Heading East- Toro Family Part 6 Finale

Sunday morning Juan called to inform them about finding Miguel a condo that he might be interested in buying. One of the former Red Sox players was putting his up for sale and it was a very good price. It was off Boston Common and had a permanent parking space for Miguel's car as well as a guest's car. Lupe told him if it fit his criteria then they should snap it up. He called back later and told her it's a done deal, they had a showing later on in the day.

Miguel called later to tell them he and Juan talked about the condo and he was letting Lupe do the inspection with his blessing. She giggled and knew he was just playing around but acknowledged his faith in her. She knew he didn't need her to do anything but wanted to show her that it was her home away from home whenever she needed it.

The two talked about Reyna and her friendships as well as the girl's night out that she had. He was at a rare loss for words over all of the fun they had had without him in just a short period of time. When he finally said something he was almost boasting that the two were new women after just three days with people that he knew would help them.

Leslie had suggested that Reyna gets a new cell phone which Lupe was reluctant to buy. She was old enough to need one and mature enough to know what not to do, but she was still a little girl at times. Seeing as it was a necessary tool and she was in a strange new place it was wise for her to have one. Leslie's insistence wore Lupe down so she reluctantly agreed.

The trio drove off to buy one with Leslie then convincing them to shop for some winter clothing for both of them. It was a little embarrassing for Reyna but Leslie was discrete and didn't faze easily at seeing a bulge where it shouldn't be or not much up top where there should be something. The more she was with Leslie the less anxious Reyna became and the more open she was to her. Lupe was surprised to find out how much they had to spend for basic clothing for their new home but Leslie assured her it was necessary especially with temperatures routinely down into the teens and lower and heavy snow at least once a month if not more.

Reyna knew it was tough but snow? This was something she hadn't thought about but secretly was thrilled to see. Miguel lived in Kansas City where they did get snow but she had lived her entire life in LA County and snow was almost a myth to them. Knowing it was coming made her smile and tell her mom "I can't wait to see snow."

Juan met them as soon as they arrived at Leslie's apartment and helped them with the bags. They were soon driving in his car towards Boston to meet the Realtor. Juan was tight-lipped and focused which put Lupe and Reyna at ease while Leslie was just there for moral support.

The condo complex was tall, towering over the buildings around it and giving great views of the river, the adjacent Boston Common, and woodland miles away. The condo was high up, not quite the penthouse but close to the top. It was well furnished and had plenty of room to move around in. It also had three bedrooms and two baths, perfect for Reyna and Lupe when they stayed over. The terms were reasonable for the kind of condo Miguel needed so Lupe agreed in principal with the Realtor sending the paperwork to Miguel to sign.

Juan kept silent and nodded with approval. He finally admitted "Miguel saw the pictures and just wanted you to give your approval. He trusts your judgment more than pictures but he had a strong feeling you would like it."

Lupe countered with "I know he knew, I just wanted to see for myself. Even though we have our own home he still thinks about us. He could have had a studio or two-bedroom condo, but three bedrooms mean to us that it's our home as well."

Juan couldn't fool her; she just smiled and led the way downstairs. Leslie finally opened her mouth by adding "I know the feeling you are having. It's clear that the man loves you as his own sister, not his sister-in-law and wants to treat you well."

She asked what Leslie meant to which Leslie told her "John handed over our house to me after he went west. When he came back permanently he had a new house bought and refused to accept any rent. He did the same with my aunt and uncle, he actually owns the building he just gave it to them as their own home. I moved out after mom died and sold it but split it three ways with John and Karen but the intent still lived on. Miguel is doing the same for you. He is more than an in-law, he's your brother in full."

Reyna agreed, telling her "mom you don't have to keep reminding people about dad. He knew you loved Uncle Miguel as a brother. Abuela did as well. I don't want to have to explain why dad isn't around anymore, it's easier to just tell them you are his sister. Plus the people who claim I am his daughter will look even worse for saying that."

Their trip home was done in silence with Juan giving her a hug and telling her "he loves you as his own sister, he talks highly of you. The little one is right, it's time to stop the ‘in-law' nonsense and be his sister in full." She nodded silently as he got in the car and drove off.

