Her Fondest Wish 1

Ariana has two wishes. First, because she was born assigned the wrong gender, her fondest wish is that she could be a fully functioning woman with a vagina and uterus. Secondly, she wants to be a little girl because her first childhood sucked, and because her fondest kink is to be "molested" by a loving adult. In this story, she meets someone who makes both her wishes come true.

“Her Fondest Wish”
By = Sure As Elle

“All strapped in and comfortable, my dear?”

I nodded. “I’m ready, Javier.”

“Well the machine is going to take a few minutes to warm up, and then it has to scan your body and save that information. We want to be able to reverse this, after all; we don’t want you to be registered as a missing person, after all.”

I nodded, and Javier started up the machine. Having several minutes before it would start scanning, I reflected on how I’d gotten here to start with. But before I go into that, let me introduce myself. My name is… well, that’s interesting and complicated. I won’t go into my birth name, I’ve never really been very fond of it. You see, I’m female, but my doctor assigned me male based only on my genitals. I’ve been very feminine, very girly, for longer than I can remember, according to my parents.

Anyway, I go by the name Ariana, usually. But there’s another side of me, a side that is very important to why I’m strapped into a chair with what looks vaguely like the shrink ray from “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” pointing at my face. You see, most people change as they grow older, become adults in mind as well as in body. I didn’t. For whatever reason, I never matured mentally like others do. I can just barely get by in the world as a result, since I’m a little girl trapped in an adult body.


Several months ago I was sitting on a park bench watching the children play on the play set, wanting very much to join them but not daring to, lest I get strange, even paranoid, looks from the adults. It was a very melancholy activity for me, and I don’t even remember why I was doing it, since I don't normally. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair now.

A handsome Latino man in his late 30’s sat next to me on the bench. I didn’t notice him at first, since he was just another stranger to me, and I’ve always been wary of strangers. He didn’t seem to notice me at first, either, and I just continued to idly envy the children playing openly and innocently as children are wont to do. It was several minutes before he spoke to me, startling me.

“There isn’t much in the world that’s sadder than a child trapped in an adult body.”

I stared at him, bewildered. I’ve never before experienced another person seeing my true self so quickly, or if they did, they kept it to themselves. Granted, I was wearing my black hair in pigtails and was wearing a pink Minnie Mouse blouse with a denim overall dress on, and my favorite pink sparkly sandals. I also had on some cheap make-them-yourself bracelets from the kid’s section of the dollar store and a Hello Kitty necklace on, but I dress like this all the time without comment from others.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked stupidly.

He laughed warmly. “Who else around here is dressed like a little girl and staring enviously at children?” he asked, smiling.

“Am I really that obvious?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “Maybe I’m just more observant than others. I am, after all, a scientist.”

I looked him over. He was dressed in nice yet casual clothes. “You don’t look like a scientist to me,” I said stupidly. “I mean, you don’t have a white coat on. But I guess that’s a stupid stereotype.”

He laughed warmly again. “That’s understandable. Don’t worry about it, my dear. I can see you’re an innocent, a child at heart. That’s a very childlike response, actually.”

“Well,” I said as I rocked my legs back and forth the best I could, “you make me feel even more like a kid than I normally do. And I like it, but I think it makes my responses weird.”

“Not weird, my dear, just childlike.” He smiled again. “Well anyway, my name is Javier Gutierrez. What’s yours, little girl?”

“I dunno, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” I said flirtatiously. “I hear a lot of bad things about strangers.”

He laughed again. I was really liking this guy. And my sense of people’s true selves – finely attuned over decades of bullying and never wrong – was telling me he was a kind soul with pure intentions, a good man. It didn’t hurt that he was a fellow Latinx, either.

“Well, little girl, I was always told by mi abuela that a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.”

“And I learned from the Internet that strangers have the best candy.”

Oh, I love this man’s laugh!

“Well, I don’t have any candy today, little girl. Unless you count this friendly conversation we’ve been having.”

“Oh, I sure do, Mr. Gutierrez.”

“Please, call me Javier.”

“Okay, Javier.”

“And what about your name?”

“Which name do you want? My birth name, my trans name, or my little girl name?”

“You sure have a lot of names.”

“That’s not even the half of it.”

He chuckled. “Well, how about your little girl name, then?”

I got nervous all of a sudden; I didn’t often bring my little girl side out as much as I was now. “Ana Lucia,” I said sheepishly.

He held out his hand for me to shake it. “Well nice to meet you, Ana Lucia.” I took his hand, smiling, and shook it.

He smiled again, and looked around at the other people in the park. “How about we go somewhere where we can talk more openly without bothering all these nice people?”

I looked around, too. No one was looking at us or giving any sign of noticing us, but I did see the wisdom of going elsewhere, given where our conversation was going.

“Sure,” I said. “Where should we go?”

“Well, I don’t know this part of town very well. I was in the area on business earlier, and decided to go on a walk afterward. I was sitting down for a break when I sat next to you. I don’t know how well you know this area yourself, but maybe you can suggest somewhere?”

“Well, there’s this café called Stomping Grounds, but,” I checked my cell phone for the time, “they’ll be closed in ten minutes, so that’s no good.” I sat in thought for a while. “We could go to Panera? It’s open till nine.”

“Sounds good to me, but I don’t want to walk that far. Not that I’m against walking, it’s just that my car is parked nearby, I don’t want to have to walk back to find it before I go home.”

“You could meet me there,” I suggested.

He thought about it for a minute or so. “Well, we could. But it’d be so much faster if we both took my car. I hate to suggest it, if you don’t trust me, so if you don’t want to do that, I completely understand.”

I looked at him closely, thinking. “Well, I don’t normally get into cars with strangers, but I guess since we know each other’s names, you’re not really a stranger anymore. I trust you.”

“I promise I’m not a crazed axe-murderer,” he said as we got up and he led me to his car. “I’ve never met an axe I thought deserved death.”

Oh, this guy was awesome. Puns are probably my favorite thing in the world. I laughed, of course.

“Ah, so you liked my horrible joke then?”

“Javier, if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a pun.”

When we got to his car, I saw it was a black Prius. This guy was getting better by the minute. I knew he probably had flaws like everyone else, but I was already thinking I might be in love.

“Front or back?” he asked.


“You sure? I might have a gun in there.”

I smiled. “I doubt it. I trust you’re not a serial killer.”

“Only at breakfast, Ana dear.”

I got into the car and closed the door before the pun registered in my mind and I laughed. “Make sure you clean up the crime scene well when you do, I hear milk is the main ingredient of Elmer’s Glue.”

He tipped an imaginary hat. “Will do, miss.” He closed the door, and we began our drive.


Well since you already know I’m strapped to a chair several months ahead into what is now the present, you know he wasn’t a serial killer. He also wasn’t a rapist or anything else heinous. He was quite right when he said he was a scientist. He hadn’t mentioned he was also an inventor, too. But we’ll get into that later.


Javier and I met up at least a couple times a week for the next several months when he finally accepted my invitation to come over to my apartment. I tell you, he is such a gentleman. He refused to go into my bedroom with me.

“Listen,” I told him gently, “I may be a kid at heart, but I’m also an adult. Physically and in some ways emotionally and mentally. I’ve had sex before. Hell, I first had sex when I was still a kid physically!” I raised an eyebrow. “Or are you saving yourself for marriage?”

He looked a little embarrassed. “Oh, it’s not that.”

“Are you a virgin?”

He laughed nervously. “No, it’s not that, either. I guess it’s just… well, I guessed from our previous talks that you’ve had sex before, and it’s not your assigned sex at all. I guess… well… no, forget it. Let’s just say it’s my own personal issues. Besides, we’re not even dating, really. We’re just friends.”

My face went sad. “Is that what you really think?”

He saw my face and ran one hand through his hair. “Oh, oh no, I’m sorry. I… I just don’t know. I…” he looked around briefly. “Is there anyone else here today?”

