The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 21)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power

21 Supreme Commander Katelynn Amazon commander

I was told that everything on Amazonia Earth was going well my daughter Keira told me that boys under the age of 6yrs was going well we are doing around 20boys a day are becoming girls I said to Keira “ her majesty wants that increased by 10 more we want no more boys under 6yrs by the end of the year”. she says to me “I know mom it just hard”. I said “I have faith in you baby”. she says to me “ I know I love you mom “.I said to her “ love you too Keira BTW tell Cassie I love her too” she said to me “ yes mom”.

I wet up to the throne room saw Princess Isabella talking to her mom she was saying to her mom “Mom can I go back to Amazonia earth and go back to school” the queen says to her “Izzy I know you want to back and things I have to talk to Commander Katelynn about your security and there is certain Males wants us dead you know that princess”. Isabella says to her mom “I know mom I miss my cheer squad and Sienna miss around with the boyfriends down there”. the queen says “Sienna is a lesbian like you Isabella I know that mom all my cheer squad are Cassandra told us only the week before my coronation she was a lesbian”. She said to her “ ok Izzy I'll think about it”. she says to her mom “ thanks mommy I love you so much”

the princess left I walked up the queen said to me “ Katelynn did you hear any of that conversation” I said to her “yes my your daughter security it is being fixed I have sent my troops into Iowa I think I know where the resistance sniper is I heard he escaped during the London raid where closed the English resistance”. the queen say to me “that I want the sniper converted into woman or a slave”. I replied to her “ I think a slave my queen he was not comfortable taking orders”.

I was told my slave is converted over full slave but not just yet soon I saw a slave walk past it was Izzy pet he was in his slave dress a grey one I asked him “what do you want slaves?”. he says to me “I am looking my mistress the princess Isabella Mistress Katelynn”. I said to him “ she has gone back to her room with Mistress Sienna”. he said to me “ thank you Mistress”. and left as he left I was thinking ( I was going to be the one stop abolishment of slaves no way now ) I am a female supremacist I would never agree for men have legal rights they are our property we are the stronger gender men are now just slaves or sperm bank my queen said to me “ you also heard what Izzy said about your daughter”. I said to her “yes my queen she is a lesbian most probably like me I like woman too”. The queen says to me “ your a female supremacist Katelynn and you a amazon woman”. I said to her “I am very proud I am a amazon my queen I am also proud I am a woman to think I was against you for all those years and as a filthy yucky male as well for that I'm sorry “.the queen said to me “ once you transformed in a woman Katelynn everything was forgiven I Said to her “ My queen I am glad the peace accord was a fake way men are scum filth and dirt”. she said to me “ I'm glad you agree now with us Katelynn your better as a women”.

I left the throne room and went over to the reprogramming room I walked in the guards saluted me as I went I ask one of the guards where my slave was I went over to him and said to him “are you ready to leave Henry”. he says to me “ yes my mistress I am” I said to him “good what are you slave?”. He said to me “ Mistress my name is Henry Alexander I am the property of My mistress Katelynn I am her slave I also are my mistress daughters slave as well my mistress expect me to all house chores and look after my mistress daughters and my mistress Katelynn”.I said “ good Henry”. he replies to me “ thank you my Mistress I am a mere male a pet to you we are weaker sex my mistress “.

I was ready to return back to Amazonia Earth my slave was with me we arrived back the space port at Amazon city I walk out to see my daughter there Keira walk up to me and said to me “hi mom welcome home”. I said to her “ thank you baby”. she say to me “ mom we are ready for our assault on the resistance on Iowa”. I said to her “ sure Keira we leave tomorrow on the assault of the resistance”. I hop in to my commander car with my daughter”. I said to her “where Cassie?'. she said to me “ she is still at school on cheer training”. henry was in trailer on back of car that were slaves are kept I told the driver I wanted go by the school and pick up Cassandra we got there I told Henry to stay in the car I walked up and saw Cassie drilling into her cheer squad on every thing she dismissed them and sent them home with their pets

