Embracing Justice -chp20

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“Yes she is a most intriguing woman in all regards.”

Chapter 20

07:35 pm on the way to Sam’s old home…….

David Earp and Roberta Ironsides were having an enjoyable drive out to the safe house. Their conversation was about everything but work. David was surprised that the young woman next to him was very knowledgeable about music from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Soon though they would have to get down to the business at hand. They were ten minutes from the safe house before David decided to brief Roberta.

“Look Bobby there are a few things you need to know.”

“Okay I know that tone. What’s wrong David?”

“The house we are going to is not your normal safe house for starters. It is the former home of one of the biggest mobsters at one time in the Great Lakes reign. He was killed over twelve years ago and the house went into the protection of a local church. The only reason we are able to use it, is because one of the deputies that is guarding your witness is the legal owner of that house. The next thing you need to know is that deputy was once in the Wet-Sac program. Whatever you do or say in that house remember that if it wasn’t for that deputy and her partner we wouldn’t have our witness. That witness would be in the hands of Home Land and we would be shut out of any investigation. That or she would be dead. That is another thing you need to know but only because of the witnesses mind set. Our witness is transgender and it has been confirmed by not one but four doctors. I don’t care what your personal ideas are on the matter, but if you even so much as hint at having a problem with this I will have your ass bounce for this case so fast your head won’t stop spinning for a month. Also if what I was sent earlier is true we may have another three witnesses.”

“What do you mean another three witnesses?”

“Just what I said. I don’t know the whole story only that there will be three more witnesses for you to interview this evening. It seems that one of my deputies found some people that are from Toledo who are willing to stand up to the LOG. From what I was told they have been collecting evidence against the LOG and on their activates here in the area and all across the nation for the past ten years. If what I think has happened you better be prepared to make one hell of a deal. If you’re not able to do that let me know now.”

“David, if these new witnesses can give me even one more piece of ammo against the LOG I’ll set them up with a two hundred room hotel in the Bahama’s. You don’t know how bad I want those people. I have seen what they do. How they destroy lives just to get one more elected puppet into office. Believe me when I say that taking down the LOG is my number one priority in life right now.” the conviction in Roberta’s voice was all David needed to hear.

As they turned on to the street that Sam’s house was on Roberta recognized where they were. “Damn I would never have thought to see a safe house in this neighborhood. Just who the hells house are we going to?”

“OH you might have heard of him, Marko J. Capizeo.” The smile on David’s face let Roberta know he wasn’t joking about whose home it was.

“Holy shit! That case is legendary around here. If I remember correctly it was his son who took down the Organization in an act of revenge for the death of his family. Only if I remember right he was killed on the State Courthouse steps by a snipers bullet?”

“Oh Joey Capizeo did die that day, but Samantha Justice was born.”

“Wait you mean to tell me that Joey Capizeo is still alive?”

“No Joey Capizeo is dead and has been for almost thirteen years now.”

“Okay there is something going on here that I am missing isn’t there?”

“In more ways than one Roberta. Now do me a favor and forget what you just heard.”

“I didn’t hear anything. As far as I am concerned this house is seized property being used by the US Marshal Service in an ongoing investigation.”

David just smiled and pulled up to the gate of Sam’s childhood home. Rolling down his window David reached out and hit the call button. No sooner had he pulled his arm back in the gate started to open up. “Looks like they were expecting us?”

David slowly pulled through the gate and up the driveway to the front of the house. As he was parking his car he was surprised to see Bat stepping out the front door to greet them carrying a police riot shotgun. If he was walking around carrying that he knew there was trouble brewing. “Hay Bat what’s up with the scatter gun?” David was trying to sound relaxed.

“Oh you know me. Never leave home without an equalizer. So who is the skirt?”

“Bat I would like for you to meet ADA Roberta Ironsides. Bobby this lug head is Wayne Masterson, or Bat to his friends.”

Bobby held out her hand for Bat to shake it. “The pleasure is all mine deputy. I must say that your reputation precedes you.”

