In Too Deep - Ch 1 thru 5


She was seriously freaking out. This couldn't be happening.

Her heart hammering so much that she was sure the woman she was working on could feel it.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Dana was a professional. She was a rising star in the art of make-up, an art that constantly put her into intimately close proximity with her clients.

The relationship between Dana and her clients had to be intimate, but despite the intimacy, she was expected to maintain her composure and behave like a professional. That was a given.

Over the past three years, she had applied her artifice to some of the brightest stars and starlets in Hollywood. She had worked on actors, models, musicians, and every type of performer. During a visit to Los Angeles, she had even been summoned to prepare the wife of the President for a gala event in Hollywood!

Her skills were in demand and her professionalism was unquestioned. Moreover, she was married to her college sweetheart. She had never strayed, never even flirted with another. She loved and adored her husband and had never been tempted.

Besides that.....she was straight!

Dana had never found another woman attractive.

As she applied liner to those gorgeous eyes, the shining blue orbs met her own hazel ones and something jolted her to her core. The heat of their breath intermingled, caressing their faces as she struggled to clear her mind and gain some focus.

She tried to stifle the shudder that coursed through her body as she put the final touches on Sloan Taylor's face.

Sloan Taylor, who was the most captivating person she had ever seen.

Sloan Taylor, who made the blood rushing through her veins pound like a runaway freight train.

Sloan Taylor, whose doe-like innocence and sexual energy seemed to radiate outward in waves.

Sloan Taylor, who had her panties dripping with arousal.

Sloan Taylor....her husband.

In that moment, Dana wondered if her life could ever be the same.

Chapter One

Dana was exhausted. Her day had begun before dawn, and it was almost 8 PM now.

"Hey babe, did you remember milk?" Sloan's voice called out as she closed the front door of their tiny Venice Beach bungalow.

"Damn," Dana replied. "I'm sorry, I was totally swamped on the set and just forgot."

The scent of Italian food wafted through the small home as his head popped over the partition that separated the kitchen from the Living/Dining area. His smile was so tender that her fatigue disappeared. She just admired her husband as he replaced the lid on a pot and came toward her.

"No worries, I figured you might, so I picked some up on my way back from the audition."

Sloan enveloped Dana into a warm embrace, and she just melted into his arms. Their lips merged as he kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands slid up her sides, caressing her.

As their passionate kisses became more heated, she pulled back....her breath ragged, "Dinner's gonna burn"

His eyes twinkled. "I turned the stove off the moment I saw your face."

He lifted her tiny frame in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. At just under 5 feet tall it was no great feat. Besides, although Sloan himself was only 5-8, he had a swimmer's build and a lithe strength that made it effortless.

Placing his wife on the bed, he began to unbutton her blouse, leaning over her with a look that easily conveyed his desire. She gazed in wonder at this gorgeous man who looked like he had been sculpted by Donatello. His face was beautiful in a way that was almost androgynous. She saw the looks he got from women (and more than a few men). Her husband was so beautiful. She marveled that of all the women in the world he had chosen her.

Opening her blouse, he unclasped the bra between her breasts and pulled it apart, exposing her small breasts. She had always been self-conscious about her body before she met Sloan. At 4-11 and 96 pounds she only measured 32-22-34, and her breasts barely filled a B cup. Without saying a word about it, from their first moment together, she knew... really knew, that he would not want her to change a thing. His desire for her made her feel sexy, wanted, desired.

She watched him through half-lidded eyes as his own seemed to drink in her body. His fingers almost reverent as he reached out to caress each mound, feeling the nipples as they hardened like pencil erasers. A moan escaped Dana's lips as she felt a stirring between her legs, moistening her panties.

Sloan responded to her need as if he could smell her pheromones as well as her unspoken plea. Pulling her skirt down her legs and off, as she lay on her back spread out like a virgin sacrifice upon the altar of the bed, he knelt at her feet, gazing up the length of her body. His naturally pale blue eyes were deeper and darker almost glowing with his desire. He gently removed her shoes as he began to lovingly bathe her feet with lips and tongue.

She pressed her ass down into the bed as she began to writhe under his mouth. His tongue and hot breath making her mewl in desire as he placed his hands at her knees and began parting her legs, working his way higher.

