Kelly's Story, A Whateley Tale - Part 3

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Kelly's Story

A Whateley Tale

Written by Nuuan

"This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at ("

Copyright © 2016 by Nuuan

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the Author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Chapter 18

Once Carl saw that the two nurses did in fact begin to follow the orders Larry had given them, Carl left the lab in search of Larry, the last thing he needed was Larry telling the family that Mr. Lekka was now Miss Lekka. The first thing Carl needed to do was determine if the machine had anything to do with the gender change and age regression. If Larry’s devise did that to him, no he could not think like that, Larry may be strange but he was never wrong, Carl would have to prove that before the press got hold of this story. Finding Larry at a table in the staff cafeteria Carl sat down across the table from him.

“Larry?” Carl watched as Larry shoveled the food on the tray in front of him into his mouth, “Is there any possibility that your devise caused him to change?”

Larry looked up across the table at Carl with a confused look, speaking with a mouthful of food, “My devise only regulates the temperatures and circulates the stasis fluid.”

“What about the fluid?”

“Not a devise, Just simple cryogenic fluid combined with a nutrient solution.” Larry swallowed what was in his mouth, “Any moron can reproduce the stasis fluid.”

“There will be an investigation.”

“Why” Larry dropped the fork he held onto the tray, “My devise worked flawlessly, I will need to create something so it will detect something like this in the future. How was I to know our first test subject was a mutant going through burnout? I thought you said his injuries came from a house fire?”

“He was from a house fire.”

“Did you happen to ask what caused the fire?” Larry’s eye brows arched upward.

Realizing Larry had a point Carl got up from the chair, “Alright, I need to go check on the patient. Are you going to be okay here?” Larry nodded and began shoveling food once again. “Then I will have to talk to the relatives and explain what happened.” Larry nodded again.


Kelly followed the nurse though a door into another room. A short row of lockers and benches along each side told Kelly this was some type of locker room for the staff. Through there he was led into a large bathroom that had several shower stalls along the wall and toilets along the opposite wall. “Okay let’s get that gunk cleaned off you okay sweetie?”

Kelly was already too overwhelmed with everything that had happened today to care that this woman treating her like he was some kind of kid. All the fighting, that one asshole calling him a whore, as if he was even female and then the little Japanese girl that fought like she was some kind of Samurai god or goddess in her case. Being really short and treated like a kid was the sanest this nightmare has been so far.

The nurse turned on the water, checking its temperature before turning and helping Kelly out of the doctors coat. “Jump on it sweetie, I made sure the water wasn’t too hot.”

Reaching his hand into the cascading water, Kelly felt its temperature for himself before stepping in. Once he was in the water the nurse stepped away for a minutes, Kelly saw her now standing on the other side of the low walls of the stall wearing a plastic coat, that looked almost like a rain poncho with gloves made for the hands.

The nurse began working on Kelly’s long hair, “I’m surprised you haven’t said anything?”

“What do you want me to say?” To Kelly his voice sounded squeaky very much like a little girl. “Not like any of this is real, this has been one big nightmare from the beginning.”

Sweetie I hate to tell you this, but this is real.” The nurse continued working on hair that could not be his own, “You are at the Atlanta Regional Hospital, you’re in the burn center.”

“Sure it is,” Kelly’s high pitched voice annoyed him, “Next thing you’re going to tell me is that woman can really turn herself into a battle axe!”

The nurse chuckled, “I know a few I think of as an old battle axe but I doubt they can turn into a real axe.”

“So the axe woman is not real?” Kelly asked, “What about the ferryman, the one who brought me back across the river Styx?”

“No sweetie, those don’t really exist.”

Kelly was truly confused now, how could his dream nurse not know of the others in the dream if he was still dreaming? Damn when would he wake up? When would the nightmare end? “Okay if I was burned so badly that they sent me here, why don’t I have any burn marks on this body?”

“You’re a mutant sweetie, and a really cute on at that. I doubt anyone would even guess if it wasn’t for your eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“They are a very unusual color. When we’re done here you can see for yourself in the mirror.”

Once the nurse had finished rinsing out His hair, Kelly reached for the handle to turn off the water, “Hold on sweetie we aren’t done quite yet!” The nurse grabbed his hand, “We got to put some conditioner in your hair or else we’ll never get a brush through it.” Kelly stood still and let her use the conditioner to wash his hair a second time.

“I feel like a little kid doing this!” Kelly groaned.

“Sorry to say this but with how you look it’s hard not to treat you like one.”

“Okay so if this is real, when do I get to see Helen?”

“Who’s Helen?” The nurse asked.

Hah! Kelly thought, That proves I am still in the nightmare! How could she not know who Helen is, either Helen is waiting or she would be in the hospital too and the nurse would know that! At the very least Helen would be listed on whatever paperwork they have.

After rinsing the conditioner out of Kelly’s hair, the nurse reached over and turned off the water before wringing out what water she could from Kelly’s hair. Wrapping Kelly’s hair in one towel, the nurse then wrapped another around her body, up under her arms. “Are you going to be okay if we go to a mirror?”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“Well sweetie I’m not sure what you looked like before, but it can’t be anything like you look now.”

“When I wake up, I’ll have a good laugh over this crap.” Kelly realized he giggled like a little girl when he laughed.

The nurse led Kelly over to a counter that had several sinks built into it and a large mirror along the back wall. Standing behind Kelly with both hands gently but firmly on Kelly’s upper arms, the nurse turned Kelly so she was looking straight at the mirror.

Kelly saw the girl in the mirror looking back at him. The nurse was right that girl was very cute with her large almond shaped eyes and slightly upturned nose. A white towel wrapped around her covering her breasts like women always did, along with another with another towel on her head turban like concealing her wet hair. Her skin had a medium olive complexion which reminded Kelly of the younger woman from the last part of this dream, her skin had looked exactly the same tone much like many of the Greeks and other southern Europeans he had spent many years around. Everything about the girl’s looks screamed small innocent little angel except for her eyes. Kelly leaned forward over the counter to get a better look at the eyes.

The first thing that stood out about her eyes was the color. Reds, oranges and yellows made up the color of her irises. The colors almost looked like flames that began at the outer part of the iris that pointed in toward the pupil. Her pupils seemed to have shorter radiating lines of black that make her pupils appear as if they were tiny black suns in the center of the bright red, orange and yellow irises. The whole effect made it seem as if her eyes were on fire.

“Whoa!” Kelly sputtered, “Those are some freaky eyes!”

“You know,” The nurse standing behind her informed, “Some colored contacts could hide those easily.” Kelly continued looking at the image of the girl in the mirror. “If you think you’re going to be okay, I’ll go grab some things so we can dry your hair.” Kelly nodded, not taking his eyes off the mirror. The nurse stepped out and was back in less than three minutes with a hair brush in one hand and a blow dryer in the other.

“Think you can hop up and sit on the counter for me sweetie?” The nurse asked as she plugged in the blow dryer. Kelly jumped on the counter and sat with her side to the mirror, one leg dangling off the edge of the counter. Unwrapping the towel from the girls head, the nurse began blow drying her hair.

Twisting around to look at the nurse, “Thank you.” Kelly said.

“For what?” The nurse smiled at the child.

“For trying to help me,” Kelly returned the smile. “I’m Kelly.”

“So you’ve already picked a new name?” The nurse realized the girl would have to do this, but so soon? While she did not have any experience with mutations but coming to terms with such drastic changes this quickly could not be healthy.

“No that’s what my name has always been. I guess it works for boys or girls, although I guess I will have to pick a new middle name. I don’t think Michael will work now.” Kelly giggled.

“I think you’ve got a point there sweetie,” The nurse smiled wider, “My name’s Nancy.”

“Thank you for helping with all this hair Nancy,” Kelly frowned, “I’ve never had my hair long enough to even run a comb through it since boot camp. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Well then you best pay attention, as I’m sure they’ll be sending you home within the next day or two.”

“Home?” Kelly’s face went pale as he remembered the house fire, “The, the fire wasn’t a dream. I don’t have a home anymore.” Kelly’s eyes watered up and she began to sob.

Nancy put the brush down as she turned off the blow dryer then wrapped her arms around the small girl trying to console her. “It’s going to be okay sweetie, you have family here. Mr. Kontos has been here since they brought you in.”

“Jake’s here?” Kelly sniffed back the tears.

“Refuses to leave from what I hear.” Nancy smiled at the girl she was holding.

“OH SHIT!” Kelly shouted, “Jake can’t see me like this!”

“That’s why we’re getting you cleaned up and presentable sweetie.”

“No I mean… I’m a girl!” Kelly hands clutched onto Nancy like her life depended on not letting go, “This can’t be real, it can’t be!”

Nancy hugged the girl tight, “It’s okay sweetie, cry it out. I’m here and I got you.” Nancy knew the small girl she held was probably older than her and a mutant no less, but the girl seemed so fragile she couldn’t have stopped herself from consoling the girl if she wanted to.

