Embracing Justice -chp22

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 22

Federal Building Toledo, Ohio 0610 am…

David and Robbie walked into his office before the morning rush. After watching Sam, Bobby, Hunter, and Bat leave the old Capizeo family home he and Robbie headed back downtown. He knew that the warrants would be waiting for them on his desk. That was one of the things that David found he like in Robbie. She didn’t trust the other agencies to carry out her warrants. She flat out told the Court Clerk that if those warrants weren’t on David’s desk by 0530 they would be looking for a new job.

While they had waited for Sam and the others to get their gear packed up David started calling the other Marshal offices around the country. David made sure to call in every favor he had and a few he didn’t to keep these raids under the radar. All he had to do was make sure that the warrants got to the proper offices to be carried out.

With seventy five in total that was a lot, but only thirty of them were being served outside of Ohio. Of those fifteen were being brought down on the LOG Party Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. If everything goes according to plan Preston Carstairs will be in cuffs by noon. The other fifteen were in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

As David enters his office with Robbie hot on his heels Judge Beams Clerk arrives with the warrants signed and sealed. Robbie takes the warrants from the man and smiles at David. “David all is go for Operation Falcon.”

“Thank you Robbie for all your hard work. Now I need you to find some place to crash for a few hours. If I am right, you’ll be jumping all around the Midwest cutting deals or setting up court dates by this time tonight. We need you on your toes and at your best.”

“Wrong David. You want me at my bitchiest when that time comes. Believe me when the time comes for me to deal with those people I am going to be the biggest, cold hearted, meanest, man hating, dike slapping, bitch there is with a twelve inch steel strap on and no lube with the LOG Party’s name on it.”

“Have it your way Robbie, but it will take time to serve all these warrants. Go get some sleep. You can use the couch in the briefing room down the hall on the left. I’ll send someone to wake you when it’s time. Right now I have to get these warrants out to the Offices that will serve them.” taking the warrants from her and pushing her toward the fore mentioned briefing room David went to work. Within half an hour teams of Deputy Marshals were fanning out from their respective offices with one thing in mind. The arrest of every last preson named in those warrants and the total destruction of the Law Order and God Party.


The home of Preston Carstairs 0625 am……

The maid was surprised to hear the phone ringing at this time of the morning. She knew that it did not bode well for whoever dared to interrupt her master and mistress at this time of the day. Picking up the wireless receiver she placed it upon her serving try and headed for the dining room. As she approached the Master the handset rang again. She flinched at the sound of it, but knew better than to pull away from him or the Mistress. Thankfully the Master only took the handset from her tray and did not punish her for disturbing their meal.

“Carstairs.” Was all Preston said into the phone.

“Carstairs you need to get the hell out of your house in the next hour and a half. There are US Deputy Marshals on their way to serve you with an arrest warrant that covers multiple charges. This is your only warning. If I were you I wouldn’t stick around for more than two hours in this country. Disappear now. Get out of the country and don’t come back.” The phone went dead in Carstairs hand.

Carstairs dialed the home number for a loyal LOG member in the local DA office. He waited for the other end to be answered with going uneasy. When the phone was finally answered he was greeted not with a hello. “Carstairs, the Marshals are coming for you. You and the rest of the LOG leadership are hotter than hell. Get out of the country now. Don’t call me again I have my own problems.” The next thing he knew the phone again went dead in his hands.

Looking over at his wife. “Charlene we need to leave now. Go pack our bags for a long trip and make sure you have your passport.”

“Why on earth would we need to do that Preston? What is going on dear?”

“We have a problem and if the first phone call is any indication we need to leave the country fast. Now please go do as I asked dear?”

“Of course darling, are we taking Felicity or one of the other slaves with us?”

“I am afraid not dear. Oh don’t worry I’ll get you a new slave to be your maid. I am afraid that the girls will have to stay behind for now, just until I can square away their passports. Now please go get packed dear? Felicity give her a hand.”

