Kelly's Story, A Whateley Tale - Part 5

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Kelly's Story

A Whateley Tale

Written by Nuuan

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at ("

Copyright © 2016 by Nuuan

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the Author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Chapter 32
Kelly could feel the subtle movement of the boat caused by someone stepping onboard, even from where she sat in the starboard rear cabin. “Kelly you down here?” She heard Sarah call out.

“Starboard cabin,” Kelly called in return.

“Starboard?” Sarah sounded confused.

“The one on the right,” Kelly’s chuckle came out as a little girl’s giggle.

“What ya doing?” Sarah asked as she walked into the small cabin.

Holding up a pair of men’s swimming trunks, “Going though things that I can’t use anymore.” Kelly folded the trunks before sitting them on a stack of folded clothes that lay on the bed beside her. “I’ll let Michael go through this stuff and see what he wants, then I guess Mar… I mean Mom can take the rest to the goodwill or something.”

Sarah sat down beside Kelly pulling the younger girl into a hug, “You don’t have to do this right now.”

“Yes I do,” Kelly sighed heavily, her hands falling into her lap along with the shirt she had just picked up. “I can’t change what happened, I’m not me anymore. I have to accept that.”

Sarah squeezed Kelly deeper into the hug, “You’re still you.”

“No I’m not!” Tears began to form in Kelly’s eyes, “Look at me, I can’t stop crying over every little thing now.”

“It’s okay for girls to cry.”

“But I’m not…” Stopping herself when she realized how stupid it would sound to say she wasn’t a girl.

“You know Mom is only trying to help?” Sarah explained, “There is only a couple of weeks before school starts.”

“I know,” Kelly’s shoulders slumped forward as she sighed, “I get it, I need to learn the basic girl stuff before I have to go to school.”

Sarah grinned, “Well telling everyone you’re my tomboy little sister will only go so far!”

“Yea how’s that going to work?” Kelly giggled, “Your long lost sister mysteriously appears after your uncle disappears?”

“I’m sure daddy and papou have it all worked out.” Sarah smiled, “Speaking of Daddy, Mom sent me out here for you, we need to get ready to go pick him up at the airport.”

“He’s flying in today? Why didn’t um… Mom say anything?”

“She told us all at breakfast this morning silly.” Sarah giggled, “Weren’t you listening?”

“I guess my mind was on something else.”

“You mean you were zoned out.” Sarah said more as a statement than a question.

“Zoned out?”

“Yea,” Sarah explained, “Just say you were zoned out or having a blond moment. You say were your mind was on something else the girls in school will think you were thinking about a boy you have a crush on.”

“WHAT?” Kelly looked up, her eyes shocked wide, “You’ve got to be shi… kidding me! NO!”

“And answering like that will make them believe it!” Sarah giggled. “Come on, let’s go get ready to pick up daddy at the airport.”

“That’s something else that is going to take getting used to,” Kelly picked up the stack of clothing she thought Michael my want before standing up and following Sarah out of the cabin.

What’s that?” Sarah looked back over her shoulder.

“Calling my best friend daddy.”

“Oh you just so have to scream daddy and run up and give him a hug at the airport.” Sarah giggled.

“I, I don’t think that would be appropriate,” Kelly blushed.

“Really?” Sarah stopped and turned to face Kelly. “I’ll bet you that Anna does it!”

“Yea but she’s still a little girl.”

“Oh yea,” Sarah grinned tilting her head to one side while deadpanning, “I forgot you look so much older.”

Kelly sighed knowing that something like that would not be unexpected but doubted she could bring herself to do it as they continued across the back yard toward the house. Sarah leaned over toward Kelly grinning, “How about we do it together? Before you say no, think about the look on daddy’s face when he sees the three of us scream and run to him.”

“I don’t know.”

“Okay, then look at it this way,” Sarah giggled, “If you’re the only one that doesn’t, it would look weird.”

“That’s blackmail,” Kelly found herself giggling.

“Come on, I want to see the fun Kelly again.” Sarah giggled, “Remember the time you came in and told Mom how you had learned how to juggle and she asked you to show her? Then told her you could only do eggs but needed help to get the third egg going.” Sarah began laughing too hard to continue.


Kelly remembered how he had tricked Marie that evening. After catching a bit of flak from Marie about not being around for some time, Kelly stated it was because he had been taking juggling classes at night to learn how to juggle. Marie had thought he was making an excuse and asked him to show her what he had learned so far. Kelly had explained that he only knew how to do it really well with eggs, but still needed help to get started. Marie still not believing a word took out a carton of eggs from the fridge and asked him to demonstrate.

Taking one egg in each hand, “Okay I need some help to get started,” Kelly stated with his best poker face. “When I say ‘now’ I need you to toss an egg over my left shoulder okay?”

Marie, still skeptical, picked up an egg from the carton on the counter as all her children gathered to watch Kelly preform his juggling act. Kelly began tossing the two eggs back and forth between his hands, “Almost ready, almost…now.”

The egg Marie tossed flew over Kelly’s left shoulder, “Wait I’m not ready!” Kelly sounded off as the egg flew past his shoulder hitting the floor with a splat.

“You said now,” Marie questioned.

Turning to face Marie, “I mean I am almost ready now, not throw it now.” Kelly apologized before turning his back to Marie again. “Let’s try again, Make sure you toss it over my right shoulder okay?”

Tossing the two eggs again, “Okay I’m ready, make sure you toss it over my right shoulder.”

“Okay,” Marie stood behind him with the egg in her hand.

“Now,” Kelly stated as the egg came over his right shoulder, breaking on the floor a few inches away from the first egg Marie had tossed.

“Why’d you toss it over that shoulder?” Kelly turned to face Marie again.

“You said your right shoulder!”

“No,” Kelly explained, “I need it to come over my left shoulder, what I meant is the correct shoulder, not the right side!”

“Sorry, I thought you wanted me to toss it over the other side this time.”

“No big deal,” Kelly stated, “It was an honest mistake. You still want me to show you that I can juggle?”

Marie looked around at her children all gathered watching intently, “Yes.”

