Life on Amazonia Earth Ruled by Amazons (Part1)

the year is 2232 I had just finish Junior high in Iowa I was soon starting high school as a freshman in my life was going to change a lot now have selections and my fate will be soon decided my friends and I are average guys we get bullied a lot but things are going to change for some of us my name is Lance I am 15ys old from day 1 at school my life is going to change for me

1 My life as a boy and start of my new Life

the Year is 2092 I am an Average teenage boy I have friends like Gavin Jeff and Simon we just finished Junior High school Clarion Iowa we just starting high school after the summer we treated at school like any male child except the cheerleader and the girls at our school are amazon girls. we are the only school Co-Ed on Amazonia Earth

we were enjoying our break over summer like swimming and walking we were average boys at school got the bully who like bulling some of us the summer was great my dad has call me miss and I must call my mom mother and I have a older brother name James my name is Lance Andrews I was given the name by father my brother and his friends were walking home form sports field I said “what wrong”. he said “I have my selections coming up for either slave or female” I said “ fuck”. He said “ yea I have mother coming with me”.I said “good luck”.
He said yea “I hope so but I know I will be a slave”. So my brother left with mother to go and have his selection it was going to be the last time I saw him I was up in my room when I saw mother's car turn up she got out but I didn't see my brother I said “mother where is my brother”. she said “he got selected as a slave and he has been taken to the boys slave camp at Des monies” .

I was very upset about it my dad came up said “Miss we will see him again once men get back into control”. I said “dad we have been under the Amazons Occupation for 38yrs now Earth men will never get this planet back I am sure off it”. he said “they teach you crap at school”. I was angry with him I just lost my brother to slavery and he was saying this bullshit to me.

I said “Slave we get taught about earth past and as well when the Amazon took over earth and why us boys get certain selection instead of being exterminated”. he said “it part of life now”. Then my mother walk in and said “ is there a problem here Lance”. I said ' yes mother this slave here is pissing me off with male resistance shit”. She said “ slave leave him alone” he said “ yes Mistress”.
As for the rest of summer was going good I saw my friend Harry he said “we need keep our self away from the bullies in High school”. I said “we just enjoy Junior high with the bullies , I think it will be the same”.

I saw Jeff and Gavin I said “where is Simon” Jeff said “he has gone and became on the bullies now”. I said “why” Gavin said “he not scared to get belted up , now your brother not here”

I said “he was our friend only cause of my brother , so that why you call a friend”
We muck around swam a local pool and stuff it was coming to end of summer I was in my way to the mall get school supplies when I saw Simon he blocked me and he said “Hello Lance “I said “what do you want with me now since you have become a bully?”.he said “ now your brother is a slave now I am going to make your life hell at high school this year”.

Then I saw Heidi she said “I heard what you said Simon”. he said “ Mistress it was not a threat we are friends really at school ”.she said “ is that true Lance”. I Said “no mistress he was going to be my bully me”. she said “you still follow me” he said “yes mistress” so Simon followed the cheerleader and I continued my school shopping soon school would be starting.

It was the first day at school I was a freshman and my friends were there I saw mistress Heidi she said “hello Lance”. I said “hello Mistress and where is Simon now”. she said “ he is a slave now we don't tolerate Bulling here at school”. I said “thank you Mistress”.
We got settled in to school Harry said to me “ your flavour of the month Lance”.

I said “why” he said “ the bullies have been told to leave you alone”. I looked at in strange and said “I was helped by Mistress Heidi from Simon bulling me that is all” he said “ok whatever dude”.
So for rest of the day I was treated differently at school by the end of the day I was walking out of the school and saw 2 cheerleaders walking past me and one of them was the Captain of the cheerleaders her name was Crystal , she said to me “Hi there Lance.” I was stunned she spoke to me I nervously said “Hello mistress Crystal”. she giggled and continued walking out of the school

Harry and Gavin said “Lance you are starting to get a reputation as cheerleader pet”. I said “why and I cant I am boy they females we are their property”. Harry said “that doesn't mean anything to the cheerleaders here at school your in thing with them just be careful dude”.
So I Started walking home when I saw Simon he was wearing a grey slave dress I said “hey Simon” he said “hello miss Lance”.