“No. My roommate is at work til 10. Why?”

“It’s just… well, there’s something I wanted to ask you, but I can’t ask it without first revealing something about myself that I don’t even like to admit to myself. And, well, I’m not sure if I can do that. I’m scared if I do tell you, that you’ll be disgusted with me, and I’m scared that if I don’t tell you, we’ll drift apart. I want to take this in a romantic, and possibly sexual, direction, but… I just don’t know.”

I held his hands in mine and looked deeply into his eyes. “Javier, whatever you need to tell me, know that I won’t be disgusted. I won’t hate you, and I won’t tell anyone else. I'm an excellent judge of character. I am never wrong about people, and I know you are a good man. I trust you, can you trust me?”

“Ana my dear, it’s not a matter of trust. It’s a matter of putting into words what I’ve been trying to deny about myself for so long. But at the same time, you’re my only chance, I think, for any semblance of a normal romantic life. I mean, you’re an adult in many ways, very important ways, but it’s not the adult parts of you I’m attracted to.”

“Oh, I think I know what you mean. It’s called age play, it’s more common than you might think. It’s a form of role play, often sexual, where one partner plays the role of a child, and the other plays the role of the adult or otherwise older person.”

“I’ve heard of that before, Ana. It’s close to what I mean, but it isn’t what I mean.”

Suddenly, it connected. I was silent for a moment before speaking. “Okay, I know I already said I thought I understood, but now I’m sure I know what you mean. You’re attracted to my mind and soul, but not to my body. It’s not about my genitals, it’s that I’m physically an adult. You want someone who is an adult in all the important legal ways, but a child physically.”

He was staring at me with a despair and intensity I’d never seen on his face before or since. He said nothing, but I could tell he was expecting an answer. I held my arms open for him, and he knelt down and let me hold him tight. “Oh Javier, I understand completely. You’re what I’ve been seeking for years, someone who would have sex with me if I were to somehow magically get the little girl body to match my mind and soul. You could never disgust me, Javier, not for that. Not for anything except for murder or rape. I love you for you, Javier.”

I held him tightly as he wept into my chest, and I ran my fingers through his hair.


I don’t know how long we sat like that, but eventually he stopped weeping and wiped his eyes dry. “Are you feeling better, Javier?”

He sniffed. “Yes. Yes, I am. God, it felt good to get that off my chest. You’re right, I’m a good man. I’ve never done anything the law would have a problem with, aside from speeding or double-parking. But I’ve had these feelings for so long, feelings I didn’t know what to do with.” His expression changed, he looked resolute about something. “I found a solution to my problem. A solution that breaks no laws and hurts no one, but gives me what I need. That is, of course, if you’re willing to do it.”

“Willing to do what?”

“I can’t tell you, I have to show you; you’d think I was either mad or joking if I told you.”

“What is it?”

“Are you willing to come with me to my house?”

“Of course, Javier. When?”

“Right now, so I can show it to you.”

“Show me what?”

“I can’t tell you, you’d think I was crazy. I have to show you.”

I sighed. “Fine then, I’ll go and you can show me this mysterious thing. Just let me get my stuff together.”

“Of course. I’ll go wait at the car for you.”


When I was done getting my purse and my jacket, I went outside and saw him sitting in his car. I went over, got in, and we drove. We drove for almost a half an hour to a part of town I'd only been in once, a nicer part of town, and then turned into an area with lots of large houses; one of the wealthier parts of town, which I recognized from some of my walks, which was up in a hilly area of town.

The house we finally stopped at had a nice view down onto the lower parts of town, a red brick house that looked like it cost more than a year’s salary for both my parents combined.

“Wow. I didn’t know you were rich.”

“My workplace pays well. I told you I’m a scientist. I forgot to mention I’m also an inventor. I invent things for a living.”

“You seem to be doing very well.”

“I invent very profitable things. Computer components, weapons for the military, areas of significant breakthrough, and some things that the public won’t see for at least another 10 years. What I want to show you is a private project of mine, I’m not sure if I want to share it or not; I haven’t decided yet.”

“You still can’t tell me what it is?”

He shook his head. “Nope, I have to show you. I’ve used it before, even tested it on myself. I made absolutely sure it was safe, though. I’ve been using it for 5 years without a problem.”

“Well, okay.”

We pulled into his garage, and I stepped out into a very clean three-car garage. “Your place is very nice.”


“You’re welcome.”

“This way,” he said. “Follow me.”

We went into his house. I was immediately impressed by its size; I don’t think I’ve been in such a large house before or since. But it was modestly furnished; he didn’t seem to like it being too fancy, which is good.

He led me over to a huge bookcase. “I know this is going to seem like a cliché, but I like it. There’s a false book on this bookshelf.” He pointed it out. It looked like a book about insects. “I can always tell which one it is, because I don’t like most insects; I wouldn’t really have a book about insects in my collection.”

Javier pulled the insect book, and I heard a click. He pulled the bookshelf forward like a door, and let go of the false book, which swung back into place. Seeing the bookshelf swing like a door, I applauded enthusiastically. “Brilliant!” I exclaimed. “I love secret passages and… wait, why’s there a wall there?”

“Look down at the floor.”

I did, at the floor that had previously been covered by the bookshelves. I didn’t see anything unusual about it at first, but then he pushed on the floor and slid part of it into the wall. In its place was a hole in the floor, big enough for a person to get through, and it had a ladder built into a recess in the passage’s wall.

“You see it?”


He grinned at my childlike wonder. “This way, anyone looking for a secret chamber will check to see if there’s anything behind the wall with sonar, and won’t find anything unusual, even if they figure out that the bookshelf swings. And the panel I pushed down to expose the entrance is sonar-proof, as are the walls of the entrance. Anyone could run a sonar over this area about 100 times and still not find anything unusual. They’d dismiss it as a way to clean behind the bookshelf, probably.”

“This is just awesome! This is probably the most awesome thing I’ve seen in my entire life!”

“And this is just the appetizer, my dear.”

I looked at him with excited incredulity. “There’s something cooler than a secret chamber in your house? What could be cooler than this?”

He grinned. “Oh, you’ll see. You first, Ana; I have to close up behind us.”

I jumped up and down for a moment before climbing down the ladder to the secret chamber. “This is so much awesomeness! If I died now, I would die happy.”

Javier got in behind me, and pulled closed the sliding floor panel. This triggered lights to come on. “Don’t die, please. There’s more, remember?”

“What about the bookshelf? Someone could catch you down here while you’re working!”

“Don’t worry, my dear. I flipped a switch that automatically shuts the bookshelf door.”

“Oh good, then that’s alright. Hey, the bottom! I’m all the way down!”

I moved away from the entrance. We were in a lit room no bigger than a bathroom, which had nothing in it except for a locked door. Javier got down, went over to the door, and dug his keys out of his pockets. “It needs two different keys, and they have to be turned simultaneously, or else it goes into alert status and won’t open at all for 24 hours, except from the inside.”

As he was getting the door taken care of, I looked up at the entrance, and had a thought. “How do you get equipment and stuff down here? It’s such a small doorway.”

“Oh, that’s not the only entrance and exit. There’s a big one for equipment, but it only opens from the inside. And there’s an entrance in the woods behind the house, but it’s hard to find and hard to get into. Aha, here we go.” He turned both of the keys at the same time, and the door’s red light turned green. He turned the knob and held the door open for me. “Little girls first.”

“Thanks!” I went in and started to look around. It was a huge complex of large white rooms, complete with a hallway. Some of the rooms were open, others were closed and locked.

“This way,” he said, and led me down the hallway to the farthest door, which was marked with a red numeral 1. He fumbled for another key, the one for the door.

“Why so many doors?”

“I have lots of personal projects. You’ll get to see them all eventually, I promise. But for now, the one I want you to see is in here. Ah, here we are. Little girls first, of course.”

“You sure I’m little enough,” I asked playfully. “I’m an adult physically, at least.”