Turing around Kelly began tossing the two eggs once again, “Now,” Marie tossed the egg just as Kelly started to turn to his right, “I want to make sure you toss it over my left shoulder not my right.” Marie’s hand went to her mouth about the same time Kelly heard the egg break on the floor behind him. The kids were all giggling.

Kelly sighed, “I said now, didn’t I? Maybe we should stop, we’re making a mess in your kitchen.”

Looking around at the four children once again, all having excited looks on their faces as they waited to watch Kelly prove he could juggle. “No, let’s continue. I think everyone wants to see you juggle now.”

“Alight if you insist,” Kelly turned his back to Marie once again and began tossing the two eggs he held in his hand. A few minutes later he said, “Okay now!”

Marie tossed the egg over Kelly’s left shoulder just as Kelly tossed the egg in that hand up, the two eggs collided in midair, one breaking on impact the other as it landed on the floor. “Damn!” Kelly exclaimed, “That was just a tad too slow. Toss the next one a bit faster.” Kelly stated as he picked up a new egg from the carton.

On and on they went, each egg landing on the floor with a different excuse each time Kelly missed one until the only eggs left were the two Kelly held in his hands. Looking at the empty egg carton on the counter, Kelly handed Marie the two unbroken eggs he held, “I guess I can’t show you tonight, not enough eggs left.”


“You know you never did pay up on that bet?” Kelly giggled as the two approached the back door.

“You lost that bet!” Sarah giggled.

“Did she or did she not break all the eggs?” Kelly grinned at Sarah.

“The bet was she broke them all on the floor,” Sarah gaped at Kelly, “The last two hit the wall when she threw them at you!” Sarah reached out for the door handle, “Now quite about it, we don’t want mom to hear us, she might ground us both.”

“That was over two years ago,” Kelly stated, “She’s forgotten it by now.”

“You really don’t know anything about women do you?” Sarah opened the door and stepped inside.

“What are you two giggling about?” Marie saw the two girls come in through the back door, Kelly with her arms full of clothing.

“Just stuff mom,” Sarah grinned.

“Yep just stuff mom, ” Kelly and Sarah both began giggling again.

“What’s with the clothes?” Marie changed the subject, thinking whatever they were going on about couldn’t be too bad as they had only been in the backyard.

“I was going through my stuff from the boat,” Kelly held the bundle of clothing out, “I think Michael may want some of this.

“That’s thoughtful of you honey,” Marie smiled, “Why don’t you take it to his room when you go up to change.”

“What do I need to change for?”

“So we can pick up your father at the airport.”

“What’s wrong with what I have on now?”

“Short-shorts and flip flops?” Marie sighed “Please go put on something more appropriate like a skirt or a dress, and brush your hair.”

Chapter 33
Kelly’s decision not to run screaming when they saw Jake walking out of the arrival gate had no effect since between Anne and Sarah screaming “Daddy” no one would have been able to hear her or tell she wasn’t screaming to. Anne was first to reach Jake, but that was probably due to the fact that Sarah had been holding Kelly’s hand and did not let go, dragging Kelly along as she ran toward their father.

Jake knew those screams of delight anywhere, turning toward their voices he saw that Sarah had Kelly in tow. He knew his middle daughter all too well, she was trying to shock him by having Kelly run up with her hugging him, Two can play that game! Jake chuckled to himself kneeling down to receive the running children in his arms. Just as soon as all three were in his arms Jake held them tightly and made a big show of showering all three with kisses on their cheeks and foreheads, not letting up his assault until all three began squirming to get free.

As Jake stood up a thin white haired lady walked up out of the line of people, “Jake your girls are as beautiful as you said on the plane, but you never told me you had twins?”

Kelly noticed the woman’s gaze was centered on her and Sarah, “We’re—”

“Not twins.” Sarah finished Kelly’s statement.

“Well you two could have fooled me,” The woman smiled.

“Abagail this is Anne,” Jake motioned to the youngest girl. Then looking at Kelly, “This is Kelly, and this is Sarah,” Nodding his head in Sarah’s direction. Looking in the direction that Marie, Kay and Michael were walking up from, “And that is my son Michael, my oldest Kay and my wife Marie.”

“It is a pleasure to meet your family Jake,” Abigail looked at the three girls. “I really hate to cut this short but I’m supposed to meet my son at the Starbucks near the baggage claim area.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Sarah and Kelly chimed together. Anne waved as Abigail turned and walked away.

“Have a nice vacation with your son Abigail,” Jake added.

“Who was that dear?” Marie walked up to the group.

“Oh just a very nice lady I had the pleasure to sit next to on the flight.” Jake explained, “Her name is Abigale, she is visiting her son and his family before she moves to her new job out in Los Angles.”

“What kind of work does she do?” Marie began walking toward the baggage claim area with everyone.

“Psychiatrist, she told me she works mostly will teens that have problems.” Jake grinned over at Kelly, “Maybe we should have her talk with you?” Kelly’s eyes went wide shaking her head.

“Well I bet she’s never had a teen with the same problem you have.” Jake chuckled at Kelly’s glare.

“I can’t believe she thought we were twins?” Sarah giggled.

“It was an easy mistake to make honey,” Marie smiled.

“What?” Surprised at her mother’s reply, “Kelly and I don’t look anything alike.” Both parents and their older brother and sister began chucking at Sarah’s statement.

“Sis,” Kay purred, “people are going to think we’re pulling their leg when we say she is adopted.”

“I didn’t realize it until I saw the two of you together,” Jake agreed, “You two do look allot alike.”

Kelly and Sarah looked at each other hard, trying to determine why everyone thought they looked so much alike, “I don’t see it?” Kelly shaking her head.

“Neither do I!” Sarah agreed.

“Everyone else does girls,” Marie chuckled.

Jake pointed over to where some push carts sat unused in the baggage claim area, “Michael would you please go grab one of those trolleys. Your grandfather sent me back with some extra things.”

“Presents?” Anna’s eyes lit up at the thought of presents from her grandfather.

“Yes baby girl I brought some of those and your grandfather sent some things too.” Jake smiled down at the youngest girl.

