In Too Deep - Ch 11

Chapter Eleven

Sloan's heart was beating like a trip-hammer. He stared at the face in the mirror with amazement. The woman that gazed back at him was gorgeous. He raised his hand to his cheek and was actually surprised when raised a manicured hand that perfectly matched his motion. Dana had outdone herself. She had brought in her 'tool-box' filled with cosmetics and other paraphernalia. She had also brought in several costumes, lingerie, and jewelry to add to the illusion. His only question was, how much of this is due to Dana's skill, and how much is just Sloan?

He was wearing a gold and white evening gown with spaghetti straps and actual cleavage. The last was thanks to a pair of breast forms that were so well matched to his skin that he could not see the line where the form left off and his skin began. They even had nipples that stood out against the soft velvety texture of the gown. From his ears dangled a pair of segmented gold earrings with pearl drops. His eyes were accented into an almond shape that gave his appearance a subtle Asian flavor. His glossy red lips were full and lush. Dana had plaited his hair so that it crowned his head, making his neck look longer and more slender.

The feelings that welled up within him rose like a tidal wave, and a gasping shudder drove tears from his eyes. He saw himself, as a little boy, saw the pure joy of being in costume as his sister's made him over. He cried for that little boy, whose life was shattered when his father had told him that he must never dress up like this again. He also cried for fear of Dana's reaction, of not being the man his wife had thought she had married. Despite her part in this, there was a lingering fear that she was unmasking him for the purpose of rejecting him.

Sloan met his wife's eyes in the mirror. "Am I a...a freak?"

Her eyes went from wonder, at the vision she saw revealed in the mirror, to concern for the man she loved. "Oh My God Sloan, how could you ever think that?"

"I just feel like....I don't less than a man."

Dana placed her chin on his right shoulder so that they faced the mirror cheek to cheek. "I love you, Sloan. More than life itself, I love YOU."

"But....Look at me...."

"Look at you? Baby, I can't take my eyes off of you"

She turned his head to hers and met his glossy red lips with her own, the taste and feel of their lipstick adding a sensuous element to the kiss that began softly, tenderly, but gained in fervor as his lips parted and their tongues began to thrust and parry. She slid her hands down Sloan's arms, tracing the exposed flesh, raising goosebumps on his skin.

When the kiss finally broke, breathlessly, Dana pulled her husband to his feet and led him to the bed. There she undressed him until she left him standing in nothing but his lingerie. He stood, unsure of himself, in nothing but gold sling-back heels, a lacy black pair of french-cut panties, and the matching half bra. His hands were crossing his chest like a virgin bride on her wedding night.

The vision filled Dana with a sexual hunger that she had never known. She wanted Sloan, not as her husband, but as a woman. She quickly removed her own blouse and skirt. She then slid back up the bed, parting her legs, hunger burning in her eyes.

"Come to me, my sweet Sloan."

Despite his inner turmoil, Sloan responded to her need. All other considerations went out the window as he began to move up the bed, reaching for his growing erection.

"No baby" she whispered, huskily, "Make love to me like a woman. Be my woman. My lesbian lover."

Sloan was astonished by her words but began tracing his tongue up from Dana's knees along her inner thighs. He could smell the heady musk of her arousal, see the moisture glistening where her panties touched her labia. She opened herself to him, spreading her legs wider. He felt the heat of her sex long before he ever got close to it. She moaned as he bit her inner thigh just inches away from it, sending a shudder through her body and making her squirm. As he licked and nibbled his way closer, almost touching her vaginal lips, he stopped and began working the inside of her other thigh, causing her to moan again, this time in frustration.

By the time he was close, again, to her squishy nether bits, he gently bit her labial lips and tugged and chewed on them, making her cum a second time. As she came down from this one, she felt him forcing her legs together as he removed her panties. As soon as the soaked garment was tossed aside he renewed his assault on her vagina. She pulled her own knees apart, spreading herself open for his wonderful tongue. He teased the rosebud of her ass with the tip of his tongue, then drew it upward along the perineum to her soaking snatch. As he entered her, he widened his tongue, lapping deep inside her like a dog worrying a bone, while the bridge of his nose ground again and again into her clitoris, making her scream.

