Captive! - Part 1


Part 1
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2015 Melanie Brown

David and Scott were on Spring Break for a little fun...


“Scott. Are you going to mess with that stupid radio all night or are you coming with me to meet up with those girls for the party?” My friend David finished tucking in his shirt, then patted his butt to check to make sure he had his wallet.

I tapped the code key a few more times and then removed the headphones and set them on top of a small “ham radio” unit I’d set up on the hotel room’s desk. “Okay, okay. I’m done. Just wanted to let my Dad know how things were going down here.”

David pulled a cell phone from his pocket and said, “I use one of these little contraptions. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They even work down here in Aruba. And, they’re a lot easier to use and you don’t have to know Morse Code.”

I laughed as I stood up and said, “It’s my hobby, okay? My Dad infected me with ham radio when I was little.”

Frowning, David said, “Well, all I know is, that there are four bodacious chicks waiting on us while you fart with that stupid thing. Loosen up, man. This is our last Spring Break before we graduate. You shouldn’t even have brought that.”

I shrugged and said, “We wanted to see if this little rig would catch a signal this far from Texas. Using code lets me communicate with weaker signals and…”

David raised his hand to cut me off. He said, “I don’t want to hear it. I guarantee you those girls don’t want to hear it either. Let’s go.” David started to turn towards the door, but then stopped and turned back to look at me. Shaking his head, he said, “You’re not wearing another froo-froo shirt are you?”

I looked down my front and stretched my arms out from my sides and said, “Why? What’s wrong with this? My so-called froo-froo shirt last night is what got those girls to notice us in the first place.”

Frowning again, David said, “Really? Between the shirt and that stupid long, blonde hair of yours, they thought you were my girlfriend.”

“Do I embarrass you, Dave?” I said walking towards the room’s door. “I’m an art major. I like a little flare. Besides, at least this year we have girls hitting on us.”

“Don’t remind me,” said David. “Spring Break at Daytona was the worst ever with you attracting all those gay guys. Are you sure you’re not a twink?”

I laughed as we walked into the hotel hallway. I said, “I’m pretty sure. Come on though. You have to admit it was pretty funny when that one guy kissed you.”

David pretended to spit and said, “I still have nightmares. Come on. They’re waiting for us in the lobby.”

A minute later, the elevator doors slid open to the hotel’s lobby. Four girls were sitting on a couch in the middle of the lobby, talking animatedly. They all looked wonderful in their short dresses and high heels. One of the three blondes smiled and waved at us as we walked towards them. David had already let me know that the lone brunette, Jillian, was the target of his desires, although all four of the girls were extremely hot. They were all from different colleges and had met here at the hotel. I’m going to really miss Spring Break.

There was a club, just a few minutes away by cab, that was having a big party for everyone there on Spring Break with all the drinks half off. The girls had found out about it and invited us to come along with them.

“Good evening, ladies,” said David as we stood next to the couch. “Are we ready to get this party started?”

The four girls all smiled at him and Jillian said, “You bet!”

David grinned and said, “Well, let’s go, then!” He held out his hand to help Jillian up.

I held out both hands to help two of the other girls get up from the soft couch. As I offered to help the third girl, she flashed a glare at David and Jillian who were almost to the hotel entrance and said quietly, “Well, that’s rude.”

I smiled at the three girls and said, “I’m at your service, ladies!”

One of the girls, Chloe I think, said, “I like your shirt. I have one just like it.”

“Thank you, I think,” I said as we walked out of the hotel and onto the street.

David and Jillian had just climbed into a cab by themselves and had just closed the cab doors when we hit the street.

“David! Wait!” I shouted, but the cab pulled away and headed down the street.

Another girl, Kate, said, “That’s quite a friend you have there, Scott. He couldn’t wait another five seconds?”

I shrugged and said, “Well, we are all going to the same place. And the cab was kinda small.”

Kate folded her arms and said, “Still. We all just could have waited for a bigger cab. Like that one across the street.”

The driver of the indicated cab was walking across the street towards us. He stopped at the curb and said, “Ladies? Are you needing a taxi? I can fit all of you very comfortably in my cab.”

Chloe looked at me and giggled. I ignored her and said, “Sure. That’d be great. Thanks.”

We hurried across the street as the cabbie opened the doors for us. Kate stopped as she was about to climb inside.

“It looks a little dingy and dirty in here,” said Kate.