“As does yours, Miss. Ironsides. Now if you all don’t mind I suggest we carry on any more conversation in the house. We don’t have a lot of neighbors but the few we do have, have yet to be vetted. Not that I am worried about them, for some reason I highly doubt that the little old lady across the street with the ten cats is a major crime boss.”

All three of them laughed at the thought of some crazy old cat woman being an organized criminal. The only problem with this is the fact that in this neighborhood she just might be the current head of the Syndicate Mob. As they enter the living room of the house David was a little surprised by the number and types of weapons that were present. Doing a fast count he found five high powered sniper rifles, six M4 assault rifles, four 12 gage shotguns, twelve semi-automatic pistols, two 9 millimeter submachine guns, and four large bore revolvers. To say that there was an armory laid out on the coffee table would be an understatement.

“Damn what are you guys doing? You have enough firepower here to outfit the military of a third world nation. And when did the Service authorize the use of Tech Nine submachine guns?”

“Um boss those belong to our guest.” Getting up off the couch Bobby held out his hand. “Hi there I’m Bobby Everbrite. The walking man mountain over there is Hunter Taugh.”

Roberta looked over at Bobby for a minute before saying. “Okay this is going to be a little confusing if I go by my usual nick name, but here goes. Gentlemen I’m your new ADA Roberta Ironsides or Bobby to my friends.”

Bobby was the first one to get the joke and laughed. “Okay to keep everyone from getting confused we’ll call you Robbie. Sorry but I was here first Roberta.”

“No problem Bobby, back when I was a teenager my father always called me Robbie. Now may I meet these witnesses you all are hiding?” Bobby could tell that these men took their job very seriously; just by the way they were all armed.

Bobby went over to the in house intercom and hit the call button for the down stairs. He waited a few seconds before hearing someone on the other end. “Yes?”

“Miss Maria, would you let Sam and Kristine know that David is here with the ADA?”

“We’ll be right up Robert.” Bobby just smiled at the use of his full name by Maria DeMarco.

“Um… Bobby was that Maria DeMarco I just heard?” David asked with some worry in his voice.

“Who is Maria DeMarco?” Roberta asked of David.

“Someone from Sam’s past and connected to the Capizeo case as well.” Was the only answer David gave. Everyone in the room could tell he wasn’t looking forward to the reunion between him and the DeMarco family for some reason.

His fears were well founded as when the women came up from downstairs the first person that Maria DeMarco saw was David Earp. It was as if
the very air between the two froze in an instant and the temperature of the room fell by ten degrees.

“Hello Maria.”

“Deputy Earp.”

“How have you been, Maria?”

“So, so, David. I see that you were promoted since we last talked.”

“Happened about six years ago Maria. I am sorry to hear about your husband.”

“Thank you, David. Now I believe you and the young lady are here on business. As time is short I believe we should get to it. Don’t you?” everyone could tell that there was something between the two but no one wanted to be the one to bring it up. So Roberta stepped forward and introduced herself to the new comers.

“It is a pleasure to meet you ladies. I’m ADA Roberta Ironsides. I take it that one of these two young ladies is my witness?”

“That would be me ma’am. Kristine Justice at your service. I take it you’re here to get my witness statement?”

“That is correct young lady. That and to find out what the DeMarco’s have to say as well.” Setting down with Kristine at the kitchen table Roberta opened her brief case and pulled out a tape recorder. After checking the batteries and putting in a fresh tape she began her interview with Kristine. Meanwhile the others all moved into the living room proper. At first the tension between the DeMarco women and David was thick enough to cut with a knife. Finally it was Sam who said anything. “Look mama Maria I know you blame David for the death of……”

“That is where you’re wrong Samantha. I know that my husband death was not David’s fault. What I am pissed about is the fact that he did not keep his word. I do not trust him.”

“Mrs. DeMarco please understand I had no idea of what Donald Mallard was going to do. If I had known he was going to back out of the deal he made with your husband I would have done everything in my power to see that the man was put behind bars.” This was the first time that Sam had heard of a deal with the DeMarco family. “I don’t care what ADA Ironsides offers you I will make sure that you, your daughter, and I suppose this is your granddaughter the new start you were promised all those years ago. Even if I have to go off book to get it done.”