“Oh yes,” he said. “You are definitely small enough. Or you will be, anyway.”

I went in. “What do you mean by that?”

“Sorry, I let that slip. Show, not tell.”

“I’m sorry, I just don’t often get this excited. Here I am, in a secret laboratory under a gorgeous house, and we got here through a secret passage. I’m a little overwhelmed with excitement right now, to be honest.”

“As well you should,” he said as he closed the door. “It’s only going to get better from here.”

He led me around a corner in the room, and what I saw there took my breath away. It was a chair with straps for the arms and the feet, and, as I said at the beginning of this story, pointing at the chair was what looked like a shrink ray. And, in a sense, it was; for me, anyway.

“Ooh, bondage,” I said coyly.

“Not exactly.”

Javier went over to the machine and turned it on, letting it warm up. “I’m going to show you how this works by using it on myself.” He turned, taking me by the shoulders, and looked into my eyes. “Before I use this, I want you to know, I swear on all that is holy that what you see before you now is my true form; it has not been altered in any way. If I had never used this machine, I would look the same. Do you understand?”

“Well, not really. But I believe you.”

“Just make sure you remember that after I use the machine, okay?”


“Pinky swear?”

I giggled at the sight of a full-grown man asking for me to pinky-swear. “Okay,” I put my pinky finger around his, “pinky swear.”

“Good.” He went over to the chair and got into position. The straps tightened automatically with a whirr and we waited.

“Once the machine warms up, it will scan me. It already has a scan of me from last time, but people change all the time, so it has to get a new scan. This could take a while; if you want to sit down, there’s a chair there. Its been there for weeks, waiting for me to get the courage to show you this.”

I sat down and smiled. “How long is this gonna take, d’ya think?”

“Only a few more minutes. It’s already started the scan. You hear that sound?”

There was, indeed, a hum. Something like a set of six cameras had come forward from the thing that looked like a shrink ray, and was shining a light on him. “Yeah, I hear it.”

“Just be patient for another minute or so. Once it has a person’s initial scan, subsequent scans don’t take as long. It’s basically just comparing differences.”

“So you’ve invented the first tricorder?”

His expression became thoughtful then. “Damn, you have a good point there. I should share the scanning technology at the very least; it is far superior to anything currently in existence. And it’s something that my employers might release early. It could save lives. Ah, but pay attention, now. The main show is about to start.”

The hum grew more intense, as though the machine were building energy, but the scanner thing was receding into its cubby. The lights on the ray-gun thing were coming on.

“Now, be prepared for a bright light and lots of noise, okay? Don’t be scared, it won’t hurt me. And whatever you do, don’t get up from that chair until I tell you it’s alright. Promise me?”

“I promise.”

“Ah, here we go. Ten, nine, eight, seven,” as he spoke, the hum got more and more intense, and almost all of the lights were coming on. “six, five, four, three, two, one, NOW!”

I must have jumped a whole three feet in the air from my chair at the blast of sound that shot out of it, but the light wasn’t as bright as I’d expected. I saw the ray-gun envelop him in an angelic kind of glow, and I could clearly see his features. And then, more surprising than anything I’d seen all day – more surprising than anything I’d seen all my life – his features started to change. His hair got darker, his face got younger, and he even got shorter after several minutes, and then I realized what was happening: he was getting younger!

The light shut off, and the sounds were reflections of the machine powering down. I looked at Javier Gutierrez, the man I’d fallen in love with, and saw… I saw a 13 year old boy!

“Now you can come over. The machine isn’t getting any electricity coming to it now. That’s one of the safeguards.” And as he said that, I could tell it was Javier, the man in his late 30’s whom I’d fallen in love with, but his voice was that of a 13 year old boy. I ran over to him as the straps loosened and he rubbed his wrists.

I had hoped it was an illusion, but looking at him up close… if it was an illusion, it was a damned good one. I touched his face, his arms, his hands. “You’re… you’re… I’m in love with a teenage boy?”

He shook his head, and took me by the shoulder, which wasn’t as effective with him in this form; he had to stand on his tip-toes to look into my eyes. “No. Remember, Ana? I told you before I got in the machine that I really am a man in his late 30’s, remember? That was my true form, this is a transformation. I can go back to my true form the same way I got this way, do you understand?”

I swallowed, but my mouth was dry. “I understand. You’ve… you’ve built an anti-aging ray!’

He smiled. “Not exactly. It can be used that way, yes; but it’s actually a transformation ray. Turn anything into anything else, turn anyone into any bodily form you can program into the computer. I’ve even turned a pile of dirt into food, even ate nothing but food made that way for three months with no ill effects. Right now I am a 13 year old boy. But I was originally a 39 year old man, and I’ll be that same man once I turn back. Here, I’ll show you; I’ll turn back.”

“No!” I stopped him. “No, don’t turn back yet. I believe you. I know you’d never lie to me; I can tell you’re telling the truth. Just… just wait there for a moment.” I let go and pulled my chair over to sit in front of him. “Come here,” I asked. “I want to feel you some more. I need to convince my heart what my mind knows to be true. Well, further convince it, anyway.”

He smiled, sitting on my lap, and I stared at that smile, how different it looked; yet I could still tell it was Javier’s smile. I thought of how odd it was that I could never have had Javier on my lap for long when he was 39, but now that he was 12… or was it 13? Anyway, I touched his face again, feeling it as though I were blind and trying to memorize his face with my fingertips, but staring at his face all the while.

“Is… is this what you really looked like at age 12?”

“Thirteen. Yeah, it is. It wasn’t too hard, really; the potential for that age already exists in my DNA anyway, because I was 13 once before. Then I just tweaked it, using old photographs as reference points. Making a little girl body for you would be more difficult, though, since you’ve never been one before. Not a cis girl, anyway. But I have a bunch of other forms programmed into this machine. I even tried a cis female form once. It wasn’t too bad.”

He stopped talking as I examined his face so closely that I’d be violating his personal space if we didn’t know each other so well. He looked at me with a bemused look on his face.

“So soft… just like you really were a child.” I sat up. “How’d you get it so accurate? How does it know the textures and fine details of a child’s body? How does it know that children have softer skin than adults?”

“I’m an uncle, I have a sister who has four children, two boys and two girls. I once took the scanner upstairs and convinced my sister to let me scan her and her kids. She agreed, and so I did. That, and I have a smaller version of the scanner that only scans down to the bottom layer of skin, which I used to get DNA scans of people of different races. Over several years, I’ve collected quite a database of body types and races. And a variety of different forms, at least skin-deep anyway. Then I just piece things together, use the software to smooth out the seams and fill in the gaps, make alterations… and there you are.”

I ruffled his hair. “You little voyeur you. That is so awesome.”

I went back to my examination. “How long are you going to stare at my face?”

“Not much longer.”

I brushed his lips with my finger, merely to check, but it gave me an idea. It occurred to me that this was basically a high-tech kink machine. Here we were, both consenting adults, but with him in the form of a 13 year old boy. I normally don’t have any interest in anyone under 18, but seeing as this was a high-tech form of age play… then, too, I don’t even fall for males in general very often, as I’d explained to him before; I’ve had so much reason in my life to be wary of males that I have to fall in love with a man for his heart and mind first. Looks don’t matter to me when it comes to males; all that counts is if they’re kind, loving, accepting souls. Handsomeness didn’t hurt, of course, but its importance to me was 1 out of 100, with their heart and mind counting for 99 out of 100. Maybe this, and not just the knowledge that it was an advanced form of age play, made me do what I did next.

“I love you,” I said, and before he could respond, I kissed him.

It was… interesting. Different, too. When I came up for air, I wondered if this made me a weirdo. But this was Javier Gutierrez, 39 years old, despite the form he was in now, so I found I didn’t much care. I was in love with Javier Gutierrez, so it didn’t matter what form he was in; it didn’t matter what he looked like, he would always be handsome to me because of his heart, his mind, and his soul.