Preston kissed his wife and watched as the two left to go pack. Once he was alone he dialed a phone number from memory. He waited for the connection to go through, but when he got the voice mail for Sandy Bullock he knew something had gone wrong in a major way. Hanging up and dialing another number he was surprised by the man who answered the phone. “US Deputy Marshal Daniel White I am sorry to inform you that Judge Joe Wopner is currently unavailable to handle your call. If you call back in forty to life he will be able to talk then. Have a pleasant day and please remember to buckle up. It’s the law.”

This time it was Preston who cut the connection. Making one more phone call he finally got one of his stooges. “Marks you better have good news for me.”

“Sir all I can tell you is that a shit ton of warrants have gone out this morning and you and your wife are already on the ‘No fly list’. Sir the way this is going down there is only one way to stop it. You have to disappear and never come back. I can tell you that the Trenton property is in the clear. Head there sir. I should be able to keep Mrs. Carstairs old home hidden long enough for you to arrange for your escape out of the country.”

“Thank you Marks. When I return I’ll make sure you are taken care of. The LOG party knows who our friends are. How long tell me and my wife can return?”

“Sir I hate to say this but I doubt you’ll be able to return. The way things are looking right now, if you get caught the only deal they’ll offer is life in solitary.”

“Shit! Well then, until we meet again, Marks. Good bye and good luck.” Preston disconnected and went to his home office. Once there he went straight to the hidden wall safe. It took him only a few seconds to open the safe. Inside was fifty thousand dollars in tight little bundles, along with four passports. Taking them out Preston placed them and the money on his desk. Reaching under his desk he pulled out his briefcase and placed it on his desk. After placing the money and passports in his briefcase Preston turned on his computer.

Opening a file that was not listed on the main menu Preston smiled. There were all the passwords and account numbers for the offshore LOG funds. Opening his web browser Preston went to the websites for the offshore banks. Entering the account number and password for the first and largest account he was shocked to find the account had only fifteen dollars in it. Quickly he started going through the other accounts. Every time he found the bare minimum in each account. To his disbelief and horror he found that he and the LOG party were broker than the average American citizen.

Closing his web browser down and grabbing his briefcase Preston headed for the bedroom and his wife. With only the measly fifty thousand dollars and no way out of the country Preston knew that time was now the only asset he had. “Charlene forget what I told you earlier. We need to travel as lightly as possible. Pack only what we need for ten days.”

“What’s going on Preston?”

“It’s all falling apart Charlene. There are US Marshal’s on their way here as we speak. If they find us we are heading straight for jail. Now please just do what I have asked. I am going down stairs to get the car out of the garage. I’ll be waiting out front.”

“I’ll be down in fifteen minutes Preston. By the way where are we going?”

“I figure we can be at the house in Trenton in eight to nine hours.”

“Why there?”

“Because I have kept everything about the Trenton house off the grid. I have everything we need there to start over hidden inside the house safe. Over four million in cash, new untraceable aliases and the keys to a private jet that will fly us out of the country.”
Reaching over and grabbing the bag she had already packed. “I have everything we need in this bag for a ten day run. Like you I have always feared this day happening. Not only do we have clothes for ten days but I also packed our personal weapons along with three spare magazines for each.”

Preston smiled and hugged his wife. Looking over at the slave Felicity. “Take good care of the house Felicity until we get back. I’ll be greatly disappoint if everything is not as it should be, when we return.” The slave just curtsied and acknowledged the order. Preston and Charlene left the room and headed for the garage. Once there Preston lead her over to the one car that was covered. Pulling back the cover Preston smiled. “There is no use in traveling by car if we can’t do it in style.”

The nineteen sixty seven Cheverly® Corvette Sting Ray had been completely restored to showroom quality. After putting the bags and his briefcase into the trunk Preston open the passenger door for Charlene to get in. once she had seated herself he closed her door and went to the driver’s side and got in. as he turned the key to start the engine the massive four hundred and twenty seven cubic inch motor roared to life. Hit the dashboard button to open the garage door Preston shifted the car into reverse.