“Very well then David I will give you a second chance. Remember though that I am giving you this chance is because of what you did for Samantha.” Getting up from her chair she walked over to the box that was delivered to the house earlier by Anna. “In this box are the hard copy files of over two hundred assassinations ordered by the LOG party chairman Preston Carstairs. Also you will find an accounting book with the receipts for half of their illegal dealings. There more than enough hard copy files covering the illegal activities of the LOG party chairman and his inner circle to get even the most hardened supporter to turn away.”

David sat there looking at all the evidence that Maria DeMarco just handed him. This was the Holy Grail in law enforcement when it came to taking on corrupt organizations, a paper trail. An honest to god real hard copy paper trail. “Mrs. DeMarco I have to ask how you came by this information. Please understand this is a matter of policy.”

“I know exactly what you’re asking Deputy Earp and I highly doubt you want to know the whole answer to that question. Suffice it to say I and my daughter have not been idle in our pursuit of revenge for the death of my husband and Samantha’s family.”

“In other words you got this information the old fashioned way. Through hard work and diligent investigation.” Everyone in the room knew what David was really saying. The DeMarco’s either stole or killed for the information in those files. No one was going to say one word about how that evidence came into their position, just that a CI came to them with it. “I hope you realize that after this you and your family are going to need to disappear?”

“Yes David we fully realize that fact. In truth that is exactly what Annette and I were hoping for. She and I wish to retire from the game as it has become cluttered with amateurs. People who have no code to follow, and are only in the business for the money.”

Before either David or the others could say another word Kristine and Roberta stepped in to the room. “Excuse me Sam but can I use either yours or Bobby’s laptops?” everyone was looking at Kristine when she asked this. “It seems that Robbie doesn’t think I can do what I have said and has asked for a demonstration of my skills.”

“Sure kiddo you can use mine. Just stay out of my web browser.” Bobby told her only to get a laugh out of everyone. Now Kristine just couldn’t let this go without getting in a zinger of her own.

“What you don’t want your boss to know what porn sites you visit?” this got a laugh from everyone as Bobby turned a very interesting shade of red. “Oh man now I just got to go digging.” Kristine’s statement really got the laughing going.

“Will you quit that short round? I’m embarrassed enough as is.” Bobby handed over his laptop to Kristine with a smile on his face. Over the past few days he had come to really care for the young girl. He knew that when this case was over that he and Sam would most likely be assigned as her handlers and guardians till she was old enough to be on her own.

Kristine sat down at the coffee table and opened the laptop. Once the computer was up and running she went to the command/run line. Within minutes she was surfing the web as if she was born in cyberspace. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as if they had a mind of their own. Soon the website for the Law Order and God Party opened on the screen. Within seconds of opening the website Kristine was into the secured files. Everything happened so fast that Roberta Ironsides was shocked to her core.

Her bosses were right to fear this young girl if she could hack in this easily to one of the most secure servers on line at this time. If she could do this with an issued government laptop what could she do with a mainframe computer and server behind her? She may work for the Federal Prosecutors office but she has also worked for certain Government agencies on the side. She needed to make sure that this child never walked as a Free Person. She would need to figure out some way for this girl to have constant supervision for the rest of her life or went to work for the US Intelligence agencies. All that changes though when Sam pointed to a file on the screen.

"Kristine. What's this," Sam asked pointing at a document sub file.

Kristine pulled it up and explained, "LOG was trying to find out about some agency. The Office of Immediate Covert Action. Weird though. It was like they were afraid of that agency. Really afraid."

Sam shrugged, "Maybe because they knew they couldn't get into them."

"I don't know. It’s like the agency doesn't exist anymore. It was created in the late seventies and then dropped off the government grid. There's only seven notations. Four direct actions and three projects but no dates on them. Project Resurrection, Project Chrysalis and Project Odysseus. The person that tried to find out went missing. Two years ago," Kristine said.