He seemed to be at a loss for what to say, so he said, “Do… would you like to start designing your little girl form now?”

I grinned at him. “Yes, please!


I vaguely registered in my mind the scanner scanning me, preparing for my first ever transformation. This would take a while, so my mind wandered again…


Before we got to designing my new form, he changed back to his normal adult form. Never having really thought about it, as it was impossible before, we discussed the design for a while. After all, simply giving me the right plumbing and genitals and de-aging me wouldn't work; I'd never liked my appearance when I was a kid, I was never pretty. So after our discussion, we had designed a little-girl form for me that kept me a Latina girl with black hair, but changed my eyes from hazel to green, and made my face prettier, with some input from Javier, mostly little details to make it more realistic looking.

Once I got the basic design down, we perfected it, and then he showed it to me by turning himself into that form. Again, I had to touch his face when he took these forms, just to make sure it felt real. I have to admit, he’s an artist when it comes to these different forms; he got it perfect on the first try. And even though we didn’t kiss or anything like that while he was in those forms, I did make him strip down so I could inspect what would be my new form. After all, if I’m going to be a little girl, I want it done right.

Anyway, in the end, it turned out to be perfect. And by perfect, I mean it looked real, complete with “flaws.” It looked like a real little girl, and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I finally would be able to let my true self out to play! Ana Lucia would be set free.


And there’s the lights coming on… the sound is building, the device is powering up. I will soon be a child again, and a cis girl for the first time ever. I can hardly wait!

AHHH! God, that light was bright. I guess it’s brighter when it’s aimed right at you. I barely noticed the noise this time. But the light, the light was changing me. I want so much to watch it happen, but I know I have to keep still. But oh my goodness, I can feel my legs getting shorter! The straps are moving up along with my legs, and the arm straps are doing the same as my arms get shorter and smaller. And the chair seems bigger all of a sudden; my head was right at the top of it earlier, and now it’s more than a head above mine. And my hair – well obviously I can’t feel my hair, but I can feel its pull on my scalp changing.

The light is gone now. The straps undo themselves, and the machine is making that power-down noise. I pull my hand out of the straps, and I give a start. I was expecting this, but of course, seeing it on a screen and becoming it are two entirely different things. Nothing can really prepare you for it, except for prior experience, which I had none of. Sure, I’d seen it happen to Javier several different times, but that’s not much different from seeing it on a screen.

I can’t stop staring at my arms and my hands, which are immediately recognizable as the hands of a seven year old girl. I suddenly grab my hair, checking it out; still black, of course, but shinier, healthier, and it smells different. My hands move to my face, and I feel it under my new, smaller fingertips and under my petite palms. Soft, warm, with no stubble; I feel only the soft “peach fuzz” body hair of childhood. I pull up my dress, made smaller by the transformation, and look at my legs, which are covered in a light down of almost-invisible little-girl leg hair. I wiggle my toes in my sandals, those delightful tiny little kid toes, laughing. I hear my laugh and freeze up with overwhelming excitement and glee. My voice is different. It’s a little girl voice, the kind of voice I have always thought is far more aesthetically pleasing than any adult voice.

I try to speak. “I…” this one word froze me even more. This is so weird; I know I had said it, and I could hear it my head, but it was different. “Holy fucking shit,” I say.

Javier gave an almighty guffaw, which makes me grin sheepishly. Then I freeze up again, wondering what my face looks like. But that can wait; there are more body parts to examine. I look at my arms again, staring at the hair’s detail. Javier is probably over there grinning at me; he’s probably thinking that I’m going to be at this awhile. He’s probably right.

I move from examining my arm to lifting up my shirt to look at my belly. I had lost so much weight, not even counting the loss in mass. For a moment I wondered where all that excess mass went to, then remembered that Javier had explained that to me already; the beam didn’t just change one’s form, it also took or added mass as was needed if transforming to something less massive or more massive than the original form, as needed. So there was another application – weight loss!

Oh hey, I just had a thought. So now I’m putting down my shirt and apprehensively looking at my new crotch, or where it would be if I could see it through my dress. I’d been born with “male” genitals, and now my body is cis female. I had to make certain, though. I pulled the waist of my dress and panties forward and stuck my hand down there, going right to my crotch. And, of course, I felt not a penis and testicles, but a vagina and clitoris. I froze like that, my fingers in my vagina.

My vagina, I thought. My vagina. My vagina.

I have a vagina.

I’m a girl.

Oh my god, what the hell? Why am I bawling my eyes out? What’s with these tears?

Javier comes over to me, desperately shouting, “What’s wrong? Did something go wrong? Did we miss something?”

I’m still crying, but I shake my head to indicate no.

“So nothing is wrong?”

I shake my head ‘yes.’

He’s smiling, I think; it’s hard to tell through the tears. But I can hear a smile in his voice as he says, “So you’re crying tears of joy?”

Yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Oh god, I’m so glad he’s holding me. Holding me in his arms, which were big and warm and comforting before, and are even more so now. I’m a little girl. I’m his little girl. This is an advanced form of age play, and he’s my Daddy. And then also, he made the machine that made this miracle possible. So he made my new form, which makes him my Daddy in that sense, too.

It took me quite a while to calm down, and even after I calmed down, I stayed in Daddy Javier’s arms. He had long since moved me to the bed in the room next to the transformation room, locking the door behind us.

God, it felt so weird that first time, being so small that I was laying on top of him as though I weighed no more than a collie. It was even stranger feeling his hands over my body, my brain getting different signals than it normally did.

“How is it I can move in this new form without being the clumsiest person alive? What about proprioception?”

“Part of the machine’s programming is to alter the brain’s idea about what your body looks like. Your conscious mind still remembers the differences, but your subconscious has been reprogrammed with a new model of your body. Does that explain it?”

I nodded. Then I yawned and sat up, my legs straddling his body. “I wanna see my new body.”

“Alrighty then, my little girl. But first, let me pick you up!”

Before I could protest, he picked me up and stood up and held me over his head.

“Ohmigawd it’s so HIIIIIGH!” I began to scream, a sound of fear mixed with glee. Instead of stopping, he revolved on the spot, so I was spinning. “No, Daddy, don’t! Seriously, I get motion sick really easily.”

He stopped and set me down. “Sorry about that, sweetie. Hey… did you call me Daddy?”

I grinned. “Yes, I did. Because you’re my age play Daddy, and because you made this new form for me, so you’re my Daddy that way, too.”

“Cool. I’m deeply honored, Ana my sweet.”

I grinned back. Then I noticed the mirror and went over to it.

I stood in front of the mirror, where I saw a little Latina girl, so much prettier than I'd been as an actual child. When I lifted my left arm, she lifted hers. When I lifted my right arm, so she lifted hers. Then I got closer, so close my breath fogged the glass, and made faces in the mirror for several minutes, fascinated by little details like the slightly crooked teeth, one of which was half grown in, and a couple odd freckles here or there placed at random. Then I pulled my dress and panties down and looked at my brand-new vagina.

Far from making me happy, I got sad again. Javier seemed to notice this too, as he put his hand on my shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

“That’s just it… I am happy.”

He looked confused. “So what’s the--”

“It’s just that… I can’t ever go back to that old cruddy body with its wrong genitals. I don’t want to go back to that!”

“But you can’t stay in this form forever, my dear. People would miss you. You would be reported missing. And if you revealed the truth… well, I don’t want to think about it. My work might get confiscated, at the very least.”

“Then can we change my adult form? Make it fully female? And then take away five pounds’ weight each time I turn back, until I’m at a better weight?”

He squeezed my shoulders. “Of course we can, my dear. I’ve given you this dream come true, a dream that you can only have come true for limited pieces of time. But I’d be thrilled to give you the permanent dream fulfillment of being female of body even in your adult form.”