He wasn’t too worried about the local police putting out a bolo for this car as it wasn’t registered to him. No this car belonged to William C. Fields one of the greatest entertainers of the times. Also one the name of the driver’s license that was in Preston’s current wallet. It wasn’t long before Charlene and Preston were on the nearest Interstate Highway heading east towards Trenton Ohio and the safety of their house there.


David Earp’s Office Federal Building Toledo, Ohio 0845 am ……

The phone started to ring before David had a chance to sit down after his return from the restroom. Sighing David answered the phone. “Earp here.”

“Deputy Earp this is Supervisory Deputy Tomas Horn in Alexandria, sir.”

“What can I do for you Deputy Horn?”

“It’s the other way around Deputy Earp. It seems that someone from the Toledo ADA office warned Preston Carstairs and his wife about our raid. They were both gone by the time we got there, sir. I had our techs trace all of the calls made to his residence three hours prior to our raid. I have the numbers being faxed to you now. There is one number you should look at long and hard. It belongs to a Federal First Circuit Court Judge’s clerk. To be exact, it is the one who signed off on our warrants.”

“Shit! Thank you Deputy Horn. You take care. I need to go trap a rat before it slips out of the maze.” David didn’t even wait for Horn to say good bye before hanging up the phone. Picking it back up he dialed the ADA office and Robbie’s desk. When the phone was answered he didn’t waste time. “Robbie who is the Clerk for Judge Bean?”

“Steven Marks why David?”

“The man warned Carstairs and now Carstairs is in the wind.”

“Shit!” for some reason that four letter word was fast becoming the word of the day. “Alright I’ll head over to Judge Beans office and stall him while you get a team together. Do me a favor and warn Sam that Carstairs is in the wind.”

“I’ll get right on that. I think Kristine might be able to help out in finding where Carstairs’ is heading. They can forget about using the airports as I have them both on the no fly list.” Hanging the phone up again David pulled out his cell phone and dialed Sam’s number.

“Sam, listen up Carstairs has broke and run. We don’t know where he and his wife are headed but I have a bottle of the good stuff with your name on it that says Kristine can find out where.”

“Thanks boss. I’ll get her on it the moment she is awake. After that the ball is in my court.”

“No Sam. You find out where they’re heading you call and tell me, understand?”

“Hay sure boss. I hear ya. I’ll call you once I have something for you.”

The phone goes dead in David’s hand. Looking down at the phone David got a very bad feeling in his gut. For some reason he felt that Sam wasn’t going to let this go. The more he thought about it the more he returned to who Sam really was. She had told him about the Capizeo family history one night while waiting for the trial that put away most of the Organization.

The more he thought about how that long ago case was tied to this one the more he feared that his deputy was about to go off the reservation. The truth of the matter was that he had no idea if Sam would return to her family’s way of handing out justice. The more he thought about this fact the more he thought about Sam’s latest psych-eval. For the first time in a long time, he feared for his friend and one time protectee.


Saints Jadwiga Church 0905 am……

Sam hung up her phone and looked up at the sky. She had stepped outside to the court yard to find some peace and quiet. She knew that Carstairs wasn’t going to let Kristine just walk away now that the hammers were falling. Everything the man had worked for was falling down around his ears and it was all because of Kristine. She knew that she would have to end this and end it today. She never heard the Monsignor enter the courtyard.

“Tell me child what is it that plagues you so?”

“I fear Monsignor that I will have to do something that no penance that you could give me will cover the sin.”

“And just what sin do you believe to be so great that the good lord will not forgive? Now what is it that has driven you to seek the quiet of my garden?”

“I can’t tell you that right now Monsignor. Right now I need to go wake up Kristine and give her some bad news.” Sam just walked pass the Monsignor and headed back inside. Once she was past the door the Monsignor turned and looked up at the morning sky.