“Everything alright Nancy?” The nurse that had been sent to find Kelly some clothes walked in from behind them.

“Yes, everything will be fine,” Nancy answered, “Reality just caught up with her is all.”

“I found some underwear and some scrubs that should fit her over in the children’s ward.” The other Nurse sat a stack of folded clothing on the counter. “I think everything should fit her alright.” The other nurse turned to leave, “Oh, doc Peters wants to see her soon as you are done in here.”

Seeing that the small girls crying had ran its course Nancy went back to drying and brushing out Kelly’s hair after helping her to wash her face. Reaching over to the clothes the other nurse had brought Nancy found a pair of pastel pink panties and held them out in front of Kelly. “Okay sweetie let’s get you dressed.”

“You can’t be serious?” Kelly looked at the pink underwear.

“What’s wrong?” Nancy seemed confused.

“They’re girl’s panties!”

“Uh yea,” Nancy looked directly into Kelly’s fiery eyes. “They kind of fit the situation. Now step into them.” Nancy held the panties so that Kelly could put them on.

“But they are pink!” Kelly continued to protest.

“It’s underwear, and any girl will tell you that you do not want to go without them.” Nancy explained, “What color they happen to be doesn’t matter, it’s not like you’re going to go around flashing everyone are you?”

Kelly shook her head, realizing that Nancy was right, no one would see what color of underwear she had on and lifted her leg so that Nancy could help her put them on. Once the panties were pulled into place, the towel that had covered her body was tossed onto the counter. Nancy then held up a training bra for Kelly to put on.

Looking down at her chest, Kelly saw she had the beginnings of breasts maybe a large A cup, but nothing anywhere near large enough to require a bra, “Do I really need to wear that?”

“It’s not for support,” Nancy explained, “It’s for protection. You’re going to be very sensitive there since it appears that you have begun puberty. A shirt rubbing against your breasts all day long will be very irritating.”

Holding up her arms, Kelly let Nancy help her put on the training bra and adjust it in place. It felt strange to have it on but Kelly did have to admit her chest didn’t seem to jiggle so much with it on. “It looked like it’s a tad too small for you,” Nancy said as she inspected her work, “You’ll have to get measured for a proper fit when you get home, I think you may be a bit too large for training bras and need to move up to a regular bra, but this will do for now.”

Now dressed in pink underwear and bra, Kelly’s resistance to wearing clothing that screamed girl died and he put on the scrubs that had been brought for her to wear, which was also a pastel pink color. Slipping on the pink flip flops she let Nancy lead her out of the women’s locker room.

Chapter 19

Nancy led Kelly out a different door that opened into a hallway. Kelly kept her head down trying to avoid letting anyone see her eyes as the two walked down the hall, Nancy gently holding Kelly’s hand the whole way. They made a turn into another hall and a short ways down that hall Nancy stopped in front of a door. Kelly saw the plaque on the wall beside the door read, “Exam Rm 9.”
When no one answered the knock Nancy opened the door and led Kelly into what was obviously a standard doctor’s examination room. A padded exam table occupied the center of the room. Off to one side sat a cushioned metal chair, on the other side of the exam table a metal stool on wheels sat between the exam table and a counter that had a small sink. Above and below the counter were cabinets with various sized drawers that were labeled to show what must be their contents.

Motioning to a scale on one side, “Let’s get your weight first sweetie.” Kelly stepped up on the scale and Nancy adjusted the weights until she was satisfied. “Seventy eight pounds!” Nancy stated as she pulled the height scale up that was attached to the scale and checked Kelly’s height, “fifty four inches, that makes you four foot six.”

“I shrunk!” Kelly quavered.

“I think you’re about average for your apparent age.” Nancy replied while picking up a tablet off the counter, “Let me get that info into your chart. Could you jump up on the bed while I do that?”

“My apparent age?” Kelly quizzed.

“Yes, you look to be just starting puberty so you are somewhere between the ages of nine to thirteen.” Nancy informed the small girl, “I would say eleven but the Doc will be able to determine that better once the exam is complete. Now up on the table please sweetie.”

Nodding her head, Kelly went to the side of the exam table before realizing she was too short to get on it without help, noticing it had a step built into the end, Kelly went over to that using it to get up on the table.

After taking her blood pressure and temperature, which she noted on the tablet also Nancy smiled, “Okay I’m going to go get doc Peters, you going to be okay here for a few minutes by yourself?”

“I’ll be fine.” Kelly smiled.

“Good, I’m glad you’re doing okay so far with what has happened,” Nancy stepped over to one of the cupboards above the sink pulling out a hospital gown, “Doc’s probably going to want to give you a complete physical so strip out of those clothes and put this on sweetie,” handing Kelly the gown.

“Why did you have me put these on, knowing I had to take them back off?”

“For one, to give you some modesty, you didn’t want to walk over here showing everyone your tush did you?” Nancy grinned, “Once the Doc is done you can put your clothes back on.”

Kelly remembered how much he hated physicals, especially the prostrate exam. “Is, is this a full physical? Prostrate exam and all?”

Nancy chuckled, “No, no prostrate exam. We don’t need them.” Seeing how Kelly cocked her head giving Nancy a confused look, “Women don’t have prostrates sweetie.” Kelly sighed in relief. Nancy pulled the privacy curtain out enough to conceal Kelly from the door before she left.

Once undressed Kelly put on the backless gown and climbed back up on the table. Sitting there waiting, Kelly began to realize the pink underwear and scrubs were not so bad compared to the hospital gown and wished she still had them on. It was not long before Nurse Nancy and the doctor that had pulled Kelly out of the tank of nasty jello came into the room.

“Hello Kelly!” The doctor smiled at Kelly, “I’m sure you are feeling much better now that you’ve had the chance to get that slime off you.”

“Yes, thank you.” Kelly nodded.

“Okay since your manifestation caused such an extreme change I would like to do a complete physical on you, is that okay?”

“Can, can Nancy stay?” Kelly begged.

“Of course I’ll stay sweetie!” Kelly felt the warmth of Nancy’s smile.

“Yes of course,” The doctor stated, “Its procedure when a male doctor examines a female patient that a nurse be present.” Stepping over and sitting down on the metal stool. “So what can you remember, that is before we pulled you out of the tank?”

“Um, it’s kinda confusing.” Kelly began, “I remember the people attacking the house and the firebomb, but it feels kinda like the weird dreams I was having too. Both seems so real but not at the same time.”

“Dreams?” The doctor asked.

“Yea,” Kelly continued. “In one my old C.O. had put me in the motor pool as punishment for a bar fight I had gotten into off base. That really did happen but it was a long time ago. Then these two women came and talked me into helping them rescue the one woman’s little girl from Nazis. There was allot of fighting and we saved the girl, but the girl was no ordinary little girl, she took the battle axe that the one woman had turned into and went freaking ape-shit on the remaining Nazis tearing them into hamburger with the Axe after it grew.”

“That sounds like your mind was trying to cope with the pain and situation you were going through.” The doctor stated. Kelly nodded knowing turning into a girl was crazy, but the dream was too far out there to be real.

The doctor began Kelly’s physical, doing his best to explain what he was doing as he went. Finally reaching what Kelly thought was the end, the doctor stated, “Okay only one more thing to do. I know it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing but all women go through it.”

Knowing what the doctor was referring to Nancy spoke up, “Is that necessary at her age Doctor?”

“On a normal person I would say no, but with Kelly I think we need to know if the changes she has underwent are complete.”

“Sweetie,” Nancy took Kelly’s hand, “Remember how I said women don’t get a prostrate exam?” Kelly nodded. “Well there is another one, a different one that women have to go through.”

Kelly’s eyes went wide as she began to realize what Nancy was telling her, “You, No, no way! I don’t want anything stuck up my…”

“We all go through it sweetie, it’s uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt.” Nancy apologized. “I’ll be right here holding your hand okay? Now lay back for the doctor.”

Completing the external exam the doctor produced a clear plastic Speculum that was sealed in clear plastic from a drawer in the exam table. Showing it to Kelly then explaining that this was the smallest one available, specifically sized for teenage girls and that he would be as gentle and quick as he could. Kelly gripped Nancy’s hand tightly when she heard the doctor rip the package open. “Now is going to feel cold,” The doctor stated. When the cold plastic touched her Kelly screamed.

Nancy had been holding the scared child’s hand when the doctor started to inset the speculum. Kelly began to scream then suddenly the exam table was covered in red smoke and Kelly was behind the head of the exam.

“COLD!” Kelly screamed at the doctor, “Holy fucking shit! Why don’t you let me dunk your balls in a glass of ice water so you know how that feels!”

Both Nancy and the doctor stared at Kelly their jaws agape. Nancy was the first to say something, “Kelly sweetie, how did you get over there?”

