The Gentlemen's Bar: Sleepless

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The Gentleman's Bar: Sleepless

By: Set3

William and his two friends, Bruce and Albert, were cruising the bar scene for two things: a hot drink and a hotter chick. This, however, was not some innocent romp to hopefully pick up a girl for any meaningful relationship. These "guys", were predators, deliberately getting unsuspecting women drunk for a quick lay. Unfortunately for these women, these "players" had decided it was cheaper to drug them before laying their claim. Fortunately, they were still not as practiced as they'd like to believe and were quickly banned as they got caught attempting their easy claims. This had increased their notoriety and they had to leave one bar after another as people would recognise them.

This prompted them to drive to the next town to "stake their claim". So, after parking their car they began the trek of bar-hopping looking for the perfect hunting area as it were. While the seedy bars had some hot women, they looked a bit too dangerous and undoubtedly had some boyfriends that wouldn't think twice about beating the crap out of them. The mainstream popular bars were ok, there were plenty of people around to cover them slipping a little something into some woman's drink but tonight, the scene just looked a little too plain so they continued on.

Eventually they stumbled onto a group of hot women that were talking about a girls' night out. This immediately caught the trio's attention and they soon followed, keeping a discreet distance behind. Not five minutes later, the girls walked into a building. The ornate structure of said building was very nice and when the trio looked up at the tastefully deigned neon sign read: "The Gentleman's Bar".

William smirked at the sign as he turned to his friends, "What do you say guys? It looks like this is our bar. After all, we are a fine example of gentlemen, am I right?" He asked which caused them to laugh behind him as they walked into the bar. The interior of the bar was very posh and the patrons inside seemed to reflect that the men and women were dressed very nicely in evening dress wear. The trio momentary checked themselves over and quickly considered their polo shirts and slacks were acceptable and therefor make it easy for them to blend in. Bruce excused himself to go to the washroom, a tradition he normally does before scoping out his pick of the night. William and Albert snickered once again at that before they began making notes, singling out various women by age, hotness, and most importantly, if they were on their own. Eventually, William found his target for the night, a hot leggy blonde chick. She didn't have much up top but her bubble-like ass more than made up for it. Albert's target was a short curvy brunette that had a generous rack peeking out from her slinky black dress.

The two went to opposite sides of the bar and ordered two drinks, a beer for them and another like the one their target was currently drinking. With careful practice, they took turns slipping their ruffees into the drink for their respective target. One looked around while the other drugged the drink making sure they went unnoticed. Seeing that they were successful, they each moved on to their prey. Both considered the other on their own until the "real" party later.

As William approached the blonde from behind, he took note of her skinny jeans hugging her ass as he grinned slightly seeing the tell-tale strings of the woman's underwear only peeking from the top of her jeans. As he rounded around he his eyes fell on her dark blue halter top holding her small, but still noticeable breasts. The woman looked up at him as she finally noticed him.

"Hi," William said as he gestured in request to take a seat at her table, "I could help but notice that you are all alone tonight. Did your boyfriend stand you up tonight?" he asked as he placed the prepared drink on the middle of the table in front of her.

The woman smiled at the offering, "I hope you don't think you can buy my company with a daiquiri," she flirted.

William smiled as he looked her over, "Well, I couldn't very well come over to such a beautiful woman without an offering. After all, my pick-up lines are awful," he said as the girl laughed. William's smile grew into a predatory grin as she gently sipped the drink. William looked off behind him to his right to where Albert was working on his girl and gave him a wave signaling to him that he had his prey in the bag. Albert nodded back, a reply that meant he was working on his still.

During this, Bruce had emerged from the washroom just in time to see William signal that he got his girl. Bruce quickly glanced over to where Albert was sitting before he noticed someone approaching William's table. As he looked, Bruce saw a thin guy dressed in some sort of tux walk by William's table. He almost missed it but he saw the man switch William's beer with a different bottle.

"Oh shit!" was Bruce's first thought, this guy in the tux must have noticed them slipping the drugs or something. This had obviously spooked him and he bugged out and ran for the door. He bumped into someone who was just entering the bar causing a scene that drew Albert's attention which enabled the Bouncer to switch his own beer while he checked out the disturbance undetected. Albert had completely missed seeing Bruce and turned back to the girl he was flirting with as he took a swig of his new beer.