Rachelle, the third girl just laughed and said, “Where’s your sense of adventure?” Kate shrugged and we all climbed inside the taxi.

I told the cabbie our destination when he asked us where we wanted to go. He nodded, and started the clock on his dash and drove his cab into the street.

The street was brightly lit with clubs, cafés, hotels, you name it. People were everywhere, walking up and down the street.

I said, “We should have walked. It really isn’t that far and it’s a really nice evening for it.”

Rachelle said, “Not in these shoes!”

Kate laughed and said, “Where’s your sense of adventure?” We all laughed as Rachelle flipped Kate the finger.

A minute later, I saw the club. I could see David and the girl standing outside waiting for us. I said, “There it is, girls.”

And we drove past it.

I tapped on the glass separating us from the cabbie. I said, “Hey mister! You just passed it. Mister!”

He didn’t turn his head left or right. There was no way he couldn’t hear me. He turned down a dark side street. I pounded on the glass and shouted this time.

Chloe pulled on the door handled. She cried, “The doors are locked! Oh my God, we’re locked inside!”

I tried the door next to me and it wouldn’t open. There were no visible locks to pull up on the doors. The three girls began pounding on the glass between us the driver as they started screaming. The driver never looked around.

I looked out the taxi’s windows. The street was completely empty and dark. Most of the buildings lining the street looked abandoned. There had to be a lot of noise coming from that taxi, but there wasn’t anyone around to hear it.

A minute later and we were almost out of the town. The driver turned the taxi towards a large building on our left. The large, sliding door was already open and he drove the taxi on through the opening. All of us were beating on the window shouting “Please! Let us out!”

The driver parked the taxi in the middle of what appeared to be a large, empty warehouse. He turned the engine off and opened his door and got out. Everyone again started pounding on the windows and doors of the cab, shouting to let us out. The driver didn’t even cast a glance back at the cab as he walked through the doorway, and then slid the heavy steel door noisily closed, leaving us alone in the dark and quiet.

Gasping gulps of air, Kate said, “Oh my God! He just left us here! Why? Are we going to die here?”

“It’s too late to say don’t panic,” I said. “But let’s try to think. Anything in your purses hard or heavy enough to break this glass? Cell phones maybe?” Now that the shock was over, I reached into my own pocket for my cell.

“Shit!” exclaimed Chloe. “We all just brought clutches. We didn’t think we’d need our regular bags. But it’s not like we carry hammers anyway!”

The interior of the cab was suddenly lit up by four cell phones. In the light I could see the deep worry in the girls’ faces. We were all fearing the worst.

Rachelle said, “Shit. It says ‘no service’.”

Frowning, I said, “Mine too. It must be this steel building.”

Crying, Kate said, “What’s going to happen to us?”

Chloe said, “Use the light from your phone to look around. There might be something we can use to break the glass.”

I said, “Rachelle, help me pull on the seat cushions. Maybe we can get to the trunk and find a lug wrench or something.” We pulled and tugged, but the seat cushions weren’t budging.

Our breath was fogging up the taxi’s windows to the point where seeing outside the cab was next to impossible. The temperature was rising inside the car and we were all starting to glisten with sweat. In the light of Chloe’s cell phone, the girls all had dark lines streaming down their cheeks from crying.

I leaned back and raised both my legs. Frustration in my voice, I kicked the glass as hard as I could and shouted, “There has to be a way out of this fucking car!”

“Surely we’re not going to die here,” said Rachelle with a whimper. “There must be some reason he left us here.”

In the dim light, I could see Kate frown as she said, “Unfortunately, I can’t think of any reasons that have a happy ending.”

Another five minutes or so went by. None of us were moving or talking. The only sound was the four of us breathing. Suddenly, through the fogged over windows, I saw a shaft of dim light, like a door opening. It wasn’t the door we drove through, but a smaller door at one end of the building.

“Look!” I shouted, pointing in the direction of the light. “There’s someone here!”

The girls started up a chorus of “Help!”, “Let us out!”, “Please help us!”

Watching the light, it seemed like a half dozen figures entered the room. Their shoes echoing across the floor as they approached us. They just walked slowly towards us. No urgency at all in their step.

Chloe said, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Me too,” I said, watching one of the figures walk around the front of the car and then up to the driver’s door.

The only man wearing a suit slowly opened the driver’s door and reached in. All the figures were too dark to get any features. They appeared to all be wearing sunglasses, which was odd in the dark building. The man who opened the driver’s door, reached in and pushed a button or something. We heard the obvious sound of door locks releasing.

