Princess Warrior - Part 2


Princess Warrior
Part 2
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

John was pissed that he died on the beach of Normandy.



I followed the young girl into what is now my new bedroom. She couldn’t have been any older than fourteen or fifteen. I felt extremely embarrassed being naked with these young girls around. They were taking it in stride. And then it struck me like a ton of bricks. I’m either the same age or just a bit older than Georgette! I’m basically one of them.

There was a large mirror in the room. I let go of the girl’s hand and walked to the mirror. It was the first time I’d seen myself on this world. The image I saw took my breath away.

Even if I say so myself, I was beautiful. Stunning actually. I’ve never seen a more pretty girl in my life. Luanne back home wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to me. The mane of blonde hair piled around my shoulders and hung down my back was wild and free. I had round, firm, perky breasts. I was looking at me, but I felt dirty doing so.

“Mistress? Are you alright?” asked Georgette stepping next to me. She was just under my height. Her hair was almost as long as mine, and was of a beautiful chestnut brown.

“I’ve never seen myself before,” I said, still staring into the mirror.

Georgette grinned at me and said, “You’re very beautiful, mistress. You are almost a fairytale princess. You will be a beautiful bride one day.”

I grimaced and said, “Bride? I don’t think so. But you’re right about the fairytale. I don’t belong here.”

“I heard Prince Pollar and the high priest talking before we came to your room, mistress,” said Georgette, looking a bit sheepish. “They didn’t know I was just around the corner. Prince Pollar thinks you’re our only hope. You must have a great power, mistress!”

“I almost killed the prince when I arrived,” I chuckled slightly. “I didn’t know I had any powers until then.” The girl’s eyes widened when I said that and she gasped.

With a shy grin, Georgette said, “And despite that, I think the prince likes you.”

I turned from the mirror and said, “I hope he likes me. I might kill him by accident if he makes me angry.”

Grinning more widely, Georgette said, “No mistress. I think he *likes* you. The priest warned the prince to mind his loins, that even though you are of the age of majority, just one brief moment of lust will destroy us.”

I looked at my hands and said, “I have to remain a virgin to use my power.” My voice trailed away and I was silent for a moment. “Well, I guarantee we don’t have to worry about that! I’m a red-blooded American son…um despite appearances. Um…age of majority?”

Smiling, Georgette said, “Yes mistress. You may marry any man you wish now. I’ll be there on my next birthday. I already have my future husband picked out.” She laughed.

“Isn’t sixteen a bit young to get married and all that?” I asked.

Shrugging, Georgette said, “It is common practice throughout the realm, mistress. Is it different where you come from?”

I shrugged and said, “I guess it depends on what part of the world you’re from. I had a cousin from Alabama who married at thirteen. It was frowned on, but nobody stopped her. So, how old is the prince?”

Georgette grinned at me. She said, “Isn’t he handsome? He’s just nineteen. He became general of the armies just last year.”

I said, “He seems older than that. Nineteen seems young for a general. I had a lieutenant that was twenty. He was killed during the mock invasion. Damned unlucky.”

“From what I’ve heard,” she said, and then paused. She then grinned widely and said, “And I try to hear everything…from what I’ve heard, the prince is very well respected by the army. He trains with them. He eats with them. He lives with them. He fights with them. He demands to be treated as a soldier, not royalty.”

I said, “That’s brave and all. But I hope he’s smart about it. It’d be bad if he got himself killed and left his troops without leadership.”

Looking a bit bored, Georgette said, “I’m sure your bath is about ready, mistress. Let’s pick your dress for the evening.” She then led me over to a row of three, tall, ornate boxes. My grandmother had one of these. She didn’t have any closets in her house. She called it a wardrobe.

Georgette opened all three and stood back. She said, “I know it’s hard to tell about the gowns until they’re taken out, but any particular color or material pleases the princess?”

I shook my head as I placed my hands on my naked hips. I said, “You know, picking out dresses was never my strong suit. Which one would you pick?”