“I jumped!” Kelly was not finished yelling, “You’d jump too if someone put something that cold on your, your, well down there!”

“Kelly you did not jump,” The doctor finally found his voice, “I believe your mutation allows you to teleport.”

“I did what?” Kelly looked to Nancy as her jaw fell. Nancy nodded.

“You disappeared from the table and reappeared over where you are now Kelly.” The doctor stated.

“Oh my god!” Kelly’s hand flew up covering her mouth. “The woman in the dream could do that!” She spoke barely above a whisper.

“Can you do it again?” The doctor asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know how I did it that time?”

“Okay, It’s nothing to be concerned about Dear,” The doctor cautioned, “Can you get back on the table while I see what I can do about warming this up a bit?” Kelly nodded then began walking slowly back around the table to get back on it. Holding the device in his gloved hands until it had absorbed some of the warmth from his hand the doctor tried again. This time Kelly did not vanish, but squeezed Nancy’s hand hard.

“Sweetie, not so tight,” Nancy winced, “you’re extremely strong.”

“Sorry.” Kelly looked up at Nancy releasing some of the pressure as a tear ran down the side of her cheek. “I, I can feel it.”

“I know sweetie,” Nancy squeezed Kelly’s hand, “It’s very uncomfortable.”

“No,” Kelly kept her eyes focused on Nancy, “I can feel myself wanting to jump. I think I know how I do it.”

“Okay all done,” The doctor removed the speculum from Kelly. “One last thing, now this is almost as uncomfortable but necessary Kelly. Can you not teleport on me please?”

“I think so,” Kelly chocked out.

Kelly gasped when she felt the doctor’s finger penetrate her. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she fought the urge to jump away from the fingers that had invaded her while his other hand pushed down against her stomach. “Okay all done, no more invasive tests. And Kelly it appears that you are one hundred percent female now.”

“Oh goody. Lucky me,” Kelly deadpanned.

Nancy looked down at the girl, “Yes it is lucky. Much better than being halfway or any other strange combination that could and has occurred with some mutants.”

“What could be worse that being turned into a girl?”

“Try snake scales instead of skin?” The doctor assured, “Or tentacles instead of arms and legs?”

Kelly averted her eyes from the two, “I, I guess being a girl isn’t that bad.”

“Hey its has its perks!” Nancy chimed in, “Bat those pretty eyes a couple times and I bet you can get the boys to do most anything for you.” Kelly groaned at that remark. Nancy turned to the doctor doing exactly that, batting her eyes and striking a pose, and in her best southern bell accent, “Doctor would you be so kind as excusing us so that I can help Miss Kelly get properly dressed? I do believe she has exposed herself enough for one day and would like to regain her modesty.”
The doctor smirked at Nancy’s antics then left the room. “See it works!” Nancy chuckled, Kelly fought it but found herself giggling along with Nancy.

Chapter 20

Mark and Jake waited as patiently as they could in the small room the nurse that had come out to get them, led them to. She had said the doctor was finishing up an exam and would be there as soon as he was done, and that he needed to speak to Kelly’s next of kin. Both men feared the worst as they sat waiting in the overstuffed chairs. They did not wait for more than five minutes although it was five minutes that seemed to take hours before the Doctor came in and sat down in a chair opposite of the two men.

“How’s Kelly?” Jake barked just as the doctor sat down.

“Mr. Kontos, Mr. Payne, I’m Doctor Peters, I head the burn unit here at the hospital.”

“Is Kelly…” Mark choked on his words.

“Mr. Kontos, In our records you are the next of kin for Kelly Lekka.” Doctor Peters looked at Jake then to Mark. “Patient confidentiality as it is, this can only be discussed with immediate family.”

Jake looked over at Mark, “Don’t worry I’ll be right out to tell you everything.” Mark nodded, pissed to be sure but he understood the Doctor’s reluctance.

Once the door closed behind Mark the doctor began, “Okay this is a very complicated situation Mr. Kontos.”

“Is Kelly dead?”

“Mr. Kontos, that is part of the complication. No Kelly is not dead, but he doesn’t look like himself anymore.”

“I kinda figured that.” Jake clucked.

“Mr. Kontos, you seem like the type that doesn’t beat around the bush so I’ll just come out with it. Mr. Lekka is a mutant.”

Jake’s eyes widened at hearing this, “That can’t be true, I’ve known a few mutants they don’t manifest that late in life.”

“From what has occurred and the facts that we do have, we have come to the conclusion that Kelly Lekka was a low level mutant to begin with. He probably didn’t even know himself.”

“Okay if that is true then how do you suddenly know he is one now?”

“Kelly has completely healed all injuries from the fire, including any previous injuries and or scars he had prior to the fire.”

“So Kelly’s alright!” Jakes eyes lit up.

“Yes physically Kelly is fine, better than fine.”

“So when do we get to see him?” Jake leaned forward toward the doctor.

“Mr. Kontos, this is not the same Kelly that you know, at least not outwardly. Kelly appears to be the same person on the inside but the outward changes were drastic.”

“What are you saying?” Jake barked. “He’s not some kind of monster now is he?”

“No, quite the contrary, other than an unusual eye color she appears completely human in all respects.”

Jake scooted a bit further forward in the chair, “Then what’s all this bull…” Jake paused realizing what the doctor had said, “You said she?”

“Yes Mr. Kontos I did.” Doctor Peters sighed heavily, “Kelly has the body of an eleven year old girl.”

“WHAT!” Jake gasped.

“A little girl that is scared to death of how you will react when you see her,” the doctor explained. “I believe she really looks up to you. Not sure how far you two go back, but she really needs her friend right now.”

“Anything he, um, she needs,” Jake began to choke up, “Anything, cost is no object, you make sure she gets it! When can I see her?”

“I assume with that reaction you are more than ready to help her?”

“Doc if it was not for Kelly I would not be standing here today! Him, her makes no difference, its Kelly and that is what matters.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.” The Doctor stood up, “I can take you to see her now.”

Mark was standing in the hall right outside as the door opened. Jake held up his hand before Mark could say a word, “Kelly is alive and okay. I’ll let you know the rest later.” Jake continued following the doctor, “I’ll meet you in the waiting room in a bit.”

Nancy watched as Kelly sat on the couch in the doctor’s lounge twirling a lock of her hair in her fingers. “There is no need to be so nervous sweetie.”

Looking up at the woman who had one arm around Kelly’s shoulder, Kelly gave her a cheesy grin, “That’s easy for you to say. You didn’t get turned into a girl!”

“Nope,” Nancy grinned down at the small girl, “I did it the old fashioned way, I was born a girl.” Her grin widened, “It was terrible too! All those boys that wanted to carry my books for me, do anything to impress me, terrible!” Kelly giggled. “Oh and all the pretty clothes too!” Nancy shuddered.

“You are just pure evil!” Jake heard a young girl giggling as he opened the door to the room the doctor pointed out. A woman possibly thirty five-ish sat on a couch with a young girl, both looking up at him as he entered the room. The girl froze as all the color drained away from her face.

Jake stopped in his tracks, it was one thing to be told what had happened, but to see it for himself, “Kelly?” Jake looked at the girl then to the woman.

The woman nodded at Jake and held the girl tighter. Looking down at the girl she held, “It’s okay sweetie, breathe.”

Jake closed the door behind him then went over and sat in a chair facing Kelly, “Kelly is it really you?” Jake saw a slight nod from the girl as tears began to streak down her cheeks. Leaning forward Jake took the girls hand, “Kelly speak to me.” The girl suddenly vanished in a cloud of red smoke. “What the hell?” Jake gasped.

The woman seemed less confused by the girls sudden disappearance, “Kelly it’s okay, please come back.”

“What the hell happened?” Jake looked at the woman.

“She’s very scared and emotional right now.”

“But what… how…?”

“She is afraid that you won’t accept her. Terrified actually.” Nancy explained, “She, she can teleport although I don’t think she went far.” Nancy put her finger to her lips motioning for Jake to be quite. Soft sobbing could be heard from behind another door in the room.

Getting up Jake walked over to the door he could hear the crying coming from. Once at the door he spoke softly, “Kelly, you are family and you know what I say about family. We stick together no matter what. You know that Marie and I don’t care if you turned into a three headed martian, you are family!”

Jake could hear some noise coming from the other side of the door, some shuffling mixed in with the sobs, right before the door slowly began to open. As soon as the door opened wide enough, Jake knelt down and swept the small girl into his arms. “I got your back, always have and always will be there for you.”

“What am I going to do?” Kelly sniffed back the tears.

“What are we going to do!” Jake corrected her, “First thing is call Marie and let her know what happened, then get you home.”

Kelly’s eyes got wide hearing Jake mention his wife, “Ma, Marie? We have to tell her?”

Jake pulled Kelly back far enough to look her in the eyes, “You really want her to find out on her own?”

