The Enhanced: TRI - 38

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By Diana M. Howe, Edited by Melanie Howe, Cover art by Monica Plant
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I know logically what you’re saying is true Trish, but am I any less separated from the world than I was before I found you? Greg entreated sadly.
I think you are more in touch with people, but the best of humanity surrounds you, this time around. Forgive them their foibles as you know they forgive you yours, Trish coaxed. They landed by the truck and began the long drive back to Parry Sound and home.


Chapter 38


‘Not all good things must necessarily come to an end.’
Professor Julian Saber

The world heard about the disappearance of tycoon Nathanial Ravensclaw via the media and was puzzled by it for a time but soon became distracted again by the daily pace of living. Food was grown, love was made, crops were harvested and people were born and died in their time. The world turned and didn’t worry about the loss of a business man, living was much more important and Nathanial became nothing more than a mere footnote in history.

On June 14th, 2011, the sun rose over 405 East 42nd Street in New York City as it had since 1953. The members of the General Assembly came in from their respective embassies around the city and took their places for what appeared to be another routine session. For some reason, there was a large grouping of members of the media standing around the courtyard as if expecting something. They weren’t going to be disappointed. Something caused a shadow across the morning sun and vanished. There was a slight rush of wind and 6 figures that had been assumed dead landed on the stairs. The press were silent for a moment, and then swung into action. The cameras were focussed and the journalists approached the group without any fear or trepidation.

“Where have you been?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

“What are you here for?”

“Are you here to battle someone?”

The questions came quickly and furiously as Dreamwalker held up his hand for silence.

“You are here for a statement, well here it is. The United Nations thought to imprison us at the Lunar One Base. They thought to control us through trickery. They unwittingly gave us their complete sanction to walk into their trap. We are here today to remind them of their agreement with The SIX. We have returned to help the world,” he concluded.

They turned in unison and walked into the main foyer towards the General Assembly Hall.

The Speaker of the Assembly was about to open the floor to new business when the main doors burst open and The SIX strode down to the podium and took up positions behind it. Dreamwalker held up a document in his hand and spoke with authority.

“You still have unfinished business with The SIX. At your request, we came to your aid. You tried to trap us… maroon us, so you could contain and control us, but you slipped up. You agreed to give us full U.N. sanction for our actions in making the world a better place. It is now obvious to us that you never expected our return, however, here we are. We Are Back,” he thumped the podium for emphasis. “We have your sanction and the whole world knows about it. Do whatever you wish to do here, argue amongst yourselves, play your little political games and intrigues, we will continue to make the world a better place for it’s peoples, not just it’s leaders. Someday, perhaps you’ll outgrow the posturing and gamesmanship and truly represent the world, but until you grow up, we will do the job for you. Have a good day.”

He signalled to the team and they walked out of the Assembly Hall towards the awaiting press. The Assembly was hushed for a moment before chaos reigned in place of the deafening silence.

Greg sat with Julian and Betina in the living room of AERI watching Dreamwalker speak with the press before The SIX flew off into the dazzling summer morning sky.

“… again that was the scene moments ago at the U.N. General Assembly here in New York as The SIX returned to remind the United Nations that they are back and will not be fooled again. Their leader, Dreamwalker, revealed details of the U.N. plot that had them stranded on the Moon at the International Science Station, Lunar One. He went on to explain the ruse that was used to lure the heroes into the trap,” the commentator introduced the newsclip.

“The U.N. Security Council, with the full backing of the General Assembly falsified the attack on the base and sent us on a rescue mission. The transport ship was destroyed after we were inside the base and our vacuum suits were blown out of the main airlock. We may be enhanced humans, but we do still have to breathe.” The sound of laughter filtered through the speakers as Dreamwalker continued, “The organization gave us written sanction for this mission as well as all others to follow. I guess they figured it was a safe bet. The details of the agency that provided our rescue are a private matter and I will not discuss them at this point or any other. We would stay and answer questions however, the world still needs us. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of the press,” he concluded.

“The U.N. Security Council has declined to speak with the press at this time as has the Secretary-General. This is Gareth Dobson for GNN.”

Greg handed the remote to Betina, stood up, and stretched.

“That Dreamwalker sure talks purty, don’t he?” Greg mocked. “I’m gonna make coffee, anyone want a cup? Julian? Betina?”

