In Too Deep - Ch 40

Chapter Forty

Sloan was aghast when she saw her costume. It could barely be characterized as such since it left very little to the imagination. It consisted of a sheer body stocking that would barely be visible, sequined bikini top and bottom, a flouncy feathered skirt that would barely cover her hips, and a set of multi-color angel feather wings. and matching headdress. It looked like a Vegas showgirl outfit and left very little to the imagination.

"I c-can't...e-everyone will know!" She cried out.

"You will," insisted Danielle. "Now shake your slutty little ass into this costume before I get angry."

Dana was off dealing with party preparation and would be changing after Sloan was ready. This left Sloan alone in Danielle's care. Since
Sloan had been spending most of her time with Danielle for the past two weeks, she found it completely natural to obey.

"Uhmmm..." Sloan stood there with the body stocking halfway up her thighs, staring at the cage.

"It will stretch, silly girl. Hurry up!"

Sloan complied, feeling the clingy material slide along her skin, seductively caressing a multitude of already feverish nerve endings. When the item was in place, it covered almost every inch below the boat neck top seam. The color was almost a perfect match for Sloan's skin tone, and only her neck hands and feet remained uncovered. It felt amazing against her bare skin.

Danielle handed her a thong with a pouch that barely contained the restraint cage, where Sloan was suffering from her arousal. Next came a bikini bottom and matching clamshell top that was covered with rhinestones and sequins. As soon as they were securely in place, Danielle opened a big box and began removing large glittering pieces of jewelry. It began with 4 inch wide jeweled bands for her ankles and wrists, these were attached by strands of beads to her silver 4-inch open toe stiletto heels and fingerless gloves each glittering with sequins and rhinestones.

The next item was a huge glittering choker and bib collar that spread down across her shoulders and upper chest, obscuring the seam of the body glove, and attached to the bra using glimmering strands of beads. When it was finally in place, and Danielle was satisfied, it made
Sloan's neck look stretched, and it was difficult to lower her chin.

"Tonight my sweet, beautiful girl, you will not be able to lower your head, but you must always remember to lower your gaze. It is a sign of submission and respect. It displays your deferential nature, and men will find it alluring. You will play up to them. You are a shameless flirt, and tonight you must expand that to the nth degree. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Miss," She whispered, eyes lowered.

"Good girl. Tonight you will make me proud. You will not fail me. failure is not an option. This thing that you will do tonight is not about getting a part in a film. It is not about playing a sex game. It is not about your feelings or your wife's feelings. It is about doing what I demand of you. It is repayment of your obligation to me for my sacrifices over these past two weeks."

"Yes, Miss."

"Taylor, by the end of this evening, I had better be pleased. There is no other choice. You made that choice the day you came to me as a pitiful girly boy." she used the term with scorn. "I made you what you are. You surrendered your choice to me and so I am the one who chooses for Taylor Sloane."

She could feel the fear emanating from Sloan as she shifted nervously. She took Sloan's jaw in her hand, leaning into her face until she could taste her breath.

"Look at me Taylor and gain the strength that you will need," Sloan shifted her eyes to meet Danielle's, feeling the power of her gaze. "Do not fear your weakness, for I am your strength. Do not fear me, for I am your will. After tonight, your obligation to me is over and your will is your own. The moment we tell my husband what our little Taylor girl has in her panties, that very second your will becomes your own. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Good girl. Now then I have just a few more items for my pretty little Taylor-slut!"

Danielle opened a closet and removed a mass of feathers. By the time she was finished Sloan Taylor was Taylor Sloane and looked like a Las Vegas showgirl. She wore a wild multicolor feathered skirt that went from her hips to mid-thigh, a set of feathered wings on her back that arched out over her shoulders, and a feathered headdress that looked like a bird's plumage.

When Danielle pulled the drape off a huge mirror, she was stunned speechless. Gone was any resemblance to Sloan Taylor. There was only the barest resemblance to the Taylor Sloane she had seen each day for the past two weeks. In her place was a cross between an Amazonian Goddess, and a woman/bird hybrid.

"So beautiful, my sweet Taylor," she breathed into her ear, from which huge chandelier earrings cascaded, "you will break many hearts tonight, but I want you to remember one last instruction." She looked up and met her reflected eyes. "Mystery is the key. The more you elude my husband, the more determined he will become to conquer you. You must not let him corner you before I give you permission."