“Heavenly Father look down on your wayward daughter and guide her onto the path of justice and away from the path of vengeance. Amen.” After making the sign of the cross the Monsignor sighed heavily. “I fear that you shall find what you’re looking for Samantha Justice, and in doing so shall seek out your own damnation. We shall be here when you finally seek to find peace.”
Sam shook Kristine lightly to wake her up. “Kristine, wake up girl. We’ve got work to do and I need you to find something.”

“Mmmmm… Okay Sam what time is it?”

“Just after nine, I am sorry for waking you up but I need your help.”
Kristine sat up on the cot that had been her bed for the last few hours. Sam placed a hot cup of coffee in her hands and then sat her laptop in Kristine’s lap. Looking up at Sam with questioning eyes. “Okay Sam what do you need me to find?”

“I don’t know how to say this Kristine, but Carstairs slipped away before the warrants could be served. We know he cannot fly out, and the bus and train stations are being covered by the FBI, NSA, Homeland, local PD and every other member of the alphabets. So he had to drive to wherever he and his wife are going? The problem is we don’t know where?”

“Okay I got you. You need me to dig up their hiddie hole.” Kristine dove into the web and attacked the LOG server as if it was her personal playground. Sam looked on for a few minutes before turning and leaving her alone.

Walking back outside Sam pulled out her pack of Winston cigarettes. After she lit one Sam took a deep drag before exhaling. She had a problem that had no good answer. On one hand there was the law that stated Carstairs was entitled to a fair and impartial trial of his peers. The problem was that he could use the rules to get out on bail and then escape to a non-extradition country. On the other hand she had her promise made over her dead family’s bodies.

The promise that she would make every one of those responsible for their deaths pay. Carstairs was the last person on that list. One way or another he was going to pay for his part in the deaths of her family. She lit a second cigarette off the first and started to chain smoke as she fought with her conscious over what she was thinking of doing.

Bobby’s hand appeared in front of her with a cup of coffee, “Here you’re going to need this.”

“Thanks Bobby.”

“Care to talk about it Sam?”

“In truth Bobby no I don’t. If we don’t stop that man this will never end for Kristine. He will be able to run to some non-extradition country and we’ll never get our hands on him. I know Kristine bled off the LOG party funds but who knows how much more Carstairs has hidden over the years that no one knows about around the world. He can hide out south of the boarder and rebuild his organization. Then in a few years he can come back bigger and stronger than before, with even more politicians in his pocket. He could get enough of them that he could get all the charges dropped against him.”

“So what are we going to do partner?”

“We aren’t going to do anything. The only person going after Carstairs is me and I will end the problem one way or another. If I can take him alive I will, but if I can’t then so be it. He’s a dead man.”

“Sam you’re talking about going off the reservation and not having any way back.”

“You going to report me Bobby? I told you before that this is a personal matter for me. Carstairs ordered the deaths of my family.”

“Okay partner I get you but you’re not going this alone. You go off the res I go off the res. We do this we do it right. We hit them at wherever their safe house is and arrest them when they arrive. Nice neat and clean.”

“Wrong Bobby, you need to take care of the munchkin and the others. I do this and nobody else gets involved. This way if something goes tits up you can claim ignorance on the whole afair.”

Kristine called out to Sam and Bobby from the doorway to the courtyard. “Sam I found something. I think it might be where Carstairs is headed.”

Sam crushed out her latest cigarette and turned to head inside with Bobby hot on her heels. Once they were back in the kitchen area where the cots were setup and they had spent the rest of last night. Kristine sat down at the table with Sam laptop open to the LOG server. Sam and Bobby watched as she opened the tax records for property. “It took me awhile to find it but I am pretty sure that this is where they are going. It’s a house on the northeast side of Trenton, Ohio about five miles outside of town. The house is registered to a William C. Fields. If Carstairs left at around seven this morning and he took the shortest and fastest rout he should be there around four hours from now.”

“That give me about three hours to get there and get setup for them.”

“Don’t you mean for us to get there and get setup for them?”