Kelly grinned up at Jake and began giggling, “You got your cell phone?”

“Oh no!” Jake moved back and got to his feet. “I don’t care what you look like now, I know that look anywhere.”

Kelly held her hand out palm up wiggling her fingers waiting on Jake to give her his phone. Glancing over to Nancy Kelly winked, “Can I please call Marie and let her know I’m okay?” Kelly lowered her head but kept looking Jake in the eyes, giving Jake the best puppy dog eyes she could, “Please?”

Turning to look at Nancy who was sitting on the couch laughing, “Did you teach her that or is it natural for females?” Turning his attention back to Kelly, “Not going to work, I have three girls that have already worn out that trick. I’ll call Marie, then after I’ve explained all this, I’m sure she’ll want to talk to you.”

Chapter 21

Marie was busy packing a suitcase that she had laid out on her bed, “You are in charge Kay, and your brother has already been told this!”

“Yea momma, Mike and I have heard that already,” Kay replied. “What I don’t understand is how is bringing Uncle Kel home from the hospital a family emergency? And why would daddy fly to Athens if this was such an emergency?”

Twisting her neck around to look at her oldest daughter, “Close the door.” Kay walked over to the door shutting it. “Come sit with me,” Marie sat down on the bed beside the suitcase patting her hand on the bed beside her. Kay walked over and sat down by her mother. “Kelly is not Kelly anymore.”

“Well yea, he got burned pretty bad from what everyone said.”

“No, there’s more,” Marie leaned closer to her daughter, “Turns out Kelly is a mutant.”

Kay’s hand shot up to cover her mouth as she gasped. Looking her mother directly in the eyes, Kay knew her mother was serious. Kay remembered back in high school when a boy had started manifesting during class It had scared not only the students but the teacher as well when the boy began screaming and bat like wings began growing out of his back. “How, how bad was his mutation momma?”

“It, it was…” Marie searched for the right words, “I guess its best I show you.” Marie reached over and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. Bringing up the picture Jake had sent her from his phone, she handed the phone to Kay.

“Uh momma, the girl’s a real cutie but you were going to show me a picture of Kelly?”

“Honey that is Kelly.”

Kay’s eyes darted back to the picture and grew wide and her jaw dropped as she sat staring at the smart phone’s screen.

“Now you know why it’s a family emergency.” Marie stated, “We have got to get her home and away from those redneck bigots in Atlanta. Your father has went to talk to friends of his that can help. I am going to go pick up Kelly and drive her home.”

“Take Mike with you, he can help with the driving.” Kay was now very worried, “Kel also taught him how to use a gun and to fight if something happens.”

“I don’t want any of you kids to get hurt.”

“Momma!” Kay shouted, “We don’t want you to get hurt either, Take Michael with you!”

“Mark is staying until I get there, he’ll be driving back with me.” Marie explained, “So no more talk about this. One thing I need from you while I am gone, I want the spare room that Kel always used cleaned and ready for her to move in.”

“Yea I guess she’s a little young to live on her own now.” Kay giggled, “No problem momma, it won’t look like the same room when you get back!”

Noticing the look in her daughter’s eyes, “Nothing extravagant honey, the wrapping may have changed but it’s still your uncle Kel on the inside.”

“I won’t go overboard, but she will need a vanity and it will need to look like a girl’s room, she is a girl after all.”

“Okay a vanity and paint.”

“Maybe some pictures and a feminine lamp,” Kay continued, “No girl in her right mind would have that horrid lamp in her room that is in there now!” Kay grinned, “And I promise not to let Sarah put up any boy band posters! What do you think her favorite color is?”

“Honey this is Kelly we’re talking about.”

“Okay then Sarah can help pick out the new color.”

Kay helped her mother finish packing then carried the suitcase down to the car for her. All four of Marie’s children saw her off before going back inside the house. Kay herded everyone into the kitchen and sat them down at the table. “Okay everyone we got a room to redecorate before Mom returns! Mike you’re our muscle and assembler in this. Sarah you need to help me with picking out the paint and things for the room.”

Their youngest sister spoke up, “What do I get to do?”

“Anne, you have the most important job of all!” Kay stated, “You have to pick out the new stuffed animals to live in the room.” Anne’s eyes lit up and a huge smile came across her face. “So everyone go grab your things, we have shopping to do!” As the younger girls ran off to get their purses, “Mike I need you to follow us in the truck. Once we are done at Ikea you can come on back. I’ll take Sara and Anne to pick up the rest of the things we need.”

Mike smiled knowing he would not have to spend the entire day following his sister around on one of their shopping quests. “Okay I’ll grab the keys and meet you guys outside.”


Marie found the driving actually relaxing after everything that had happened, that is until she reached Atlanta. Between road construction and traffic it too nearly two hours to get from the outskirts of the city to the hospital. Once she found a parking spot, Marie dialed Mark’s number to let him know she had arrived. He had told her that he would meet her at the entrance and take her to Kelly’s room since the hospital was very large and a bit overwhelming to navigate in at first.

Leading Marie down the corridors toward Kelly’s room he leaned close, “I’ve been telling the staff that is on right now that Kelly is your daughter. Only a handful down in the burn center know the truth and most of them are not on duty now.”

“Good!” Marie grinned, “No sane person would get between a mother and her child.”

“From what I know of Jake’s plan, he’s going to get Kelly a new identity to hide her from the MCO.”

“Yes, Jake and I talked it over.” Marie replied, “Once Jake gets back from Greece, she will be our legal daughter.”

“I don’t see why he flew to Greece to do that?”

“When you think about it later on, look up the name of the current prime minister,” Marie chuckled.

“Oh crap let me guess, one of you is related to him?” Mark grinned.

“You could say that, he’s my father and he loves Kelly like his own son.” Marie grinned over at Mark, “Why do you think I call Kelly my little brother?”

“I always thought it was because he and Jake were so close.”

“I met Jake though Kelly.”

“Here it is.” Mark stopped in front of a door, the plaque read ‘RM 207’ “Want me to get lost for a bit?”

“Would you mind?” Marie asked, “I really could use a little private time with her.”

“No problem,” Mark chuckled, “Want me to bring you back a cup of coffee or something?”

“Sure coffee would be great, thanks Mark.”

Mark returned about forty five minutes later to find Marie up on the hospital bed holding Kelly who was asleep in her arms and Marie fast asleep with her. From the look on their faces both had been crying. Pulling out his phone, he sent a text message to Jake letting him know that Marie had arrived safely and another to Kay’s phone with the same message before falling asleep in the chair himself.

Chapter 22

Kelly stood in the cockpit of his sailboat trimming the large spinnaker billowing out over the bow as he adjusted his course downwind to give him every available ounce of speed the wind could grant him. Helen sat just forward of his position smiling back at him, wearing that Dark blue bikini that set off her figure so well, the wind blowing though her hair. Kelly smiled back at his love. He could not ask for more, it was a piece of heaven, the wind at his back on the boat he loved with the woman he loved, his soul mate.

Kelly would have never believed that such a thing was possible as having a soul mate. To Kelly a soul mate was a fictional idea only found in those romance novels women so loved to read. No, it was an idea that did not exist, an idea that drove women to look for something impossible to find. An idea that kept many women from finding happiness in their life and instead hunted to fill a void, an emptiness within their soul that could not be filled, or so Kelly thought until that void had been filled within his own soul. Kelly never knew this emptiness existed within him until it had been filled and filled it was, as Kelly felt he would burst at the seams if room his soul occupied within him was forced to contain a single bit more of whatever souls were measured by.

Smiling, Kelly gazed back over to his love, where she sat. Helen smiled back then her image seemed to blur and begin changing. Helen shrank and took on different features, seconds passed and in her place a small girl sat. Kelly knew he should recognize the girl but from where eluded him. The girl wore a one piece bathing suit, similar to what one would expect of a small girl that age to wear, tie dyed in Reds, yellows and orange colors. Her waist length long dark hair whipped about in the light wind propelling that propelled the boat forward on its course. Brushing the hair out of her face, she looked over to Kelly smiling.

Kelly saw her eyes and knew beyond any doubt that he knows this girl. Those reddish orange eyes were so familiar and so different. Kelly had seen those eyes before but no matter how hard he tried he could not remember the girl’s name. Searching his memories he membered seeing those eyes like that twice before, once on the woman who gave him the new blade and on the child that sat there on his boat, but where had he seen this small girl before? Kelly wanted answers but finding them within himself evaded him.

“You, I should know you!” Kelly commanded, “But you are not the woman that gave me my new blade.”

“Yes we do know one another, very intimately, “The girl giggled, “And yes I also gave you the weapon.”

Kelly’s face bore a look of bewilderment, “No, it was a young woman that gave me the blade.

“It was I,” The girl tried to explain, “I… for us to survive, I was forced to change.”

