In Too Deep - Ch 8

Chapter Eight

Gabriel could sense her as she paced around him. Mistress was uncanny in her ability to read people. She had a sixth sense for knowing what you really needed, even if you did not. Her eyes could measure and weigh you almost at a glance. If Mistress spoke to you for five minutes she could have you pouring out your soul. Within an hour, she could plumb the depths of your darkest secrets. Give her a single evening in the playroom and she could reveal things to you, the kind of things that can terrify, torment, tantalize and titillate you, making you beg for release.

A low moan issued unwillingly from his lips as her strap made a soft "whoosh" of air parting, but no blow landed. It was a game she loved. The sound of the strap alerting him of its motion just before the wet slap of leather on flesh. It kept him squirming in anticipation, never knowing which one would actually paint his ass with a new stripe. He was bound bent across a table, wrists stretching him forward and feet secure on the floor, or as secure as the 4-inch heels allowed. With a hood over his head, and a ball gag in his mouth, his only options were a few inches of 'squirm room', and an occasional moan. He supposed that he also had the option to remain motionless and silent, but these were highly unreasonable expectations.

Matt watched in appreciation, as his wife toyed with their pet. She was still dressed in her office clothes, unwilling to change. It really made no matter, as she was so obviously dominant that she could have worn a pink tutu and still commanded the aura of a leather clad Dominatrix. Clothes might help create an atmosphere, an ambiance if you will, but in Danielle Sharp's case, they were only window dressing. Danielle took her position seriously and crafted each D/s scene with the care and forethought that her husband put into a film scene.

And this scene was special, as they were saying goodbye to a loved one.

This is not to say that Gabi-Girl was not dressed for the part. In the case of a submissive, the ambiance could make or break a scene. Gabi was dressed in open-toed slingback heels, fishnet stockings, and a lacy garter belt. She had been wearing a sexy maid's outfit with black thong and leather cincher, but now the dress was gone and Danielle was becoming more serious as the moments passed.

"Stop moaning you little slut. I have not even finished warming you up yet!" she rolled the strap caressingly down his shoulder, along his back, and across his reddened ass.

Matt grinned as his wife continued to play with Gabi, tormenting the young feminized man's body from all angles. His moans of pain and pleasure heightening the tension for all three of them as she played Gabi like a virtuoso. After almost an hour of exquisite agony, Matt was ready to participate.

Gabi was now breathing raggedly, as each time Danielle teased his erection to the verge of release she used ice to stave him off. His moans were becoming increasingly pathetic as he was denied release by his Mistress. She continued her pacing, but by this time had lost her skirt and blouse. She looked magnificent as she stalked around the whimpering pet wearing nothing but a black lace bra and matching panties.

As Gabi knelt on the floor facing Matt, beads of perspiration dotting his flesh, she removed his hood and ball gag. Danielle stood behind the kneeling toy and her eyes met her husband's across the red-streaked back. Matt nodded toward her and she spoke again.

"Who are you?"

"I am Gabi"

"Why are you called Gabi?"

"My Mistress and Master chose my name, for which I will be always grateful."

"Why do you serve?"

"Serving fulfills me, Mistress"

"What will you do for your Mistress and Master to prove your worth?"

"Whatever they ask of me, Mistress"

"Go to your Master and show him how willing you are to serve him."

Gabi crawled to Matt and looked at him with adoration in his eyes. Tears stained his cheeks as he waited for permission to speak.

"Why does my slave weep like a little girl?"

"Master, your slave wishes to stay with her Master and Mistress. Your slave does not wish to leave you."

"We have already discussed this, and it must be so. You have a lifetime ahead of you, Gabi. You must grow as a person, and if it is meant to be, we will be rejoined.", Matt gently stroked the young man's cheek. "You may serve me, sweet Gabriella"

Gabi quickly unzipped Matt's slacks and drew forth his growing cock, pressing his cheek to it as he nuzzled it affectionately. Meanwhile, Danielle went to a side table and began strapping on a black, slender dildo. She then went to the ice bucket and grabbed a handful of cubes before returning to the kneeling slave boy/girl. By this time, Gabi had the end of Matt's cock between her full lips and was lavishly stroking the crown with her tongue while gently sucking on the tip, her eyes never leaving her Master's.

Gabriella's mind was a whirlwind of emotions. Before meeting Matt and Daniele, she had never expressed the least bit of femininity. Gabriel had considered himself a normal heterosexual male. The older couple had opened his eyes to a hidden world. A world where life made sense. As Gabi, she felt free in a way she never had as a man. The powerful emotions from sucking on a cock triggered responses that overwhelmed her. She knew she had no real desire to be female, but felt fulfilled in the traditional female role.

The symbolism of roles was one of the things that Master and Mistress had taught Gabi. It was not so much a feminine vs. masculine thing as much as a Dominant vs. submissive thing. In the world Gabriel grew up in, no real man would suck another man's cock. On the other hand, as a submissive it was expected. Feminization served to overcome the ingrained societal programming and allow Gabi to express herself as a submissive without the anguish of all the societal pressure that tried to pigeonhole human sexuality into a rigid male/female box.

As Gabi worshiped her Master's hard cock, she felt her Mistress begin rubbing ice on the red welts that marred her back and ass. She struggled to take him deeper, as Mistress began lubing her asshole. This was the part that Gabi loved best. She loved it when she was able to please them both at once. Her moan was one of joy as she felt Mistress begin sliding her strappy into the lubed asshole.

As they slowly began fucking their slave, they got into a rhythm that had Gabi eagerly bouncing from one to the other. As she gazed lovingly into her Master's face, slow tears gently slid down her cheeks.

How she would miss them.

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