I said “what are doing”. he said “miss I am a slave and I am too young to be a mistress slave so I work for local Amazon area command” I said “that is very sad”. he looked at me and said “I am sorry I ever threaten you Miss Lane". I said " I am sorry my brother was such a bully to you I wish we were friend under different circumstances". he said " same here miss". After talking and seeing Simon as a slave now I felt bad for him now.

I was still walking home when I saw Harry and Gavin they said “the cheerleaders are looking for you Lance”. I said “why” I thought to my self why would they want me Harry said “I have no idea it was Mistress Crystal and Mistress Heidi” I said “I have tutoring boys at school I wonder if the cheerleader want me for their tutoring”.

I arrived home and saw my Mother she was talking to the Crystal and Heidi I walked and said “hello mother and Mistress Crystal and Mistress Heidi she said “these girls are here and they want to talk to you lance." I said “ok mother I'll see what they want." Mother said" your not in trouble Lance". I said I don't think so mother". I walked over to the Cheerleaders.

Then Crystal said “Lance we know your a good boy at school and you tutor students at school we have been keeping an eye on you at school and we are very impressed by your smartness and way you think toward other students at school”. I was smiling after appraisal I said “thank you Mistress” she smiled back at me and she said “ the reason we are here is we want you to become a cheerleader”.

I was in shock they wanted me to be a cheerleader I said " you want me to be a cheerleader mistress”. Crystal said “yes a cheerleader like myself and Heidi”. I was still in shock they wanted me to be a cheerleader then I said “but there is no boy cheerleaders mistress” she said “we know that Lance you will become girl like us” I said “why mistress” she said “cause your intelligent and you believe in our ways your mother told us how you told your slave here that Amazon will never loose control over Earth”. I said " I told him the truth he was shocked but I think we male had our chance". she said "good Answer Lance" mother smiled and so did Mistress Heidi

I said to them “ What happens if I refuse your offer then mistress Heidi said “you will be like Simon a slave and be cleaning streets and the school” I thought to myself for a few minutes if I become a girl and cheerleader I will never get bullied so I said “ok I accept your offer mistress to become a cheerleader and a girl.” Crystal said “good we will convert you tomorrow into a girl and then you will cheerleader like us and your friends are forbidden to know anything about this.". I said “yes Mistress I been hearing they are having there selections now ”. she said" they are Lance " so the girls left and headed towards home or to the mall.

After that they left Mother came up and hugged me. she said “finally I will have a Daughter that I can love and always wanted .” I went up to my room to study after a while I was called by mother she said “I have to take you to see a Amazon gender officer”. I said “why Mother”. She said "your process forms are ready for being a girl and you need to be checked".. I said "ok then mother". so we left home in the car.
Mother took me to see this gender officer we waiting there I am allowed now to call my mother mom again we waited for a while until I was called up A woman said my name I walked she said" Hello Lance this is a pre gender examination I was asked question and asked different things”. I said “ I am ok to become a Girl.” she said “ yes everything is good you will report here after your transformation for you new clothing and money for shopping as a girl I said “ I will be a cheerleader Mistress”. she said “I know that Kayla”. I said “Kayla” she said “that is your new girl name” I said Ok then” we left there and headed home we had dinner the slave had prepare mom said “you have big day tomorrow Kayla”. I said Mom does slave call me miss or Mistress”. Mom said “ mistress honey you are going to be a girl now”. I said “thanks mom” and so I went to my room and went to sleep

the next day was like any other day except my father said to me “you want a hot breakfast Mistress” I said “no thank you dad” mom said” we don't call property dad Kayla” I looked her she said “ your are superior to males now he is our property like your brother” I said “ok mom”.
I left school and saw my friends Harry and Gavin then Gavin said “what did cheerleaders want”. I said “ they were talking to my mother about my tutoring”. I was lying to them I couldn't say I was becoming a girl and a cheerleader Harry said “ok dude”.
Jeff came running over said “the bullies are picking on a new guy name Leo” I said what we better go over there” so we walked down to where it was happening and saw the bullies picking on him not far from them were the cheerleaders Crystal and Heidi were there I decided to look at this and then the girls came up to me.