"Direct Actions," Bobby asked, "does that mean what I think it means?"

Bat nodded, "Sanctioned assassinations. I look at government budgets all the time and I've never heard of that outfit. If they're as off-the-books as you're saying they are then LOG was right to leave them very much alone. So should we. Kristine, I think you should delete that file. Completely."

"Ok," Kristine replied and started to delete the file.

Bat patted her shoulder, "Trust me on this. In the food chain there are always apex predators. If that bunch is still around, we don't want to get their attention."

“Yah, if they are what I think they are we need to stay well the fuck away from them.” Bobby grunted. Hunter who was also a vet nodded his agreement then added his two cents.

“Look I met a few of those Black Ops people when I was in and if that Office of Immediate Covert Action is as far off the books as they appear to be, they’re still in operation. Believe me folks we want nothing to do with those people. Those types can get little fish like us dead in a hurry. I don’t know about you all but I want to grow old and collect my hard earned retirement. Not wind up in some unmarked grave.”
"Onyssius? What's that," David Earp asked.

Hunter sighed, "Onyssius; the Greek god of retribution. Payback, vengeance. The government names its super computers after gods. For an agency to name theirs after that one is a sure sign they aren't to be messed with."

"So they're bad news in a major way," Sam speculated.

Bat was the one to answer, "Direct Action. Lethal Findings. In short; sanctioned assassinations. They're known to carry them out the file says. These people are killers on a whole different level. They're called liquidation specialists. Maria, I know you and Annette are very good at what you do, but super dark agency assets put the fear of God in me. This says 'stay the fuck away'. I suggest we do that. We won't get a second chance. Delete that file Kristine."

"You're really afraid of these guys," Kristine asked.

Hunter nodded, "That agency has probably overthrown unfriendly third-world governments with just two or three assets. They're the kind of agency that has only one rule: don't get caught. They'd steal a Chinese nuke and set it off in Bolivia to take out a drug cartel if they have to. So yeah, delete that file."

Unlike the rest in the room Roberta Ironsides knew who and what the O.I.C.A. was. She also knew that the DeMarco woman and Deputy Justice had a close family friend in that very dark and off the books agency. On more than one case people that were involved with them just disappear when it came to the O.I.A.C. and she didn’t want to become their next target. With this thought in her mind Roberta decided that her bosses didn’t need to ever find out about Kristine Justice and her skills as a computer hacker.

However she just couldn’t let this girl go without there being someone to watch over her to keep her out of trouble. So no matter what else happened this girl was going into the Wit-Sac program right along with Samantha Justice, Bobby Everbrite, and the DeMarco women. Roberta knew that she had to make sure of this and she was just the person to get it done. One way or another those six people would all have new identities after LOG went down and damn her what her bosses would want. She knew without a doubt that the O.I.A.C. could make her disappear into the night, never to be found.

“Kristine are there anymore files on this server that you haven’t copied yet?”

“Oh man are there Robbie. I only had maybe three quarters of the files copied before I had to bail out the last time I was here.”

“Can you get the rest of them for me now?” as much as Roberta tried she just couldn’t keep the excitement out of her voice. Yes she knew that this information could be thrown out of the grounds of illegal search and seizure but it was not a law enforcement agency that was doing the hacking. In fact she could argue that this information was part of the original copies.

The smile on Kristine’s face told her all she needed to know. Soon the young girl was typing away and the remaining files were being copied on to a flash drive. “Thank you Kristine now if the defense attorneys ask when you gained this information I need you to tell them that it was part of the original download. Can you do that for me?” Kristine just giggled at Roberta and typed a few commands into the laptop. “Okay what did you just do?”

“Oh I just unleashed a very nasty virus into that server I had planted the last time I was here. Once everything is downloaded and I log out that virus is going to play marry hell with the system. In short when I log out that sever is going to become about two tons of paper weight.”

