The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 34)

In year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . At age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this my story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power.

34 Governor general Scarlett

I woke up like I did every morning my daughter Clarissa comes in says to me “ mom I saw her majesty the empress last night”. I said to her “wow “she said to me “ I was walking around the palace and saw her and princess Jade she had her body guard with her”. I said to her “that will colonel Chantelle she has been with her royal highness princess Jade since they were at school and warrior camp they are BFF”. She says to me “ “I think they are more then that ok mom I know what you mean”. I said to me “ come on Clarissa you need get dress in your full Amazon Leather Uniform and boots”. she says to me “ yes mom” I said to her “ you are being sworn in today as a colonel”.

Then there is knock at my door I said to “yes “it was slave Jason he said to us “ may I come in mistress”. I said to him "yes slave”. he walked in said to me “your breakfast should be here soon Mistress”. I said to him “thank you”. he then said to me “her majesty has also been had her breakfast brought to her Mistress”. Jade had her slave get her and Mistress Chantelle as well then he saw Clarissa he said to her “I am sorry my mistress would you like me send your breakfast here as well”. she said to him “no slave I will have mine with my sister”. he said to her “ I have told slave Michael to look after his mistress” I said to him “slave Jason”. he said to me “ yes Mistress” I continued “you will be acting head slave until I decide who will “.he said to me “ thank you mistress if that is alright with my mistress”. Clarissa said to him “that ok I will use slave John mom and I will discipline him as well on our ways of acting the proper slave”. I said to her “ ok Clarissa” she left to find slave John to tell him she will be his acting mistress and then I said to him “ Jason in while you get some one clean my room and that”. he said to me “yes mistress”. I told him if he does good job as acting head slave the job will be his he said to me “thank you my mistress”

We arrived at the main conference room there her Majesty the empress was on her throne sitting next to her was her royal highness Princess Jade and standing behind her was Colonel Chantelle I walked in with my 2 daughters Clarissa and I in full amazon Military leather uniform and jasmine in her amazon leather cheerleader uniform on we were told to stop the her majesty said to Clarissa “can you come up here” she walked up and kneel in front of her majesty she said to her “ can you read this please”. she said to us out loud “ I Clarissa pledge to serve you my empress I will honour you as colonel of the royal Amazonia Terra military force and police I will serve you with honour and will help uphold the laws of the amazon race”. the empress said to her “ your now colonel Clarissa congrats”. she said to me “thank your Majesty”. she walked back to where we were standing I said to her “congrats Clarissa”. she said to me “thank you mom “and Jasmine said to her “congrats Clarissa”. She says to her “ thank you Jasmine”.

Her majesty said to me “ come here and kneel Trinity”. I said to her “yes your majesty”. She then told me to kneel before her she then said to me “read this Trinity” I then said it out loud “ I Trinity swear my allegiance to my empress and her royal family I will serve the royal as governor general of Amazonia Terra I will make sure the law is always in force and that all colonies of Amazonia Terra will be male free and I will make sure my military force and police under control of supreme commander Keira and her colonel Clarissa will help with Extinction of the male gender”.

She gave me a necklace I felt strange like I was a new person I knew my daughter was a colonel in my military under supreme commander Keira I knew my other daughter was head cheerleader at her school I knew I had appoint a new head slave cause my daughter slave is acting I might keep him as head slave and I know my name Is Scarlett

Her majesty said to me “arise governor General Scarlett”. I rose up and said to her “ thank you your majesty”. She said out loud “ all raise your glass for the new governor general Scarlett”. They all did jasmine walks up says to me “congrats mom”. I said to her “ thank you” commander Keira said to me “congrats Governor general Scarlett”. I said to her “thank you”. then her Majesty says out loud “ ok ladies it time for me to leave you in hands of governor general Scarlett”. her majesty and her royal highness left go home to Amazonia prime .

I then said to commander Keira “we need to start getting the males out of planet G as fast as we can”. she said to me “ I am sending shock troops there today I have sent Capitan Abbey there with them”. I said to her “good I will come with you when you leave for planet G”. she said to me “ yes governor general Scarlett”. I said to her “why are you shock Keira”. She said to me “the last governor never help”. I say to her “ I am a warrior Keira like you”. she said to me “yes Governor”. she said to Clarissa “colonel I want you help get ready the shock troops ready for planet G”. she said to her “yes commander is Capitan abbey already on Planet G commander”. Keira said to her “ yes colonel she is” Clarissa said to her “ok”. then Jasmine brought in this little boy he would be only around 5yrs old.

I said to Jasmine “where did you find it?'. she said to me “ mom it was wondering around the palace”. I says to Jasmine “ ok “.I walked up to it said to him “what wrong little fellow?'. he said to me “ I'm looking for my daddy?”. I said to him “who is your daddy?”. he said to me “ he is the head boss of the men here”. I said to him “oh at what is your name”. He said to me “Jeremy miss”. I said to it “ I am a Mistress to you”.

