The Salon

The Salon

This is the story of the transformation of a share trading executive in a big city office to a new existence as a partner in a beauty salon with his wife Catherine. It is far more than the changing of occupations, it is a change of life, from Ian to Ann.

Ian was the youngest of four children. He grew up, played sports, attended school and eventually graduated University with a degree in International Business. He has a fair complexion and stands around 5'4" or about 162 cms.. As he got older his lack of physical size reduced his time spent playing sports and his academic pursuits took up most of his time. About three years ago he met and married Catherine, a qualified beautician, and the two of them have never been far from each others side in the time since then.

Early in their marriage Ian continued to work for in share trading while Catherine worked in a beauty salon in a large shopping complex. After about six months they decided that they wanted a change of scenery and after about a month searching found and purchased a small double story building in a town of approximately 20,000 people interstate. The ground floor would be converted into a beauty salon and they would live upstairs. Ian would continue to trade shares but this time for himself and they planned to live from the profits of the beauty salon and their share portfolio.

The move interstate and establishing the salon was very exciting for them and they enjoyed working so closely together. The first couple of weeks were spent installing equipment and painting the salon. A week later the salon "Changes" was opened and Catherine had a steady stream of clients coming into the salon for various beauty treatments. Ian spent his days working in a makeshift office upstairs and trading shares with great success. Financially and personally the new move was paying great dividends.

On night while out to dinner Catherine asked Ian, "Would you like me to pierce your ear for you?"

Ian didn't really know how to respond to her suggestion.

"Why?" he asked curiously.

"Well I just thought that it would look really sexy on you that's all," she replied.

"I've never really thought about it to be honest but if you'd like it done then why not."

When they got home Catherine grabbed him by the arm and led him into the salon and prepared the pierce his ear. Ian had no real idea as to what was involved but Catherine explained the process. It was something like – I clean your ear, mark a spot for positioning and then shoot the earring into your lobe with the gun.

"Gun! Shoot!" exclaimed Ian.

"It's nothing look," at which time she showed him the piercing gun and how it worked.

"It doesn't even hurt, five year old girls don't even cry!"

After cleaning and marking the piercing location Catherine placed the loaded piercing gun to his ear and within a second Ian's left ear was pierced with a plain silver stud.

"There", said Catherine, "nothing to it at all. It looks really great."

Ian wore the piercing stud for about 5 weeks and then one night Catherine took it out and replaced it with one of her own genuine diamond studs. Up until now Ian had paid no attention to his pierced ear other than when his wife cleaned his ear on a daily basis. Not knowing many people in the town he could freely walk around in public with his pierced ear – something that he would surely have been conscious of in his previous life. He did however like the look of the diamond stud in his ear and asked Catherine to try more of her earrings in his pierced lobe. For the next half hour or so Catherine inserted and removed around 20 different styles of earrings, everything from studs and hoops to some more feminine types. His wife finally put in the diamond stud as his new piercing was starting to swell a little with all of the activity.

"Earrings really suit you", she said as she placed her jewellery collection back onto her bedside table, "You should get another one to match".

"I'm quite happy with one thanks", Ian replied.

"But two would be so much better, twice the fun. Come on, please, for me!" Catherine pleaded.

The idea of a second hole in his ear wasn't necessarily what he wanted but he finally agreed to his wife's request. So they went downstairs and Ian sat down and waited to have a second stud in his ear. After a minute or so Catherine had all the ear piercing equipment ready and then moved towards Ian and started to clean his right ear.

"What are you doing?" enquired Ian pulling back his head.

"I'm going to pierce your ear," replied Catherine.

"But I agreed to get a second hole in my left ear, not have my other ear pierced!" he exclaimed.

"But I wanted you to have both of you ears pierced so that you could wear matching earrings, not just two holes in the one ear. Honestly, I find men with both ears pierced so sexy and it would so great if you would have both ears done for me, please honey", pleaded Catherine.

Ian finally relented and agreed to have his right ear pierced to match his other ear. Catherine proceeded to cleanse and mark his ear and as before the piercing gun was placed to his ear and before he knew it he had had his right ear pierced. He could tell that his wife was delighted with her little victory and that she had now convinced her husband to have both his ears pierced, somewhat against his will. Looking in the mirror he was not so pleased, sure it was his face looking back at him, but the pierced ears, each adorned by studs, were his wife's work.

Life changed little for the next few months. Ian continued to have success on the stock market and wear studs selected by his wife in his ears. The salon was also going from strength to strength with a growing number of regular customers and many new clients coming through the excellent reputation that the salon had established within the community. Due to the hectic workload in the salon Ian spent more and more time downstairs helping with the running of the salon - washing linen, taking client bookings and ordering equipment.

One night while watching a basketball match involving their respective favourite teams Catherine suggested that they have a friendly bet of the outcome.

"If your team wins I will cook all meals for a month", said explained.

"And if my team losses?" queried Ian.

"Let me think", pondered Catherine, "I've got it, if my team wins then I get to give you a makeover. You spend so much time downstairs now that it wouldn't hurt you to experience some to the treatments that our clients have done to them. You might even enjoy it!"

With his team ahead by 11 points just before half time he agreed to the bet thinking that a month of not having to cook was as good as his. By three quarter time his teams lead had been whittled down to just two points and when the final hooter sounded his side had lost by six. He was in disbelief as he stood and trudged towards the stairs leading to downstairs and the beauty salon.

"Where are you going?" queried Catherine.

"To have my makeover, your team won, that was the deal," he explained.

"Not tonight dear, what I have planned we will do on Sunday, that will give us the entire day," came Catherine's reply.

"All day!" complained Ian, "you have to be joking."

"I don't want to hear another word about it Ian, I won the bet, therefore I make the rules!" shouted Catherine, "do you want me to tell your parents and family that you now have both your ears pierced and work almost full time in a beauty salon."

Ian could say no more. "How could I get myself into this?" he thought to himself as he went to have a shower. In the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror. Up until now he was now he was okay with his wife modifications, pierced ears did actually suit him, but a makeover! He could only wait until Sunday and hope that his wife would change her mind about the bet and consequent makeover.