Georgette studied the wardrobes for a moment. She then walked to the middle one and removed a red, satin gown. She held it out to its full length and said, “This dress is gorgeous and I know you will have the attention of every man in the room!”

I frowned and said, “That might be a bit too much for my first time out. I don’t want to look like a tart.”

Georgette put the red gown back in the wardrobe. After a moment of looking, she pulled out a powder blue dress. She said, “This is a beautiful dress. It’s a simpler dress. Men will still find you alluring but it’s not bold like the red one. It’s very feminine. Like you, mistress.”

I said, “I think everyone is already either afraid of me or dismissive of me. Is there a burlap bag in there so no one finds me attractive?”

Looking confused, Georgette said, “I don’t know what that is. But you want the men to be attracted to you. You’re more likely to get what you want.”

I said, “Okay. We’ll go with that one. It’s pretty and I don’t want to stand here all day looking at dresses.”

Georgette laughed and said, “I’ve never heard a girl say that before! Come, mistress. Your bath is ready.”

There was an ornate, metal tub in one corner of my chambers. No curtains or privacy panels. It was just there in the open. I could tell the bath was going to be an experience. Floating on the bath water were flower petals and scented candles. There was a step on one side of the tub and the girls helped me climb into the tub of very warm water. This was definitely not Saturday night back home!

I slid into the water and a bath never felt so incredible! The water had been perfumed and the temperature was perfect if not just a bit too warm. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. I was in heaven. I had no idea how tense I’d been. I felt my whole body start to relax. The maidens immediately set to washing my hair and scrubbing my body with soft brushes. I no longer cared if it was real or a dream. It was just plain wonderful.

The last time someone washed my hair was when Mom used to wash it in the kitchen sink when I was a kid. But I didn’t have anywhere as much hair. Stretched out in the warm water, a maiden washing my hair was a luxury I’ve never known before.

Annette, rinsing my hair by pouring warm water through it said, “Such beautiful hair, mistress. It’s so long and thick. I wish my hair was like this.”

As Chloe scrubbed she said, “Is it true you’re from a different realm?”

Georgette hissed, “Chloe! Don’t bother the princess with questions!”

I opened one eye. I felt so very relaxed. I said, “I don’t mind.” I paused for a moment and closed my eyes again. I said, “I’m from a very different world. Very different.”

Annette said, “I heard that you were a warrior. Female warriors are almost unheard of! Are there many where you’re from?”

I said, “I was a soldier. We don’t really call fighting men warriors anymore. I wasn’t a girl on my world. There have been some female warriors throughout history, but not many.”

Yosuna said, “So it’s true that you used to be a man? This must be strange for you then.”

I looked over at Yosuna and said, “You have no idea. But I have to admit, being a princess has been pretty nice.”

Georgette said, “Being a princess is harder than you may think, mistress. Okay girls, let’s help mistress from her bath so she can get dressed. It’s almost time for the dinner.”

*          *          *

Annette came running into my bedroom, almost slipped on the stone floor and excitedly said, “The escort is here to take the princess to the dinner!”

Georgette and Chloe were putting the finishing touches to my hair. Somehow they’d managed to get it all piled on top of my head and to stay there. I was already in my gown and they had dusted my face with some kind of make-up and colored my lips so they appeared more red.

Georgette didn’t even turn her head as she said, “Tell the escort the mistress needs just a few more minutes.”

Annette nodded and ran from the room.

I heaved a sigh and said, “I guess it’s show time. Wish me luck, girls.”

Georgette fussed with a string of beads she was weaving through my hair. She said, “Remember, mistress. Don’t trust your instincts in this situation. You’re a lady. You must try to act like one. If you go in there like… what did you call them? Gangbusters? You will embarrass Prince Pollar and he may lose influence among the nobility.”