Michael met up with them a few moments later with the luggage trolley just as the conveyor began to move, moments later suitcases began appearing out of the small opening in the wall from which the conveyor began. They all watched as the various sizes and types of luggage paraded past until Jake pointed out the large suitcase he had taken on the trip. “That one’s mine,” Jake pointed.

Kelly closest to the one Jake pointed out, snatched it off the conveyor, “This one?”

“That’s it, just set it down for now.” Jake motioned to the floor beside the trolley, “We need to load the trunks on the cart first.” Looking back to the opening where the conveyor came though the wall Jake could see a black trunk with silver metal reinforcing the corners pass through the opening, followed immediately by another identical trunk. Both trunks about three feet long, two feet wide and tall with the same metal handles at the ends. A gap of several feet appeared with no luggage, then another trunk came through the opening before other suitcases and boxes began appearing again. “Those three trunks are ours.” Jake pointed as the trunks approached. Jake handed Marie is briefcase before moving closer to the conveyor.

Jake grabbed the first trunk by one handle, dragging it over the edge until he could reach the handle on the other end before lifting the trunk and carrying it the few feet to the trolley Michael had brought over. As soon as his father was out of the way Michael did the same with the second trunk. Turning from the trolley back to the conveyor, “I’ll need your…” Jake suddenly stopped in mid-sentence. Michael looked over at his father who was staring at Kelly.

“Uh guys, this is kind of heavy!” Kelly hinted that they were in her way. Both men moved out of the way allowing Kelly the room she needed to place the trunk onto the trolley with the other two.

“That’s everything,” Jake nodded, picking up the suitcase from where it was on the floor and placed it on top the chests. “Marie you and the girls go get the truck, Michael and I will meet you by the door to load this stuff in the back.

“Come on girls,” Marie smiled before turning to walk away. Kay, Sarah and Anne were right on her heels.

“That goes for you too,” Jake grinned at Kelly giving her a playful shove.

“Oh yea,” Kelly nervously giggled then trotted to catch up with her Marie and the girls.

Michael and Jake were waiting when Marie pulled the large Ford Excursion up to the curb. From where she sat inside Kelly watched Jake pull the rear glass up then open the tail gate. Kelly felt the heavy suspension of the vehicle suddenly squat as the first chest was loaded. The other two chests and the suitcase went in without notice, then Michael pushed the trolley back up near the wall of the building.

Jake came around to the driver’s side as Marie began to slide over so he could take over driving as Michael walked up to Kelly’s door. Realizing there would be allot more room in the back seat between the two smaller girls than in the middle seat with Kay and Michael, Kelly slipped into the rear seat with Anne and Sarah before Michael got in.

Chapter 34
Once in the garage Jake shut off the large vehicle then pushed the button on the sun visor to close the garage door behind them. Michael was the first out and already had the rear glass swung up to unload the vehicle.

“Michael, that stuff can wait till later,” Jake called to his son.

“Sure dad.” Michael pulled the real glass back down and shut it.

“Marie what did you do with my briefcase?”

“Right behind your seat dear.”

Kay stepped out if the driver’s side rear door and handed her father the briefcase.

Jake herded everyone into the family room then sat down beside Kelly on the sofa. Laying his briefcase on the coffee table, Jake opened it then pulled out a manila envelope that he handed to Kelly.

Kelly saw the official emblem of Greek government on the front of the large envelope but nothing else that could tell her what it contained.

“Well?” Jake grinned at Kelly, “You going to open it?”

Opening the top of the envelope Kelly pulled out the two pages it contained. The first one was in Greek, one of the few foreign languages Kelly could read due to the amount of time he had spent there. “It’s a birth certificate?” Kelly stated, looking up to Jake waiting for an explanation.

“Read it,” Jake grinned.

Kelly’s jaw dropped when she reached the part that told the birth mother and father. “I, I never… Iva didn’t even like me!”

Jake began laughing, “From what your grandfather says, she had a huge crush on you!”

“She did too,” Marie smiled from the chair she had sat down in. “She was scared to death that one day you would figure it out, but like most men you were oblivious.”

“Who was Iva?” Sarah looked to her mother.

“She used to work for your grandfather honey.”

“But this makes me my own daughter!” Kelly blurted out.

“The simplest lies are the easiest to maintain,” Jake smiled wider at being able to use Kelly’s own words against her now.

Kelly sighed, “Okay, if I’m Iva’s daughter, why am I not living with her?”

“Honey?” Marie looked shocked that Kelly was not aware, “Iva died in a car accident.”

Quickly gaining control of the conversation again, “After your mother died, Marie’s father, now your grandfather took care of you. You have been home schooled and tutored for most of your life while living on your grandfather’s estate.” Pulling another manila envelope from his briefcase before standing and handing them to Marie, “Her school records, you’ll need to take those with you when you go to enroll her into school here. All the originals and the interpreted papers are in there along with a copy of her birth certificate and the adoptions papers.”

Sitting back down, Jake turned to face Kelly, “Marie and I are now your legal parents.”

Kelly sighed heavily shaking her head, “I knew we were doing this but it’s a lot to take in.”

“Oh also, you knew your father, um your birth father, Kelly well,” Jake continued, “He visited when he could, wrote you and your mother letters and sent birthday and Christmas presents.”

Kelly looked up at Jake, her eyes wide, “I did what?”

“Your grandfather wanted to make your story as foolproof as possible.” Jake grinned, “Right down to the old shoe box you keep all those letters he sent you in.”

Accepting that this was all done out of their love for her, Kelly nodded before grinning up at Jake, “So I take it grandpa was his normal self?”

“Oh yes, as usual the old man brought in a team and left no stone unturned.” Jake chuckled, “You even have all the letters your father mailed to you and your mother over the years.”

The look of confusion was evident on Kelly’s face, “Letters?”

Jake laughed, “Like I said the old man thought of everything. I doubt the witness protection program does as good a job.”

Glancing down at the forged birth certificate in her hand, “Well at least you kept my birthday the same.”

“We figured it would be easier to leave that alone and only change the year.” Jake smiled, “You’re twelve years old now.”