“No Kristine I mean me. You are staying here with Bobby to keep an eye on the DeMarco’s. This is a personal matter now, you stay out of it, got me?”

“Sure sis, I understand. I stay here with Bobby and keep the others company.”

“Thank you Kristine. Bobby I need you to give me a lift over to a storage warehouse on the other side of town.”

“Sure Sam. Let’s go. Kristine buy us some time if the DeMarco’s ask where we are. The same goes for Bat and Hunter.”
Bobby and Sam left the young girl with the priests of Saint Jadwiga and headed across town. It would be over an hour before anyone else at the church even knew that the two were gone. Only when Bobby returned alone did anyone realize that they had even left. Everyone started to ask Bobby questions about where they went. All he said was to an old warehouse down by the docks.

Maria DeMarco knew exactly where Bobby had taken Sam but had no proof. “Did the warehouse have the number five one three on the side of it?”

“Yes mama, it sure did. We pulled up on the shore end and Sam got out telling me to come back here. She said something about family blood finally being answered. Then she closed the door and went inside. That was the last I saw of her. I got out and to try the door but it had a combination lock.”

“Don’t worry Robert I know where she went, and why. I figure that we have about six maybe seven hours before we see her again. As much as it pains me there is nothing we can do to help Sam right now.”

“What do you mean mama?” Annette asked from her place next to the coffee pot. “We can still catch up to her on the seventy five.”

“No Annette, this is one time that we need to stay out of Sam’s business. She goes to slay the demon that has haunted her for twelve years. Today Stephany Capizeo shall finally get her revenge. She shall finally fulfil her promise made that night long ago over the bodies of her slain family and there is nothing that any of you or I can do to change this fact. All we can do is wait and pray that she can live with her choice.”


Interstate 75 just north of the Middletown, Ohio exit 0245 pm……

Sam eased off the accelerator and took the Middletown exit at just under the speed limit. She knew that it was going to take her another forty minutes to reach the Trenton town limits at least. Even if Carstairs had a two hour lead time on her there was no way he was going to be there head of her. She had plenty of time to get ready for their arrival. All the tools she would need were in the saddlebags on the motorcycle she was using.

What Bobby had not seen or known about was what was in the warehouse. Her family had owned that warehouse for over three generations. Her grandfather had used it during the twenty’s and thirty’s as a base for smuggling and rum running across the Lake. In the fifty’s it was the prefect cover for moving illegal goods and money laundering. Later it became a source of legal income when her father used the warehouse by turning it into self-storage units.

The real reason for the warehouse though was what was in the warehouse’s private family storage area. This was where her family kept their ‘big boy and girl’ toys, like the nineteen ninety four Ducati® Monster S2R she was riding. The last time she had seen her S2R was right after she and her father had finished restoring it. Her father was a fanatic when it came to Ducati® and their motorcycles. The time they spent restoring the S2R was the only real father/ son time they had together. Most of the time her father was too busy for her or her sisters. That was one of the reasons she had been so close to her sisters and mother. It was their love that had kept Sam from becoming the street thug she was headed for in her younger years.

As she drove through Middletown Ohio she was saddened to see the once great Armco Steel mill shuttered and closed down. At one time the mill was the biggest employer in the area. Now it was just a shell holding the ghost of a long ago past. She stopped at the light for the loading yard for the trucks that used to carry finished rolls of steel to customers all across the nation. Some of those rolls had even passed through the port area of Toledo at one time. Sam remembered seeing trucks carrying those rolls along the highways of Ohio. It used to be a game for her and her sisters to guess where they were going.

When the light turned green Sam gunned the motorcycles engine and took off. Leaving the ghost of a dead steel mill and her past in her review mirror. In two hours one way or another her private quest for justice or revenge would come to an end. Sam would either arrest the Carstairs’ and see justice or Stephany would end their lives gaining her vengeance.

