The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 23)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power

23 Princess Isabella Returns

Sienna and I arrived at Amazonia space sport for the shuttle back to Amazonia Earth we had big decided on changing earth name to Terra it new name would be Amazonia Terra instead of earth we have decided it will be come Amazonia Terra from next year 2233 but we decided not to change it as it was our ancestor home a long time ago before we invaded here we hope by then that all boys under 6yrs will be female mom says she wants increase production by to 30 boys a day the quicker we get rid of the younger males the better an the new Amazonia Earth will be happy a world which is totally female no males I looking forward to it maybe I'll be queen maybe

we arrived at Amazon city spaceport we saw captain Keira at the gate waiting for us she saluted and bowed and says “Princess Charlotte Princess Isabella Commander Taylor Captain Sienna”. we said to her “Captain” she said to us “ your highness your cars are over here and I have told my slave to show to your slaves were the cars are”. I said to her “thank you Captain”. she says to me “your welcome your highness”. I saw Robert loaded sienna and my things on board the car he walks up and says to me “everything is on board the vehicle my mistress”. and bows at me I said to him “good pet”.

He sits down in slave section of the vehicle adjusts his heels he has on today my slave is dresses red leather pants white tank top and red leather ankle boots with 3" stiletto heel Sienna has been asking me “you think he be better as a girl”. I said to her “ mom ask me the same question”. Sienna said to me “you need to make that decision your self Princess”. I said to her “ babe you don't have call me Princess”. she says to me “ yes I do Princess cause you are my princess and lover “.she giggled at me I kissed her and said to her “your my lover as well”. she giggled and said says to me “ I love you Isabella”.

we were on our way to the palace Charlotte car was in front followed by mine we had escorts both side the pets were In their own cars Charlotte Kylie and Taylor Jamie and mine Robert they been re educated on Amazonia Sienna has not got a pet yet but give her time Captain Keira pet might be a good one for Sienna mom never gave Sienna a ranking she stays with me every where since my coronation about a week ago we arrived at the Palace I told my pet to take our stuff to our room and the go and settle down in your surrounding he says to me “Yes My mistress”. I said to him “ Robert” he said to me “yes my mistress”. I said to him “ can you come up to the throne room either Kylie or Jamie can show you the way after you have one your chores and settled in”. he replies to me “ Yes my mistress”. He leaves do his chores, I then said to my sister “ Char” she says to me “ what Izzy “. I said to her “I am going to turn Robert into a female like us”.

Char says to me “ Izzy it your choice”. I said to her “ I want captain Keira slave as my new one he looks very raw and he would make a great pet for me “.Char looks at me says “Sis we are royal if you want it have it”. I ordered captain Keira to the throne room she came as soon as she could I said to her “I want your slave Keira”

She says to me “ why your highness?'. I said to her “ cause mine is too feminine now I want it to be a girl”. she says to if I refuse to give him to you your highness”. I said to her “ I don't know yet”. she says to me “ I refuse then your highness”. I said to her “ok you are under arrest for failing take a royal command and sentence to slavery by reverse gender your new name will be Barry”. she says to me “ your highness ok I agree to you taking my slave” I said to her “ ok my last decision has been reversed but you will loose your captain rank I also order you to Australia for a while as sergeant of the royal Amazon military”. she says to me "yes your highness but my mother is royal Commander here “.I replied to her “I know Keira guards find the commander and order her here”. the guards said to me “yes your highness”.

commander Katelynn arrived at the throne room she saw Keira standing there in tears she says to me “ what is the problem your highness?'. I said to her “ Keira has been demoted for resisting a order and been sent to Australia as a Amazon sergeant of royal Military”. she says her “Keira what did you do?'. she says to her “mom I refuse give up my slave to her royal highness princess Jade”. she says to her “what ok Keira you will have to take your punishment”. I said to Keira “ BTW Keira you are no longer the commander's daughter too “.both the Katelynn and Keira said to me “what your punishment should be the first one”.

I said to her “ but you seem to agree quickly commander Katelynn I can issue her first punishment”. she says to me :your highness who will be her mother”. I sad to her “no one Katelynn her mother died”. Katelynn said to me “ I remember now she was executed by the resistance”. I said to her “ yes”. I walked up and gave Keira a necklace with a locket on it. I said to her “ what your name warrior?'. she says to me “I am sergeant Tamara your highness I am sergeant of royal amazon Military force in Australia under the command of Lily”. I said to her “ good sergeant you may leave and prepare for your trip sergeant”. she says to me “yes your highness “.and bows and salutes Katelynn and leaves

Commander Katelynn was very upset I said to her “you will have a new daughter”. she says to me “who your highness?”. I replied to her “ her name will be Bailee”. she asked me “ how old will she be your highness”. I said to her “15 same age as Cassandra they will be twins like my sisters are”. She replies to me “ anything the royal family has decided”. I said to her “your learning Katelynn”. she says to me “yes your highness”. I said to her “where is the male?'. Katelynn tells me “in royal dungeons my princess”.