Heidi said “Lance can you follow us please” I said “yes Mistress” I walked away from my friends and went to where the cheerleaders were then Crystal said “Kayla you will be converted at 11am today and then you will one of us a cheerleader”. I said “ok why is that boy getting bullied I though there was zero tolerance on this mistress”.
She said “Kayla you do not call me Mistress any more you are going be a female like us and we have to let the males have some fun Remember males are only property to us girls”. I said I have relized that I was told that by my mom I called our slave dad”.

she said good your learning I will see you at 11am for your conversion Kayla.” I said “ ok Crystal.” I left the cheerleaders and went back to my friends.

When I returned to my friends I saw Gavin and he said “Where did you go?”. I said “ I was called over to the cheerleader they told me that we won't be bullied any more”. Gavin said “we are not to be bullied” I said “ yes they have promised us that”. I lied to my friends I have grown up with these guys all school life soon I will be a amazon girl and a cheerleader will have nothing to with them cause I have been told when I become a girl I will hate them and they will calling me Mistress like my father did earlier today.

I walked into history I saw my teacher she called me over to speak to me she said “you are leave us now Lance”
I said “why Mistress”. She said “ you have gender transformation soon”. I said “yes and why Mistress” she said it is the law lance you are going to be a girl soon so you need to the room where you will be getting done”. I said “ok mistress". I went back to my desk and packed my stuff Jeff looked at me and said “where you going Lance I said “ I have see the selections councillor” Jeff said” I had her yesterday”. I said “what was your outcome from it” he said “ I am going to be a slave.” Harry said “ Mine was done yesterday too I got slave too”. And then Gavin said “ mine tomorrow”. I knew yesterday they had there selections and I wasn't surprised they got slavery.
As I left my friends for last time the next time they will see me I will be a Amazon girl and a cheerleader I walked to pre gender room and saw Leo there I asked “why are you here?”. he said “ I am under the protection of the cheerleaders Mistress”.

I said “ I am not a girl yet” he said “I know mistress but I have to call you that”.to think I am a 15yr old boy selections are done when your 15yrs and because I am the youngest I lied to my friends I saw Crystal she walked up to me and said “Kayla can you follow me”. I said " sure why is he here for?". she said “for his own protection". I said "he is not becoming like me" she said "No Kayla".

I followed her to a room she said “please take off your boys school uniform off Kayla”.I was doing what she ordered when she said “Kayla you will be my vice Capitan on the cheer squad”. I did what she said and strip my boys uniform she then picked it up and threw in the bin she then said " Kayla your new cheer uniform is there the top depends on your breast size." I saw boots and Leather cheer uniform she said " any questions Kayla". I said “ none at his stage and why am I going to be your deputy cheerleader” she said “I wanted you as my deputy because I told the other cheerleaders you were my choice and they Accepted it."

she then looked at me and continued saying " this is going to hurt you a lot when you start changing your gender , it is your punishment for being the wrong gender but you will understand soon when your a girl and one of us”. the nurse came over and injected a needle into my neck I felt my body beginning to change I scream in pain Crystal said “welcome to womanhood Kayla”

As my bones continue to change, (along with my muscles and the like), my shoulders begin to crash inward with audible cracks loud enough to be heard a few feet away. Then my arms started to become slimmer and less bulky, while my hands become smaller and my fingers grew a few centimetres longer. With my index finger become slightly longer than my ring finger, whereas it's quite different for boys.

The changes begin to work back down to my lower areas as my waist sucks in and my hips flaring out, leaving me with a smooth stomach and washboard abs. Then my spine curves out, leaving me with a beautiful hourglass figure.

Followed by my 'little friend' retreating back inside me, and by god, that felt uncomfortable and I was moaning in pain from it. Meanwhile, my thighs were becoming plumper and more succulent; while my legs became slimmer and managed to get back some of my height with my feet smaller.

Then all pain and pressure started to concentrate around my chest, and started building mass behind my nipples while the diameter of each breast became a little large as the mass continues to increase by a few more cup sizes till it reached a larger, yet perky, set of breasts.