“Could you cure diseases with this? I don’t mean like viruses and stuff, but genetic diseases, and other non-communicable diseases like diabetes?”

“Hmm… I guess I could. Yeah, I could. Compare a scan of a healthy adult to someone with diabetes and make some slight changes. Yes, this machine could cure diabetes, and genetic diseases. All the more reason to eventually share it with my workplace, so they can share it with the world. But you don’t mind us using it selfishly for a few years, do you?”

I smiled. “No, I don’t mind. After all, you need proof that it’s not harmful. You can say that you were performing human testing on a volunteer, which you would be. We have to make sure it’s completely safe, after all.”

He nodded, and there was silence for a moment.

“Javier, how long would it take to make the changes to my original form?”

“Oh, let’s see… I already have a program that you could call a ‘sex change’ program, on the machine. It’s fairly simple. But we’d have to tweak it a little. Things like your breast size, your voice, and your weight should be done by degrees, otherwise you’d have a hard time explaining how they happened.”

I nodded, since this made sense.

“But removal of body hair from unwanted areas and changing your ‘plumbing’ are fairly straightforward. You wouldn’t have to go back to your 'male' form ever again, my dear.”

“SQUEEEEEE!” I shouted and hugged him tight. “This is like a lifetime of Christmases all in one day!”

“Anything for my little girl,” he said, ruffling my hair.

“I love you, Daddy.”

It didn't take us long to design my new true form and test it out. After spending an hour as a little seven year old girl, it felt weird to go back to my old body, even if it was altered. I checked the new design in the mirror and with my hands. I grinned like a mad person at the vagina still being there, and still being completely hairless down there without the need to shave. I also grinned that I would no longer have to shave my legs, face, or torso. I had hair where I wanted it, and none where I didn't want it. And I had lost five pounds. My breasts were also slightly larger than before; I doubt anyone but me would have noticed, it was so subtle. And, part of the design that couldn't be seen, they would work. I had all the working plumbing. Javier had studied enough scans of women that he'd been able to give me very light periods, but if I stayed in this form long enough, I would start to have my period. I could get pregnant in this form if I so desired. So I would need to visit Planned Parenthood at some point, and get some feminine hygiene products.

I was also pleased to find that all the ingrown hairs and other flaws in my skin had vanished.

Having tested out that form and getting it set as my true form (with my true original form put on file just in case), we went back to the little girl form.

“Up,” I said, holding my arms up. He picked me up and said, “You take to this form like a fish to water, my dear.”


“So what do you want to do next, Dear?”

“I wanna go out and play! Like, at a park!”

He laughed merrily. “I'm not surprised. Alright, let's do that then.”

We went upstairs again, and Javier spent some time getting some things together to go outside with me. While I waited for him to do that, I explored his large house with my much smaller body. It was a little weird not being able to see some things or reach them, but it was a good kind of weird. I felt comfortable in my skin for the first time in my whole life, that I could remember.

When he was done and announced he was ready, I ran over to him (oh how awesome it is to be able to run without getting winded or feeling like a land whale!) and hugged him. “You ready, Daddy?”

“Almost, honey. Just forgot something in the bedroom.”

I waited again as he retrieved whatever it was from the bedroom. What he came back with kind of surprised me, for among the things he had was a pair of bike helmets, one being a bright pink kids' helmet.

“We're going to the nearest park by bike,” he explained, “because it's good exercise and good for the environment, and little girls should get plenty of exercise.

“I've been hoping for months that this day would come,” he continued, putting on his own helmet. “Ever since our first date, I thought I'd finally found someone who would be my little girl, it just took me months to work up the courage to be sure. So... I already had a lot of things planned out ahead of time, based on our talks, including parts of your Ana form pre-set. Like, I looked up the average height and weight for girls that age and made you exactly 121 centimeters tall.”

He took a breath, then continued. “Also, I got you some gifts, like this helmet, a few sets of clothes, and a bike I'm sure you'll love.”

My eyes went wide. He handed me the helmet, and I got a better look at it. It was a Stephanie of LazyTown helmet! I squeed in delight.

“If you like that, you'll love the bike.”

Javier led me out of the room and through a door leading to his garage. In it was a normal adult bike on one side of the 2-car garage (his Prius on the other side) and behind the adult bike was...

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!” I shouted, gleeful. For it was a Stephanie of LazyTown bicycle, complete with pink streamers coming out of the handlebars. There was even a mount for a water bottle, and when I asked about it, Javier handed me a Stephanie of LazyTown water bottle. I was having the best day ever! It would be hard to top this. He ran off briefly to get something. When he came back, he had in his hands a pair of jean shorts and a yellow flowered cami top for me to change into, since the sundress wouldn't be good for either biking or playing, really. Since there were no windows, I just changed there in front of him. He put my sundress away and returned.

We both got everything ready, putting on our helmets and other things on (Javier was bringing a picnic lunch and a camera with us). When we were all ready, we walked the bikes out a side door and, from there, over to the sidewalk. He went back in to check that all the doors were locked, coming out the garage's side door again when he was done. Then he put his GPS device onto a brace on his handlebars, using it to direct us to a park he thought I would like. After a ride of about 10 minutes, we made it to a rather large park with lots of play equipment and loads of kids. We locked our bikes up and took our gear with us, finding a nice shady place to settle down where he could watch me. He told me he was going to get some pictures of me later, but first it was time for me to enjoy myself.

I looked nervously at the mass of playing children. I had to feel my new body in places to remind myself I now looked like the child I really was inside, and so it was perfectly okay for me to join in. With one last moment taken to build up courage, I ran over to them, and threw myself full throttle into my second childhood.


When we got back to his house later, I was still excited from playing. It had been so much fun to be around people my true age, and be interested in their games, especially considering the fact I'd avoided other children during my initial childhood.

We got our bikes and helmets and stuff put away, and Javier brought me into the living room. I sat down and turned on the TV, kicking out of my shoes and pulling off my new, smaller socks with the small hands I was still trying to get used to, and watched myself wriggle my toes.

“Well, dear, I was wondering if spaghetti sounds good for dinner tonight?” Javier asked from the doorway to the kitchen.

“Oooh, pasketii! Yum!” I said with glee. “With meatballs?”

He grinned. “Sure thing, Ana my dear,” and went into the kitchen.

I wasn't really paying attention to the TV while I waited, because I was getting a feeling in my nethers that was vaguely familiar, but slightly different. I was sure I knew what it was, though. I was also sure I knew why I was feeling it; I was in Javier's home, my body was a 7 year old girl now, and I knew dinner was probably one of the few things between me and the best sex I'd ever had. I had, after all, just been thinking along those lines before it started, and now that familiar tingling in my bits was getting stronger. I decided it was time to explore masturbation with my new anatomy. Of course, it was entirely possible I'd have to re-explore it once I got my modified adult form, but hey, this could be counted as a practice run.

So, sneaking my right hand down the side of my jean shorts, which were the kind with the stretchy waist, I felt under my panties and started exploring my new genitalia. I had been into my second childhood for only a few hours, and already I was impatient to masturbate! I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait for Javier to take my little-girl virginity, either. I really wanted to know how it felt for a girl down there, so – like a naughty little girl, I started playing with myself.

It took me a few minutes poking around, even though I knew where to look, but soon enough I had found my little pleasure button. I won't lie like many porn writers and claim I was instantly electrified with pleasure; I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. Like any experimentation, it took some figuring out. But sooner than I would have guessed, I was on my way towards my first orgasm as a girl – and my body looked 7! I almost wish I'd been recording audio while doing this, because in the few moment I was able to notice, the little grunts and pants and noises coming from my now 7 year old body were soo adorable!

I have no idea how long Javier had been standing there watching, but I was finally startled out of my fun by noticing him at last. I shrieked – adorably, I might add – and shouted, “Oh my god, how long've you been there!”

“Long enough,” he said grinning. “You enjoying yourself?”

“Not half as much as I could have.” I said. “you interrupted me before I could finish!”

