Demon Witch Cheerleaders (part 3)

my friend and I were at the wrong place at the wrong time when the cheerleaders come back then we were caught by them something was going to change me forever

3 .The Party and more Minions for Demon Witch Jade

I said “ when they go home they will get their mother to get join them as well”. She said “finally Evil will win”. I said “we should have the Jocks under our control”. She said "I hope that sissy doesn't become a pain again” I said “I hope so too sis”. I said “ ladies we are finished now will see you tonight at Melinda Party”. They all left except Jessica and Emily they stayed behind Jessica said “we are helping anyone at the party tonight”.

I said “Maybe that computer geek Jasmine if she there I want her”. Jessica said “ I know her well mistress”. I said “ how”. She said “she is a tomboy and she hangs around gay people like my brother my mistress”.

I said “I defiantly want her she could be a threat to my takeover and since you 2 girls are our senior Cheerleaders witches we are going make you both our apprentice witches if you perform a task by making your first minion” they both said “ thank you mistress we honour to serve you and our lord demon source”.

I said “it will decide on how you act tonight which one gets me and other gets Tina”. Emily said “ I will happy to have to serve any of you mistress Jade I have know you and Tina have been witches forever my mistress”. I said “I know but you are both very loyal to us”. Jessica said “I feel the lord demon source dark power flowing through us now mistress ”

I said “you will help turn more women into his servants and soon more men will become like us female my father your lord demon wants only want female minions not men” Tina said "we do what our Lord demon wishes and you will become like us demonic witches with Jade as your Mistress and ruler of all the lords minions". they said "we will follow our mistress any where ".Tina said" Tonight at the Party we will recruit more servants for our lord demon and our Mistress Jade". Then there was a knock on the door it was Aden

Jessica went to the door and she saw Aden he said “ look babe I am sorry”. Jessica said “ you are the Mistress problem now follow me”. He looks at her and Says “ babe I have been drop from the football Team the coach has found out about what I did to you and I had to come see the mistress”. Jessica said “ the Mistress knows , you will have see her now Aden". Jessica brought Aden to us then Jessica said “ mistress Aden is here to see you”. I said ' bring him to us”.

She said “yes Mistress". Jessica brought Aden up to me” I said “ I heard what you did to one of my cheerleaders”. He said “yes mistress I am very sorry I have already told her that I am sorry to her.” I looked at Jessica and said “did he say that to you?”. She said “ yes Mistress but I can feel he has no remorse for what he did to me I cant feel it he should be more sorry towards me”. I said “ you feel the power flowing through you now Jessica ”.

She said “ yes Mistress I can feel my lord demon power flowing through me” I said you know what to do to him” she said “ yes Mistress”. She pointed her finger at him she used her power and he began to change his hip began to get bigger and his bum became round and his hair started growing and he started growing breasts an fell to the ground in his feminine voice she said “what happing to me ?”

I said " everything is ok do you pledge your loyalty to me?”. She said yes mistress I pledge my loyalty to you”. the her clothes changed from her male clothes to her Black skirt and 2" heel pumps and My family symbol tattoo appeared on her right breast.

she said“I pledge you my Mistress Jade and to my master Lord the demon source and you as my Cheerleader Captain and Tina”. I said “your are always welcome my Minion Arianna” . She said “Mistress what is my mission” I said “you will help Jessica in any way she needs you and your a cheerleader now as well so I want you help get me and my father wants more minions”.

She said “ yes mistress I will help you and miss Jessica any way I can”. I said “good girl now go and do your job”. she said “yes Mistress”. She left us and she will be at the party tonight I looked at Jessica I said “ now change reality now” Jessica said “yes Mistress”.

she clicked her fingers and reality changed again she then looked at me and said “ Mistress I can feel the power of our master lord demon so strong in me since he was changed”. I said “your are learning My apprentice”. She said “ I am eager to please the daughter of our master lord demon and my Mistress”.

I said “ Emily you need to prove your self to us”. She said “Mistress I will prove my self to you tonight at Melinda birthday Party” I said “I want a minion from you tonight or you will become a Minion your self”. She said “I won't let you down mistress”. I said good now both of you go home and we will see you tonight” they both said “Yes mistress” and left the change rooms Tina said “mistress Jessica is showing more power from our lord than Emily”.

