A Touch of Magic Part 12- Finale

Author's Note:I apologize if this seems rushed and anticlimactic but truth be told I struggled with this story since the start and am lucky to have gotten close to ending it without it getting away from me even more than it has. It's not my usual standards but it was always supposed to be different from my Winnisimmet Tales stories. I appreciate the comments of support from the few who have read it from the start and hope that if I ever get an urge to go outside my comfort zone it goes better than writing this did.

Chapter 13
The buildup to the dance was hectic as the boys tried their hardest to ensure that they would be allowed to attend. Ms. Kimball was inundated with work and as the days passed she grew more and more frustrated at having to fix all of their mistakes while trying to teach them new things. It was getting so bad that she didn’t bother to assign homework, working on the assumption that we were just going to screw it up anyway. The principal took her to task and informed her that she was skating on thin ice to which she snorted and ignored his not so subtle hint.

Sensei Rene grew steadily worse to the point that Sensei Joe dismissed her from teaching and had her clean the dojo. After three consecutive weeks of proving to be a disaster things came to a head. She was angry and tried to take her anger out on Sensei Joe but was easily flipped, pinned, and fired. Sensei Joe told her not to come back and he would ensure that she was blacklisted from working another job until her credentials checked out. She knew she was toast, mom had already read her mind and saw that she lied to get the job in the first place.

The twins were quiet regarding their mother during this period of time. She was uncharacteristically lenient on them and was even acting pleasant at times. We didn’t buy a sudden change of heart, she was planning something big.

Mom’s baby bump was slowly growing larger and we knew we would have to confront Lugar soon or else we would lose mom as a mentor and supporter. No matter how much she pleaded the four of us refused to let her confront him. Dad went so far as to threaten to divorce her and take us with him if she didn’t back down. We knew it was a bluff but mom smiled and agreed to his demands. He showed he loved her despite having no power to stop her from fighting if she felt she had to.

The dance hit us faster than we expected. Mom bought us new dresses, all matching designs but in different colors. The boys were drooling over us as we entered and we could hear them whispering how our dates were lucky. Mom and dad were trying their hardest not to get too emotional over the dance but he hugged us deeply before we entered.

My date was quiet and kept his hands to himself during the first few songs. During the inevitable slow song I wrapped my arms around him and helped him ease his anxiety a little. Sela tried to tease me about it but I gave her a cold stare that kept her mouth shut. Zoe just gave me an assuring nod, it was an act of kindness that was reciprocated by her for her date.

Sela and her date were enjoying themselves more than ours were. The two went off to the side to talk after the first slow dance and spent a while just enjoying themselves. Zoe and I did the same with our dates but we weren’t in the mod to talk rather we just needed a breather.

The boys got up and went to the bathroom while we rested. We knew they were going to be confronted about their dates but we also knew that they would defend our honor from the boys who just wanted us as conquests. We could tell our dates were ready to do what it takes to stop them even if it meant suspension but to us it was an act of respect that we couldn’t leave well enough alone.

We went to the girls’ room and were able to use a spell to listen to their conversation. Zoe’s date was the first to ask what they wanted and was given a gruff “you losers don’t deserve those hot girls as dates. Take a hike and let real men handle them.” Sela’s date quickly retorted “fine, tell us when they show up and we will gladly walk away.”

The boys grunted and told them loudly “you losers just don’t get it, we are taking your girls and you won’t do anything about it. Try to stop us and we will break you.” My date drew a deep breath and announced “they aren’t property. It’s their choice as to who they date, not yours. If you think they are just going to go with you because you can beat us up you are fooling yourself. None of the girls will have anything to do with you. And if you think you are going to bully your way into making htem do something they don’t’ want to you are either blind or stupid. They are stronger, faster, and learned more martial arts from Sensei Joe than anyone else and if you think they would give in to you without a fight you are fooling yourself.”

This brought the jerks into a full rage. The boys left without saying anything else. They knew that if they did they would be attacked in the bathroom and would get blamed for it by Ms. Kimball even though they were the ones being attacked.

They were followed on to the dancefloor and the jerks were the ones to make the mistake of causing a scene. Our dates let them strike them then defended themselves quickly and precisely. We didn’t have to do anything, they handled the boys easily. Not even Ms. Kimball could deny that our dates were innocent and reacted in self-defense.

The principal dragged the jerks off and called their parents to pick them up then proceeded to suspend the three for a month. Our dates were congratulated on their restraint while Ms. Kimball demanded they be suspended as well. I searched their minds and found that the boys were acting under her suggestion, this was a targeted attack by her against our dates!