I told the guards to bring slave John to me now they said to me “yes governor Scarlett”. I went back to Jeremy and said “is any other boys living in the palace here”. he said to me “ yes Mistress another boy name Alistair”. I said to him “ what was here before we came?'. he said to me “he is my best friend he is 11yrs old he has been with my daddy and I since King Seymour died and his brother was turned into a woman”. I said to him “ok thank you Jeremy I want all slave quarters to be search any young males any one under age of 10 cure room and when you find Alistair I want him brought to me all guards said to me “yes governor Scarlett”.

then slave John turns up he says to me “yes mistress you called me”. I said to him “ are you missing anyone slave”. he said to me “no mistress”. I said to him “really” I let him sweat for a few minutes I continued to him “I know about you hiding young males Slave John”. he says to me “ how mistress”. I said “guards bring in what we found a while ago”. they said to me “yes governor Scarlett” the guards brought in Jeremy.

he said to him “daddy”. he ran straight to his dad then John looked at me and said” I am sorry Mistress”. I said to him “ soon the guards come back if they find any more young males”. They said to me “ only 2 more governor ”. I said to them “ who” they said to me “ Alistair and Paul”. I said to then “ ok thank you “. I walked up to them and said your ages slaves Alistair says to me “ I am 12 mistress” and Paul said to me “ same mistress 12 “I said “guards tale Alistair to section 7 and take Paul to section 2 and also take slave John to section 2 for re-education”. they split John and Jeremy up I thought Alistair can be one of Jasmine cheerleaders and Paul can be a slave either to Alistair or Jasmine.

they took them away I could here Jeremy saying to him “no daddy”. he started crying I walked up to him said o him “ hello Jeremy he says to me “ hello “in sad voice I asked him “what happen to your mommy” he said my mommy was killed by my dad he thought she would join you”. I said to him “ oh that not nice”. he said to me “I know mistress”. I then asked him “ do you want a new mommy with sisters and you get live here”. he said to me “ yes Mistress I would love that”. I said to him “only one thing you have to do”. he said to me “what Mistress”. I said to him “you have to become a girl and you will have freedom beauty and strength”. he said to me “ ok who will be my mommy”, I said to him “ I will be your mommy and you will have new name too”. he said to me “ what Mistress”. I said to him “Elyssa”. he said to me “ I am ready mommy”. I told him to strip his clothes off he did as he was told I walked over to him and gave him the cure he drank it down the he said to me “that was nice”. then he started to scream we took him into a room so he could transform away from everyone.

I walked back in around 30mins time and saw a little 5yr old girl sitting on chair naked I walked up to her said to her “Elyssa are you ok?'. She says to me “ yes mommy I am just looking at my body and my long beautiful hair”. I said to her “you are a beautiful amazon girl Elyssa”. she said to me “ thank you mommy I love that I am a girl now not an ugly looking boy I hate boys mommy why?'. I said to her “ cause you will live in world where women will be happy there is no such thing as a male”. she said to her “ I will love that mommy when I am a woman I hope the world has got rid of males” I said to her “ so do baby now get dressed in your girls amazon leather uniform and boots we are going to see a slave” she said to me “who mommy?'. I said to her “slave John”. she giggled and got dressed and said to me “my ex father a woman killer”. I said to her “ yes baby girl the same that why we have get rid of males from the galaxy and only us females should be here”.

Elyssa and I walked down to slave re-education section in the palace I saw Clarissa down here Elyssa walk up and said to her “hi Clarissa what are you doing sis?”. She said to her “I am getting ready for going to planet G”. Elyssa said to her “ can I come”. she said to her “when you get older baby sis”. she said to her “ok” the guard came up said to me “governor Scarlett the slave John had never been programmed” I said to her “ before we program him I have surprise for him”. the guards told me what cell he was in I walked up with Elyssa.
I unlock the cell door he was naked I said to him “ hello slave” he said to me “hello Mistress”. I said to him “cut the fucking crap John I know your not programmed” he said to me “ how did we know” I said to him we knew John”. he said to me “ Halley never got me done she knew I was once her best friend”. I said to him “well you will be done now I know your helping the resistance on Amazonia Earth and here in Amazonia Terra”. he said to me “ this Planet Atlantis not the name you call it”. I said to him “your king surrendered to us we are the ruler of this world now”. he said to me “I will fight to the day I die”. I said to him “ like your wife murdered by you” he says to me “how did you find out then” he thought Jeremy he continues and said “where is my son bitch?'. I said to him “outside waiting see you”.

he said “I want to see him”. I said to my guards “bring in the package” they brought in Elyssa she walked up said to him “ hello slave”. he said to her “ who are you?”. she said to him “ look carefully slave”. he said to her “Jeremy”. she said to him “not any more I am a amazon girl like my sisters and like my mommy”. he said to her “ who is your mommy Jeremy”. she said to him “over there is my mommy slave I am mistress Elyssa to you slave”. then she came kick him hard he fell to the ground she then pulled his hair and punch him in the face she says to him “you are a woman killer I should just fucking kill you right now”. she said to me “ can I kill him mommy”. I said to her “ yes Elyssa if you want or have it as your personal slave”. she says to her ex father “should I kill you like you killed your wife or should I make you my slave very hard decision for me “

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