“Oh thank God!” shouted Rachelle as she hurriedly shoved the door next to her open and stepped out, followed by Kate. Chloe and I exited on the other side of the car.

Rachelle was crying as she approached one of the men. She said, “Thank you so much for rescuing us from that horrible taxi!”

I turned to the guy in the suit who appeared to be in charge. In the dim light he looked to be middle eastern. I said, “Are you with the police?”

Flashing me a toothy grin, the man said, “Not exactly.” He gave the other men a nod and they quickly grabbed me and the girls from behind and swiftly tied our wrists behind us using plastic zip ties. The man then held up a zip tie and laughed, “Great invention, these things.”

Chloe screamed, “What are you doing? Let us go!”

It all became clear. This warehouse was a drop-off point for human traffickers. They would probably kill me and take the girls, so I had nothing to lose at this point. As hard as I could, I rammed my foot behind me into the shin of the man holding me. He yelled with pain and let go of my arms. I started to run for the still open door at the other side of the warehouse. I figured I’d probably get a bullet in the back, but I had to try.

Faster than I thought he was capable of moving, suit guy reached out and grabbed my hair of all things. He jerked me back and I painfully fell backwards to the concrete floor.

Pointing a gun at my face, suit guy grinned and said, “Where do you think you’re going, blondie? I paid for four. Now get up and join the other girls.”

I laughed and said, “The joke’s on you, pal. I’m not a girl.”

Keeping the gun pointed at me, suit guy just shrugged and said, “I couldn’t tell in the dark, but I thought you might be a mith-lee. But no matter. You’re pretty enough to be a girl and my buyer likes surprises like you. Move over with the others.”

One of the other men pulled a roll of duct tape from a bag he was carrying and started pulling off short strips. He said, “Sorry to mess up your pretty lipstick, ladies. But we need you to be quiet.” He then slapped the tape over each of our mouths.

All the girls’ eyes were wild as we were herded across the warehouse. Even Kate who had been a trooper so far was making loud muffled noises and jerking her arms against the ties. I didn’t try. I knew it was useless. I saw suit guy toss a large envelope into the taxi onto the driver’s seat. The payment for delivering us, I guessed.

We exited the warehouse from the same door the men had entered. Waiting outside was a large, dark colored van. We were shoved unceremoniously into the van. Someone inside pushed a foul smelling rag against our faces and then all was blank…


*          *          *


“Welcome to Dubai ladies,” said a strange, balding man with a British accent. “This is your new home. So you can get the crying out of the way early, I’ll tell you that you will never see your homes, family or friends again. We own you.” We were all lying on mats in a small, windowless room. The girls and I slowly tried to sit up, blinking in the bright light.

“Dubai?” said Kate incredulously. “No. We were in Aruba. What’s going on?”

Crying, Chloe said, “What do you mean we’ll never see our family again? You have to let us go!”

I looked around the room. I could see the girls, the balding guy and two scruffy looking guys looking very out of place in sport coats and ties, wielding AK-47s. The girls and I were all naked. The tried to fold their arms to try to cover themselves.

The balding man smiled. He said, “Oh, I’m afraid we can’t do that, miss. We paid far too much for you. I must say, our agent in Aruba did such a good job this time around, we paid him a bonus.” He paused a moment as he waved his hand. He said, “Oh. Forgive my manners. I am Mr. Cabot. I’m one of the entertainment directors at this establishment and I’ll be in charge of your training and prepping you.”

Scowling, I said, “Training? For what? What is this place?”

Mr. Cabot smiled in my direction and said, “You are now a part of one of the most exciting and enchanting destinations in Dubai. Our clients come from the world over because we provide them only the most sexy and vivacious girls for their entertainment. Because of the high expectations of our clients, we just can’t drop you with one of them. We must prepare you and train you in the methods that provide our clients with the most value for their money.”

Kate stood up, wobbling slightly from the uneven mats on the floor. She yelled, “You sick fuck! This is a whore house! Listen baldy, we’re not whores! I demand you let us go now!” She clenched her fists and took a step towards Mr. Cabot.

The two scruffy men raised their weapons on ready. Mr. Cabot waved their guns down. Still smiling he said, “Let them rage. It’ll get it out of their system.”

Rachelle curled up into a ball on the mat and cried. “I just want to go home! I want my mom!”