After what seemed like five minutes it was Sunday morning. Neither he nor his wife had discussed the makeover for the entire time leading up to now. Had she forgotten? Had she had a change of heart? To his fear the answer was no.

Soon after breakfast Catherine headed towards the stairs leading to the salon and said "go and have a shower and a shave and I'll be waiting for you downstairs. See you soon. Just wear a t-shirt and boxers."

After showering and shaving Ian looked one last time in the mirror and wondered nervously as to what he would soon look like. He felt like a prisoner on death row walking to the electric chair as he went from the bathroom downstairs for his "makeover" - whatever that meant.

When he got downstairs he noticed that all of the front curtains had been closed.

"You do realise that I love you Ian, don't you?" queried Catherine.

"Of course I do!" came Ian's reply, "but why this?"

"It may seem strange right now but in time I hope that you remember today fondly", she said gesturing him to climb onto a padded table that had been placed in the middle of the room.

"Firstly we will do the waxing and then move on to some more enjoyable things later on", whispered Catherine.

No sooner had he climbed onto the table then Catherine started smearing warm wax onto the lower part of his right leg. She then applied the cotton backing and quickly whisked away a large area of hair.

He was about to yell out in pain when Catherine said "now I don't want to hear you complain or I'll be forced to contact your parents and family about your new image and I don't want to have to do that, do I?"

"No, that won't be necessary, I'll do as I'm told," Ian replied quietly.

After another 30 minutes or so both of Ian's legs and armpits were waxed bare. There was no need to wax Ian's chest as it and his back were barren of hairs naturally. At this point Catherine gave Ian a damp towel and instructed him to clean away any remaining wax.

To his surprise he actually liked the feeling of rubbing his hands up and do his now smooth legs.

"They feel nice don't they," said Catherine noticing that her husband was enjoying the sensation of his own bare skin, "you'll soon feel much better, I can assure you."

At this Catherine asked Ian to lie down and she slid off his boxer shorts exposing his groin.

"Please no!" exclaimed Ian, "not my bikini line!"

"I promise that we'll both enjoy this once that it is done", came back Catherine's reply.

"I agree that my legs now feel great but this was something else." Ian said nervously.

He was about to say something back but on seeing the scowl on Catherine's face decided to say nothing and accept what was about to happen.

Catherine waxed his entire crotch area, including his scrotum. Even though for much of the time he was in considerable pain from the waxing he found that Catherine's attention was too much and he became aroused. Once his groin was entirely hairless Catherine started to rub oils the bare skin beside his erect penis until the incredible sensations that he was experiencing were too much.

"Oh, my God!" he screamed as he came over and over again.

As Ian lay back and Catherine cleaned the cum from his stomach he couldn't help but feel what he had just experienced was right. It didn't feel strange in the least. He looked down towards his wife and said simply "I Love You!"

"I knew that you'd love it, I've been preparing you for this ever since we got together. Piercing your ear was just a way to get you started – plus the fact that I find you so, so sexy with them pierced," said Catherine.

Catherine suggested that Ian now go upstairs and have a shower and freshen up as she still had a few things to do to complete the makeover. The water running over his hairless body was extremely invigorating and he loved watching it trail down from his chest in an almost unimpeded path to the shower room. It was now with a sense of excitement and anticipation that he left the bathroom and moved downstairs.

"If you come and sit over here I'd like to work on your face to make you even more beautiful," motioning for him to come and sit nearer to her, "I'm just going to tidy up those eyebrows and apply a little makeup and we'll see what you look like then. Turn away from the mirror dear, I'd hate for you to see yourself before I'm finished."

Ian turned away to face Catherine and was soon closing his eyes and having wax applied to his eyebrows. Shutting his eyes Ian thoughts drifted regarding the happenings of the day. Earlier in the day when he was even hesitant to have his legs done. A great deal had transpired since then. As the wax was whisked away from his left eyebrow the sting associated brought him quickly back from his dreaming.

"Not much longer left now darling", said Catherine.

Within 30 seconds Ian's other eyebrow had been thinned. Catherine then began using tweezers to get the few stray hairs that had been missed during the waxing process. After five minutes or so every excess eyebrow hair had been removed.

"You are going to love how they look" said Catherine excitedly, "they're even better than I imagined."

"Now let's put some finishing touches. I'm going to put on some make-up that will just finish everything off beautifully" Catherine said as she reached for some cosmetics.

Catherine then skilfully applied lipstick, mascara, thick eyeliner, eye makeup and a base foundation the complete Ian's face.

"I've got a wig that I'd like you to wear that will just finish off everything so wonderfully," said Catherine.

"Okay dear, I trust you", replied Ian who was by this stage excited about seeing himself fully for the first time. With the wig of flowing dark brown hair in place Catherine instructed Ian that he could now turn and look at himself.

"I hope that you like it, I certainly do, you look absolutely amazing," Catherine said smiling with satisfaction.

Ian looked into the mirror in astonishment. Could it really be him standing there or was he dreaming. The reflection in the mirror was that of an attractive lady. He then moved closer to the mirror and inspected his new appearance in closer detail. His eyebrows were now two thin well defined arches, his lips shined in the light and his eyes looked sexy and inviting. The wig encased his face beautifully and with just enough of his ears showing to display his pierced lobes.

"Hope you like what I've done?" queried Catherine.

"I can't believe that it is me, it's like I'm looking at someone else", replied Ian, "you are incredible".

The two of them then hugged for a long time until Catherine said "open the top draw, there's something in it for you."

Ian opened the draw and noticed a small box gift wrapped box. A card attached simply said "To Ann".

"Who is Ann?" enquired Ian.

"You are. You are Ann when we do this together. It is my gift to you." she said, "please open it, Ann".

He hesitated for a moment weighing up in his mind that if he did this then Ian would be no longer. After a deep breath he opened the box to reveal a beautiful pair of gold hoop earrings.

"They are just for you, you don't need to ever have to borrow mine," said Catherine.

