The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 26)

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By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else woman with power

26 the Fall of the Atlantis Empire
on Planet Atlantis prime

we are here on planet Atlantis our enemies home planet my mother and I as planned are here for the surrender of planet Atlantis to us the royal family of Amazonia and Amazonia Earth mom said we will being using this planet as military planet for our shock troops we saw about 500 to 10,000 men getting put on board slave shuttles to Amazonia Earth they will be slaves there or be converted this planet will be totally a female planet all men from other colonies of Atlantis Planets will be sent to Amazonia Earth

Amazonia Earth will be only planet to have males in this galaxy we have won the war of genders men will be our pets forever and finally we are the better than them on Amazonia Earth the boy population under 10yrs now is 75% female now soon the population of Amazonia Earth will be all female mom is in now rush about it the planet will be ours now as Part of Amazonian Galaxy I went into the room where the surrendering was taken place the king there in mid 40s was signing over the rights and the control to my mother I walked up saw a man with him he was the prince Howard of Atlantis my mother said to him “this is my daughter Jade she will help your son soon as the new governor general of Amazonia Terra”. the king said to her “what are you saying?”. my mom said to him “ your son will be a female and in charge of this planet as our governor general”. I was giggling I said to him “as you can see King Seymour you didn't expect a male to ever run any thing you are just pets our property we females are the better gender you have lost the war and right say anything different your son will be a female so she can run a female planet like this one”.

so king Seymour surrendered the planet over to us we took him away he was executed and his son the prince was given the needle in the neck and started to scream as he started to trans form mom and I told the guards take him to transformation room he will be called Haley from now on the new Governor General of Amazonia Terra is Haley she will be running the planet now this planet will now obey our laws

the new laws
1. all men have no rights and are slaves or prisoners and the property of Amazonia women
2. all old Atlantis women will be upgraded to Amazonian women
3. all male slaves will have collars and id numbers on their dresses and their mistress name
4.boys over 13yrs will selected for slavery or upgrade to Amazonian Terra girl
5 all teenager Amazonian Terra girls will have compulsory Military training including new girls from 15yrs onwards
6. all girls will receive an automatic upgrade from age of 6yrs old
7. all men and boys will call girls and Amazonia Terra women Mistress (except their mothers not sisters will call them mistress)
8 All boys Under age of 10yrs Must attend a medical centre or Science Building for upgrade to girl hood
9 All Girls age 10yrs and under will attend a Amazonia Terra girl school for their education
10. all males must call boys Miss from the age of 10yrs to 13yrs under 10yrs mistress must be called
12 all boys are forbidden to wear any clothing representing male features
13school is forbidden for any boy between up to 13yrs to attend at any time Some boys after selection might be able to attend other that all education for boys is at slave camp
14. all boys must wear skirts and heels or women flats once a slave must wear slave dresses between ages of 10yrs and 13yrs
15.all boy slaves must attend Camp from age 13yrs for 5 years for education training and slave selection by your mistress will be done your mistress will own you from that point on
16 Amazonia and Amazonia Earth and Amazonia Terra is under Martial Law Except England and Amazon city
17 a curfew for men and boys is 9pm-5am 7 days a week unless out with mother or Mistress
18 holding of any boys under age of 10yrs old will have consequences like punishment men 30 lashes
19 verbally abusing Amazonian Terra women or girl is punishable by become a slave (for boys 10-13yrs automatic slavery no selections) any slaves verbally a Amazon will be executed
20 second verbal abuse is category A prison and reprogramming
21. any Male violating these laws will be reprogrammed or executed
22 all house duties are to perform by men or boys only (not under 13yr old will be treated like a girl)
23 All slaves can have their names change by their Mistress at any time you are their property now
24some planets colonies and countries of Amazonia earth have a exemption from law 16 (except curfew is11pm to 5am in those countries for boys 13yrs and above this includes all men )
25 there is no curfew for Amazonia girls or women on any planet or colony of Amazonian Empire
26 some boys can be upgraded to amazon girl early if we consider you important enough
27 all Zones and Countries are part of Amazonia Earth or Amazonia Terra are part of Amazonian Empire
28 any planet zones or country that has Her majesty shock troops on their land All males are forbidden to be outside for 72hrs or even longer which decide by the governor of area
29 any male who calls new amazon women or girl their old name will be given 50 lashes to his back
30 any male or female caught helping the resistance will reprogrammed or executed (females will be reprogrammed
31 All laws are subject to change without notice By the Royal family of Amazonian galaxy Empire