I stood up and tugged on the gown. I was really annoyed I had no place to put my hands. I said, “Why would they care? The Prince isn’t responsible for me. And I’m here to save their sorry butts.”

“They will lose confidence in the Prince if it appears he has no control over you,” said Georgette.

I stiffened and said, “He doesn’t have any control over me! I’m not some animal to perform tricks for the prince at the snap of his finger! Why, I could lay waste to this entire castle in minutes! I…”

Softly, Georgette said, “The Prince is your only friend in this realm, mistress. He and the king have no power without the backing of the kingdom’s nobility. I’ve heard, and I hear plenty, mistress, that many in the nobility think you’re just as much of a threat to us as is Lord Teufel. Some are thinking of changing allegiance to the western kingdom of Northfel whom we have a weak alliance with because of our common threat from Bagth. So if mistress barges into the dinner like some out-of-control drunken whore… ”

“Georgette!” shouted Chloe.

Georgette shouted back, “Well, it’s true! If confidence in Prince Pollar is lost, the alliance is threatened and so the whole realm is threatened. Northfel thinks they can never be defeated by Lord Teufel. The priesthood feels that the kingdom of Keelah is key in defeating the evil lord. That’s why it was up to this kingdom to summon a hero to lead us to victory!”

My shoulders slumped and I frowned at Georgette. I said, “I’m sorry kid. But I ain’t no hero. But for you, I’ll be a good girl, okay? I’ll play the game for now. It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do.”

*          *          *

My escort to the dinner was obviously terrified at the thought of being anywhere near me. The back of his neck was glistening with sweat and the arm pits of his jacket were beginning to darken with his sweat. It amused me to think that my reputation was something other than some delicate feminine flower.

I whispered in his ear as we started the long walk down the hall, “Don’t piss me off, soldier.” The crotch of his pants suddenly grew darker.

We finally entered the grand dining room. I was apparently the last to show up. The escort, the crotch of his pants soaked announced in a shaky voice, which broke in mid-sentence said loudly, “Announcing the arrival of Princess Navah.” He then turned and quickly ran from the room.

Everyone stood and turned to face me at the announcement. There were two long tables in the grand hall lined with royalty and local politicians and their wives. Prince Pollar, looking amused said, “My lady. Thank you so much for deciding to grace us with your presence!”

I made a stab at a curtsy and said, “Think nothin’ of it, Prince.”

Prince Pollar frowned at me and then gestured that I approach him. When I got close to him, he first leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I know you’re just a barbarian from another realm, but try to have some sense of decorum. Please?” I nodded sheepishly.

Turning to face the people gathered for the dinner, Prince Pollar snapped on a wide smile and gestured broadly towards me and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, members of the royal family and our kingdom’s nobility, I present to you Princess Navah. She came to us in answer to our plea for help in defeating the forces of evil that threaten our very existence. When we sent out your dinner invitations, we of course at that time had no idea what form our champion would take.”

A man, dressed in ceremonial armor, short hair and full beard stood up. He had been sitting at the seat opposite from Prince Pollar. Pointing at me he said angrily, “Prince Pollar! Just what is the meaning of this!? We were all brought here to welcome a hero; a great warrior! Not this delicate little girl!” There was a rumble of agreement throughout the great hall.

I took a step forward and started to open my mouth when Geoffrey raised his hand towards me. Facing the outspoken bearded man, the prince said in a quiet tone, “Oh, I admit the girl is beautiful. But don’t be fooled by her great beauty.”

Reaching behind him to a small table sitting behind his chair, Prince Pollar picked up a twisted, blackened scrap of metal and held it out to man who had been speaking. “Here. Take it Lord Malcolm,” said the prince.

Wrinkling up his nose in distaste, Lord Malcolm took the heavy, mangled piece of metal. Grunting a laugh, he said, “And what is this, Prince Pollar?” Part of the piece of scrap started to crumble, leaving a black powder on Lord Malcolm’s hands.

