William Church and the Scandinavia Trip chapter 24

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William Church and the Scandinavia Trip
by Sharphawlad

Chapter 24. Explosion in Sheep town.

Max thought for a moment and said, "Can you arrange transport to take both of them to the Norwegian Consulate in Newcastle and they will take over their care then. If anybody queries these instructions say they came directly from Queen Olga of Norway who is concerned for her brother in law and great niece." Max then telephoned the consulate who promised they would get them to safety.

Max entered the Arial dining room to find quite a bit of sobbing going on. Anna-Marie your father and child are safe, but injured. As we speak they are being taken to the Norwegian consulate in Newcastle. Sorry Queen Olga but I said it was on your instructions."

Just as Max was speaking the private phone of Olga went off and it was the consulate secretary. "We have just had a strange telephone call & I have been instructed to double check."

Olga, "The child is the grand daughter of my sister Princess Rose & the man is my brother in law. Please equip them with all they need and charge it to me. In a few hours we will be in St. Petersburg so if it is possible fly them to us there."

"Madame they have just arrived at the consulate by Air Ambulance."

In that case put them on as I wish to speak to the both of them."

David came and answered the telephone, "Olga I was wondering what to do the whole street is cordoned off and apparently there is nothing worth salvaging. I have somebody here who wishes to speak to her mum & granny."

Olga put the telephone to speaker mode and a little voice said, “Mummy & Nan there was a boom and a bright light and the house and all my clothing went wush. Then I came round in hospital and the nurse said I was a brave little girl. I have a wig on because my hair was all blown away and I have bandages on my face but Grandpa keeps hold of me so I do not get lost. Mummy I have to have a lady who will look after me and change my dressings, as grandpa can not do that, as he was also hurt. The lady she will be coming across with us and she helped me get some new dresses.”

Lucy awoke to see Robyn sat in with her. "Robyn can we go back as I am needed there."

Robyn carried Lucy back and they caught the end of the phone call. Lucy, “Hello I am Lucy are you coming to play with me and Fiona?

"Lucy we are coming by a flight to St. Petersburg will you tell mum I need everything important like a new princess doll."

Anna Marie smiled, “I am sure we can get you one of those and if not Lucy has promised you can look after her baby until we can get you one."

"Mummy does Lucy realise I am in a wheelchair and will be for some time?"

Lucy, "In that case you can race my mummy as she also is in a wheelchair."

Captain Swen, "We have managed to establish a video link with the consulate and they should be on screen now.” Rose gasped as she saw the two of them swathed in bandages. She also noticed the lady they had been told about.

Louise, "I presume you are a nurse that has been detailed to accompany the two of them."

"Sorry madam I did not realise you could see us I am Jennifer and a doctor and my twin sister Jeannette is the nurse your daughter referred to. We got the job, as we were the only ones available at short notice who could travel. The authorities thought the two of them would be far safer away from the hospital as they had a nasty virus going round the wards."

The ships doctor came and spoke and at the same time was grinning. "Jennifer what is required and I will have it here before you arrive. Also I better arrange accommodation for you two and the patients."

Willie, "I take it the Norwegian Ambassador has also arrived at the consulate by now. Please tell him I wish to speak to him.”

"Yes sir"

"I have had a personal request from the Empress of Germany & Russia and crown Princess of Norway, Denmark & Bavaria she would like to hire the services of the doctor and nurse for her cousin and uncle. Please see that they have adequate warm clothing as they will need it here."

Lucy, "I hope you can now see us as well as we can see you."

Jennifer, "We only packed an overnight bag as we did not expect to be staying on a long term job. Other than that we have no commitment although we could do with a neighbour collecting and redirecting the mail for us."

The Ambassador, "Ladies are you both willing to work for the Royal family for at least a year? If that is OK then I will ask house keeping going and closing your house down and arrange redirection of your mail."