Not long after the disturbance two waitresses called the women away from both William and Albert under the guise of a phone call that had to be taken in an employee room in the back. The two men waited patiently drinking their beers and soon enough, they were empty. As soon as their beers were empty, the Bouncer approached them each in turn telling them that he saw them drugging the women's drinks and that they had to leave. The women had been taken away to get medical attention. William and Albert quickly left, not wanting to get into any trouble with the cops. Both silently thanking whatever god they believed in that the Bouncer didn't card them. So in their eyes, once they left, they were in the clear but understood that they were probably banned from coming back, or at least there would be consequences if they were caught doing this again. The Bouncer watched them leave with a sad look on his face before he resumed his duties.

As the two stepped out into the street they made their way back to their car. Since William had the keys they weren't concerned that Bruce would leave without them and walked down the sidewalk. As they walked along, William stumbled suddenly feeling dizzy as he grabbed Albert for support, Albert himself was under similar circumstances.

What's goin' on?" Albert slurred as he grabbed hold of a parking meter to steady himself.

William leaned up against the wall of the building across from Albert, "I don' know," he replied before his eyes went wide when he suddenly realised the symptoms they were displaying, "Oh shit! I think that bouncer buy ruffee'd us," he said as he struggled back to his feet. "Come on, we gotta get back too the car," he told Albert as he slapped his shoulder to get him moving.

Albert shook his head to clear it before continuing on, not succeeding.

As they stumbled on their bodies began to change. At first, their heights began to dwindle to five foot even. While they shrank their sandy-blonde hair lengthened and darkened, William's becoming curly while Albert's was silky smooth and straight. Their bodies thinned down as their shoulders closed and their hips widened. Neither felt their penises receded into their bodies forming vaginas. Breasts pushed out on their chests, William's was a respectable size but Albert's breasts ballooned out to EE sized cups.

Their rear ends reformed into pleasant feminine ends. William's rear ballooned out "bootylicious" is the only word to describe it. William's face shifts as his features became softer and daintier. His eyes changed ever so slightly to give the impression of permanent wonder. Not helping in this image was this lips swelling to comical proportions giving his new face the look of a clueless bimbo. Albert's face shifted becoming feminine but more reasonably respectable, but will always seem to have the look of pleading for sex. Neither talked on their trek but their voices had changed without their knowing, William's becoming high pitched stereotype of the bimbo he now seemed to look like. Albert's voice became a pleasant soprano but will forever be plagued with vocal inflictions of pleading for something.

Then their cloths magically reformed. William's briefs turned into a white G-string while legs of his slacks pulled up and up until they became a tight biege pair of short shorts showing off his large rear end. His socks somehow lengthened as they pulled up his legs becoming stockings, his shoes morphed into a pair of sneakers with two-inch high heels further accentuating his posterior. His polo shirt then changed into a tight turtle neck sweater cut to show off his mid drift.

Albert's underwear reformed into a thong, he side stepped slightly as it gave him a wedgie. His shirt shrunk down to a pink mini tube top that barely hung on around his breasts while still showing lots of cleavage. His pants shrank as well and became a black mini skirt while his socks seemed to dissolve as his shoes morphed into open toed four inch stiletto heels.

The sudden clothing change caused both to stumble more so, but both reasoned that it was from whatever drug the Bouncer slipped them. Despite this, they eventually made it back to the car where Bruce was swearing as he checked his pockets in vain for the keys.

William pulled out his keys from the tiny pocket of his shorts as he stumbled forward to open the door. Bruce caught him and easily pulled the keys from him.

"Who are you? And how did you get these keys?" Bruce asked.

"What are yew tawkin about, thew're..." William stopped as he heard his high-pitched voice. He then looked down and was met with his changed body and clothing, "What the hwell? Whad that guy do to meh?" he screamed through his thick lips before he was overtaken from the questionable drink he ingested and fell into Bruce's arms.

Albert wasn't that much farther off as he fell to the ground without acknowledging his new body yet.

Bruce looked at the girl in his arms, then at the one laying on the ground before he came to a realisation. Judging from what the girl in his arms had said, he figured it was William and Albert who drugged these girls and sent them his way. He smirked as he used the keys to open the door and loaded the girls into the back seat. As he got into the drivers seat, he made a mental note to thank his buddies for doin' him a solid twice over. With a smile on his lips and a boner in his pants, he drove off for a motel to enjoy his prizes in private.

A short drive later, he found one in an out of the way part of town and rented a room for the night. Fortunately for him, the motel rooms had an outdoor entrance which he could park William's car in front of. He was happy since he wouldn't have to waste time dragging each girl separately down a hall and possibly have to answer questions he didn't want to. Soon enough both girls were laid on the bed, Bruce making quick work stripping them of their clothing and began to caress their bodies.

