No Doubt

No Doubt

By Melanie E.

Written in the posting window for BCTS.


I looked at the vial in my hand skeptically.

"It SHOULD work," Kel assured me, though even his eyes portrayed concern.

"Should," I repeated, continuing to study the murky liquid, half worried it wouldn't work, half worried it would poison me, and half worried it WOULD work, and then what would I do? "I don't know about this, Kel."

"You've changed your mind?" He asked me, concerned. "I thought there was nothing in the world that meant more to you than being, umm... you."

"No doubt," I said, without hesitation. "But is it worth risking my life for? Err, risking it like this, anyway?"

"I don't know," he whispered, patting my shoulder gently. "But I didn't think you'd want to know the opportunity was there without having a chance."

I looked at the vial in my hand skeptically, not just because of what it claimed it could do, but because of how badly I wanted it to do just that. It wasn't supposed to be this easy. There had to be a catch, a risk, something I was missing that would make this less enticing.

Didn't there?

"So... are you gonna try it?" He asked me again.

"No doubt," I said, grinning as I uncorked the bottle and downed it in one gulp.

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