Sela and Zoe knew what I was thinking and called mom and dad. The fight was on. We waited for the dance to end before we were confronted by Ms. Kimball and Sensei Rene. Both were trying act tougher than they really were but we all knew it was an act.

Mom came in and dropped the pleasantries right away. She outed them with a quick “you two have gone from being the #2 and #3 in our realm, Tonto and Bellena. You have gone from being a ‘criminal mastermind’ and big enforcer to being a failed martial arts instructor and a teacher with a growing bad reputation. I’d pity you but you deserve it.”

The two glared at her and tried to strike only to be knocked back by a shield by Zoe. She pleaded with mom “can we just yank their powers now? It’s getting late.” Sela shook her head and announced “for what they tried to do they deserve something even worse.”

Mom nodded and the three of us gathered hands and cast the removal spell. Bellena and Tonto both screamed in agony as they felt daggers digging into them as their power manifested into visible form. They were shaking uncontrollably and after a big gasp they collapsed. They were normal. They couldn’t influence or harm anyone again.

We three felt a surge of power within us. Mom had to calm us down and tell us loudly “center yourself. Do not get lost in the sensation. Once you do there is no turning back and you will be just as bad as Lugar.”

Dad called our names causing us to open our eyes and realize that we were not like Lugar. The power felt amazing but the cost was too great. We centered ourselves again and broke the connection, sharing the power among us evenly.

Mom told the two normal that they were going to have to deal with their new lives. They were women now and forever. They could never return home and their manly reputations were forever tarnished no matter what Lugar told them.

This came as a shock to them, they had been so focused on finding us that they didn’t realize that they had given up their own lives without realizing it. Tonto burst into tears while Bellena growled at us. The two got into a heated argument until mom informed them that they would have to deal with it themselves.

She pointed out to Tonto that she was still a teacher and nobody but us knew that her spirit was once male. She could be the teacher she was supposed to always be before Lugar corrupted her or she could lose her job and her livelihood and be destitute, unable to make ends meet because of a false hope of returning to where she could never go. Tonto broke down and accepted her fate, she had a job and hope which was more than she deserved. I went up to her and touched her forehead, casting a remember spell that unlocked the memories of her body’s previous life. She would now know how to teach and have the knowledge to use those skills the way they were supposed to be used. She was now Ms. Sylvia Kimball again and forever.

Bellena on the other hand was a problem. She relied on her magic to do everything. Mom shook her head and told her “you have athletic abilities, you can use them. Because of your stupidity and arrogance you ruined your previous host’s life. There are jobs for people like you if you actually work at it. See Lugar’s husband in four days and he will help you out. I will see to it.” She was silent but nodded reluctantly, resigning herself to the same fate as Tonto. Sela did the same remember spell to Bellena. She was now Ms. Rene Chester, Bellena ceased to exist.

Mom looked around and announced “don’t bother hiding anymore Lugar, your minions are finished and you are all alone.” Lugar started laughing at her. Even in a female body it was intimidating. Mom didn’t seem fazed by it and stood her ground while the person who had ruined my life and killed my wife and mother stood in front on us. He was a woman like us. He was what he feared more than anything. His need to hunt us down and destroy us was so great that he became that which he feared and hated, he became a woman.

Chapter 14
Lugar continued laughing as we three joined hands and stood in front of mom. Lugar paid us no attention, solely focusing on mom. He cackled “Izod, I expected more from you. For a powerful mage you chose a weak body. And pregnant? Oh my how the mighty have fallen.”

Mom and dad laughed at his mistake. Zoe and Sela started laughing at the idiocy of the situation as well. Mom finally admitted to Lugar the truth “Lugar you made a big mistake, I’m not Izod. She is.” She pointed at me, his face immediately dropped as he noticed I was joined together with my sisters and chanting a spell while focusing my eyesight on him.

Mom proudly announced “I am Ozmodias Hammel. Or I used to be before I stepped over the barrier into this realm. My daughter was Izod Hammel but now is part of the new Power of Three triad. You made a grave error Lugar, you underestimated our abilities. You jumped blindly after us not knowing who you were really dealing with. You had your minions do your dirty work but they never stood a chance against my daughters. Your reign of terror is over.”

Lugar tried to rush us but was pushed back by our shield spell. He tried to counter the spell but that too failed. He bided his time trying to gather up enough energy to try a complex shatter spell but this too failed.