By the time he reached her glistening labia, she was barely coherent. Her head rocked from side to side as he began to tease his way along the folds of moist flesh, licking, nibbling, rubbing, bringing her to a higher state of arousal as she willed him to push her over the cliff. Dutifully, as if sensing that now was the time, he parted the moist lips of her pussy with the length of his tongue, lapping deeply as his nose pressed up the length of her and nudged her swollen clitoris, sending her body into pulsating waves of ecstasy. Her fingers clenching and unclenching on the soft duvet as her body shuddered with the force of her eruption.

He stopped, sensing her need for respite, knowing that her tender clitty was extremely sensitive in the moments after her overwhelming response to his oral assault. As her breathing normalized, he began undressing himself, making a show of it as he felt the heat of her gaze. As he unzipped his jeans, she could see the turgid shaft, pressed hard against his abdomen by the tight briefs.

He smiled down upon her as he lowered them and stepped out, eight inches of swollen flesh, rampant and glistening at the crown as a drop of precum began to grow and dangle before he wrapped his slender hand around the head, moisturizing the shaft as he stroked himself slowly, tantalizing her.

Climbing on the bed between her knees he began teasing her with it, stroking it along her vaginal lips and pressing it briefly against her clitoris.

She needed him. Wanted him. Needed to have him fill her with his hard cock.

"P-Plee.....OHMIGOD!!!!" her soft entreaty was never fully articulated before he sank the entire length into her tight pussy, her vaginal walls spasming as the fat intruder filled her, almost painfully. He paused and she felt him flex deep within her as her own body struggled to accommodate him. His eyes never wavered from hers, their bodies merged as one, their souls entwined. As Dana became accustomed to his cock, buried inside her, she began to squirm. Like a well orchestrated dance, he pulled back in counterstroke and they began to make love. Each stroke was a symphony, their combined climax building in a rising crescendo that left them both gasping and spent.

"MMMMMMMMMM...Happy anniversary." The words were a shared breath as they spoke as one.

Chapter Two

They say that opposites attract, but the couple seemed almost alike in every major way. Neither had ever had a serious relationship. Sloan had dated a few girls in high school, but was never into the whole dating scene. On the stage he was forceful, outgoing and confident. A bright comet. A STAR! Off the stage he was meek and soft-spoken, painfully shy and nervous.

Dana had been an ugly duckling. Her braces and gangly body made her a perpetual wallflower. She found her niche as a theater geek. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes in tech, props, wardrobe, and makeup, where her skills really stood out. Her senior direct of Little Shop of Horrors was so polished that her Drama teacher contacted an old college friend and got her invited to UCLA. Despite this early success, her self-image suffered as she never recognized her own body blossoming from ugly duckling to graceful swan.

When boys (and a few girls) expressed interest, Dana never took them seriously...until she met Sloan Taylor. They both seemed to recognize within the other a kindred soul. Both were quiet and shy. Both were soft-spoken and rarely displayed anger. Both were listeners and observers, rather than talkers....but they seemed to communicate with each other in a non-verbal way almost from the moment they met.

They had been together since their Freshman year at UCLA. Sloan was a theater and film major from Davenport, Iowa. Dana had grown up in Mesquite, Texas and was also studying theater. Their main difference was that, while Sloan wanted to be an actor, Dana was more comfortable behind the scenes. The attraction between them had been immediate. By the end of their first semester they were an item. By the end of the year they were virtually inseparable.

During college, they each honed their skills, but Dana's were much more marketable. Sloan was a talented actor, whose androgynous looks made him difficult to cast. He also had a talent for voices and was able to pick up some work doing animated characters and voice-overs, but he never really pursued it, as his true desire was to be visibly performing.

In their third year of college, they co-wrote a short film, starring Sloan. The project chronicled the life of a man from his early teens until his death in a senior care facility. The film was amazingly popular, as it illustrated his idealism and devotion to God and Country as he left his sweetheart to go off to war. It continued to show the shattered and broken man who returned, plagued by the ghosts of his experiences and the loss of his legs. There followed the downward spiral of a lost and disillusioned shell of a man.