Thirty minutes later she was pulling up to the house that belonged to Carstairs on the outskirts of Trenton, Ohio. It didn’t standout and was not overly audacious. Two stories tall, Tudor style, yellow with white trim and a two car garage, large backyard, and generous front yard. The lot the house sat on was at least a good half acre. The fact that the house didn’t have a fence or gate allowed her to pull her motor round to the far side of the house where no one would see it. Once there she shut down the engine and grabbed her tools from the saddle bags.

Walking around to the backside of the house Sam found what she was looking for, a first floor window hidden by the plant life. Taking out the slim jim she had taken from the warehouse she popped the lock on the window. Sliding it open with ease and listening for any alarm Sam was smiling. When she didn’t hear anything Sam opened the window all the way. Taking her time Sam entered through the window making sure she left no prints.

Sam took her time and searched the house. When she found the eight by four safe in the home office Sam know why Carstairs was coming here. Digging out the tools she would need Sam set to work breaking into the safe. When she finally had it open Sam was shocked by what she found there. Oh the top shelf there were keys for every type of vehicle known to man. Boats, cars, motorcycles, even RV’s were in there. Across the bottom of the safe was a two high, two deep, stacks of gold bars on the shelf just up from them there was over eight million dollars in cash inside the safe.

Those weren’t the only treasures in the safe. On the second shelf down from the top was bundles of US bearer bonds. Sam pulled one of the bundles out and did a quick count. When she came up with five hundred thousand Sam counted the number of bundles on the shelf. Once she had the total number of bundles she did the math for how much was there. Sam did the math three times in her head and twice on her phones calculator. There in front of her was over one hundred and thirty four million dollars. All of it in ten thousand dollar notes.

Closing the safe door and relocking it Sam went to see what else she could find. When she found the ‘play room’ Sam made her mind up between justice and vengeance. The girl couldn’t have been more than fourteen when the Carstairs had their fun with her. Using the keys she found on a wall peg Sam unlocked the padlocks that held the chains in place.

Taking the girl’s body down Sam placed it on the floor over on the far side of the room. Sam was no forensic genius but even she knew that it took time for a human body to mummify. The only reason for this mummy to be here was as a trophy. A trophy to their sick sexual desires and to scare whoever the Carstairs’ brought down here.

Looking down at her watch to check the time Sam saw that she was almost out of time. If Kristine had been right about her estimation then the Carstairs would be here in just over an hour. Sam went back upstairs to the home office and started getting her gear ready for her guests.


Route 73 outside of Trenton, Ohio 0430 pm……

Preston and Charlene Carstairs were in grand moods. In the last eight and half hours they had evaded not only the US Marshals but every law enforcement agency in the US. They truly felt that they were smarter than the law. It was only Charlene’s worry over money that had put a damper on their little trip. That was until Preston reminded her of the house safe.

“Do not worry my dear. There is more than enough founds in the house safe to rebuild our empire. I have already contacted our friends in South America. They have assured me that we need not worry about the local authorities. As for getting the contents of the safe down there all we have to do is load the F three fifty Ford dually and drive to Cleveland. Once there we load everything a board our yacht and a short journey up the St. Laurence then down the eastern seaboard then a short hop across the Gulf of Mexico then straight on to Bolivia.”

“Oh that sounds lovely. White sandy beaches, tropical drinks, and all the little boys we could ever want or own. Do you think that for our next slave we can get an oriental?”

“Why on earth would you want an oriental dear?”

“Oh I just thought we could use a little variety is all. I mean we haven’t broken one of those yet.”

“If that’s what you want dear that is what you shall have. Look dear there is our turn. In a few minutes we’ll have a nice place to get something to eat and stay the night. It well feel so good to get out of the car and stretch my legs.”

A few minutes later the corvette pulled into the driveway of the Carstairs home in Trenton Ohio. Both Preston and Charlene climbed out and stretched their legs before getting the bags out of the trunk and heading inside. Charlene headed inside first while Preston carried their bags from the car. Charlene had just turned off the house ATD system when Preston entered the house and closed the door. “Well my dear we’re nice and ……” Preston never finished his sentence before he and Charlene were hit by the probes. Both fell to the floor as a few hundred volts passed through their bodies. The last thing that Preston saw before blacking out was the outline of a strange female dressed in black.