The only person in the room to get what Kristine just said was Kasey. “Holy shit you just cut lose a hunter killer on a secure server?! Are you out of your mind? If that server can’t fight back it could very well blow sky freaking high. Even if it can fight back it’ll fry every circuit and relay it has wiping out the memory and hard drive.”

“Yup I sure did. I want to hurt these people in any way that I can. They had my mama killed so they could put their whore in my father’s bed legally. I can’t shoot them but I can rain down electronic fire and brimstone. If I knew where they had their money I would steal every last penny but what they would need to keep the accounts open.” The fire in Kristine’s eyes let everyone know exactly how she felt. Sam just placed her hand on Kristine’s shoulder. They all knew just how much she wanted to help the young girl, but no one knew how to give her what she needed.
Neither David nor Roberta were shocked at the anger of this child, but it was the willingness of the four deputies to help her commit a crime of this nature. Bobby, Sam, Hunter, and Bat would have given just about anything to get Kristine the information she needed to go after the LOG funds. However it was not the deputies or the ADA that would give Kristine the key to her revenge. Annette went over to the box containing the hard copy files that she had either stole or killed for over the last six years. In each case she always made sure that there was nothing to be found afterward. Annette had become an expert in arson, evidence removal, and counter forensics tactics. After opening the box she pulled out an old fashioned accounting ledger, one that was a good two inches thick.

Looking over at her mother Annette handed the ledger to Kristine. When Maria nodded her head Annette just smiled. “I do believe that the information you want is in here Kristine. However I doubt that you’ll be able to get in to these bank computers or that you would want too. Even if you can crack their security to find their money you’ll need the passwords to make any transfer of any kind. Trust me those banks are harder to get money out of than Fort Knox.”

“Now wait just one minute here people. There is no way I can allow this to happen. We are seriously not thinking about letting Kristine hack a finical institution across international boards are we?” Roberta couldn’t believe what these people were thinking of doing.

“I don’t know about the rest of them here Counselor, but I for one will not stand in her way if she wants to fuck with the LOG.” There was no mistaking the look on Sam’s face. It was there for everyone to see. Sam knew that this was a way for Kristine to get some closure and revenge against the LOG over the death of her mother.

Bobby could tell that this meant a great deal to Sam and Kristine. “Frankly Robbie, if short round here can slam the LOG then I am all for it. So, yah, I am not going to stand in her way.”

Hunter was not going to be out done by either of the junior deputies. “For me it is just using an asset that can hurt the criminals in a way we can’t. So I vote she goes for it.

“You do not want to know my answer Robbie. Those people killed my sister in law and Kristine’s mother. A woman I greatly admired and respected. If Kristine can yank away their money and leave them broke I am turning a blind eye. In my book it is justice on a personal scale. The kind that those of us in the field too often wish for but never get.” Robbie was even more amazed by Bat’s statement than the other deputies.

“Robbie I think you and I need to go take the disposition for the DeMarco’s. If you ladies will please join us at the kitchen table?” Robbie could not believe what she was hearing from David. The man was just going to turn his back as his deputies and a witness broke more laws than she wanted to count. Then again she herself was breaking the law by not reporting Kristine to her bosses in the intelligence community, so who was right and who was wrong here?

As the DeMarco women filed past her Robbie came to the realization that if she didn’t see Kristine hack the banks where the LOG party hid its money then she isn’t condoning it. In fact as far as she was concerned the crime never happened. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor and may be allowing her witness to get a little payback before the trials Robbie headed into the kitchen with David.

Once they were all in the kitchen Sam smiled down at Kristine. “Okay kiddo. You know what to do and how to do it. I figure you have maybe four minutes before they’re on to you. Do you think you can do it?”

“Not only can I do it Sam but I’ll be more than happy too. I know where these banks are and whose money they hid. If they were legitimate banks then they would go out of business. However I am going to need some help and I know just the people to get it from. I just don’t think you’re going to like who it is.”

“Why’s that kiddo?”

“Um… half of them are wanted by the FBI and a few others for cybercrimes.”

