Gaby Book 12+1 Chapter *13* Invitation

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*Chapter 13*


Well the phone can wait; I found a spot amongst the family silverware collection to display the new trophy before heading to the washing machine. I know what you’re thinking but if I don’t do it no one else will as I’ve found to my cost more than once. Now then, who’s leaving me messages on the house phone?

‘Oh answer machine, erm this is a message for Drew Bond? I, that is we wondered if you’d come to our do, it’s alright if you can’t but it would be well cool if you did. Er that’s it, oh I’m Mary Davis, if you could like call me on………’

What’s that all about? I listened to it a second time and scribbled the number down.

“Come on kiddo, we’re eating at the Pinger’s,” Dad called from the lounge.

“Alright like this?”

“It’ll do.”

“At least put some lippy on, sis,” Jules suggested, “and a bra might be a good idea?”

Sugar, forgot about that.

“Tell Dad I’ll be about five minutes.”

It might’ve been closer to ten when I got to the car.

“Thought you weren’t changing,” Dad mentioned.

Well I had to half strip to put a bra on; it was nearly as quick to get into the dress as a fresh T, which meant some eyeliner and earrings as well as the lippy. Then of course I couldn’t find one of my wedges; I need to sort out my eyrie!

“Can’t I change my mind?”

“Women!” Dad lamented.

That set Jules off sniggering.

Dinner at the Pinger’s is invariably interesting because of either the eclectic menu or the guest list. This evening was no different; Heiny was serving up mixed meat medallions with veggies and boiled taters – not exactly Cordon Bleu but a good solid German dish. The guest list, apart from four Bonds (Mum was already there), included Erika from the women’s squad, the masseuse Petra, George and a girl I didn’t know.

“So, Dave, how did we get today?” George queried.

“Two podiums, one and three.” Dad supplied.

“Sehr gut, back to winning ways.” Our team boss grinned, “So junge mädchen, we need to get you riding some Einzelzeit*, show off that rainbow jersey yes.”

“I guess,” I allowed.

“Come, you should meet my new signing.”

New signing? Mum’s not said anything.

“Anita, here please.”

The new girl broke off her conversation with Kat and Erika, “Herr Müller?”

“Anita, this tiny thing is our newest Weltmeisterin, Jenny’s Jüngere Drew, Drew this is Anita Pilz, she’ll be riding cross this winter for us.”



We got out across each other.

“Sorry Drew.”

“Welcome to the team,” I offered.

“You two talk eh?” George instructed before collaring Dad.

“So um, you just do cross?”

“My best results are on the dirt but I ride the road too.”

“But you are only riding cross for Apollinaris?”

“For now ja, if I get the results I hope to stay for the road season.”


“You ever tried dirt racing?”

“I did a few when we lived in England.” I admitted.

“It’s good fun, yeah? You should try again.”

Hmm, the Orange is still in the garage collecting dust.

“I’ve still got my crosser at home.”

“Cool,” Anita enthused, “maybe you can ride with me and Erika, perhaps some of the Euro League events.”

No idea what she’s on about now, Euro League?

“Er maybe.”

“…And so I went off down the right, tucked down and went for it.” I enthused to my captive audience, Mum at least was listening – I think.

“You seemed to be getting on with Anita well kiddo?”

“She seems okay, I think she was hinting for me to ride with her and Erika, she thinks I’m a girl.”

“I’m not surprised dressed like that kiddo, it doesn’t sound a bad idea,” Mum proposed.

Yeah I suppose wearing a dress and stuff does give the impression of girldom, “I guess.”

“You not keen? You’ve still got Caro’s Orange in the garage.”

“I thought you enjoyed them?” Dad opined from up front.

“They’re okay I guess.”

We were back at Schloss Bond already so that discussion halted without any sort of decision being made.

I was back in my pit before I remembered the phone message from, what was it again, oh yeah, Mary something. Hmm, ten thirty, bit late to ring tonight – hang on they’re an hour behind us, nine thirty isn’t so bad. I made myself comfortable on my bed and tapped the number into my handy.

“Davis household,” a man stated a little abruptly.

“Er can I speak to Mary please.”

He didn’t reply to me instead my eardrum was assailed by ‘Mare, some foreign sounding girl on the bone for ya.’

The rest of the conversation was too muffled to make much sense of.


“Mary? You left a message?”

“Drew Bond?”

“That’s me,” I agreed.

“I knew you’d call,” she enthused, “Treesa didn’t believe me.”

“So um this do?”

“It’s the BLCA dinner? Would you like to come?”

“You do realise I live in Germany?”

“Yeah, of course, Caroline said, we’ll pay for your flight?”

Hmm, free food, I’ve not been to a club dinner in yonks, it’s not likely I can go though, still it would be nice.

“When is it? I’ll have to ask the rents.”

“Eighteenth of December, it’s a Saturday?”

I scribbled the date down, “’Kay, I’ll let you know in the next few days.”

“Brill! Thanks Drew, everyone’ll be stoked if you can come.”


“Morning kiddo, what’s up?”

“Well um I’ve been invited to a club dinner, in December, can I go? They’ll pay for the flights?”

“Ah, the BLCA do.”

“You know about it?”

“Caro called Saturday night to forewarn us.”

“Oh,” I sagged.

“You want to go then?”

“Well it’d be nice, it’s not like I get a lot of invites.”

“I’ll talk to your Dad, no promises mind.”


“Don’t you need to be getting dressed? School?”

School, the highlight of which, like most kids being when we leave for the day.

It’s still quite cool at seven o’clock, in a few weeks it’ll be dark too, I was glad I’d put on hose this morning, my hands however were quite cold by the time I got to Thesing’s.

“Heya, Gab.”

“Morning, Con.”

“Grab the coffees eh?”


Back down to earth, the girls treat me the same whether I’m Weltmeister or not, we’re just a bunch of friends doing stuff that friends do.

There was nothing special about the day, same old lessons the only change to usual was my failure to come out top in Herr Viessner’s English test, Monika Stuer scored fifty-seven to my fifty four. Back in Warsop it was never my best subject, it’s only really my ‘home’ advantage that keeps me at the top at Silverberg. To cap things off it started to rain just as we finished for the day.

“Do you think it’ll blow over?” Pia posed.

“Not soon looking at those clouds,” Nena mentioned with a shrug.

“Zug?” Steff suggested.

“Might as well wait here for a bit then, I wish they’d put a shelter at the platform.” Con noted.


We turned towards the voice as Mart sprinted across the yard to the bike sheds.


“Thought I’d missed you.”

“You would’ve, but we’re catching the Express.” Brid told him.

“So what’s up? You heard from Bern?” I enquired.

“How’d you know?”

“I got a letter Saturday, she sent some pics of Drea.”

“You never said, Gab,” Con accused.

“I forgot, I’ll bring them tomorrow, so what did you want us for?”

“Mum’s agreed,” he started, “we can have a Hallowe’en party again.”

“In your barn?” Steff confirmed.

“Where else,” he grinned.

As long as I don’t get conned into another stupid outfit it should be fun, looks like my social diary is starting to fill up.

* A contraction of Einzelzeitfahren, time trial in English

Maddy Bell © 22.10.2014

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