The basement of the Carstairs house three hours later……

Preston awoke to the mewing sounds of someone struggling to get out of a set of restraints. Blinking his eyes against the harsh light Preston strained to look around. The more he tried to move his head or any part of his body he found that he had been so thoroughly bound the only part he could move was his eyes. What he saw there in front of him scared him to the point of pissing himself. The pain in his jaw let him know that there was a gag in his mouth. There was going to be no screaming for help.
Stretched out on the St Andrews cross and naked was Charlene. Between the two of them stood a young woman dressed in black jeans, and blouse. She looked like a teenage college student. She was maybe five foot two inches tall and hundred and five pounds, had a youthful appearance thanks to what had to be a Macedonia heritage. Light olive toned skin, drake brown eyes, and jet black hair that she wore in a pony tail that reached the middle of her back. For some reason Preston thought he should know this girl.

“Oh I see that you’re finally awake Preston. I was beginning to think that the Taser hit you a little too hard. I know that you’re wondering what is going on. That you want answers as to why you and your lovely wife are trust up like a pair of turkeys? Well you know what you’re just going to have to wonder. I have my reason for what I have done to you and what I will do to you, but I’ll get to those reasons shortly. I will tell you this much, if you had just let the deputies arrest you like a half way decent criminal you wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Reaching over and taking down a cat of nine tails Sam smiled as she tested the weight of it. Taking a few practice swings Sam got the feel of the whip. Turning to Charlene Sam drew back her arm and delivered the first of twenty strokes to her flesh. Preston screamed into the gag trying to get this strange woman to stop beating his wife. There was no foreplay or sexual connotations in this whipping. When Sam finished delivering the twenty to Charlene she turned to Preston. “Your turn, lover boy.”

Once again Sam delivered the strokes as if it was only business. There was nothing in this woman’s strikes to show she might be into the S and M life style. Once the beating ended Preston was suffering in a pain he had never felt. That pain was about to be added to. Sam took a container of salt from the table and pored it over Charlene’s wounds. She screamed into her gag, her eyes bulged in pain, as the salt was slowly rubbed into the wounds on her chest and thighs. After a few minutes of this Sam turned and pored the salt into Preston’s wounds. Once again Sam treated Preston the same way she did Charlene.

“I believe that shared pain is the best, don’t you Preston?” Sam had what could only be call the eyes of a crazed lunatic. With a determination that belied her youthful appearance Sam took two extremely large dildos from the toy wall. Walking around behind Charlene Sam took the two foot long sex toy and shoved it into her rectum none too gently. Once again Charlene screamed into her gag. Smiling Sam walked around to the backside of Preston who was doing his best to get the mad woman’s attention.
Sam didn’t even pay him any attention. Stepping up behind him Sam smiled. “I want you to think about all the lives you ruined as you experience the rape of your own soul.” Then with a stead and unyielding push Sam rammed the second sex toy inside of Preston. Like Charlene, Preston screamed into his gag as well. Before he realized what happening to him Preston was starting to
blackout again from both the pain and lack of air.


Sam just looked at the two wanted felons hanging there in their bonds. Both Charlene and Preston had passed out from the pain and humiliation that they had forced on others. Sam would have been disgusted with herself if it had not been for one thing. After she had dragged the two of them into their dungeon and trussed them up on the two crosses Sam went out to their car. After a quick search she found Charlene’s diary in their bags.

What Sam read in that diary filled her with a sickness that she had never felt before. It took her fifteen minutes to finish throwing up in the downstairs bathroom and another ten minutes to wash the taste out of her mouth. She had originally planned to just leave the two of them for the local police to find but now that was no longer the plan. These people had left that young girl tied up to die where Sam had found her. They had done that over three years ago. So it was a good bet that no one came out here on a regular basis.