It was Hunter that caught on first. “Let me guess. The people you’re talking about are all members of ‘Anonymous or Everybody’ aren’t they?”
The giggle that escaped Kristine answered his question and the one that was on everyone else’s mind. They just stepped back and let Kristine go to work on the laptop. She was at it for about twenty minutes before Sam thought about something that could blow this whole thing up in their faces. “Um… Kristine is there any way for those banks and their governments to trace that computer back to us?”

“Oh sure they could do it any time. Only I already figured they would try that. So when they start their back hack they’re going to find a cyber café in east Attest Abba. By the time they figure that out I’ll be long gone and the LOGs money will have just disappeared into the net. I figure that if I setup a continuous transfer of the money from one bank to the next at random intervals it will take a forensics accountant and computer genius twenty to twenty five years to find it.”

“GOOD GOD! Kristine you said you were good but you didn’t say just how good. Please tell me that if you need to you can find that money once you start all this in motion?” Bat couldn’t believe what his niece was proposing.

“Don’t worry uncle Bat. When the time comes that money will be where it needs to be for the trial. Just the LOG won’t be able to use it for their defense before that time comes around. It’ll take the banks at least six months to figure out who the money belongs to.”

Bat just stood there looking at his niece. The fact that she was about to tear a great big chunk out of the LOG Party’s ass and not be caught at it was terrifying. He knew she was a ‘black hat’ in the hacker community, but this was way beyond anything he could have imagined. When Sam had told him and the others that Kristine was so good that the Marshal’s needed to either put her behind bars or higher her, Bat thought that Sam was joking. Now he knew that Sam wasn’t even close to telling the whole story.


09:45 pm Grant Park on the backside of Sam’s old home……

Three SUV’s that drove to the far side of the Grant Park to where the parks baseball fields were didn’t draw the attention of the parks patrons. The fact that the three cars held nothing but grown men was nothing new. They were used to seeing whole teams arriving in such a manner for a baseball game. Once over at the baseball diamonds the three teams climbed out and began to unload the four duffle bags in each of the SUV’s.
At this time of the night there weren’t too many people around to see Sandy Bullocks teams getting ready to attack the safe house. The twelve men were meticulous in their preparation for going into combat. Each man checked then recheck their gear. They knew that this was not their normal operation, but they were going to handle it like the pros they were. As one they headed into the woods behind the baseball diamonds. Without the overhead lights to light up the fields no one would see them fade into the woods. If anyone did see them they would swear that it was as if the men were ghosts or figments of their imagination.

Once inside the woods the three teams split up into their individual components. Team Bravo led by Top Holloway was the ones to take the lead for the other two teams. Teams Charlie and Delta followed until they reached the backside of the safe house property. Where they found a problem that was not on the county planning commission maps. For whatever reason those maps didn’t include the ten foot tall rock wall that surrounded the property. “Shit Top what are we supposed to do now?”

“Quiet Hecks. This isn’t the first time that our Intel has been out of date. We just go over the top in a standard two one formation. Bravo and Delta go first while Charlie covers our movement. Now let’s get a move on. I figure we have maybe ten minutes before the Major hits the front door with or without us.”

The three teams quickly moved to carry out Holloway’s orders. It took the three teams five minutes to get over the fence and into the back yard of the safe house.

Meanwhile at the front of the house Sandy and his team were having their own problems. Like the other three teams he found something he wasn’t expecting. Everything was going fine until they came to the end of the street and found a cul de sac with only one driveway there. On each side of the driveway was a four foot concrete wall with wrought iron fencing on top taking the wall to the height of eight feet. Unlike the two and three story Tudor and Victorian homes that were everywhere else, this one looked more like a miniature Fort Knox. The gates across the driveway only reinforced this idea. Taking out his field glasses he took a long hard look at the gate and walls. What he saw didn’t fill him with a warm fuzzy feeling.

“Damn it this throws a wrench in the works. There’s no way we can get into position in time by going over the fence. Give me the hand mike, Sanchez.” As the man behind him hand Sandy the hand mike for the team radio Sandy was going over how he was going to change the assault plan. He only hoped that Top Holloway and the other two teams weren’t having the same troubles he was. “Bravo lead, this is Alpha lead, over.”

