The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 30)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else woman with power

30 Change in New Zealand and new purpose

(Katelynn P.O.V.)

I was trying to find my daughter she was suppose to give me briefing on certain things I asked Cassandra where she was she said to me “mom where do you think she is she is with her girlfriend the princess”. I said to her “shit I forgot”. Cassie says to me “ you know Bailee is always with her even at school I lost my deputy head cheerleader to her on the Cheer leading squad”. I said to her “ Cassie you will have get use to this she is the princess flavour of the month, you got Myra”. She says to me “ I know mom but you knew I loved Isabella when she was with Sienna”. I said to her “I know Cassie but your sister seem to be around at the right time” then Marley rose came said to me “mommy there is phone call for you from our empress”.

I went and answered it “yes my empress”. she said to me “ I want you see if Isabella has converted her slaves brother for me yet and if she has you and her will go to New Zealand on business I said to her “ what may be the business arriving on shuttle from Amazonia Terra is”. She said to me “ former governor general Halley I want her take over England”. I said to her “England is female only country all the women there are Amazon like us” she said to me “ I know that Katelynn she is replace Marcie who is being sent to Amazonia for re-education and the new girl is to replace Trinity on new Zealand she is going to Amazonia Terra as the new Governor General”. I said to her “yes my empress” and hang up went to transformation room saw what was a male called Wayne I said your Name warrior she said to me “ My name is Paige I am the new governor of New Zealand Supreme Commander Katelynn”. I said “good”. she to said to me “I love being a female commander I hate males with pure hatred I am female supremacist”. I said “ good girl”. I saw a message from Princess Isabella it said that you are have your own personal slave Paige she said to me “who commander?'.

I called him in “Bradley” he came running in he said to me “ yes mistress”. I said to him “slave this is your new Mistress Paige”. he said to her “hello my mistress” Paige said to him “ come here slave”. he walked over and bowed she said to him “you will go and prepare my stuff for our move to New Zealand”. he says to her “ yes my Mistress”. and left to get every thing ready I sad to Paige “ I will be coming with her to New Zealand you are to turn your country in fully female only country by our conference in England”. she said to me “it will be done for our Empress is my daughter ready to come with me”.

I said to her “Andrea she is with my daughter Marley rose they were in same Preschool together”. she said to me “ ok can you get your daughter Bailee to bring her to spaceport”. I said to her “ Paige you don't understand I will get Cassandra to bring her to you as Bailee is occupied by something else” she said to me “what that would be commander if I may ask you”. I said to her “ My daughter is the princess Isabella girlfriend so she is higher than you or me at the moment unless you want get re-educated I would leave Bailee alone”. she said to me “I think that is smart move then commander Katelynn”.

we went to space port as we arrived there I saw ex Governor general Halley arrive from Amazonia Terra she said to me “your supreme commander Katelynn”. I said to her “ yes it is and this woman here is our new New Zealand governor Paige”. she said to her “ nice meet you”. Paige said to Halley “nice to meet you your lucky going to Amazonia Earth only female country”. she said to her “yeah you think I was a prince of my own planet before the war but now I am amazon woman now I was on charge of the planet until supreme Commander Keira said to our empress I was not suitable for Amazonia Terra cause of it being my home planet”.

I said to Halley “ you will take this job with full embrace or you will be sent to Amazonia for reprogramming”. she said to me “ yes commander”. I said to her “ now your flight leaves in 5 mins to England”. she said to me “ yes commander and left I said to Paige “we have the final say to the royal family if we think your not acceptable you will be sent to Amazonia”. she said to me “I won't fuck up commander”. I said to her “ good governor”. we boarded our shuttle to Auckland my daughter Marley rose is coming with me she was excited so was Andrea and our slaves Bradley and Henry

Mommy my daughter said to me “how long are we in New Zealand?”. I said to her “ only fro a few days baby girl why?'. she said to me “just asking I love flying with you mommy”. I said to her “ baby I know you had to come with me cause your sisters are busy”. she giggled and said to me “you mean Bailee busy living at the palace with her girlfriend princess Isabella”. I said to her “yes Marley Rose and the girls have their Exams also yea”. she said to me with giggle “I wont be surprise if Bailee passes her exams very easy”. I said “Marley” I laughed with her and thought maybe she is right .

we arrived in Auckland Trinity was there to meet us I said to her “hello Trinity” she replied to me “ supreme commander” I said “.this is my daughter Marley rose”. she said to her “ hello Marley” Marley replied to her “ Hello governor Trinity”. Trinity said to me “who is this other woman?'. I said to me “I will tell you at your office not in front of the slaves”.

she said to me “ ok my daughter Jasmine is at slave scanning centre and Natalie will be finish soon transformed and we have to males that been caught and held in the cells”. Marley said us “I hate males I cant wait until I am older as woman and the world will be better a female utopia where there is no men I love that”. I said to her “ Marley when mommy goes to England for Governor convention you see what it will be like”. she said to me “ yay I love that mommy I will love that a male free country”.

We were arrived at governor Trinity office she ask her daughter “Jasmine can you take Andrea and Marley rose”. She says to her “ yes mom BTW the slave has been scanned has 2 anti converted drugs in his system I have ask for him to be kept in isolation cell I have recommended that he is reprogram again on a full conversion process”. Trinity said to her “ ok Jasmine I want you take the young girls down to play area then go and start the upgrade conversion of the slave known as Michael and then see if Natalie is finish and bring her to us”. she said to her “ok mom” Trinity said to her “ your sister Clarissa is due back soon form Wellington hunting down men for slave and making sure boys under 10yrs are being upgraded too”.

I said to her “ now we can get down to business I hear to inform you that you Trinity have been promoted to governor general of Amazonia Terra and this woman here is your replacement for New Zealand your daughters will be coming with you to Amazonia Terra”. she says to me “what about Natalie”. I said to her “ she will be sent to Amazon city work with Jessica and the other scientist”. she said to me “ ok”. she called in a slave I want you to start packing up my room and my daughters so we get ready for the move then Paige said to her “ I will be taking over as from now you can get ready for your trip to Amazon city”. Trinity said “ok then”. I sad to her “can you get your commander in here trinity” she said to me “ yes commander”.

Then I was taken to my room for the night I will be leaving with our new scientist and new Governor general of Amazonia Terra and her daughter so Marley and I went to quarters for some sleep and get ready fro the trip home our slave henry done every thing he was told he went to sleep in slave

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