Demon Witch Cheerleaders (part 6)

my friend and I decided to snoop on cheerleader little did I know I would become the daughter of the Satan Himself and turn all my school cheerleaders all into Demon Witch Cheerleaders and then slowly change the men into women in my conquest for control of the earth

6 New Mayor Elections

Clara says “mistress we need to announce new company name”. I said “ I have not decide the name yet I want this district to be under mu control first”. She said " mistress you have the law and high school under your control and with mayoral elections coming up next Tuesday you should have control of Gem city as well”. I said “I know Clara I need to be fully under my control Claudia will win the next election then she will announce me as her leader and then I will convert police force into women and my minions”.

Clara said “my mistress we better be careful of the Jude and his friends like Jake who is only under your power of persuasion “.I said “I know that Clara once I have the Election won I will convert Jake into a woman and my apprentice as new demon witch and I know Jude is a demon hunter my father Lucifer your master has told me he is a demon hunter but he doesn't know yet he has the skills”.

Clara said “so we can convert him mistress” I said “no Clara we need to kill him or torture him I will make a minion a succubus she will take away his energy and power”. She said “Mistress you think he know Justine and her friends are now one of us and whole school faculty” . I said “he will find out soon Clara and when he does he will start to learn his purpose in life to destroy us and will get assistance hopefully by then we will be in control of the city and on our way to controlling the state .”

Clara said “ I am looking forward to when you are the ruler of Gem City mistress and where all men have been changed into woman and I will always serve you my mistress”. I giggled and thought to my self of course you will cause you under my influence I was relaxing in my study room watching television Clara was now back in her bungalow looking after her daughter. when Nina walked in and said “Mistress is it ok to go home” I said “yes Nina and BTW you will have to new house servants at the servant house I have already met one of them her name is Hope and other is Angela”. She said “ I knew Angela mistress before she is now a minion like me.”

I said “ yes Nina but you are their boss you will give them orders here and her daughter Miss Clare you will treat with respect she is a senior cheerleader here” she said yes my mistress I will begin their training tomorrow and make sure they never disappoint you” I said “good you can go home now”.she said “ Yes my mistress I will leave now” after she left up to my room I went to bed and fell a sleep.

I woke up and then my father Appeared he said “ you are doing well my daughter “. I said “thank you my father”. He said “your demon power are now at full strength and one you influence the elections here you soon can rule”. I said “ father I am very concern about the demon Hunters and who they will send if you exist here then will he be up there to fight us as well” he said “ Jade Hades you are a the daughter of the devil you are a pure demon and the princess of underworld , You can kill him or anything.”

I said “thank my father I will make sure he never learns his power I will make a minion a succubus and she will use her power to keep him under my power and Jake the boy who cause the trouble by finding him and he will become a Apprentice demon witch”. He said “Perfect My daughter soon you will rule earth and we will be invincible and my power of the gods will be complete.” then he left
I walked down stairs and I saw new maid hope she said” Good Morning Mistress I said” good morning Hope” she said” your breakfast is ready and everything is ready for you for school my mistress ” I said thank you Hope .

I hop in my black BMW convertible and headed to school Clara was on her to work after she drop off her daughter Kim she was announcing that Hades Media Corporation was new name for former Clayton media , Baxter Global oil and Fuel and Winter mine and engineering I am now the number I am number 1 suppler of American and Europe oil and my media empire includes all television Radio and news paper and Tablet form also includes Britain and America and Clara will tell the board of the new name and we begin changing people in our new company to my course and I will rule the world one day I arrived at school and saw Principal Pearson.

she said “Mistress we have a minor problem”. I said “what is it she”. said “Mistress Jude has been trying to influence Jake he been saying he is not a jock and Billie not his girlfriend”. I said “we will see about that put Jude in detention and I will try get him under same spell as Jake”. she said “Yes my mistress”.and she left me I saw Billie she said” Mistress we have a problem with Jake”. I said “he has been influenced by Jude” she said “Yes mistress what are we going to do”. I said “ bring him to the cheerleader change rooms and I have a new job for you too Billie”. She said “ yes my mistress”.

So Billie left me and went to find her boyfriend he was with the jock and Jude was there trying to tell them I was evil demon and need to be destroyed I knew he was getting his demon hunter powers slowly but I am like my father I am devil's daughter and I have more power and strength to hurt or destroy him and maybe he might be the first ever demon hunter to become a demon minion.