Chapter 35
Sarah stood near the wall of the school’s wide hallway so neither her or Kelly were trampled by the multitude of students that were trying to get their own schedules and find out where they needed to be. “Look!” Sarah pointed to her schedule, “We have second period English together.”

“Oh joy,” Kelly groaned, “I was not that good at it the first time around.”

“Well at least you have an excuse this time,” Sarah giggled.

Kelly’s brow furled, “Excuse?”

“Of course silly,” Sarah grinned, “You’re Greek!”

“We’re both Greek,” Kelly stated the obvious.

“I meant you’re from Greece,” Sarah explained. “That should be easy for you since you already cuss in Greek.”

Kelly lowered her eyes as her face turned red, “I didn’t know you could understand that?”

“Hey I may not speak it like you and mom, but I’ve been able to understand what you two were saying for a long time.” Realizing she had let her secret slip, “Um, you’re not going to tell mom are you?”

“Are you kidding?” Kelly looked up grinning, “We’re on the same side now, she’s my mom too!” Both girls started giggling.

“SARAH!” They heard another girl yell above the roar of the crowded hall.

Looking the direction of the voice Kelly saw three girls making their way through the crowd toward them. Looking back to Sarah, “Friends?” Sarah nodded then began waving her hand above her head in their direction.

“Where were you?” The taller girl with the strawberry blond pixie cut began, “We waited for you at the wall.”

“Sorry I had to help my sister this morning.”

“I thought your sister was only eight?” The girl with mousy brown hair and a figure that almost matched Kelly’s

“Guys this is my sister Kelly!” Sarah introduced, “This is Lisa, Rose and Deb. Kelly’s been living with our grandfather.”

“Oh wow, are you two twins?” Rose, the Hispanic girl gasped.

Kelly looked over at Sarah, “Why do people keep asking that?”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders, “Kelly’s adopted.”

“No way!” Deb looked from Kelly to Sarah then back to Kelly, “You too look too much alike.”

“Yea, you sure you weren’t separated at birth or something?” Rose giggled.

“I for one see a perfect opportunity to have a little fun with the teachers,” Lisa grabbed Kelly’s hand and began pulling her along while walking down the hall. “Deb you do have your make up with you?”

“Of course I do!” The smaller girl stated as she tried to weave though the throng of students in the hall to keep up.

Sarah, Rose and Deb followed as Lisa pulled Kelly into the girl’s bathroom and over to the counter. Turning to the girls as they entered behind them, “Deb work your magic!”

Kelly’s eyes went wide in panic, “I, I don’t wear make up!”

“What?” Lisa giggled, “You’re kidding?” Kelly shook her head. “Where did you live that you never wore make up?”

“Greece.” Kelly and Sarah chorused.

Deb is the best in school at makeup,” Rose stated, “She does all the make up for the school plays.”

Sarah was getting into the spirit, “Come on Kelly, it’s only a little make up and this does sound like it could be fun.”

“We don’t have a lot of time before the bell rings,” Deb stated.

Kelly knew she needed to fit in and at least pretend to be the young girl she now resembled but this was a step she was not ready for, make up was just too damn girly. She could even remember the big argument that Marie, no make that mom had with Sarah when Sarah came home one day from school last year wearing makeup. I’m a girl now, I need to act like one. Kelly took a deep breath then sighed, “Alright, go ahead.” Kelly looked over at Sarah, “It’s your fault if mom yells at me when we get home.”

“Okay!” Deb beamed tossing her backpack up on the counter, “Sarah stand right beside Kelly so I can try to match her make up to yours. I’m not going to have time to braid your hair like Sarah’s.”

“That’s okay I actually like it this way,” Kelly reached up to feel the high pony tail her hair was in. Realizing what she had said, “I mean I do braid it but it’s such a pain to do every morning.”

“No worries,” Lisa grinned, “The different hair style will only add to the confusion.”

Both Kelly and Sarah were standing beside each other looking at their reflections in the mirror as Deb put away her supplies. “Deb what you do is pure magic!” Rose giggled.

“No kidding!” Lisa grinned, “There’s only one thing missing!” Lisa ran into one of the stalls coming out with a double handful of toilet tissue.

Kelly took the tissue that Lisa handed her, “What’s this for?” Kelly watched as Lisa’s eyes dropped to Kelly chest. Kelly’s jaw dropped and eyes grew wide at what Lisa wanted her to do. Taking a step back Kelly began shouting, “Óchi, óchi móno den, allá den kólasi.”

Lisa turned to Sarah, who was laughing hard, “What did she say?”

“She said she is not going to stuff her bra.” Sarah said between fits of laughter.

Kelly followed the three girls out of the bathroom her face red in embarrassment from the fact that they had talked her into it. Her breasts were more pronounced now, not as large as Sarah’s but close enough to make Kelly feel very conscientious about it.

“So what’s your first class Kelly?” Lisa asked.

“Social studies, room 121.”

“That’s my mom’s class.” Deb giggled, “She’ll get a kick out of this too!”

“I’ve got her first period too,” Rose smiled, “We can walk together.”

“I got PE first,” Lisa grinned.

“Yuck, first period?” Deb shook her body, “That sucks!”

“Are you kidding?” Lisa grinned back at her, “P.E. first thing in the morning is great, it wakes me up.”

“Kelly works out in the morning before school.” Sarah informed them.

“Really?” The other three chorused.

Kelly looked down to avoid their gaze, “Just some Tai Chi exercises.”

Lisa stopped and turned to Kelly, “Do you know like Kung Fu, karate and that stuff?”

“A little,” Kelly squeaked, her gaze not leaving the floor.

“What, are you kidding?” Sarah smiled proudly, “Kelly’s a regular Karate kid, like in the movie.” Sarah added, “The movie with the girl I mean.”

“You think you could teach me?” Lisa was all but bouncing off the floor with excitement.

“I really don’t know that much.”

“Don’t let her fool you, Kelly has like four or five black belts!”

“I don’t have that many!” Kelly stammered.

“How many do you have Kelly?” Deb asked.


“Please could you teach us?” Deb looked at Kelly with big soft eyes.