Out in LA Miguel was meeting with his lawyers. Beverly's findings prompted his bank to investigate and correlate multiple purchases to his former agent. The properties were in his name and paid through his bank account but were bought without his consent. The signatures were proven to be forgeries quite easily.

There was an agreement made regarding the properties, he'd claim the properties and work with the states to have his agent indicted and jailed while the bank reimbursed his money and sold the properties. He opted to keep one property, a Miami condo. It was useful to him and would be a good getaway for him, Lupe, and Reyna whenever they needed a vacation.

He turned his attention to the horrid contract New York offered. He had already informed the player's association who were just as concerned as he was. They were bringing the contract to the attention of New York City and State officials.

The league was also informed about the issue. There was concern from the league regarding the public relations nightmare that such a blatantly offensive contract clause would cause. The New York team officials were notified that there would be an investigation and any attempt to block it or interfere would result in sanctions by the league.

The city and state were ruthless, they subpoenaed all relevant documents and raided their offices with search warrants to ensure that nothing was shredded or removed. State troopers, NYPD officers, FBI agents, and a slew of city and state lawyers swarmed the ballpark as the staff was kept at bay by uniformed officers.

The media were swirling over the investigation especially when word got out that it involved a player's family member being targeted by the team. The Yankees were quick to deny any such issue but Sunday afternoon at a news conference the Attorney General of New York and District Attorney of Bronx County stated what the raid was about and why. Miguel wasn't the only player targeted, several other players were given similarly worded contracts all of which had a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, or granddaughter who gay or transgender.

Miguel's name was kept out of the story. The Red Sox were standing by their decision to sign Miguel if there was any potential fallout regarding Reyna's transition being known. They had a press release on standby that Miguel, Juan, and Lupe approved that stated they would never allow such wording in any contract and that an attempt by such employees or agents would not be tolerated.

Reyna went to sleep feeling bad about causing a national firestorm. Leslie told her the story about Jaimie's assault 27 months before that caused a similar national outrage and led to Willie becoming chief of police and their friend Kennedy admitting her love for and marrying Willie. Leslie drew a deep breath and told her a deep secret about Kennedy, she was like her but transitioned in college.

Reyna was shown a picture of Kennedy which Reyna couldn't believe. She was beautiful. Lupe had the same reaction as Reyna but turned to Reyna and admitted "Sam and you are beautiful too, nobody would ever believe you were every little boys." Leslie corrected her in saying "they were never little boys, they were just girls who didn't have a chance to yet admit they were girls yet." Reyna burst into laughter and hugged her for the kind words as the three sat down to dinner.

Monday morning saw the three heading off to school with Lupe starting work with Melanie. The girls were eager to talk about what was going on with her uncle but she was being tight-lipped. After school she told them the whole situation, and what her uncle was doing on his end. Thomas shook his head and blurted out "it had to be the Yankees. They just can't stop bullying the rest of the league."

Francesca's improvement was noticed by all of her teachers. She was quick to praise Reyna for helping her with her studying and told that she found a new way to help with her dyslexia. There were some skeptical looks but the in-class essay she did under the watchful eye of her language arts teacher proved that she was doing it on her own and it was working. Mr. Taylor took her aside after school and admitted they were suspicious but her work spoke for itself.

Leslie picked up Reyna from school and told her she had a visitor. Taylor Gault was waiting and wanted to talk with her about the rape case. Reyna steeled herself for the tough questions but he was told her that as she had named names and there was physical evidence collected but never analyzed fully she only had to tell her story in full and that was it. He then admitted that this cost him two friendships but the evidence was overwhelming that his friends abused their power to protect their sons.

Reyna retold the events in full. She was cornered by the gym teacher who pulled her out of the staff locker room and tossed her into the boy's locker room where he told the boys to do the deed. When they were done she was crying and he proceeded to toss her against the lockers, causing her to scream out in pain and black out. She had scars on her arms and chest that Taylor noted and took pictures of, sending the entire report to her lawyers and the LA County DA's office as well as the relevant state agencies in California.

Taylor finished his official duties then talked with her as a father. He was happy that Thomas was showing more maturity since she came to school. He was starting to take school seriously now that Francesca was starting to improve and it gave Thomas reason to start thinking about school more.

Reyna just smiled and told him "he's a good person, he just gets flustered around us girls. We know he really likes Rebecca but they won't stop dancing around one another. If he'd just admit they were more than a couple things might be easier on him."