Her hands lightly caressed Sloan as she spoke. "Yes, Miss."

"Say it sweet, sweet girl." She nuzzled the soft skin above her collar and below the ear, as her hands roamed Sloan's body.

"I must not allow your husband to corner me before you give me permission." Came the breathless reply.

Danielle gripped Taylor's jaw and turned her face until their lips were practically touching. Taylor began to lean in, wanting to taste those delicious lips. "Good girl," she purred, then pulled away with a smile of satisfaction.

"It's ShowTime!"


Matt Sharp was running late, he still had to change for the party and at this rate, it would be half over before he arrived. He gave a heavy sigh as he gathered his things, it had been that kind of a day.

Editing on Demarcation was done, but the business of dealing with the upcoming premiere was a nightmare. This had been exacerbated by Dana's focus on the party planning and Gabriel's looming departure. He needed some time to refocus before tonight, but Gabi had too much on her plate and their regular 'play toys' would not really satisfy his needs. Besides, by the time he made the arrangements, the party would be over and Danielle would be rightfully pissed

His mind drifted to Dana and her husband. He had noticed her responses around him, despite the fact he had kept his attitude strictly professional. There was an attentiveness that she displayed as if she were breathlessly awaiting his command. He really liked that, but her husband was a complication that worried him.

Matt had yet to meet Dana's husband and knew only that he was an actor. Most actors were all show and ego, and he worried that the man might not be so enamored of the idea of letting his petite little bride play the kind of games Matt liked. Despite Danielle's reassuring that she had met the young man and felt that he might be amenable to the possibilities, Matt Sharp was pragmatic enough to know that there could be no certainty until it was tested in the heat of the moment.

The fact that Dana's spouse had been suddenly called away for a commercial shoot had added to his frustrations. He had been assured, by Danielle, that the five of them would have a frank and open discussion about the possibilities over after-party cocktails tonight. Now that plan was on hold and Matt was facing the party without relief, and could only look forward to the final farewell session they would be having tomorrow, with Gabi.

Matt had a sudden inspiration. With all the other activity, he had forgotten that new girl that Danielle had been teasing him with. What was her name? Tayla? Kayla? Matt realized, as soon as he saw her, that Danielle had not needed a new PA as much as she had needed this particular PA. He smirked at the image of putting the tall, willowy blonde through her paces.

'Yes,' he grinned. 'Maybe a little refreshment at the party is just what the doctor ordered!'

Why had he not noticed it before? With all the transitions (he chuckled at his choice of word) going on in the office, he had failed to notice the amount of time Danielle was occupied with other things. He had also noticed the subtle little ways this new girl tried to get his attention. He wondered how far Danielle had gone with this one. He knew there had been no sex between them. Danielle would never do that without letting him know.

Thinking about it, he began to realize how busy he had been. Looking at it now, he could see the signs that she was being edged. Edging was a Danielle Sharp specialty. She loved to take submissive little pets right up to the edge of orgasm, then back them off. Like an opera diva holding a high note for an extended period of time, Danielle's goal was to keep a sub on edge for as long as possible before finally allowing them to earn the reward.

Crossing his outer office, Matt's secretary called out to him, "I'm sorry Mr. Sharp, but I have Thomas Dern for you. He says it's urgent."

"Tell him I already....Damn....I'll take it." He wheeled back toward his inner office.

"Line two, sir."

He stopped at the door, giving her a tight smile. "Thanks, Marjorie, you can go on home now and I'll see you Tuesday."

He closed the door and walked behind his desk. Sitting down with a sigh, and lifting the phone as his voice dripped with false bonhomie, "Thomas, what an unexpected pleasure!"


Dana was feeling nervous as the guests began to arrive. She was dressed much more conservatively than Taylor. She had found it easy to start calling her by that name because Taylor barely resembled her husband, Sloan. She had been transformed into a magnificently plumed bird and was making quite a sensation. In fact, they both were.

Dana wore a glittery, halter top taffeta A-Line mini dress that exposed her stocking tops and suspender belt when she turned too fast. Danielle had been effusive in her praise and could barely control her hands around either of them when she was nearby. The two potential submissives were barely able to contain themselves and it was shaping up to be a very wild and crazy party.