“Sorry, Ana. I didn't mean to. You just noticed me at last!”

I pulled my pants up, since they had slipped a little, and said, “I was thinking about your cock, Daddy.”

“Really? But you haven't even seen it yet.”

“Can I see it tonight, Daddy?”

“Sure you can, Ana. But first, it's time for dinner.”

“Ah yes, pasketti and meatballs!!!” I shouted gleefully.

“And after dinner, you can have my sausage and meatballs.”

“With cream sauce?”

“Maybe, if you're a really good girl.”

The rest of the meal, we talked about various things, none of it really interesting to you, I'm sure. But after the meal was done and the dishes in the dishwasher, Javier said, “You know, if we're really to get into the roles of Daddy and Daughter, Ana, then I should help set the mood more.”


“Yes. It's been a long, hard day for both of us, Ana. I think I should give you a bath.”

I wrinkled my nose, getting into the role even though I liked the idea and thought I knew where he was going with this. “A bath? You gotta catch me first!” I ran off, giggling as he chased me around the house, finally grabbing me and lifting me up onto his shoulders. “So high!” I said for the second time today.

When we got to the first doorway, he had to shift me into his arms, turning me so I could wrap my arms around his neck. It felt wonderful, the warmth of his body against mine. He carried me that way into his bedroom, saying, “I've got some things in here for you, Ana.”

He set me down on the floor again, and went through his closet looking for whatever it was he had put in there for me.

“More gifts, Daddy? You're spoiling me!”

“Anything for my little girl. Ah, here it is.”

He took down a big box full of stuff and set it in front of me. There was a Tinkerbell bath towel, a rubber ducky, some toy boats, and my favorite Disney Fairies body wash, and kids strawberry-scented shampoo/conditioner. “Wow!” I exclaimed. “Bathtime is gonna be soooo fun!”

“I sure hope so. Now, since you don't have your own bedroom here, my room will have to suffice for before and after bath time. So take off your clothes, young lady, for your bath!”

I gave a big mock sigh, and said, “Oh alright. Hold onta your shorts.” I pulled my yellow cami shirt off over my head and pulled down both my short pants and panties at once, all done in about 10 seconds. There I stood, naked, a little girl in every respect but the fact I was chronologically actually 27 years old.

He just stood there, smiling and looking me up and down. I decided to be petulant. “You gonna point me to the bathroom for my bath, or not?”

Javier grinned. “Just admiring the view.”

He came up to me, squatted down to my level, and smacked my ass. I gave a cry of surprise, and he laughed.

“Fine,” I said, running away, “now you havta catch me again!”

I spent the next few minutes running naked through the house, squealing and laughing, him laughing and making monster noises, before finally he swooped me up and held me upside-down by his shoulders.

“Eeek! No! Everything's upside down! Put me down please!”

He laughed again, putting me right-side up, but not setting me down. “Nope. My little girl needs a bath,” he said, carrying me into the bathroom, changing to carry me like a sack of potatoes over one shoulder. I let him do this, playfully pretending to claw at his back while doing little rawrs.

When we got there, he set me down on the toilet and began running the bathwater. When it was full enough, he took my hair out of its pigtails and put the bands in his pocket. Then he went into the other room and brought all of the bath things we had left in the bedroom earlier.

“YAY!” I shouted, clapping enthusiastically. For the first time in a long, long time, I would have a bath where I wouldn't feel like I might get stuck in the tub.

I got into the warm water, sitting down, and sighed. The sensation of the water on my new, younger skin felt so good that my little-girl genitals were tingling with pleasure. The next hour, playing with the toy boats and ducks and so on, was the greatest. And after the hour was over, Javier came back in and – like any good Daddy – insisted I actually get clean. He washed and rinsed my hair, soaped up my body and scrubbed all the dirt off it (pausing to mess around with my girly bits using his fingers, which got giggles out of me), and rinsed me off. All without getting soap in my eyes or water in my ears. He would make a really good father, I knew. I also knew he wouldn't molest a real child. Especially since he'd hesitated before doing it to me, as though he'd had to remind himself I wasn't actually a child, that I just looked and sounded and felt like one.

When the bath was over, Javier had to practically drag me out of the tub and into the comparatively chilly air. Being in this new body really brought out the little kid in me, more than usual, so I wasn't really acting anymore. He got me into my big Tinkerbell bath towel, drying my hair and gently combing it, and toweling off my body. Then he picked me up, still wearing the towel, and carried me into his bedroom, where he dressed me in what he said was Josefina's night shift for girls that he bought from American Girl. I was thrilled, after years of looking through American Girl catalogs, to be able to finally wear something from them!


It was a little uncomfortable walking barefoot on the cold floor on the way down the secret passageway to the bedroom next door to the transformation room, even after having my hair dried. I was going to be so glad when we were able to get into the carpeted bedroom.

Seeing I was cold, Javier put an arm between my legs and picked me up. “By the way, Ana dear, in anticipation of bringing you here, I changed the passcode for the door, here, to something you'll be able to remember.”

“Oh? To what?”

“My pussy belongs to Daddy.”

I giggled at this.

When we got to the bedroom, Javier closed the door behind us and set me down on the bed. Then he took his shoes off and sat down on the bed next to me. He took a moment to set the alarm, since he had to work the next day, just in case he didn't get to his own bed upstairs. I also took the time to send a text message to my roommate informing her I'd be staying the night at my boyfriend's house, so she wouldn't worry.

Nothing much happened at first. I snuggled up to him, and we cuddled and kissed a little. It was warm and cozy under the blanket with him, and felt so nice being such a little girl cuddling against my new Daddy. His hands caressed my hair, my shoulders, my back, arms, and legs. It felt soooo good, that I wriggled atop him and kissed him again. Our kisses were constantly being cut short by the fact I was having trouble getting enough air through my nose, but I don't think either of us minded.

A few minutes into this, I pulled my nightgown off and tossed it aside, laying there in just my Minnie Mouse panties, and Javier began to rub my body sensuously all over.

After a while, I started to think he was uncomfortable actually doing anything with me beyond that. Like, perhaps he was scared that it was too much like being with a real child. I wasn't sure, of course, but I had strong evidence in that whenever he would approach my girly bits, or even my chest, he would back off. So, when I next felt his hand creeping toward my chest, I scooted such that his hand slipped right onto my little nipples.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I said, “rub my nipples, please?”

Taking his cue with a sigh of relief, Javier slowly and softly began rubbing my nipples. It felt so good, I had to stop kissing him because I was just enjoying it too much to do anything else.

Once he got started rubbing my nipples, it didn't take him long to really get into it. I was no doubt helping him along with my small moans of pleasure. The warm tingling in my crotch was getting stronger, and I could feel I was getting wet down there, but I let him continue. Before long, he scooted me forward some and started to lick them and suck them. I was enjoying this all so much, more than I'd ever enjoyed sex before, and part of me longed to be fucked right then and there, to feel his relatively large cock in my newly small cunt. But I was enjoying this so much, and I knew fucking would just end it prematurely, so I let him continue. But I was so horny that I was rubbing my crotch against him, to stimulate myself down there through my panties and his pants while he sucked on my nipples.

It didn't take him long to notice this, and switch back to rubbing my nipples with his fingers while he said, “Is my little girl very very horny?”

I'd like to say I made some intelligent sound, but it was really just an affirmative grunt, as I continued rubbing against him.

“Well, then, I'll have to pleasure you down there.”

It was a small agony to stop long enough for him to move me down onto the bed and pull down my panties, but I managed. I rubbed my own nipples as he began to tease my pussy, running his hot, wet tongue along the inside of my thigh, to trace my completely hairless pubic mound, and finally flicking my clit with his tongue before full-on eating out my pussy.

There was no instantaneous orgasm like you might see in fiction. It just felt really, really good. Almost like masturbation, but not quite. There are ups and downs in these things, whereas you're always in control when masturbating, which makes orgasm come faster. I didn't want a fast orgasm. I was enjoying the ups and the downs.