"Thank you Catherine", he said, "they are just lovely, could you put them in for me please?"

At that Catherine slipped out the plain silver studs that Ian had been wearing and placed the new gold hoops into Ann's ears. On inspection in a nearby mirror Ann couldn't believe how beautiful they were.

"I love them. Thank you for finding Ann. You can do whatever you like with me."

"Come with me now Ann into our bedroom. I can't keep myself away from you any longer, you look so incredible that I could just eat you up – and that's what I am going to do", exclaimed Catherine with a real hunger in her voice.

The two of them then moved upstairs, stripped and climbed into bed together. At this stage Catherine really took control and rolled Ann onto her back and climbed onto her already erect penis. The sensation of Catherine's pubic hair rubbing Ann hairless crotch only heightened the stimulation Ann experienced.

"I never want you have a sex change Ann, I want you to be able to do this to me always" cried Catherine as her breasts swayed rhythmically with her movement.

"I will always do whatever you want, you are amazing, you know more about me than I do", Ann responded, "you feel extraordinary."

At this Catherine leant forward and clasped Ann new hoop earrings. She placed her thumbs on the front section and held the clasps at the back closed with her index fingers. Catherine then increased her intensity and began pulling on Ann's earrings as she continued to consume Ann's penis. All of this simulation was too much for Ann and she began cumming like never before. It was like something deep within her had been released. Just as her ejaculation was nearly complete Catherine began to orgasm and ride Ann even harder, pulling strongly on Ann's ears. Catherine continued to orgasm for so long that Ann actually came for a second time until all of her vessels were totally spent. When both of them finished they held each other closely and individually took in the amazing experience that they had just shared.

By this stage in the day it was mid afternoon and the two of them chatted freely about the makeover.

"I don't know why I was so hesitant to go along with your plans,' said Ann, 'it has been the most remarkable day."

"How can I ever repay you for all that you have opened up for me?" questioned Ann.

"Just seeing you and being with you is reward enough," replied Catherine, "this is something that we can do often if you like."

"I'd love to keep waxed, I love how it feels and you feel against me. My eyebrows make me look much more feminine. I also want to keep wearing your earrings, they are so special," said Ann.

"That would be great, it's certainly was amazing. Let's have some dinner and then we'd better get downstairs tidied up before work tomorrow," said Catherine.

After dinner that both went down into the salon and started putting away all of the waxing and makeup equipment.

"Can you do something for me Ann?" enquired Catherine, "I'd love it if you could pierce my ears. I've been thinking about having them double pierced for a while now and it would be a fantastic way to remember today."

"I suppose so, but you'd have to show me how. I can't say I took a lot of notice when you did either of mine a few months ago. I was more concerned with how it would look rather than the piercing itself," replied Ann.

Catherine then went about preparing the ear piercing equipment. She then removed the studs that she was wearing and using a sterilised swab cleaned her ears. She then asked Ann to take the marking pen and place a dot where the new holes would be pierced. Ann dotted one of Catherine's ears and then, using a piece of paper as a measuring guide, proceeded to mark Catherine's other ear the same distance for her current hole so that the new piercing would match.

With the hole marked Catherine then picked up the loaded piercing gun and handed it to Ann.

"Just line up the end of the stud with the mark and pull the trigger, there's nothing to it," said Catherine calmly.

With a slightly trembling hand Ann aligned the mark and the end of the stud and after checking that Catherine was ready pulled the trigger and pierced Catherine's ear.

"One down, one to go," said a relieved Ann, "I hope that it didn't hurt you too much."

"Didn't feel a thing," replied Catherine, "you did just fine."

At that Catherine asked Ann to this time load the gun and after a bit of instruction the gun was ready for the second piercing. This time Ann confidently aligned the gun with Catherine's ear and without hesitation squeezed the trigger piercing her partners ear.

"Thanks Ann, you did very well," said Catherine as she admired her the new studs in her ears.

Ann then inserted Catherine's other studs and admired her work.

"Double pierced ears really suits you darling," Ann stated, "perhaps one day I might even get mine pierced again."

"Perhaps Ann, perhaps," replied Catherine.

By this time is was getting late and the two of them were feeling quite tired after all of their exploits of the day. Before climbing into bed Catherine removed Ann's makeup and wig.

"We will just use this for special occasions Ann. For the rest of the time you can still be Ian, if that is okay with you?" enquired Catherine.

"That's great, I don't think that I'd be confident to walk around as Ann all of the time," responded Ann.

Ann's legs felt silky smooth as she slid under the bed covers.

"Thanks for the most wonderful experience. I can't tell you how much this has meant to me. You are very special", said Ann as she rolled over to cuddle Catherine before falling asleep.

The next morning they awoke for the start of another week in the beauty salon.

"I suppose I'd better go back to calling you Ian?" questioned Catherine.

"Yes, I suppose so, back to life as normal, whatever that is," replied Ian with a grin on his face.

"I've got a full day today, so I'm going now to get things organised. See you soon," said Catherine moving downstairs.

A little after 11 o'clock Ian went downstairs to see how Catherine was getting on. Just as he got downstairs a lady and her two daughters entered the salon.

"I'd like to have my daughter's ears pierced and get mine done again please?" asked the mother, "could you fit us in now?".

"I'm flat out at the moment but I think that I can get someone to do it for you. Would you mind if I get my brother to do it. He's pierced ears before and in fact he did mine for me just last night?" replied Catherine.

"I suppose that is okay, haven't heard of too many men who do ear piercing but if he's experienced then I see no problems," the client responded.

"Don't worry, my brother is very good at it, I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my ears either," said Catherine.

On hearing the entire conversation from the back of the salon Ian was very confused and when Catherine approached him he asked why she had said that he, or at least her "brother", would pierce the customer's ears.

"I need you, I have no time and if you don't do it then they will just find someone who does and we will lose money now and three clients for the future. Is that any way to run a business?" pleaded Catherine.

Ian could see her logic and finally agreed to do the piercings "as long as you are right beside me!".