“You are that woman?”

“Yes, I was but no longer. For both of us to survive we both had to drastically change. The room for our souls to exist together was insufficient, I had to either lose part of myself or change so that my whole being could fit within the space that existed. Your changes are just as evident.” The girl waved her hand, motioning at Kelly.

Kelly looked down at himself, finding that he now had the body of the little girl, “Noooo!” he shouted.


“NOOOO!” Kelly sat both upright in the bed, almost knocking Marie out of the bed as she did.

Mark sat up in the chair he had slept in quickly looking around as his hand dove inside his jacket to his holster. Realizing no threats existed he relaxed.

Marie wrapped her arms around the small girl, “Shhh, it’s okay I’m here, agapi mou, mikroula mou, I’m here.”

Burying her head in Marie’s chest, Kelly began sobbing, “She told me that she did this to me!”

“Who did what to you honey?” Marie’s voice was calm and reassuring.

“The girl with the fiery eyes, she did this, she changed me.”

“It was only a dream,” Marie began rubbing Kelly’s back, “Just a dream honey. Everything is going to be fine.” Placing her hand under the small girl’s chin Marie gently pulled her head up so she could look the girl in the eyes. “Jake should be with Pappa by now, between the two of them, they will work something out.” Marie smiled wide, “Do you think you could get used to calling me your mitera?”

Kelly sniffed back the tears and smiled up at Marie, “You… you and Jake would do that?”

Marie’s smile widened, “Was there ever a doubt? Since the day we met you have been my family. You were my prostatis, now Jake and I will be yours.”

Kelly remembered back to the days he had lived in Greece. When he left the military jobs were very scarce and the attitude toward ex-military was nothing like it was today. Out of work and with no marketable skills, at least no skills the corporate world wanted, he had taken the only job that his military skills excelled at, he had joined a mercenary team.
Now days they are called things like independent contractors but whatever name used, they are hired guns. Kelly was part of the team that was hired by a wealthy Greek businessman that had just began his political career. His daughter, Marie, had been kidnapped. Only three of their 8 man team had survived, but they were able to return Marie to her father. Marie’s father had given all three positions in security. The need for action eventually drove the other two back to their old life, but Kelly had no love for fighting, to Kelly it was only a necessity, not a life choice.

Marie saw the faraway look in Kelly’s eyes, “You okay honey?”

Hearing Marie’s voice, “Huh, what?”

“You looked like you were a thousand miles away,” Marie chided.

“Uh, I guess I was,” Kelly sputtered, “I was thinking about Greece.”

Marie knew that many of Kelly’s memories of that time were not good ones, “Shhh That was a long time ago. Let’s think about the preset and get ourselves ready to go home.”

Kelly nodded, “I’d like that. I can’t wait to see Helen. How is she?”

“Helen is still in the hospital,” Marie intentionally left out that Helen remained in intensive care, the bullet from the attack lodged dangerously against her spine. And while Kelly had used his own body to shield her from the majority of the flames, her left leg had been burnt badly enough that the doctors had discussed amputation. Marie was unsure if they had performed that procedure or not before she had left for Atlanta. Marie turned and got out of the bed before Kelly saw her tears start, the thought of what happened to two of her dearest friends, people she thought of as her family too much for her to hold back. “I need to use the rest room.” Marie darted into the room’s bathroom closing the door behind her.

After calming herself and washing her face Marie came out of the bathroom asking Mark to go out to her car and retrieving the smaller of two suitcases that were within the trunk. While Mark was gone Marie ushered Kelly into the bathroom so she could get the small girl ready for the day and their trip home. Marie disappeared back into the bathroom after Mark returned with the case, finally reemerging gently pushing Kelly out in front of her.

Mark’s jaw dropped when he saw the young girl who was once one of his best friends emerge from the bathroom. She was dressed in a knee lengths white dress that had a yellow design along the hem, the neckline and the sleeveless arms. A yellow cloth belt also accented the dress, and her hair was pulled back into a long pony tail by a yellow ribbon tied into a bow.

“You laugh and I’ll—” Kelly began to say.

“Kelly!” Marie scolded, “We discussed how I expect you to act.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kelly lowered her head in defeat.

Marie pointed a finger at Mark when she saw he was about to say something, “And you will watch what you say around Kelly now, she is a young lady and no longer you’re old, ‘drinking buddy’. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

“I, I was just going to say she looked very pretty,” Mark quickly recovered.

“Um huh, I bet that is what you were going to say.” Marie gave him a knowing look, “Now if you would please show us the way to the doctor so that we can get whatever paperwork out of the way and have Kelly released so we can all go home.”

Mark picked up the small suitcase and led them out of the room to an elevator then down to the waiting room that Mark and Jake had sat in for most of the previous day. Several nurses were at the counter, one of which was Nancy, the one that had been so helpful to Kelly the day before.

Nancy smiled wide when she saw Kelly walk in with the two, “Kelly how are you this morning sweetie?”

“Hi Nancy,” Kelly waved then turned to look up at Marie who was still holding her hand, “Nancy helped me allot yesterday before they let Jake and Mark see me.”

“Hello Nancy,” Marie smiled at the younger woman, “Thank you for helping Kelly. You cannot imagine how much I do appreciate you helping her thought this.”

“You both are most welcome,” Nancy smiled looking at Kelly, “If you three will follow me, Doctor Peters wanted me to take you directly to the conference room when you arrived. Nancy came out around the side of the counter and turned toward the large double doors to the left of the counter.

Mark and Marie began to follow her, Marie stopped when she realized Kelly had not moved. “Kelly? Kelly honey?” but Kelly was staring out the large glass doors at what appeared to be a crowd of people outside. “Kelly?” Marie squeezed the girl’s hand, “What’s wrong?”

“What’s going on outside?” Mark looked at Nancy for an answer.

“It’s those people form Humanity First, somehow they found out there was a mutant here. So far it’s been a peaceful protest so security can’t do anything more than keep them outside.” Nancy sighed, “I wish they would go find something else to waste their time with, this is a place for sick people not a clan gathering.”

Mark’s opinion of the nurse went up several notches when he realized she was comparing them to another highly prejudicial group that was infamous throughout the south. “Let’s get this over with and get Kelly as far away from those bigots as quickly as we can.”

Marie’s attention was still on Kelly who continued to stare out the doors into the crowd, “Honey please tell me what it is?”

Kelly looked up at Marie, “It’s, I don’t know how to describe it. There is something out there. It’s making my stomach feel weird.”

“Come on honey,” Marie pulled Kelly gently, let’s get go see the doctor and get you out of here.” Kelly nodded, glancing over her shoulder once more as she let Marie lead her out of the room they were in.

Nancy softly knocked on the door before cracking the door open just enough to stick her head in and telling all those assembled that Kelly was here. Nancy held the door letting Kelly, Marie and Mark into the room then began to leave.

“Nancy please stay, this also concerns you.” Dr. Peters spoke. Nancy stepped back into the room closing the door behind her.

Larry sprung up from his chair grinning as he came up to Kelly with a small plain white plastic box slightly smaller than a shoe box. Holding the box out to Kelly, “I made this for you last night.”

Kelly took the box hesitantly, “Thank you.” Not knowing what else to say and afraid of insulting him by asking what it contained.

“Please everyone have a seat,” Dr. Peters swept his hand across the table in a motion to show the empty chairs. “Kelly, you may not remember Larry,” Motioning to the short devisor standing in front of her, “He built the machine that saved your life and it was Larry who realized that you were going through severe burnout.”

Looking at the man standing in front of her that was not much taller than her, “You saved my life, thank you so much.”

Larry’s grinned from ear to ear, and then pointed at the box, “I made this for you last night. Instructions are on the inside of the lid. It’s not a devise, it’s a gadget, a gadget mind you so perfectly safe.”

“What does it do?” Marie’s concern for Kelly apparent.

Larry’s grin grew larger showing his crooked teeth, “It makes contacts for you! Colored ones! So you can go around humans without them knowing you’re like me.”

“I’m like you?” Kelly sounded confused.

“What I believe Larry is trying to say is that you both are meta-humans, mutants.” Dr. Peters interjected, “Larry here is a highly skilled medical devisor and gadgeteer. Of course we do not know the extent of your abilities, but at least one of your abilities have already manifested.” Kelly blushed when she remembered the first time she had teleported.

“Is Kelly there now?” Kelly heard a familiar voice, but not one from anyone in the room. Spotting the conference phone at the end of the table near Dr. Peters, she realized they also had a conference call running on a speaker phone.

“Pappa is that you?” Marie grinned.

“Yes darling, is Kelly with you? I want to hear her voice.”

“I’m here Mr. Papangelou,” Kelly stated.

“My my,” the voice form the speaker phone chuckled, “You do not sound like yourself any longer!”

“I don’t look much like my old self either!” Kelly giggled.