Mr. Cabot laughed and said, “Mommy and Daddy can’t help you now. The sooner you understand that you’re never leaving here, the better off you’ll be. Just relax. We will take very good care of you here. We have a full medical and dental plan for you.” He laughed again.

Smiling again and spreading his arms wide, Mr. Cabot said, “Ladies. You are all exceptionally beautiful. Once you are trained, you are sure to be major attractions in our entertainment experiences.”

I stood up next to Kate. I waved a fist at Mr. Cabot and said, “You can’t get away with this! Our parents will force our government to demand our return!”

Mr. Cabot laughed heartily. He pointed at me and said, “You’re serious, aren’t you? No one knows where you are. The Cavalry isn’t going to arrive just in the nick of time to save you. Get this through your skulls. Whoever and whatever you were is no more. We own you. You will do as we tell you or you will suffer the consequences!”

Mr. Cabot walked quickly up to Kate and before she could react, he’d slapped across the face so hard, it knocked her backwards onto the mat. Sneering, he said to Kate and then looked around the room to each of us as he spoke. “This is lesson number one, little girl. You are nothing; a nobody. You will address me as either Sir, or Mr. Cabot. You do not make demands of me or any of my staff. You will do as you are told. You will not complain about anything we tell you to do. If not, you will be punished. We might inflict pain or we might withhold food or drink.

“Those that refuse to cooperate will be sold into the open slave markets. You will most likely will wind up a wife of a terrorist.” He pressed his fingertips together and continued, “None of us want any of that to happen now do we?”

I waved my fist and said, “Now look. We’re all U.S. citizens. I demand you release us.”

Mr. Cabot adjusted his glasses and gave me a toothy grin. He said, “Funny *and* cute. Oh, our customers are going to just love you.”

“I’m not a woman!” I said.

Mr. Cabot laughed and said, “You don’t think we can see that? As small as it is.” He laughed before continuing, “We’re an equal opportunity employer here, so why not bring you along too? Your cab driver got a bonus for delivering us a gorgeous femboy. We cater to all tastes here.”

Chloe screamed, tears streaming down her face, “Let us go, dammit! We’re not prostitutes!”

Mr. Cabot chuckled and said, “Not yet.”

I took a step forward and said, “You son of a bitch!”

Before I could even see him move, I was struck across the face with a stinging slap. It was just a slap, but it was very painful. I saw stars and staggered back. I was stopped by a slap? I felt ashamed.

Mr. Cabot’s face clouded with anger as he sneered, “We’ll have no insubordination here. You’ll notice that I left no mark on your face, yet you felt a great deal of pain, no? Trust me, we know what we’re doing here.”

Grinning again as the red in his face began to fade, Mr. Cabot pointed in front of him and said, “Okay ladies. Line up here in front of me.” He pointed at me and said, “That includes you!” We all looked at each other and around the room. The guards lifted their automatic weapons and pointed them at us. Feeling we had no choice, we all stood, naked, in a line before Mr. Cabot.

He walked up and down in front of while grinning broadly. He said, “Four gorgeous and very feminine specimens.” He turned to the guards and said, “We’ve struck gold here, gentlemen. These will be our top earners before long.”

Kate spat in Mr. Cabot’s face, splattering his mouth and glasses. She shouted, “Fuck you! I’m not going to be one of your fucking whores!”

Mr. Cabot licked the spit from his lips and casually removed his glasses and then wiped them with a cloth from his pocket. He gave Kate a serene smile and said quietly, “Oh, you will be begging men to fuck you.”

He then slapped her hard across the face, causing her to stagger back and drop down to one knee. She began to cry.

Mr. Cabot said, “Stand up bitch! Am I going to have to slap all of you? Trust me, I have no qualms about hitting whores. And believe me when I say, all of you will be begging to be fucked.” He looked over at me and grinned broadly. He said, “And I do mean all of you.”

He snapped his fingers and one of the henchmen opened a door I didn’t even know was there.

Smiling, Mr. Cabot pointed towards the door. He said, “Come girls. Let me show you your rooms. Your training starts immediately. First step is your evaluation. I have the honor and privilege of experiencing each one of you first. Then these gentlemen get a whack at you. Then we compare notes.”

Clinching my fists, I snarled, “Do you honestly expect us to just roll over and let you do whatever the hell you want with us?”

Mr. Cabot shrugged and said, “No. But you will.”