Catherine then lead the mother and her daughters, who were about 12 and 10, to the area where the ear piercing would take place and left them in Ian's care. Ian washed his hands and prepared the equipment for his first ear piercings as a professional. He showed all three of them the selection of piercing studs available and waited for them to make their choice. As the girls appeared quite nervous about having their ears pierced Ian suggested that the mother have her second pair of holes pierced first. The mother thought that it was a good idea and sat in the chair in front of the mirror.

Ian then started to clean the mother's ears when she said, "I see you have both of your ears pierced. Not many men have that done."

Ian instantly felt very self conscious about his pierced ears and was only saved from further interrogation by the arrival of his wife.

"Most gay men have both of their ears pierced these days," interjected Catherine.

Ian was at first shocked by the fact that his wife had called him gay but he quickly realised that it created the perfect cover for his appearance.

"Oh, that's fine. It would also explain the waxed, thinned eyebrows," the mother responded.

"Yes, they look great don't they. I did them just last night for him," said Catherine, "I see everything is under control here. I'll go back and finish the facial I'm doing."

"Thanks", said a relieved Ian to Catherine as she left the cubicle.

"Now I'm just going to mark where the earrings are going to be and I'll have you pierced in no time," said a more confident Ian to the mother.

"It really is nothing girls. When I had mine done I didn't even cry," joked Ian to the girls who were riveted to every move he made.

Ian marked the mother's ears and after checking with her that the alignment was satisfactory started loading the first stud into the ear piercing gun.

"Ready to go then," queried Ian.

"Yes, ready when you are," replied the mother.

Ian then quickly placed the gun over the marked spot, pulled the trigger and successfully pierced the mothers left ear. After checking that she was okay he loaded the gun again and repeated the process on her right ear.

"One down, two to go," he said to the girls who had watched their mother's piercing in great detail.

"Who'd like to go next?" he asked.

The older girl said she would be next and replaced her mother in the chair. In no time her ears were cleaned and marked and the placement of the markings approved by the girl's mother. Ian could sense that the girl was nervous and offer her a reassuring smile and which seemed to settle her nerves. He placed the gun to her ear and asked her to count to five. Before she had reached five he had her ear pierced. She hadn't even realised that it had been done. The gun was reloaded for the other ear and pierced with no dramas.

"Thanks," said the older girl as she admired her freshly pierced ears in the mirror, "I didn't feel a thing."

The girl looking happily at her newly pierced ears reminded him of when he had had his own ears pierced and how at the time it didn't mean a great deal to him. The events of yesterday had certainly changed that and made him appreciate his own ears even more. The younger girl then had both of her ears pierced with incident and was equally pleased with the earrings now adorning her ears. The mother thanked Ian for his time and skill it was at this time that Catherine rejoined them.

"I see everything went well as I knew it would," said Catherine, "my brother is very good".

"Thanks so much", replied the mother. "Many mothers that I speak to are very tentative about having their daughters ears pierced but after I tell them about our experience here I am certain that you'll have lots more parents bringing their children here to get their ear pierced".

"Thanks Ian, you obviously are a guru when it comes to ear piercing," said Catherine, "you can perform all of the piercings from now on if you like. I am just so busy doing everything else that it would take some of the strain from me."

"Okay", replied Ian confidently, "I actually quite enjoyed it after the initial hiccup with the mother talking about my pierced ears."

"Thanks for bailing me out there. The gay brother angle worked really well," Ian continued.

"Yeah it does, we'll stick to that if you like?" queried Catherine. "For sure," replied Ian.

That afternoon Ian and Catherine discussed many things about their redefined relationship. One of the main points to come from the discussion was that they would employ an additional beautician as the demand for the services was beginning to force them to refuse bookings because Catherine was so busy herself. They also planned to have a advertising campaign that would start at the beginning of the school summer break. All services would be 10% off and ear piercing be 25% off. As many students liked to get their ears pierced in the holidays they both felt that Ian would be quite busy in his new role within the salon. A week or so later, Zoe, a fully trained beautician, joined Catherine and her brother Ian, on the staff at "Changes".

The holiday period and the advertising campaign created a very busy time in the salon. Catherine and Zoe were almost booked solidly and Ian was averaging about 10 to 12 ear piercings a day. He really enjoyed the satisfaction that his clients got once that they had conquered their fear of having their ear or ears pierced. Many men and boys had also started to have their ears pierced as the stigma associated with male having a pierced ear or ears began to decline within the community. Even the Principal of a local school had his ear pierced. He and his wife had brought in their daughter to have her ears done and after Ian had pierced her ears the Principal's wife convinced her husband that he should get his ear pierced as well. Ian thought to himself that the husband gave in far too easily and he was actually pleased that his wife had suggested the idea.

During the holidays Catherine continued to feminize Ian. In additional to regular waxing she shaped his eyebrows even more severely taking away the thickness that is often associated with men's eyebrows. She also tinted his eyelashes and encouraged him to wear more feminine earrings both in private and in the salon. Most weekends Catherine would transform Ian fully to Ann, which Ian enjoyed more and more each time. He would also wear Catherine's clothes that fitted him perfectly, as they were the same size. The closeness that they shared during these times grew to be far more than the amazing sex that they shared. Their conversation was different in some way. It was like Catherine was speaking and sharing her thought with her closest girlfriend rather than her husband.

As the holidays drew to a close and the salon business began to slow down Catherine suggested that they take a well earned break from the salon.

"Let's have a holiday away from here for a week or two. Zoe can look after the salon and there's a beautician's conference that I'd love to attend," suggested Catherine, "you be interested in that?"

"That sounds wonderful, go ahead and make the bookings. We could do with some time away together," replied Ian.

Catherine made the arrangements for the holiday and conference. The plan was to spend a few days sightseeing and travelling to the conference. Catherine would go to the beauty course and then they would drive home. In no time they were handing Zoe the keys to the salon and driving off on their holiday.

After spending four days sightseeing and travelling they arrived at the beauticians' conference. When they booked into their room Ian noticed that there were two parcels of information waiting for them. One was for a course on electrolysis and the other for body piercing.

"I didn't realise that you were going to be studying two courses Catherine," Ian said.

