In Too Deep - Ch 17

Chapter Seventeen

Dana left for work the next morning without waking her husband. As she dressed for work, she took a long look at her sleeping spouse. Sloan was laying on his back with his gorgeous hair fanned out in a glowing halo around his face.

"He looks just like an angel", she thought.

Dana had loved this man almost from the moment that they met, but she had never really looked that deeply into the feelings that she had for Sloan Taylor. She only felt gratitude that this gorgeous, tender, caring man had been willing to spend his time, energy, and love for someone as undeserving as Dana Midkiff.

She had been astonished when she realized that he truly had feelings for her. Indeed, she had worried at first that Sloan was playing some cruel joke on her. Her small stature and childish features were a constant source of embarrassment for Dana, and it would not have been the first time that something humiliating was done to her. She had been victimized by boys many times before.

-In middle school some girls had admitted her into their social circle. They were friendly, popular, and pretty. They were everything that Dana wasn't. They invited her to Janet Behan's pool party/sleepover. During the evening, the girls gave each other makeovers. Dana was so excited just to be accepted, to feel like she belonged. The next day she awoke with her hair dyed a hideous purple and her eyebrows shaved off.

The girls all apologized and said they mixed up the bottles by accident. Dana's mother was livid. Janet's mother offered to pay for her to go to a salon for damage control. Unfortunately, the damage was pretty extensive and for three months Dana wore her hair very short and had to draw in her eyebrows, all the while enduring the sniggers of her so-called 'friends'.

As a freshman in high school, she had been invited to a party by an older boy that she had a crush on. It was a disaster as he disappeared with Amanda Stanton, one of the queen bees of her school, shortly after they arrived. She was ignored for over two hours while all the time feeling that people were laughing at her behind her back. She later learned that it was all a joke on her by Amanda and her little coven of followers.

What was worse was that she was afraid to call her mom for fear that Rich, her step-dad, would be the one to come get her. As a result, she ended up walking most of the way home and ruined her dress and new shoes in a downpour. Her mother was furious when Dana finally got in, soaking wet, at almost two in the morning. Rich had been out looking for her and punished her extensively the next morning while her mom was out shopping.-

Some people seem to go through life with a 'victim' tag hovering over them. Dana had always felt that way. She had horrible self-esteem issues, and her experiences only seemed to reinforce this problem. Although she was smart, beautiful, and had an amazing singing voice, she could never find the courage to perform. Instead, she worked tirelessly behind the scenes, doing the millions of necessary tasks that every production required.

When she left for the studio, her mind was a maelstrom of competing emotions. She loved Sloan. She needed him. Sloan was her soul mate.
Dana knew, beyond any doubt, that Sloan had the talent to become a star.

She also could not help worrying about the consequences of his getting his big break in this particular role. She could not help worrying about what ulterior motives Danielle and Matt Sharp might have for her and her husband. It was oft-rumored, within the industry, that Matt and Danielle Sharp had rather esoteric lifestyle tastes. The gossip sheets were always alluding to their indulging in activities that were 'outside the box' of what society considered a traditional marriage to be.

Actually, thought Dana, That isn't really all that weird for Hollywood, where 'alternative lifestyle' is almost considered mainstream.

If she went along with Danielle's plan, could she really afford to risk losing Sloan? She wanted to push things along for them; but, was she doing it to help her husband, or was she doing it to indulge her own sick and twisted cravings? She knew that the thought of what someone as commanding as Danielle Sharp could do to both of them was exciting to her. Exciting? It soaked her panties just to think about it.

Sloan was not like his wife. He was clean and sweet, a loving and tender man. How could she expose him to the risks of what the Sharp's might do to him? She tried to weigh the pros and cons objectively, but the dampness in her panties and the thundering of her heart made that impossible.

A single tear trailed its way down her cheek as she knew that the decision was out of her hands. She had never been a strong person, Rich Midkiff had seen to that. Her default setting was always submissive to the will of those who were stronger than her. Danielle Sharp had actually taken that decision out of her hands the very moment she proposed her plan.

When she arrived at the studio, Dana was not at all surprised to find that Danielle Sharp had left a message with her assistant. Opening the envelope she found a terse note.

Report to my office immediately.

No signature. A royal summons, with no pleasant greetings or professional courtesies.

Dana left her office in a hurry, without leaving instructions for her assistant. Her short legs moved quickly as she struggled to control the thudding drumbeat of her heart. When she arrived, Danielle's secretary notified the producer that Dana was waiting. The young blonde listened briefly, then instructed Dana to wait.

Wound tighter than a spring, Dana sat on the edge of her seat, fidgeting. After a few minutes, the secretary looked up at her.

"You may go in now"

Dana almost sprinted to the door, pausing to take a deep breath. Adjusting her clothing, nervously, and shuddering briefly, she entered Danielle Sharp's lair.

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