As soon as she was in her own costume, Danielle had pulled Dana aside and made sure she understood what was expected of her.

"Do not let anyone corner Taylor. That is the key to the evening. If anyone gets a hand between her legs it will ruin everything for her. The fact we have a cross dresser at our party will be no big deal for us, but if Matt finds out that Taylor is a boy, his ardor will wane a bit."

"But, I thought Gabriel..."

"Yes, yes. I know, but Matt had to see Gabriella as a woman before he became comfortable with our little Gabi girl. Matt is a man of his generation, despite his sophistication and worldly wisdom. His generation places a huge taboo on sex between men. Matt can deny that intellectually, but it still colors his emotional responses. Once Matt began to see Gabi as a woman, his conflict over it faded. Now, we both love her so much that she is a part of us."

Dana took a while to process this information but finally nodded her acceptance that it was true.

"My dear sweet Dana, I know my husband would easily accept you into our little inner circle, but he will struggle with adding your husband as more than a plaything for me. We must make him see that she is capable of being so much more than just that."

Danielle punctuated her words with a soft, lingering kiss that left Dana breathless.

"Go now. Greet our guests. My husband will seek an assignation with our little Taylor the tease. You must help us to derail any intimacy."

"But, how do you know that Mr. Sharp will even be interested in her? he has been cool and businesslike all week when he is around either of us."

Danielle giggled and shook her head. "My dear child, Matt Sharp can smell a submissive little tart at a hundred meters. He denies himself these pleasures when he is working, then rewards himself when he feels the need to indulge. It is about control. He holds onto it with a tight rein. This makes his little moments of indulgence all the sweeter."

She ran a finger along Dana's cheek, tracing her skin from ear to jaw to lips.

"It also makes those moments so much more memorable for those of us who share them."


The entire lower floor of the palatial home was festooned with bright lights and pulsating rhythms reverberated from a Brazilian samba band that had ensconced itself near the pool. The pool and adjacent deck area were brightly lit and offered a stunning view of Los Angeles and the ocean beyond. Everywhere you looked were brightly costumed men and women in varied levels of sobriety and intimacy.

Danielle fluttered from room to room, greeting guests and mingling. If Dana and Taylor were bright diamonds, Danielle was cold black onyx.
Her outfit was a matching counterpoint to Taylors, but where Taylor wore shiny clear gems and bright colored feathers, Danielle wore glimmering black metallic bra and panties with dark beads and swooping black feathers. They looked like yin and yang, dark and light, angel and devil.

Dana was constantly losing sight of Taylor as the evening progressed but made sure to keep checking up on her wandering spouse. As long as Taylor stayed downstairs, there were few worries, as the staircase was roped off and a security man was making sure the party did not wander up to the bedrooms.

She was, however, shocked to see the way Taylor flirted as she fluttered around the party. Taylor was in her element, she was giggling, laughing, flirting, and teasing with abandon. She seemed to be having a ball, and nobody would have guessed that she was a man. In fact, as the evening wore on, it became increasingly difficult for Dana to see her as anything but what she appeared to be. This fact both terrified and aroused the young wife.

It was well after 9:00 and the party was in full swing when Matt Sharp made his appearance with a young woman on his arm. She looked vaguely familiar, but Dana could not place her. She was wearing a silvery sheath dress with a long slit up the left thigh that showcased her long legs. Despite the smile on her face, there was an air of sadness in her eyes as she seemed to cling to Matt as if her life depended on it.
Matt was wearing a horned devil outfit. It was also open in front down to his waist, exposing his broad chest as well as his firm abs. A cape hung from his shoulders and the two small horns on his forehead looked real. His pants looked painted on as they descended into shining black boots that came to just above the knees. The V of his chest and inverted V of his legs drew the eye like arrows to his crotch. The sight made her blush as she could not help wondering if that bulge was all him.

If he noticed her gaze, he made no indication as he waved her to his presence.

"Dana, this is Celia, I would like you to take her up to the far bedroom and sit with her until Gabi arrives."