"I'm not," replied Catherine, "you're doing the body piercing course."

"How can I do that, I'm not a beautician," complained Ian.

"You do basic piercing don't you? In a beauty salon as well, I'd say that qualifies you to do the class and so does the person who will be your teacher," responded Catherine.

"Don't worry about it. It starts tomorrow and finishes at the same time as my course. I couldn't just let you sit in the room all day while I was off learning about electrolysis, could I?" Catherine retorted.

At that they both went out to dinner and returned to their room and watched an in-house movie on the television before going to sleep.

At 9.00am sharp Ian and Catherine started their respective courses. Ian felt very alone as he was the only male in the group of ten who were learning to be professional body piercers. Some of the other attendees looked at him a little strangely but they soon became at ease when he told them that he was gay. The magic storyline had saved him again. A lady in her late 20s was running his class.

"You are going to learn about body anatomy, pain control and hygiene. At the end of three days you will be trained to pierce the three Ns – noses, navels and nipples," she said.

The remainder of the day was spent learning about sterilization techniques, client care and the equipment. That night Catherine and Ian discussed their days and both seemed pleased with what they had learnt for the day.

The next morning after breakfast they parted company and went to their designated rooms. When Ian arrived he spoke with the other "trainee" piercers about their nervousness and the fact that soon they would begin actual piercing.

"Gather round everyone," instructed the teacher, "today you become body piercers. We are going to start by doing noses. They are the simplest piercing that you will learn. Let's get started."

Ten people then walked in the door.

"These are your first clients. There is one for each of you. Pair yourself up and then going through the entire process and in ten minutes or so you will have pierced their nose. Good luck!" said the teacher as the people started arranging their partners.

"Hi, I'm Ian," said Ian as he approached his volunteer.

"Hi Ian, I'm Emma. I can't wait to get my nose pierced. I've been wanted to get it done for years. I couldn't believe it when I saw an ad at Uni wanting people to volunteer to have their nose pierced for free. It was too good an offer to refuse," she replied excitedly.

"Come over here and we'll get started then," said Ian as the process he had learnt yesterday rushed through his mind.

Emma followed Ian to his designated work area and climbed and sat on the table provided.

"Okay," said Ian, "which side would you like done?"

"Left please, my friend has her left done and it looks great there," replied Emma.

Ian then proceeded to put on some gloves, clean Emma's left nostril and then marked the location where the piercing would be. After checking that the alignment was satisfactory with both Emma and the supervisor he prepared the hollow needle for the piercing.

"Okay Emma, are you ready to go?" queried Ian.

"I think so," replied Emma with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"You'll be fine, trust me," Ian said reassuringly, "okay just focus on something and breathe deeply. One the count of three I'll pierce your nose."

"Okay, I'm ready," came Emma's reply.

Ian rested the needle on the mark on Emma's nose and then on three pushed the needle through Emma's nostril. He was surprise how little force was required to push the needle through.

"How are you feeling," he asked Emma.

"Fine", she responded, "hardly felt it".

"I just need to put in the nose stud now, you'll be looking at your new piercing in less than a minute," explained Ian.

Within no time Ian had slid the nose stud in to replace the needle.

He had completed his first piercing without the use of a piercing gun. After checking with the teacher that everything had been completed he picked up a mirror and showed Emma her nose.

"Wow, that looks amazing," she said excitedly, "thank so much."

"My pleasure," replied Ian, "thank you for volunteering".

The two chatted as the other trainees also completed their nose piercings. Once everyone was finished the volunteers were thanked and escorted outside.

"Well done everyone," stated the teacher, "100% success, excellent work."

After a discussion on their experiences the group was instructed that they could go and have something to eat and be back ready to start at 1pm.

After the break the rookie body piercers assembled for their next session.

"I believe that all people who perform body piercing should experience them as well so this afternoon you will pair up with another person and pierce their navel and have them pierce yours" the teacher explained.

This created a bit of stir amongst the group. Ian was not so worried about having it done but more so with what Catherine would think. Up until now all of his changes had been her idea.
One lady had already had her belly button pierced and when this was discovered they quickly found a staff member at the hotel that was willing to have hers pierced. Names were then placed in a hat and the pairs drawn out at random. Ian's was the first name drawn and he was paired with a lady about 30 years old named Pam. Ian and Pam tossed a coin to decide who would be pierced first. Ian won, or lost depending how you look at it, and was to be pierced first. Ian lay down on the table and exposed his stomach.

After putting on gloves Pam started to check Ian's navel and clean the area to be pierced. She then marked the entry and exit points for the piercing site and waited for the teacher to check to location of the piercing site. While Ian was lying there waiting he closed his eyes and thought about his transformation. Not too long ago he was a share trader. Now here he was, pierced ears, increasingly feminized and about to have his navel pierced. It was a magical journey, one which he was pleased to have taken. He was brought back quickly from dreamland when Pam placed a clamp on the top section of his belly button. It wasn't all that painful but just a little uncomfortable.

"Okay Ian, breathe depth and slowly with me," instructed Pam.

"Okay," came Ian reply.

At that Ian closed his eyes and focussed on his breathing. On the end of a breath Ian felt the needle moving through his navel. It was a sharp intense pain but was somehow dulled as the adrenaline in his system started to kick in.

"Done", exclaimed Pam, "I'll just put in the ring now and it will be all over."

Ian continued to lie there, eyes closed and soaking up the experience. It was a much stronger feeling than the two times that Catherine had pierced his ears. He loved having pierced ears now but at the time they were done his hesitancy had diminished the sensation somewhat. This was more something that he was happy to have experienced.

"All done Ian," said Pam.

"Thanks Pam, it's a wonderful experience. I hope that you get the same buzz as I just had," replied Ian.

Pam and Ian then reversed roles. Pam lay down and exposed her stomach. Ian placed on a pair of gloves and prepared Pam for her piercing by cleaning and marking the piercing site. With the placement approved he applied the clamp to Pam's navel and asked her to count down from five. When she had reached one he delicately pushed the needle through and pierced Pam's belly button. As Pam was engrossed in the experience he then quickly replaced the needle with a ring.

