play baseball. You will look like a little girl wearing her brother’s clothes hehehe.”

I want to cry and I start to feel pee dripping out of my panties and down my leg. “Did you just pee in your panties Carrie hehehe like a baby girl hehehe?” Miles says while giggling louder.

“Well, well what do we have here did my little princess have a new hairstyle? I think your hair looks so much better Barry. Did you ask to have your haircut just like Miley's?” I look at her like she is out of her mind didn’t mommy tell the hairstylist to cut my hair like Miley’s? I guess not since mommy is asking me if I asked to have my haircut like hers. I turn and look madly at Miley who is smiling at me giggling softly. “Oh my did you have your ears pierced too? I guess we really do have a new girl in the family.” Mommy says

I start crying as the stream of pee continues to get stronger making a puddle of pee I am standing in now.

“Oh it looks like my little PRINCESS PANTY BOY Barry had an accident and wet his panties.” Mommy says as I cry louder. “I guess there is no turning back Carrie.” Mommy says as I cry louder.

Pattie walks over seeing mommy kneeling down in front of me talking as I am crying softly. “Oh it looks like someone had an accident. Ma'am you can use the back room to change her if you like. We have a full size bathroom in the rear of the shop.” I watch as mommy stands up next to me with her hand at her side and for some reason I take her hand. I am still crying softly. My head is looking down with tears dripping down my cheeks.

“Thank you Pattie that would be great if I change my little one. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a diaper bag or an extra set of clothes for HER.”

Pattie smiles at me then kneels down to look me in the eyes. “Don’t worry little one, little girl's like you do have accident you will be just fine you don’t have to cry.” I look up at her I am so embarrassed. “We noticed a couple of years ago a customer left her diaper bag here and I believe there is an extra outfit inside you are welcome to it. I will walk you to the back.”

“Yes don’t cry Carrie accidents happen to all us little girl's. Even though that hasn’t happen to me in a couple years when I was a baby hehehe.” Miley says while giggling as I feel he take my other hand and she walks with me smiling.

I look up and see the large door, must be a handicap bathroom. “Okay here ya go ladies she can get undressed and Miley why don’t you come with me like a big sister and I will get the diaper bag for your little sister than I have to get back to work okay sweetie?” I hear Pattie and then I look over at mommy staring at Miley.

“Yes go ahead with Pattie sweetie and be a big girl and come back quickly, looks like we have to get little Carrie a new outfit since she peed in her new school uniform.”

Miley smiles at me than at mommy. “Okay mommy I will be a good big sister for baby Barry, I mean baby Carrie.” Oh, I hear her call me a baby and I want to smack her but then I will be in big trouble. I watch Miley take Ms. Pattie’s hand and walk out of the bathroom.

“Okay my little potty in HER panties little Princess Pantyboy Barry. Oh, I am sorry I guess since you wanted to look like your little sister by getting your hair styled, and pretty pink earrings like Miley you want to be a little girl like her. I will call you Carrie since I thought I was giving you a punishment keeping you in your little schoolgirl uniform that the nuns made you wear. Or did you ask the nuns to wear your pretty uniform Carrie?”

I look up at mommy, how can she think I wanted all this to happen to me. “No mommy I didn’t tell the nuns anything and Miley must have told Pattie to do my hair and earrings like her. I am a boy I don’t want to be a girl like Miley.”

“Oh thank you Miley you are such I big girl.” Turning I see Miley handing mommy a pink bag. Great mommy is totally ignoring me. I can see why because she leaves to take my brothers to the game room and comes back, and I have a girly hairstyle and earrings in both my ears making me look even more girly looking. “Okay sweetie turn around and let mommy un-button your pretty school uniform so we can get you out of those wet clothes.”

Miley smiles seeing how embarrassed I am having mommy change me like a little kid. “Mommy I am a big girl not like Carrie a baby that peed her panties, can I help un-dress her pleaseeee?” Miley says to mommy and I see she is giving her those baby blues eyes meaning she will get whatever she wants.