She began to protest, but his eyes would brook no argument," Yes, Sir. Please come with me, Miss."
The woman looked as though she might protest being abandoned, but Matt raised a hand to forestall her. "It will be alright. Gabi will be with you shortly. Please trust me on this." She nodded and followed Dana. The man at the foot of the stairs released the rope so they could pass.


Fred Ibarra and his four-man team were getting off a plane under a scorching sun in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As they walked across the tarmac, they were met by a government official who welcomed them and whisked them through customs with barely a pause. They soon cleared the terminal and were led to a pair of armored G-Class SUVs. As soon as he was in the vehicle, he opened a small attaché case containing four automatic pistols which he and Bobby Earl loaded and added to their empty holsters.

He hated the Middle East with a passion, but he went where they sent him. He supposed it was a good idea for the team to be well away from So-Cal and a certain gang-style execution site, at least until the police caught the 'cartel members' that lit the place up. He had actually expected to catch hell for the mess, but when he made his report, all George did was nod his head and toss them a bodyguard job for some Saudi prince.

He idly thought of Taylor Sloane. He knew she was a guy underneath, but he also knew that there was something about her that made him want to get to know her better. The way she busted that big fucker's nose was pure tiger, despite the soft and shy exterior.

Oh well, he was half a world away from her, and he had to be patient. Besides, he was sure the wait wouldn't be too long. His team was good and all that any witnesses saw was a big black Escalade with tinted windows rolling in and rolling back out. As soon as the cops had found the drugs, the videos, the dossiers and associated files that Marco Lane had on his comp, they were locked in like a pit bull on drug cartels and street gangs.

Still, he couldn't get her out of his mind, and it was a strange feeling. One that he hadn't felt since he was in high school. It was weird, but when he first looked into her eyes, something just clicked. Now it was like an itch he couldn't scratch, and it had him wondering.

He looked up at Bobby Earl and noticed the wicked smirk on his face as if he was reading Fred's mind. "Shut the fuck up, Bobby Earl!" He remonstrated in mock anger as Bobby Earl broke up laughing. Soon they were both laughing like schoolboys that have just gotten away with some prank.

"Fucking blabbermouth!" He grinned, shaking his head.


Half a world away, Taylor Sloane was giddy with excitement. She had flirted shamelessly and had to defend her honor, at least, a dozen times as she was stroked, fondled, kissed, petted and pinched. Luckily Danielle or Dana had always been close enough to keep her out of trouble, but the real problem was that Taylor was a girl, A flirty, sexy, bubbly, and eager girl that craved the attention.

She had felt herself on the verge of giving in on several occasions. She was so drunk that she had very few inhibitions left. The odd thing was, her intoxication was not drug or alcohol induced. It was merely her own exuberance at being a woman that made her feel so free.

She was talking to a young costumed couple. the woman was solid, but not pudgy. She was dressed as a belly dancer, with all the bells and tassels. She looked sexy and was a bit drunk. She could not seem to keep her hands off of Taylor as they talked, and her partner looked like he was hoping for a threesome as he held back watching her make moves on Sloan.

She felt a presence behind her and knew it was Matt Sharp before she turned her head to look. As soon as she turned, her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. He was masculinity personified and his eyes were locked on hers as he leaned on a wall sipping a cocktail. Taylor tuned out the couple she had been conversing with and watched the way Matt sauntered across the room toward her. His eyes never left Taylors as he took her hand and spoke up,

"Hello Michael, Naomi will you excuse us please?"

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled her to him and led her outside toward the verandah.


"Taylor. Thank goodness I found you. Dana is looking for you. She said you have an urgent phone call."

Danielle's eyes were twinkling as Taylor blushed crimson while struggling to extract herself from Matt's clutches and adjust her costume, before rushing into the house. She smirked at her husband who had noticed his wife hovering nearby several minutes before interrupting his little snack.

"You are an evil and sadistic bitch, my darling," was his matter-of-fact comment.

"Oh Matt, don't pout so. I really needed to talk to you, and I promise I will deliver her on a platter in a few minutes."

"Talk about...."

"Celia Cole. Whatever is she doing here?"

"Ahhhh. Thomas Dern called in a favor. Seems the press is hounding her, she had nowhere to go. Thomas promised to collect her tonight and he said if we babysat her for a few hours, he would make it up to us."

