Life on Amazonia Earth under Amazon control (part 2).

the year is 2292 I had just finish Junior high in Iowa I was soon starting high school as a freshman in my life was going to change a lot now have selections and my fate will be soon decided my friends and I are average guys we get bullied a lot but things are going to change for some of us my name is Lance I am 15ys old from day 1 at school my life is going to change for me

Life on Amazonia Earth under Amazon control (part 2)

I saw mom she said “I cant believe my daughter's breast size is bigger than mine” I said “I know I am D size cup even my girlfriend is only a C cup.” mom said “ I am happy you have a girlfriend and your happy now Kayla” I said “I found something out Mom today mom that I was bullied by the bullies because I was smart and believed in Amazon Law here” she said “are you ok about it now Kayla “ I said “yes mom I am a girl now and love it , I have a girlfriend now as well and I am happy now being a girl than I was a boy.”

Our slave walked in and said “ excuse me Mistress your new room is finished” I said “Thank you Slave” so I went up to my room it was Beautiful as a girl's room would be for a teen girl I like my Closet was fall of my new girl clothes and my draws were full of my new bras and Panties and sanctuary products for me I got change and before I went down stair I was thinking how thing have changed I became a girl and brother became a slave because he was violent and stuff.

the slave called me and said" Mistress your dinner is ready". so I went down for dinner then mom was there she said " are you ok Kayla?'. I said "Yea mom I was upstairs think how my life has change from this morning then I was a pathetic boy and now I am beautiful girl". she said "your lucky you got chosen by them". I said " I know I would have had my selections tomorrow any way for my placement in 2yrs time". she said" That one thing you don't have to worry about".

I said "I know mom but I am going back to school different now as a girl" I finished my dinner I said "I am going up to study and soon go to sleep". mom said " don't worry Kayla you will be fine" I said " yeah seeing my old friends differently now". mom said" why Kayla". I said " they're Males mom I hate them now". Mom said " you have Crystal and other cheerleaders now Kayla" mom was right I will have new friends and also I have a girlfriend

I went up to my room I did some study for some reason it was easier now then I got my computer and set my new Face book account spoke to my girlfriend for a while and then went to bed as from tomorrow I will be starting school but this time as a Amazon girl and a cheerleader.
The next day I got up and got dressed in my cheerleader uniform I walked down stairs with my book bag I put make up on and my new hoop earrings in my new pierced ears I had my hoops in I had 2 studs as well in my ears I said to mom "can I go after school and get my nails done and naval pierced" she said "ok why do you want your naval done for Kayla , has Crystal and Heidi had theirs done". I said " yes mom they have" she said “ok then" I had my breakfast our slave said "Mistress never forget who you were " I looked at him and said " I am not that person any more you fucking pathetic male".

Mom came in said " what is wrong Kayla" I said " this pathetic male here said to never forget who I was and I told him I am not that person that pathetic boy" mom looked at him and said " slave get it through your head Lance and James are never coming back James is a slave and Lance has been replaced as my daughter we live here you just a worthless male you piss her off again I'll have you re-educated again" he said "I am sorry mistress". he walked up to me and said " I am sorry mistress " I said “Fuck off you pathetic male". I kissed mom goodbye and headed for school I was walking there and I saw Jeff and Gavin I kept walking I thought to my self I would have been running up to them but now I hate them they are males I am a girl.

I arrived at school it was now totally different for me I was in my cheerleader uniform I walked up saw Heidi and Lara and was greeted by them I stop and Lara said “hi Kayla love your hoop earrings”. I said “ hi and thanks” we walked in the school. I saw the bullies they were picking on a nerdy boy name Nick I walked up to the bully and said “what are you doing?”. The bully said “ I am belting him up as order by our leader Mistress”. I said “not any more you are you will leave him a lone.” he said “ but I will get into trouble mistress” I said “there will be more bulling at school now your name Male” he said “Robert mistress.”

I said “ well Robert you will stop this now” he said” yes mistress”. I said “who was your leader name ”. he said “Harry Jenkins Mistress” I said “doesn't he hang around those males over there.” (pointing to Jeff and Gavin) “yes mistress”. he replied with when I was a lance I used get bullied by him and another guy I asked him “where is your bully friend” he said “Peter mistress”. I said “ yes he was arrested by the police and Simon was our newest recruit but he was changed into a slave”.