“I think that is a great idea Miley, you are a big girl. I need her to be totally naked because it looks like the pee is on everything including her shoes while I look in the diaper bag okay sweetie?”

I shake my head then feel Miley turn me around, hard and fast as she starts un-buttoning my dress from the back. “I will mommy and I am a big girl now.” I feel my school uniform dress fall to the floor. “Step out of your pretty school uniform and I will slide your camisole over your head.” Before I can tell Miley I can take my own tee shirt off, I feel her pulling it over my head. I look down and I am standing only in the pee soaked panties.

Miley is down by my feet taking my Mary Jane shoes and pulling my wet socks off. “I am done mommy SHE only has her panties left on mommy. HER shoes and socks are both wet with pee too mommy.” What a little brat she is such a kiss ass I will get her back from this when I am back to my normal boy clothes. Mommy is going through the diaper bag putting stuff on the counter; I am too small to see that high so I cannot see what she is taking out of the bag.

“Oh thank you Miley you are such a big girl.” I roll my eyes hearing mommy saying how good she is if mommy only knew the truth. “SHE needs her wet panties off to so I can use this diaper wipes to wipe the pee off of HER okay?” I listen to mommy referring to me as a SHE and HER, and while I am looking away, I feel Miley pull my panties all the way down to my ankles.

I jump right out of the panties and have my hands in front of my little penis. “Mommy I am not a baby I don’t need my little sister un-dressing Me.” mommy turns and looks down at me after my comments.

“Well sweetie you are the one that peed HER panties so yes you are the baby here. Stop playing with yourself and keep your hands on your side.” I hear mommy saying as she slaps my hands away from between my legs and my little penis is on display for Miley and mommy to see.

Miley is staring between my legs and pointing. “Mommy it looks like a little acorn against his body, I thought boys have a penis between their legs.” I want to cry I am so embarrassed I wish the ground would just suck me up and I would be gone.

“Yes Miley boy's do have a penis but little Carrie here was born with that little stub between HER legs. It has been the same size since she was born.” Mommy comes over and kneels down in front of me while Miley looks on. “Miley little boys have a little bag that holds there balls called a scrotum and you see your brother or I should say your little sister here doesn’t have that. The doctors said hers were still inside her body like us girl's called ovaries after she was born. The doctors were not sure to call him a boy or girl after she was born. Your father wanted a boy so bad but as you can see she is really a girl the way she acts.”

Oh, my god I did not know any of this I always thought I was just small for my age. I start to cry softly while I rub my eyes. “Up we go sweetie.” Mommy picks me up and I feel myself laying down on the little changing table like a baby. I still cry softly trying to figure out how this all happen to me. Maybe I will get all my hair buzzed off so I can go back to being a boy.

“Lift your little bottom sweetie so mommy can wipe all that icky pee off you.” I do as I am told and I feel the cold diaper wipes cleaning me. I don’t stop crying at all and don’t realize she is putting baby oil and baby powder all over my private’s place. I guess it isn't private anymore since it feels like the whole world has seen me naked down there.

My head is starting to ache from all my crying and I am deep thoughts until I hear the diaper being secured around my bottom. I open my eyes seeing a pink Barbie diaper between my legs as my eyes start to bulge out of my head. “Now lift up one more time sweetie for mommy.” I do like a robot and lift up I am watching mommy pulling up pink plastic panties up my legs as she stretches them over my new-diapered bottom.

“Okay let's get these pretty socks on your feet.” I look at mommy and she has tiny little pink socks in her hands.

Oh, god not pink but I am still in shock about being in a diaper. “Mommy I can put them on HER I want to help.” Mommy hands Miley the tiny socks and she puts them on my feet then mommy hands her Mary Jane shoes like I was wearing before but there light pink matching the socks.