“That, my fine sir, is the totality of what is left of the soldier who angered this ‘delicate little girl’. That was his sword. Of the man himself, there wasn’t even so much left of him to bury in a snuff box.”

With a look of disgust, Lord Malcolm dropped the mangled sword where the brittle metal shattered on impact with the stone flagging of the floor. Frantically he brushed his hands against his clothes. He scowled at me and then at Prince Pollar. “You bring this thing in here!? This monster? It could kill us all!” I went from a little girl to a menace in less than thirty seconds.

My muscles started tightening. I frowned at Lord Malcolm and pointing at him, I said, “I don’t like you. Don’t make me angry. You won’t like it when I’m angry.”

Geoffrey held his hand up to me and said, “Please remain calm my lady. We were all a little jumpy around you at first ourselves.” He then turned to face the group as a whole and said with broad gestures, “Behold our champion, ladies and gentlemen. She is neither merely a young girl, nor is she a monster. This beautiful young woman who when calm is as sweet and gentle as any of the most refined ladies of our realm, but angered, she’s the single most destructive force our world has ever known. A rebirth of ancient Navah who helped to forge our very world. Without her, we have no hope of defeating Lord Teufel. And so my friends and free men and women of the realm, join me in welcoming Princess Navah with a feast prepared in her honor!”

A pudgy man in the middle of the room stood up and waving his hat shouted, “All hail Princess Navah!” The shout was echoed throughout the great hall and all eyes turned towards me and people applauded.

All this attention focused on me embarrassed the hell out of me and I felt my muscles tense up. I bit my lip and said mentally to myself, over and over, “Calm down old boy. They’re fans, not foes.” Prince Pollar looked at me worriedly.

As the cheers started to die down, I raised my hand and said, “Thank you for such a warm welcome.” Everyone looked expectantly at me. I knew I had to say something inspiring. And then a few of the words came to me that General Eisenhower said to us over the radio from what to me was still just this morning. I said, “Lord Teufel’s forces are well trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. They will fight savagely. But we will accept nothing less than full victory!”

The room burst once again into a roaring cheer of “Hail Princess Navah!”

“Thanks Ike,” I apparently said aloud. Prince Pollar gave me a curious look.

Geoffrey shouted, “Let us eat and celebrate our good fortune!” To me, while pointing at an ornate chair next to his, he said, “Will my lady give me the honor of dining with me?”

I smiled at Geoffrey and said, “Sure thing, Princey. Don’t mind if I do!” Prince Pollar held out my chair for me as I sat down, gathering the skirt of my gown beneath me.

I looked around in amazement at the spectacle before me. Suddenly the large room was alive with girls hurrying from table to table with trays of food and drink. There was much more food than there were people to consume it. I said, “Looks like the dogs will eat good tonight.”

Prince Pollar looked at me and laughed. He said, “Yes, the royal hounds will get fat on the table scraps. But lest you think we’re uncivilized here, all the food that hasn’t been nibbled on will be delivered to the priesthood and they will distribute it as needed among the poorer citizens.”

After taking a few bites from what appeared to be roasted chicken and slices of brisket like my Mom used to make, Geoffrey said, “Nice speech, by the way. Who’s Ike?”

I took a bite of the brisket and discovered it was a bit more seasoned than Mom used to make. I took a sip of the wine and said, “The general that ordered me onto that beach where I died.”

Geoffrey raised his wine glass to me and said smiling, “His loss is our good fortune!”

I took a stab at the chicken and chewed it for a moment. I said, “Don’t count your princesses before they hatch, Geoffrey. I haven’t been battle tested. I might be able to totally destroy one unsuspecting soldier, but if these Huzars are as terrible as I’ve heard; it might be a tough fight.”

Geoffrey took another sip of wine and said, “I’m sure you’ll prevail. The Huzars can and do die. They’re just tough little bastards.”

Swallowing another bite of the wonderfully prepared chicken, I said, “How can you be so sure we’ll prevail?”