Taylor could see what she meant. The boy was madly in love with Rebecca and got tongue-tied whenever the two were together. He needed to finally admit he loved her and be done with it.

Leslie saw him out and asked what that was about, Taylor admitted the truth to her "Thomas is really acting like a man and not a boy since he met Reyna. He knows about terrible people but this is the first time he encountered it firsthand and it is driving him to act his age. He made his mother and me proud, as Reyna is sure to make Lupe and Miguel."

Lupe arrived as Taylor was leaving and was told what happened. She was relieved that it was getting taken care of but still upset that she had to recall the events yet again. Miguel called to tell them that the house as going to be theirs over the weekend so Leslie could have the place to herself again on Sunday. Reyna cheered hearing the news, with Lupe taking it in stride.

The media storm surrounding the Yankees contract fiasco intensified that week as Miguel's name was released as being the person specifically targeted. Miguel refused all requests for interviews and Reyna was told to be on the lookout for people following her. Lupe had to inform Melanie who had her husband work the grounds of the day care keeping away people who didn't belong there in case the media tried to talk with Lupe.

The investigation finally focused on two people who were in common with the contracts, Miguel's former agent and a former owner of the Royals, Mr. Tegan, who was now employed as a vice president with the team. John heard the name and immediately called Miguel to tell him that trouble was going to follow as those two were in it together. He then had Reyna given a special locket and watch that she was instructed never to remove except in the shower.

Tuesday evening Reyna was told to be on the lookout for two men, with John showing her pictures of both. She shivered at seeing Miguel's former agent and told John "I know that man, he tried to get us to talk to him the other day. He said he was a reporter and wanted to speak with me."

Joseph asked her to look again and be sure which she again said "he talked to us outside of school. Rebecca told him to leave as soon as she saw that he wasn't a parent." John immediately made a phone call to Willie then Dorothy Vega. Within 10 minutes both were in the Finn home and listening to what Reyna had said.

Dorothy called Alice who in turn called the school superintendent. They feared for Reyna now. Willie posted additional officers in the area of the school and had the pictures distributed among them. James would pick up Reyna and drive her to school along with Sam, he was the only one who was free to do so with such short notice.

Wednesday morning James picked her up bright and early wearing his police uniform and dropped her off directly in front of the school, walking with her to the front door. It was embarrassing but it was the only way to keep her safe. Sam didn't care, she held her head up high and marched in with a smile on her face. Students knew her dad was a part-time cop so it was no big deal, they just assumed he was doing some training or working instead of being an escort.

Things took a turn for the worse as the fire alarms went off during lunch. Someone had set a trash barrel on fire just inside the front doors of the school. The kids were forced outside into the fenced-in basketball courts and parking lots. Reyna and her friends were some of the first out and as soon as they exited someone snatched Reyna, sending Thomas tumbling as he tried to hold onto her.

In a span of five seconds, she was in a van and gone from sight. The school officers were unable to respond fast enough and the police patrolling the area were a block away and too slow to catch the speeding truck before it left the city. Reyna was gone and nobody could identify the people who took her. Francesca was quick enough to get a picture of the license plate but that was it.

Every city and town in a 50-mile radius had police driving around looking for the van. The State Police put all available troopers into the area to help with the search. Parents rushed to the schools to pick up their children as the news spread causing more chaos.

The media descended upon the city like a plague. They demanded answers that the police were unwilling to give. They tried to get near the schools only to get into fights with police officers and school officials and parents.

Willie caught a break immediately as the van's license plates came back as a rental in the name of Tegan. CCTV from down the street caught another break as both men were seen putting on masks. Their images were immediately released and warrants issued for their arrest.

Reyna's trackers were working perfectly the whole time, the two never bothered to remove either of them. Unfortunately, they were muffled by the terrain and surrounding buildings, giving off weak beeps every so often but without stopping there was no way to know where she was. The two drove around for hours until they stopped at a warehouse on the outskirts of Worcester, giving Reyna her big break. The signal was strong and pinpointed within seconds.

Tegan was adamant that they get rid of her. The agent wanted revenge. The two argued for close to an hour before they came to an agreement to kill her outright then make it look like it was a gay bashing gone wrong. This was all the time the police needed as they mobilized all available resources to descend on the warehouse.