While Sloan's performance was outstanding, Dana's direction, makeup, and editing skills were what garnered the most praise. She was sought after by film studios and production companies, interning at a major studio during the summer before their final year. She was already working professionally before she ever walked across the stage to receive her diploma.

Sloan worked hard, but actors face an uphill struggle on the success track. He continued to audition for parts, take classes, network, bar-tend and wait tables as he struggled to get his big break. When he got discouraged, Dana was always there to support him. Their devotion to each other was unwavering. While Dana's career was steadily rising, Sloan was struggling to get his own off the ground.

Despite the fact that she was their main means of support, Dana never challenged his manhood by throwing it in his face. In fact, she would go out of her way to reinforce the fact that their marriage was a true 21st Century partnership. As equals, they would always be there for each other.
In many cases like this, the male is haunted by feelings of inadequacy. His need to be the breadwinner, the man, the dominant partner would have diminished him in his own eyes. In Sloan's case that was never at issue. He knew his own worth. He was confident in his own skills.

Chapter Three

Still basking in the sexual afterglow, the couple sat at the small second-hand table and ate dinner, smiling shyly at each other as they shared spaghetti and a cheap bottle of Chianti.

"So how did the audition go?" asked Dana.

"I don't was a typical cattle call. Three hundred and fifty guys all reading for the same two parts in a 30 second commercial. Not exactly inspiring."

"Awww baby, you know that all it takes is the right person with the right line at the right moment and everything will fall into place. I have faith in you."

"I guess," was her husband's reply." I just get so sick of hearing the same old shit. You're too short. You're too young. You're too....whatever."

"You just need a break. I know that's a cliché in this town, but that doesn't mean it isn't true."

"I realize that, but I keep busting my ass going to these auditions and parties and stuff just trying to get noticed...."

Dana's face suddenly lit up. "Oh My God, I almost forgot....guess who got invited to a studio party?"

"Let me guess...Donald Trump?"

"SHUT UP!" she giggled, "I got us invited to Matt Sharp's Carnaval party!"

"How did that happen?"

"His PA invited me today. Apparently he and his wife were impressed by my work on Demarcation. Now that principal photography is finished they invited me and my 'significant other/partner' to attend their party"

Chapter Four

Danielle Sharp smiled at her husband's constant pacing as he rattled off instructions to his Personal Assistant. Gabriel struggled to keep up, as the famous director's mind veered into myriad tangents. Although he was focused on the boss, he could not help but feel her gaze upon him as she lounged on the overstuffed sofa in her husband's office.

The tall, dark director had a faintly Italian air. His skin a burnished bronze with dark brown hair that was impeccably cut and styled at all times. He was the quintessential 'man's man', and at six-three, and a firm 210 pounds Matt Sharp radiated fitness and energy. He trained regularly, and it was not unknown for him to halt shooting when he felt it was time for a work out. This was a constant thorn in the sides of Actors, Producers, and Studio Heads alike, but his films always made money. If only they knew what all was involved in a Matt Sharp 'work-out'.

"...and need to be sure that you contact Munich about the new scheduling, also make sure the contracts are ready before you leave tonight."
Gabe made a few notes on his tablet, "Yes Sir, they are already done and on your desk. I verified that your changes to the shooting schedule have been updated, and that wardrobe has been given a heads up about the new revisions."

Matt's grunt and nod were all the thanks the PA was given, as his boss turned abruptly catching his wife's eye. He paused there, taking a moment to drink in the view. Danielle was tall and slender, graceful in an athletic way. Her smooth pale skin glowed and she looked almost regal as she reclined on the sofa. Her lips curled playfully at the corners, but it was the playfulness of a feline with a mouse. The high cheekbones with almond-shaped eyes would have been equally fitting on a runway model, femme fatale, or dominatrix. Indeed, Danielle Sharp was a mixture of all of those things, and at the age of 36, she could still pass for a much younger woman, until you met those eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, and hers held you in place like an insect on a pin board, revealing her predatory nature.

As the young PA began to leave, her imperious tone halted him in his tracks.

"Did you do as I instructed, Gabby?"

The young man blushed red and trembled, slightly.