“No I guess you do not at that! Jake allowed me to see a picture he had on his phone,” they heard laughter from the speaker phone. “Before this family reunion gets going too far, Kelly, do you have any wishes for the name on your new birth certificate?”

“I’d like to continue going by Kelly, it works for a girl’s name too.”

“Good, good, What about a middle name, Michael is not a gender neutral name.”

“Moira,” Kelly said, the name popping into her mind without even thinking.

“Interesting choice,” the sound of chuckling came over the speaker, “Okay now that we have that out of the way—”

“You’re not going to ask for a last name?” Kelly inquired quickly.

Laughing came over the speaker once more, “Kelly you know I have always considered you family. It is with great joy that I can use my money and position to make that a reality. It’s Kontos my dear grandchild.” The laughter continued,

Dr. Peters spoke up, “Sir is that all you need from us at this end?”

“Yes Doctor, and please keep up the great work you are doing, you will see my gratitude arrive shortly.” The speaker sounded once again, “Marie, I’ll be coming for a visit soon also. I haven’t seen the family in some time and I do wish to meet my newest grand child in person.”

“Yes pappa, we can’t wait, see you soon.” Marie said her good byes right before static came over the speaker along with a dial tone.

One of the five men sitting at the table Kelly had never met before but immediately recognized what they were since Kelly once held the same job spoke, “We’ve been contracted by Mr. Papangelou to provide a believable distraction for the Kontos family so they may leave without the local population knowing. In this I will pretend to be Kelly, escorted by my associates who will fulfill the role of a bodyguard over me, when we leave the premises. It is our goal that anyone wishing harm to your daughter or family will follow us Mrs. Kontos. I will then board a private jet that bears marking of Greek nationality with a flight plan that shows the aircraft is destined for Athens Greece. This aircraft will experience engine trouble while crossing the Atlantic and be lost at sea. Kelly Michael Lekka will be listed as one of the passengers.”

Kelly thought about their plan, while it was a bit overdone it was simple and if done correctly could never be discredited. She hated the fact that to the world his old life would be completely gone, but then wasn’t it gone now? She could never go back to running the shop, who would believe a pre-teen owned and operated an automotive garage? No, she knew this would be the best way, but one thing bothered her.

“How are you going to pretend to be me?” Kelly looked across the table at the large mercenary, “You’re like six foot tall and I highly doubt even a blind man would mistake you for a girl!”

The man leaned forward in his chair grinning as his image began to blur, quickly shrinking and changing to an exact double of Kelly, right down to the clothes and how her hair was pulled back, strange reddish orange eyes and all. “You’re not the only mutant in the room sister.” His voice even matched Kelly’s as he continued, “Now we need to learn about your teleporting, Can you do it at will or only when you’re scared?”

“I’m pretty sure I can do it when I want.” Kelly stated.

“So you do not know?” her double asked.

“Um I haven’t tried it.”

“Then try it!” Kelly’s double demanded, “Teleport back to your room, then back here.”

Kelly closed her eyes and let herself imaging she was back in the hospital room she spent the night in. She felt something happen and suddenly she could see a large part of the wing of the hospital they were in in a strange red light, this strange vision focused on her room and just as suddenly she was there.

Kelly heard a scream a woman changing the bed linen had seen her teleport in. Kelly teleported to the other side of the bed and caught the woman before she fell to the floor, gently picking up the unconscious woman and laying her on the bed before teleporting back to the conference room but into the chair on the other side of Marie.

“Okay I can do it at will.” Marie and a few others jumped when she reappeared, “I think I may have a limited range that I can go. When I do it I can only see about fifty yards or so.”

“You can see where you want to go?” Dr. Peters seemed genuinely interested.

“Of course!” Larry scoffed, “All teleporters and translocators must have some means so they don’t re-materialize into a solid object! At least the ones that don’t get themselves killed doing exactly that! Kelly’s trick is being able to see where she will land.”

“Yes but I can’t see past the parking lot, so I can’t jump past the protesters and news crew that are outside.”

Kelly’s double spoke up, “Do you think you can land inside a moving car?”

“Bad idea!” Larry warned, “If the car moves out of her range during the transport she could be injured badly.”

“Okay then,” Kelly’s double continued, “A stationary car, into the backseat lying down?”

“I’m pretty sure I can do that.” Kelly grinned.

“Good I want you to teleport once more, this time stay in the room but look to see how close the car needs to be for you to port to it.”

Kelly did as she was asked this time appearing beside a window in the room. Pointing at the window which had its blinds closed for privacy, “I can go the furthest straight that way, and I can see just past the second street light in the parking lot.”

“Great, Okay you said you saw a TV crew?” Kelly nodded, “That’s good, your departure will be covered on local possibly national news. Alright, Mrs. Kontos you and the Fed with you leave the room five minutes after us, walk to the south entrance go out and get into your car. You should drive,” he pointed at Mark, “Doctor, give her your number. Mrs. Kontos once the car is nearing this side of the building call the doctor’s phone, he can help direct you and let Kelly know when to port out to the car. Any questions?” Kelly’s double looked around at everyone in the room, “Good, Kelly I want you behind the door when we open it so that anyone that gets a look inside does not see you.” Kelly nodded. “Okay people it’s show time!”

Once the five minutes were up, Marie and Mark left, Nancy locked the door behind them, “Just in case.” She grinned back from where she stood by the door.

Kelly walked over and gave Nancy a big hug, Thank you for everything.”

Larry came up to Kelly, “While we wait, let’s show you how your contacts work. Larry all but drags Kelly over to the table where Kelly had left the box. Opening the lid Kelly saw the directions just as he had told her. “Now it has enough chemicals to make maybe ten sets right now,” Pointing at the directions, “It lists what you can use to refill it with here.” Looking up into Kelly’s eyes, “So what color? I think a dark blue or brown would work with your features? You can always change color later but then people may notice the change.”

“Brown, most everyone in Jake’s family has brown eyes.”

“Brown it is!” Larry adjusted a dial then hit the single red button on the interior panel. Thirty seconds later a panel opened that held two small water filled chambers each one with a single contact in it.

Nancy who had been watching from behind the two, “Here let me help you put them in. Doing this take a little practice and a mirror sweetie. Nancy picked out the first contact, knelt down and explained what she was doing as she put it in Kelly’s eye, then she put in the second one. “How’s that feel?”

“Kinda weird, like I got something in my eyes.”

“I’ve been wearing them for years,” Nancy stated, “Your eyes will adjust to having them in quickly, in time you won’t notice them at all.”

“I hope you’re right, they are driving me nuts right now.”

Larry pulled out a folded bunch of papers out of his lab coat offering them to Kelly, “This is information on the school I went to. It’s a special school for mutants, Mutant high!” Larry laughed at his own joke. “It’s something for you and the family to consider. It’s the one place on earth that you will be safe from humans like those outside.

Kelly took the stack of papers then gave Larry a hug, “Thank you Larry.” Kelly closed the contact maker machine then stuffed it under her arm when she heard the doctor’s phone ring.

It would have been impossible for Mark and Marie not to notice the cloud of red smoke that suddenly appeared in the tight confines of Jake’s car, but as suddenly as it appeared it coalesced into the form of a small girl lying in the backseat clutching a handful of papers and the white plastic box under her arm.

“Home James!” Kelly giggled from the backseat.

Chapter 23

An hour later they had left Atlanta and were on their way back to Florida when Kelly realized something, “Marie, I mean mom, the double, the guy that is pretending to be me, was wearing the same dress I’m wearing right?”

“Yes honey, why?” Marie answered.

“And it’s possible that that he could have been seen leaving on TV?” Kelly continued.

Marie’s eyes went wide when she realized where Kelly was going, “CRAP! Mark pull over now!”

“No Mark, keep driving!” Kelly ordered, “I can get to the suit cases from here and change.”

“Young lady you WILL NOT teleport inside a moving car!” Marie chastised Kelly.

“Who said anything about porting?” Kelly giggled, “The backseat folds down!”

Marie turned to glare and noticed Kelly’s eyes, “What happened to your eyes?”

“Nothing,” Kelly grinned. “Why?”

“They’re brown now,” Marie saw Kelly lose the fake look of surprise and burst out giggling. “Do you really want to be grounded before you get home?”

“Sorry I couldn’t resist,” Kelly held up the plastic box, “While we waited on you to get the car, Larry showed me how to work this and Nancy helped me put them in.”

Reaching back with one hand Marie held Kelly by the chin while inspecting her eyes, “That is amazing, your eyes look completely normal with them in.” Marie continued to inspect the contacts, “Your eyes used to be blue, why did you go with brown?”

“I wanted my eyes look just like my new mom’s.”

“Horseshit!” Mark coughed.

“I think it’s very charming that she wants her eyes to resemble mine.”

“She sucking up!” Mark laughed.

“Well if she is,” Marie chuckled, “She doing a good job at it.”