“None for me Greg thanks,” Julian replied.

“Sure Doc, I’ll have a cup, call me when it’s ready,” Betina chimed in. Greg walked slowly to the kitchen and put the kettle on the stove. He exhaled heavily.

Ahh Trish, I can’t believe what’s happened to me, to us since we met. Excitement and adventure is all well and good, but I’m looking forward to having some peace and quiet in our lives for a while.

He felt Trish’s sigh as well, but he could tell it wasn’t a sigh of contentment.

What’s wrong Love?

he asked with a modicum of concern.

It’s nothing Darling… just… nothing…

she fell silent.

It’s not ‘nothing’ My Love, I feel your unhappiness… give it up Girl,

Greg pressed.

I… I… can’t… Greg why should I wish for the impossible?

she sniffled.

What could be impossible around here Trish? This place is a God-damned miracle factory,

he responded gently.

I still want a child Darling, your child…

she said quietly… hopelessly. Greg was momentarily thrown for a loop.

… I… Why do you think that’s impossible? I’m a fertile male, you’re a fertile female. Where’s the problem?

he asked. It was now Trish’s turn to be at a loss for words.

… What? How? We can’t be together physically,

she moaned.

Silly girl, you’ve never heard of artificial insemination or in vitro fertilisation?

Greg scolded her mildly,

and here I thought you were some kind of a genius. Darling, I told you that I’d give you anything you want, and your heart’s desire isn’t impossible.
Really!? Is it really possible?

she blurted, a small hint of belief coloured her voice.

Hang on for a sec Sweetheart…

Greg answered.

“Hestia?” he called out. “Can you get your Gramps in here please?”

“Sure Daddy, one minute…” she replied sweetly.

Julian walked into the kitchen a moment later shaking his head and grinning.

“Boy, have those kids ever got the media stirred up,” he laughed. “What do you need Greg. Forgot where you keep the coffee?” he gibed.

“Hardy-har-har,” Greg shot back. “I have a question about biology for you… specifically mine.”

“Oh dear, didn’t your parents have this talk with you?” Julian asked innocently.

“Oh you’re a real comedian today Prof,” Greg parried before dropping his bombshell. “Is Trish fertile?”

“Huh? What?” Julian looked completely flummoxed.

“Boy did that shut you up, right quick,” Greg smirked. “What I want to know is if Trish could carry a child to term and deliver a healthy baby?”

“What are you asking me Greg?” Julian was having a hard time processing Greg’s question. “Trish is a fully functional woman… yes… what are you saying?”

“What I’m saying Julian, is that Trish and I want to have a baby together,” Greg laid his cards directly on the table. “Are we genetically different enough to have a healthy child together?”

Julian slipped into his professional mode to mask his confusion.

“Greg, Trish, you two are completely different people genetically. Trish has some of my genetic makeup as well as some from a woman that I once loved. She is my daughter and not genetically related to you in any way,” Julian began warming to the idea. “You could have a happy healthy baby together. I assume you are considering artificial insemination. You will have to give me um… samples that I can store. Trish will have to be your default form until she is in the fertile part of her menstrual cycle. Perhaps 2 months from now we can attempt insemination. When we confirm her pregnancy, you and she will go through a normal gestation and deliver within 9 months. Is this what you wanted to know?”

Trish swiftly switched with Greg and hugged her father.

“Oh yes! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!” she squealed excitedly. “Thank you Daddy! Thank you Greg!”

“Ah, yes, well, I suppose congratulations are in order for both of you…” Julian began.

“And you as well Daddy, you’re going to be a Grampa again!” She bounced out of the kitchen at what looked like the speed of light and then Julian heard squeals of excitement coming from both Betina and Hestia. He shook his head again.

“No matter how much I see, or how long I live, I’ll never cease to be surprised,” he muttered as he turned off the stove and walked slowly from the kitchen to join the celebrations in the living room.

In a darkened hospital room in Austria, a doctor was changing the dressings of a badly burned and injured woman. She had shown up at his private clinic without giving him a name or any information. She had however given him a lot of money for his silence. Her healing had progressed well but with the severe burns she had suffered, she would be scarred horribly regardless of the state of the art of plastic surgery. It didn’t seem to matter to the woman however, she simply watched the news with a look of steely vengeance in her eyes.

The End

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