She rose from her seat and crossed to the two men. Reaching one hand to caress the young intern's cheek, as her other reached around his waist, pulling herself against him as her mouth moved to his ear.

"Good girl" she whispered huskily as her teeth bit down on his earlobe, "You may go...until we send for you."

As the young man hurried out of the office, her husband chuckled.

"My God, woman! You are going to give the poor child a heart attack!"

Her enigmatic smile was the only response as her husband pulled her to him, his mouth claiming hers, passionately. After a few breathless moments, the lovers broke their kiss as Matt looked deeply into his wife's eyes.

"What were these instructions you gave to Gabe?"

"Well darling," she replied, with a child's innocence, "you know our little Gabby-girl is returning to college next month, and I think it is about time we started looking for a new pet."

Matt raised an eyebrow, "..and...?"

Her innocent look took on a predatory gleam "...and, I think I have found the perfect replacements!"

Matt Sharp crossed to his desk and perched himself on the corner with a stern look on his face.

"You said in more than one?"

"Did I?" She waved a hand airily.

"I'm waiting." His voice was flat and cold.

"OK. Hear me out," she began, "Do you remember Dana Taylor?"

Chapter Five

Dana was moving through their tiny kitchenette as Sloan was reading his laptop. The coffee was fresh and she poured herself a cup before gathering herself together for another day in Hollyweird.

"So what is your plan for the morning?" she asked.

"There is an audition for a television pilot, and a friend mentioned a casting call for Pasadena Playhouse. I'm not sure I have enough to make both in time for work", he replied. "I caught hell from Randy the last time I was late at the bar."

Although Sloan was a serious actor, he knew that he could not afford to burn any bridges. Hundreds of wannabe movie stars were competing for jobs, as well as roles. His gig at The Anvil, a swanky club along the coast offered good tips, a steady gig, and the opportunity to be seen by people who could make or break his career with a word.

"OK know I'm your biggest fan and I can't help feeling that something big is coming. Just hang in there."

Sloan smiled, his face glowing as their eyes met. As she bent to kiss him goodbye, she felt his arms encircle her slim waist, his soft lips melting into hers as the kiss took on a heated passion. She shivered as she melted into the embrace, loving the way he held her; his gentleness and his intuitive way of knowing just what she needed.

Her voice was husky as they broke the kiss, "I loved last night, baby."

His smile broadened into a grin. "What part?"

"All of it" she laughed, "but especially the way you held me and caressed me in the afterglow."

They gazed into each other's eyes, tasting the memory, until finally, he broke the tableau.

"I love getting you off. It makes you wild and passionate. It's like watching a flame leaping into life."

"I love you, Sloan. More and more each day."

"I love you, too!"

As Dana hurried to their aging Toyota, she thought back on the previous evening. Sloan made love so gently and yet was so passionately eager to please her that it took her breath away. He had always been a considerate and thoughtful lover, eager to learn any new way to please her, tease her, coax her body until it collapsed in orgasmic bliss. Her panties got a little moist as she reminisced how his tongue would seek out every nerve end, knowing just how to bring her off.

She then thought of the dark days, before they met. A cold, frightening hand gripped her heart as she remembered her step-father and his little 'games'. A feeling of both shame and guilt threatened to overwhelm her as she wondered if Sloan would hate her if he ever learned about her past.

It was something he never asked her about, thank God, and she was glad it never came up. It had taken years for her to put that time behind her, years of hiding from life, years of hiding from her own darkness, and then she met Sloan and learned to trust again.

A vague disquiet haunted her as she tried to bottle the darkness back up inside where it was safely hidden. It was a disquiet that fought against the hunger that those memories sometimes triggered. Ugly thoughts that brought shame down upon her in a torrent of self-loathing, as her psyche struggled to justify the stirrings that she felt. She was still blushing hotly as she pulled into the studio lot.

"She's arriving through the gate now, Mistress", Gabriel spoke softly, lowering his phone and averting his eyes as Danielle's head snapped toward him at the interruption.

"Good. You know what to do."

The young intern nodded as she turned away from him and strode imperiously toward the back lot. Heads turned as she moved gracefully through the hustle and bustle of the studio's daily grind. Her mind was focused on her prey, calculating every nuance of this opening gambit.

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