Matt shrugged, as Danielle considered. She knew that the Mormon had made his reputation on trading on obligations. He used favors like casinos used markers, and he always paid them off.

"Alright," she nodded. I can see why she is here, but this party was for Gabi. Why has she been stuck up there babysitting? We could have had anyone up there holding her hand."

"Gabi insisted. She said she realizes the effort we've made with the party, but really doesn't want to face it all. She promised to come down for the announcement at midnight."

Danielle's eyes were moist, "I do hope she will be safe. I worry about her."

"Me too, but she has to do it, and we have to let her do it. I offered to come with her, but she said no. She needs to do it on her terms."

Danielle sighed and nodded as Matt wrapped his arms around her and held her as she pulled herself back together. Finally, she stepped back, taking a deep breath.

"You look spectacular, by the way."

She spared her husband a smile and a kiss on the cheek. "Gabi will be down in a few minutes to make her announcement. I seem to have stupidly left my phone on the bedroom dresser. How about I send my PA up to grab it in about forty-five minutes?"

"Better make it sooner. If I have to trade favors with Thomas Dern tonight, I'll need the extra time," he grinned.

Danielle winked and turned back to the party as her husband sat in the garden shadows listening to the pulsating Latin beat.


Gabi and Celia were fussing with each other's hair and make-up. They acted more like a pair of middle school girls on a sleepover than two adult women. It was understandable, in a way. Celia had been a plain girl until well into her teens. She had always been tall, gangly, and awkward. The massive braces lack of coordination made her an outcast, and the other girls had ostracized her.

She'd had no close friends, and her parents did not approve of the loose morals of American society. She was not allowed to listen to music, television was severely restricted, and boys were a firm 'NO'. Her clothing was never in fashion. Her hair was never properly styled. Her social life was nonexistent, and her only entertainment had been library books and her own imagination.

Celia had discovered theater when she had to change out an elective her junior year and found herself stuck in a drama class. She fell in love and poured herself into it. By senior year, she had become a star. Boys were asking her out. Girls wanted to be her friend. Her body had filled out nicely. The braces were off and the ugly duckling had become a swan.

She lucked into a TV commercial quite by accident. There was an open audition, and one of her friends told her about it. Knowing her parents already disapproved of her acting, she had lied to them about doing a research assignment for school and snuck off to try out.

Amazingly, she was signed for the commercial and asked about representation. Not having a clue what to do, she called her drama teacher who knew a guy that would be willing to handle it for her. Since she had already turned eighteen, she did not need to let her parents know. She got a nice fee for the commercial and used it to hire a photographer and create a portfolio for herself.

By the time she graduated from High School, her aspirations had outgrown Danbury, CT. She left home with barely a goodbye and vicious recriminations by her parents who angrily informed her she would burn in hell. She packed her few belongings and took a train to New York City. What followed were long, grueling and degrading years of waitressing, cattle calls, and lessons in acting, singing and dancing. She shared a small apartment with three other aspiring actresses and dreamed of making it.

After struggling for more than three years, a close friend convinced her to try Hollywood, as she was very photogenic. She had taken a bus all the way from New York (talk about cliché) and finally ended up with Thomas Dern, who had purchased her contract from the sweet-talking sleazebag that she had originally signed with. Now she was so close to her dream she could taste it. Celia Cole, the might-have-been girlfriend of a comatose movie star that she had never met, was attending an elegant ball at the palatial home of Matt and Danielle Sharp.
She felt like Cinderella!

At the stroke of midnight, Dana Taylor appeared and told Gabi she was needed downstairs. Dana remained with Celia as Gabi went to face the crowd of well-wishers, hangers-on, and loved ones.

"Where is she going?"

Dana responded, "She is making her farewell speech."


Anthony Gabriel Ruiz was dead, and now was the time to bury him. Gabi slowly descended the stairs, trembling inwardly. She stopped at the bottom to see the crowd of people in the large living area. The musicians were silent and the conversation stopped as all eyes turned to Gabi, who stood between Matt and Danielle. She looked at Matt first, and he gave a reassuring nod, then took her right hand as Danielle's fingers slid into her left.