"Whenever you're ready Pam you can sit up, it's all done", said Ian as he safely disposed of the used needle and other equipment. After a minute or so Pam started to sit up.

"Thanks Ian. I was so absorbed by the whole thing that I didn't even feel you put in the ring. Thanks for giving me a little extra time. It's an experience that I won't quickly forget."

With adrenaline still coursing through their systems the trainees were told that they were finished for the day.

"Tomorrow will be the same as this afternoon except we will be doing nipples," explained the piercing teacher, "that's right, tomorrow you will pierce someone's nipple and have your own done. You did very well today everyone. Have a good evening and we'll see you at 10am tomorrow.”

Ian’s major concern now was what Catherine would think of his pierced navel. Would she like it or would she be upset that she was not involved? When he returned to the room he found that Catherine was already there waiting for him. In a nervous voice he said,

"Catherine, I've got something that I need to tell you."

"What is it darling?" replied Catherine.

"I've had my navel pierced. I hope that you're not angry. We had to have ours pierced and pierce someone else's as part of the assessment. I'm sorry," he explained.

"Don't be sorry Ian. I knew that it was part of the course. I didn't want you to know as I thought that you might pull out. I enrolled you in it in the first place, remember," responded, "quick, show me how it looks."

Ian then exposed his freshly pierced navel adorned with a ring and small ball. Catherine was really excited about the belly ring and asked Ian heaps of questions about how much it hurt and what it feels like having a pierced navel.

"When we get home I'd love to pierce yours Catherine," Ian suggested.

"I'd love that," she responded, "I'd love Ann to do that."

"Now let's go out to dinner and catch a movie", suggested Catherine, "I'd like you to come as Ann. I've brought everything for her."

"I'm not sure about that," replied Ian, "going dressed in public is a big step."

"You'll be fine, if anyone talks to you just pretend that you have a cold and can't talk and leave it to me," she added.

The idea of walking around in public was an offer too good to let slip so Ian agreed and allowed his wife to change him into Ann. After a quick shower and shave he returned to the main area of the unit to find that Catherine had dresses herself and had everything set out and ready to go for Ann.

"I've got a surprise for you too Ann," Catherine said as she produced a set of fake breasts for Ann to wear, "they are my size so that they will suit all of my clothes beautifully."

Ann excitedly moved towards Catherine and had her put on the breasts, which came fitted into a brasserie. For the first time, she reached up and felt her own breasts. They felt just like the really thing, nipples and all.

"Hope you like them," said Catherine, "now let's get you dressed."

Ann dressed herself in the clothes that Catherine had set out for her on the bed – a pair of loose fitting jeans and a blouse that had an opening at the front that allowed her to show off her newly pierced navel.

"You've planned this very well darling," said Ann as she looked in the mirror at her clothes, "right down to being able to show off my new piercing."

"You deserve to be treated well. I'll always do anything for you," she replied cheerfully. "Now come over her and I'll do your face for you."

Catherine then added make-up and the wig.

"Mustn't forget these," she said as she got Ann golden hoop earrings from her beauty case.

Catherine then removed Ann's plain studs and replaced them with the special earrings that she had received on the very day she became Ann. The two of them then stood beside each other and looked at themselves in the full-length mirror.

"You look amazing Ann," said Catherine proudly, "that outfit really suits you."

"Thanks darling," replied Ann, "you look pretty amazing yourself."

They then went and had the most wonderful night together. The freedom of being able to walk around dressed in public was a great thrill for both of them. At no time did anyone even give the impression that they had picked that Ann was anything but a gorgeous lady out with a friend. Catherine's transformation of Ian to Ann had been a huge success. To their amusement several men even started chatting to them both. As planned Catherine covered and did all the talking explaining that her sister Ann had a bad case of the 'flu and couldn't speak. It was a truly incredible night that the two of them were very reluctant to end. At around 2am they returned to their room and fell asleep exhausted from their busy day and night.

The sound of a vacuum cleaning the room next door awoke them at around 8.50am.

"Must hurry dear", said Catherine as she scrambled out of bed, "I start in 10 minutes."

Ann remembered that she, or at least Ian, had until 10am before his final session started and fell almost immediately back to sleep. She then woke at 9.30 and after a quick snack proceeded to change from Ann and back into Ian. With all of Ann's makeup and clothes removed Ian changed into his own clothes and left for the nipple piercing stage of the course. It was not until he arrived at the room that a comment about his lovely earrings reminded him that he had forgotten to remove Ann's gold hoop earrings. Slightly embarrassed he explained that they were a birthday gift from his sister and he had tried them on that morning and forgotten to take them out.

"Don't worry Ian," she one of his fellow class members, "they look really great on you. I'd love a pair of earrings like that myself."

Soon after the piercing instructor entered the room and explained that they would be paired with the same person as yesterday for the nipple piercings. Ian was pleased that he was again paired with Pam as they had developed a special bond during the previous day's experience.

"Some people find this piercing more painful than having their navel done and I'd be interested in your thoughts once we're all done", she said.

With that they moved to their areas. "Heads or tails?" asked Pam as she flipped a coin into the air.

"Tails," replied Ian.

"Sorry Ian, it's heads. You get to be pierced first again," responded Pam.

At that Ian removed his shirt and exposed his chest. He thought how inadequate it was compared to the breasts that he had worn as Ann the night before.

"Which nipple would you like pierced Ian?" queried Pam.

"Don't really know Pam," he replied, "how about the left."

Pam then put on some gloves and cleaned and marked both the entry and exit points on Ian's left nipple. With the placement approved she placed a clamp on his nipple that felt as if someone was pinching firmly.

"Okay," Pam said, "if you're ready I'll get you to lie down and we'll get you pierced."

Ian lay down and closed his eyes. Under Pam's direction started to breathe depth and slowly. He soon experienced a stinging sensation radiating from his left nipple. As with his navel, he allowed himself feel the pain and overcome it calmly. Pam then slid through and closed the ring and Ian's left nipple was now pierced.

