The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 35)

In year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . At age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this my story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power

35 the last male planet to fall in Amazonia Terra Area

As Elyssa think on her decision on what to do with slave John I found out from England that former governor Halley is on her way back here as a slave we heard she was now a male named 9897 he has no name now her highness princess Isabella on tour there found out some truth about what was going on here and that is why I have been appointed Governor General to here cause what I did in New Zealand I also heard that Scotland will become a female only country now

Commander Keira knocked at the door she said to me “excuse me governor Scarlett I heard from Capitan Abbey we have found a Planet that is nor under amazon control there is reportable a sultan there has a harem of women”. I said to her “fuck we need send her Majesty shock troops there and start a invasion”. she said to me “he told Capitan Abbey that when the king surrender the Planets over to us that his planet became independent of Any other invader rules he will not negotiate any peace thing with women we are property”.

I say to her “ we will send full invasion force this sultan will surrender to women” she said to me “yes governor I tell Captain Abbey to prepare for invasion”. I said to her “ good commander prepare to invade”. she said to me “ yes governor Scarlett” I said to her “commander”. she said to me “yes governor how long have you know about this problem?”. she said to me “ever since I was a appointed commander of Amazonia Terra”. I said to her “ really that long”. she said to me “ yes governor”. I said to her “ ok we have a new slave arriving here to he is the former governor and prince of here”.

she said to me “ fuck he was gender reconversion by our new weapon”. I said to her “yes I have seen for my self we don't use on males cause the Nano-bots do there job on converting them and their minds and only women need mind Nano-bots”. she said to me “I know” I said to her “ once a woman is gender reconversion we wipe their mind of ever being a woman of their previous life as male or female”. she said to me “ fuck were will he being station”. I said to her “do you need a slave for your quarters”. she said to me “ I have no slave I will use him” I said to her “ it name is 9897 until his mistress name it”. She said to me “ I think I will call it Brandon”.

Supreme commander Keira left and went to get ready invade planet E I called her majesty and said to her “your Majesty we have a planet under male control he call himself the sultan of his world and told one of my officers that women like us is his property”. she said to me “ ok governor Scarlett I will send 5 mother ships full of my shock troops I want the planet under our rule as soon as possible”. I said to her “ yes your Majesty I will personally see the invasion my self”. she said to me “you will stay on the main mother ship once he surrender I want his sons converted to women”. I said to her “ as you wish my empress when will the invasion force arrive”. she said to me “ in about 3 hours “. I said to her “ thank you” she said to me “slave 9897 will arrive there soon “I said to her “it has a name your Majesty now”. she said to me “ok who is taking the slave?”. I said to her “supreme commander Keira she will be a good mistress”.

she said to me “ I know she will be before I go has your daughter decide that woman murderer fate”. I said to her “ no my Empress” she said to me “she will need tell us this afternoon” I said to her “ it is hard decision for a 5yr old to make and being her ex father”. she said to me “ I know Scarlett but she has to make that decision she saw him murder a woman that is death or slavery to the female who see it”. I said to her “I know your Majesty she will make her decision very soon”.We both hanged up I got ready in my full amazon military uniform commander Keira and colonel Clarissa arrived I said to my salve “ Jason can you look after Elyssa for me please she has full control over you”.. he said to me “ I will arrange Mistress Jasmine slave to look after her until Mistress Jasmine returns from school”. I said to him “ ok she can look after her sister when she gets home from school”.

the guards arrived and said Governor transformation has finished I said to them “ok”. I walked down to section 23 and saw a female looking over her body she was only a teen girl about Jasmine age it was once the boy known as Alistair she says to me “ hello governor”. I said to her “ hello warrior your name” she said to me “ Ashley my governor I am a cheerleader like my captain Jasmine”. I said to her “ good my sister is commander Keira” I said to me “ Ashley after you get dressed I would like you look after Elyssa for me “.she said to me “yea governor” I said to her “ I am leaving soon for Planet E”. she said to me “yes governor I will look after her for you”. I said to her “good once Jasmine home she will take over My salve Jason or Jasmine slave Michael will help you any time you want”. she said to me “yes governor”. I said to her “you ok Ashley?'. she said to me “ I am just getting use to being a girl now I love being a girl and I know I have pure hatred towards Males I am female supremacist I love being a pure Amazonia Terra girl”. I said to me “ welcome to being s girl and welcome life as amazon girl” she said to me” I will always protect our empress and our race against any Male who hates us and despises us”.