“I’m not sure if um, mom and dad would let me.”

“You let me handle mom and dad!” Sarah grinned.

Rose grabbed Kelly by the arm once the bell rang, “Come on girl, we need to get to class.”

Chapter 36
Kelly easily noticed that the teacher, Mrs. Bell, was Deb’s mother. Same color hair, same physique even the same sky blue eyes.

“Hi Mrs. Bell!” Rose smiled as they walked into the room.

“Hi Rose,” The teacher replied. “Uh, Sarah you’re not on my list for this class.” Rose began giggling.

Mrs. Bell chuckled at the pair of girls knowing her daughter and her daughter’s friends love for jokes, “Okay, so what kind of shenanigan are you two trying to pull?”

“Nothing honest Mrs. Bell!” Rose continued to giggle.

“Whatever girls,” Mrs. Bell stated, then looked directly at Kelly, “But it won’t be so amusing if you are late to class dear.”

“I’m Kelly, Sarah’s sister.” Kelly smiled.

“I was not aware that your mother had twins?” Mrs. Bell asked.

“They were separated at birth!” Rose giggled.

Kelly glared at Rose, “We were not!” Turning her attention back to the teacher, “Sarah’s mom and dad adopted me after my parents died.”

Mrs. Bell looked Kelly carefully over, “I am sorry for you loss dear, but I must say your resemblance to your new sister is uncanny. You must have been a blood relative?”

“Cousins, but I’ve been living with my grandfather in Athens until last week.”

“I’m sticking to the separated at birth story!” Rose grinned, “It sounds so much cooler!”

Mrs. Bell silently chuckled before shaking her head, “Have a seat girls.”

Kelly earned quite a few stares from the other students after Mrs. Bell called on her by name. There were even quite a few giggles. Once everything settled down class was pretty much like Kelly had remembered it. The teacher lectured, had everyone follow along in the book, about the only difference was instead of a chalk board the teacher had a smart board. A projector that was connected to the computer at her desk that displayed her desktop onto a white board that somehow could pick up her touch just like a touch screen tablet. Kelly actually found herself more interested in how the board picked up what the teacher was doing. The white board was obviously a plain everyday white board since Mrs. Bell was using dry erase markers outside of the projection on the sides of the board, so it wasn’t touch sensitive. Something else had to be picking up what she was doing within the projection area.

“What’s so interesting?” Rose leaned over and whispered.

Kelly jumped, “Ahmmm, that projector thing she is using.”

“You act like you never seen a smart board before?” Rose grinned, “Didn’t they have them at your old school?”

Kelly shook her head answering before she realized what she was saying, “We had chalkboards.”

“Is there something you two would like to share with the rest of the class?”

Kelly turned her head to find Mrs. Bell looking directly at her and Rose. “I’m sorry Mrs. Bell it was my fault. I asked Rose about the um, smart board thing you are using. I’ve never seen one before.” Kelly’s confession brought about allot of snickering and giggling from the other students.

“Class, Class, settle down.” Mrs. Bell brought order back quickly, “You may find Kelly a wealth of information in the coming weeks since she has lived in places we can only dream of seeing and will be studying in this class. Kelly why don’t you stand up, introduce yourself and tell everyone where you’re from?”

Now on the spot, Kelly felt she had no choice and slowly stood, “Um hi, I’m Kelly.” Waving slightly, “I just moved here from Athens Greece.”

“Greece! Way cool!” one boy shouted, “Did you ever go to the Parthenon?”

“Which one?” Kelly looked over at the boy, “You mean the one at Acropolis that held the statue of Athena? Yes, I’ve been to it.”

“Thank you Kelly.” Kelly sat down and mouthed thank you to the teacher for allowing her to sit back down.

When the bell rang most students rushed for the door, but a few wandered over to Kelly asking questions. One girl, arm in arm with a large boy came over, “Well Sarah you may have everyone else fooled, but I’m not falling for it!”

“Tess don’t you need to take your orangutan out for his daily walk?” Rose grinned at the girl.

“Come on Danny,” The girl turned and stormed off, “We don’t need to stand around and take insults from their type.”

“Orangutan?” Kelly giggled.

“Well he would have known it was an insult if I said monkey, and he thinks calling him a gorilla is a compliment.” Rose grinned.

“What if he figures out what an orangutan is?” Kelly couldn’t stop giggling.

“No worries there, he was the first of his species to be born without a tail. He can’t spell orangutan so no way he could ever look up the definition.” Rose had everyone in earshot laughing.

One of the girls who was still standing there, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re really not Sarah.”

“Twins separated at birth!” Rose quickly answered.

The girl and another walked away talking to each other while Kelly and Rose gathered their things so they could get to their next class.

“You’re going to have everyone believing that!” Kelly giggled.

“So what’s your next class?” Rose grinned evilly.

Kelly looked at the paper that had her schedule printed on it, “English with Mrs. Sorenson. Sarah has it with me.”

“Damn!” Rose exclaimed, “I so wish I could go with you to see the look on everyone’s faces when you two show up together. Look I have to go the opposite direction to my next class.” Rose pointed down the hallway, “Go that way, turn down the next hall, her room in on the left. I gotta go, see ya at lunch.” Rose turned and fled down the hall in the opposite direction. Kelly walked the opposite direction down the hall finding her next class room easily, “147” clearly marked above the door. Stepping though the door there were a few gasps and the students already in the room talking to each other grew quiet. “Hey sis, I saved you a seat!” Kelly saw Sarah waving from the middle of the room. Walking over to Sarah, Kelly could feel everyone staring at her.

Sarah, seeing how uncomfortable Kelly looked, Put away her smart phone and stood. “Okay everyone, yes I have a twin sister, her name is Kelly and she hates being stared at just as much as you do.”

One girl turned around that sat in front of Sarah, “I didn’t know you were a twin?”

Sarah smiled back, “Neither did I until a couple of weeks ago, we were separated at birth.”

“We were not!” Kelly looked over at Sarah.

“Kelly’s still in denial over the fact that the woman she thought was her mom really wasn’t,” Sarah grinned.