Billie walked up and says “Babe we need to and see Jade.” Jake said “the mistress wants us” Billie said “yes babe the mistress wants us”. So they left and headed to the cheerleader change rooms Jasmine ,Jessica , Clare and Emily and her Apprentice Toni and minions Justine Lizzie Arianna Erica and Melinda they walked into the door Billie said “ Jake is here my mistress”.

I clicked my fingers releasing him from my spell he walked and said “why am I dressed as a fucking jock”. I said “ because you have been a Jock”. He said “I remember now you have since change Justine and her friends and I was your boyfriend's best mate and Billie here is now a girl and a cheerleader”. Billie says “ hey I have always been a girl and cheerleader to the mistress”.

I said “you have sent a demon hunter to the school Jake he believes your story”. He said “yes to destroy the demon in you” my eyes started glowing red and I said “you will never get the demon out of me I am a fucking demon and my witches and I will rule the earth and to think you will not stop me, who you and your fucking pathetic demon hunter”. He said “my friend is gone”

I said “ you were to play in the game this weekend but coach Callaghan will use another running back I will use your friend Simon he will the new running back Clare” she said “ yes my mistress”. I said “find Simon and make him our new running back”. Clare said “Yes Mistress”. she clicked her finger and disappeared Jake said “ what plans have got in mind for me now I am not a jock you going to make me a gay nerd again”. I laughed and said “ you stupid male moron your mom is one of my minion curtsey of your sister and so I think I might do this”.

He said “you will do what” he felt pain as he body began to change slowly he said “ what the fuck is happening here”. He saw his hips began to widen his nails started to grow and his and finger became dainty and his legs started look very he felt his penis sliding in him as he began grow breast her hair grew long and was now blond she felt her hand down and notice she had a vagina now she shook her head as her mind began getting feminine thoughts she looked at me.

Madison said “I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress” I said “welcome Madison you will become my new apprentice and become what you have tried to stop ”. Then her clothes changed she had a leather skirt on boots and like the other girls she had tattoo symbol on her right breast of my family she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my Cheerleader Captain”.

I said “good girl Madison you will learn to become what you hated in previous male form hated a demon witch” she said “ yes my mistress I hate that I was a male mistress and what happens to the demon hunter”. I said “you will help the succubus Billie in her ways over Jude so he stays under my power”. she said “any thing for you my mistress I clicked my finger and the reality changed again .

So Madison and Billie left to find Jude and put him under my power. Clare returned from her assignment and said “It is done my mistress the nerd know as simon is the new running back and the male Jake” I said “he is now a girl like us and cheerleader and my apprentice”. So we walked to class we saw the nerds and some of them were slowly become girls and like the others they are my new minions .

The school population is now 87% girls now people in other districts think boys are leaving but they are not they are changing Jessica and Jasmine have turn all the jocks into girls except football players and the basketball team but every time a jock becomes a new girl she becomes my minion she goes home and her mother become a minion if younger brother he becomes a girl and so on and so on the district population is 96% female now my father is so happy and how I have become so powerful .

I saw Jude he said “ Mistress I am here to tell you I am sorry if I ever thought you were a boy” I said “ you know who I really am don't you demon hunter”. He said “yes your the daughter of hades himself”. I said “so my succubus had no affect on you” he said “No” he fired a weapon on me and it failed I looked at him and he fell to the ground he was so much pain I said “Who is your mentor hunter”. He screamed in pain and said “He lives in gem city”

I said “he will fall like you”. He said “we will win against you demon we have the gods on our side” I said “ why would they come and help mankind now your corruption in this world is the right picking for my father”. He said “we will learn to live in peace”. I said “I can offer peace to world when men are all women and I am the supreme ruler”. I hit him with power bolt he fell down I said “Madison” she said “yes my mistress turn him into a minion she said “yes my mistress “ so the former male known as Jake help turn Jude into a female I said now pledge your loyalty to me

she said I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress her clothes change into a black skirt and black stockings and pumps with3” heel and had my family symbol tattoo to her breasts she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as demon princess ” I said “ good Jodie go and help get me more minions she said “yes my mistress”

Meanwhile Jude transformation was happening the former mentor saw what was happening to him and he thought to himself I need a new Hunter but not from here some where in Gem City but we need to find with out her evilness from finding out this district is gone they now all servants of the daughter of Hades I need to escape with out any attention.