I said to her “ come Katelynn we will see it”. she says to me yes your highness”. we walk down to the dungeons area. I said to her “you like being a female now?”. she say to me “ yes your highness I would never be man again”. I said to her “ good”.
we arrived at 6789 cell the guards saluted us we walked in he says to Katelynn “ what now Mistress Katelynn”. she says to him “this her royal highness Princess Isabella”. he says to me “yea I remember you as a little outcast boy in Derbyshire”. I went up smacked him hard and “you will never speak to me that way you fucking male pig I am her royal highness Princess Isabella that life is gone what was it fate” Katelynn says to me “it was going to be turned into a woman your highness”.

I said to her “ I want it made a slave he will work in the royal palace as a royal slave he will have a new name to Nathan he will go to program room tomorrow”. Katelynn says to me “ I have his daughter Myra living with she has falling in love with my daughter”. I said to her “ok she can be Sienna sister” as I was talking to Katelynn Sienna walks in says to me “ hi baby what is going on”. I said to her “you remember Katelynn?”.
she says to me “ yes”. I said to her “We have just sentence this male to slavery in the palace”. she said to me “ cool”. I said to her “I have decide his daughter Myra will become your sister”. Sienna said to me “ that will be good for mum in England she misses me so much but having a daughter it will be make her happy”.

I replied to her “ babe you mom has moved to Amazon city to live with you”. she says to me “ yay”. Katelynn says to her “ you sound like my youngest Marley” the male says to us “he is mine bitches”. I went up and kicked him and said to him “ No males have right to children at any time your no one but bit of property to us this a female planet now you lost any right to this world when you men surrender the men we have made into women have thanked us for changing them and by the end of this year there will be no more Males under 6 years old the cure is working well”.

I said to my Guards “Guards take this male to reprogram room”. the guards saluted us and said to me yes your highness”. they picked him up and sent him to the reprogram room then a guard came in and said to me “ your highness slave Ben and Robert are waiting in throne room”. I said to her “ok we will go to the throne room”.

We walked up the throne room I had Katelynn and Sienna with me I saw Robert and Ben waiting there I said to them” hello slaves” they said to me “hello Mistress” I yelled out “ guards take Robert to the transformation room and convert him into girl”. they said to me “ yes your highness”. then I went up to Robert and said to him “ I am rewarding you with this when you return you will be a girl and cheer member of my squad and my friend Bailee and the daughter of Commander Katelynn and her family” he says to me “ thank you My mistress” I said to him “ I will soon only your princess and friend”. they took him away the next time I will see her as member of my cheer squad Katelynn followed her new daughter to be down to the transformation room

we saw Myra and Cassandra walking past holding hands and that they had dropped off Marley rose to Amazon Daycare for little Girls they are trained in there and taught the basics we have around 300 of these now since the cure came out I called Myra over to me she said to me “ your highness”. I replied to her “ sienna has something for you Myra”. she says too me “ ok your highness”.

Sienna walks up to her and give her a necklace with a locket she then looks at my girlfriend and says to her “ My sister I love you so much Sienna” she says back to her “ so do I sister and mum looking forward to seeing you and meeting your girlfriend”. Myra says to me “mom was happy when I got on cheer squad” they both giggle and say to each other “ I love you sis”.

I walked around Ben a few times he says to me “ where is my mistress” I said to him “ she has released you slave so I am your new mistress now slave” he replies to me “ Yes my mistress” I said to him “good you will learn to serve me well you will take your order either from Mistress Sienna or My self or head palace Slave Nathan”. he says to me “ yes My mistress”. I said to her “good “I yelled out “guards”. they came running. I said to her “ take this male to reprogramming room”. they said to me “yes your highness”. They took him to the reprogram room

About 3hours later Katelynn returns with her daughter Bailee she walks up and kneels on knee says to me “ I swear my allegiance to you my princess and your family I am willing help in any way the extinction of male gender I am Female supremacist I am a pure Amazonian earth Girl and I love being a girl”. I said to her “ welcome to Amazon life Bailee”. she said to me “ thank you your highness”. I said to her “ Katelynn you can spend the rest of the day with your daughter if you want”.
She says to me “it ok with you your highness I like keeping busy s we need find more resistance base and destroy them”. I said to her “ true we will continue it soon I think we have done enough today”. she says to me “yes your highness I think I will go to school tomorrow”. she says to me “ yes your highness I will tell my daughters you will be going back to school with Sienna”.

I went down to slave reprogramming centre and saw Slave Nathan there he said to me “hello Mistress”. I said to him “ hello slave” he said to me “ I am Amazonia Earth Royal slave” I said to him “ yes Slave what is your name?”. he said to me “ I am Nathan Jamison slave to her majesty the queen and her daughters I am the property of the royal Family I am a Male I have no life and must obey any female we are the weaker sex I am just a slave”. I said to “ good now return to the palace and begin your work for the day”. he says to me “ yes Mistress” he left and went to the palace I saw my new Slave Ben go in for reprogramming

I love my life as a Amazonian Princess I love being a girl and I am a female supremacist I am part of the royal family who rules Amazonia and Amazonia Earth and her territories and space as part of the Amazonian Empire

the population on Amazonia Earth is 77% female and 23% male the males are slowly disappearing for good long live the Amazonian Empire

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