so that was the way of life now for Amazonia Terra people now a few hours later walked down to the transformation room and saw Halley she was finished she got dressed in her amazon black leather uniform walks with me to her old throne room now ours then walks up to my mom says to her “ my queen I Halley pledge my loyalty to you as your governor general of Amazonia Terra I hank you for given me a better persona as a woman I love being a woman and will up keep the laws of the Amazonia royal family her planets and colonies of the Amazonian galaxy empire I am female supremacist and I have pure hatred for males to think I was ever a male yuck “.

I giggled and said to her “ come Halley we will help you with running the planet”. she said to me “yes your highness” so Halley Chantelle and I left show Hailee how run this new planet Amazonia Terra which was known as Atlantis we women rule it now But before we left The guards walked in with a male and to me “ says your highness we found this male heading to one of the slave shuttles to Amazonia Earth”. I said to her “ he was doing the right thing the Guard replied to me “your highness he not tag and in old Atlantis Military uniform once on earth he could try start a resistance on Amazonia Earth”. then Halley said to me “I know him he was the commander of the old military forces here”. he says to her “Prince Howard”. Halley said to him “.not any more male I am governor general of planet Terra I am a amazon woman”. she hits him across the face and says to him “you will become my slave forever guards take this piece of shit to the reprogramming room”. the guard said to her “yes Governor” she pull him a way to be reprogrammed she said to Chantelle “would you like to to be supreme commander of Amazonia Terra” she said to Halley “sorry no I am Princess Jade Body guard and her best friend the queen will send you a commander”.then I thought of sergeant Tamara from Australian command I will ask Commander Katelynn send her here as the new supreme commander”.

I received a call from Commander Katelynn saying to me “she will tell the governor and commander of Australia that sergeant Tamara is be put on a shuttle to Amazonia Terra with in the next few hours”. I said to her “ that will be great Commander”.she said to me “thank you your highness” as time went on we went to slave reprogarmaing room saw Halley new slave he walks up and bows at here and says to her “ my mistress I will obey you with out failure your my mistress I will be your slave for ever” she says to him “good go and clean my quarters up now slave”. he says to her “yes my mistress” leaves us to his orders from his mistress.

I was told by a guard that Tamara has left New Zealand for Australia and then here I have been told we might have a quicker way of converting males to women it been a few hours and the shuttle from Amazonia Earth had arrived I went down to the spaceport with Chantelle and Halley to meet sergeant Tamara at the spaceport she says to me “ Your highness”. I said to her “ welcome to Amazonia Terra this is Commander Chantelle of the royal guard she is my body Guard and BFF this governor General Halley she is runs the planet for the royal family she says to me “ you want me to train the Military forces here like in Australia and New Zealand”. I said to her “yes in sort of way” she said to me “how your highness”. I replied to her “ you are being promoted to Supreme Commander of Amazonia Terra force”.

she says shit I walk up to her and give her a new necklace I said to her “Your Name and Rank Warrior”. she said I am to me “ I am Supreme Commander Keira of the Military and Police force of Amazonia Terra under the guidance of the royal family of Amazonia prime , Amazonia Earth and Amazonia Terra and her colonies of the Amazonian Galaxy empire”. I said to her “ good go do your job commander Keira”. she said to me “yes Your highness I will send scouts out to make sure we have every male is either put on slave shuttles converted or executed over 50yr old”. I said to her “ good Keira any pregnancy I want them to here yes” she said to me “ Your highness” I sad to her “remember the empress Queen Catherine is touring the planets here”. she said to me “yes My princess” and left

Amazonia Terra population is 99% Female and 1% Male this will be Amazonia Earth in a generation time or bit longer All males are the property of Amazonia galaxy Empire under the rule of the Royal Family of Amazonia prime , Amazonia Earth and Amazonia Terra Amazonian colonies and space of Amazonian Galaxy Empire

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