Mom was contributing to our spell and countering Lugar move for move. I knew she was the one who was doing all of the fighting but this had to change fast. Mom finally gave out and had to withdraw or else she risked the baby. Dad dragged her back and offered us his love, kissing each of us on the cheek and telling us that he believed in us.

From a safe distance mom released her spell and let us have at Lugar. I kept him distracted, he could care less about my sisters as he only wanted his revenge on me. Zoe put him in a hold spell while Sela read his mind and dug into his tactics and spell library. The two were able to perform spells to counter the spells Lugar tried to throw at me and were wearing him down slowly.

He broke the hold spell and went after me. I had to keep moving, if I stopped he would have an open window to attack and cause me harm. His ignoring of the others was playing into my hands as both started to siphon off his magic through complex spells that would drain him each time I passed the two girls. I had to work my passes into what looked like normal attempts to escape; he fell for it easily and went after me continuously.

Lugar had no clue that he was being drained. At the first sign of trouble he would shift spells and try to outsmart me. I knew him well enough to know that he had a pattern in his spells, all I had to do was have the counter spell ready.

Lugar made multiple mistakes. He kept trying to overpower me but that was never going to work. He tried to outsmart me but that too wasn’t going to work. He kept going back and forth until he realized that the only way to go at me was to go at mom and dad.

This was his biggest mistake. He ignored Zoe and Sela in his revenge against me, going after mom prompted them to go after him directly. This caught him completely by surprise and caused him to have to change course and attack them. We were still siphoning off his power and it was starting to show more and more now.

I had my opening and started to openly drain his powers. The three of us joined hands and chanted the spell out loud, causing him to stop dead and toss up a shield that we couldn’t directly penetrate. Mom announced to him “you are so arrogant that you didn’t notice that the three were all magic users and were more powerful together. You should know the power of three, you were once one of them!”

Dad asked her what she meant. Mom explained “he killed the former members of the Power of Three and used their powers to take over our realm. But in doing so it caused his own power to diminish. He is no more powerful than he was on his own, the only way he was able to conquer our realm was through fear and intimidation. But he is all alone now, up against the rightful holders of the power.”

Lugar flew into a rage and again tried to go after mom, only to be stopped by dad jumping in front of her and punching him in his abdomen. Lugar looked up at mom in fear. No normal person could do that. Mom smiled and announced “it is done. The girls have drained all of your power. You are so arrogant and foolish that you completely ignored them and in your fit of rage you gave them all of your power.”

Lugar again tried to lash at her, this time getting a kick in the gut from dad. Dad looked at mom and nodded, tossing Lugar to us. Mom announced “you have broken the laws of the Power of Three and set in motion a return of the power to the rightful holders. You are to be sentenced by the leaders of all realms.”

We looked at one another and felt an overwhelming urge to chant. Dad watched as the three of us glowed bright white while all six of us vanished into a white space. Instinctively we knew where we were and announced in unison “Lugar LIzzaro you stand trial for the murder of countless innocents.”

A flash saw a judge and jury box appear. Lugar tried to plead that he was innocent but the judge sent a flash that silenced Lugar. Mom acted as a prosecutor and recounted all of Lugar’s crimes particularly the deaths of the two other members of his triad. When she was finished Lugar was given the ability to speak and tried to plead for mercy, getting nothing but a look of disgust from the judge and jury.

Lugar begged for forgiveness claiming it was his destiny to do what he did. The judge looked at us and nodded, we were the rightful inheritors of the powers. The judge agreed that it may have been fate but it was not supposed to happen that way. We were supposed to achieve our power on our own not through murder and conquest.

The judge handed the case over to the jury who announced that Lugar was guilty. The judge sentenced Lugar to a lifetime without magic in the form of a weakling normal. He sent Lugar back to where we had previously been and turned Lugar into a small girl, one who had a loving family but no ambitions of power.

The judge turned to the three of us and stated “you were wronged by Lugar LIzzaro and we have made sure he will never harm another being again. We know we cannot prevent you from abusing your power but we hope that you will do better than your predecessor triad. We in unison said “we will use our powers for the betterment of the realms and not for personal gain.” The judge then sent us all back home with dad trying to figure out what just happened.

Lugar’s battle with us was unknowingly seen by our dates. The three saw us leave quickly and go behind the school and watched the battle unfold. They quickly realized that we were magic users and that our teacher was a magic user as well. They didn’t seem to care, only that we weren’t using it to hurt people.