Kelly pulled one half of the backseat down revealing the contents of the trunk, “Are the things that fit me all in the small case?” Kelly asked without turning around.

“Yes honey,” Marie answered.

Dragging the case out into the backseat, Kelly opened it and began going through the items Marie had brought with her. Kelly discovered a pair of blue jean shorts that she slipped on under her dress. Finding the shorts too small she dug around through the case until she came up with a pair of shorts made out of a jersey material.

“Those I think will fit you honey,” Marie watched as Kelly ruffled though the case, “Not sure if you want to wear something that eye catching though.”

Kelly looked at the shorts, the color could have been either dark pink or orange, but the splotches of black yellow blue and red gave the shorts a wild almost fiery quality, she decided she like it and pulled them on. Although she was not about to admit to liking the wild very girlish color, “I think this is exactly what I need to wear, it will draw attention away from me and what I look like.”

“Well then there is a matching tank top in there too,” Marie shrugged.

Kelly dug out the matching top, pulled the dress off and quickly put on the top.

“She right you know,” Mark stated, “anything to draw attention away from her looks, or makes her look different than what people will see on the television. Hide her in plain sight!”

“I think I understand,” Marie agreed, “Kelly turn around here so I can take out your pony tail.” Kelly did as she was told allowing Marie to remove the band that held her hair back. Digging into her purse she came out with a brush in her hand and began working on one side of Kelly’s hair, parting it along the side and making the front half fall in front of her shoulder before having Kelly turn so she could do the same with the other side. “There, what do you think Mark?”

Mark adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see Kelly without taking his eyes off the road, “Wow, I think we could use you in witness protection. Kelly you look completely different.”

Several hours later and much closer to the state line with everyone hungry they pulled off the highway in Valdosta. As much as Marie was against fast food, getting Kelly home as quickly as she could was more important to her so instead of stopping at one of the many restaurants she made the decision to go to the fast food drive through. Kelly insisted on a dozen double cheese burgers much to Mark’s amusement, although after he watched her polish off all twelve before he could finish the one he had he did not find it as amusing.

“My god kid, where do you put it?” Mark chuckled, “You got a hollow leg?”

“Believe it or not, I’m still kinda hungry,” Kelly sounded apologetically.

“Really?” Mark gasped, “Man I am taking you out to the next eating contest I hear about and betting on you!”

“You will do no such thing Mark Payne!” Marie broke in, “People may think she is a mutant!”

“I was only joking!”

Almost four hours later Mark was pulling into the driveway, as soon as the garage door began to open the four kids came running out the front door of the house to greet them. Kelly sat in the car as Mark and Marie got out, apprehensive as to how the kids would act once they saw her. Kelly had known them their whole lives, even changed their diapers when necessary, but she could only imagine what they would say. Kelly heard the door beside her open then suddenly found arms wrapped around her in a warm hug, she heard the other door open and another set of arms embracing her.

“We’re so glad you’re okay Kelly!” She heard Kay’s voice.

From her other side she heard Sarah, “Me too Kelly, we were really scared you were gonna die.”

“Girls would you please let her get out of the car?” Marie clucked. Sarah began pushing while Kay began pulling Kelly out of the car. Once Kelly was standing both girls wrapped her up in hugs once more.

A few feet away Kelly spotted the only one shorter than her, seven year old Anne stood clutching a pink teddy bear in her hands, “Hi Anne.”

Anne stood staring at Kelly for a moment before she spoke, “You’re prettier than the picture Kay showed us. Allot prettier than when you was my uncle.” Shuffling her feet the small girl walked up to Kelly holding out the teddy bear to Kelly, “I got this for you. Kay said I didn’t have to use my own money but I wanted to. It can sleep with you just like the one you got me.”

Kelly remembered the teddy bear he bought her not more than a couple of years ago. Anne had been afraid of the dark and almost nightly she would end up running into her parent’s room due to some imaginary monster in her room. Kelly had bought the bear and told her a story about how monsters were afraid of bears, because bears were so big and could fight anything and win, but monsters couldn’t tell the difference between a real bear and a teddy bear, so sleeping with a teddy bear keep all the monsters away.

Kelly stepped forward taking the offered gift, then wrapped her arms around Anne giving the seven year old a warm hug, “I will cherish this teddy bear forever.”

Anne whispered into Kelly’s ear, “They really work too!”

“Soooo…” Sarah grinned, “Did you get any cool super powers?”

“INSIDE NOW!” Marie snapped, then looking at Kelly, “Michael, Mark would you both please bring in our things.” Marie ushered the four girls into the house then led them into the dining room. Once she had the girls sitting at the table and the two men joined them Marie began to set down some rules, “First thing and there is no and I mean NO exception to this, there will be no talk about mutants or super powers outside of this house or when anyone that is not family is around, do I make myself clear!” Marie looked at each girl then at Michael to make sure each one showed acceptance of her rule.

Anne eyes got very wide as she looked over at Kelly, “You really have super powers?” Kelly smiled back while raising her eyebrows up and down several times.

“Anne, what is the rule about that?” Marie looked at her youngest daughter.

“But momma we’re in the house!” Anne reasoned.

“You may as well show them now,” Mark laughed, “They won’t leave you alone until you do.”

Kelly watched as Marie sighed and then nodded, “Go ahead.”

Kelly disappeared in a flash of red smoke, reappearing out of the same color smoke in the kitchen beside the refrigerator, “Anyone want something to drink while I’m here?” She flashed a smile back into the dining room.

“WOW!” Anne yelled. The rest including Michael sat with their jaws open in amazement.

Reaching into the fridge, Kelly pulled out a diet coke then reappeared in the chair she had been sitting at originally. Placing the coke on the place mat she opened it and took a drink before looking over at Anne, “Pretty cool huh?”

“Wow you can smoke jump.” Anne tried to describe what she had seen.

“It’s called teleporting,” Sarah corrected her younger sister.

Kelly figuring to stop that argument before it happened, not to mention she did like what Anne had dubbed Kelly’s teleport ability, “I think I like calling it smoke jumping too, makes it sound cool.” Anne beamed with pride, knowing Kelly was going to use the name she came up with. Questions began flying toward Kelly faster than she could answer them making it quite apparent that both of the younger girls were highly impressed with Kelly’s, ‘super powers’.

Marie noticed how quite Michael had been since they arrived. Michael had all but worshiped the ground Kelly walked on when he was younger, and was probably the most devastated of all her children when they had heard of the attack on Kelly and his wife. “Kelly I’m sure the girls would like to show you what they have done to your room?” Marie smiled at the girls sitting around the table, all with the exception of Kelly grew a wide grin across their faces at their mother’s words.

“We redecorated your room for you Kelly,” Sarah grinned.

“I helped!” Anne added as she got up and grabbed Kelly’s hand, “Come on you will love it!” She began pulling Kelly out of the chair. Sarah and Kay got up and followed the two younger girls upstairs.

“Kelly?” Marie called after them, “You and the girls should take your things up as you go. Also you should take out your contacts. You need to let your eyes get used to them gradually, and I don’t want you ever sleeping with them in.”

The girls turned around and went over to the two suitcases and small contact case that Mark and Michael had left beside the door that led out to the garage. Kelly picked up the rolled up papers and white plastic case, while Sarah grabbed the smaller of the two suitcases.

Kay picked up the larger suitcase while stating loud enough that their mother could hear, “I’ll take yours up to your room for you mom.”

“Thank you honey,” They heard from the other room, “I’ll be up in a few minutes so I can see what you have done while I was gone.”

Once Marie was sure the girls could not hear her she turned to her son, “Okay what’s wrong?”


“You can’t lie to me, what is it?”

“It’s, I don’t know mom, that girl—”

“That girl is Kelly!” Marie looked her son directly in the eyes.

“I know, but it isn’t,” Michael tried to explain how he felt. For Michael Kelly had always been a man’s man, gentle but firm with others, never backing down when he was in the right, always standing up for what he believed in. Michael wanted to be just like his uncle Kelly for as long as he could remember and as he grew older he did his best to do just that.

“I know this is hard on you Michael, you always looked up to Kelly.”

Michael lowered his head nodding, “He’s gone.” A tear ran down Michael’s cheek. Mark quietly left the room to give them space to talk.

“She is still the same person on the inside.”

“Is she? How do you know that?” Michael questioned.

Marie placed her hand against her son’s chin, lifting his head so she was looking in his eyes, “Do you think anything could stop Kelly from being the way he wants to be?”

“But, but he’s not my uncle Kelly anymore!” Michael became defensive, “He’s… she’s like my baby sister!”

“And that is exactly who she is now.” Marie grinned.

“What?” Michael cocked his head slightly squinting his eyes as he tried to understand what his mother was saying.

