Little Boy-Girl 1 Part 31

It was the start of a new school year and Zoey was highly upset that her mom (Heather) was with a new man. Corey Helms he seemed like a nice guy but Zoey didn’t like him. Chole Isabela was an even bigger pain being only six. You see Zoey was use to being the only one with her mom (Heather) that when Corey and Chole moved in things just wasn’t the same. Zoey knew there was only one person she could turn to and it was her uncle Mario. This was not the only changes going on in the neighborhood. At the Davis house a new woman was coming in to their lives. She was what the kids needed well she was someone Mario Sr. needed to keep the little ones in line. Kimberly Victoria Bird was what the family really needed to get back on track. Since Kylie walked out yet once again leaving an 11 month old baby.

Heather, Corey and Chole moved to another neighborhood so Chole didn’t have to deal with the dress code. The kids all hugged Heather bye and said they’ll do their best in school and make good grades. Junior gave Heather a kiss and said that was from dad. Corey didn’t like that but laughed at how cute Mario Jr. said it and let it slide but told Heather he understood Mario’s felling about you and the family of three walked out and went home to pack up every thing and sent Zoey’s things to Mario’s house. Zoey was so happy to be living with her cousins once again. She also knew diapers where in her future but when she didn’t know. The rule was wet you pants it’s pull-ups but mess you pants it’s diapers day and night.

The boys always knew how far they could pick on the girls, but if they went too far they got the worst spanking of their lives. Kimberly had ways of making the boys behave mainly Jason because he always acted up in school. With the dress code at the school being dresses mainly some of the boy got to wear pants well girl pants that is. The girls were allowed small clutch purses for their school IDs and lunch money. The boys had to use fanny packs for the same things. The problem was the fanny packs where pink the same as the clutch purses. That’s the reason Jason was throwing a fit about. He asked why not blue to let people know we are boys if away from the school. I was in charge of the class while the teacher was out dealing with an issue with her own kids that went somewhere else. The class had kids from first to fifth grade. The strange thing is the class was all the kids I had taken in except for Junior.

The news of six new students that would start that same week just three weeks into the new school year would change everything. The school ranged from pre-k to 11th grade now. All the classes are set to the kids needs. Each one has a strong point and weak point. The six new students didn’t except to have to stay with other families until their parents get their new homes setup to their liking. They knew better than to argue with their host families or they would get the worst spanking of their lives with their parent’s consent.

Kimberly also ran a diaper business. Mario knew he had to find someone to fill in so he could work at the shop. But the shop could wait until the summer to have the second person help run it. Robert didn’t like the fact he had to wear a girl’s jumper. Jason really hated it even more than the diaper he had to wear. The only way you could tell the boys from the girls was their gender was written on their diaper. The boys had boy written on them. The Girls said girl on them and then there was the diaper that said sissy on them. These were reserved for the really bad boys. The ones that liked to cause trouble every day. The trouble maker diaper was to be worn with only a t-shirt, shoes and socks meaning no skirt or pants. Walker Patrick fell in to this class of boy.

Walker Patrick (14) was the seventh kid to show up at the school a week later. The principal read his file and knew that skirts, dresses and pink diapers were in his future. Normally pink was for the girls, but this was the best way to go with this boy. It was part of the dress code so his mom said “he’ll wear what was given to him or get spanked. Walker knew his mom wasn’t kidding because if you didn’t have on what you were told you got spanked. Not by the principal but by someone that had the tool to deliver it with. The tool in question was an oval shaped hairbrush made of solid wood (Ash). Kimberly had three sizes to used well she really had five three oval and two square ones. The square ones were for the Davis kids even Mario Sr. got a quick pop with it. Kimberly only did that for fun because it was a playful swat.

The Patrick’s didn’t like the idea of Walker having to be dressed like that. The principal said it’s that or home school and the teacher doing that will make sure he is dressed like that. Walker’s parents said what ever it takes for him to get his act together and keep him in school. The best part is they live not to far from the school. Their neighborhood was right up the highway from ours and the school. Walker has two sisters that are younger and love the idea of their big brother in diapers like them and they are in their second year at the school. Daisy and Brenda both (8) where at the school and love their teacher. Getting snacks daily of two cookies and a small cup of apple juice. That was between lunch time and the time to go home. Walker was to meet his sisters at their school and walk them home every day, but the day he got kicked out of his school he found himself in his sister’s schools main office with his mother. She had to find a way so he can go to the next grade and not have to repeat the sixth grade. He started the year in the eighth grade but two fights had him in the sixth grade but the third fight put him in the spot he is in now. Lana was left at the school she was at for now but would have to transfer schools. The season was under way in basketball and she wanted to finish out the season. A Cheerleader for the football team too was important as well.

Lana got the news at the end of the first nine weeks that her mom asked if she could play for the new school. The principal had no problem accepting her to the school and said “Lana has to agree to the rules of the school or get spanked with a brush”. Mrs. Patrick’s knew that the brush hurt worst than the hand would.

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