*          *          *


We were separated into our own private rooms. The rooms were pretty barren with no sharp or heavy objects that could be used as weapons. Soft, pleasant, but synthesized music floated from overhead speakers. A small bed, mounted to the floor in the center of the room was the only furniture. The walls were painted pink and lavender. No windows, of course.

I have no idea how long I sat on the bed, naked. The sheets were pink and satin. It wasn’t cold or too warm in the room. The light was at a comfortable level. There was one other doorway besides the entrance. It opened into a small bathroom with a toilet and a shower stall. There was no door to provide privacy.

I just sat there, legs drawn up in front of me. The waiting was starting to get to me. I figured that was part of it. For me to want anything to break the monotony. I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.

The door opened and in walked a tired looking, but otherwise grinning Mr. Cabot. He was followed by the two henchmen.

Smiling, Mr. Cabot said, “Good afternoon, Priscilla. Oh yes. I don’t know and I don’t care what name your parents gave you. Priscilla is now your name. We’ll call you Prissy for short.”

“Fuck you, shit bag!” I said, not raising my voice.

Mr. Cabot laughed and said, “I’m afraid you have that backwards, Prissy!” He nodded at the two men and before I could react, they had each grabbed an arm and pulled me to my feet. They spun me around and slammed me against the wall. Recessed in the walls were clamps and my arms were quickly secured at the wrist. I tried kicking my legs, but the two men were very strong and quickly secured my legs at the ankles with the same type of recessed clamps they had secured my arms with.

Mr. Cabot said, “We saved you for last, Prissy. You’ll be happy to know your companions all passed our evaluations. The one named Kate, who is now called ‘Sissy’, by the way, has quite a mouth on her. She was the only one we had to ball gag. I think breaking her and you will be the most fun.”

From behind me, Mr. Cabot said, “Oh, nice ass!” as he slapped my butt cheeks. He continued, “Nice. From your light skin and lack of any muscle tone, I can tell you’re a typical American male who suffers from naturephobia and spends all your time indoors playing games.” Sliding his hand along my butt, he said, “Being here isn’t going to be much a stretch for you, is it?”

And then without any warning, he proceeded to sexually abuse me. I’ve never experienced such pain before. Hearing Mr. Cabot laugh after my initial scream of pain, I then bit my lip. I bit so hard I could taste blood in my mouth. I wasn’t going to entertain this monster. With one final thrust, he finished his business. Despite myself, I couldn’t help but utter a cry.

Mr. Cabot laughed and said, “I love breaking cherries. Men are going to just love you, Prissy!” Turning to the other two men, Mr. Cabot said, “I can’t wait to see this one tarted up. Fuck her all you want. Just don’t damage her. Send me your notes, okay. I’m going to be late for my dinner meeting if I don’t leave now.”

As he walked out the door, Mr. Cabot slapped me on the butt again and laughed, “Have fun, Prissy!”


*          *          *


This treatment continued for a week or maybe more. I lost track of time. Between sleep and being fucked, we had unappetizing meals delivered, packaged such that we couldn’t use them to slit our own wrists or use as weapons.

About a week into what I can only call conditioning, a small dresser was brought in. It was pink with white trim and made of plastic. There we no sharp edges. It was mounted to the floor, I guess so I couldn’t throw it at anyone. And, none of the drawers could be fully removed.

The contents of the dresser was pretty simple. There were several pairs of lacy nylon panties with a matching nylon camisole.

I decided I wasn’t going to participate. I didn’t shower and there was no fucking way was I wearing lingerie.

The door slammed open, waking me up. Mr. Cabot stepped into my little room and he didn’t look happy.

He looked over his glasses at me and said, “Prissy, my dear. Why are you naked? Don’t you like the fine lingerie we have given you at our expense?” He sniffed the air and said, “And honey, you really need to shower. Some of our clients have peculiar tastes, but none that would tolerate that smell.”

Sitting on the bed, arms folded, I said, “I really don’t give a flying fuck what your clients want.”

Mr. Cabot grinned and said, “Now the little femboy wants to resist, doe she? Well, honey, we expect you to wear your nice lingerie when you’re not, um, being educated. And we expect you to shower at a minimum once per day.”

I didn’t look over at him. I said, “Fuck you.”

Smiling, Mr. Cabot said, “You make this too much fun, Prissy. The rest of the crew all thought you would have caved by now. But I stood up for you and said, ‘No. Prissy is a fighter.’ I won my bet. Thank you, Prissy. But now the fun and games must end. If you don’t earn your keep, we don’t keep you.”