Cassandra walks up and says to me “Mom it nice see you home” she kissed me I said to her “ baby I want ask you a question”. Keira was with her slave his name was Ben he was cleaning her boots so they couldn't hear us she said to me “sure mom what I found this out in the palace on Amazonia are you a lesbian?”. she say to me “yes mom I am but I am in love with cheer captain Princess Isabella”. I said to her “ fuck baby she has lover Sienna”. She said to me “ I know that mom if I ever broke them up I would be sentence to death of converted into a Male slave”. I said to her “ any other girls baby?”. she said to me “ no mom as we were walking back I saw a male walking with a 6yrold boys I think three of them I said to them “ Halt” he stopped I walked up to him he said to me “ may I help you mistress”. I said to him “ where is your Mistress male”. he says to me “I lost her mistress”. I saw the 3 boys and bent down and so little misses I this your mother slave 2 were very shy but the third on said to me “no Mistress he has taken away from the building we were do for upgrade he is a rebel I think”. I looked at his face he said to me “John I kicked him to the ground No male I'm Mistress Katelynn to you”. Cassie walked over to the little boys and asked them “you know what upgrade means”. he replies to her “ yes mistress I do we are going to be girls like you and be part of the Amazonia Empire”. Cassie say to them “ok ill take you over here”. she ask Keria to get the police down here she said to her “yes Cassie I will call them”..

I looked at the male he was Anton I remember him he looked at me why you told us the Amazons are our oppressors I said to him “that person is dead I am a woman I am female supremacist and your fucking dead”. I broke his neck fucking pathetic male piece of shit the police arrived they saluted me She says to me “ commander”. I clicked my fingers and henry came out his trailer and says to e “Yes my mistress” I said to him “ take this shit out of my sight”. he picked up Anton and moved him to a morgue truck I went over saw the three boys I ask the one who Cassie as the question to I bent down and said what Is your name he said to me “I am Jason mistress” and the other boys.

one boys said to me “ very quietly I am Jarred mistress”. and the other boy said hiding behind Jarred “yes I'm Terence mistress”. I said to him “I like you all I going send you Jarred and Jason to England and you can be mistress governor Marcie twin daughters and you little Terence you will going to Emily and lily in Australia”. I picked him up and said to him “ how old are you?”. he said to me I am only 4 years old Mistress “.I said to him “ call me commander”.

I gave him a necklace your new name will be Constance or Connie for short I gave him the cure he stated screaming only for a second within 25 mins he was a she my new daughter she trans formed in school trans formation room I went and said it all over now baby she say I know commander said yay I'm a girl now she was sent to Australia and the other girls were sent to England after we done this we went home and relaxed

the Next day approached we head on troop shuttles to Iowa I remember him telling me that in England he retreated to Iowa so that where my troops are going capture him he has called so many deaths to our race he needs to be captured the tortured then become a slave we surrounded his residence and landed my shock troops he fired back at them I knew he was not going down easy it took us around 6 hours and we had him captured I walked up to him he looked at me said to me “John your a woman”. I said to him “ yes I am a woman I am not that person any more I am to you Mistress male” he said to me “ they fucking got to you too”. I kicked him to the floor and said to him “ I am a better person now Male I am a woman not a pathetic piece of shit like you a male”.

I told my guards I want him processed and in the torture room in amazon city as soon as possible they said to me “yes commander Katelynn” the guards picked him off the floor as they left he says to me “ you fucking female supremacist”. I walked up hit him in the mouth and said to him “proud of it”. then I came close and said “I have surprise for you in amazon city”. he said to me “ what bitch”. I said to him “ you will see how little Graham going” the last time we saw him he was only 4 and it was in London he says to me “ you fucking bitch were did you find him”. I said to him “ Nigel I have my old resistance memories we using them hunt you down and end terrorism for good we load up the shock troops on the shuttle and headed for Amazon city

My Name is Katelynn I have 2 beautiful daughters Keira the oldest 19yrs a captain in the Royal army I have my youngest daughter Cassandra a sophomore acting cheer captain I am Commander of royal military forces and acting supreme Commander of Amazonia Earth I love being A woman

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