I said “he was most probably doing some thing wrong”. he said “ yes mistress he was helping the resistance.” I said “he is a bad boy”.
I saw Crystal walk up and say hey Heidi and Lara said “ hello Capitan.” then she walked up to me and said “hi Babe love those earrings.” then I told Nick he was free to go and the bully Robert I said “detention”. so 2 cheerleaders came up and took him to the detention area
Crystal looked at me and I said “hey baby”. I kissed her she said “that’s better”. Jeff and Gavin walked up to us Cheerleaders and Jeff said “excuse me Mistress” Crystal said “yes male”.

I turned around and looked at them for first time they saw me in my new Cheerleader uniform and they saw my breasts Gavin said “what has happen to Harry” she said “he has been sent to a maximum security slave camp”. he said “ok mistress”.
I said to Crystal “ babe I think we found our slave when we finish National service he will make a good slave”. she said “true babe he will male a good slave one of them will do”.

The bell rang so I was walking to Class I saw the principal she said “Kayla some of your classes have change now your a girl I said “ what has changed Principal Pearson “. she said You have Girls Health and Amazon Training now” I said “beside that I am in same class as the boys she said “ yes”. I said why do they need a education all they are go to be be slaves?” she said “ some boys will be come girls like you Kayla” I said “ your right miss Pearson”.

I walked to our Maths class I saw Jeff, Nick and Gavin they looked at me as I walked by I saw Gavin and said to him “ you ever speak to me the way you spoke to me in the mall yesterday I will make your selection easy for us”. He said “you wouldn't dare” I said “Try me and for being rude now by not addressing me properly you will spend recess cleaning up the school bins” he said “yes mistress” I said “ my name is Mistress Kayla male”. He said “yes mistress Kayla” I said “Good male” I walked over to my girlfriend and Heidi and Lara .

I heard Gavin say “she doesn't even call us by our name now”. Jeff said “ what do you expect now she is a Cheerleader and she is a Amazon Female” Nick said “ was she your friend”. Jeff said “ she was our friend Lance , but he must have become a girl yesterday.” Gavin said “it fucking Harry fault if he never got the bullies he would have stayed a boy” Jeff said “ bull he was a straight A student and abided by the Amazon law he was perfect to be a girl they did him early”. Nick said “ what ever she was she is now a cheerleader and a girl”.

I said to Crystal “ I know why you let the Bullies have fun with nerdy boys”. She said “ I saw you dressing down the male there”. I said “yea he was rude to me yesterday in the mall I was not gong let a pathetic male like him tell me I am a liar”. She said “ true no male can ever be Aggressive against females at any time,” I said “ males are fucking losers”. She said “ your becoming more female every minute babe”. I kissed her and said “ I am happy I am becoming a female I am starting enjoy my femininity and stuff”. She giggled and said “ you haven't experience the bad side of your femininity yet” I said “ what”. she said “ you'll find out babe”. Then class started for maths.

We finished Maths and was walking to English when I saw Simon cleaning the floors of the school all the boys and girls were giving him a hard time when I said “Babe can we get him back to school until he leaves like the other boys going to camp” she said “ why Kayla”. I said “ for one he was bulling Lance and he doesn't exist now”. She said “ true Kayla and he was only after revenge from your brother” I said My brother is a stupid pig headed male like his dad”. She giggled and said “nothing like what you are now” I kissed her and said” yea babe I am nothing like that pathetic boy I am a Amazon girl and I love it” we arrived at class for English.

When the teacher said “ Kayla can you take Miss Gavin down for his selection”. I said sure Miss Higgins”. Crystal got excited and said “ your first selection run with a boy” I said “Yea my ex friend”. I saw where Gavin was he looked at me and I said “ come on male your selection is due” he said “yes mistress” we walked down to the selection area I said I have brought down this male” she said “ you know it name Kayla” I said yes I do his name is Gavin Miss Alexander” she said “ good wait with him” I said “ ok”.

I looked at him and said “ we wait here now male”. He said “ we used to be best buddies since elementary school we were buddies and now you treat me like shit”. I said because you are male shit” he said “ Lance we were friends good friends we got bullied together.” I looked at him with a look and said to him “ I am not Lance or that boy any more male I am a girl and I am not your friend now the person who had a friend ship with is gone replace by a girl now”. He said Fucking Harry it is his fault if he didn't get us bullied you would been a boy like us”
I said to him “ I was born the wrong gender like you are ok I have been freed of my masculinity and I am a female supremacist I don't like boys in fact I hate them I am glad I am now a Amazon girl now and I am glad I was chosen to be a cheerleader as well”. He looked at me stunned I continued " the boy you knew was frighten and scared of any thing now has a different persona".