Even though William's eyes were closed, he was fully conscious as he felt his new breast get uncomfortably squeezed. Even though the rate of his breathing never changed, William's heart was beating like a racehorse as he felt a mouth close over his other breast licking it and nibbling his nipple between his teeth.

"Please stop," William screamed inside his head as Bruce kissed and licked his was up to his face.

As Bruce stuck his tongue past his thick lips, he shoved the fingers of his right hand up his vagina and began rubbing it. William continued to scream in his head pleading for it all to stop as he felt Bruce's tongue swish through his mouth while the fingers in his vagina began to have effect as he felt it beginning to wet. As if answering his prayers, Bruce pulled away. But this was short-lived as he felt Bruce lifting his legs up.

"No!" William screamed once more as he felt something touch the folds of his wet vagina. Before he could register this feeling, Bruce shoved his dick straight in. On feeling this invasion of his body William was finally able to utter a small yelp to which Bruce mistook as a moan.

"Ha! I knew you bitches always like a good fucking," He laughed as he hammered his dick in and out while he groped the girls breast while once again shoving his tongue through the girls thick lips. "Wish you were awake though," he said momentarily between frenching her, "With those lips made for sucking cock, I bet you give great head." And he continued his work.

All William could do was repeat the words, "Please stop, stop please," over and over again as he felt Bruce's rod slide in and out of him respectively. As this continued, he felt his vagina responding as a heat welled up and despite what he was feeling, he didn't want to feel this. He didn't find this arousing. And as his body climaxed, he felt violated as his body betray him. He was able to give out another yelp to which Bruce took as a sign the girl he was fucking actually loved this. This sent him over the edge as he came inside William. After he came, he gave a few more quick thrusts before pulling out. On feeling the semen burst inside him, William felt tears well up under his closed eyelids.

Bruce gave his breasts a final squeeze before getting off the bed and switching on the TV. William was crying in his mind, he had never felt so used. So degraded, like he wasn't even human. He wept.

A half hour later, Bruce turned the TV off and got back on the bed and started on Albert. William couldn't be more thankful that Bruce was no longer focussing on him but was equally sorry, knowing exactly what Albert was feeling, he prayed that Albert was truly sleeping and not paralysed like him.

Fifteen minutes later, Bruce was finished, and as he pulled his cloths on he looked at the naked forms of the two ladies, "You two are the finest bitches I've ever had. Maybe I'll look you two up to get some awake action. I know I'd like to get some head from a little someone," he said as he leaned over William to french him one last time while giving both of this breasts a tweak and left. He heard the car start and pull away.

William laid there, still paralysed, unable to move, he was sobbing inside the dark corner of his mind trying to forget what he went through. Minutes turned into hours as William was unable to fade into the brief respite sleep would bring him.

Eventually, as the sun rays streamed in through the curtains in the early morning hour William was finally able to move. Slightly at first, but he slowly regained control over his body. When he finally got full control of his body, he slid off the bed with his back to the drawers as he pulled his body into the fetal position and wept openly. He hated what Bruce did to him. "How could he do that to me?" he sobbed. It wasn't much long after that William realised that he did the same thing to several other women. This epiphany of what he had done made him feel even worse. Not long after, Albert had finally woke up but William found out that he too was merely paralysed as well and felt every second of what he went through. They cried together late into the afternoon. They used the bathtub to scrub their bodies hard getting the semen out of their bodies as well as trying to get the dirty feeling off them. They dressed in the revealing cloths and left.


Bruce was quickly arrested and charged for assault, rape, forceful confinement, and other related charges.

William and Albert found out that they no longer existed and their male selves and were Aisha and Alanis respectively. A bond had formed between the two from what they went through so they moved in together and became lesbians for all the world to see. While they weren't close as in the sexual way with each other (still feeling Bruce's touch on their bodies when things got too far) there were plenty of tender moments between them. Some time after Alanis had gotten sick. Having missed a few periods, she bought a pregnancy test kit. She was pregnant.

When Aisha came home from work, she found Alanis in the bathroom crying. When Aisha prodded she pointed to the test kit where Aisha saw the positive sign on it.

"What am I going to do?" Alanis cried, "You probably think I'm the worst. How could I let this happen?"

Aisha sat down beside her and pulled her into a hug, "It's ok," she said as soothingly as her high-pitched voice could do.

"But what about the baby? I don't want anything bad to happen to it but I just can't live with it being his," she said stressing the last word, both having vowed to never say Bruce's name again.

Aisha rubbed her back, "Whawt ever you decide to dew, I'll support yew," she said. silently swearing to herself for her thick lips gave her a lisp. "Whawt ever happens, I'll be there fowr yew."

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