“You and Rose keep it up, you’ll have everyone in school believing it before the end of the day! Is that what you want?”

“Maybeeee,” Sarah snickered.


“Kelly!” Lisa yelled down the semi-crowded hall when she saw Kelly from behind. Kelly went over to the side out of the main traffic and waited for Lisa to catch up.

As soon as Lisa caught up, “thank god someone in this crazy school isn’t calling me Sarah.”

“Well I did have a bit more warning than everyone else.” Lisa giggled, “And since I know how each of you has your hair styled differently today it’s pretty easy. Where are you heading?”

“Mr. Butler, room three oh one.”

“Cool me too!” Lisa bounced on her heels, “We can cut through the courtyard and save some time.” Lisa grabbed Kelly’s hand and led her to a side door. Lisa led them out into a small courtyard that had a stone path that led a snakelike trail across its length, through a neatly manicured lawn that was broken by several dwarf trees a few benches and numerous shrubs. Exiting the courtyard into the far hallway they found themselves only a few yards away from their destination. Kelly did not realize she was still holding hands with Lisa until Lisa let go of her hand right before entering the classroom.

“Hello Lisa,” The teacher welcomed them as they entered, “and you must be Kelly. I’m Mr. Butler, your science teacher.” Seeing the look on Kelly’s face, “Your sister has my class first thing in the morning. One thing a good scientist must be is observant, I noticed the different way each of you have your hair, and you also carry yourself different than your sister.”

“I walk different?” Kelly asked.

“Not in a bad way,” Mr. Butler explained, “If I had to guess I would say you have taken gymnastics, martial arts or something of that nature. There is more confidence or grace in the way you move.”

“Thank you,” Kelly blushed, “My grandfather had me take some self-defense classes.” Lisa snorted.

“You find something funny Miss Taylor?” Cocking his head to the side, Mr. Butler looked over at Lisa.

“Oh no!” Lisa exclaimed, “Well maybe.” Lisa couldn’t stop from giggling, “Kelly has a little more than some,” Lisa made air quotes with her hands, “self-defense classes, she has three black belts.”

Mr. Butler saw Kelly’s face turn crimson, “Kelly don’t even feel embarrassed about your accomplishments, I only hope you show as much dedication to this class as you did to gain those belts.”

“Yes sir,” Kelly responded.

“Don’t call me sir, I work for a living.”

Kelly snapped her head in the teacher’s direction at hearing that. It was a common joke used among military enlisted. They had to always address officers as “sir” and it always seemed the enlisted always did all, not the officers. So the common theme was that calling someone “Sir” meant they were lazy and did no work. “You were military?”

Mr. Butler smiled proudly, “U.S. Navy.”

“My um, Dad was in seal’s team six,” Kelly proclaimed, “There was a Butler he talked about, called him Fireball…”

“No need to say more, I only hope he didn’t tell you how I earned that nickname.” Mr. Butler chuckled, “That is one story I wouldn’t mind forgetting. So who was your father?”

“Kelly Lekka, I was named after him.”

Mr. Butler bowed his head, “I’m sorry to hear about your father, he was a good man.”

“Thanks.” Kelly nodded then followed Lisa back to the table and sat down.

Chapter 37

Kelly had just sat down at one of the tables in the cafeteria with Lisa when Tess and her football hero boyfriend came storming up. “Look Sarah, I don’t know how you’re pulling off this being two places at once, but I have known you since the third grade. You need to stop the crap, you do not have a twin sister!”

“Hi Tess, Hi Link,” Sarah sat her tray down at the table smiling.

“Hey Sarah, Tess was just talking to you.” The boy smiled over at Sarah.

“What the hel..” Tess’s jaw dropped when she saw the other Sarah sit down at the table. Glancing back and forth between Sarah and Kelly, “You don’t have a twin sister!”

“Separated at birth,” Rose sat her tray down and took a seat, “They never knew until a couple weeks ago.”

Kelly looked down at her tray and groaned, “Just great, you guys have the whole school believing we are twins!” Looking over at Sarah, “What has that girl got against you?”

“Oh she’s had her panties in a twist ever since we played a little prank on her last year.” Sarah confessed.

“What did I miss?” Deb sat down at the table.

“Not much,” Rose grinned, “Tess stopped by to make a fool out of herself.”

“Oh, latest news girls,” Deb leaned over the table grinning, “I heard Mark and Kate broke up.”

The conversation went downhill from there in Kelly’s opinion. She had no wish to even think about boys in that way. Quickly finishing her lunch Kelly stood up with her tray, “I’m going to go for a walk outside.”

Lisa saw how uncomfortable Kelly seemed to appear when the other girls began talking about boys, “Hold on a second and I’ll go with you.” Lisa scooped her tray, following Kelly over where they placed them in the window to be cleaned before walking out the side door.

“You didn’t have to come with me,” Kelly remarked.

“I’m not really into all that boy crazy talk either.”

“I just don’t even want to think about that stuff right now. I, I don’t even know if I like boys that way.” Realizing what she had said, “Um I think that came out wrong.”

“It’s okay,” Lisa smiled, “I totally understand. Like I said I’m not into boys either.”

The conversation forgotten soon as they rounded the corner of the building to see a small boy pinned against the wall by two larger boys. The larger of the two’s fist slamming into the small boys stomach. “HEY!” Kelly shouted.

“What are you doing?” Lisa gulped.

Kelly ignored her and continued walking toward the boys, “Leave him alone!”

“Man Beatty I knew you were pathetic, but a girl trying to save you?” The larger boy laughed right before kicking the boy where he had fallen.

“I SAID LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Kelly walked up facing the large boy.

Looking down at the smaller girl, “Sarah why don’t you run off and tell on me like you usually do?” The boy laughed.

“You want to hit someone, try me asshole!” Kelly yelled in his face.

“Oh I can think of better things I’ll do with you,” The boy grabbed Kelly’s by the wrist.

Kelly smiled up at the boy, “You really want me to touch you in that special place that you’ve always wanted a girl to touch?”

“Yea baby, I’d like that!” He grinned.

Kelly kicked him hard enough to lift the boy’s feet off the ground. The boy crumpled to the ground, both hands between his legs.