Geoffrey shrugged and said as he swished the wine around in his cup, “I have to be.”

*          *          *

Geoffrey escorted me back to my chambers. He had to hold me steady as I think I may have had a bit too much of the wine. I was giggling and stumbling my way back to my room.

Frowning, Prince Pollar said, “Try to act more like a lady and less than a drunken whore, Princess.”

I laughed. “That’s the second time today I’ve been called that.”

The prince helped through my chambers and helped me remove the gown. He didn’t touch my underwear or any of my girly bits. He looked at me with distaste and said as he pushed me over onto the bed, “Madam, you are lucky I am a man of high honor and integrity so that your virtue remains intact.”

I pointed at him and laughed. I said, “No Princey. I’m lucky that I’m useless to you if you fucked me!” I then began to giggle uncontrollably.

Shaking his head, Prince Pollar pulled the covers up on me. He said, “Sleep well, my lady. I will post a guard outside your chambers.”

I said something unintelligible, giggled again and then fell asleep.

*          *          *

“If I’m going to be fighting, I think I should wear something more appropriate,” I said, sitting in the plush coach with Prince Pollar. Around us were about two dozen mounted warriors. I looked down at the simple, but pretty white cotton dress. It was comfortable, but it was hardly what a warrior would wear. Georgette had told me it was her favorite dress and had let me borrow it.

We were traveling to a southern border village where it was reported that some Ragth forces had been spotted. Geoffrey believed that they were probing for weak spots in our defenses. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of this village, Keelah’s defenses were on the weak side though due to the rocky and craggy mountains along out southern border, it makes an almost impenetrable barrier. The continent of whatever the land mass is here is very irregularly shaped.

Geoffrey turned from looking out at the countryside to look me up and down. “What’s wrong with what you’re wearing, besides looking like a commoner? You should always look like a princess.”

I lifted part of the flowing skirt and let it fall back. I said, “I don’t know. Maybe something more warrior-like?”

Geoffrey smiled and said, “Like I said. You should always look like a princess. You inspire the men.”

“In this white dress, I make a perfect target,” I said, looking back out the window of the coach as we neared the village. “Now, what I was thinking was…”

In mid-sentence, to my horror I saw both the warrior just next to us and his mount knocked to the ground and shredded before my eyes. The warrior barely was able to let out a scream before he was sliced into pieces.

A large, black creature blacker than any black I’ve seen, three or four times larger than the largest gorilla I’ve ever seen tore at the hapless warrior and his mount with razor sharp claws on both its hands and feet. It was all claws and teeth. The warrior died in a horrible orgy of death, blood and shredded flesh. The creature made a terrible screeching sound as it gorged its self on the bodies of the warrior and his mount. In the pile of torn flesh and blood, it was no longer possible to tell what was human and what was horse. And it all happened in the blink of an eye.

“Huzars!” shouted Prince Pollar.

The coach lurched as a second Huzar attacked the horses pulling it. Geoffrey started to reach for the door handle of the coach. I grabbed his hand to stop him from opening it.

“Where do you think you’re going, Geoffrey?” I cried. “You’ll die!”

“Better to fight!” said Prince Pollar grimly. “I’ll die for sure in here.” He pulled my hand away and jumped out into the fray.

I jumped out of the coach after him. There were three Huzars and around a half dozen mounted Ragth soldiers. The Huzars, while brutally effective, took the time to devour their victims instead of just slaughtering everything in sight. The brave warriors of Keelah were heroically attacking one Huzar, but doing little damage.

The quiet, cool morning had suddenly turned into a blood frenzied battlefield. I tried to take everything in. As my mind raced, everything seemed to slow down. Only five of the Ragth warriors were fighting. They were protecting the one to their rear.

The first Huzar, blood and pieces of flesh running from its mouth, turned and looked directly at Geoffrey. It screamed and charged. I ran and managed to push Geoffrey out of the charging beast’s path. But I took the full brunt of the hit and was sent flying back into the side of the coach. The pain was excruciating as the massive claws of the Huzar slashed across me, knocking me to the ground.