“Thank you Miley you are such a big girl. Okay Carrie let's stand you up.” I feel mommy pulling me to my feet, I am now standing on top of the changing table wearing only a pink diaper with pink plastic panties over it and pink shoes and pink socks. Oh, my god I am covered in pink this is not good.

I look up at mommy who is still taller than me, even with me standing on top of the changing table. “Mommy can't I wear different shoes and socks I hate pink it makes me look like a girl.”

“Well sweetie I was debating on putting you in your pretty pink diaper and matching plastic panties but since you didn’t complain about that at all you must want the protection of a diaper. The only complaint you have is your pretty pink socks and shoes confirms that you really are just a pretty little baby girl deep down.”

I start to cry softly again hearing mommy explain and ignoring my concern’s. “Don’t worry sweetie no one will see your pretty diaper and panties once you are finished being dressed.” I stop rubbing my eyes hearing that good news as I notice a light pink camisole tee shirt thing over my head. “Okay sweetie almost done lift your arms up like a big GIRL for mommy.” I lift my arms up ignoring mommy referring to me, as a big girl. I feel the of course pink shirt being pulled over my head. My arms pop through the puffy sleeves very easily. I feel how soft and silky the shirt is, as I wait for mommy to pull the shorts out of the bag. I feel her buttoning up the back of my new shirt.

“Okay sweetie all done.” I feel mommy put her hands under my arms and put me down next to Miley on the floor, I stare into Miley's smiling face.

I look into Miley's eyes as she stares at me up and down. “What do I have a booger in my nose or something Miley why are you staring at me?” I say with her still staring at me up and down.

“Mommy HER new outfit fits her perfect we should get HER a bunch more outfits like this so she is wearing pretty clothes all the time hehehehe.” I hear Miley and then hear her giggling. “We used to look like twins but now we can tell I am the big sister and SHE is the little baby sister.”

What is she talking about I think to myself? “Your right Miley, I don’t think SHE has seen HERSELF wearing her pretty new outfit.” I feel Miley put her hands on both of my shoulders as she turns me towards the wall size mirror we are both standing next to.

“Your right mommy look as HER she is so surprised how pretty SHE looks now.” I stare at the two reflection’s in the mirror of course Miley is the taller one wearing her school uniform and she is standing next to a baby little girl. The baby little girl is wearing pink socks and matching pink Mary janes shoes and is wearing a tiny pink dress with her hair matching Miley's style in a short bob girly hairstyle with baby girl bangs.

I put both my hands to my cheeks like the baby girl in the picture and I start to cry. “Mommy I look like a baby girl now and this is a dress and it is so short everyone will see I am wearing a diaper.”

“Oh stop it no one will see your pretty plastic panties or your diaper unless you bend over sweetie.” I start crying softly again as I stare into my reflection. “Okay girl's let's go and get some new clothes for baby Barry, I mean little Carrie. If you’re a good girl I will let you pick some of your new clothes sweetie after we get you six or seven more pretty dresses like this with matching plastic panties.”

I continue to cry softly listening to mommy. “Can I pick some new clothes for my baby sister too mommy?” I hear Miley say as I see her holding one of mommy's hands as I am holding mommy's other hand hearing my shoes and Miley's Mary janes click, clack and click clack as we walk into the mall.

“Yes sweetie you can help mommy pick some new clothes for your little sister but no more pants for her that is all she has worn her whole life. Now she is a pretty little girl, and will only wear dress and skirts from this day forward.

I hear mommy and Miley and what my future holds for me and I stop walking and start crying. I feel my diaper getting soaked with pee. “Mommy I think she is going potty in her new diaper look at her squatting down right here in the middle of the mall.” I hear Miley saying, I open my eyes and I look at the reflection of us in the windows of the shop and sure enough I am squatted down and looks like a baby wetting her diaper. I cry harder as I realize I cannot stop peeing and soon I am pooping in my diaper too.

“Smells like our little Princess Panty boy is filling her diaper too Miley hehehe.” I hear mommy saying then Miley giggling too.


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