“You’re gonna pay for that bitch!” The other boy came around his fallen friend.

Kelly reached out grabbing him by the shirt as she stepped on his right foot then pulled. Startled the boy began pulling his body back to regain his balance, Kelly slipped her foot off his and between his legs, at the same time grabbing his left leg behind the knee. Her leg continued around behind his right leg as she pulled on his kneed with her hand and pushed back against his chest. The boy fell backwards toward the ground, Kelly’s leg unwound from his as he fell until her knee was against his crotch. The boy hit hard on the ground followed by Kelly’s knee smashing against his family jewels. The boy rolled onto his side clutching his bruised manhood.

Lisa ran up as Kelly walked over to the smaller boy, “Holy shit Kelly that was awesome!”

“Are you okay?” Kelly reached out a hand to help the boy up they had been attacking.

“Better shape than Pete and Bob,” The boy nodded to the two boys on the ground still clutching their privates. The larger boy had rolled over to his side and was throwing up. “She’s right you know? That was pretty awesome, what you did.”

“I, I don’t really like to fight,” Kelly confessed, “But I hate seeing people bullied or ganged up on even more.”

“Come on, we need to get out of here before we get in trouble!” Lisa grabbed Kelly’s arm and began to pull her.

“Too late for that Miss Taylor,” They heard the deep baritone voice of a teacher. Looking over in the direction they had come from it looked like half the students that had been in the cafeteria and several teachers had found out something was going on and came out.

Sarah pushed her way through the increasing crowd running straight to Kelly wrapping her arms around her, “Are you okay?”

Chapter 38

Kelly sat with Lisa and the boy she had rescued, who she found out his name was Tim, on a bench outside the principal’s office, where all three had been told to sit and wait over ten minutes ago. The secretary sat at her desk occasionally glancing up where they sat finally looked up from her computer, “Tim, you can go in now.”

Tim got up from the bench and started walking toward the door marked, “Principal.” Knocking on the door he heard someone inside say, “Enter.” It felt like hours but Kelly saw only fifteen minutes went by before Tim came out and told Lisa Mr. Nelson wanted her next as he started to sit down.

“Tim,” I believe Mr. Nelson told you to go on back to class now didn’t he?”

“Yes ma’am,” Tim stood back up and left the office.

While Lisa was in with the principal Both Marie and Jake walked into the office. Marie immediately went over and sat beside Kelly, wrapping the girl in a hug. “Are you alright honey?”

“I’m fine mom,” Kelly mumbled.

Seeing that Kelly was okay, Jake walked up to the secretary’s desk, “Were Kelly’s parents.”

“Yes Mr. Kontos,” The secretary looked up to him, “Mr. Nelson asked me to call you. It appears that Kelly was in a fight earlier.” The secretary typed something quickly on her keyboard then looked back up to Jake, “Mr. Nelson will be right with you.” Lisa came walking out of the principal’s office a moment later, smiled at Kelly as she walked by. “You can go in now Mr. Kontos.”

Jake motioned for Marie and Kelly to go ahead of him, and once inside Jake closed the door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kontos, Kelly,” Mr. Nelson stood from his chair offering his hand to Jake. Releasing his grip of Jake’s hand, he motioned to the chairs in the office, “Please have a seat,” before sitting back down himself. “I’m sorry to have to meet with you under these unfortunate circumstances.”

“So would you care to explain what happened?” Jake asked.

“Well Mr. Kontos, your daughter was involved a fight,” Mr. Nelson explained, “The two boys involved had to be taken to the emergency room.”

“How badly were they hurt?” Marie clenched Kelly’s hand tighter.

Mr. Nelson cleared his throat, “Nothing life threatening, but due to the nature of the injuries we felt it best to have the boys taken to the hospital.”

“Mr. Nelson it’s not in Kelly’s nature to start a fight, so I would like to know what the details of what happened.” Jake’s tone was polite but left no question that he demanded an answer.

Mr. Nelson looked over into Jake’s eyes, “Your daughter approached three boys that were fighting—”

“FIGHTING!” Kelly jumped up to her feet, “Those two ganged up on Tim and were beating the crap out of him!”

“Sit down Miss Kontos!” Mr. Nelson stood from his chair.

“I think everyone needs to sit down and tell me exactly what happened,” Marie raised her voice to match. Looking over to Kelly, “Now honey tell me what happened.”

Kelly explained what happened, including what she had said to the larger boy before kicking him in the nuts. Knowing it was best to tell the truth, rather than Marie finding out later that Kelly had omitted something.

Marie did her best to hide the grin that spread across her face when Kelly described what she had said to the boy. Once Kelly was finished Marie asked, “How much larger was this boy than you?” Kelly held her hand about a foot over her head. Standing up, Marie faced the principal, her face red with anger, “Sir was you aware THAT BOY SEXUALLY THREATENED MY DAUGHTER!” Marie’s voice carried through the closed door into the outer office.

Jake cringed, it wasn’t often that his wife’s anger rose, but when it did everyone in their family knew the best thing to do was find someplace else to be. Like most mothers Marie was no exception when it came to protecting her family. Although Marie grew up in Greece, a country where the women had no problem screaming their anger in the streets. Leaning forward in his chair so he could get Kelly’s attention, “Kelly, go wait outside.” Kelly nodded getting up so she could escape the fury that was promising to ensue.

Mrs. Kontos you need to calm down,” Mr. Nelson attempted to defuse the situation, “We only have Kelly’s word that was what was said as the security video is not equipped with audio.”

“You have it on video?” Marie demanded, “I want to see this video!” Looking back across her shoulder, “Kelly sit back down!”

Mr. Nelson brought the video up on his computer screen and turned the screen so that Marie and Jake could both see it.

“There!” Marie pointed at the video right before Kelly kicked the first boy. “He grabbed her!”

“I saw that also Mrs. Kontos.” Mr. Nelson pointed out, “But that does not give your daughter reason to kick him.”

“Are you insane?” Marie’s eyes wide as she looked at the man behind his desk, “That boy is three times her size, could easily over power a girl as small as Kelly and had already grabbed her!”