I felt the mentor in the area I let you escape my enemy but soon I will be in Gem city and who will fall like your former hunter Jude I saw Madison she said “Mistress I felt the master power flow through me” I said “ how did it make you feel Madison” she said " mistress it felt good and to think I was ever a boy, yuck and against you my mistress and the master I love being a girl and your apprentice”.

I said “Good Madison more powerful you get is by turning more male and females into my minions”. The rest of the day at school was uneventful with election on Tuesday and with the final games coming for the basketball players and Footballers soon they will be all girls and my boyfriend he will be a witch and his friends will all my minions .

Jasmine appeared she said “ mistress I am pleased to tell you that all the elementary schools here are now fully female and your minions”. I said “Good Jasmine I need you to go on a mission for me” she said “Anything for you my mistress”. I said “I want you to take my Apprentice Madison here and help her turn all the men in power in the district area like the councillor in this district to women”. she said “yes my mistress it will be a honour to turn the councillor to a woman and the other male into women “. I said “once she is one of us I want her run as deputy Mayor of Gem City by the time we are finished there will no men in this district and soon gem city and every where else”.

The night of the football game Claudia came up and said “ mistress this is lady here will be our new deputy if we win the election on Tuesday here”. Councillor Amanda said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my queen” I said “ good Amanda “. she had my family symbol on her breast.

I arrived at the game and saw opposition Cheerleader Captain Kate she said “Hello my mistress”. I said “hello Kate”.she said “Mistress my mother will see you tonight to surrender my family fortune to you”. I said “your company name?”. she said “ mistress my mother and my father are law barrister but since miss Jasmine turned him into a woman like my brother who is a girl now they now your Barristers you now own them”.

I said “ they will work with Clara at Hades media “. she said Yes my mistress I will tell them”. I said “ you have demonic powers Kate” she said “ no my mistress I am Minion” I said “ I am upgrading you to junior demonic witch you will be under Clare guidance”. I Called Clare through my mind she appeared in front of me she said “Yes my mistress” she was in her cheer uniform.

I said “ this Kate she is the opposition cheerleader captain and she is junior demonic witch” she said “yes my mistress she is one of us”. I said “yes she is one of us and you will teach her to use her powers turn males into females”. Clare said “ she is my apprentice mistress”. I said “yes she is she will move to our school and become a junior cheerleader”. Clare said yes my mistress”. Kate heard everything she said “Mistress I am moving schools”. I said “yes Kate your now one of my cheerleaders”.

I clicked my finger s and Kate's old cheerleader uniform change from the her Maroon and Blue to our New Black and grey with black boots she said “It is a honour for me to be on your cheerleader team now my mistress” the other opposition Cheerleaders will help Clare and Kate turn their football team into girls I got to the change rooms and change into my cheerleader uniform and I saw Jasmine.

she said “Mistress your new apprentice was she a boy”.I said “yes Jasmine”. She said “I notice Billie has not been hanging around Jake”. I smiled and she said “ Madison is Jake now Mistress”. I said “yes Jasmine she was Jake”. She said “ mistress this is perfect now he is a girl now and your Apprentice now” I said “I know Jasmine that why I didn't tell you when you took her on your mission”.

Jasmine said “Mistress she will make a great demonic witch for you”. I said “I know she will be good but remember Brandon will be a powerful witch like you she said Mistress the 6 witches of Palm dale and their Mistress” I said “ there will be 8 including Clara and Julie” she said “I forgot I am sorry my mistress and there is the three apprentices Toni Madison and Kate as well the master and you mistress”.

I said “Jasmine you and Jessica will be competing for to be head witch behind me as your princess demon of lord hades”. She said “it will be great to be head to you my mistress Princess of the underworld”. The game was the play-offs before the final we won by 56-9 to get into final next week after the the election.

The Election came up I was very nervous using my influence with my power we were trying to get Claudia and Angela elected I saw the demon hunter mentor it looked like he was new guy I asked my witches to find out who is was I saw the demon hunter mentor he had powers but not as powerful as me we were hoping for the election result to be a landslide I saw Kate's female parents her mother said “Mistress my former husband can not be my partner in marriage”. I said “you will become sisters”. she said “yes my mistress.”