Sure I remember my days with Gavin he was one of my best friends from our days at school and middle and stuff we did on the weekend but now that has all change I am a girl now and Crystal is my BFF now and my Girlfriend and other cheerleaders are my friends now. He then said "I have a lot my best friend" I said "yep male"
He was called up he said “I’ll see you soon” so I waited out side for around 20 minutes I missed English and we head history I was looking forward to it and hearing about our conquest over the Earth and we defeated the males I was looking on my phone when Gavin came out he said “ I have had my selection mistress.”

I said “ wait here ok I walked in and saw the woman doing his paperwork she said “Kayla”. I said yes Ma'am”. She said the male you brought in here has just had his selection” I said where do I send his paperwork” she said to the transformation section of the school” I said “ he is going to be a girl” she said “yes like you he is very smart” I said “will she be a cheerleader like me.”
She said “ you will have to ask your cheerleader captain”. I said “ I will ask her” she said “good Girl” I walked back out with his paperwork I said “ your off cleaning Garbage cans” he said “Why Mistress “ I said “ it looks like you and me will be friends again” he said “ you know I am to become a girl” I said “ yes Gavin I do know” he looked at me cause it was the first time since becoming a girl I called him by his name he said “where are we going now Mistress ?”.

I said your going back to class I am taking your paperwork to gender transformation centre at the school here” he said “ok Mistress” so I took him to history and then went to gender transformation area gave them his Paper work and headed back to class”.

I was heading back and I thought I never went through this as I was asked by Crystal and Heidi I was happy I didn't have my selection I most probably would have become a girl anyway I am happy now I thought since Gavin is becoming a female I thought of Harry punishment and Simon I walked into History the teacher said “ you have finished your Assignment Kayla”. I said “ yes ma'am” she said “ good” as I walked to my seat I Looked over and saw Harry back with others.

I said to Crystal “ what is going on?” she said he was given a 20 lashes for setting up bullies against you and other males because he is so young he needs to stay in school.” I said “ what about Simon?”. She said he has been told he will back at school tomorrow” I said “ good at least he will get a bit of an education”

she said “ what happen with Gavin” I said “ he is to become a girl” she said “ cool he can be a cheerleader as well”. I said “ I going to ask you that any way”. She giggled and said “anything for my girl” I kissed her and said “ your fuck'n Awesome I love you”.
We finished history the boys had already left including new girl to be Gavin we walked over to the bleachers I saw Harry talking with Robert and Cameron I watched them from a distance Heidi and Lara walked over Heidi said to me “ I heard Gavin is going to become a girl”. I replied back with” yea like he does deserve it he has been good and smart boys”.

Then Crystal came behind me and cuddle me nibbling my neck and playing with my breasts she said “ she will make a good girl and a good cheerleader”. Heidi said to Crystal “ I am not loosing my senior cheerleader role”
She replied with “No Heidi senior cheerleaders are you and Lara , then Kayla Deputy and then my self captain” she replied back with “ cool cause you 3 are my BFF” we all looked at her and cuddled her for support.

Crystal said to me “ babe what are you doing?”. I replied with “I am watching those boys over there”. She said “ who?”. I said “Harry Cameron and Robert they are acting strange” she said to me “ your right we will watch them from here”. So we kept an eye on them.
Harry walks over to Robert and says “why are you not bulling Nick ?”. Robert says “ because of the cheerleaders they stop it” Harry said “ who?”. Robert said “the new cheerleader”. Harry said “ fuck we have a problem”. Cameron said “ what problem have we got?”. Harry said “ the new cheerleader she is our problem” Robert said “why they are the ones who want us to Bully them”. Harry said “ I know but have you guys notice there is no Lance here.” Cameron said “where is the fucking nerd?”. Harry said “ been changed into a girl the new cheerleader was Lance”.

Robert said “ your fucking kidding me she was Lance”. Harry said “ yes she is Lance”. Cameron said “ she is now fucking hot”. Tim walks over to and says to them “she has a girlfriend if you haven't notice , she also the deputy cheerleader” Harry said “ how the fuck did you find out”. Tim said “ I find out everything about the Amazon Cheerleaders” he looked them and said “ your friend Lance was selected by the cheerleaders not the Amazon selection Panel”
Harry said “ why was he not selected the normal way” Tim said he is different some how he is very gifted boy and we think the Amazons knew and made him a girl” Harry said “ fuck we need to be careful of her now” Tim said “ I would be Harry”. He left the group and went where he and other nerds hang out.