She left the Carstairs couple tied to the crosses with the sex toys buried deep in their rectums. Going out the garage she found the F 350 pickup waiting to be used. For the next two hours Sam transferred the contents of the safe to the bed of the big truck. By the time she was done there were forty bars of solid gold, two duffel bags full of cash, and one duffle bag filled with bearer bonds. In the bed of the truck was a fortune fit for any king, and greater than some national budgets of some third world countries.
Going back to the dungeon Sam found that both Charlene and Preston were awake. “Well it has been fun folks, but I need to be going now. I know that the two of you are thinking that someone will find you. But we all know that isn’t going to happen. So I’ll give you both a choice.” Sam pulled the nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol that belong to Preston out her waist band. “I can shoot you now and put you out of your misery or I can just leave you hanging. The choice is yours. How do you want to die? You have twenty seconds to decide.”

As much as Preston and Charlene grunted into their gags to be shot Sam could not make out what they were saying. Smiling Sam just looked at them both. “Okay times up. Seeing as how neither of you can decide I’ll decide for you.” Taking out a quarter Sam flipped it. “Heads I shoot you tails I leave you hanging.” Catching it in the air and placing it on her wrist. “Heads. Looks like I get to shoot Charlene.” With that Sam pulled the trigger and ended Charlene’s life. Taking the coin and flipping it again Sam just watched as Preston’s eyes rolled back in his head as he sagged in his restraints. Walking over and feeling for a heartbeat she didn’t find one.

Sam took the next half hour moving the two back into the main part of the house. After she had placed them in the Livingroom chairs Sam took Preston’s gun and placed it in his hand. After moving it next to his temple she used his finger to pull the trigger. The bullet tore through the dead man’s head and splattered the wall with his blood and brains. Sam took her time but when she was ready she started the timer.

Going out to the dually she had pulled out of the garage Sam climbed behind the wheel and started the engine. There was nothing she could do for the dead and mummified girl now, but she could make sure that no one else would ever suffer at the hands of the Carstairs again. As Sam was pulling onto rout seventy three the timer wound down to zero.

In the laundry room the twenty year old drier caught fire. The small incendiary device Sam had placed in the lent catcher would burn away to nothing. By the time the local fire department arrived the house would be fully involved. By the time they found the bodies they would believe that it was a double homicide suicide with arson set to cover it up. With all the water poured onto the fire to put it out and the fire itself any evidence pointing elsewhere was destroyed.

It would take the coroner four days to identify the three bodies that were found in the ruins of the fire. When they found out the identities of the corpses it was the biggest news story to break in the Midwest since the great flood of nineteen thirteen. The news that Preston Carstairs and his wife had killed themselves and a young girl name Tammy Wise, who had been missing for three years would keep the news hounds speculating for months.


Saint Jadwiga Church 0825 pm ……

Bobby had been pacing for the last seven hours waiting to hear from Sam. David had called about four thirty to let them know that their transport had been arranged and they needed to be at Wright Paterson Air Force Base by one am or their flight would leave without them. As Bobby was making his untold number of trips across the garden his phone rang with Sam ring tone.

“Where the hell are you?”

“Hello to you to Bobby. And how are you this evening?”

“Okay fine. I am sorry I snapped at you Sam. Now will you please tell me where you are? I been trying to get ahold of you for the past six hours.”

“I am just passing through Middletown and headed for I seventy five. I should be back in Toledo in about three hours.”

“Forget that partner. Head for the Air Force Museum at Wright Paterson Air Force Base and wait for us in the south parking lot.”

“Alright partner. Will do but you should know that if you leave in the next twenty minutes you’ll beat me there by a good ten minutes.”

“Sounds good Sam we’ll see you there. And Sam try not to get into any trouble.”

“Why Bobby it sounds like you care or something.”

“I do Sam. And Sam.”

“Yes Bobby.”

“I love you.” Before Sam could reply Bobby cut the connection.

------------- To be continued -----------

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