A Christmas Bonding

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A Christmas bonding

mother and I have a special playtime activity
from time to time she likes to tie me up and play with me knowing I couldn't prevent her from doing so.

This was always between her and me, she is a dominant figure in the house.
It was the night before Christmas
she had me dressed in a frilly red latex top and skirt, some stockings and a pair of high heels, but no panties
I thought this was strange for she never done this before
she tied my long hair in a high ponytail and applied heavy make-up on me.

She next made me bend over a wooden horse and bound my arms and legs to the horse she then reached between my legs and tied a satin ribbon around the base of my cock
tying it of in a large bow.

Around my neck she did the same, only under the ribbon she had placed a steel collar she locked in place
again she never done this before but for now I still thought this was a game to her.

I pulled on the ropes but there was no way I could free myself from the ropes
open your mouth Sweet mother whispered in my ear
as I did so mother shoved a large red ball gag in my mouth
I tried to say I didn't like the ball gag but I couldn't form the words
there I was looking like a woman bound to a wooden horse
not knowing what her plans for me were.

I heard mother doing something in the background until she gently pressed something against my butt hole
slowly but surely she forced a large butt plug in my ass
I tried to resist it from entering but to no avail as it soon sat in place filling me completely.

Since the wooden horse had wheels she quickly had me standing next to the Christmas tree
one's there she wrapped me completely in Christmas paper including the wooden horse.
Then it went silent for several minutes.

When I heard mother return she taped something to the paper wrapping and then left
without saying a word.

There I was tied to the wooden horse and wrapped in Christmas paper
I couldn't imagine I was to stay like this all night until Christmas morning.

When I woke up the next morning I heard voices in the next room
as I listened to the voices I recognized them
they were the voices of my neighbor and her daughter Katy
Katy was a few years older then me and she always had what I call a mean streak.

She always bullied me and suggested I would be hers one day
then fear struck me, mother couldn't be doing this to me
but bound as I was wrapped all up I remembered something mother had done the night before
was I to be a Christmas present for Katy.

Then all of them mother, father and Katy and her mother came into the room
they started cheerfully unwrapping all the presents
they saved me for last, and my fears came to reality
Katy tore the wrapping paper away from me and was delighted to what she saw
I knew she was as the butt plug came to life vibrating in my ass
and soon after my cock came to life but due to the ribbon tied around my cock
I didn't reached an orgasm and then the vibrating stopped.

During the evening the butt plug started vibrating a number of times
and each time I almost got an orgasm, almost.

When it was time to go home I was covered with a large latex cover and wheeled out of the house
when I was positioned in Katy's room I heard her whisper in my ears
“i told you you be mine and you better obey me my pet”.

I was at her beck and call 24/7
I must address her as mistress at all times
whatever I didn't want she did to me, and whatever I couldn't imagine she did that also
dressed in a latex maids outfit with my restraints kept me in place
I often was a fuck toy, not for her but for her male friends
they used me both oral and anal and I always had to thank them for using me.

One time I dared to ask why my parents sold me to her
not only she didn't answer my question, I was severely punished for talking without permission
the only reason for opening my mouth is for being gagged or fucked by her strap-on.

I did saw my parents again a few months later, but they showed no sign of recognition for me
I did however saw a tear on mothers face and then I knew.

All those years playing the bondage games is how mother prepared me for my future
I never found out what Katy used against my parents for them to do what they did to me
but it doesn't matter anymore as I look down at my breasts
and specially the nipple rings.

I wonder, will I ever have a normal Christmas again or …..

the end

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