I showed Ashley where Elyssa room and she saw her she was thinking about her ex father fate Ashley said to her” why he is a male”. I said to her “Elyssa ex father is a woman murderer then”. Ashley said to me “ I would have him killed or executed”. I said to her “ well that her decision she saw him do it as a little boy I converted her to a amazon girl”. she said to me “that is little Jeremy?”. I said to her “yes it was her father”. she said to me “ I use to look after Jeremy when I was a boy (she shivers) yuck to think I was ever a boy”. I said to her “you knew about the murder of his ex wife” she said to me “ yes I am sorry Governor”. I said to her “ it ok Ashley you were a male your masculinity was control your body”.

she said to me “I am so glad now I am a female now” I said to her “you think better now as a woman now no masculinity controlling you” I heard Elyssa say to me “ hi mommy who is this?”. I said to her “that is Ashley she will be looking after you”. she said to her “ you look familiar”. Ashley said to her” I was your babysitter before you became a beautiful girl”. she said to me “Alistair” she says to her “yea I was that ugly boy”. Elyssa said to me “but now your like me a beautiful girl no longer boring male”. Ashley said to her “ yes Elyssa we are back together”. I thought to my self Jasmine can have a twin like our princess and I think Elyssa will be better so I arranged for Ashley to become my daughter as Jasmine twin I thought having 4 daughters will be better I said to her “ Ashley”. she said to me “ yes mom I have to leave soon for the Invasion of Planet E”. she said to me “Mom why did I miss school today my sister Jasmine was upset”. I said to her “ Ashley you were sick baby girl you caught same virus as your sister Elyssa”. she said to me “oh ok mom”. then Elyssa said to her “ sorry Ash”. she said to her “ that ok baby sis I love you anyway”

Commander Keira came in and knock then said Governor Scarlett the mother ships are over Amazonia Terra Prime they are waiting for us I said to her “ I am say good bye to my daughters commander”. Keira said to them “ Hello Ashley and Elyssa” the both said to her “ hi Commander”. I said to her “ok lets go and do this”. then Elyssa says to me “Mommy I have decide that slaves fate”. I said to her “what Elyssa?”. she said to me “ execute him he is a murderer to woman our race believes that any male kill a female should suffer the same fate”.

so it was decided slave John will be executed soon then Elyssa said to me “can I have a slave in slave re-education Area?”. I said to her “ of course baby girl it can be yours and Ashley slave”. she said to me “ok Mommy” so I then left and boarded the main mother ship for Planet E I said to Keira “ we will use the bombing mother ship to start bombing the planet”. Commander Keira said to me “ ready to go Governor” I said to her “start bombing the planet” with in 30minutes of bombing his planet he appears on our screen he says to us “ I am sultan Jarvis of planet Camelot why are you bombing my planet” I said to him “ you are under code violation of Amazon peace treaty signed by the former King”. he said to me “ I am not part of that treaty”. I said to him “ we will continue the bombing your planet your people will either hate you or will die”.

He saw 2 other mother ships arrive on his planet then another 3 he says to me “what are these ship more bombers”. I said to him “no sultan they my ground invasion force”. he said to me “ you are prepare to invaded my planet “I said to him “ yes your planet is part of the Amazonia Royal family empire” I then ordered the troops on the ground he came back to me 3 hours later and said to me “I wish to surrender my Planet over to you”. I said to him “ you will come aboard my ship as well as any of your sons”. he said to me “ yes I will comply” he said to me “my wife Hannah will be come on board” I said to him “ your harem will stay there my captain is in charge she will have a colonel Clarissa to help her “.he said “yes” I said to him “ you will call me Mistress from now on” he said to “ yes Mistress”

they arrived on board my mother ship he was dressed in a suit so was his oldest son and their their son was only 8yrs old he was with his wife Hannah I said to him “ you have surrender to Amazonia Royal family” he said to me “ yes Mistress”. I said to him “ ok sign the papers” he sign the papers and said to me “ what now Mistress”. I said to him “ your wife will be converted to amazon”. she will take over the running of this planet your son are be converted and you will become a slave your life as ruler is over I said guards “ inject the woman and the older Male and give young male the cure”. they said to me “ yes Governor”. down on the planet the Harem girls were given their Nano-bot injections and with help of the shock troops help round the males up for slave processing the sultan was taken to the slave re-education centre on mother ship 3 and the son began to scream as he started to change and young male was screaming too.

Hannah was finished she said to me “ governor general what is my position?'. I said to her “you will be governor Hannah your in charge of this world and you will always report to either Commander Keira or Colonel Clarissa and you will have a slave now”. she said to me “my former Husband governor general”. I said to her “ yes he will be your slave he is your property your youngest son will be your daughter now and your oldest son is sergeant in commander Keira Military”. she said to me “ I will use her wisely” I said to her “ look how the worm has turned “.she said to me “yes”. so we left Planet E Commander Keira said to me “ you are so much better than the former governor general”. I said to her “thank you as we left for home back my daughters except one who will help governor Hannah on first few days there a new Amazon the last male control area was gone the war was finally coming to end I hope I had to now get ready and a execution get ready Ashley and Elyssa new slave and enjoy my new job as finally I am woman and I know there is anew slave coming by name of 9897 he was the royal prince here but he is just a slave to Amazonia Empire.

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