I never hang around the nerds when I was a boy in junior high I was with Jeff , Harry , Simon and Gavin I always had my brother protection I am beginning to wonder why I was protected by my brother now maybe the reason I was turned into a girl for a reason I don't care now I am a girl I might ask Crystal next period us cheerleaders have a free period a day off .

Recess came to a end I was walking back with my friends we got a cheerleader change rooms and next to the transformation area we had like a lounge area some girls smoked and other just talked and giggled I walked up to Crystal and Heidi I said to them “ why was I selected to become a girl and cheerleader before my selection” Heidi said “it came down from the high command”. I said “ why” she said “ your different Kayla in so many ways the queen thinks your a pure Amazon” I said “How?”. Crystal said “ you can here those boys talking about you”. I replied with “ yes I heard the whole conversation”

Heidi said “ you have super strength, intelligence and beauty Crystal and I were normal earth girls until our upgrade”. I said “ I was a normal Earth boy” the Lara came over and said “ no you were born on Amazonia you were kidnapped and sent here they used a ray gun in you and made you a boy” I said “ why would they do that?”. Lara said “Our queen thinks it was Atlantis our mortal enemy”. I said “ how do you know so much ?”. Lara said “ I am like you born on Amazonia” I said “ ok I now understand and my mom and brother and slave father”
Crystal said “ your mother and father are from Amazonia Earth that what we call here now but your brother was from Atlantis” Lara said we found out by Amazon intelligence and that why your brother was protecting you” Heidi said “ once we found out we kept our eye on you , like stopping Simon from bulling you and other then high command said “ turn you back into a girl” I said “ that is why you came and saw me and ask me to become a cheerleader a couple of days ago” Heidi said “ yes” then Crystal walked up and said “once I saw you as you are now a beautiful girl I wanted you as my girlfriend”.

I walked over to Crystal and said “I love you too” she kissed me and said “ you forgive us” I said” yes I am grateful I am back as a Amazon girl” she said “ good”. She kissed me and said “ I can see you thinking babe” I said “ I want to go and see my brother at slave camp.” she said “ we will arrange that at Amazon Local command”. I said “good”.

Then Crystal said “Fellow cheerleaders I have decided to step down as captain of the cheerleaders ” Lara said “ why Crystal ?”. she said “there is 9 of us now soon it will be 10 and I think we need a pure Amazon girl as our captain”. Lara looked at me and then back at Crystal then Lara said I agree and I nominate Kayla as new captain”. Heidi says “ I second it but I want Crystal to be our deputy” I was watching this unfold I have only been a cheerleader not even a full day and I might be captain.

Crystal said “ ok we will now decide our new Captain”. Another cheerleader said “ before we decide I agree with Heidi , Kayla should be our new captain and you Crystal as her deputy” Lara said “ All in favour say I”. they all said “ I”. Lara said “ our new captain is Kayla and our deputy is Crystal and Heidi and myself will continue as senior cheerleaders".

I was speechless I was now captain of the cheerleaders and my girlfriend is my deputy I walked over to her and said “why did you do this?”. She said I love you more than anything and your a pure Amazon girl not me”.

I said to her “ I don't care if your pure Amazon or not I would been happy to stay as your deputy”. she said “ Babe you make me feel whole now this is my gift to you the captaincy of the our school Amazon cheerleaders” I said “ you never loose the deputy job while I am captain”.
she said I love you so much” she kissed me and then Lara said “ Captain we need inform the local command your our new captain”. I said “ ok Lara you can do it”. She said Thank you captain and left to tell them.
So Lara left to tell the local Amazon command about the change in cheerleader Captaincy the cheerleaders are different from the old days of Earth we don't cheer at sport or anything like that we are the school police force we are here to control the school male population and stop there masculinity going through the roof we are like the school prefects and stuff.

We were talking and I was kissing Crystal I said to her “Babe we are going to the mall”. she said “Why babe” I replied with “ mom is allowing me get my nails done and get my naval pierced”. She said “ ok I'll get mine done too and I get mine done black babe I said “ same here Babe” I was fixing my make up and stuff.

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