In Too Deep - Ch 19

Chapter Nineteen

The lines of coke shot straight into his brain as Brandin let out a gasp. The rush hit him like a freight train and helped him to focus. A small part of himself had screamed at him to wait, warning him that this could wipe out his chances at Soft Kill. Unfortunately, Brandin was just too fucked up to care, and it was all Matt Sharp's fault. That prick had dumped him from the project and tried to destroy him. Who the fuck did he think he was?

Okay, maybe the rehab thing had been a bad move, but what choice did he have? He had been at the studio when two suits with credentials had approached him about needing a urine sample. He knew that there was no way he could pass a random urine test after he had needed a morning pick-me-up not two hours before.

Instead, he began cursing the pair, accusing them of being fakes. A couple of his bodyguards restrained them while Brandin went to have a word with Matt Sharp. Of course, Brandin went right to his driver, left the studio, and checked himself into rehab. As for his agent...okay, so maybe he hadn't really thought that one through, but so what? Thomas Dern worked for Brandin, not the other way around. Besides, Brandin Jessup had made plenty of money for Dern over the years.

Clarissa (Clara? Clarice?), whoever the hell she was, snuggled in tight against him, grasping his wood as she pressed her big titties into his face.

"MMMMMMMMM....someone feels good", she purred as she straddled his lap.

Brandin looked over her shoulder at a leggy blonde with glassy eyes who was watching them and playing with herself. Where the fuck had she come from? Had she been here all night? To his left, another pair of girls were making out. The smaller blonde one looked like she was maybe fourteen...fifteen tops.

Brandin was certain that his bodyguards would have made sure she was eighteen. Hollywood was full of pedophiles, but those were the 'Untouchables'. A high-profile actor was too visible, his career would be ruined if he was busted for fucking children, so she must be old enough to be here.


With her tiny boobs and pigtails she was seriously getting into the tall brunette she was tongue-wrestling with.

His mind was a jumble of images and sounds as he felt each pulse of his heart send blood coursing through his cock in time with the blaring music that pulsed in various shades around the room. His house smelled of sweat, sex, and the chlorine aftertaste of coke. His body shivered as the bitch on his lap sunk down on him, engulfing his cock in her hot wetness. He groaned, or was it she who groaned? Everything was spinning too fast and his mind just couldn't seem to catch up.

The slutty little teeny-bopper with the a-cup tits was proving to be quite a rug muncher as she went down on the brunette. He saw the taller girl grab the blonde's pigtails and grind her face with her pussy. He even managed to see and hear her loud moan of pleasure in almost perfect sync, which helped him focus his mind on his problem.

Matt Sharp.

The bastard was trying to destroy Brandin Jessup, and there was no way Brandin would let that happen. His mind began to devise ways to make the Sharp's pay, but he knew that these were just stupid fantasies. He didn't want to maim or kill nice as that idea might sound.


He needed to make them back down and give him this part. Brandin had paid too much of his humanity to get where he was in this industry.

He thought back to some of the things that men, and women had done to him in the years since his mom had secured for him a part in a TV pilot by simply pimping his ass out to the director for a weekend.


No way, Jose.

Not gonna happen.

Brandin was not going to have it all fall apart now. All he needed was an edge. Something he could use for leverage against the Sharps.

He was well aware of their sexual diversions, he even kinda looked forward to the possibility of being 'tamed' by Danielle Sharp. He felt his cock throb at the image. No. Morality in Hollywood was a joke. All you had to do was watch TV to see that their fun and games were pretty pedestrian.

Drugs? Doubtful. Brandin had never heard a whisper connecting either of the Sharps with so much as a toke of weed....and that was legal...practically. So without sex or drugs, what could he get on them?

It was a cinch that he was gonna need someone on the inside. Someone in their inner circle should be able to get all the dirt on both of the Sharps. once he had something good, he could have both of them at his mercy.


That thought was enough to excite Brandin. He felt his cock swelling as the door burst open. As his seed spilled into whatever-her-name-was, and Brandin watched as his agent, Thomas Dern walked into the room, flanked by two of Brandin Jessup's bodyguards.


Brandin would never be sure whether those words were his own, or the slut's.


It took almost an hour to sort things out, and Thomas Dern was royally pissed off. You couldn't tell it by his facial expressions, body language, or tone of voice, but Brandin knew he was royally pissed just the same.

"Brandin, I am so you."

The agent had sent the two bruisers off with the girls, and a handful of cash. He sat across from his client and methodically cleaned his round spectacles before replacing them on his face.

"What are we to do? It seems as if you have been less than forthcoming with me, Brandin."


"Pay attention, and try to think. I didn't bring cue cards."

"Hey. I was just relaxing. It isn't as if I had a job to go to!" was the heated reply.

"Yes. it would seem as though your career may have exceeded its expiration date. You do realize that the whole point of this thing was to rejuvenate your career, don't you? Perhaps I should have just cut my losses."

The dapper agent rose to his feet and turned toward the door.

"WAIT!" the younger man frantically cried.

"Whatever for? I have indulged your pettiness, your lack of restraint, and your overindulgence for far too long."

"Please....I can do know I can!"

"Dear boy, I have been your most ardent supporter. If I did not realize that you were capable, I would not have wasted my time."

He sighed, "It is not me that you have to convince, Brandin. It is Matt Sharp, and he appears to be less than satisfied with both your talent, as well as your commitment. He also appears to be totally confident that he can make your termination from this film stick. Why should that be, pray tell?"

Thomas folded his arms as the younger man began to squirm.

"It begins to appear to me that you, Brandin Jessup, have been less than forthcoming about the details behind your exit from the project."

Brandin hung his head, "OK. This is how it went down. I was on the set for a read-through and...."

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