“Kelly is now your younger sister,” Marie explained to her son, “That is where your father went, to take care of making Kelly legally your sister. I know this is harder on you than your sisters, but think for a moment how hard this is on Kelly?”

“I’m sorry mom,” Michael gazed back into his mother’s eyes. Eyes of a mother that loved her children unconditionally and would do anything possible to keep her family safe, well and happy. “I’ll try to do my best.”

“I know you will,” Marie smiled at Michael, “The lord could not have given your father and I a better son.” The problem solved in Marie’s eyes she changed the subject, “Now why don’t you show me what you and your sisters did to Kelly’s room?”

“Just remember you put Kay in charge, not me! I had nothing to do with it!” Michael laughed, “All I did was put stuff together and move the heavy things for them.”

Michael walked out of the dining room with his mother, Mark was in the living room on his phone, turned to them covering the phone with his hand, “I’m ordering pizza, any preferences?”

“Meat supreme!” Michael volunteered.

“Remember Kelly’s new appetite.” Marie reminded Mark how the girl had ate on the trip home.

“Six large?” Mark asked.

“I would hope that is enough.” Marie stated.

Michael eyes widened and he looked at his mother, “Six pizzas? Are you serious?”

Mark laughed, “You haven’t seen her eat yet.”


Upstairs Anne pulled Kelly to the room that Kelly had always used when he stayed the night. Originally a guest room it had quickly became known as Kelly’s room before Anne was even born. “You are going to love what we did to your room Kelly!” Anne reached the door then stood, a gleam in her eye that could only come from a child, waiting for Kelly to open the door to see the work they had done.

Kelly glanced around to all three girls with her. Anne of course anticipating Kelly to be just as overjoyed with the room as Anne was. Sarah was biting her lower lip, her arms behind her back, hands held tightly together fingers crossed in hopes that Kelly would like what they had done. Kay a one side of her lips raised into a half grin eagerly waited on Kelly’s initial reaction. Reaching out tentatively to the door knob, Kelly turned it pushing the door open. The door swung open silently revealing all the changes they had done.

The freshly painted walls were the first thing Kelly noticed, although noticed would not be quite the word Kelly would have used if she were not biting her tongue. A virgin white vanity with a large mirror sat against one wall with a matching wooden bench. On the wall above the vanity on each side two large butterflies that appeared to be made out of copper wire twisted into the shape of large butterflies hung at an angle that made them look as if they were in flight. The old twin bed had been replaced with a larger full sized four poster bed also in a color that matched the vanity and its bench and under the window on the other side of the bed a bench that appeared to be a combination of bench and toy or storage box sat.

A multi colored comforter covered the bed, wide stripes in pastel reds, yellows and purples, each color gradually bleeding into the next, matched cushions on both benches in the room and some of the pillows at the head of the bed and by saying some of the pillows, the only thing in the room that outnumbered the pillows piled at the head of the bed were the stuffed animals. There must have been at least three dozen stuffed animals of various sizes and types on the bed, the vanity, the toy bench, even lined up along the wall on the floor.

Kelly’s thoughts were broken by Anne excited voice, “I picked out all your new plushies!”

Knowing Anne meant well Kelly smiled warmly at her, “You did an excellent job too!”

Anne threw her arms around Kelly in a hug, “I knew you would love them!” Behind the two Kay snickered softly.

Releasing Kelly Anne pulled her by the hand into the room, “I hope you like it, I helped allot.”

Kelly saw that a white dresser that she could not see from the doorway say along the wall with the door, of course the top of which held several more stuffed animals. “I like the comforter too, it matches my eyes,” Kelly grinned over at Kay.

“Your eyes are brown!” Sarah pointed out.

Placing the white case Larry had given her on the vanity Kelly turned to Anne who had not left her side, “Want to see my real eyes?” Anne nodded grinning from ear to ear, “They’re really cool looking.” Anne continued nodding. Turning to the mirror Kelly removed her contacts, tossing them into the small purple garbage can under the vanity before turning so the other girls could see her true eye color.

“Whoa!” Anne took a couple steps back, “Cool!”

“Awesome!” Sarah proclaimed.

Kay stepped closer to Kelly to get a better look at her eyes, giggling as she did, “I guess the comforter does match your eyes.” Stepping over to the bed Kay laid the suit case on it before opening it.

Recognizing the things in the case as hers Sarah spoke up, “Hey those are my things!”

“Like this fits you anymore?” Kay grinned as she pulled a bra out of the open case that was noticeably too small to fit Sarah’s much larger chest.”

Anne began laughing, “You got big boobies like Kay!” Both Sarah and Kay glared at their youngest sister, who quickly hid behind Kelly.

“Don’t worry brat, the boobie fairy will come visit you soon enough!” Kay grinned evilly at Anne, “Then you will see how funny it is.”

“Who packed these things in here like this?” Sarah looked at the jumbled up mess in the suitcase, “Everything is wrinkled now!”

Kelly looked at the two older girls, “What do you expect, I had to change in the backseat of the car!”

Sarah put her hand on her hips looking over at Kelly, “You could have put everything back neatly, now it’s all got to be washed again.”

“Why?” Kelly truly had no idea why Sarah was so adamant about this.

“They’re all wrinkled!” Sarah explained, “No sister of mine is going to wear wrinkled clothes!”

Kelly received a reprieve from her lessons on packing a suitcase when everyone heard Marie yell upstairs “Pizza is here!”

Anne and Sarah chorused, “Pizza!” as the both raced to get out the door before the other leaving both Kay and Kelly in the room.

Seeing the look in Kelly’s eyes Kay shook her head, “I wouldn’t if I were you.”

“What?” Kelly put on her best innocent face. While thinking of how funny it would be to be sitting with a slice of pizza in her hand when the two reached the kitchen.

“You want mom to set a rule of no teleporting in the house?”

“You’re not as fun as you were when you were little!” Kelly grinned.

“No my dear sister,” Kay smiled wickedly, “I just want you to save that trick for a better time.” Both began laughing as they walked out of the room.

In the dining room it took the best part of three large pizzas to curb Kelly’s appetite, but for the first time that day she did not feel hungry. The few comments about the amount she ate were quickly shut down by their mother. Once everyone had their fill, Marie sent Kelly upstairs with Sarah to go through the things that Sarah had outgrown, “Kelly we will go out and get you plenty of new clothes, so don’t think we were planning on dressing you in all hand me downs, but having all new clothes and nothing worn would look a bit unusual.”

Kelly nodded her understanding, “I’ll make sure to find somethings that are too small for me too.”

“No, no need for that, as Anne probably has them in her closet already. Tomorrow we will go shopping, “Marie was looking at Sarah, who was looking like her mother was making her give away her most treasured items. “All three of you will need new clothes for school.”

Sarah’s despondent look immediately changed to a very wide smile when she heard the magical words, clothes shopping. Grabbing Kelly by the hand she raced up the stairs towing Kelly behind to her own room. Kelly Sarah and Anne was still putting things away in Kelly’s room when Marie came in followed by Kay, to tell the younger girls it was time to get ready for bed.

Once Sarah and Anne had left her room Kelly began working on putting away more of the clothes that Sarah had given her, “What do you think you are doing young lady?” Marie smiled.

“I thought I would finish putting this stuff away.” Kelly stopped as she tried to figure out what Marie was hinting at.

“You need to get ready for bed too.” Marie grinned.

“Marie, I’m not a child,” Kelly stated.

“That’s mom now honey, and just how long do you think it takes for an eleven year old girl to get ready for bed?” Marie questioned.

“Ten minutes, give or take.” Kelly answered, “Brush my teeth, change into something to sleep in and I’m done.” Kay began snickering.

“Oh you have so much to learn!” Marie chuckled, “If it was not for the fact that it would take me an hour to brush the tangles out of your hair in the morning I would let you do just that!”

“I’ll braid her hair mom,” Kay volunteered.

“Why do I need to braid my hair before bed?”

Marie shook her head and sighed. Kay stepped around her mother, “Come my young padawan, let me begin your training in the ways of the girl.” Taking Kelly by the hand, Kay led her to sit in on the bench in front of her vanity.

Picking up a brush from the top of the vanity Kay began brushing Kelly’s hair, “With hair as long as yours, you need to put it up so that you don’t wake up with a rat’s nest from flopping and turning in your sleep.” Kay continued brushing Kelly’s hair, “Best thing with really long hair like yours is to braid it. Then in the morning take out the braid and brush your hair out.” Kay smiled at Kelly’s reflection, “It keeps your hair from tangling so badly and it gives a little wave to your hair giving it more body. So watch what I’m doing so you can do this yourself.”

“Okay,” Kelly murmured.

“Another thing, while this may seem like a pain in the ass to do every night, it will give you the practice in doing something any girl your age should already have.”

Kelly watched what Kay was doing with her hair, not that it interested her, but in that Kay was right, this was something she needed to learn how to do if she expected to pass herself off as having always been a girl.

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