The agent grew frustrated as they argued over what to do and beat Reyna senseless. He bloodied her face, breaking the bones in her cheek and her jaw in his rage. He went so far as to break her legs below the knee to prevent her from escaping. He took out a black 9mm handgun and waved it in her face telling her "you little queer, you cost me everything! Your idiot uncle would have had all the money he would ever need if you didn't get involved!"

Tegan had enough of the banter and brought out a shotgun. Ignoring the agent's protests he fired it at Reyna, hitting her in the crotch and thighs causing her to scream in pain. Before he could fire again both men were shot and killed by sniper fire from State Police SWAT Team troopers.

Within seconds the warehouse was swarmed by State Police troopers as they ensured that Tegan and the agent were dead. Reyna was in shock and losing blood so EMTs were rushed in to contain the bleeding. There was little said inside, it was horrific to even the most hardened of troopers.

Reyna was hurriedly stabilized at the hospital and flown east to Boston for more extensive treatment. Lupe met them and broke down seeing her damaged body and bloody clothing. Leslie had to pull her away from Reyna so the doctors could work on her. Miguel was with her now, having gotten a private plane to whisk him clear across the country early in the morning. Lupe was in too much shock to sign any paperwork making him have to sign off on all the needed surgeries.

Reyna's condition was bad. Both legs needed resetting but the worst part was repairing the damage done to her privates. Her penis was all but blown in half while her testicles were gone. The skin around her groin needed suturing and the pellets needed to be extracted from her thighs.

She was lucky, most of the blast missed. The pellets also missed her arteries and veins. But with half of her penis gone she needed emergency surgery to repair what was left. Her options were to undergo emergency SRS surgery or try to recreate a penis with what was left. Miguel made the decision to have her undergo the SRS, hoping that it was the right choice for her.

Lupe calmed down once Reyna underwent her surgery. She didn't question Miguel's choice, only second guessing herself for not being there for her. Even if she couldn't be with Reyna in school she still blamed herself for what happened. Leslie had to take her home to keep her from breaking down further, she needed to get rest and let the doctors do their work.

The media was in a frenzy as someone leaked Reyna's name as being the victim of the abduction to the local news outlets. Miguel had to shut down his phone to stop the calls. Reporters staked out the hospital hoping to catch Miguel coming and going from the hospital. They didn't notice that he was never seen leaving, he was able to get out via the employee entrance with Nigel Smith or Dr. Richard Samuels. They did not hesitate to offer their help in shuttling him to and from Leslie's home.

Reyna regained consciousness three days later. Her body was aching and she was having trouble feeling her feet. Lupe, Dr. Samuels, and Nigel told her what happened to her and why. She burst into tears, she hated to think that they died because of her. It didn't matter that she now had something she always wanted or that they had tried to kill her, two people were dead.

When the shock of the news wore off Lupe explained that she needed to remain in the hospital for at least a month due to the severity of her injuries. After she was released she would have to go to a rehabilitation center for another month until her strength was enough that she could get around on her own. She would essentially be missing school until late January or early February.

This news upset her. She wanted to be with her friends. Lupe could sense her pain and told her that they would be able to visit her the following day if she felt strong enough. Reyna tried to say she was but she was getting visibly tired and slurring her words a bit. Nigel insisted she go back to sleep and save her strength.

Sunday morning she had visitors. Francesca and Iris were there to greet her, bringing with them gifts from Thomas, Sam, Rebecca and Jessie. Both offered her hugs and kisses while taking seats next to her. Francesca was on the verge of tears seeing her bandaged and in casts while Iris tried to act strong. Reyna faked a smile and on her laptop typed "I guess I'm a girl now that I have what you have."

That caused Iris to break down as Francesca corrected her pointing out "you were always a girl. Those two screwed up big time. Instead of humiliating you they ended up giving you what you always wanted. Never, ever, ever call yourself anything but a girl because you were always one."

The two were ushered away when visiting hours ended. Monday it was more of the same as they brought her schoolwork and her laptop to use. Tuesday she got a visit from both principals who were in tears as they saw her. Wednesday Miguel came back and sat with her all day while she worked on her homework in silence. He announced to her that he signed his contract with the Red Sox and chose to forgo a press conference to avoid answering questions about her. She was thankful that he did that, hugging him tightly.