I started to breath slowly as I started to feel my body was almost finished. I felt my muscles and skin begin to squirm, my facial features changing shape and becoming utterly feminine. A few soft pops and squelches could be heard from my face but soon fell silent. My face felt entirely different. Now it was completed I was now a 15yr old Amazon girl and now a cheerleader I loved being a girl now

Crystal walked in and said “ how are you feeling Kayla” I said “I am great I feel beautiful and strong”. I looked down at my naked body and saw my breasts and looked bit further and saw my vagina I was now a beautiful Amazon Girl I loved my new body Crystal said “how do you feel toward boys”. I said “great I know what you mean males are pathetic we females are better”. she said “good now Kayla you need to go and have a PTA ok”. I said “what that”. she said “Post Transformation Assessment”

She gave me a gown I followed her to this room I was asked questions I was given a clear mental clearance and I saw my mom she walked up to me and said “Baby girl we are going shopping in the mall today”. I said “sure mom but I need to get my cheerleader uniform on” she looked at me I was still in my gown she said “ ok Kayla”. So I went got dressed in my cheerleader uniform.
Mom and Crystal was waiting I was now in my cheerleader uniform it was around 230pm school was finished Mom said “Crystal you want come shopping with me and Kayla” so after school we went to the gender office the lady I saw last night said “ well you look very beautiful as a girl now I said thank you very much” she gave my mom a card and gave me one and said now go shopping with that Kayla” I said “Thank you” then mom said “all your furniture and most of your clothing have been replace by the latests teen fashion but we need get you nighties panties and find what Bra size you are”.

So we left the gender transformation building and head for the mall as we went shopping for my new Bra panties and lingerie while we were in mall I learnt a lot from Crystal I thought she was hot before my transformation but now she was even hotter mom was in a store when Crystal said “you have turn out to be very hot and beautiful girl now Kayla”.

I said “your the same I have always though you were very beautiful” she look at me and blushed and said “thank you but I am falling in love with you I know your a new girl” I said I feel the same way about you even when I was a ugly boy” she moved closer and kissed me our breasts hit each other it was very nice she said “be my girlfriend Kayla”. I said “yes Crystal I will be your girlfriend”.

Mom, Crystal and I was leaving the mall when I heard 2 males talking about my old self our slave had picked up my new wardrobe and took it to car I saw it was Gavin and Jeff I said “mom Crystal and I will make our way home”. Mom said “ok then Kayla you girls have fun” I said “Mom”. She said “ yes Kayla” I hesitated and said Crystal and I are Dating”Mom said I figured that out I am happy for you Kayla” she kissed and kissed Crystal and them mom left
we walked over to where the boys were and Crystal said “what are you males doing here.” Gavin said “nothing mistress just wondering what happen to a friend of our Lance he was a favourite of yours”. Crystal said “he is gone” then Harry turned up he walked very slow to us seeing 2 cheerleaders there which scared him a lot he looked very nervous

Gavin said “What do you mean he is gone Mistress”. she said “ he is gone no longer a boy he is a Amazon girl like me” she winked at me then Harry chips in and says “what do you mean by that mistress” I said “he is gone as a boy and he is now a female”. Harry said “Lance would have not been qualified to become a female mistress”. I said “why is that male” he said I was making sure he got bullied by the Bullies because he was too smart and he always believed in Amazon Law.” Gavin looked and said “ you fucking Prick , that why you got scared when the cheerleaders started being nice to him” Harry said “yes” I said “you should be punished for that and Lance is now a Amazon girl” Harry says “how do you know Mistress” Crystal says “because she is Lance” they looked me over and saw that I was Lance but the female version.
While Harry was talking to us I had called the police to come and arrest him I said “to Gavin and Jeff you 2 male can go and you Harry can stay here” Jeff and Gavin said “yes mistress” then Gavin said “ you lied to us today you knew last night you were going to be a girl” I said “ so what I am better as a girl then a pathetic boys like you” then Gavin and Jeff left.

Harry said “why Mistress” I said “you will see why” then a few minutes later the Police arrive I said “Harry you under arrest for causing violence at school by using bullies against your male friends and a former male known as lance you will be sent to Iowa Maximum security boy slave camp where you will loose your name and you will rehabilitated there” he was taken away we walked way I was feeling sad that was my best friend I never thought was collaborator for bullies at school then Crystal said “don't worry babe your a girl now and your better than them” I thought to my self my girlfriend was right I am a Amazon girl I kissed her and said “I love you so much”. She said “ I love you too so much”. We went home to my place she said “ I'll see you at school as girl for the first time I love you Kayla” she left.

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