“Go ahead Alpha lead.”

“Change in plans Bravo. We have a slight problem at primary entry. Over.”

“Copy that Alpha lead. We seem to be having the same problems. It seems our Intel is out of date. We are currently five minutes behind at this time. Over.”

“Copy that Bravo. I’ll add five to a time table before causing a diversion. You, Charlie, and Delta going to have to be the main attack force. We’ll draw their attention while you take them from behind. How copy over?”

“Good copy Alpha lead. You’re the anvil we’re the hammer. Give us ten to get into position. Out”

Sandy just smiled to himself. Not for the first time was he glad to have these men on his teams. At the last moment they were able to change their attack plans on a moment’s notice and come up with a workable solution without too much planning and make it work. Looking down at his watch he saw that he had enough time to make another scan of the target area. Looking through his field glasses he saw that there were three government SUV’s parked around the house. As he scanned the house he noticed something that didn’t make sense to him. At points along the outer walls of the house it looked as if there were gun ports at set places. If they were gun ports whoever was manning them would have interlocking fields of fire. Whoever designed this place knew what they were doing to turn this place into a fortress.

Not that it would matter. Like all forts this one to had its week points. And for this one they had already found and exploited that weakness. His men were already inside the walls and would soon be taking the main house in a matter of minutes.


Inside of Sam’s old home……

The flashing of the houses lights had everyone look around but Sam. She was out of her chair and heading for her M4. The DeMarco’s seeing Sam going for her weapon did not think twice in following her example. Soon every adult in the house had a weapon in their hands, even the two girls were armed. Sam turned to face everyone in the room. “Okay people we have twelve unknowns in the backyard. I figure we have a hit team of some kind here to take out Kristine and us along with her. Bobby, Hunter, David, and Bat you guys take the side and back gun ports. Mama Maria, Roberta, Kristine, and Kasey take the front gun ports I figure that the distraction will come from there. Annette, you’re with me. Now everybody take your positions and get ready for a fire fight from hell.”

“Hay Sam where are you and Annette going to be?” David asked his onetime witness and protégée. The smile Sam gave him sent chills down the backs of everyone present.

“This house has more than one surprise hidden inside of its walls David. It’s time I used them.”

Nobody knew what Sam was talking about but trusted her as she and Annette headed for the stairs leading up to the attic. Sam figured they had maybe five ten minutes at tops before the bad guys came beating on their door. As they entered the attic for the house Sam hit a switch on the wall powering up the security systems that were hidden within the walls and outside walls of the house. The row of TV monitors lit up as if they were new. On each one was the feed from a different camera showing a different part of the estate that made up her old home. Annette just smiled as she watched her onetime lover and childhood friend resorted to long time practices that go back to her time before she ever became a deputy.

Here was the person Annette had fallen in love with. Unlike the person that the other deputies Sam was at the core of her being a member of the Capizeo family. A family of assassins that go back to the old country and a time when honor meant more than anything else. Tonight Sam was going to get part of her revenge for what happened to her family. Looking around the attic Annette saw something that made her smile even more. The two sets of twin mounted fifty caliber machine guns ready to be used setting in the popup gun turrets.

“I see that you haven’t lost your taste for the dramatic Samantha. Are the M2’s ready for use or do we have to load them?”

“Just get behind the pair covering the left hand firing arch Annette. They are as ready as I can make them, and yes they’re loaded. All you have to do is charge them and hit the triggers.”

Annette didn’t have to be told anything more and stepped over to the pair that Sam had pointed out. Has she set down behind them in the popup turret Annette ran her hands over the heavy caliber weapons. She knew that the bullets from these weapons would punch holes big enough to drive a truck through in whatever they hit. She knew that no one would survive getting hit by one of these weapons and there would be no hiding from them.