Knowing she was tender he backed off to let her catch her breath and slid up along her body, licking and kissing her perspiration-dampened flesh and pausing to tease her belly button with his tongue while his fingers twisted and pinched her nipples. As he worked his mouth up to her breasts, she pulled him up to her mouth and met him with hot kisses. She loved the taste of herself on Sloan's face, mouth and tongue. As they lay in each other's arms she wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock, stroking him.

"I don't think lesbian's have those," He whispered.

"That's what makes you so special to me" she replied with a pixie grin, before sliding down his body.

This time, it was her turn to make him feel good. She teased his nipples, knowing that he couldn't actually feel it, but loving the way it made her feel. Despite the lack of feeling, Sloan enjoyed it, momentarily wishing they could be real and give him the pleasure she got from her own. She worked her way down his abs to tease his belly button, then lower to his hard cock.

Seeing the precum leaking from the tip, she laved it with her tongue, tasting him. Wrapping both tiny hands around the shaft, she opened her lips and engulfed the head as she slowly stroked him, savoring the taste. Bobbing her head, she took him deeper with each stroke, her tongue massaging the vein under his shaft, reveling in the velvety soft hardness of this living organ. She heard him moan as he struggled not to grab her by the hair and force feed his cock down her sweet throat. Part of her wanted him to. That ugly and perverse part of her wanted him to face fuck her into submission.

Sloan was struggling to control himself. His hands were knotted in the bedding as he fought the impulse to grab her head and skull-fuck her sweet mouth. His head began tossing his hair from side to side as he felt her throat open and engulf him fully, her throat massaging his shaft as she made a deep humming noise that vibrated along his cock until he could no longer hold back.

His cum burst out in a geyser that quickly overcame Dana's ability to swallow. As a wave of semen dripped down her chin, she reached for Sloan's hand and pulled him to her. He sat up, bending to gaze down and meeting her twinkling eyes, as her mouth continued to milk his seed from the withering phallus. As soon as she let it slip from her mouth, eyes never leaving his, she rose to him, planting her lips on his. Her mouth and tongue insistently parted his lips and he tasted his own cum as she passed a generous amount from her own mouth to his. He barely hesitated, as their eyes locked meaningfully, and when she pulled back from the kiss, he licked her face clean.

Later, as they held each other, she felt Sloan drift off into sleep

"Wow," Dana whispered in wonder as she gazed down at her husband.

That night, the dream came again. It followed much the usual pattern. Sometimes the smaller details differed, but the main story never deviated far.

- One-Two-Three!

The boy lunged at her, his face kissing her as his hands grabbed her firm breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. She heard Billie running away and screaming as Dana was pulled over to the fallen tree. They wasted no time in stripping her and tied her across the tree. She could feel the rough bark biting into her naked flesh. Dana cried for her mother. She begged them to let her go. They ignored her pleas and taunted her, calling her a slut and a whore.

Her mind pulled back and she was actually watching the events unfold. It was strange because this was not a ten-year-old Dana, but a fully grown Dana. She watched as the first man took her, painfully thrusting his hard cock into her from behind. He grabbed her hair and pulled, arching her back as another one forced his hard cock between her lips and down her throat. As the two men pounded her from both ends, one of the others took a wood switch and started swatting her on the back and across her ass, while the last man did the same to her nipples.

The rape seemed to go on for hours as they took turns with her, but the worst part of it was the absolute pleasure she took from it. She was the whore slut that they called her. She deserved the abuse, wanted it even. When they were done with her, they left her tied there. She heard people passing by, but she was afraid to call out. She was afraid that they would see that she was nothing. A slut. A whore.

At one point a dog came up behind her. She whimpered as it sniffed at her oozing sex. She heard a man call out for the dog, and the animal left her there.

Finally, she passed out.

When she awoke she was in pain. Her whole body was shivering and she was naked and bruised. She found her clothes in a pile nearby and slowly managed to dress. She ran home, tears streaming from her eyes. Her mother was in the kitchen and called out to her about something mundane, but Dana rushed to the bathroom. -

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