Time passed slowly for Reyna while she was in the hospital. She had multiple visits with a psychiatrist and psychologists to deal with the trauma. Her mother hadn't found her a proper gender psychiatrist to take over her care but that was fixed when Dr. Samuels introduced Dr. Eliza to them. She and the doctor got along well and Reyna learned that her name had come up several times over the past two weeks among other patients. She couldn't tell her who but Reyna admitted: "Jaimie and Nichole are good people and Sam is a good friend." Dr. Eliza smiled and nodded, but officially didn't acknowledge the girls as patients to her.

Soon after Dr. Eliza left Dr. Dane was introduced. He had Reyna talk about her feelings regarding the abduction. She accepted that they were killed by the troopers to protect her and that they were intent on killing her but it felt horrible to know they died. Dr. Dane came by several times over the next few days and talked, helping her come to grips with the event even if she couldn't accept the outcome. She started to feel better about it as the images started to fade but it was still painful to recall it.

Iris and Francesca came by every day to drop off more work for her and pick up the old work. Thankfully for her half of the work was able to be accepted online by her teachers and whatever wasn't was allowed to come in late. Her mother was getting calmer by the day and accepting that she was now a girl in full, albeit one who couldn't have periods or make babies. Miguel accepted this before her but was kind enough to not mention it knowing that it was a sore spot for her.

Reyna was a little upset though that Rebecca and Jessie wouldn't visit. She asked them to come but neither could muster the courage to come visit. It was too painful to them, they had seen what happened with Nichole but Reyna was worse off and it was devastating to them.

Thomas made an appearance and told them even worse news, Jessie's crush Reed Clarence was in the same hospital which was why she would not come by. She was scared of what might happen to him and knowing that two people she cared about were in the same place was too much for her to overcome. Reyna accepted her reasoning and told him to give a big hug for her and give Rebecca a kiss as well. He blushed as he left, she felt better knowing the truth about her friends. They did care, they cared too much and couldn't see her hurt so badly.

Reyna was slow to recover. The broken legs impeded her movement and the pellets took several additional surgeries to completely remove. Her jaw was set and wired so she had to type or write everything.

She spent a week in the hospital longer than she expected. The delay in removing the pellets had caused an infection which took a week to clear up All through this time she had to endure the downside of having a new orifice with dilation and sitting down to pee getting on her nerves quickly especially as she couldn't move around too much making her feel helpless or like an overgrown baby.

By mid-December, she moved to a rehabilitation hospital to begin strengthening her leg muscles and helping build her upper arms so she could move around in the wheelchair. This was just as boring as she again had little to do during the day except for reading and playing on her computer. She was doing well in school and was able to actually get ahead in math and science while helping Francesca with her language arts during her visit to see her.

Miguel was always by her side and helped her during her rehab sessions earning him a reputation as being a model father despite being her uncle. He spent some time with kids who were worse off than Reyna during some of his visits, helping raise their spirits while steeling himself for visiting Reyna. The team hoped to use some of his visits for publicity but he steadfastly refused, insisting that his visits were personal and not PR moves for either the hospital or the team.

Things came to a head when the team's PR director tried to use visiting his niece as part of their annual press package. Juan got involved and stated clearly that any attempt to use anything regarding Reyna was not allowed and any pictures of the two of them released without Miguel's, his, Lupe's and Reyna's full consent would result in a lawsuit for violation of her privacy rights. Juan then informed the ownership group that any further harassment of Miguel would be reported to the proper authorities for violating the rights of a patient which caused an immediate panic and firing of their PR manager.

Reyna was kept in the dark about these stunts but knew that people wanted to use her for their own benefits. She told Juan to tell them "I don't want any pictures taken of me by anyone no matter who they are." She signed it and watched him smile telling her "it's your formal complaint, the team must abide by it since they would cause a lot of problems among the players if they violated your wishes."

Christmas came and went. Reyna's jaw recovered enough to have the wires removed allowing her to speak normally again. Reyna received visits from Francesca's family then Dr. Samuels, Olivia, and their son Richard. The Samuels family brought gifts for her from the other families. After they left to her surprise Rebecca came by with Jessie, both giving her deep hugs while breaking into tears.