It's impossible to keep track of time if you're having sex and really enjoying it. So I don't know how long it was before having my first orgasm in my little girl form. It wasn't an explosion, it was subdued; a strong shudder went through my whole body, and I gave the most adorable little squeak as I climaxed. Javier, delightfully evil thing that he is, kept right on eating me out. I had another two orgasms of the same sort before he stopped, took his shirt off, and pulled me onto his chest to rest awhile, stroking my hair as I lay there.

When I was rested up enough, and feeling horny again, I kissed him a few more times, then – with the sudden shift in focus a real child might have – scooted down to his crotch area and unzipped his pants. “I want to see Mr. Willy,” I said, utterly seriously.

He chuckled and smiled. “If you like, then, silly girl.”

I pulled his pants down and off, and his underwear as well. I stared at his cock as though I'd never seen one before. I grabbed it with one hand, and 'fluffed' it with the hand job til it got hard as could be, then fluffed it some more. I looked at Javier; he was obviously enjoying this treatment.

I felt my own mouth with my free left hand, and tried to figure out if I could take the whole thing in or not. Considering my Ana form is only 7, I wasn't sure I could. Not just orally, as I was contemplating, but anywhere else. Would his cock fit in my small cunt? Or my little bumhole? I didn't know. If it did, it would hurt. But then, trying was going to be half the fun for me. And I like a little pain.

I started out licking it. First once, then twice, then a bunch of times all over, slowly and deliberately, teasing him. After putting him through a lot of delightful agony that way, I finally started to put the head into my mouth. I found I could only get it halfway in before starting to gag. I eased up a little, and moved my head back and forth, his cock going up and down in my mouth, as I wiggled my tongue around, driving him mad with ecstasy. His body was tensing up a lot from my treatment of his cock!

So engrossed was I in what I was doing that I barely had time to register his words “Oh my god, I'm coming!” when there was a hot spurt of salty cum against my tongue. It made me pause, kneeling quite still. He relaxed, crumpling in a heap, and unable to notice my hesitation. I let his cock fall out and continued holding the cum on my tongue. I crawled over to where I could show him better, poked his shoulder to get his attention, and like a proud little girl stuck out my tongue and pointed at it.

Seeing this, he smiled wanly and said, “I see. What are you going to do with it now?”

I closed my mouth, grinned, and swallowed it. “Ta da!”

He ruffled my hair. “Aww, is that the first time my little girl has swallowed cum?”

“I think so. Not sure.”

“Mmm. So you've sucked cock before?”


“It shows.”

I giggled.

“So, my little Ana is a cocksucking little cumslut, eh? I'm so proud of my little girl.” He held me close to him again as I let him recover. But I was still horny myself. I hoped he'd be up to one last thing before we called it a night. I didn't have to be fucked that night, I knew, but I was a little impatient. I'd been waiting over two decades to be a girl, and almost as long to be fucked like one. I sat there, using my fingers to stimulate my clit as he rested up, the very smell of him enough to arouse me.

We talked awhile, and I gave him little kisses here and there. He caressed me gently, lovingly, as we lay there. So it was that he was very hard, again. Being anything but subtle about my desires, I rubbed my pussy lips up and down against his cock. I was excited and nervous. I couldn't see down there very well, but I could see enough to know his cock was much bigger than my little cunt.

He rolled onto his side, and grinned. “Impatient to be fucked, Ana?”

I blushed, and nodded.

“Well okay then.” He paused and considered things. “Hmm... how best to do this...”

He considered many angles, deliberating a bit too long for my taste. But I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't stalling or kidding, he was genuinely concerned. I figure he didn't want to hurt me, and may have been having powerful doubts about the whole thing. So I decided to help him.

“I've got an idea, Daddy,” I said to him.

“Yes, honey?”

He was standing up beside the bed, and his cock was right there, which made it perfect. I crawled around on the bed and got into a position on my back right in front of him, scooted closer, and lifted my legs in the air.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard. And don't worry if I cry a little. I like a little pain. And if it's too much for me, I'll say 'red light.' Okay?”

He looked dubious at first, but smiled reluctantly. “Well, I'll be gentle at first, okay?”

“That's fine, Daddy.”

Javier grabbed some lube from the nearby end table and lubed up his pecker. I rubbed my nipples and struggled to keep my legs up in the air. Then he grabbed my legs, held them up for me, and slowly, gently pushed his cock into my pussy.

Being the size and dimensions of an average 7 year old girl, this was a lot more difficult than I had thought it would be. His first few attempts did nothing but put pressure on my pussy before his cock slipped off. He checked with his fingers, to make sure he had his aim right, then tried again. He pushed harder. The pressure hurt a little, but not much. Suddenly, though, it broke through, making my teeth clench; with my mouth closed, I uttered a muted wail. Fuck, that hurt!

He pulled out, and I was crying. The poor dear man looked about ready to cry himself, and was in such a state I ended up comforting him more than he was comforting me. I didn't let myself be moved from my position.

“Daddy,” I said. “It's okay. It was just a little more than I thought it would be. Come on, Daddy, you can do it. Fuck me.”

It took some more cajoling on my part, the poor dear, but finally he agreed, lubed up again, and tried once more.

His cock met with less resistance this time, but it was still pushing and pushing for a bit before it slipped in, again. It hurt enough that I clenched my teeth again, but didn't make a sound. He had paused to gauge my reaction. I gave him the green light to go ahead, and he started gently moving it back and forth. It slipped out a few times, each re-insertion easier than the last, before he got into a good rhythm, able to keep it in.

I'd been fucked in the ass before, but this was different. It felt better, for one. There was still that pleasant pressure of a huge piece of man-meat inside my body, and he was big enough that it still hurt just being in there, but oh my god, I was loving it. He was actually managing to (usually) rub my clit at the same time, too.

As things progressed, he got bolder, and thrust harder. I encouraged this with moans of pleasure and the occasional “Harder.” Under my continued cajoling, he eventually thrust until it was hurting something inside me. I clenched my teeth again, but all I would say was “Harder!” Only when I was giving a yelp of mixed pain and pleasure on every thrust was I satisfied, and he was so engrossed that he didn't even slow down.

After a long time of this, he could not hold back any longer, and came. It was a truly weird and awesome feeling to feel his semen inside my body. I didn't come, but I was fine with that. I finished off by myself, my own orgasm only a couple minutes behind his.

We were both bushwhacked, and had no more sex that night. We fell asleep in that bed together, naked and cuddling on the way to dreamland. My pussy was still sore from the pounding it had gotten, but I didn't mind. I'd had my first fucking as a girl, and it had been in Ana form.


At far-too-early in the morning, 7 AM actually, Javier's alarm screeched me awake. I had a moment of disorientation as I tried to figure out what kind of dream I was having that made me feel so small.

“Sorry about the alarm, Ana dear,” Javier said. “I have to go to work.”

Deciding I was still dreaming, I grunted and fell back asleep.

Hours later, I woke up again, again had that disorientation. I looked at my hands. I got out and looked at my naked body, in my Ana form, in the mirror. It all looked real enough, but I was wary. I could still be dreaming. So I did the tests. My eyes were wide open, and felt open. The light level was definitely too high for a dream, and the details were too rich; the straight lines stayed straight. The carpet felt real under my feet, and the air had a slight chill to it that I could feel in my nakedness. I could remember the events of the day before. I still wasn't sure.

I looked around for my nightgown, saw it folded neatly on a nearby table. But right next to it was a folded pile of clothes with a note attached. I read the note. “You're not dreaming, my dear. Anyway, here are some clothes for you to wear. I left instructions on how to return to your modified default form, if you so desire. I hope you remember the password for the doorway, but if not, it's 'My pussy belongs to Daddy.' Oh, and until we can come up with an explanation for why you're here, keep the noise down upstairs, and don't answer the door if anyone knocks or rings the bell.”