I said “I know she is Jessica will make a great demonic witch But Emily is your best friend and you have been Cheerleaders since Junior high.” Tina said “I hope tonight she will get her powers and help us mistress.” I said “ I hope so”.

We left and headed home once we got home I notice mom had the same Symbol on her Right Breast I said “mom your not a minion” she said “no mistress I am your protector like Tina my lord has told me to protect you Mistress”. I said Like Tina don't call me that.” she said “ no you are my mistress that what I will call you “. I said " fine then".

So we got ready for Melinda birthday Party as Tina says “ mistress I feel different”. The my father appeared but not in a dream this time he said “my Daughter you are doing well on the minions”. I said “ thank you father I have got Apprentice now”. he said “ I know my daughter she will be good helper in our course”. I said “Tina and mother are they still like me demonic witches”. He said “yes they are but are lower forms of demonic witch”. I said “ we have another one who has known my sister as a witch”. He said “ we know of the girl she will become a witch with a level 2 power like your sister and mother”. I said “ yes Father and my apprentice Jessica”. He said “ Tina can you leave us”. She said “yes My master demon source”. She left the room and my father said “ Jessica will become your second in command my daughter”.

I said “ why not my sister Tina she has been a witch longer than me she transformed me in to a beautiful Girl”. He said “that was Planned she will be like Jessica but you will now get more power now I am upgraded to full demon witch you are now ready Princess”. I said “thank you father I love you”. He said “Tina is now grade 4 demonic witch” I said “what am I my father”. He said "you have full demon powers now your a now a demon like me and the more Minions we turn the more we become Powerful”. I said “ I am going to a party tonight with my sister and my Apprentice”. He said “ good I will talk you soon my daughter”.

I said “yes father I will contact you later” then he disappeared Tina came back in she said “is the master gone mistress”. I said “ yes you are upgraded to level 4 demonic witch”. She said “I felt my master demon power through me now I am now feeling more powerful Mistress”. I answer her “ good my sister now the to the Party”.

We left our house and headed to Melinda Party we saw her she was in a black skirt and 2"heel pumps she walked up to me and says “I pledge you my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my mistress ” I saw my family Symbol on her right breast I said “ your are welcome Melinda” she said “ mistress it was Emily has shown me the way our master the demon source”.

I said “good Melinda and who else is here ?”. she said “all the cheer squad and the football players”. I said “any nerds which you know?”. she said “yes mistress a geek girl name Jasmine and Erica her friend'. I said “and where is she and this friend ?”. She said “Mistress I think miss Jessica is with them”. I said “ok show me where they are now ”. She said “yes my mistress”.

I saw Emily she said “I have completed my task Mistress” I said “you have Emily I am very proud of you by turning the host in one of us”. Emily said “she was a boy and nerd mistress and now she is one of us”. I said “ I saw Melinda become a girl”. She said “ I know mistress but she was free minded and not our master's servant”. I said you have done well Emily you will become Tina Apprentice”.

She said “Thank you Mistress” then Tina said “Emily where is Jasmine the geek the Mistress wants her”. Emily said “she is being watched by Jessica and Arianna “ Tina said “good we will go to her”. Emily said "Yes miss Tina ”.

Tina , Emily , Melinda and I went and saw where Jasmine was we arrived there and Jessica said “Mistress I have been keeping my eye on the geek since she has arrived here she said to me I was her friend and we were close was she ever a cheerleader before that”. I though to myself is Jasmine like the sissy I need her out of the way as one of us she will make a great asset to father.

I said “ no my apprentice she was not a cheerleader she has always been a geek and I have no idea why she loved your brother but that will now change” . She said “I knew she was a fucking liar mistress”. I said “ now it time to make her one of us”. Jessica giggled and said “a servant of the Master and you my mistress”.

I walked up to her she said “hello demon witch.” I said “hello jasmine where is your friend the sissy Jake”. She said “you have put a spell on him as you have with other Cheerleaders”. I said “ come on Jasmine how could that be true?”. she said “you all wear the same black leather skirts and boots”.

I said “we are cheerleaders I am the Capitan”. she saw Jessica, Melinda and Arianna walk up beside me she said “ you have corrupted my friend Jessica”.

I looked and her and said “ Jessica is a cheerleader and has always been a cheerleader , isn't that right Jessica?”. Jessica said “yes mistress I have always been a cheerleader I have never been friends with this geek she come over and see my sissy brother ”.