"How was that Ian?" queried Pam. "Very different, I think that is was better prepared mentally for this one than for my previous piercings. My ears were over in the blink of an eye so I don't really remember much of them and I was much more nervous yesterday so today's is hard to compare," replied Ian.

Looking down at his nipple and was really impressed with how it looked.

"Your turn now Pam," she Ian, "if you can get up on the table I'll get this equipment organised."

After putting his shirt and some gloves on Ian turned to ask Pam which side she would like done. He was comforted with two large firm breasts, much larger than Catherine's.

"I'm glad you're gay Ian," said Pam, "I'm not sure I'd be comfortable doing this otherwise. I'd like my left nipple done like you please."

After composing himself he started to mark Pam's nipple. Like before once the placement was approved he placed a clamp on her nipple.

"That's not too tight Pam?" he enquired.

"No, that's fine," came his reply.

Pam then lay down on the table and with a nervous smile closed her eyes. Ian then placed the tip of the needle against Pam's nipple and started to push it through until it emerged on the far side.

Pam let out a small cry of pain and Ian reassured her saying, "nearly there Pam, just have to put in the ring now. The worst part is over."

Quickly he grabbed the ring from the bench beside the table and put it into Pam's nipple.

"It's all over Pam," said Ian.

Pam took a little while to sit up and then look down at her pierced nipple.

"That was the most intense feeling that I have ever experiences. So painful but so wonderful," she exclaimed.

"Could you do my other nipple as well. I don't think I'll ever have the courage if I don't have it done now?" she asked.

"No trouble Pam," Ian responded, "I'll just check that it's okay."

With Pam's desire to have both her nipples pierced approved Ian repeated the procedure and within a few minutes she was admiring her pair of pierced nipples.

"That was the most amazing adrenaline rush that I have ever experienced. Thanks Ian for being here with me. I will always treasure this moment," she said joyfully.

With all of their assessment complete the body piercing class said their good-byes and dispersed. Ian went back to his room and waited for Catherine to return. About an hour later she arrived and excited asked Ian about his day and had him show her his nipple.

"That's very nice Ian. We'll have to pierce Ann's breasts won't we," she joked referring to the fake breasts that she had purchased for Ann.

"Yes we will," replied Ian, "and I can't wait until you have both of yours pierced as well. It is a very powerful experience."

The drive back to Changes was uneventful as they discussed their recent courses. Catherine explained that she had studied electrolysis so that she could remove the need for Ian to shave and help involve Ann's complexion.

"It really works incredibly well," she said, "it should only take a few hours and I'll have your whole face done. It's not really painful, just a little uncomfortable while it's being done."

"Don't worry darling," replied Ian, "I'd do anything for you, you have made the most wonderful existence for Ann. I love everything. I love dressing up and being feminine. Thank you."

On their return to the salon they found that Zoe had done a wonderful job managing the place while they were away. They quickly stepped back into their old routine with Catherine and Zoe doing the beauty work and Ian piercing ears and helping out with booking appointments. They both couldn't wait for the piercing and electrolysis equipment that they had ordered to arrive so that they could both expand their business and their own lives. The electrolysis equipment arrived first and that very night Catherine started the treatment to forever remove Ian's facial hair. Ian dressed as Ann for all the treatments as essentially it was for Ann's benefit and made her feel part of the process. The treatment was basically painless and felt like a series of pinpricks. After 3 nights of electrolysis Catherine had completed Ann's face. She also shaped her eyebrows so that the need for further waxing would be reduced dramatically. Removing the need to shave at all was something that Ian really appreciated as he had always found shaving a chore that he would have rather avoided.

"I'll do more electrolysis in the future Ann," she Catherine, "but this is the main area that I wanted under control."

"Thanks darling," replied Ann appreciatively, "I love the idea of never having to shave again. Especially the fact that I never have to shave just prior to having makeup applied like in the past."

About a week after the electrolysis equipment had arrived the piercing gear finally reached the salon just after lunchtime. Ian was very excited. Just piercing ears had become a little mundane in light of his recent training. As it happened there were no clients booked in for the afternoon and as Zoe was keen on having her navel pierced Catherine suggested that Ian pierce right away. Zoe enthusiastically agreed with the plan and after unpacking the equipment Ian was ready to perform his first body piercing in his own salon. Zoe then opened the lower part of her blouse and after putting on some gloves Ian marked her navel.

"This might pinch a little Zoe," said Ian as he applied the clamp, "not too tight?"

"No, that feels fine," replied Zoe. Ian then had her lie down on the table and got her to start breathing deeply and slowly.

"Are you ready?" asked Ian.

"Yes," replied Zoe a little sheepishly.

"You'll be fine Zoe," interjected Catherine who was watching intently, "Ian's pierced belly button is so sexy. You'll love having yours done."

After reminding Zoe about her breathing Ian placed the needle against Zoe's navel and skillfully pushed it through the flap of skin.

"You're doing so well," said Ian, "I'll just put in a bar now and it will be all over."

Soon after Zoe was standing front of a mirror beside Catherine as they both admired Zoe's pierced navel.

"Thanks Ian," said Zoe, "it was far less painful than I expected."

"It's very quick," said Catherine, "over before you even realise."

"Why don't you get yours done now too Catherine?" queried Zoe.

"I want to have my breasts done first," she replied, "but I suppose that it would be a good idea that you know what is involved as well so you can explain the process to our customers should they inquire about having their nipples done."

"Ian," asked Catherine, "you wouldn't mind if Zoe watched as you pierced my nipples would you?"

"No," Ian responded. He was a little disappointed that it wouldn't be just the two of them together but Zoe was the closest thing to a friend that they had so agreed to Catherine's proposal.

"If you could take your top off please," instructed Ian.

Ian prepared all of the equipment for the piercings and started to clean his wife's right nipple.

"Bet it feels a bit strange having your brother touching your breasts," interjected Zoe.

"Yeah, a bit," replied Catherine with a grin to Ian.

After marking Catherine's nipple and placing on the clamp he asked her to lie down on the table.