Jennifer, "Actually we rent the flat and were considering giving it up once we got a job. The television and video are all on rental & that is ending this month. The remaining electrical goods are ours."

While the two of them signed the documents placed in front of them by the ambassador. Then the ambassador said, "My wife has agreed to take you two and the little girl to get more clothing & I will arrange for your remaining belongings to be sent on to you as now you are officially part of the Royal household and will be expected to dress appropriately."

On board the ship the Doctor was saying, "Madame my sisters still have not realised who they will be working alongside."

Lucy, "Jennifer will you get my cousin the Princess doll she asked for while you are shopping and I will see you all tomorrow, as I understand you will all be flying during the night." With that the screen went blank.

Olga, "Looking at the bandaging I am surprised they are both allowed out of the hospital. Regardless of that we better ensure we have all that is needed.

Glenda surprised everybody by speaking, "If the two of them have bad burns we could do with Professor Della Perriman as she is the top in the field of skin grafting and replacement.

Admiral Romanoff, "I will make that a priority to be dealt with"

They switched on the news broadcast, which was running a clip shot by a local who happened to be video filming his family at the time of the incident. He had managed to capture the event as it unfurled. He left his child holding the camera and was seen pulling David and the child out of the burning building. Then the fire engines arrived along with the ambulances.

For a minute all was quiet and then Lucy spoke, "That man was brave if it had not been for him Uncle David & my cousin could have been dead. Look that little girl has run into the fire and is pulling out something else out."

Rose, "It is Lady our pet dog that she plays with often." Rose pulled out an address book and dialled a telephone number.

The child answered the telephone. "Hello Aunt Rose I will get mummy. I have been playing with Lady she was very scared. I had to give her a bath because she was very smelly with smoke from the fire."

Hello Rose, There is nothing left of your house and the others it was a fractured gas main that blew up. My husband is at the hospital having treatment for burns to his hands. Your dog is safe but we took her to the vets to be sure. We will look after her until you can collect her. I understand your two family members have been moved to another hospital. I hope they recover soon. David looked to be very badly burnt to me."

Rose, "It was brave of your David to go into that inferno and rescue my family and of your daughter Loretta to bring out our Lady"

Lucy, "Hello I am Lucy will you play with me when we return to Sheep town? I think you and your dad are very brave and should receive a medal each for what you have done."

“Sorry Rose there is a person at the door so I will have to speak to you later. Can you give me a telephone number to contact you on?”

Olga handed Rose a card with a number on. "This number will get me but currently I am on board a ship near St. Petersburg with my sister. So it might be better if I ring you at 9 in the morning and you can tell me how your David is."

Elizabeth turned to Lucy. "So you think they should receive a medal each so do I as they were both very brave. Would you like to help me ensure they get one each?" Elizabeth dialled the office of the Prime minister and said, “Tony normally I do not do this but I think these two should be in line for at least a Victoria medal and George cross each. Also I would appreciate it if you contacted the appropriate departments and give my recommendations. Now I have a young lady here who also wishes to speak to you."

“Hello this is Lucy; I have told Grandpa Willie the two of them should receive medals for pulling my uncle and cousin & their dog out of the fire."

Elizabeth, "Tony that was Empress Lucy speaking and Grandpa Willie is Kaiser Wilhelm. I happen to agree with Lucy and will have no objection to those two receiving other awards for their bravery. As you know full well I am one of Lucy's regents I expect you as my Prime Minister to implement her wishes."

Tony put the telephone down and called his cabinet together. He explained what had happened and the defence minister said, “The man was on leave from the Yorkshire Regiment so we have no problem awarding him a VM and GC. His daughter is too young but we can award her a GM and both should be in line for awards from the Royal Humane Society."

The Foreign Secretary. "I have spoken with the relevant foreign departments and they will comply with Empress Lucy’s wishes. Also I understand that the two could also be in line for a hereditary peerage as those rescued have Royal connections."

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