The battle with Lugar was different. The boys heard the story and fought the urge to run and protect us. Dad caught a glimpse of them and vehemently signaled them to hold off. If they moved to protect us they would be hurt. The boys were scared now, seeing flashes of energy had shown them that dad was right.

When we disappeared the boys were dumbfounded. They didn’t dare leave for fear that something terrible had happened to us. After what seemed to them like hours we returned. To us it actually was several hours but to the rest of the realm it was only a few seconds.

Mom finally took notice of the boys and threatened to wipe their minds. We pleaded with her but dad agreed with mom. As she cast the spell it wouldn’t work. She looked at us and back at them and smiled.

Dad could see there wsa something wrong and asked for an explanation. Mom continued to smile as she announced “the spell will not work on family. These young men are destined to be part of our family. They are in love with our daughters and our daughters are in love with them.”

Dad’s jaw dropped. He tried desperately to figure out what she meant until it dawned on him- we were meant to be together. There was a reason why we got together, why they defended us, why they remained after the dance to look for us. We were meant to be joined in love.

Mom shook her head and giggled at all seven of our faces. She announced “you are meant to be together but that does not mean right now. You are 12 years old, you have another 10 years before you are to be wed. There’s plenty of time to let love take its natural course.”

We held hands and gave one another kisses. They accepted their fates as did we three. Dad was still mumbling that we were too young but mom kissed him to quiet him down. He just shook his head and offer them rides home, giving them a warning to be good to us or he’d ensure that we were separated. Fate had nothing on an angry dad and the boys could tell he wasn’t joking.

School seemed to go a lot easier now that Ms. Kimball was her true self again. Tonto tempered her previous timid self while she smoothed over Tonto’s hard edges. She was a whole new woman, and after a period of time she started to make friends with the other teachers. By the end of the year she had befriended mom and found in her a kindred spirit, the two former men sharing a bond that blossomed into a strong friendship.

Rene Chester, their former sensei, went to see the twins’ dad as mom requested. He talked with her for a while and hired her to be a personal trainer for his family. His doctor wanted him to work out more but without his wife he found it tough to do. She proved to be a tough coach, working him hard but encouraging him at the same time.

With Lugar gone the twins lost their mother. To the rest of the world it was as if she had run off with another man, filing for divorce and giving up all rights to the twins and her husband’s money. This devastated the twins but once the shock wore off they started to see that their mother was a terrible human being and they were better off without her.

The twins started to latch onto Rene, finding her influence to be positive and enjoying her companionship. Rene softened as time went on, finding that she enjoyed the twins as well as their father. He too started to develop feelings for her, working up the courage after two months to ask her on a date. She reluctantly accepted and within three months they were married and the twins adopted as her daughters. The family would grow further as Rene became pregnant a month before the wedding, giving Rene a fulfilling sense that she never had as Bellena.

Mom’s pregnancy went smoothly. She had us to help her around the house and on weekends our new boyfriends would help with many of our chores, just as long as they stayed away from our bedrooms. She enjoyed the three boys and dad eventually got used to the idea that his three daughters were now young women and thus he was one day going to be a grandfather.

Mom gave birth in late July to a little boy. With dad’s blessing she named him Markus Patrick after my wife Markellius and mother Patrarka. Dad was beaming for weeks until the exhaustion from late night feedings and diaper changes set in.

Mom worked hard for the twins’ father and was rewarded with an offer to send her to law school. He considered her a keen legal mind, having listened to her help other lawyers and clients at the law firm before his wife’s departure. Mom agreed and started studying while working part time from home which he gladly accepted. She proved to be a valuable asset and with her onboard in a couple of years the firm would be one to be reckoned with.

Our boyfriends were the talk of school for months. We were the first in our grade to step over the threshold of relationships and it sent ripples through both sexes. The boys were taunted but those soon turned to jealous teases and stares.

The girls were jealous and made many attempts to break us up by taking the boys for themselves. We just shook our heads as they failed constantly. After a couple of months they gave up and found their own boyfriends allowing us some peace.

We were growing fast and mom complained that we were going through clothes faster than they could be loomed. She was proud of our growth as mages, even without the magic of Lugar, Tonto, and Bellena we were beyond compare. With their magic we were the most powerful people in the realms individually but with their power we were only comparable to each other. And with our love for one another there was no way any of us would betray one another.

Life changed for me in the past year. As I look back at my family I smile. I have two sisters, a baby brother, a boyfriend, two future brothers-in-law, and a mom and dad. All of them love me unconditionally. It’s strange to believe that I was against this life and longed for my old life but seeing them together it was all worth it.

The End.

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