"Could you hold my hand Zoe?" requested Catherine.

"Sure," Zoe responded.

Ian then asked Catherine to close her eyes and concentrate on her breathing. As he held her breast in his left hand to steady himself he could feel his wife's heart pounding rapidly.

"Count down from five," he instructed.

On the count of one he pushed the needle through and pierced Catherine's nipple. He looked towards Catherine's face to check how she was going but rather than seeing her with eyes closed she was looking lovingly directly at him. It was as if she were floating on a cloud of love – if there is such a thing.

"You feeling okay dear," asked Ian, "nearly done."

"Haven't felt a thing," Catherine replied, "hope I haven't crushed your hand Zoe?"

"No, you're fine," said Zoe. A minute later and Ian had replaced hollow needle with a ring and Catherine first nipple was complete. Catherine then sat up and Ian repeated the process of cleaning, marking and clamping Catherine's left nipple. As before she lay down and holding Zoe's hand had ring inserted in her other nipple.

"All done Cath," said Ian as he completed the second nipple, "you can have a look whenever you're ready."

Catherine was still on a high as she stood in front of the mirror and delighted in her pierced nipples.

"The sensation flowed through my whole body, even my toes were tingling," she said excitedly, "that was incredible, thanks so much Ian."

Zoe then felt the need to have a nipple pierced and a few minutes later, with Catherine holding her hand, Ian pierced her left nipple. She decided not to have her right nipple at that point in time but to wait for a special occasion.

"Interesting bonding session for the staff," Ian joked.

"True," replied Catherine, "not every business has its entire staff having pierced nipples."

Later that night Catherine did have her navel pierced but by Ann. Directly after having it pierced, with the adrenalin still coursing through her body, she and Ann went up stairs and had the most amazing sex. They found that their respective pierced nipples only heightened their experience. Even after then had both orgasmed they come still stimulate each other in ways that wouldn't have been possible in the past. Catherine's nipples and navel were still quite tender so Ann was very careful as to not pull on them too much. Ann though delighted in having Catherine pull firmly on her nipple ring while they made love.

With electrolysis and body piercing now part of the service offered at Changes the demand for their time only increased. The electrolysis was far busier than either of them had expected and Catherine was spending around three hours daily on electrolysis patient alone. Ian was particularly busy as he was the only trained body piercer within 100kms and people would travel up to an hour to get pierced professionally. It was not uncommon for groups of three or four friends to all come together and have their navels pierced at once. Often couples would also come in and the lady have her nose, navel or nipples pierced and the male partner have an ear pierced. Ian found this amusing as he would offer to pierce their ear with a needle or use the gun. The vast majority opted for the gun as it was much quickly and they believed less painful! In most cases the lady would have to go first and the man would be far more nervous even though he was only having an ear pierced. Looking back though Ian could appreciate the reluctance that some men would have wearing an earring. That was venturing into female territory.

In the months that followed Catherine continued to dress Ann on a regular basis. It reached the point where Ann was around more than Ian. Ian existed only when working downstairs. The remainder of the time Ann would be living with her partner Catherine. Most weekends Ann and Catherine would go "out" together and Ann's actual identity was never questioned. They even ran into Zoe one night and she didn't even pick that Ann and Ian were one in the same. It was about this time that Catherine made a suggestion that would have implications for the rest of their lives.

"How would you like the idea of being Ann permanently?" she asked, "you spend that much time as her now and she is far more what you are than Ian."

"I'd love that," replied Ann, "I no longer feel like Ian. When I am Ann for the first time in my life I feel comfortable with myself."

"I knew that you'd agree," Catherine responded, "I just knew it."

Rather than start Ann's life immediately they decided that they would open another beauty salon in a similar size city to where they opened Changes. Zoe agreed that she would become the manager at Changes and an additional two staff members would be employed. Six weeks later Ian's life ended. Ann and Catherine moved into a double storey building and prepared to open a beauty salon. It was a very busy time because as well as stocking and furnishing the salon Catherine trained Ann in the various treatments that they offered. Ann learnt waxing, facial treatments and a assortment of other services. The day before they opened for their first customer Ann and Catherine dressed in matching uniforms.

"We sure look like sisters," said Catherine as they looked at their reflections in mirror.

"Yes," replied Ann, "We certainly do. Thank you for everything."

"There is just one final thing that I need to do before we are ready to open," said Catherine.

"What's that darling?" asked Ann.

"To celebrate you being Ann forever I have a special surprise for you," said Catherine, "have a look in your left pocket."

Ann excitedly reached into her pocket and withdrew a pair of diamond stud earrings.

"They're beautiful," said Ann, "you never fail to surprise me."

"I thought that they'd go nicely with your gold hoops," Catherine suggested.

"But," Ann interjected.

"Don't worry Ann," Catherine responded, "come over here and I'll have your ears double pierced in no time."

As using the ear piercing gun required that the piercing studs to stay in for 6 weeks Catherine and Ann decided that Ann would have her ears pierced using a hollow needle. The new diamond studs could then be worn immediately.

Ann gathered all of the required equipment for the piercings and sat down ready for the final chapter of her makeover. Catherine removed the sleepers that Ann was wearing in her original holes and started to clean and mark wear the second holes would be pierced. As Catherine had never performed a piercing other than using the piercing gun Ann explained to her what to do with the needle.

"Ready," asked Catherine positioning herself beside Ann.

"Yes darling," replied Ann. Ann then felt a warm sensation in her left earlobe as Catherine pushed the needle through her ear. With the hole complete Catherine then replaced the needle with one of the diamond studs.

"Half way," said Ann, "no going back now. Not that I'd ever want too."

Catherine then moved around and repeated the process. With both of the diamond studs in place Catherine quickly rushed away and returned with Ann golden hoop earrings.

"It just wouldn't be the same without these." The gold hoops were put into Ann's first holes. Looking into the mirror at her double pierced ears Ann started to cry.

"They look so beautiful, I look so beautiful, and I owe everything to you," she said weeping.

The transformation was complete.

A month later they opened the door on their second salon - "Sister Act".

The End.

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