Rebecca tried to apologize for not coming by sooner but Reyna refused to hear it, telling them proudly "you had your hands full with Reed. I am glad that you two are finally getting together even if it's a little rocky. And I hope Thomas finally started to man up and ask you out on a real date and not another double date." Both girls blushed as Reyna teased them. The three talked for a while before it was time for them to leave, with all three breaking into tears as they said their goodbyes.

Reyna was finally released in mid-January once her strength showed she could maneuver the wheelchair on her own. She had to stay in her uncle's condo until her casts were removed due to there being no bathroom or shower on the first floor of her new home. Miguel was fine with this, he enjoyed the company of her and her mother.

Being released meant Reyna could now return to school. Outside the school, she was greeted with big hugs from her friends and their parents. She didn't make a big deal about it but accepted the hugs and kisses from them. Her teachers were sympathetic towards her, giving her some leeway to ease back into her work and trying hard not to draw attention to her.

Miguel, Lupe, and Reyna got a surprise visit from Jorge and Victoria over MLK Day weekend. The rest of the group was visiting California for Kennedy Pena's mother's funeral but they opted to stay home. Jorge cooked while Victoria doted over Reyna giving Lupe a chance to relax. Miguel and Jorge talked baseball with Jorge entertaining him with stories from his home in Puerto Rico, getting Victoria to insist he not bore Miguel while Reyna giggled at Jorge's embarrassment.

Iris and Francesca visited her as well that weekend, neither feeling like they should tag along among the Finn Family members while leaving Reyna behind. Miguel suggested the three have a slumber party to enjoy some girl time. His reasoning was that they could use the fun and none of the girls could deny that it would be.

Sam stayed behind in Massachusetts as well but she was feeling a bit distant since Reyna returned. She told Reyna she was jealous that Reyna was complete and she wasn't. Those feelings were tearing Sam up inside, she didn't want to be jealous and knew the cost of what happened but it still nagged her.

Reyna could only hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek for being honest with her, it meant a lot that she was willing to tell her at risk of their friendship than keep it bottled up inside. Reyna admitted she would feel the same way if it happened to Sam but the additional cost was too great. Despite accepting what happened she could still not accept that people had died. She didn't want that on Sam's conscience either.

Mid-February saw Reyna's casts removed and her start additional physical therapy to strengthen her legs. It was tough for her but with Francesca's encouragement she endured the pain and was now mobile with crutches. Jessica and Reed were often by Reyna's side helping her walk home to build up her strength before her normal physical therapy sessions. Reyna was always smiling as she looked at the couple enjoying their time together even if it was just helping a friend walk.

It took much of the Spring but by the end of April, Reyna was no longer using the crutches. They were gone just in time for the school's semi formal dance, but were retained just in case her strength faltered. She missed out on going shopping with her friends but their mothers got together and found her a dress for the dance that fit her perfectly. Rumor had it that they used Thomas as a model for it but none of them will tell and she wasn't about to ask. She loved him for doing it and she gave him a deep hug when he saw her in it the first time.

During the dance he admitted the truth, he did put it on as they were nearly the same size physically. He could endure a few minutes of unease if it meant she was going to attend. She told him with a beaming smile that was the manliest thing anyone could have done, he gave her the chance to look beautiful and he was a true friend and the perfect boyfriend for Rebecca.

During the rest of the dance, she managed to go without her crutches while enjoying several dances with boys. She leaned on them for support from time to time but none of them cared. She didn't really feel a spark with them but it felt nice to be treated well by boys.

Iris finally managed to stop dancing around the subject of their friendship being closer than normal and kissed Sam openly during the final dance. Her friends cheered with Reyna practically screaming "FINALLY!" to them. The kiss drew a lot of attention but neither of them cared, they had stopped hiding their true feelings and made their relationship official.

The dance also taught Reyna something else; she realized that she wasn't sure if she liked boys. She enjoyed dancing with them and accepted that she started to see them differently. Both she and Francesca were dateless but that suited them just fine, they didn't need boyfriends to show off they were doing fine on their own.

After the dance Reyna had to deal with the trials out in California. Thankfully for her, the county allowed her to testify from her hometown, citing her recent health issues and the fact that she had to attend school with travel to and from Los Angeles County costing at least three school days. The defense tried to block it but it was overruled by the judge.