"My name is Gabriella Louisa Vargas. Most of you have known me as Anthony Gabriel Ruiz. I am announcing now and forever to the world that I am no longer that person. I renounce all claim to any association with Enrique Rodolfo Ruiz who is my biological father. I renounce all claim to any inheritance that might be due to me from my biological father from this date going forward. I am legally bound to my mother and her family line under her maiden name, Graciela Louisa Vargas. I swear that I am making this announcement of my own free will, and am acting under no compulsion or duress.

"I also wish to declare my desire to complete my transition from male to female and since my home country does not allow transgendered people to officially change their gender status, I have applied for United States citizenship with the intention of renouncing my Republic of the Philippines citizenship as soon as it is practicable. This declaration I also swear is being made freely and without compulsion or duress.

"I am swearing to this declaration on this date, 7 February, of the year 2016, and request that those of you who can support me in my decision sign as witnesses to this statement. Thank You"

There began a thunder of applause and cheers from the guests as more than one guest lifted a glass in a toast to Gabi. Danielle pulled Gabi in for a long deep kiss, then presented her to Matt who gave her a lingering kiss of her own. By this time, a long paper scroll was unwrapped and placed on a table nearby, Gabi signed followed by Matt and Danielle. Most of the crowd lined up to sign and offer personal congratulations, kisses, and hugs.

Matt and Danielle offered thanks to each guest and thanked them for coming. Those who were too inebriated to drive were offered a driver at the Sharp's expense, but most of them had a driver or had made arrangements already. It was close to 1:00 am when the final guests were gone and silence descended.


"Taylor, be a love and fetch my phone. I believe that I left it on my bedroom dressing table."

"Yes, Miss," Taylor climbed the stairs, knowing that the moment was here. This was what she had been preparing for, and her heart was racing. She opened the door into the shadowed room. Although there was no moon, the outside lights around the pool area and the bright
stars cast a hazy pallor into the room, and she left the door open as she crossed to the dresser. She stood at the dresser and saw him in the mirror sitting in a chair, his face half shrouded in darkness.

"Well now. It would seem that someone has been a very naughty girl."

"I'm sorry?"

"Not yet, but you will be."

"Ms. Sharp sent me to get her...."

"...her phone?"

He pointed to the device resting on the night table beside his chair. his legs were crossed casually, but she could feel the tension, the potential energy emanating from him as he watched her. She began to turn to face him.

"Don't move," he commanded, and she froze, pulling her hands up as if to ward off a blow.

"Put your hands down. Place them on the dresser, palms flat." She hesitated and his voice took a hard edge of command, "Now."

She obeyed him immediately.

"Better," his voice became more soothing, "Now lean on your hands and move your feet back away from the dresser."

She obeyed without question, watching him as he sat there, calmly issuing commands.

"My wife has told me that you are to be her gift to me."


"Come now, I am sure you know exactly the kind of things my wife and I are into. Are you truly not interested in being a part of that?"

"Well...that is...I was...." Taylor stammered, lowering her eyes.

Matt uncrossed his legs and rose, crossing the room toward her. "Stay" he commanded.

He moved his body tight behind her, hands on her hips, leaning across her back as his voice caressed her ear. "Remain perfectly still, my pet." He began sliding them up her sides, his chin resting on her shoulder as his eyes watched her in the mirror.

"Such a naughty little tease." He bit down on her ear, making her gasp. "You like to tease, don't you?"

She tried to shake her head, eyes lowered in shame.

He tightened his hands on her hips, painfully. Her frightened glance at the mirror revealing the anger in his eyes.

"Don't you ever dare to lie to me, you tramp. Do you really think that I don't see and hear what you do at my studio? Do you think it's a secret? Everyone is talking about that hot little tease that Danielle hired. Hell, most of them are sure she is tapping this cute little ass, Is she?"

Taylor shook her head, "No sir....honestly."

"That explains a lot." He grinned at her. "No wonder you are such a tease. She isn't fucking you....but you wish she was, don't you, slut?"

Taylor saw the intransigence in his eyes and knew that arguing was useless.

"Yes Sir," she confessed while averting her eyes.

"You like to tease men. You like the power it gives you. You like knowing that they want you, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered.

"Every act has consequences, you know. I think it is time for you to accept the consequences of your actions, my pet."