“Let me go, then,” I said without emotion.

Mr. Cabot laughed. He said, “You’re funny. Try to keep that sense of humor after you start your life as a whore.”

Mr. Cabot snapped his finger and to my horror saw Chloe pushing a small cart with a tray of food on it. She was wearing a little French Maid outfit. I almost didn’t recognize her with all the make-up she was wearing. The dress was very short and her shoes were at least four inch high heels. She also smiling a rather vacant smile.

On the tray was an actual steak. Small, but a nice cut of sirloin. On the same plate were mashed potatoes and a scoop of corn. Next to the steak was a bowl of salad. It smelled wonderful! After weeks of the tasteless mush I’d been fed, my stomach immediately started growling.

Mr. Cabot’s face lit up as she rolled the cart into my room. He said, “Ah! Thank you so much, Bambi for bringing that in for Prissy. You are such a delight.”

Chloe smiled brightly at Mr. Cabot and curtsied. In a lusty voice she said, “Thank you sir. It’s always a pleasure to serve you!”

Pointing at Chloe, Mr. Cabot said, “Isn’t she adorable? Bambi was the first your little group to break and now she’s enjoying all the benefits.” Chloe, or I guess now Bambi, stood next to the cart and smiled vacantly. Mr. Cabot continued, “She now gets to leave the confines of her room. She gets real food to eat. She gets to clean tables in one of our many bars. She’s not entertaining men yet, but I’m confident she will soon. Take a good look, Prissy. This is your immediate future.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the food. I said, “You’re insane if you think I’m going to prance around dressed like that.”

Looking at Bambi with a satisfied expression, Mr. Cabot said, “Trust me. You will. This is the first step of your conditioning. All the others are almost to this point. Sissy will probably be the next to one to this point. Disappointed really. I thought she’d be more of a fighter.”

Mr. Cabot stepped over to the cart and said, “I’m sure you’re wondering why we brought this wonderful meal to your room. Well, it’s a reward. Every day you don’t force me or my associates to strap you to the wall to fuck you, you get a nice meal. Pretty easy, huh? Real food for a fuck. We’re going to fuck you anyway. You might as well get something out of it, right?”

I swallowed as my mouth had been watering so much from staring at the steak. I sighed heavily and said, “Blow it out your ass.”

Mr. Cabot shrugged and said, “Suit yourself.” He snapped his fingers again and the two other men entered the room and slammed me against the wall and secured my arms and legs. Either these guys were getting stronger, or I was getting weaker. It seemed almost every day I found it harder and harder to resist them.

One of the men dropped his pants and began to have his way with me. Mr. Cabot took a knife and cut a slice from the steak and took a bite.

Closing his eyes and smiling, Mr. Cabot said, “Oh my. That really is a good steak. Most delicious. I’ll have to compliment the chef.” He cut another piece off and held it out to Bambi. He said, “Here you are my dear. Thank you for a job well done.”

Bambi took the piece of steak and slid it slowly into her mouth. She chewed it slowly and deliberately. She moaned as if eating the piece of meat was a sexual experience.

After Mr. Cabot was finished eating and the other two men had finished violating me, he stood up and dropped his pants. “You missed a delicious meal, Prissy.” As he slid inside me, he said, “This doesn’t stop either way. But you could start living a bit better. The choice is yours.”


*          *          *


A week went by before a new cart was pushed into my room with a food tray loaded with a plate of chicken fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes and ice tea. This time, Kate or rather, Sissy, pushed the cart in. Like Bambi, she was wearing too much make-up and the ridiculously short French Maid’s outfit along with a blank smile.

Mr. Cabot pointed at the tray and said, “Just like momma used to make, eh? You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had this uniquely American entrée before. Smells delicious though, doesn’t it?”

God I was starving. I had no way to know how much, I knew I’d lost a lot of weight. Not that I had a lot to lose to begin with. I think I actually drooled looking at the tray of real food. There was a small mist of steam rising from the gravy on the steak. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

I took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Mr. Cabot. You win. You won’t have to restrain me any longer.”

Grinning, Mr. Cabot said, “Excellent! I knew you were a smart girl! After sex, you may eat. And then please, please, please, take a shower.”

One of the men dropped his pants to the floor and slid into bed with me. I spread my legs open for him. I glanced over at Sissy, and despite the fixed smile, I saw a tear run down her cheek.


*          *          *


End of Part 1

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