Shredded cloth was all that remained of my dress as it dangled from the Huzar’s claws. I looked down at my now naked body. The pain! I bled! I thought I was indestructible! Incongruously, I looked at the shredded dress and it pissed me off. That was Georgette’s dress. And I was bleeding from a few cuts. The horrible beast screamed at me, showing a massive maw of razor sharp teeth. All around me were the screams of men and beasts dying and swords digging into flesh. The Huzar charged at me with a bellow that would make even the strongest man wither into a quivering pile. But by God, I had had enough! I was pissed.

The Huzar swiped its massive claw at me. I grabbed its arm with both hands and the arm lit up in an electric blue flame, searing its flesh from the bone, the tissue of its arm literally exploding, sending blood and chunks of flesh flying. The Huzar skin felt like discs of armor, which would resist jabs from swords.

With its other arm, the Huzar slapped me to the ground. The scream of pain from its terrible mouth was the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard. It bent its head towards me, trying to bite. I held it back with both hands around its thick, tough neck.

As I wrestled with the Huzar, I saw to my utter horror, Geoffrey climbing onto the back of a Huzar that was attacking two of our warriors. The Huzar didn’t seem to notice him being occupied by shredding the two warriors. Managing to keep his balance, Geoffrey raised his sword high, the tip pointing downward. With one mighty thrust, he plunged his sword straight into the base of the Huzar’s skull. Geoffrey was bucked off as the Huzar bellowed in pain and tried to reach around with his claws. But then the Huzar moved jerkily for a moment and then collapsed to the ground.

Annoyingly, my power appears a need to recharge. I had super human strength, but all I could do was hold the beast back as its jaws snapped viciously at me, the stench of blood and raw meat on its breath. I continued to squeeze its neck and I could tell I was hurting it. Its eyes showed confusion, like it couldn’t understand why it wasn’t killing me.

With all my might I continued to squeeze. I felt a surge of power building up inside me. The feeling welling up from the depths of my soul felt almost…almost orgasmic. And I was about to release it.

Geoffrey came running up and I shouted, “Stay back!”

I gritted my teeth in grim determination and suddenly, from deep inside the Huzar came a low, guttural growl. The beast looked at me. The eyes. Something about the eyes. The beast uttered a low growl that sounded for all the world like words. It growled again and this time I distinctly heard, “Kill me.” The creature’s eyes locked onto mine.

And suddenly there was a surge flowing through my arms and the blue light shot into the Huzar’s neck. In a shower of blood, the Huzar’s head exploded in a pink mist and its body immediately went limp on top of me.

I stood and with a strength I couldn’t understand, I picked up the lifeless body of the Huzar and with a furious rage threw it at the Ragth who was just sitting on his mount with his eyes closed. The dead Huzar slammed into him, knocking him from his horse and killing him instantly.

The remaining Huzar suddenly stopped fighting our warriors and turned and charged at the last two of the Ragth soldiers. It savagely tore into them, rending flesh from bone with its teeth and claws.

Two of our warriors, following Geoffrey’s lead jumped up onto the Huzar’s back and both drove their swords into the base of the beast’s skull. With one last scream, it slipped to the ground, lifeless.

Geoffrey ran up to me. He was covered with sweat and grime and was bleeding from multiple cuts. There were only four warriors left of the two dozen that were escorting us.

“Princess!” he cried as he approached me. “Are you alright? Are you hurt? By the gods, you’re bleeding!”

Suddenly weak, I collapsed into Geoffrey’s arms. As he held me, I laid my head on his shoulder, completely exhausted. Breathless, I said weakly into his ear, “I’m okay. But the Huzars.” I took a few breaths before continuing. “The Huzars. They’re people, Geoffrey. They’re people!”

*          *          *

End of Part 2

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