He ground his hardness into her ass and then stepped back releasing her. She watched him in the mirror as he drew his arms out of the top of his costume, exposing his chiseled torso. He stepped back until he reached the bed, drawing her with him by force of will. She followed him as if in a trance.

"Undress me," He commanded.

It was as if time had folded as she remembered standing three feet from him, and the very next instant she was on her knees before him, reaching for the waistband of his costume. Matt towered above her, imperiously, like a Roman Emperor. He watched her as she felt his power envelope her. She wanted him. She hungered for him. She needed to please him. It was like her entire existence was focused on this single pivotal moment in her life.


Danielle was listening intently to the phone at her ear. Dana was fidgeting next to her on the sofa. Gabi and Celia were doing each other's toenails and talking about makeup, movies, music, and guys. Danielle rose to her feet and pulled Dana along with her as they crept up the hall to the master bedroom. They paused briefly at the open door, listening to the sounds of...

Danielle opened the door and stepped inside. The light from the hallway was enough to adequately illuminate the room.

"Well well. what have we here?"

Dana was stunned. She watched in amazement as Taylor was eagerly gagging on Matt's huge cock. Her eyes popped open as Danielle's words registered, and she struggled to back off but Matt grabbed her head and began slowly fucking her face.

"Not now, Danielle. I'm almost done here. Pet, get back to work, and don't you dare spill a drop."

He removed his hands and she saw Taylor slump for a moment in resignation, then return to attacking the cock with gusto. She felt a cold grip on her heart as she realized this was her Sloan sucking cock like a pro.

Danielle's voice was a hot caress as the tall woman stood behind her with hands on her shoulders and began whispering into Dana's ear.

"MMMMM isn't that so sexy. There is nothing like a girl's first mouthful of cock, is there? I mean, it is her first, isn't it? It's just so hard to tell when she seems to be such a natural cock slut."

Dana felt her own arousal growing, as Danielle's hands slid down along her sides and caressed her through her dress. Dana moaned and leaned back into the stronger woman.

"What do you think of my new girl, Matt?" Danielle purred.

"She is one hot piece of ass and I can't wait to fill her pussy up"

Danielle made a sad face. "Awwww, quel dommage!" She mock-pouted.

She then removed her hands from Dana and clapped once, loudly, speaking in a commanding voice, "SLOAN! THAT IS ENOUGH!"

Taylor jumped back as if scalded.


Matt sat at the large conference table, sneaking occasional glances at Sloan and Dana who were huddled together on the sofa with Gabi and Celia. Across from him sat Thomas Dern with his briefcase open. Danielle was standing to one side, leaning on a chair.

"So, let me get this straight. Celia Cole has never met Brandin Jessup, and you used your comatose client to get her into my movie."

"Well first, I would not put it in those terms, exactly...and second....yes."

"And why should we be willing to cast her? She has virtually no screen experience apart from a few television commercials. I grant you, the camera loves her, but this is a huge favor that you are asking from me."

Thomas Dern met Matt Sharp's gaze without blinking. "On the contrary, Matt, This will put you into my debt."

"In what way? Look....we just saw the commercials, but that is no guarantee that she can deliver the goods. So the way I see it, you are asking me to be indebted over a pig in a poke. Sorry Miss Cole, I meant no insult."

Celia looked non-plussed at the mention of her name and returned to chatting with Gabi.

"Matt, it is a quid pro quo for what I am giving you on this deal. Her later performance notwithstanding, anything she contributes to your film will be a bonus beyond our deal here."

"I don't see that. I have my film on schedule and set to begin bright and early Monday morning. I have the main cast and crew set to go. So what exactly are you adding to the pot that would make me indebted to you?"

"Sloan Taylor....or Taylor Sloane, if you prefer. If you want him, you have to accept her. It's a package deal."

"Wait a minute, you mean...."

"Yes. Sloan is my client, and if you want him for your film, you will have to accept Celia. It will save you millions if you take my offer. You cannot pull out of Soft Kill at this late date, you are in too deep."


Gabi saw Thomas Dern and Celia Cole to Dern's car. After kissing Celia goodbye, she looked into the man's eyes and smiled. Quid pro quo. You and the Sharps are even. Everyone gets what they want. I like that.

The man they call The Mormon looked up at her with a stern face but a twinkle in his eyes.

"Me, too."


End of Part One

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