I saw her friend Erica I said “and who is this girl here?”. Jasmine said “she is a friend of mine she nothing like you or Jessica “ I looked in her eye and she was easy to read her mind and conquer it I said “come here girl now”.

she walked up to me and kneeled I said “what do you want?”. She said “I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress” I said “Jessica”. She said “yes mistress”. I said “ you know what to do with her”. She said “yes Mistress” Jessica and Arianna took Erica away .

Jasmine said “where is she going demon witch”. I said “My apprentice is doing her job”she sad “what fucking job?”. I giggled and I said “you will see Jasmine”.

I looked in her eyes straight to her mind there I saw a very scared girl who is scared that she might be never successful and beautiful for this world and amount of time she has been hurt and the day she was told by Jake that he is gay and was in love with his friend Billy I felt sad for her humiliation but I need to use it against her if she was going to become a servant for my father and help with our take over of the school and then everywhere

I said “I see your thoughts Jasmine”. She says “ how?”. I said “ your a scared little girl all you want is be recognised and be beautiful and not be bullied by everyone at school”. She said “ you can see that”.

I said “ yes I can make it go away and make you beautiful submit to me and pledge your loyalty to me” she said “No you are evil witch and I need to stop you like Jake has told me and bring you back as boy again”.

Jasmine saw Jessica Arianna and Erica return she said “Erica you look like” Erica said “ a cheerleader be cause I am a cheerleader”. she walked up to me and said “I pledge my allegiance to you my Mistress Jade and my master demon source and you as my Cheerleader Captain ”. Erica had my family symbol on her right breast she said “I will help you any way I can my mistress”

I looked at my apprentice and said “ you have done well”. She said “ Thank you my mistress I can feel the master demon sources power flowing through me”. I said" your powers are improving my Apprentice”. She said “ any thing for the princess of My lord and master demon source” I looked back at Jasmine. she said “your turning her into a witch like you”.

I said “all my cheerleaders are witches some have small power but someone like my Apprentice here she has more power to help transform the minions I need “ she said “ Erica is a minion”. I said “yes she serves my father and me with out Question”. She said “why a minion ?”. I said “ they are loyal and due my bidding now Jasmine I can make you beautiful and witch you will control Erica”.

Jasmine said “ no I need help Jake fight Against you” I said “why help him he left you for his boyfriend Billy why help a person who broke your heart become one of us Submit to me your mistress Jasmine and become a servant to your master the Demon of source”.

Jasmine thought about it that Jake had hurt her and broke her heart she knew he was never going to love her and she would be much better as a witch and a cheerleader.

Jasmine came up and kneeled in front of me and said "I pledge my loyalty to you my mistress Jade ”. I said “good girl Jasmine you will be senior member in my coven ”. I clicked my finger and she began to change and transform in to a beautiful woman her placid yellow Skirt and Animal sweater disappeared she now had Black leather skirt and boots on she walked up to me and she said “I pledge my allegiance to you my Mistress Jade and our master the demon source and you as my Cheerleader Captain ”then like the other females she had My family Symbol tattoo on her right breast.

Jasmine then said “Mistress we need to Make certain the sissy is not known to other schools he might try get help from other schools” I said “yes Jasmine we are onto that right now I want you see what he is up to". she said “yes Mistress but isn't he under your spell right now so he thinks everything is normal with his boyfriend”

I said “ your right Jasmine I think we might turn his boyfriend into a jock and he can be kept under supervision”. She said “ mistress make him straight and turn Billy into A minion and then he can be kept under our watch form his new girlfriend and the master will get more powerful and you as well”. I said “ I like the your Idea Jasmine but don't you want be his girlfriend” she said" no mistress he hurt me once before and now I am a witch he is my enemy of my mistress”.

I said "ok Jasmine we will do that tomorrow at my house go and tell my apprentice that her brother and his boyfriend need to be at my house tomorrow for their new lives” she said “ yes mistress I will go and see her”.

She left to tell Jessica of my plans I saw my boyfriend over there with Tina and Emily I walked over to them and Tina said “i noticeyou have completed turning Jasmine mistress” I said “yes Tina”. She said “mistress the master will be happy I can feel her getting stronger”. I said “yes I know I am getting more powerful and stronger with every one that submits to me ” I laughed and walked over to my boyfriend and so for the rest of the night at the party I spent it with my boyfriend.