She told everything that she could remember with a strong passion. She took no prisoners, she admitted everything that her gym teacher, the boys, her former principals, and former teachers had done to her. The defense tried to use her gender change against her but that was quickly turned around against the lawyer as there was no actual defense with DNA evidence, recordings, eyewitness testimony from fellow students and teachers turning against one another. The fact that there were strong nondiscrimination laws and regulations further shot down their defense making her gender change a moot point.

The whole lot was found guilty. Her gym teacher was found to have done the same thing to several other boys and at least two transgender girls in the past. The gym teacher was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the assaults and rape with more time expected once the investigation was over. The boys who attacked her were sentenced to five each to juvenile detention with another 10 years each in adult prison after and required to register as sex offenders once they were eventually released.

The state went after the boys' fathers harder than anyone else. The DA took pleasure in asking for maximum sentences in their obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy charges with both getting the maximum in jail. Their wives took them to the cleaners, what they had done was too much for them and they refused to be associated with them any longer walking away with several hundred thousand in cash and their homes as well as their other kids.

Reyna's lawsuits against the school district, the school, and the private school were settled for $20 million in total. Jo and Phyllis refused to collect any money from Reyna in fees. They had earned well over twice that in the impending class action suit against the school board and several other school boards over the rights of transgender students.

The private school ended up losing millions in endowments and scholarships once the behavior of the principal and faculty was exposed, seeing many of their beneficiaries pull support as the trial went on and causing a frantic move to cover any potential damages to be paid to Reyna should they lose. There was no money left once a fund was set up to pay the additional victims of the school's rampant abuse, forcing the school to close and all students to transfer to another private school.

Reyna was set for life but her uncle insisted that she do what her friends had done and invest it as well as put it in a trust fund. She would have plenty of money for normal purchases but the bulk of it as out of her hands. She was alright with this, it was good enough for Jaimie and Nichole and now Kylie then it was good enough for her.

Two days after the school's semiformal Reyna and Lupe moved into their home after a delay of five months. Instead of having the whole family help, Reyna and Lupe only asked a few select people to assist. Richard Samuels Jr. and his cousin Will were drafted by default by Olivia while Rebecca, Jessie, Courtney, Sam, Iris, and Francesca were called in to help by Reyna. It took several hours to move the new furniture in but they made it work.

Miguel enjoyed Boston more than he thought he would. His free time was spent with Juan going over the youth program as well as planning for the summer youth employment season. Juan and he hit it off well, it wasn't a typical agent/client relationship as the two were genuinely becoming friends. Reyna and Lupe saw him as a good friend as well, often entertaining him when he was in the neighborhood.

Miguel's financial situation was quickly resolved after a thorough review by Beverly and several of her colleagues. They located the missing money that was stolen from him that wasn't spent on homes and condos in his former agent's accounts. The account was frozen before anyone could remove the money with Miguel laying a claim against his former agent's estate.

Since the bank screwed up badly in allowing the transactions to occur in the first place they refunded the money in full after the threat of a lawsuit was taken off the table. In a show of good faith, Miguel then repaid the amount that was spent in his name for the Miami condo as well as the former agent's small LA condo, both of which he would use during the year as the team traveled. The rest of the money was split between retirement accounts and investments, the latter of which Greta and James handled on his behalf.

Things settled down for the Toro Family quickly. Reyna was well liked and Lupe worked out beyond Melanie and Leslie's dreams at the day care center, winning over most of the parents. Those who weren't won over having an issue with Reyna's gender issues and thus not parents that the daycare center wanted to have
Miguel's teammates took a liking to Reyna once the season started, and even though there were some bigots on the team she was treated as if she was Miguel's daughter and made many friends among the players. Francesca was a frequent guest in the clubhouse, the players enjoying the girl's jokes and teasing them back and forth. A few were fans of her mother Wendy's books which caused teasing from the team but brought a big smile from Francesca.

Things were never better for the Toros as they were now firmly entrenched in the neighborhood and became part of the fabric of the Finn Family. Their lives had changed in so many ways in such a short period of time but all for the better. They grew closer to one another and were as strong as any other family.

The End.

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