Over at the security monitors Sam was all business. She got a full head count on the hit team that was inside of the outer walls. She was right about the number of hitmen. What she was surprised about was the way they handled themselves. She could tell they were all ex-military men, true mercenaries. Reaching over she hit the house intercom. “Okay people listen up. We have twelve bad guys confirmed. That’s the good news. The bad news is we’re dealing with mercs here people. So look sharp and make sure of your targets. We have four headed for each side of the house with four headed for the back door. Bat, David, they should hit you in about three minutes so get ready. Bobby, Hunter, the eight that are heading your way are in a two by two formation so take out the followers first. That’ll drive them to ground and you can take your time with the leaders. Robbie, Maria, Kristine, and Kasey we have a SUV across the street with its motor running. I figure they are going to ram the gate and act as a diversion. If they do that you’re to fall back and help the others at the empty gun ports. Leave the gate to me. Bat, David you’re going to get some help from Annette for as long as they stay back far enough for her to engage.” Sam looked up at the screen covering the gate and saw the hit teams SUV heading for the gate. “OH SHIT! Here they come people!”

Sam stomped down on the release peddle that would raise the gun turret of the pair of M2’s she was manning. At first nothing happened but before Sam could panic though she heard the grind of the gears that would raise her turret. Above her a pair of doors fell open as the turret came up out of the attic. No sooner had she cleared the roof line than the SUV hit the gate coming to a complete stop. The gate had worked just like it was supposed to stopping the big car in its tracks. Sam didn’t even think twice as she hit the trigger for the big machine guns. The heavy thump and load crack of fifty caliber bullets reaching out to tear into the SUV could be heard for over half a mile. Sam and Annette were laying down a wall of led that no one in their right mind would try to get through.

Sandy was surprised when the SUV was stopped dead by the gate across the driveway. Banging his head against the dash board left him dazed and confused. He and the men of his team never had a chance to exit the vehicle before the heavy fifty caliber rounds slammed into their bodies. Sandy Bullock was dead before he knew what happened. The last thought that crossed his mind was. ‘We’ve been setup.’

Out back First Sargent Thomas ‘Snake’ Holloway never had a chance to raise his weapon or fall to the ground as four fifty caliber bullets ripped through his chest. The four massive bullets tor through his combat vest as it was made of tissue paper. Taking with them his heart and lungs as they tore gaping holes in his torso. The rest of his team only lasted a few moments longer as four M4 assault rifles opened up from the gun ports with criss crossing field of fire. The three men were each cut down before they even had a chance to fire back.

The two teams that were heading for the sides of the house lasted only a few seconds more before they too were sent to meet their makers. The concentrated fire from the gun ports tore into them as the heavy machine guns tore apart the other teams. Both Bobby and Hunter were surprised by the accuracy of the women who were using the gun ports on either side of them. The way Robbie and Maria used their M4s impressed the two men to some degree, but it was the way the young girls were shooting that had really impressed the two deputies. Kasey pick her targets and would fire a short burst then wait for her target to move before firing a single shot to bring them down. Kristine just saved time and ammo by going for head shots only. Within moments from the firing beginning all sixteen members of the hit team were dead and they never knew what had hit them.

Sam and Annette both hit the pedals that would retract the M2 machine gun turrets. Downstairs Bobby Hunter and David were opening the widows of the house to air out the smoke and smell of gun fire. In the distance they could hear the sound of sirens wailing in the night as the local police department responded to the 911 phone calls reporting the fire fight. Everyone knew they would have company soon and there was no way to avoid it.

“Alright people there is no way to keep this out of the news now. Is there someplace we can hide our witnesses while me and the good Consular deal with the press and LEO’s?” David asked her.

“Oh, I do believe that I know just the place don’t we Mama Maria?”

“Yes I do believe we do. You think your old friends over at St. Jadwiga of Poland can help us out here? If I am not mistaken they have held your secrets on more than one occasion.”

“Yah I do believe the sisters of Saint Jadwiga can help.” Of all those in the room only the DeMarco’s and Kristine got Sam’s inside joke.

---------------- To Be Continued ---------------

*All references to LKM and OICA used with permission from Alecia Snowfall.*

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