“After Mr. Nelson stopped the recording Jake spoke up, “Mr. Nelson, please make sure that recording isn’t misplaced or lost, I am sure my attorney will be wanting a copy.”

“This video is property of —”

“Mr. Nelson,” Jake interrupted, “I am quite aware of whose property the recording is. I am also aware that two boys are in the hospital after assaulting a boy, then assaulting my daughter after she tried to stop that assault, which was all caught on video. Now the only question is, are you capable of securing the safety of that recording, or do I need to have the police come out here and make sure it is kept safe until my attorney files the appropriate legal paperwork to have it secured from possible loss or damage in the event it may need to be used in court?”

Mr. Nelson glared at Jake, “We are quite capable of making sure nothing happens to the recording Mr. Kontos.”

“Good.” Jake smiled, “Because I recognized the boy that grabbed Kelly. My other daughter and her friends have had trouble with that boy on numerous occasions last school year.”

“None of those instances resulted in fighting!” Mr. Nelson glared at Kelly.

“None of those girls know how to defend themselves like Kelly does.” Jake continued smiling. “Personally I think you should thank Kelly for stopping those two from causing serious injuries to the boy they were attacking. From what I know of their past and saw in that recording, those two are a pair of thugs, looking for a long prison sentence unless something happens to change their lives.” Jake’s smiled faded as he looked directly at Mr. Nelson, “Now are you going to let those two continue to terrorize the other students or are you going to be the one that begins changing their lives?”

Chapter 39

Kelly lay in bed, the events of the day a maelstrom of thoughts and visions in her mind. First day of school and in a fight, I think that is a first for me! Kelly thought to herself, I couldn’t walk away from that though. I don’t care what I may look like now, I will never walk away from someone that needs help like that! her mind drifted to the meeting with the principal, I thought mom was going to go across the desk at Mr. Nelson! Kelly stifled a giggle that escaped at that thought. Wow did I just think of Marie as mom? I guess that’s only right since she is legally my mom. Weird, it’s only been a few weeks but she does feel more like ‘Mom’ and not Marie anymore. And dad, wow! I knew he was good, but damn! The way he had the principal eating out of his hand, I bet he could sell ice to Eskimos! Rolling over on to her side, Kelly felt the soft caress of the silken material of the night gown gently slip across her smooth skin underneath the plush comforter she was snuggled under on her bed. Within a few minutes her breathing became shallow and relaxed as she slipped off into sleep.

“What you did today was valiant,” Kelly rolled over quickly in the bed to find her doppelganger sitting on the bench at the vanity in her room.

Kelly sat up in the bed, “Okay, just a dream. Why are you back? I haven’t dreamed about you, me whatever you are in over a week.”

“Dreams are nothing more than an altered state of consciousness,” the doppelganger replied. “And I have returned because of what you did today. You felt the pull of the darkness, you sought it out and confronted it.”

“I wasn’t pulled to anything.” Kelly stated, “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to help.”

“Yes, that is true,” the Kelly that sat on the bench smiled. “Your memories are mine also, I have seen that you have a tendency to be, as you put it, ‘In the right place at the right time,’ quite often.”

“What are you saying?” Kelly threw the covers back while swinging her legs over the side of the bed so she could face her dream double.

“Very nice night dress by the way,” The double smiled at the sight of Kelly in the bubblegum pink night gown. Suddenly the double was dressed in the same gown, “This is very comfortable, I can see why you find it pleasurable to sleep in such attire.”

Kelly felt her face becoming warm, “I, I could do without the color, but yes it is comfortable.” Realizing that her double was trying to change the subject, “What did you mean that I tend to be in the right place at the right time?”

“Exactly what I said,” The double stood up smoothing the night dress out with her hands, “Is this silk?”

“You’re avoiding the question!” Kelly demanded.

The double sighed, “It’s simple really, it appears that you have the ability to sense something. I’m not quite sure what that is yet, be it evil intent, dark souls, or someone in distress but you are drawn to it.”

“That’s a crock of shit!” Kelly snorted.

“Believe what you will, but I am beginning to believe that our being together is not as simple as Selene led us to believe.”

“The battle axe lady?”

The double laughed, “We’ll have to remember to call her that the next time we see her. Hopefully by that time she will understand what it means to be called that in this age.”

“So what about Selene, the battle axe lady?”

“I do not have enough facts to come to a conclusion, but it does seem highly unlikely that our being brought together was ‘dumb luck’. In many ways we are alike but it’s our differences that I find interesting, these fit together like the missing pieces of a puzzle. I believe this was planned, although at this point I cannot say if Selene is the mastermind behind it or if she is only a pawn in whoever or whatever is behind this.”

Kelly swept both hands down her sides, “Are you saying this happened to me because of some perverted plan?”

The double nodded, “It happened to both of us. The fabric of our souls are merging.”

“What the hell are you!” Kelly shouted.

“When we merged to rescue Selene’s daughter, I was trapped in your essence, unable to leave without causing lethal harm to both our souls. I now believe that was no accident, it was a trap.”

“You were the woman with the short sword?” Kelly’s eyes wide as she ogled her double, “But you look like me.”

“Our original forms would not have survived the marriage of our two essences.”

Kelly screamed at the doppelganger, “YOU TURNED ME INTO A GIRL!”

“I did what I had to, to ensure our continued existence!” The double protested, “I do not possess the skills to change one’s entire destiny, I was not created for that purpose. When I managed to weave our souls together, the strongest parts of our combined essence rose to the top, thus we are female.”

“How can you think being turned into a small twelve year old girl stronger than I was?”

“Did those ruffians not underestimate you?”

A small giggle escaped Kelly, thinking about how badly they indeed underestimated her, “Yea I guess they did bite off a little more than they could chew.”

“You lost mass and size, but gained so much more.”

“What do you —” The annoying buzzing of Kelly’s alarm ripped her out of the dream before she could get any more answers. Turning to the annoying sound, Kelly saw the large green digital display read, “5:31 AM.” Reaching out she turned off the alarm before tossing her covers out of the way so she could get out of bed.

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