Dressed by teacher

I boarded the plane, eager to begin my 3 month long student exchange program. My exchange partner and I had been emailing each other for the last week and I have to say that I have been extremely lucky. She is perfect. Blonde hair, big blue eyes and a great body. Plus she is really small, even smaller than me, which was surprising seeing as how I only come to 5 foot 3. Her name is Anna Mitsen. Hopefully I can use my charm and looks many girls have described as 'cute' to win her over. Anyway, here I am on my flight to London with my classmates Rebecca, Eleanor, Lindsey, Hannah and Sophie. I don't mind being the only boy, it means that there is no competition when it comes to the ladies but the school that Anna goes to is an all girls school. Hopefully it won't be too bad, we will only have to spend a couple of weeks going to their school before their summer holiday starts.

The teacher accompanying us is called Mrs Williams. She is by far the hottest teacher in the school. She became a teacher straight after collage so she must be in her early twenties and she mostly wears skirts or dresses, pantyhose (I find tights and stockings really hot) and high heels. She has light brown hair that she often wears as a ponytail and a great body. The only thing is that she is much bigger than me, meaning that I often find her intimidating.

The flight was long and boring but we eventually landed and exited Heathrow. For some odd reason, Mrs Williams checked the clothes in all of our bags to apparently see if we had packed appropriately. She went through my clothes checking all the labels and tags for some odd reason. Then, we went to meet with our exchange partners whilst Mrs Williams left us to go shopping. Looking at her now is so much better than the pictures. She spoke with a soft English accent "hello there, you must be Johnny. Nice to meet you". I replied with a "nice to meet you too". We had a brief chat about my journey before we set off to her house.

When we arrived I was greeted by her parents who seemed very nice and polite. They said "unfortunately we are going off on a business trip tonight and we won't be back until 4 months from now but your teacher Mrs Williams has said that she will come and check on you every now and then.

The following morning, once I had unpacked my stuff, me and the other exchange students left our partners to go on a sightseeing tour. London was fairly interesting but we got back late in the evening. As I entered Anne's house I saw a note saying that she had gone to a party and that I could watch TV or something.

2 hours later she stumbled into the house in a nice short black dress, dark suspender stockings and a cute pair of heels. Her eye makeup seemed blurred and ruined, she had clearly been crying." Are you OK, Anna?" I asked. She stumbled a bit, clearly quite drunk and said "No! My girlfriend dumped me tonight? She was cheating on me with someone else behind my back."
"Girlfriend?" I replied.
"Yes, I'm a lesbian. Sorry to disappoint you."
"You look a lot like her you know" she said whilst stroking my cheek. "You have a small body, long legs and a feminine face". She walked off, leaving me on the couch.

Around 30 minutes later she came back wearing the same clothes but she had fixed her makeup. "Johnny?" She asked.
"What is it?"
"Can you help me cheer up? I know a way but you might not like it"
"Ok sure" I answered reluctantly
"Can I make you look like a girl? It can just be for one night if you want it to"
Unable to refuse this beautiful girl, I slowly agreed, hoping I might be able to get somewhere with her.

She sat me down on a chair in her bathroom where she shaved my legs bare and plucked my eyebrows. Next she clipped in hair extensions the same colour as my hair and brushed it out. She then put it into a high ponytail. I was getting fairly uncertain about whether this was a good idea until she planted a huge kiss on my lips, making me realise that I would do anything for her. Next she put makeup on my face. It was so relaxing, especially the way that she put the foundation and powders on whilst gently stroking my hair. Once she had finished with the makeup she gave me a glass of water to "stop my lips from getting dry" before she put a pink lipstick on me. I slowly drifted into darkness and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke the following morning (A Sunday so still no school) completely naked on the bathroom floor. My makeup was still on and seemed to have been fixed before I woke up. As I got up my chest felt unusually heavy. I looked down to see 2 C cup breast forms attached to my chest. "What?" I said. As I reached out to touch them I saw that my nails had been painted a light shade of pink. "Anna!" I yelled.
"Ah Johnny, you're awake"
"How do I take this makeup off? Why do I have books? Where are my clothes?" I asked frantically.
"Awww baby, can't you stay like a girl? I thought we had fun last night. Just one day"
It was really nice. To be honest I really enjoyed it. I hadn't been with many girls before and I saw no harm in spending another day like that if it meant I got more like last night from her.
"Ok" I replied
"Yay!" she shouted. "I will come in with your clothes."
She entered holding a pile of red and black clothing and locked the door behind her, putting the key down her top.

First, she held up a pair black panties that just covered up my member. They felt soft and smooth and I felt a bit embarrassed putting them on in front of her. Licking her lips, she clipped a bra on me that secured the silicone structures on my chest. Then she started sliding some black tights up my legs. They were thin and soft and Anna's smooth skin sliding up my hairless legs got me quite excited. My member was starting to get stiff and Anna clearly noticed that as she stopped with the tights. Slid the panties back down my legs and began sucking me with her succulent red lips whilst keeping solid eye contact with me. I stared lovingly into her bright blue eyes and started moaning like a girl. This clearly turned her on as she began really trying. She kept her eyes on my girlish face, concentrating on me as a female. Once I squirted, she spat it out into the toilet, gave me some tissues to wipe myself down with and walked off. She came back with a fairly thick pair of panties that she put on over my other pair. She then finished putting the tights on me and smoothed them out.

Next came a pink corset that she fastened tightly onto me, giving me a set of womanly curves but not much room to breathe. Then she pulled out a checkered red dress that came down to my mid thigh. It made me feel so feminine and submissive to Anna as she sat me down, making sure I smoothed out my dress and kept my legs together. I liked the way that she was so controlling towards me and running her hands down my legs, admiring my hot, girly appearance that she clearly enjoyed. She brought out some light blue high heeled boots that had a 4 inch heel on them. She smoothed out my tights covered feet before slipping them onto my feet. They fit well. Unusually well.

She made me stand up, holding my hand as I tried to balance and walk in them. She gave me some helpful tips on how to walk in them and with each step I looked more and more feminine. As I sat back down I Instinctively swept my hands under the dress and kept my legs close together.
"Good girl" Anna said with her seductive English accent as she sat on my lap and kissed me. She started putting my hair into slight curls and I kept on staring at her beautiful eyes that fixated on my new hair. She stood me up and walked me to a full length mirror where I could see a hot brunette wearing a short, black and red checked dress with dark tights and high heels staring back at me.

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