FBI agents arrived from Washington to our district he said his name was agent Maxwell and his female Agent Colder the sheriff met them and said “our district of Palm Dale was not different to any other district”. Maxwell said “ your population is more female then male” sheriff Anderson said “ our district no different to any district in other cities” .

Maxwell said “We are sorry to be here especially on election day”. sheriff Anderson said “it ok agent Maxwell you and Agent colder are here cause some one called you”. he said” yes a gentleman by the name of Michael he said he had a student at Palm dale high name Jude who has gone missing” Sheriff Anderson said “we have never had a student name Jude we have a girl called Jodie” he said” I will send agent colder to see your school principal miss Pearson check the school records ”. Sheriff Anderson said “ ok I will call her and tell her your agent on her way”. So the sheriff called miss Pearson she then called me.

She said “Mistress we have a FBI agent coming to the High school”. I said “ male and Female” she said “Female my mistress.” I said “ I will be there” she said “yes my mistress”. I arrived at the school before Agent colder she said “Hello I am Agent Colder I am here ask about a student name Jude” Miss Pearson said “I was told by sheriff Anderson you were coming and here is school record this is our school body president Jade and our cheerleader captain”. she said “nice to meet you” I said same “Agent colder”.she was looking at the school records I was entering her mind and saying in her mind pledge your loyalty to me and forget about the school records they are correct .

She looked at me and said “I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress” and then her clothes changed into a leather skirt and boots as like the other women and girls my family symbol appeared on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my queen” I said “good Agent colder now we will turn you Partner into a woman and the you can help me with control of the FBI in Gem city”. she said “Yes my mistress”.

I left the school with agent colder and headed to Sheriff Anderson office, we arrived soon and we walked in and Agent Maxwell said “ so is the allegations true”. Agent Colder said “no nothing it all false”. Then he said “ Who is this young girl you have?”. Agent Colder said “ this is my mistress Jade and she rule the district”. He said “what your mistress ?”.

she said “That right my mistress you pathetic male and the reason males are disappearing is cause they are being transformed into women”. He said “ why?”. I said “ You men are ruthless and you want kill and rape us men are aggressive pigs”. My eyes turned red and I looked at him he said “ men can change “ I said “Yes as woman” he said “Please not me”.

Agent Colder said “ you will become a woman and you will help our mistress in her growing empire and you will love being a woman”. He looked down saw as his body started changing and becoming more feminine and she saw her boobs grow and she notice she had a vagina now she saw her hair had grown.

she said “I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. Her suit she was wearing started changing into leather skirt and boots and like other women and girls before her she had my family symbol on her right breast she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my queen”.

I said “good Agent Maxwell , you and Agent Colder will go back and with one of my witches will turn all male FBI agents into woman”. she said “Yes my mistress I am here to serve you”
She and Agent colder left and headed back to Gem City sheriff Anderson said Mistress that was a close one there” I said “Yes I know Sheriff Anderson and if Claudia and Amanda win the election you will become police commissioner ” she says “Thank you mistress”

I stayed at the sheriff office watching the election on Hades new network the deputies brought in a nerd name Jeremy they said he was disrupting the peace and causing problems I looked and him and said “ hello Jeremy” he said “Hello Jade why is our cheerleader Captain doing at the Sheriff Station and one of our richest students” I said “I am friends with her Daughter Toni”.

He said “You mean Anthony demon” I said “so you know who I am”. he said “yes I was a follower of Jude until you turned him into a girl”. I said “so what are you going to do try to kill me”. He said “No I want power”. I said What type of power?”. He said “I want be a woman with power under your rule of course demon Princess” I said What type of woman ?”. he said “the new head of the FBI mistress”. I said done so I started to change him into a full woman she was done very fast.

she said “I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress”. Like the other women and girls her clothes change into A leather skirt and boots and my family symbol appeared on her right breast and she said “I pledge my allegiance to you , my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my queen”. I said now Jennifer you are now head of FBI Gem City”. She said “Thank my mistress”.

Then the newsreader came on said “we have the election results her for the councillor for Palm Dale for her third term Amanda Brook she is also going for the deputy Mayor Job ticket with Mayor hopeful Claudia Hampton we will bring you that result soon”. I was happy all my minions voted for Amanda I had small control over the other districts and saw the result my minions had won 9 out 19 districts for Gem City council the night was going well for me as more districts were announced and I was getting more happy and more powerful then the Newsreader said “the winner of the Mayoral Election is …...........”.

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