He said to me “ Mistress you are so beautiful” I said “Thank you Brandon”. I kissed him and said “you will make a great woman one day soon”. He said “thank you Mistress as long I am serving you and the master it will great when I am a female servant to the master lord demon”. I giggled and thought I have now got full control over all the jocks and now soon my whole school will under control of my Demon Cheerleaders and all over the fact I was asked to come and snoop on the cheerleaders with a friend name Jake who is now my enemy and holds the key maybe to my task of failing it for my father/mother from ruling a all female world.

Tina and I arrived home very tired and we turned the whole of Melinda family into Minions Melinda oldest sister goes to who goes to college and now she will be the captain of her colleges cheerleaders and her little brother who goes to elementary school she will now become the most popular girl and her school both will eye out minions for me and as for her mother is now a minion too and the father he is now a one of my cheerleaders at high school she will go tomorrow to our place as we change Jakes life again for him I can feel the power of the transformations tonight My father will be proud of me and I am happy now.

As we walked into our room Tina said “mistress we need to move” I said why Tina”. She said “your getting more powerful as your power is growing so strong every day now mistress and soon the Master will want the princess demon source living in luxury”. I said “ your right Tina we should live in luxury Melinda family is very wealthy she is my minion now”. She said “that will great living in the wealthy area”

we went to bed and sleep I did not have my father appear I slept very good the next morning Tina walked up and said “mistress the minion known as Nina is here”. I said “oh ok”.

It was Melinda mother so I got out of my bed got my gown on and she was waiting in the Dining room Nina said “ hello mistress the master told me last night to come and see you”. I said “and what did he want?”. She said “ my former husband and family company is one of the biggest in the word and wealthiest , we are classified as billionaires”. I said “yes”. She said “ you are my mistress and I am only a minion the master has told me that I am to give you my family fortune to you my mistress and I will live here with my three daughters”.

I said “if this what my father wants I accept”. She said " we have clean out our closets and we are ready to move in we have left all our expensive clothing and jewellery for you my mistress as from now your a billionaire and now the wealthiest woman in America” I was shocked cause Tina and I were talking about that last night , I thought my father over heard us say that last night I said “ minion Nina”. She said “Yes my mistress “ I said “ you have never been employed?”.

Nina said “ that is right my mistress I have not been employed as I was a wealthy woman from a wealthy family I never worked”. I said “well you are now not wealthy woman now you not own this house it belongs to me you are my servant you will be our head maid at our new mansion.” she said" yes mistress”. I said “we will keep your all your servants but you will help clean and look after our Mansion and be head servant ”.

she said “yes my mistress and my daughters" Melinda and Casey your youngest will stay as your daughters but your oldest Clara is now my new Personal assistant at my new company she will no longer got to college and she is now my new chairwoman and she is now adult and your ex husband is her daughter now , they will live in the mansion bungalow at the back". I clicked my fingers and I was now in the mansion Tina and I were sitting at the dining table

our head maid Nina came in and said "Mistress your breakfast will be ready in 10 mins cook said she will have it ready soon” . I said “ok maid “ then Maid I looked my clothes I was in total black leather dress and boots I had a diamond necklace with a gold chain my nails are painted black and I know who I am the Princess of demon source .

I saw Clara leaving she was dressed in black leather dress and boots I said" you have a meeting today Clara on a Saturday?". she said "yes mistress we are taken over a the media company here as part of your media empire". I said" good you covert all of the board to my minions make any men on board to women". she said "yes my mistress it will be done" then Clara left to her job. Clara is a demonic witch as she is my chair woman as I am too young yet to run companies yet.

The maid came back and said “Mistress a girl by the name of Jasmine is here”. I said “let her in Maid and send her to us”. She said “yes my mistress”. So the maid went and brought Jasmine she was in her black leather skirt and boots she said “ good morning mistress”. I said “ good morning Jasmine you want have some breakfast”. she said "yes please my mistress if it pleases you". I said “your a witch and a senior cheerleader your member of my father new breed of demon witches”.

She said "I am always ready to serve you and the Master”. I said “ then have some breakfast” she said “yes my mistress”. I said “maid tell cook we have another person here for breakfast”. Then the maid Nina said “ yes my Mistress". she left to tell the cook about Jasmine being here for breakfast. I saw Jasmine she looked like she was waiting to say something I said " what is the problem you found Jasmine?". She said “it involves a jock mistress he as been snooping around and asking questions.”

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