Deciding that if it were a dream, I didn't want to wake up, I set the note aside and looked at the clothes. Oh. My. God. Pink-and-white striped dress, white tights, pink socks, pink-and-white sneakers, and a pink Stephanie of LazyTown wig. It was Stephanie's outfit! I squeed with delight and put it on. Javier was gonna spoil me rotten at this rate.

All dressed, I opened the door, climbed up into the upstairs of the house, and closed the bookshelf behind me. I went to the bathroom... and stood there pondering the potty for a while. Specifically, I was nervous about getting on the toilet when I was so much smaller than usual. Sure, I was the size of an average 7 year old, but it was still nerve wracking. Finally, I had to pee so bad that I sat down on it. There, no problem. All that fuss over nothing. My butt was just the right size for the toilet seat.

Potty over with, I washed my hands and went in search of food. I wanted something simple for breakfast, since I was still getting used to this new body. Atop the fridge was a selection of cereals, but none looked particularly appealing. But, it's what he had, so I grabbed a chair and tried to get up there to get one. But even though it wouldn't make me any higher up than in my default form, my fear of heights stopped me cold on the verge of going up. The chair wobbled slightly, and it felt like higher up given my new smaller size. Then, too, what if I got hurt while Javier was gone? Even assuming I made it to a phone to call 911, I didn't know the address. Further, how would my presence be explained? There'd be too many questions. So I decided not to get the cereal.

I went to the front of the fridge instead, and saw something that made me feel like an idiot. Another note, right at my eye level. I read it and felt even stupider. It read, “Ana, there are cereals, pop tarts, fruit, peanut butter, and bread in the red cupboards behind you. I also have toaster strudels in the freezer. The toaster is also at your level.”

I looked closer at the fridge; it was the kind where the left half was a freezer and the right half was the refrigerator. I looked at the red cupboards. I opened the freezer and fridge; everything I might want was easy for me to access. I closed those, and opened the cupboards. He was right; all kinds of stuff was in there. I thought about it, and it made sense. He'd been planning this for weeks or longer, trying to screw up the courage to bring me here and use the transformation ray on me. So of course he had everything at my level, just in case I needed it. There was no telling what day he'd finally have the courage to do it at last.

Smiling, then laughing at my own idiocy, I prepared a simple cereal breakfast, with a half a turkey sandwich in case my body still needed meat as much as before the transformation, and sat down in front of the TV.

TV was boring in the daytime, just as it had been during my first childhood. Even more boring in that I was rather picky about what kids shows I liked, and none of the ones I cared for were on. It was also the wrong time of day for Wheel of Fortune. So once my breakfast was finished, I turned off the tube and wandered around the house a bit, wondering what I could do on my own. It seemed to be the only thing Javier had overlooked, as the only toys were the ones for the bath last night. So when I found a computer, I turned it on, hoping I could use it. When the login screen came up, I saw he'd made an account for me. I clicked it; no password. Soon, I was able to get on the Internet.

Man, I so wanted to tell my blogs and FB friends everything that had happened, but I couldn't. It was all beyond belief. Either they'd not believe me, and call me crazy, or they'd believe me, and that would be bad for Javier and for me. Besides, I was a bit paranoid about FBI spy programs. So I simply told as much as I could, leaving out details that gave away the truth. I told them that Javier had finally invited me to his home, and we'd had a lot of fun, ending the night with sex. I told them about the bath and the nightgown, though I made it sound like the nightgown was hand-made, and made them think we'd been doing normal ageplay. I made sure to friends-lock it, too.

Using the computer with the new body took a little getting used to, but I got used to it fairly quickly. But it took only a couple hours for me to get bored with it, so I closed the browser and went off in search of something to do.

I ended up downstairs, using the 'My pussy belongs to Daddy' pass-phrase to get in, and wandered around. The only doors not locked were the one to the transformation ray and to the bedroom. So I sat down at the terminal and looked at different forms in the database. I happened upon my default form, noticed that the next time I got into it, I would be 10 pounds lighter than I'd been the day before. Then I looked at my Ana form. I was currently 121 centimeters tall and weighed 50 pounds. My default form was 185 centimeters tall, and weighed 250 pounds. Holy shit, no wonder the change was hard to get used to. I was gonna feel like a whale when I changed back. I was just glad that my weight would be getting smaller. Wait... oh, my default form was set to change to 240 pounds when I took it on again. Better.

I looked a little harder, and saw that it would stay 240 for three weeks before being shifted down to 230. This cycle would continue, losing 10 pounds every three weeks, until I was down to a healthy 160, which would be about average for my height. Well, it would be maddening taking almost 190 days to lose that weight when that I could be brought down to 160 in one fell swoop, but 10 pounds every three weeks was one hell of a diet, otherwise. My stupid body refused to lose weight on its own no matter what, so this was good. And I'd have time to come up with an explanation for how I was losing weight at last.

I also watched the projected outcome, how my body would change over time. As I was losing weight in my gut, I'd be gaining in breast size, a centimeter every three weeks. Didn't sound like much at first, but that was going to be a 9 centimeter gain. I checked it out. Nine centimeters was about four inches. Four inches added to the bust I already had in my default form, I was going to gain a cup size or so. I looked again. The weight loss cut off at 160, but the bust size was programmed to keep increasing a centimeter until I was satisfied with the size.

After another couple hours of looking through those, I was bored again. There wasn't much in the bedroom, so I went back upstairs and started poking around. I thought maybe I'd find more gifts, or toys, something to alleviate my boredom, but I was having no luck. So I looked at the books on the bookshelves. There were a few kids books, some YA books, but most of it was just technical journals and science books.

A bit more digging around, and I found some old glasses without any lenses, an old lab coat, and some paper, pens, and markers. I drew a bunch of paper dolls for myself and lined them up like students at a lecture hall in college. I dressed in the empty glasses and the lab coat, holding a copy of Darwin's Origin of Species and began to lecture my paper class on evolution.

I was facing an imaginary blackboard and prattling on about the duck-billed platypus to my flimsy, drooping paper dolls (a perfect symbol of college student boredom) when I heard that distinctive sound of tires on gravel, and the garage door opening up. I experienced a moment of fear, like what if it wasn't Javier but a relative of his? But soon enough, I heard Javier call for me. He came into the living room and spotted me playing science professor, at which he smiled.

“Hey there Ana,” he said.

I ran over to him and hugged him. “Daddy! Oh I'm so glad you're back. I was so damn bored.”

“Well I see you managed to entertain yourself anyway.” He took the book from my hand. “Darwin, eh?”

“I was lecturing my students about evolution. I was discussing the platypus when you drove up.”

He chuckled. “Sorry about not leaving any toys for you, I can't believe I managed to forget that. But you know, you could've gone back to your default form and gone home. I left instructions.”

“I know, Daddy. But I didn't want to. I like this form.”

“Well, dear, I can understand. But I'm gone a lot. I got out early today.”


He must have sensed I wasn't exactly thrilled. “Well, if you don't want to go back to your default form yet, you could have designed a new form.”

“Hmmm... I guess so.”

“Well you can do that some other time. For now... I hate to ruin your mood, but I have to be up early tomorrow. You can stay for dinner, but after that, we need to get you into adult form. If all goes well, you can come over in a couple of days. If not, I'll call you. But I expect things to go well.”

I nodded. “Okay, Daddy. I'll miss you.”

“You can spend the time thinking of things you want to do as a child. I'll take you somewhere special when we can be together again, alright?”

“YAY!” I replied.

With that happy thought to look forward to, we ate dinner, talking about our days. Then we went back downstairs and I got switched to a female version of my adult form, just as we'd planned. I felt the same as I had before the first transformation, except for two things. One, I think my breasts were larger. And two, I felt between my legs to be sure, and sure enough, a vagina. I grinned. We said our goodbyes, and Javier drove me home.


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